The Farmer's Daughter

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Romantic Sex Story: Prologue - Kevin Butcher, a former U. S. Marine, is trying to finish college while working as a contractor. He takes a job several counties distant and rents a room from a local Mennonite farmer. Of course, the farmer has an attractive daughter. But the son of a local gangster wants the farmer's daughter and will do anything to have her. Note: Some of the characters are religious, but this is not a story about religion. There is some violence and a threat of rape. This is not a stroke story!

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Farming   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Petting   Slow  

“Jonathan Schmidt, I’ll be having a word with you,” growled the figure in the milk house doorway.

Farmer Schmidt stopped shoveling, he recognized the man and knew why he was here.

“Tommy?” Johnathan turned to his son. “Go to the north field and count the fence posts.” Tommy stared at his father and started asking a question. “Do it now son. When you’re finished, check in with your mother.”

Tommy grunted an affirmative, leaned his shovel in the corner and headed for the north field.

Johnathan did not relish this confrontation, but he would see it to the end.

Stepping to the center aisle of the milk house, Jonathan faced his antagonist. “If you want a word with me Klaus Hanslein, you’ll come in here for it.” Johnathan couldn’t see Hanslein’s face, but he could imagine Hanslein’s annoyance. While the floor between the stanchions was clean, cow dung still littered the section nearest to the door. If Klaus wanted to come in, he would have to dodge cow shit.

Klaus must have wanted to talk; he made it through the droppings and stopped about an arm’s length away from Jonathan.

“Schmidt, my son asked you for permission to court your daughter.”

Jonathan crossed his arms and replied, “Aye, and I told him no.”

“Klaus Junior is a fine match and would not need your support.”

“Your son attacked my daughter in the school library.” Johnathan shook his head, “My daughter does not want him. Nor do I want your family as kin.”

Klaus clenched his teeth, but he kept his arms open, “My son made a few mistakes, but those are in the past. Schmidt, what is the worth of a daughter? She is not a son that can pass on your name.” Klaus paused to calm himself, then continued. “Consider this: If my son married your daughter, there would not be a need for my fire insurance.”

“Fire Insurance? You mean your protection money.” Jonathan’s eyes blazed, “I love my daughter and she will not marry your son.”

Klaus’ face turned red. He poked Jonathan in the chest. “You would lose everything for a stupid girl? A worthless daughter? Your fire Insurance just doubled!”

Jonathan smiled while Hanslein made his way out; dodging cow shit humbled everyone.

That evening Mr. Schmidt discussed the situation with his wife. They both agreed that their daughter did not need to know about this. Rebecca would marry that deranged young man if she thought it would help her family.

Hanslein’s doubled extortion payment would be a crushing burden. Farm equipment broke down and parts are expensive. Mrs. Schmidt suggested renting out their extra bedroom. It would bring in some of the needed money.

The Schmidts also prayed for help. “Surely, God will deliver us from this strong enemy.”

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