From Dust It Came
Chapter 1

The sentient being that pulsated on the pod-wall knew nothing of why it existed. Its earliest thoughts were a confused jumble of genderless nonsense that made no sense without a framework of reference. The nameless goo didn’t know if it were male or female and in point of fact didn’t really know for certain what difference it might make.

All it could discern as an actual fact was that it had been traveling an unknown distance for such a long time that it didn’t seem possible there could actually be a beginning and had no confidence in ever finding an end to the endless circle of meaningless life and never-ending space.

It was the silence and the darkness of the void that soothed the creature and yet the very same elements filled it with a terror that it would never discover the purpose of the journey or understand its mission.

Now and then, fragments of instructions floated to the top of its consciousness. They were like clues to a puzzled searcher looking for direction and some sort of vague purpose for its existence. The innocent looking rock-pod acted as a mode of transportation to an unexplained destination not revealed to the sentient being at the beginning of the voyage. The creature’s sensors “felt” the change in speed as the artificial conveyance slowly adapted to the pull of the target’s gravity force directly in its path. This was the closest it had been to a fixed point of reference in many long years of travel and its intuition dictated that the journey was finally and inexplicably over. The alert systems built into its entire structure started countdowns for emergency adaptation procedures and it settled down and relaxed in the midst of the puddle of goo hoping that the pre-programmed guidance directions were still functioning in perfect harmony according to the intricate design.

The crumbling remains of two other goo puddles slid down to the deck of the rock-pod marking the demise of its pair of uncommunicative companions that were unable to survive the boredom of remaining viable and cohesive in the travel mode of stand-by status. The surviving goo mass was somewhat disgusted by the two puddles, because they represented its own worst fears of uncertainty and lack of confidence that it was truly destined to be right where it was. The dark traveler came to the conclusion that they were not suited to the mission and their end was better for all concerned. Still, it was better to be the survivor and not one of the crumbling messes down on the dirty deck lacking any need for pity or sense of loss.

The far distant stars twinkled like dancing ballerinas in the black void, but the rock-pod passenger knew them well. It saluted them as valued points of light that reassured it of the power of complex order in the midst of chaos.

The gaseous liquid interior of the rock-pod stabilized and slowly thinned out as the artificial transport cut through the dense atmosphere of the fast-approaching planet. It was located for observation on the tiny viewing screen in the center of the miniature console. This planet was mostly a water-based surface one and there was no doubt it had been around a long time for this sector of the Universe. None of the other planets around this single star system seemed to have any form of sentient life and that was a relief because other similar systems were rift with interplanetary strife right inside their own system like all such primitive cannibalistic societies.

The sentient being knew this target was selected because it was right on the verge of moving into self-caused extinction in the very near future. It was unusual for a single planet to have such a war-like species that so aggressively literally ate itself to be in control. The richness of the wild-life and the plant life was so unique that the target selection made a lot of sense to at least make an attempt to preserve it in continued existence for the time being. Perhaps, at some future date, it might become more important to the ruling council on the highly structured central world not far from the sentient goo’s home planet.

Now, it was the sentient being’s duty to absorb the instructions being released prior to the landing. The data was well-organized and the sentient goo lifeform glowed with joy at the prospect of finally getting out of the restraining rock-pod. It had become more of a prison than a conveyance, when all was considered in calm reflection.

The alarm system was pulsing with unexpected impatience alerting the semi-liquid cognitive mass that its approach was not entirely undetected by the current residents of the less-than-welcoming world. It was reassured of the anticipated level of resistance from the rowdy inhabitants well-schooled in the basics of violent reaction to any perceived threat. It constantly repeated the words of thought that merely stated,

“Par for the course! Par for the course!”

The being felt like some silly parrot expressing a thought of unknown meaning filled with illogical construction, so mystifying that it could not be considered actual communication. The blues and greens of the water-logged world came into focus and the rock-pod skirted above the surface so low that no tracking system had the ability to monitor its direction. Some of the large underwater creatures sensed its approach and shouted out warnings to their compatriots just in case it landed in their midst. The control system had already sighted a flat surface in front of a line of sharply rising solid surface features directly in front of its approach pattern. It was certain that were the intended destination and it settled down into defensive puddle position to prevent the danger of unwanted termination on impact. The protective shell covering offered it a quick method of survival. It did not ignore the advisability of shifting its mass inside the restraining thing making certain every last flickering tendril of energy was safely inside.

The searching explosive devices began to lose their fuel limits and fell harmlessly into the watery grave underneath. They sank inexorably into the depths of the vast oceans and seas becoming part of the darkness never to be seen again by human or animal eye. Of course, it did not have any semblance of a sense of humor or it would have laughed at the ridiculous aspects of defending against the unchallenged powers of the organized universe with any hope of winning the day.

A working boatload of fishermen watched the glowing sphere pass over them with the sonic boom following slowly in its wake. They looked at each other, shrugged, and immediately went back to work unimpressed by the importance of its passing. It was slighted by their indifference but on studied contemplation, it was for the best, because its mission depended on secrecy and complete lack of interest by the violent populace.

The rock-pod slowed considerably now and a smart operator on a monitoring system could have figured out it was controlled by forces other than simple gravity or natural laws of science. That analysis would have been confirmed by the way it started to veer to the west and settle into a definite landing approach pattern on the edge of a populated area somewhere between Texas and Mexico almost right on the volatile border between the two sparring countries vying for economic superiority in a changing world. Strangely, it was a low-level drug cartel search system that detected it first confirming the government’s lack of skill in purchasing detecting devices.

The rock that was really a conveyance disguised as a rock rolled to a stop and only a rapidly dispersing cloud of dust settled back down into the sandy desert surface to mark its passage.

The faint triangles of light lines shimmered in the dust for mere seconds before vanishing like a will of the wisp in one’s imagination. The mathematical formula that drove the triangles of light were developed eons ago in earth time by some unknown scientist with access to knowledge of the future now rooted in the far-distant past. There was no explaining it; the process was ever such since the beginning of time.

The sentient being stirred with annoyed impatience.

It slowly moved away from the terminated puddles and rolled to the ramp shaft in accordance with proscribed procedures. The time had arrived for it to leave the comfort of the rock-pod.

“Good riddance!” was it’s thought as the ramp dropped with a dust rising plop almost on top of a cactus plant minding its business in the solitude. The sentient being sensed that it was a life-form, but not the sort of thing it wanted to move into, because it was fixed to a rooted space and was not mobile like the humans or animals with legs to carry them to wherever they wanted to go.

The cold early morning air would soon be blazing hot with the driving heat from the ever-present overhead sun. The cloudless skies were innocent in the early hours prior to the rise in temperatures before the mid-day stroke of twelve.

The goo-like substance formed a force shield of insulation before rolling down the ramp to the grainy sands below. Some small creatures scampered and scuttled as far away as possible sensing the inherent scent of danger from the unfamiliar object in their midst. Off in the distance, a lone coyote peered with bloodshot and near sighted eyes at the visitor from far away and immediately lost interest because it didn’t look appetizing in the slightest.

A fearless snake with rattles intact slithered into the path of the goo and shook its tail with indolent confidence. With a speed that seemed incredibly swift, the goo attached to the outer skin of the snake and merged distastefully not pleased with the life force systems or thought processes. The goo disintegrated the thinking apparatus and took over full control of the covert creature with little difficulty. At least now, it had some mobility that didn’t require the exertion of energy sustained by its other-worldly life force. The valley floor was hot to the touch now and the snake alien sought the shade of some sheltering rocks that still retained the coolness of the recently experienced nighttime hours.

Considering the creature’s impossible sex life and gender confusion, the unnamed goo determined its stay inside the crawling ground dweller would be as short as possible in favor of a fast four-legged life form with an ability to survive other contestants in the food-chain.

The first opportunity came in the form of a stray dog wandering on the edge of human encroachment looking for something to eat to fill its empty belly. The snake seemed tempting, but the instincts of the dog warned him to approach with extreme caution with a well-defined escape route in the event of dangerous resistance.

The goo-filled snake watched the dog with a spirit of amusement.

It hesitated because the stupidity of the thing was too much to contemplate as a shelter for its containment. Still, four legs were better than none and the thing did have an interesting set of sharp teeth that promised a lively defensive posture and the ability to chew edibles with effective pre-digestive processes.

The transfer was instantaneous.

The empty snake slithered away looking a convenient rock to hide under. The converted dog was suddenly moving with a grace that was uncommon to the breed and his thoughts were turning to a female poodle that lived in the house at the end of the cul-de-sac that bordered on the deep, wide drainage channel for the flash floods that plagued the area when it finally actually rained.

The good knew he needed a good bath and that some tiny fleas were annoying him beyond belief. He emitted the essence of poison that drove them off of his skin and out of his hair with soothing relief.

If nothing else, the alien goo’s gender crisis was solved. He knew he was a he and the thought of the pretty French poodle with the lean tempting hindquarters gave him his first mission on the new planet. Her residence was not that far away and he knew a sneaky way to get into her backyard without being detected. He scooted in a straight line to the hole in the stucco wall and was concealed in hiding on the other side of the human master’s swimming pool in short order.

The French poodle was called “Baby” and he thought it odd that a dog was awarded the same title as the much loved offspring of the human species. He couldn’t remember his own name because it had been a long time since he had actually belonged to a human master. Somewhere in the back of his mind, it seemed like he had been called Rex. All he knew was that if he heard that name, his head would come up on the alert and he would look for a command to follow.

Right now, all Rex could think about was the poodle’s hindquarters and the certain tingle that was sure to follow after he showed her what he had to give. He could hear her whining and whimpering now from his hidden position. She knew he was there but also knew it was “bad” for her to go into the bushes with him. The poor poodle called “Baby” was momentarily sad that she would be a “bad” girl but the call of the wild was on her in her every single pore of existence.

They sniffed endlessly driving the alien goo into a frenzy of desire.

It was a simple matter to mount the recently shampooed French poodle and he was glad he had gotten rid of the fleas before he wrapped his legs around her curly hair. He could see her teeth now and she nipped at him on top of her back, but he was determined to continue until the deed was done.

Rex was lost in a world of squirming poodle legs and the instinct to drain his doggy cream into Baby’s rear end. When it was all over, they unhooked reluctantly and the poodle walked away stiffly never looking over her shoulder a single time. After all, he was only a destitute stray and not a serious mate for poodle breeding of matched perfection. He hoped that the humans were far less picky in such matters because he knew it was necessary for him to merge with one of them as soon as possible.

He had a sudden concern that he might have to merge with one of the female humans and that would spoil his happy male persona. He seemed to be so well-suited to his masculine spirit of control in such matters. Well, that was a bridge to be crossed, when the moment arose and not to be a matter of concern before the need to consider the consequences of proper gender assignment.

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