Collecting Gina
Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Brad's sister Sherrie was up to something. Once he discovered what, an opportunity presented itself.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Sex Toys  

‘Sherrie is up to something, ‘ Brad thought, as he watched his sister head upstairs with Gina Fortuna in tow. ‘I need to be in on this.’ He waited until the pair had cleared the stairway and hurled himself up it as silently as possible. Once in his room, he set up his standard spy rig -- his laptop attached to a webcam carefully oriented to record through a peephole into Sherrie’s room. Brad, who was fifteen, had been using this setup for a couple of years and had it down pat. The primary purpose was to watch his sister masturbate, using it as entertainment while he did the same -- but it had other purposes, such as gathering valuable intelligence. Sherrie was sneaky, secretive -- and Brad was often a target of her schemes. She was also hot -- but she was very high-strung; there was no way Brad wanted anything more than visuals from her. Frankly, Brad pitied any guy Sherrie might show an interest in, because she would CERTAINLY drive him nuts...

The laptop came up and the webcam began displaying video and Brad settled back to find out what was up. Brad was a Sophomore at fifteen; he’d gotten an exception to policy early on and started school at five. Sherry, at seventeen, was a Junior -- as was Gina. But Sherrie and Gina ran in different social circles, which had raised a red flag for Brad, so now he wanted to know what they were up to.

So did Gina, from her cautious responses to Sherrie’s questions. That made sense, since Sherrie was a popular member of the ‘A’ group at school and Gina was an ‘also ran’ at best. Sherrie had the whole blonde, perfect body, haughty attitude thing going (which disgusted Brad), and Gina ... Well, Gina had issues.

Gina had thick, frizzy, dark-brown hair and some seriously thick eyeglasses that robbed attention from the rest of her round face. She had big brown eyes -- that those glasses tended to magnify, making her look even more odd. But odd described Gina in a lot of areas ... She would have been a husky but hot girl at five feet eight or nine, with her wide body and round, ‘C’ cup breasts and round, plump ass -- but she wasn’t that tall, or even close; Gina was only five feet three inches in height! This gave her a squashed look, like a regular girl in front of a fun-house mirror. There WAS an indentation at her waist, and it WAS visible, but it was overshadowed by her huge bust above and her huge hips below. The fact that she had to look up at just about everyone just left her looking even more foreshortened, and left an overall impression of ‘short and fat’ -- but Gina wasn’t really carrying a lot of excess; it merely looked that way.

That Sherrie had an ulterior motive in inviting Gina to her home was as clear to Gina as it was to Brad, so she was being VERY careful...

Patience was something Sherrie had in limited supply, so she got around to the purpose of her invitation fairly rapidly. Eyeing Gina sidelong, she asked, “So, Gina, do you ever think about sex?”

The query caused and absolute eruption -- a departure from the cautious feeling-out that had gone before. Sherrie hit a hot button, and Gina exploded! “Do I?! I think if a boy -- just about ANY boy -- poked me right here...” Gina tapped herself on the sternum, something easily accessible in the valley between her breasts, “I would fall back on the floor with my legs spread! I want it so bad...”

Sherrie, taken aback, muttered, “Ummmm...” THIS was why Gina was here; rumor had it that Gina was hungry -- rumor based upon outbursts such as this. “What about girls?”

“What?” Gina blinked. “You mean like licking each other out? I dunno...”

“I have toys...” Sherrie flourished a vibrator -- a fancy, expensive job with little pearl-like beads and a clit tickler and a fancy control unit connected to it by a cord.

“Well,” Gina mused, “It’s better than nothing...”

“What about the other thing?” Sherrie asked.

“Licking you out? I wouldn’t want to be the licker all the time...” Gina replied, “My clit itches, too. But I really prefer boys...”

Brad sat frozen in front of the screen of his laptop. ‘Holy shit! Is this blackmail material or what?’ flashed through his brain. But he was drinking in Gina -- every curve. ‘She wants a boy... ‘ Brad had been ready for girls since he was thirteen -- but girls weren’t ready for him, it seemed like. Girls his age had their heads somewhere else, in his experience, and he just couldn’t make any ground. Gina was the first girl in Brad’s experience to ever announce clearly that she liked boys...

Brad took a real good look at Gina at that point -- and saw possibilities. When you looked -- really LOOKED -- at Gina, there was a lot of neat stuff there; it was just packaged a little differently. But on top of her physical charms, Brad saw an advantage he could use to ensure that he got what he wanted... ‘Man, if I take those eyeglasses off her, she CAN’T run... ‘ Clearly, Gina was as blind as a bat without those coke-bottle glasses...

Meanwhile, Sherrie paced her room as she unveiled the master plan. “I want to hold a sleepover Friday night and invite a couple of the girls -- and I need someone with me, to help me put over the idea that playtime isn’t anything shocking, you know? If I just say, ‘Hey, let’s do it, ‘ somebody is likely to freak -- but if I have someone around who is willing to cooperate and thinks it’s okay...”

“Uh huh,” Gina grunted. “Why me?”

“I heard a rumor that you were ... itchy...”

“Why can’t BOYS hear that rumor?” Gina whined, “DAMN!”

Sherrie rolled her eyes. “Look, will you help? I don’t expect that we’ll be doing any face-sucking or anything -- or at least, not initially. I’m going to come at it kinda slow, with some videos to get everybody itchy, and then the toys and stuff and try to bring them along slow...”

“Who’s coming?” Gina asked.

“Donna Pastorini, and Celeste Harmon and Sarah Stevens,” Sherrie related. “I figure if we get Donna to participate at all, Celeste and Sarah will follow like sheep. I’ll make sure you get some, anyway, even if it all crashes...”

Gina turned it all over in her head. Sherrie’s target group wasn’t going to be that hard to convince -- Gina was pretty sure they all leaned in that direction to one extent or another, anyway. Cocking her eyebrow, she asked, “Sherrie, do you like boys?”

“For sex?” Sherrie asked. “I’m not sure, really. That’s part of what’s going on, I guess -- I feel more comfortable with girls. I want to see just HOW comfortable...”

Gina pursed her lips. “I’ll go along with this -- it’s better than nothing. But with me, it’s JUST that -- if you find that you’re only comfortable with girls, well, we don’t have that in common, okay? I ALREADY know I want to be with boys...”

“Have you had sex with a boy?” Sherrie asked.


“Then how can you be sure?”

Gina shrugged. “I just know I couldn’t get hung up on a girl. They just aren’t a super turn-on for me. I don’t see me doing a lot of kissing, for instance. I’ll lick a girl out -- because I expect to get licked out and I need the relief -- but romance? I don’t think so.”

“If this works, I’ll get romance from other sources,” Sherrie advised. “You just help me get them over the hump, okay? I’ll make sure you get your relief. Cool?”

“Cool.” Gina nodded. “Are we doing anything now?”

“We don’t have to. Let me show you what I have, though...”

Brad got it all; by the time they were done he knew where everything was and the whole master plan. Sherrie was going to take advantage of their parent’s attendance at a big party out of town to put this thing on -- and she had to put up with Brad to make it happen. Brad planned to take full advantage of that requirement...

Brad knew that he was going to have to provide proof of what he knew, or Sherrie would try to roll right over him -- but if he surfaced video, he would be cutting his own throat. He broke out his MP3 player and collected the soundtrack of Sherrie’s little interview with Gina, then made certain that the video was hidden and renamed -- and the file encrypted -- on his laptop. After some thought, he made a CD, too, and hid it on the theory that Sherrie might go as far as trying to wipe his hard drive if she got too wild and sneaky. She was without limits, sometimes -- and since this whole thing needed to stay secret from their parents, who knew what lengths she would go to? After some thought, he reduced the recording to a few sound bytes, then bided his time until Sherrie headed off to her room after dinner.

Brad knocked on Sherrie’s door.

“Who is it?” Sherrie asked.

“It’s me. We need to talk,” Brad announced.

“I don’t think so. I’m busy -- go away!”

“I think so -- and you will, too, once you hear me out,” Brad insisted.

“Oh, all right,” Sherrie groused. “Let’s get it over with.” Brad opened the door and entered the room -- and closed it behind him. Cocking her head, Sherrie asked, “All right -- what do you want?”

“A piece of the action,” Brad replied.

“What action?”

“The action you’re planning Friday.”

Sherrie was up off the bed like a shot! “You little shit!” Fortunately, Brad could hold his own against her immediate attempt to slap the shit out of him; he’d weathered similar before. “What do you know?” she howled.

“Everything,” Brad replied smugly. “Absolutely everything -- including your lezzie leanings!”

“You little bastard!” She went at him again, but he was used to her temper tantrums, and she was constrained against bashing into furniture and rolling around on the floor.

“Hey, I don’t give a shit!’ Brad erupted, “Live and let live!”

“You don’t have any proof, anyway...” Sherrie’s sneer covered real fear.

“May I?” Brad fished his MP3 player out of his pocket and stuck it in Sherrie’s speaker dock, then triggered the first sound byte:

“I need someone with me, to help me put over the idea that playtime isn’t anything shocking, you know?” Sherrie’s voice warbled from the speakers. Sherrie turned pasty-white!

“Why are you spying on me?” she erupted.

“Because you’re dangerous!” Brad snarled. “Because I have to protect myself!”

“I don’t...” Sherrie put a halt to her denial before it was even finished.

“The fuck you don’t!” Brad snapped.

“Why?” Sherrie asked. “Why this time?”

“Gina,” Brad replied. “Everybody knows you two don’t run together. As far as I was concerned, you were waving a red flag -- something was up!”

“What do you want, then? Do you want me to shut it down?”

“Hell, no! I’ll help, if I can!” Brad replied. “I REALLY don’t care if you want your pussy licked...”

“Don’t be a shithead!” Sherrie rasped. “So what, then?”



“I want Gina. When she’s helped you get what you want, you pass her to me,” Brad explained. “She’s into boys, anyway.”

Sherrie frowned. “I don’t own her.”

“I’ll do the heavy lifting,” Brad insisted, “you just let it happen. It’ll probably help you, anyway.”

Sherrie cocked her head. “Explain.”

“The girls will be swimming, right?”


“I’ll soften up Gina in the pool. Your tale is that you can’t get rid of me -- which is true. I’ll mess with Gina and get her hot and bothered, and you can point to it and complain what a pain in the ass guys are to the other girls. If everything goes right, Gina will get hot and the other girls will be squicked and you can make comparisons...” Brad explained.

“That’s IF you get Gina hot and bothered!” Sherrie insisted.

“If I fuck up, you STILL get YOUR end,” Brad pointed out.

“Hmmmm...” Sherrie thought about it. ‘He’s right. If he fails, so much the better.’ “How do you collect?”

“I wait until things are going good and make some kind of fuss. You send Gina out to handle it. She’ll do it -- you KNOW she will...”

“How will you... ? Never mind...” Brad wasn’t stupid, Sherrie knew; he wouldn’t tell her how he got that recording unless she put a gun to his head. “If you go trying to blackmail the other girls...” she warned.

“All I want is Gina,” Brad replied. “If I get a fair shake on that, we’re good. Don’t double-cross me, though...” he warned.

Sherrie pursed her lips. “All right -- it’s on. But if you fuck around and blow this, or even bring it up again...”

“You do your thing and I’ll do mine,” Brad promised. “Frankly, I don’t know a boy I hate bad enough to sic you on him!”

“Get out, asswipe!” Sherrie snarled, “Just get out!”

“I’m gone...” Brad genuflected, grinning sarcastically, and backed out of the lioness’ den.

Brad’s mother had to call Sherrie down a few minutes later -- she was throwing things and having a temper tantrum -- but Sherrie settled down after that. Brad was safe in his room, looking innocent when ‘dear old mom’ checked on him. ‘If a tongue in her twat calms Sherrie down, ‘ Brad mused, ‘it’s a good thing... ‘

Thursday morning, all was forgiven. Sherrie had had time to think about the whole deal overnight and saw some advantages to it. Knowing she was being spied on rankled, and she fully intended to discover how Brad was doing it, but that would have to wait until he wasn’t being vigilant. Killing the little bastard was still on the list of possible tactics, but that would have to wait, too.

At school, she hunted down Gina at lunch. “We’re all set. Donna, Celeste and Sarah are all coming.” She paused. “How serious were you about this boy-crazy thing?”

“Boy-crazy?” Gina looked at Sherrie oddly. “I, uh, really don’t see it that way.”

“Well...” Sherrie made a point of thinking about it -- but it offered an opportunity to screw Brad... “Look, there will be one boy I can’t get rid of -- my fifteen-year-old brother Brad. We might have to work around him -- or through him. I figure we can use him as an example of why you don’t want to mess with boys -- but to do that, I need to sic him on someone...”

“Well, if he bothers everybody...” Gina mused.

“If he bothers everyone, it’ll be too up-close and personal,” Sherrie argued. “If he messes with you, I can point it out to the other girls and they can see it without being threatened directly, you know? Besides,” she added, grinning, “once he’s messed with you for a while, you’ll probably want to come over to the Dark Side...”

Gina eyed Sherrie suspiciously. “How are you gonna accomplish that -- tell him I like him?”

“Nothing so obvious,” Sherrie replied, waving it off. “I’ll use reverse psychology. Don’t sweat it.”

This had the unexpected (for Sherrie) effect of bringing Brad to Gina’s attention. Brad, who was already scoping Gina, couldn’t fail to notice. This caused both of them to accost Sherrie over the next few hours, Gina going first, “Did you say something to Brad about me?”

“Nope,” Sherrie lied.

“He’s watching me!”

“I’m sure you’re just paranoid...”

Brad waited until they got home, “Sis, did you say something to Gina about me?”

“Why would I?” Sherrie evaded.

“If you deliberately screw things up, all bets are off!” Brad warned.

“You’re just paranoid...” Sherrie grinned to herself at that.

Sherrie’s tactic backfired in that Brad wasn’t all that hard to look at. Gina entertained herself in bed that night with the idea that maybe Sherrie’s little brother was somewhere close to being as hot as he looked...

Friday morning came and with it the final parental instructions and admonitions. “I don’t want to hear about there being some big ugly party with a hundred of your closest drug and booze-swilling friends!” Sherrie’s father warned.

“With Brad here?” Sherrie erupted. “He’d LOVE to rat me out! I’ll have just the three girls I said I was gonna have -- and no one else! Things will be tough enough...” She glared at Brad.

“You behave yourself, too!” their mother admonished Brad.

Brad rolled his eyes. “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Don’t be a smartass, young man!”

“You can give THAT up...” Sherrie muttered. That got her a glare from her father.

Eventually, though, their parents headed off to the airport and Sherrie and Brad were alone. “Okay, we’re all set, right? The girls are coming after school. You keep your hands off everybody but Gina...” Sherrie cautioned.

“Yeah, fine. I got it,” Brad agreed. “You just make sure that when the time comes, you send her out. I don’t want to crash things for you, but I’m gonna want my end...”

“You stay OUT of SIGHT!” Sherrie snapped. “I mean it!”

“It won’t be a problem if you handle your end...” Brad replied, not backing down.

“Awright, truce?”

“Truce,” Brad agreed, thinking, ‘She wants this BAAAD... ‘ For the record, he was right...

Sherrie DID want this badly. Ever since she stumbled upon her first lesbian porn site, she’d been fascinated. Boys had never turned the corner for her -- they were still nasty things. She understood that they had their uses and SOMEBODY had to have sex with them, but the thought of it made her vaguely ill. Objectively, Brad was a decent sort -- but he got more ... male ... every day, and her hackles went up in his presence. Girls were just ... nicer...

Recently, fingering herself just hadn’t been enough anymore. She wanted more -- she wanted to be touched by someone else. She wanted a girlfriend -- a REAL girlfriend, not just a ‘friend’ girlfriend. She wanted to caress another soft body and suck someone’s nipples to stiffness and taste another girl’s nectar ... The tension was killing her -- that’s why she finally took action. She’d passed on Gina because she didn’t want it to be old hat when they did it tonight -- and because Gina wasn’t all that thrilled. Sherrie didn’t want that -- she wanted active participation, enthusiasm, shared joy. At least one of the three girls she’d invited to that night’s little party should be looking for the same things -- and maybe all three ... If they got going good, it wouldn’t bother Sherrie a bit if Brad stuck his nasty old dick in Gina -- that was what she wanted, wasn’t it? They were welcome to each other, if this worked...

The day lasted FOREVER! Not just for Sherrie, either, but for Brad and for Gina and for Donna Pastorini, Celeste Harmon and Sarah Stevens. Donna didn’t know what she was getting into, but Celeste sensed something -- and welcomed it. Sarah was a mouse -- she would go either way, if pushed. She didn’t know -- and didn’t care -- it was enough for her to be invited to Sherrie’s. Sarah was bought and paid for, more or less.

Brad got home first -- and knowing the agenda, he changed rapidly into his swim trunks and positioned himself in the pool. The family pool was a nice, in-ground pool with a bottom that sloped from four feet to eight over its sixty-foot length. Brad got out a tube and settled into it to wait in ambush for the girls at about the five and a half foot mark.

Twenty minutes later, when they’d changed in Sherrie’s room and trooped down to the pool, they took Brad’s presence like a slap in the face -- especially Donna and Celeste. Donna shook her chestnut hair out and snorted, wrinkling her freckled snub nose. “What’s HE doing here?”

“I couldn’t get rid of him,” Sherrie complained, “But he’s supposed to be good.”

“I’m not doing anything!” Brad rasped.

“You’re staring!” Donna argued.

“You’re on display!” Brad snapped back. “You don’t wear something like that if you don’t want to be looked at!” He waved at Donna’s minimalist white bikini, adding, “Not that you’ve got that much ... I’m not looking at you, anyway!”

Brad wasn’t, either. Gina’s bikini was navy blue -- the default color for any woman who feels that she’s got visual issues -- and contained, conservatively, three times the fabric of Donna’s -- but she was still showing quite a bit of delectable flesh, in Brad’s humble opinion. Gina returned his hungry stare, embarrassed but somewhat gratified. She wore a bikini because a one-piece tended to have too much fabric and look rumpled over her truncated midsection, leaving the display of her wide belly and deeply indented navel as the lesser of two evils. She did, after all, display a narrowing at her waist below her rib cage and above her generous hips ... In an effort to hide her cleavage from Brad’s hungry gaze, she turned her back to him to descend the ladder -- and only succeeded in displaying just a hint of the crack of her bubble butt above the top of her bikini bottoms.

Brad’s shift of attention rolled right over Sarah and Celeste -- and started something. Celeste was more or less pleased -- but Sarah was indignant. Sarah was long and lean -- not to say skinny -- and Brad’s comment to Donna, followed by his intense examination of everything Gina, hit a nerve. Sarah got little or no attention from males and Brad’s drooling over Gina’s ripe form lit her off! Flouncing down the ladder, she splashed her way to Brad, “Why are you ogling Gina like that?”

“Because she’s hot...” Brad replied, forgetful of the fact that forty-eight hours earlier, he would have probably characterized Gina as ‘fat.’

“I’m hot!” Sarah declared hotly.

Brad blinked, flicking a glance at Sherrie. “Okay...” Sarah had small round buns and tiny teacup titties with puffy areolas; if she had bared them, she might have gotten something more genuine in the way of a response -- but Brad had other problems, including the fact that he was SUPPOSED to concentrate on Gina and he couldn’t handle two girls at a time anyway.

“I AM!” Sarah insisted, flouncing.

“Yeah, probably...” Brad looked to his sister for help.

Sherrie saw the opportunity and barreled up to the pair, “Of COURSE you are! He’s just a boy,” she declared dismissively, “How would he know?” She took Sarah’s hand and tugged it. “Come on, you really don’t want to mess with him, anyway, do you? Come on back to people who will appreciate you.” She threw a small smile of triumph over Sarah’s shoulder for Brad’s consumption as she led Sarah off. Brad didn’t know whether to be relieved or irritated.

Gina took some collateral damage as Brad’s target. “I really don’t see why he has to be all rude like that,” Celeste snarled, “or why he has the hots for YOU, for that matter,” she added, eyeing Gina.

“Me either,” Gina muttered, looking away.

The girls proceeded to head out to the point where they were neck-deep -- something that girls seem to do regularly at pools -- but this left Gina at a disadvantage, due to her height. She had to tread water or hang onto the edge of the pool -- or stand off at a little distance. In ten minutes’ time, she’d tired of the first two tactics and was using the third -- which put her inside Brad’s operating range. “Tired?” he asked, splashing up.

Gina eyed him. “I don’t swim a lot.”

“You could float...” Brad eyed Gina’s natural Mae West.

“I don’t think so...”

“How about this? You could ride me...” Brad reached in and picked Gina up off the bottom and pulled her to him, heading for deeper water.

“Brad! It Is Brad, right? Look, you shouldn’t...” Gina wrapped her legs around his waist instinctively and clung to him.

“Why not? You don’t weigh anything in the pool. I’ve got you.” Brad was neck deep -- and Gina was trapped. He had one hand on her ass and one in the middle of her back -- and she had both arms and both legs wrapped around him.

‘Omigod! Is that a hardon?’ Gina gasped to herself. “I-- I can’t talk to the girls...” She turned her head to look at the trio -- who were all looking back. “P--please take me back to shallower water...”

“You can’t talk to them then, either,” Brad pointed out. He started rubbing her ass.

“I can’t do this -- let me go!” Gina let go of him and flopped back -- it was better to get her hair wet than to let this go on. But he had her back and her butt... “Please!” she pled.

“I’m not hurting you...” Brad insisted.

“You’re not helping, either!”

“All right!” Brad turned and carried her back to shallower water, putting her down -- in full sight of the other girls, so they could see that she had her legs wrapped around him. Then he wandered off to lick his wounds. So much for poking her in the sternum and having her flop backwards...

“What was THAT all about?” Donna snarled.

“Well, he SAID he was helping me get to deeper water so I could be with you guys,” Gina whined. “But then I got kind of stuck...”

“I bet he felt you up!” Celeste retorted. “You didn’t fight much!”

“I-- I didn’t want to get dunked!” Gina protested.

“Uh huh...” Donna muttered sarcastically.

“Let’s move to shallower water so Gina can be in the group,” Sherrie said smoothly.

No one else was pleased with that solution; it meant they had to squat some -- especially Sarah. After a bit, the group broke up and started swimming -- or pretending to, anyway. Sherrie hung back with Gina. “What DID he do?”

“Well, he played with my ass a little,” Gina admitted. “And he had a hardon.”

Sherrie cocked her head. “How bad was that? I thought you liked boys...”

“He scared me.”

“So you’re scared of him?” Sherrie taunted.

“Well, no...”

“I thought you were just gonna fall on your back...” Sherrie teased, amused. “Maybe he’s not your type...”

“No, I just ... got chicken, I guess,” Gina muttered. “I wasn’t ready.”

“Maybe you’re ready for girls, then,” Sherrie retorted and swam off.

Meanwhile, Sarah struck out and approached Brad where he was hanging out at the deep end. “So, what were you two doing?” she asked.

Brad frowned. “What did it look like?”

“It LOOKED like she was all over you!”

“Yeah, well, I dragged her out to the deep water, where she couldn’t stand up, and she got scared,” Brad grunted. “So she hung on.” He grimaced and added, eyeing Sarah with a measuring glance, “So I took advantage of her and felt her up and ripped off her bikini bottoms and we had wild sex...”

“All right!” Sarah rolled her eyes. “I bet you DID feel her up.”

“Maybe I did.” Brad’s tone indicated that he didn’t intend to apologize for it.

“You’re disgusting!” Sarah declared.

“You’re jealous!” Brad shot back. “Maybe YOU wanna be felt up!” He waved his hands at her, making claws.

“EWWWW!” Sarah turned and splashed off. Returning to the other girls, she reported, “He’s TERRIBLE!” “He felt you up, didn’t he?” she asked Gina.

“A little,” Gina admitted, blushing. “Not too much.”

“I’ll go straighten his ass out!” Sherrie announced.

Brad waited on his sister and when she got close, he asked, “NOW what?”

“You keep your hands off the girls, Asshole!” Sherrie howled, following it up with a quieter, “I think it’s going okay. What’s up with Sarah?”

“I was going to ask you!” Brad hissed. “She seems to want attention -- more than Gina, in fact.”

“Maybe. Maybe I’ll let you play with her sometime, but for now, don’t flirt too much.”

“I’m playing straight,” Brad insisted. “What about Gina?”

“You scared her. I think she’ll buck up, though.”

“Shit, I hope so...” Brad muttered.

“Wait a bit and go at it again.” Raising her voice, she added, “The girls aren’t here for you to ogle and feel up! Don’t piss me off!” She turned and swam back to the girls. Brad turned around to face the edge of the pool so his grin couldn’t be seen.

The girls paddled around for a few more minutes, then Sherrie yelled, “Hey, Jerkface -- get us some towels!”

“Why should I?” Brad snapped -- but the lights came on.

“Because you’re trying to keep from getting your ass kicked?” Sherrie retorted.

“Yeah, yeah...” But Brad headed for the linen closet, clear on the fact that he was being handed an opportunity.

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