Cassie Is a Naughty Girl
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Cassie has three generations of men from her family in a few days.

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I was always wanting to grow up and be like the neighborhood teenage girls in my neighborhood. They were always flirting with all the young guys in the development. One day, they were just kids playing with Barbie dolls and a few summer’s passed and they looked like Barbie dolls.

Mary Evans was a Hispanic girl who had a dark complexion with black curly hair and brown eyes. She was tall and had a really full bosom. She walked around so sure of herself and all the boys in the neighborhood were always flirting with her. She had this sexy walk she’d do where she’d wiggle her hips. Her ass would sway to the left and then to the right. She never seemed to wear bras so her pert nipples stood erect in her tight shirts.

The boys that drove were always honking their horns at her and whistling. Talk around the neighborhood was Mary was easy. My friends and I assumed she’d spread her legs for anybody. Rumors around the neighborhood were that Mary, would wear short skirts with no underwear and would let the boys play with her pussy.

We also heard that the first person that could make her cum, she’d let have sex with her. So many boys and their friends would line up and take a shot at the sexy teenager. There was a fort in the woods that Mary and her friends would hang out in. I heard there was a mattress and “Mattress Mary,” that was her nickname would let the boys play with her pussy there. The gossip was that Rod Jones made her cum with his fingers. He was the lucky boy that week that fucked her.

She was such a slut and Rod had his way with her, and all the rest of the neighborhood boys watched. They were clapping and cheering, while Rod had his way with Mary. She sucked his cock and then he fucked her in every direction. She was covered in cum at the end of it.

That went on most of the summer. Mary really seemed to enjoy sex. Eventually, Mary left for college and that was the end of her.

My name is Cassie Wilson and recently my body started to change. It was like one day my small breasts blossomed into a nice firm set of breasts. I got a little taller and my buttocks were more round and looked really nice in my jeans. I kind of looked a little bit like “Mattress Mary” now. I liked that I was now developing into a sexy looking girl. I always dreamed that boys would be interested in me.

I also started feeling all these pings in my vaginal region. When I first started masturbating, I was sixteen. I played with my pussy a lot and made myself have orgasms most nights. I really enjoyed playing with myself. I would fantasize about some boys in my classes at school and fuck myself with my fingers. It was a whole little ritual I would do.

I would light candles that smelled like vanilla and turn my lights on low and put soft music on. I would always lock my door and remove my nightgown. I slipped out of my panties and would lay on the bed. I’d start out playing with my breasts, holding them in my hands and playing with my erect nipples. I rubbed my nipples on my palms and would make them nice and hard.

Once they were hard, I would pinch them and pull at them. This made me really horny and I could feel little ping’s inside of my pussy. Once I felt those, I would put my hand over my pussy. I’d rub my finger along my pussy lips and feel my cunt. I’d play with my flimsy pussy lips. I really liked how that made me feel, however, I needed more.

I brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked on my finger. I opened my legs and pushed my finger into my pussy. My pussy was very warm feeling, while I pushed my fingers to my knuckles and then out again. I did this several times over and over again.

I liked how that felt and pushed several move fingers inside of myself and fucked myself roughly. I would squirm around on my bed, while I got myself off. A few times I was able to fist myself. I actually was able to get my whole fist into my pussy. My pussy would open really wide, while I fucked myself with my fist. When I did that, my pussy juices would rush out of my cunt.

That was the ritual I did most nights. Sometimes, I would even push my hairbrush handle inside of myself. My pussy seemed to really enjoy the objects that I could find around the house.

I basically masturbated several times a day, until I was seventeen. I really enjoyed masturbation, but really wanted to have actual sex. One night, my mother was working late and my father was out. I had already played with my pussy a bunch of times, but was looking for a little more excitement.

Everybody was out of the house and I went into my parent’s room. I went to my parent’s porno stash and found a movie. I put the DVD into the disc player and frantically started to rip through my mother’s drawers. Finally, I found her stash of vibrators. She had a really big dildo that was black inside of her drawers. It was probably as thick as my fist and it was very long.

It was finally time to play with a toy. I was already naked, because I took off my stuff in my own room. The movie was really hot to watch. The couple were in the sixty-nine position and were enjoying each other orally. I found some lube in my mother’s drawer and wiped it all over my pussy and the dildo. I opened my legs and pushed the toy inside of myself. I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. I moved it in and out of myself. I was moaning and groaning, while I fucked myself. I made myself cum several times, while I played. The movie was really exciting to watch, which made me very horny.

I guess I fell asleep and when I woke up my stepfather was sitting on the edge of the bed just looking at me.

“Cassie, what exactly are you doing?”

I didn’t know how to answer him. He caught me red handed watching pornos and fucking myself with my mother’s dildo. I was completely naked just looking at him. My father had his hands over his eyes and was shaking his head.

“Do you know this is a very awkward situation? My teenage daughter is naked watching porn and fucking her cunt with my wife’s dildo. What am I to think?”

“I’m sorry daddy. I just was experimenting. You’re not going to say anything are you?”

My father got up and just looked at me. I still didn’t cover myself up. I actually was more aroused then anything. I needed for my father to pleasure me. I wondered if he’d cross the line and make me a very happy girl.

“I should tell your mother. However, she’d be very upset. Please put your clothes on.”

“Why don’t you come over here. You know I’ve always had a crush on you.”

“I can’t do that. Jesus, you’re probably a virgin. What kind of a father would I be to take my daughter’s virginity?”

“I’ve always wanted to have sex with you. I’d love for you to be my first. What do you say?”

“What an awful idea. You should be having your first time with a boy that you like. I’m your father Cassie. This is just really demented.”

“I’ve thought about you plenty. Please make love to me. Please be my first lover.”

My father just looked at me shaking his head. I still didn’t cover myself up. In fact, I continued to fuck myself with my mother’s dildo. I held my breasts and masturbated for him. He was just watching me and shaking his head. Eventually, he stopped shaking his head and intently just watched. I fucked myself and made myself cum. My pussy juices were running down my legs. I made my eyes look very sexy and tart like. My father looked entertained and probably very aroused. He was a man after all.

“How about you lick my pussy? I’ve only seen that in movies. Please daddy!”

My father must have had a weak moment. He stood up and removed all of his clothes and got between my legs. He moved his long tongue up and down my pussy folds. He slurped on my sweet nectar that was dripping out of my cunt. I loved how amazing his tongue felt on my pussy lips.

He pushed his tongue deep inside of my cunt and tongue-fucked me. I was bucking my pussy into his face. He rubbed my clitoris, which made me cum. I came on his tongue. He didn’t stop there. He continued using his tongue, which drove me crazy. I was arching my back and grinding onto his face. He tongue-fucked me over and over again. I came several times on his tongue.

“Daddy, please make love to me! I need you inside of me.”

My father moved closer to me and we shared a passionate kiss. His tongue explored my mouth. His fingers played with my erect nipples. I pushed my fingers into my pussy and played with myself. My vagina was on fire and I needed him to fuck me.

My father climbed on top of me and pushed his cock into my pussy. I must have broken my hymen with years of masturbating. His cock felt amazing, while he pushed himself further up inside of my cunt. My legs were at my side, while he thrust his cock in and out of me. We kissed passionately, while we made love. I was so happy that my father was the first man I ever had sex with.

“Baby girl, climb on top of me and fuck your daddy. If I’m going to hell, I might as well have absolute pleasure from you.”

I climbed on top of my father and positioned my pussy over his large cock. I loved how amazing his cock felt. Once he was inside of me, I rocked and moved my pussy up and down over his shaft. My father sat up and played with my large breasts. My daddy grabbed my ass and helped me fuck him.

“Oh daddy, I’m going to cum. Oh God!”

I could feel my pussy contracting and clenching onto his huge cock. I let out a scream and came on my father’s cock. He slapped at my buttocks, while I rode out my orgasm. My father started to buck up inside of me and released his cum inside of my cunt.

“Get off of me and spread those legs! Show me your cream pie!”

I got off of him and spread my legs. The hot cream dripped out of my cunt. My father moved his tongue all over my pussy folds and drank our combined juices. He was making all kinds of slurping noises. I was finally a woman. I was so happy and pleased.

“Baby girl, that was so hot. You better not tell your mom this happened. She’d be very mad and probably jealous. You better get out of here. She’ll be home soon.”

“Okay. Thanks for not telling on me!”

I got up and left for my own room. I was nude and my brother was in the doorway.

“That’s a very hot secret. Did you just fuck dad?”

“You better not tell, Brad. Mom would have a stroke.”

“You better get your hot ass in my room and show me the same pleasure. I won’t tell if you give me a little of that sweet sugar.”


I walked into my brother’s room. He grabbed me and we shared a passionate kiss. His hands were all over me. He played with my pussy and sucked on my nipples. I was already horny and wanting more. I wondered if I too, was a slut like Mattress Mary. I wondered if she had sex with her father and brother’s. I wondered if I was going to let all the boys in the neighborhood fuck me too.

My brother pushed me to the bed and spread my legs. He licked my pussy folds and pushed his tongue right up into my cunt. I was moaning and groaning, while he played with my breasts. He was pulling them and squeezing at my nipples, while he tongue-fucked me deep and hard. I came on his tongue.

“You’re quite a little whore. I’ve wanted your ass for years.”

Brad was twenty and really sexy. I had thought about him every now and again. Now we were going to be making love. Brad stood up and removed his boxers. He was very muscular and had a large cock like his father.

“Bend over. Put your ass and pussy into the air. Fuck!”

I did as Brad said to do. I got into position and Brad spat on his fingers and wiped his spit all over my pussy. He rubbed his cock over the entrance to my pussy and teased me first.

“Brad, fuck me with that cock! Give me pleasure.”

With that, Brad pushed his cock into my pussy and fucked me. He slapped on my buttocks and called me all kinds of names.

“You’re quite a whore. Do you love cock? Tell me bitch!”

“I love your cock. Fuck me harder and faster. Oh God!”

Brad was slapping my buttocks and fucking me harder and faster. I moaned out and had an orgasm. My pussy was soaking wet and made farting noises.

Brad was drilling my pussy hard, which made me scream in pleasure. Brad let out a weird moan and came inside of my cunt. I felt amazing after having both my father and my brother. I wondered if my brother would want to use me as his slut again. I was hoping he might.

Brad pulled out of my pussy. I was dripping and wanted him to lick me.

“Ride my face. Lay your pussy on top of my tongue.”

I was so excited and stood on the bed and squatted down. I pushed the cream out of my pussy onto my brother’s mouth. He licked the cream flowing out of my pussy. I was riding his big tongue, while he cleaned me up. Brad’s cock was still hard and purple looking.

“Suck my cock, you slut.”

I got off of my brother. He stood in the middle of his room. I had never sucked a cock before. I saw it in the porno’s I had watched in my parent’s room. I opened my mouth and sucked on his cock like a lollipop. I liked the way my pussy juices tasted on his cock.

I took as much into my mouth as I could. Brad was moaning and moving his hips a little. He was fucking my mouth. I really liked how it felt inside of my throat. I continued to take more and more inside of my throat. I held his balls and rubbed them, while I gave him head.

Brad couldn’t stand it and was able to spurt a little cum down my throat. I sucked and slurped on his big cock. Brad was exhausted and fell on his bed.

“You’re a hot little piece of ass.”

“I’m just a new piece of ass. I’ll get better, while I practice.”

“Honey, any time you want to practice, park that sweet ass in my room. I’ll fuck you whenever you want. You should just fuck me. Fucking dad is weird. Fucking your brother is just taboo. Just be cool and don’t let mom find out. She’d probably throw you to the curb. I’ll protect my sweet sissy.”

I just giggled and thought that he was probably right. I did love having my first experience with my daddy, but that was probably wrong of me. I’d just fucked Brad. He was so sexy and amazing in bed. I knew that the more practice I got, the better I’d get.

“You better get your ass out of here. Don’t get caught, beauty. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


“Put my shirt on. If mom catches you naked, you’ll be in hot water.”

I put Brad’s shirt on and made myself to my room. I stood in front of my mirror and looked at myself in the reflection. I felt like a different person. My body looked different and I felt different. I fell asleep and woke up the next day at noon.

I felt amazing when I woke up. I threw on my bikini and walked down the stairs. I didn’t shower from the night before. I liked how slutty I felt. When I got down the stairs, my step granddad was sitting in the kitchen talking to my mother.

“Hello, Cassie. Grandpa is here for the weekend. Your father and I need to go out this afternoon. Brad has to work and I don’t want to leave you alone. Next door had a robbery. Your grandpa said he’d be happy to watch you.”

“Sure. That would be great. I’m going out to the pool.”

“Put sunscreen on! You don’t want to burn. We’ll be leaving in a little while. Have a good time. No parties.”


I was kind of glad that my brother and my father were going to be out of the house. I was kind of feeling rather slutty after last night. I was horny and aroused, but didn’t want to get caught. Now knowing what sex was like, I felt hornier. I liked the feeling of a cock inside of my pussy and hated having to get myself off with my fingers. I liked the dildo too and would need to buy myself one.

My grandpa was a nice guy. He had lost his wife about a year ago. He had a really hard time. He was a nice looking fella. He looked like my father, but just older. He was probably around sixty-five. He was always really nice to me.

I wondered if he had sex with any old ladies since my grandmother died. I wondered if I could talk him into having sex with me. I planned on working on him. My mind thought about sex all the time. I really thought I might have a bit of a problem. I’ve been masturbating everyday sometimes five times a day since I was sixteen.

I heard my parents leave and knew my brother was gone for work. I stood up and removed my bikini and went into the hot tub. I put my legs over the side and had the jet hit my pussy. I basically humped the water. The water felt amazing inside of my pussy. I got off on the hard spraying water. I did that a while and then did some more nude sunbathing.

“Cassie, would you like some lunch? I could fix you something,” yelled my grandpa.


I was planning to surprise him being all naked, when he brought my food out. I was hoping he’d like to have a little fun. My pussy was aching to be fucked. I played with my pussy for a little while, making myself very wet and hot. About, twenty minutes later, my grandpa came outside with my lunch. My fingers were deep inside of my pussy.

“What in God’s name are you doing girl? Are you crazy?”

“Just horny. How about you and I have some fun together?”

“We’re related. That would just be wrong. My son is your father.”

“I fucked them yesterday. Now I want you. Please grandpa?”

My grandpa just looked at me. I could see his dick was thinking other things. He seemed to have a bulge in his trousers. I got up and walked towards him with my naked body and gave him a passionate kiss. I moved my tongue all around his mouth. My granddaddy put his hand on my pussy and played with my cunt.

“You’re a little vixen. My God, this is very wrong. Please don’t tell anybody about it. Let’s go into the house. You can show me what a little whore you are.”

I was so relieved that he wanted to have sex with me. I was so horny and needed another cock inside of me. I was sick of masturbating and liked the real thing. I took his hand and we walked into the house. I helped him take his clothes off and knelt in front of him. His cock was semi-hard.

I rubbed his shaft up and down and made him hard. He was twisting and pulling on my hard nipples. My pussy was making those pinging twitches, which was make me horny.

I opened my mouth and took him down my throat. He had a large cock like my father and my brother. I was enjoying his baton down my throat. I worked my mouth up and down over his shaft. I held his balls in my hand.

“Jesus, you’re amazing. Who showed you how to do this?”

“Daddy and Brad did.”

He didn’t say a word, but rocked his hips and fucked my mouth. I think he was realizing that I was a real tart.

“Stand up and ride my cock. I have to fuck you now. You’re a very naughty girl. I should probably spank you. You shouldn’t be fucking your family members.”

“Spank me! That would be exciting.”

I got comfortable across his knee and my grand-daddy spanked my buttocks several times. My pussy was wet and I was completely aroused by his force. He spanked me and pushed several of his fingers up inside of my asshole. I had never had any fun inside of my asshole.

“Would you fuck my asshole? I’m a virgin there. That would make you and I very close. Please grandpa!”

“Do you have any lube? That will hurt you a little dear.”

“I’ll get it.”

I ran upstairs and found my mother’s lube. I ran back down the stairs and threw it at my grandpa. He put the solution on his cock and all over my asshole. I was excited to have my anal cherry popped. I knew it would feel even more amazing then my cunt. I bent over the dining room table with my ass up. He pushed his cock into my asshole. I could feel how enormous his cock was inside of my tight hole. Once he was deep inside, he moved his cock in and out of my asshole.

“Oh Grandpa it feels so good.”

I played with my pussy, while he fucked my asshole. My breasts were shaking to the left and the right. I made myself cum, while he drilled at my asshole. I couldn’t believe what an amazing lover he was. He moaned out and filled my asshole with a pile of cum.

He went over to the couch and sat down. I got on my knees and licked the cum off his cock. I gave him another blow job. He played with my hair, while I pleasured him.

“You’re such a little gem, Cassie. You’re going to drive the boys crazy. You must stop having sex with your family and get yourself a boyfriend.”

I now had three generations of family in just a few days. I knew I was a complete slut. I was probably worse then Mattress Mary. I knew that my grandpa was right. I would need to find boys that would have sex with me. I couldn’t have sex with my family any more.

After that weekend, I tried to find boys that would have sex with me. I was quite surprised how many boys wanted to date me. I became very popular around school with the football and basketball teams. I had enough cock any time I wanted it. I really missed having sex with an older guy though.

I had my eyes on one of my teachers. I started hanging around after school getting extra help. I did find it was very easy seducing men. My teacher and I had a little fling. That’s a really hot story I’ll share with you next time.

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