Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sir Jeffrey was a man of impeccable taste and the finest reputation. He was generous to a fault, most notably, with regard to fostering young ladies of impoverished means. His motivation in this regard is subject to the most dreadful rumor mongering in certain circles.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Voyeurism   Analingus   Teacher/Student   Small Breasts   Public Sex  

The isolated rural village of Sims on Riverside was recovering from a viral epidemic that decimated the ranks of the older residents as well as a number of the health care workers tending their needs in the single hospital in the area.

One of those unfortunate deceased was the Goodwife Malone. The seasoned nurse was well-known for her tireless efforts in curing the sick and spending countless hours walking the wards of the local hospital. She was familiar sight in her customary black worn because of the early demise of her railroad engineer husband. Patrick Malone was caught unawares by a faulty feeder valve in the engine car on Number Twenty-seven. It was a dependable “town to city” train that was famous for always being on time for every run, no matter how bad the weather.

It would have been a simple tragedy, except for the fact that with her passing, five young children were thrown into the category of “indigent” orphans without a home or money to cover their basic expenses. Needless to say, they were necessarily broken up to various homes without much say from any of them on the matter. The four oldest were disposed of in record time since they were sturdy lads and lasses with lots of experience in tending chores on a farm. The youngest one was a bit of a horse of another color because she was just a slip of a thing prone to daydreaming and dancing in the light of the moon, on the slightest excuse that came her way.

Her name was Molly and she was fast on her feet and quick on her toes.

None of the farm folk was interested in adding her to their households because they suspected she would be more trouble than she was worth at a time when hard work was of the utmost importance for survival. One farmer actually looked at her teeth and felt her arm and leg muscles like he was buying a brood mare for his inventory of working horses in the stable.

In fact, the only one of the parishioners that had the slightest bit of interest in young Molly was the appointed court judge, Sir Jeffrey Rutherford. Sir Jeffrey was a bachelor and it was rumored that he was a widower twice in his lifetime already and that he hesitated to take the plunge another time for fear he would become a pariah of a trice cursed husband and avoided by any future bride with the slightest shred of common sense.

It was known in the general region that he was a man of a generous construct and that he had established a training school for young ladies to prepare them for the realities of the world and to seek employment of a respectable nature not subject to sinful behavior in any form. He established strict rules of conduct and maintained full control and discipline personally attended to by his own hand and with a vigor that did him credit as a truly concerned patron of feminine refinement. The merest hint of sexual impropriety of any category was avoided to preserve the reputation of both Sir Jeffrey and the school for young ladies.

Of course, young Molly was too young for this advanced school of behavior modification, but he envisioned her as a sort of junior intern in a pre-educational program of her very own. The older girls took the blossoming orphan under their wing and showed her all the tricks of fitting into approved society and pleasing their mentor, Sir Jeffrey.

She was insulated in her program for a full year with no demand made on her because of her tender years before there was any necessity to prove her worth to her new guardian.

It was shortly after her sixteenth birthday that she was introduced to the demands of making amends for violations of the strict rules set down by the master of the young ladies training school. In a certain sense, Molly welcomed the new status of her developing role under the Generous Man’s kind attentions and she felt a degree of gratitude that sent tingles down to her hidden feminine folds of a magnitude seldom attained in one so young or, in fact, in that particular gender.

Despite her unforgivable weakness of extreme shyness and overly obsessive modesty, she obeyed her instructions to remove all clothing and present her unadorned backside for correction in the hour before tea with proper attention to cleansing her nether regions and removing all wisps of hair from her virginal female folds. It seemed a bit silly to her because her mother had a full bush as did all of the older female children that she was in close contact with prior to admission to Sir Jeffrey’s loving care in his special training academy for young ladies.

Molly’s first spanking session was pure and utter chaos.

She squirmed and she cried. She twisted and she pleaded. Nothing worked to change Sir Jeffrey’s mind. He was firm in his conviction that the girl needed discipline to make her toe the mark of a well-behaved young lady. Molly was desperate to please and she literally bent over backwards to present the most inspired of angles for Sir Jeffrey’s ministrations. Eventually, with most of the other girls in attendance, the young impoverished orphan was rewarded with a reddened posterior and a smile of sheer bliss as her virginal channel responded in the age old tingle of pride and satisfaction in joining the ranks of the exclusive school for young ladies under the full control and mentoring guidance of a most generous man.

Now, Molly was introduced to the classes that instructed her on the proper ways to fully satisfy the opposite sex with little thought to their own pleasures and devices. The girls were prohibited from the use of cosmetic aids to enhance their physical appearance for male appreciation. They did not hesitate to inform their youngest addition to their ranks that both oral and anal exercises were permissible, but their vaginal channels were to remain pure and virginal whist a ward of Sir Jeffrey and a resident of the secluded school. The girls were pampered and well-fed in their single communal sleeping quarters and would often walk the wooden floors at night in naked splendor, since no males were allowed up the spiral staircase. In retrospect, it resembled a scene from some sort of institution of witchcraft, but of course such a thought was anathema to decent thinking by folks of a God-fearing inclination.

The oral instruction was generally under the observation of Sir Jeffrey to insure the girls were adequately motivated and that they followed minimal standards of male satisfaction right up to the final draining and swallowing of each and every drop. He was above all a fastidious fellow and his first two wives were well trained by attentive brothers and uncles prior to assuming their spousal duties as not quite blushing brides. In fact, Sir Jeffrey was sort of an aficionado of the coupling joint venture and patted many a head to encourage spirited labors by the trainees on their padded knees.

Molly was no exception to the requirement for daily exercises in oral perfection. She took to the process with gusto and soon became the most proficient at milking the blindfolded altar boys furnished as training subjects for the girls to fluff in approved sessions. There was absolutely no thought of daring to engage in non-sponsored oral relations because that would constitute a violation of the house rules and require strident correction in front of the entire student body.

By the time, she passed her seventeenth birthday; Molly Malone was a full-fledged oral virtuoso of the highest degree of competence. She was rumored to surpass the finest young ladies of the Paris academies that were considered the epitome of sucking success. Her next stage of development was in the area of posterior gymnastics. It was a much more demanding phase of study and it required the delicate touch of the master, Sir Jeffrey, to test new student’s resolve and dedication to purpose in the role of submissive excellence.

Sir Jeffrey had pestered his first two wives incessantly in meeting his requirements for anal festivities on a nightly basis, much to their chagrin and need for constant cleansing of their sensual plump bottoms. It must be reiterated that their demise had nothing to do with such sexual proclivities and were simply a matter of good fortune and matters of personal health.

The first time that Molly actually opened up her rear portal for the passage of Sir Jeffrey’s happy shaft was in front of the entire class of young ladies watching intently to see her facial reaction to the unexpected stretching for the first time. The friendly girl with the pleasing smile and crowning glory of shocking red hair didn’t disappoint them with her circled lips and panting tongue displaying her natural acceptance of rearward acceptance of male stiffness in a place never foreseen as a source of pleasure to the male animal from the beginning of time. The sound of Sir Jeffrey’s groans with each thrusting intrusion into her most secret of places inspired poor Molly to full orgasm right in front of all her peers in shameful exposure of her “dirty” side of personal pleasure in submitting to her partner’s demands.

The girls could all see for themselves the way she pleaded for Sir Jeffrey to, “Leave it in sir, I implore you!” in shameful verbal sinfulness. It was so blatantly naughty that they called for her immediate spanking to correct her sinful ways.

That brought a pleased smile to Sir Jeffrey’s face.

It would be quite entertaining to redden up the submissive trainee’s flanks in a boisterous session of pounding her pretty cheeks. He allowed a few of the older girls to participate using their delicate hands to get in some licks on her perfectly poised bottom. Of course, the somewhat shy and sensitive Molly was mortified at her situation but she was willing to comply with the rules no matter how humiliating to maintain her perfect record of submissiveness to the rules of the young ladies academy.

In all honesty, the slightly rotund Sir Jeffrey was sorely tempted to double dip into Molly’s pretty hindquarters but propriety prevented him from overdoing in this particular instance. He solved his quandary by requesting her presence for an evening prayer before lights out in the main school section. A nice little private session of slow spooning should send the sheltered student into a shivering show of satisfied senses shortly before spinning into a smiling state of soothing sleep. Perhaps he would leave it in for the duration just to see if he would be able to come to full mast before she woke in the morning. He liked playing these little games with her because his first two wives were both a bit on the prudish side if all was considered and he had to goad them into performing the way he wanted on more than one occasion.

Sir Jeffrey knew that no need for persuasion would be needed in the case of Molly Malone because she was a “natural” when it came to kinky pursuits.

The more he thought on the subject the more he was convinced she might make the perfect spouse for spousal attempt number three. Of course, there was the matter of the vast gulf in their ages but the girl seemed well at ease with that unfortunate reality and his doctor had assured him that his virility was indicative of a far younger man. The girl’s acceptance of both anal and oral activities was reason enough to entertain the thought of putting her in permanent residency in his bed and he doubted that any of the community would dare to voice an objection to the union.

He would keep a few of the girls from his young ladies academy on payroll at his place of business in order to maintain proper backup in the eventuality of Molly’s incapacitation similar to the unfortunate circumstances related to his first two wives. He knew it was no fault of his that caused their early demise, but the third time on the merry-go-round would stain his credibility and open him to rumor-mongering of a serious nature.

The shrewd man made personal periodic checks of Molly’s membrane to assure the validity of her virginity and he realized her time for budding womanhood was fast upon them with no time to waste with hesitant maneuvers.

It looked like Molly Malone was destined to be Mrs. Jeffrey Rutherford number three.

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