The View From My Window
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Masturbation, Voyeurism,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My flat has a great vew of my neighbour's flat

A couple of weeks ago, I was giving my flat a much needed spring clean. I’m like the majority of single guys and only do deep cleaning when I really have to. When I got to the bedroom, I decided to slap a bit of paint on the walls to brighten it up a bit and discovered something about my flat I didn’t know. From one position in my bedroom, I had a great view into my neighbour’s bedroom. I’d always had a limited view into it but nothing specific. I couldn’t see her undressing or anything like that just the odd brief glimpse of her when she closed the curtains at night. However, when I’d moved the bedside cabinet and was working in the corner of the room by the window I glanced across and was surprised to see that I could see most of the room, including her bed.

I didn’t think anything of it though until later that afternoon, by which time I’d finished the painting and was putting the furniture back in place. As I put the bedside cabinet back in the corner, I noticed a movement in the room and was surprised to see her walk through the bedroom door with just a towel wrapped round her. I guessed she’d just taken a shower as she also had a smaller one wrapped around her head.

Now the position of the afternoon sun gave me two advantages. Firstly it was shining directly into her bedroom and secondly it meant the corner of my room I was standing in was in shadow, so if I kept still I could stay hidden. I waited until her back was towards me, then went and fetched the chair from the dressing table and settled down to enjoy the show. The room was so brightly lit, that when she was facing me, I could actually see the sun glinting on the beads of water on her chest above the towel and the start of her moist cleavage and of course the natural thing happened, my cock started to harden in my pants.

My neighbour is a lady in her late sixties and, although we’d spoken in passing, and I knew her name was Hazel, I didn’t know much more about her but from what I had seen she was a pleasant enough lady who seemed to get on with all of the other tenants of the flats. As I sat there watching, Hazel sat on the side of the bed with her back to me and started to dry her hair. It was only then that I realised I had a double view, opposite the bed was a large, fully mirrored wardrobe and I could see her reflection in it. As she rubbed her hair with the small towel I could see her breasts jiggling under the larger one and, after a time, the inevitable happened and it was shaken free and dropped into her lap. My semi-erect cock immediately jumped to attention as her naked breasts came into sight. I could see they were nicely tanned and could also see the deep pink areolae surrounding her nipples.

For several minutes, she sat there rubbing her hair and now that her tits weren’t covered by the towel, they jiggled even more and I couldn’t help myself and reached into my lap and unzipped my pants and took my cock out and started to stroke it. I’ve never really been a voyeur but this was too much to resist and pretty soon I felt my climax building and, as if on cue, Hazel stood up at the exact moment I shot my load into the tissue I’d grabbed of the bedside cabinet and I got a brief glimpse of her fully naked body before she went missing for a second, then returned wearing a dressing gown. As I sat there, my cock softening in my hand, Hazel brushed her hair then got up and walked out of the bedroom. The show was over. Needless to say after that, I re-arranged my bedroom furniture and the dressing table chair became a fixture in the corner of the room along with my telescope and tripod. If the show was repeated I wanted as good a view as I could get.

For the next week I saw Hazel every day after she’d showered and, with the aid of my telescope got even better views and I realised just how gorgeous her breasts were. As it was a really good scope, with a twenty times zoom, I could see that, for a woman her age they were still reasonably firm, the areolae that tipped them were deeply ridged, which meant they’d be extremely sensitive and the nipples they surrounded seemed to be permanently hard. On the occasions I got a full frontal view I could see that she had a light covering of greying, blonde hair covering her mound but it wasn’t until one memorable afternoon, about two weeks after I’d started watching her that I got a view of the treasure below it.

That afternoon, Hazel went through her usual routine of taking a shower then drying her hair in the bedroom but it was after finished that things got really interesting. Instead of putting on her dressing gown as she normally did, she stood in-front of the wardrobe door and was obviously checking out her body. I saw her place her hands on her hips and push her chest out accentuating her breasts. Then she moved her hands up her body and cupped them, pushing them upwards and inwards and I could see that her nipples were really hard, poking out from her areolae like two little chapel hat pegs. I saw her mouth open and guessed she was groaning as she took a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and twisted them.

Of course, my cock was already out and my hand was working up and down my length as I sat and watched her pinch and twist the hard little buds. That first time I’d wanked off watching her had been the first time I’d come for some time, but now with this becoming a regular occurrence, I was able to control myself better and my climax wasn’t coming so fast so I was able to enjoy what followed for longer before I shot my load. After a couple of minutes of standing in-front of the mirror, teasing her nipples, Hazel backed towards the bed, sat down on the edge of it and lay back. Now all I could see clearly was the top of her head and her breasts below it, which she continued to play with while she lay there until I saw one hand disappear from view, as she slid it down her body. I suddenly remembered the view through the mirror and quickly adjusted the height of the tripod and zoomed in on the reflection. I moved the chair away from the wall slightly and perched myself up on the back of it. Now, after altering the angle of the scope I was able to see what she just what she was doing and my cock got even harder.

On full zoom I could see that her hand was between her legs and she was stroking her fingers through her pussy lips and from the way her body was moving she was close to coming. How I managed to stay perched on the back of the chair I’ll never know, I was wanking so hard I expected to fall off it any second but somehow I did manage it and timed my fist with the rhythm of her hand as it slid up and down between her thighs.

The pre-cum was pouring out of the tip of my knob now and my fingers were coated with it, making my fist warm and slippery and in my mind I wasn’t pre-cum I could feel on the shaft of my cock, it was Hazel’s juicy pussy and I gave it a hard squeeze. Just at that moment I saw her hips arch up from the bed and knew she close to having an orgasm. I began to stroke my cock even faster, I wanted to time my own climax to coincide with hers. Suddenly I saw her whole body go rigid and, whether it was my imagination or not, I don’t know, but I swear I heard a cry from the direction of her flat.

That triggered my own climax and my load flew out of the tip of my knob, spurting high into the air and splashing down on my naked belly until it slowed and trickled down my shaft. We both remained still for several minutes until Hazel got to her feet and once again slipped her dressing gown on, obviously satisfied by her self pleasuring and disappeared out of the bedroom. I staggered of the chair and lay down on the bed. As I lay there I decided I was going to find a way to join my sexy neighbour in her bedroom.

It was about a week later that I finally got my chance. I’d enjoyed another cock hardening show and was about to put my dressing gown on, when instead of putting her own robe on and leaving the bedroom, Hazel walked round the bed, still naked and reached up to close the curtains. For a moment she just stood there, her arms stretched upwards, causing her breasts to push out towards me. I expected her to close the curtains but to my surprise she didn’t, she just stood there staring up at my window. Was my secret voyeurism not as much a secret as I’d thought? Did she know I’d been watching her? Seizing the moment, I got off the chair and stood in-front of the window, my now only half erect cock, in full view, knowing that if I could see her, she could see me. She stood there for over a minute then gave me an unmistakeable smile and closed the curtains.

The next couple of days were pure hell, we still bumped into each other on the corridor but neither of us said anything, and the nightly shows ceased. On the third night though I checked her window again and saw that she was there but instead of going through her normal routine, she put her robe on straight away and disappeared from view. I resigned myself to the fact that I’d been found out and the nightly shows were a thing of the past. As I sat there on the bed feeling more than a little sorry for myself, there was a knock at my front door. I looked at the clock, eleven thirty, who the hell could this be at this time of the night. As I putting my dressing gown on several thoughts flashed into my mind. Had she reported me as a peeping Tom? Was it the boys in blue? Had she told someone else about me spying her? It could have been anything and I was dreading opening the front door.

Standing with my hand on handle for a couple of seconds I finally plucked up the courage to turn it and open the door, what, or more to the point, who I found on my step took my breath away. It was her, the object of my voyeurism, Hazel was standing there and she didn’t look angry, she was smiling. “Well,” she said it’s freezing out here, aren’t you going to invite me in. No wonder she was freezing, all she had on was the robe I’d seen her put on a few minutes earlier. “Oh yes, sorry,” I said, “come in.” As she walked past me I got a whiff of what smelt like a very expensive perfume and my cock started to rise under my own dressing gown.

Without being asked, she walked straight into my bedroom. “Aha,” she said walking round to the bed to the window, “I thought so, a telescope.” The scope was still trained on her bedroom window and after she’d looked through it, she turned back towards me. “Well you definitely had a better view of me than I had of you. Mine was a bit restricted.” I hadn’t realised it at the time, but when I’d let her see me, I was standing behind the net curtains and even though the light was on she couldn’t really have seen much.

“Well,” she said, “aren’t you going to show me. From what I can see now it might be worth looking at.” I followed the direction of her gaze and saw that my erection was causing a highly visible bulge in the front of my dressing gown. Almost in a trance, I tugged at the tie belt and the dressing gown fell open and Hazel tilted her head to one side and raised an eyebrow. “Mmm, not bad,” she said, “I’ve seen better but not bad.” I just stood there flabbergasted, my neighbour was passing almost derogatory remarks about my cock as if it was a piece of meat, which technically I suppose it is, but it doesn’t do much for a guy’s confidence and it wasn’t doing mine any good at all. As I stood there I could feel it shrinking and I saw her smile. “Ahhh,” she teased, “I think I’ve offended it, poor little thing. Maybe it needs a little help.” Before I could react, she’d reached out and wrapped her fingers around it and of course it began to come back to life. “That’s better,” she said, “now, let’s see what you can do with it.” With that she untied the belt on her own robe and pushed it off her shoulders, leaving herself totally naked. “B-b-but,” I stammered. “Oh I see,” she said mockingly, “all mouth and no trousers. You talk the talk but you can’t walk the walk. Typical man!!!”

That was it, I’d taken enough from her and I threw my own dressing gown off and pushed her back onto the bed, forcing her legs apart and getting in-between them. Without any consideration for her I drove my cock into her and started fucking her as hard and fast as I could, I’d show her I could walk the walk. Her pussy felt amazing and within less than a minute I was shooting my load into her. As soon as I’d come I pulled out and stood looking down at her. “Well,” I said, “ do you still think I can’t walk the walk?” Again she didn’t seem angry and smiled up at me. “Mmm, not bad,” she said almost mockingly, “but I think it’s time I had mine, don’t you?” I wasn’t quite sure what she meant, but I was soon to find out!!!

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