The Devil Made Me Do It
Chapter 1

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A minor devil from the second circle of Hell causes a fuss when he takes a mortal soul home.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   High Fantasy   Science Fiction   Paranormal   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting  

ByslSfynx worked hard at being what he was. He wanted to be the best he could be. He really had no choice at that, since he lacked free will. He was what he was. If that’s all there had been to it, there would have been no story at all. But, he had a slight flaw in his makeup, his personality. Probably an accident, although some folks said it was “enemy action”, since it caused such a fuss, and, just for a few moments, upset the whole order of things.

ByslSfynx was a demon, a devil, a minor deity in the second circle of hell. He was good, or bad, depending on your point of view, like I said. His personnel record was full of green marks and pluses, not that he’d ever be allowed to see it. He was rated trustworthy and loyal and he’d even gotten a gold star once for pointing out some needless duplications in a paperwork mess the circle was bogged down in a few hundred thousand years ago.

ByslSfynx lived in Hottentadia, a sleeper village, and commuted to work on the Hell train. He worked all the overtime he could get, just because he found his home life boring and tedious. He enjoyed his job most of the time, other than the damn wind. The wind drove him crazy sometimes, but hey, that’s what the second circle was all about.

One day he was talking to YtterYing, a co-worker and fairly good friend. YtterYing had been to the Freudian Scrotum, a new club that had opened in the upper West end. He’d danced all night and then gotten in a fight and got the proverbial hell beaten out of him, but he was all better by morning, as usual. He raved about the girls in the club, and made ByslSfynx promise to follow him there next weekend.

A huge knot of souls blew by, and got hung up on Mount Squat. Not again, thought ByslSfynx. That happened a dozen times a day. A crew of souls had worked on the outcropping for a few thousand years once, but all they’d had were fingernail files. Somehow the project had gotten back-burnered, and never started up again.

“Shit.” said YtterYing, and blasted them good with his air gun. They did not budge. Some of them were even burrowing down in the cracks in the stone, by now. Double shit.

ByslSfynx gave them a shot with his gun. Still nothing. “Shit again,” mumbled YtterYing, and got on his two-way, to request an extraction crew.

Suddenly, one man lost his handhold, and the whole group just peeled away with the wind and blew downrange.

“Cancel that shit,” said YtterYing into the radio, and they talked some more. ByslSfynx looked at the Hell clock, hanging low in the Southern sky. Harry Balls, barely a minute had gone by since he’d looked at it last. He felt a pang of kinship with the souls. He knew how time crawled for them.

“Bys. Keep in touch, man,” said YtterYing, and wandered off. ByslSfynx sat on a stone, thinking. Not a lot got accomplished when he thought, outside or inside. Most devils approached thinking like mortals approached strenuous exercise; they avoided it whenever possible.

But ByslSfynx, although he didn’t have a lot of mental horsepower, had begun more and more lately to think. He thought about Hell, a lot. He thought about the old days, which sometimes gave him a warm happy feeling. He thought about the girl that lived above him, which also gave him a warm happy feeling. These thoughts went on for a while, sometimes repeating themself.

Every now and then he blasted a soul or two, just to keep his numbers up. He found where he’d stashed his lunchbox, and took a sip from his water bottle. Ugh, Lethe, again. Nasty shit. He started to get pissed, but then he forgot all about it.

“Help me...” from over his shoulder, he heard a plaintive cry. Plaintive and slightly irritating. Help you? he thought. In Hell?

He turned back to Mount Squat. There, making her way down the steep ragged side of the mountain, was a girl. A soul. A mortal. Well, a former mortal. Her path would bring her right to where he was, so he waited, his finger on the button of his two-way. He thought about just blasting her back into the sky, but it was a slow afternoon, and he was bored. Maybe her story would amuse him. Plus, mortal or not, she was a pretty girl. Even if he didn’t really have free will, ByslSfynx had a sex drive.

The girl stumbled down the last of the mountain, and slowly made her way up to him. He looked at her critically. She was cute, that was for sure. Maybe even beautiful. And young. Didn’t always see a lot of young folk here in the second circle. She must have impressed somebody.

“I’m ... I’m lost,” the girl finally said. “I’m not supposed to be here...” She looked small, and alone. And lost. She really looked lost.

“Oh, none of us are, darlin’,” said ByslSfynx, smiling warmly. He got ready to crush her spirit with a witty quip, but he stopped, and looked at her again. A weird emotion, something he’d never felt before, something his personality wasn’t equipped to handle, swept over his body. He actually ... felt sorry for her. He just didn’t know that’s what it was yet.

“Can ... can you help me?” she said, her big brown eyes melting his shriveled up little heart. “Can you get me out of here?”

“I ... I don’t think so...” he told the truth. How the hell could he get her out of Hell? He was just a minor, a very minor devil. A blue-collar devil. He didn’t even have any administrative rights. He couldn’t tell anybody shit. All he could do was follow orders.

He didn’t follow orders on this one, though. As quick as he could think, he formulated a plan.

“Come over here,” he told her, and she followed him, seeming to be just a little suspicious. But, she followed him. He led her back to where he’d placed his lunch box, where a large crack was in Hell, almost a cave. He gave her a deviled egg from his lunchbox, and told her to wait. Just a few more hours, and then he’d help her.

He spent the rest of the afternoon in a tizzy. He knew he was breaking the rules. He knew he could get his ass busted hard for doing this. But he wanted to help the girl. Didn’t he? Did he just really want a few hours of her time? What did he really have planned? he wondered about himself.

Finally, thankfully, finally the shift ended. He hurried down to the bunker, and clocked out. He got his harsh weather gear from his locker, and on his way back to where he’d left the girl he wondered if she would still be there.

To his surprise, she was. He shushed her, and wrapped her up in his raincoat, pulling the hood down until all you could see was her eyes. He guided her out of the cave, grabbed his lunchbox, and they made their way down out of the hills.

The train ride home was nerve-wracking, he imagined that everyone was staring at him, and her. In actuality nobody noticed. Nobody cared. They got off at his stop, and made their way to his apartment. He guided her up the stairs.

Oh shit. At the first landing who should they meet, but Ianthelecrux, the devil girl that lived right above him. She suddenly decided she liked him, or something, and hugged him warmly. They made small talk, and she pointed to the girl, still wrapped in the raincoat.

“And this is?” she said. Oh shit, though ByslSfynx.

“This is my cousin, Reaux,” he said. “He’s staying with me while his, uhm, skin treatment gets over with.” He hoped that explained why the girl was all bundled up.

“I see. Well, keep in touch!” said Ianthe, and disappeared down the stairs. They went down the hall, and ByslSfynx unlocked the door to his place.

He led the girl in and locked the door behind them. She wrestled herself free of the raincoat, and dropped it to the floor.

“God, that smells awful,” she said.

“Language, please,” said ByslSfynx, and put the raincoat in the closet.

“Sorry,” said the girl. She stood in the center of the room, and looked at him. It was her turn, now, to look critically at him.

“What are you going to do with me? Rape me?” she said, and he snorted.

“Hardly. I barely know you,” he said. That was a thought, though. He looked at her, hard. She was pretty damn cute. She was wearing some kind of halter top thing, and a pair of cut-off jeans. Her legs were all scratched up and bleeding from her trip down the mountains, but they looked strong and muscular. She had bruises pretty much all over her body, due to being blown around the circle by the wind, but he knew they’d heal up pretty quick. Suffering in Hell would be kind of pointless unless you healed up quickly.

“That wind sucked,” the girl said. “I’m glad just to be out of it.”

“Yeah, it really gets old after a while,” he commiserated. “How long you been in the circle?”

She surprised him with her answer.

“Just since this morning,” she said.

Damn, she was really a newbie, he thought. A total virgin.

“Well, let me introduce myself,” he said. “I am ByslSfynx. No last name,” he always thought that was funny to say, but she regarded him seriously.

“I am Tina. Tina Yearsley,” she said.

“Tina,” he said. He was actually curious. “Why do you think there was a mistake?”

She immediately burst into tears. He felt that funny feeling again, that ... sorry feeling. He got her a tissue from the bathroom, and waited for her to finish.

“I...” she said, after a few false starts. “I don’t think ... I am guilty of lust. I mean, I never even kissed a boy. I never let one touch me. My parents watched me too close. I don’t understand how I ended up in Hell in the first place, much less the second ... second circle...”

He was silent for a while. Gears turned in his head. He was actually getting better at this thinking stuff.

“Well, darlin’,” he finally said. “You don’t actually have to do these things ... you just gotta feel that way, in your heart ... know what I mean?”

“Not really,” she sniffled.

“Well, don’t worry about it for now. You can stay here tonight, and we’ll figure out what to do with you tomorrow.”

He stretched out on the couch, and fumbled for the remote. The girl wondered around the room a bit, looking at his pictures, and finally out the window.

Shit. He had a thought, another original thought.

“Stay back from the window, darlin’, if you would. Somebody might notice you.”

She looked frightened at that, and came over to the couch and gingerly seated herself at the far end. They watched TV for a while in silence.

She could finally stand it no longer. “What is this shit?” she asked, puzzled. “This looks like something from fifty years ago.”

He laughed. He liked laughing, and she made him laugh.

“Darlin’,” he said. “We’re in Hell, remember? Do you think that we get special privileges just because we work here? Sorry. Think again. All our TV is old shit.”

“Shit,” she said again. She sighed.

“Tina. What did you expect?”

“What did I expect? After I died you mean? Not this shit.”

He laughed at that. He really liked her. All he’d done since they got home was laugh. She just did that to him.

“I mean, that car turned in front of me and bam, I was on a boat, and then there I was in front of some judge or something, and next thing I know I’m being blown around the mountain. It’s not fair at all.”

He laughed again. “You aren’t the first to think that, dear.”

“Shit. I just wanna go back home.”

“Tina, darlin’, there’s no going back. You should know that much, at least.”

“Look, I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t be anywhere. I didn’t believe in anything. I thought Hell was just ... ancient history or something. Something the Greeks believed in.”

“Well, actually, the concept of Hell, or our version of hell, came a little later than the Greeks,” he warmed up to the subject. He’d done well in history, in school. “The high point, of course, came with the publication of Dante Alighieri’s ‘Inferno’, the first printed edition in 1472, though some controversy exists about that date. The first...”

She had heard enough, and waved him to silence.

“Tell me again, slowly, how to say your name,” she said. They worked on that one for a while, and finally she seemed to get it.

“Are you hungry?” he said, leaping up, and going to the kitchen. She followed him, and they rummaged around for a bit. His kitchen wasn’t very imaginative, and there wasn’t much in the fridge. Just some deviled eggs, and a plate of deviled ham. On the counter was a devil’s food cake, and, weirdly, some divinity. ByslSfynx did like his desserts.

She ate some ham, making a face, but gobbling it down. ByslSfynx knew that the souls in the second circle didn’t eat well, being blown about all the time. Just whatever they could grab. Well, eating really wasn’t a necessity, in the afterworld. You couldn’t die if you were already dead. But you did get pretty hungry if you didn’t eat. Whole punishments were built around that.

They wandered back into the living room, and plopped down in front of the TV. The evening just flew by for ByslSfynx, where it usually dragged, having the girl for company was fun and new and exciting for him. Just having somebody for company was fun.

“Tina,” ByslSfynx said. “How old were you, you know, when...”

“When I died?” she said. “I had just turned sixteen. I’d just gotten my stupid license, no less. Just days before.”

“Cars are dangerous, from what I hear,” said ByslSfynx. “A lot of people end up here because of cars.”

“Yeah,” said Tina. “Bys ... is there stuff to do here, at night? Do you just sit around all night, by yourself?”

“Well...” he said, thinking. “There are clubs, yes. And stores. And parks, although the pigeons have kind of taken over. Yeah, there’s stuff to do.”

“This is boring. Your TV sucks,” she said, pouting. He laughed at her.

“Girl. This is Hell, remember?” he said, and she nodded, a petulant look on her face.

“I shouldn’t even have you here. I’ll get in major trouble if we get caught.”

“Trouble? By who?”

“Well, my supervisor, for one. And my counselor. And my guardian. That’s just a start. Even the neighborhood watch committee would probably get involved.”

“Shit. What would happen to me?”

“You’d get sent right back to the second circle, for starters. And you’d have some black marks put on your record, probably.

“My record? What record?”

“Your personnel file. Everybody in Hell has a personnel file, whether you’re a soul or you work here. All your shit goes in it.”

“Shit,” the girl sighed, leaning down on her legs. He noticed that her breasts flattened out nicely when she did that.

“So, this is Deviltown, or what, then?” she said, making a wide sweeping motion.

“Here, where I live?” he said. “Well, Hottentadia is it’s actual name. I guess it’s primarily devils that live here, yes. Devils, and a few of the bound.”

“The bound? What is that?”

“Souls who have done something so special that they are being considered for devilhood. Usually something very bad.”

“You mean like Hitler? Or Saddam?”

“Well, they’ve already crossed over, but they were among the bound for a while, a short while. Some do things in their mortal life, and some do them here.”

“You mean, if I do something wicked enough in Hell, I can become a devil?”

He laughed at the look of surprise on her face. “Darlin’,” he said, “Hell is an equal opportunity employer. You can be anything you want down here. Anything but good.”

“Shit.” she said.

The rest of the evening dragged a little. She appeared to be deep in thought.

“Bys,” she finally said. He looked at her. “What are you going to do with me tomorrow?”

The next morning he trudged off to work, a little unsettled. He hadn’t really thought the whole thing through very well, he decided to himself. He had no idea what to do with her now that he’d gotten her. They’d discussed options last night, and finally just decided to let her stay in the apartment while he went to work. He wondered how she’d stand the boredom, she’d gotten pretty bored last night while he was there. Well, it would still be better than being blown around the mountain. Maybe she could do it. He tried to stress to her how quickly she’d be identified, if she went outside. He hoped he’d gotten the idea across.

She’d slept on the couch that night. He thought about inviting her to his bed, but he didn’t want her to think he was being pushy, for some reason. He just got her a blanket and a pillow, and went into his room. She was still asleep that morning when he went off to work.

Work that day was long and tedious, and boring. He wondered how he’d stood it for so long. Now that he had something in his life other than work, work sucked. He finally finished the day out, and raced home. When he let himself in, there she was, asleep on the sofa. He got something to eat, and when he came back into the living room she was stirring around.

“How was your day, then?” he asked, and she groaned.

“Boring as shit. I don’t know if I can stand another. I might go back to the mountain.”

Awww, he thought. He didn’t want her to go. He liked her company. And he was wondering, more and more...

“I got an idea,” he said. “Let me get some makeup, and we’ll dress you up like one of the bound. Hardly anybody ever notices or questions them, and you can move around outside with a fair amount of freedom.”

“Really,” she said, intrigued. “What are the disadvantages?”

“Well, we’ll have to create a persona for you ... devils are sure to ask what you’ve done ... and it’ll kinda have to fit into the second circle ... the whole lust thing...”

“I see. Yes, let’s do it,” she said. “If it gets me out of this apartment, let’s do it.”

ByslSfynx left the apartment, and made his way down to the local Hell-Mart. Sure enough, in the ladies section, he found all kinds of makeup. One of the bound was even in there, buying stuff. The bound were funny, they were almost invisible, usually, devils just didn’t notice them. They just weren’t bad enough yet, he guessed. He sure hadn’t, not up until now. Now he seemed to see them everywhere. He bought a large tube of green skin creme, since that seemed to be the favorite color of the bound.

One his way home, he stopped at a gene-splicing shop, and bought some live horns. He thought about claws, but he’d ask, first, since her present fingernails would have to be ripped out first. He didn’t know if it’d be worth it to her. He thought about it for a long time, and finally bought a tail, not a bifurcated one, but a simple human looking semi-prehensile tail, like what most of the bound wore. He’d have to cut a chunk out of her butt, to anchor it, but tails were almost a given for the bound. He also bought a couple of needles full of morphine, just in case.

When he finally got back she greeted him with enthusiasm. She seemed excited by this whole bound thing. He showed her what he’d bought, and her enthusiasm waned a bit. The horns, he tried to convince her, were easy. Just stick them on. After a few days they’d take root, and eventually grow right into her skull. The tail, now ... that would hurt a bit.

She finally let him place the horns, and examined herself with satisfaction in the mirror. She did look cute, with them. When she was green, it’d be even better. They went over the tail business, several times, and finally she steeled herself. She pulled her cut-offs down halfway, exposing most of her cute little bottom. He just stared until she cleared her throat, and he indicated for her to lay on the kitchen table. He laid the template right in the start of her crack, and drew around it with a sharpie.

He fetched a box knife, and gave her a shot of morphine, right in her butt. She winced at the needle, and he thought, oh shit, she’s probably got a low pain tolerance. When he began to cut on her she really yelled at first, and he gave her another needle-full. She seized his tail, and squeezed tighter and tighter as he cut around the lines. He finally cut under the chunk of flesh, and removed it. A trip to the bathroom to get a towel because of bloodflow, and he finally plugged the tail right into the hole in her ass, and smeared flesh glue all over it. She just lay there on the table, shivering and trembling, and he felt another burst of sympathy for her. It’d be over, soon enough, though.

The glue finally dried and the cut stopped bleeding. The tail looked good. In a few weeks the nerves would grow into her spine, and she could switch and whip it around. She was looking pretty good, he thought.

After the tail episode, she didn’t feel like going out that evening, so they didn’t try the makeup. She just laid on the couch, on her stomach, and watched TV. He finally joined her, and sat at the end, her feet in his lap. He began to rub her feet, and she sighed in pleasure.

“Oh,” she said. “That feels good. Keep doing that.”

He did, and he finally moved up her legs to her calves. She seemed content to let him, and he slowly moved further and further. Nothing seemed off limits, and finally he was massaging her thighs, right up to the root of her legs. He wished she’d take her cut-offs off, she’d pulled them partially back up, as far as she could with the tail now in the way.

“Tina,” he said. “Take your pants off and I’ll cut a hole for your tail in them.”

“I ... I can’t...” she said, coyly. “I don’t have any underwear on.”

“It’s okay,” he said. “I won’t peek.”

But peek he did, and was rewarded with a glimpse of her furry little pussy. She sat shyly on the couch, with a hand over her crotch, and handed him the shorts. He made her stand, and held the shorts up to her and measured where the hole would need to be, all the while admiring her cute ass. She had a fine ass, he thought. Maybe a teeny bit large for her size, but there was nothing wrong with that. Fine, just fine. He really wanted to massage that ass.

He got some scissors and cut a nice circular hole in her shorts, where the tail would be. He handed them back to her, but she just set them in her lap, still hiding herself. He was excited that she didn’t put them right back on. He felt some stirrings, down there, from his little devil. Oh, he thought, this might be interesting.

He moved back down to the end of the couch, and she finally turned and placed her feet in his lap again. As the evening progressed he rose higher and higher, until he was just inches from her crotch. She seemed to notice, then, and giggled, and pulled away from him.

“Come on,” he said, “let me rub you. It feels good, yes?”

“It feel good yes,” she said. She let her attention go back to the TV. He was hopeful.

His hands were finally at the root of her legs. He felt the crease of her leg, and knew that he was just an inch from her pussy. From her beautiful pussy. He knew without seeing it it would be beautiful. The rest of her was beautiful. Her cunt would be too. He rubbed around and around her legs, squeezing and massaging them. She seemed content.

ByslSfynx didn’t have a great deal of sexual experience. No devil did, except maybe for rape. Rape was fairly common, in Hell. Once again, some punishments were built around it. He’d never been on a rape crew, though. And the girl devils around this area ... they seemed to be a closed-legged group. He’d often heard of a few other towns where the ladies put out like crazy, but he could never seem to get the names of those places.

ByslSfynx let his knuckles rub her pussy, as he spread her legs apart slightly. She jumped, and said, “Hey, watch it down there.” He was watching it, and he was in love. He was right, it was beautiful. He could see the indention in her butt where her cute little asshole was, and he could see the whole lower half of her cunt. Like I said, he was in love.

Her tail was laying over her right buttock. Her tail already looked natural on her, he thought. He didn’t think she’d have any trouble passing for one of the bound, not after she got a little makeup on.

He finally placed his hands directly on her butt, and squeezed and rotated. She yelped, and looked back at him. He tried to look innocent, but kept doing it. He was sure it felt good. It must have, she let him keep doing it. He rubbed and squeezed to his hearts content, feeling her soft warm bottom in his hands. She had a sexy ass, he thought. He wanted to stop and sniff it, but he didn’t want to piss her off.

He pulled her ass apart, and looked down at her anus. It was a cute little rosebud, he thought. He wanted to taste it, bad. He wanted to stick his little devil into it. Sex in Hell, for obvious reasons, seems to revolve around the anus, instead of the vagina. ByslSfynx was no different.

She finally turned, and rearranged herself. She was almost on his lap, by now. She had turned until her front was facing upwards. Her pussy was in plain view, and she didn’t seem interested in hiding it any longer.

“Bys,” she said. “Why don’t you want to rape me? Isn’t that mostly what Hell is about?”

“Hell no,” he said. “I mean, rape happens, but the spirit of Hell is much more involved than simple forced sex acts. For instance...”

“Okay, okay!” she said. She found his lectures tiresome.

“I been here two days,” she said, almost wistfully. “I just thought I’d have been raped by now.”

Wheels were turning in his head. It almost seemed like, to him, that she wanted it. It was the second time she’d brought it up. Did he dare? For some weird reason, he didn’t want to make her mad. But it seemed like...

“I am a powerful devil rapist,” he said loudly. “Bend to my will.”

He stood, dropping her painfully on her tail. She winced. “Sorry,” he said. He unsnapped his pants, and let them drop. She gasped, staring at him. He was pleased at her reaction.

ByslSfynx had a nice dick. He knew it. All devils did, so he didn’t feel special. He just knew that not all mortals were so blessed. Or cursed. Whatever.

She stared at his organ, gulping. It was hardening rapidly, and soon stood out to it’s full length. She wasn’t so sure, now, it seemed. She had her hands clasped tightly over her womanhood. Ha ha, he thought, that’s not where I’m headed, not at all.

He stood before her, and reached down for her hand. She slowly gave it to him, and he raised her to a standing position. He put a hand on her shoulder, and turned her around.

“I’ll be careful of your tail,” he told her. She nodded and said, “Please.”

He bent her over the couch, and she let him. She still doesn’t know, he thought. He let a long drool of spit drop from his mouth, and it landed right on the head of his dick. He rubbed it in, feeling his hardness. His dick looked redder than the rest of him, at the moment.

She almost bolted when his dick touched her, right inbetween her butt cheeks. She finally realized what he was going to do. But she stayed, and he began to slowly press into her body.

Her ass was tight, and it felt good on his cock. The head finally popped into her body, and the felt the warmth inside of her. She felt good, damn, she felt good. His other devilish girlfriends had usually been kind of loose in the ass, but this girl was tight. Tight, and fresh.

His dick was long, and he had to pump in and out, in and out for a long time, wetting himself with her juices until at last his thighs touched her buttocks. He was in all the way. He began to pump, slowly, he began to fuck her.

He knew it hurt a little. Asshole sex always hurts, somewhat. But, she stood it well. He finally reached around her waist, and fumbled around for her clit. He wanted her to get off, too. For some reason it mattered to him. He finally rubbed her, feeling her pussy juices on his finger, and it turned him on. He brought that finger to his nose for a sniff, and almost ejaculated. She smelled ... divine ... or positively satanic, he wasn’t sure. She smelled good. He licked his finger, and reached for her clit again.

He thought about letting his dick expand, devils can do that, like dogs, but he didn’t, since the main point of that is to cause pain. He just fucked her ass, slowly and easily, until she began to moan and squirm around. Then he sped it up a little, and really pounded her clit at the same time. She came, mightily, and he let himself cum, spraying his devilish sperm into her ass. She had a good cum, he thought, and he was proud of himself for giving it to her.

He finally pulled his dick out of her ass, and gave her a love slap. She jumped, and came out of her fog enough to give him a little glare. He laughed at her, and said, “Come on. You need to get that shit out of you, or it’ll burn you. It’s devil spunk.”

She acted puzzled, but he pulled her up from the couch, and led her to the bathroom. He seated her on the toilet, careful of her tail, and she still looked puzzled.

“Poop it out, darlin’,” he said. “Devil sperm is highly acidic. It’ll burn you if you don’t poop it out. That’s one reason why I didn’t pussy-rape you, you’d have to douche right afterwards and I don’t have a douche thingy here.”

She finally seemed to understand, and squeezed her bowels, and squirted his sperm into the toilet beneath him. She sat there, with an embarrassed look on her face, and had a nice little shit, with turds plopping into the water below. He laughed and breathed deeply though his nose, enjoying the smell of her shit. Devils do like their crazy smells.

He washed his dick in the sink, and turned to her. He was ready to go again. He was a devil, for cryin’ out loud. No recovery time needed. He moved over right in front of her, as she sat on the toilet, and put his hardening dick right in her face.

“Your turn,” he said, laughing at her. She just glared up at him.

“What, you think I’m gonna blow you, after that thing’s been in my ass?” she said. He nodded. “I washed it. Go for it. You ever give a blow job before?”

“Just a couple...” she said absently.

“What? I thought you had never even touched a boy, you said!” He was amused to catch her in a lie. The truth always eventually comes out, he thought.

“Well, not really,” she said, embarrassed again. “Nobody ever came in my mouth. And you’re not gonna, either.”

She regarded his big dick from just inches away. Finally she reached out and took it in both her hands, and pulled him towards her mouth. Her mouth felt soft and warm, and he felt his dick harden even more. She ran the cap along the roof of her mouth, and scraped the bottom of his shaft with her lower teeth. She was good, he thought. This most certainly wasn’t her first. He wondered if she really was a virgin.

She finally cut out the monkey business, and began to suck. And suck she did, powerfully. She was a good cock-sucker, he thought. Among the best. Certainly the best he’d ever had. He was almost ready to cum again. She squeezed and kneaded his balls, and sucked for all she was worth. Every now and then she ran her teeth along the back of his cap, and he loved the shit out of that, when she did it. She stuck her tongue in the slit in the end of his dick, until it hurt, but felt as good as it hurt. She was good.

He finally grabbed her ears, and filled her mouth with devil’s sperm. He squirted again and again as he came, feeling his butthole pucker up, he came so hard. She was good. Good, and sexy.

He finally backed up, and let her rise and spit the mouthful of sperm into the toilet. She made a face at the taste, and then sat back down to wipe her ass. He let her wipe away the big shit, and then he motioned her to stand, and her turned her, bent her at the waist, pulled her tail out of the way, and licked her asshole clean. She tasted great, shitty, but great. He licked and licked her, loving the hell out it.

She didn’t seem too embarrassed by what they’d done, and he realized that she was probably a little more sexually advanced than she’d pretended to be. She dropped back down on the couch, careful of her tail, and they watched TV for the rest of the evening. She didn’t even put her shorts back on.

Finally, just a few minutes before Hell-Mart closed, she said, “Bys. Go buy a doucher.”

He looked at the clock. Oh, shit. He raced to Hell-Mart, but they’d closed early, probably just to piss devils off. He found a drugstore open, finally, and paid a ridiculous amount for a rubber douche bottle. He trudged back home, and she met him at the door.

“Good,” she said. “Just so we have one, in case your hormones take over and you rape me again.”

“Oh,” he said. He was rapidly getting used to this. “I feel them rising. It might happen tonight.”

“Well, just remember,” she said. “I’m a lady. Ladies like to be asked occasionally, although it’s not a necessity.”

He nodded. He would remember that.

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