The Pornomancer Goes Home
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Magic, Paranormal, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Tit-Fucking, Public Sex, Workplace,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Take one young man, one hot blonde, mix well with several lusty spirits...

The Pornomancer let out a weary sigh as he hoisted his backpack up to his shoulder. He was, as usual, getting out of work half an hour late since, as usual, his replacements had failed to show up on time. Normally he would have complained to his boss, but since his replacement was his boss ... Fortunately, the night had been a rather quiet one, and he had managed to get an extra bit of writing done between the endless requests for wake up calls and extra towels. Nothing erotic, unfortunately. The spirits weren’t pleased with that, but the Pornomancer tended to be a little leery of writing smut on the clock, as he preferred to get paid rather than get fired.

The door to freedom thunked open as he slammed a hand into the metal bar that held it closed. The sun was already well above the skyline, roasting the city with eighty degree temperatures that were steadily climbing. It was scheduled to be fall soon, but summer wasn’t showing any sign of being ready to move on. The Pornomancer stopped to blink, taking a moment to let his eyes readjust to the day star.

The train station was only a few blocks away, an easy walk when there wasn’t any traffic to keep him from jaywalking. Of course, distance didn’t matter as he watched his ride roll out of the stop and head north without him. The Pornomancer just let out a sigh and found a place on one of the long wooden benches installed around the area to wait for the next train. He pulled out a book, but decided instead to people watch.

The station started to flood with people as the clock neared eight in the morning ... The first group was the construction workers across the street. They’d been laying the foundation for a new road for the past month or so, and always had something interesting going on. At the moment a pair of burly guys in coveralls were walking the roadbed with a bright orange wheel on a stick. The Pornomancer recognized the device from his aborted attempt at a career as an engineer. Each turn of the wheel would be counted, multiply by the circumference, and voila! Mostly accurate distance measurement.

Then came the office workers. The men all wore the same basic suit in one of three colors, brown, gray, black. The women, on the other hand, looked like someone had vomited up a box of Crayola all over a sheet, then cut up and haphazardly stitched together the result. That was actually kind of depressing. The Pornomancer had a soft fetish for a woman in a good suit, the jacket left open and a few strategic buttons left undone. Pants or skirt was immaterial, as they wouldn’t remain on long enough to matter. Sadly, it looked like his fellow office drones wouldn’t be winning any beauty pageants any time soon, even if they weren’t already old enough to be one of his grandparents.

A train entered the station, heading south. A few of the high school students it dropped off were dressed in their Navy JROTC uniforms, which earned them a nod of respect despite being only two-thirds his age. Other than that, the majority was too young to pay attention to. True, a couple of the sheilas were filling out quite nicely, but it took more than grass on the field to get him interested in the ballgame. It was actually kind of creepy to think about hitting on girls that age, so he didn’t. That it also meant he didn’t have to think about how old he was getting was just a bonus. Besides, back when he was in high school easy on the eyes usually meant tough on the ears, and he had already dealt with his share of adolescent drama, thank you very much.

The high schoolers pushed on, so the Pornomancer glanced around to see who was left. A couple of night security officers had appeared, their shirts untucked and their belts empty. Some vagrants had wandered over, hoping to score some change off those passing through. They mostly got told off by the day laborers heading out of the city to mow lawns and tidy up flower beds in the suburbs.

Then she appeared.

There was no cheesy 80’s pop music soundtrack. The world didn’t fade out to a blurry tunnel that left her the only clear thing in his vision. She just sat down on a bench about thirty feet away, dropped a beaten looking black backpack on the ground between her legs, and pulled out a much-thumbed copy of ... something. The Pornomancer had powers over sex, not super-vision. All he could make out was that it was a paperback, and even then only because she managed to bend the front cover back around the spine.

But damn, what a woman! A pair of black, nerdy-chic glasses perched on a heart-shaped face, framed by long wavy hair that started brunette at the roots and ended as blonde highlights down by her shoulder blades. Her large breasts seemed a bit too big for her petite frame, riding high in a black “Frozen” t-shirt that was probably a size too small judging from the way it was riding up at the bottom. Her ‘shorts’ weren’t long enough even for that moniker, with the hem of her legs ending just about where her camel toe began. She wore them well, though, with long, toned legs and firm thighs. Her outfit was finished by a pair of ankle socks and Sketchers that had clearly seen better days.

‘God damn, ‘ the Pornomancer thought as he peeked at her over his book. He tried going back to reading it for a bit, then started checking her out again. Book. Staring. Book. Staring. ‘Yeah, because this isn’t fucking creepy at all.’

Still, after a while he gave up reading and just stared. Several minutes later, the girl looked up from her own book and glanced around. Their eyes met, but the Pornomancer didn’t turn away. The surest sign of a guilty conscience was to flinch, and while he was more than willing to admit that he was being creepy, he still didn’t feel any guilt over it. That would have implied that he was doing something wrong, and what could ever be wrong about appreciating beauty? Besides, with more than ten yards between them there was a good chance that she would think he was just staring through her rather than staring at her. That would be his excuse, at any rate. The girl blinked first, shrugged, and then went back to her book.

He didn’t think anything of it until the train arrived. The Pornomancer figured they would end up on different cars, or, if it was the short run, at the very least on opposite ends of the same car. Instead the girl cut diagonally across the plaza as the train pulled into the station and mounted the stairs directly in front of the him. The Pornomancer couldn’t just ignore such a blatant challenge, and after boarding right behind her moved to stand in the corner immediately opposite her. From that point of view he discovered that her t-shirt had been cut with a very severe V neck. The valley formed by her cleavage was deep and beautiful, so much so that it probably deserved its own state park.

“It is rude to stare, you know,” the girl abruptly announced, not bothering to look up from her book.

“Well, my eyes only look in one direction at a time,” the Pornomancer retorted. “Frankly, I’d rather they look at you rather than, say, him.” The Pornomancer jerked his thumb in the direction of a three hundred pound ball of mobile fat wearing a stained football jersey and a pair of ratty jean shorts. The blob didn’t say anything to acknowledge the verbal jab, but merely grunted in agreement. On the other hand, he’d been staring, too.

“I should be able to wear whatever I want without having to be harassed!”

The Pornomancer opened his mouth to say something, but instead pursed his lips together to keep from laughing. After a moment he sucked on his teeth and asked, “You spend a lot of time on Tumblr, don’t you?”

“I don’t see what that has to do with anything,” the girl said as she slammed her book closed, crossed her arms, and stared up at him defiantly. Except she chose to cross her arms under her breasts rather than over them, so the overall effect was to lift up her tits, making them seem plumper, as if she were trying to offer them to the Pornomancer. It also meant he finally got a good look at her face. Her plump lips were a soft, pale pink, like freshly bloomed cherry blossoms, which only emphasized the rich, chocolate brown of her eyes.

The Pornomancer held her gaze just long enough to make it clear he wasn’t backing down, then shook his head in amusement. “Look, I’m going to be blunt. You are pretty fucking hot. I’ll agree that doesn’t give anyone the right to grab you, catcall you, whatever. Those are really just signs of poor impulse control. On the other hand, the shorts you are wearing are smaller than even the tightiest whities I might own, and your t-shirt is doing a remarkable job at showing off what are possibly the finest tits I have seen in a long while. The only reason a man wouldn’t be checking you out is if he is dead, gay, or his balls haven’t dropped yet. And I wouldn’t make any guarantees about the last two.”

“Oh, my god!”

“Hey, you spoke first,” the Pornomancer pointed out with an exaggerated shrug. The spirits had started to whisper in his ear. It was a strange, foreign tongue that resembled no earthly language, but sounded instead like a cross between singing birds and a church choir. But even though he didn’t know the words, their meaning was clear. “That was probably a mistake on your part.”

“What? Why?”

“Because I’m the Pornomancer, and you’re hot. We’re now wrapped up in a bad sex scene.”

“Oh, bullshit!” The girl shook her head in denial as she shifted in her seats. “There is no way that’s true!”

The Pornomancer simply continued to stare at her for several moments, then sighed and held up a pair of fingers. “Two things. First, we just blew through a station without stopping for anyone to get on or off, and this isn’t an express. Second, you’ve been fingering yourself for the past couple of minutes. Pretty much since we started talking.”

The girl sat there, gaping at him, then looked down when he nodded towards the seat. There was noticeable bulge in the front of her shorts. It was only then that she realized she could feel her fingers, already two knuckles deep, working on her pussy. Better, she felt good, far more than when she normally masturbated. It was as if someone had turned all the sensations up to eleven. Her shorts were suddenly too confining. She wanted them off, she want to spread her legs, to bare her sopping wet cunt and to fiddle with her clit. Her entire body shivered as her fingertips found her g-spot, but she managed to choke down the gasp that followed.

“Why is this happening?” she moaned, partly in disbelief and partly from the tingling pleasure working down her spine.

“Now that is a long and complicated story,” the Pornomancer answered. He sounded ... not quite bored, but entirely far too at ease for a man watching a strange woman play with herself in public. He shifted his stance a bit to the left, which not only put him directly in front of her but eased some of the growing tightness in his own pants. “I can explain if you want...”

“No, that’s okay,” she replied breathlessly. Instead she reached out with her free hand and began to caress the bulge that was only a few inches from her face. The Pornomancer pressed his tongue against the roof of his mouth to keep from making any noise. It felt damned good to be touched and he desperately wanted something a little more direct, but he also had a bit of an urban legend to live up to. That meant he had to make at least a half assed attempt at keeping his cool and staying in control.

“Take off your shirt,” he growled when it finally became too much to take.

“What?” the girl squeaked. Her hand never moved from his crotch as she looked around the train. “Here? Now?”

“Here,” the Pornomancer repeated. He motioned towards the rest of the train with his free hand. “Right now. Look at them. They are completely isolated in their own little worlds. They will read the same page, have the same conversations, over and over again, until you and I-” and the spirits “-are sated. The train won’t stop until we are done.”

The girl paused as she took a closer look at the passengers around them. They all seemed so ... stiff. Not frozen, not quite, but more like a series of animatronic displays playing the same jerky scenes in a loop. There was an old lady two seats over who appeared to be watching them, but her eyes were blank, unfocused. A pair of knitting needles clicked back and forth between her fingers, but the scarf or sweater or whatever project she was working on hadn’t advanced a single line.

That decided it for the girl. She grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and nearly ripped it in half as she yanked it over her head and dropped it on the floor next to him. Her bra was too plain for the situation she had found herself in. By all rights it should have been something black and sheer, with just a hint of lace. Instead it was a standard eggshell white and completely without frills, unless one counted the Fruit of the Loom tag hanging from the strap in back. Worse, its full cups were exactly the right size for her ample bosom rather than the standard one-size-too-small that would have been expected on film. Still, it was an extremely well filled bra, so the Pornomancer didn’t see he had any reason to complain.

She sat with her hands at her side, her chest gently rising and falling with each breath as she watched him expectedly. She had never felt so wanton before in her life, and now she didn’t know what to do, other than to let him make the next move. Her eyes widened as the blonde watched the Pornomancer reach into his back pocket and withdraw a folding knife that could in no way be described as small. She swallowed nervously as he opened it up, the blade clicking into place. Her stomach started to clench in fear, but as her eyes locked on his something told her that she had absolutely nothing to worry about. He reached forward to grab the front of her bra, and a single downward cut severed the strap holding the two cups together. From there, gravity did the rest.

The Pornomancer’s mouth began to water as he looked down at the bounty on offer. Her tits were larger than any he had encountered before, but they didn’t cross that individually determinable line into being hugely obscene. Their paleness made it obvious she didn’t make a habit of sunbathing topless. Her nipples already stood hard and puckered.

He reached out with cupped hands, teasing out a small moan of appreciation as he began to fondle her tits, starting by tweaking and pinching her nipples. There was nothing to be gained from subtle teasing; the entire situation demanded the touch of roughness, a demand he was more than happy to indulge. He pulled, he tugged, he twisted, until her eyes turned glassy with lust and her breath was coming as ragged gasps. He didn’t stop until her entire body trembled in orgasm.

The girl stared up at him, her eyes filled with amazement as she asked, “How-?”

“Nuh uh,” the Pornomancer answered as he unzipped his fly and pushed his pants down. Her eyes flicked down as his penis sprang free. It was monstrously huge, a full nine inches long and a quarter that in width. Thick veins snaked along its sides, while his foreskin had bunched up behind a crown glistening with precum. He took a step closer, so that his leviathan cock was bobbing only a hairsbreadth from her face. His intent was obvious as he seized her by the back of the neck. “Now, suck it.”

The girl needed no further commands. Her fingers curled around his shaft, holding it steady against the rocking motion of the train as her lips wrapped around the head. He was clearly far too large for her to easily wrap her mouth around, yet somehow she discovered that he slid easily over her tongue. She sucked hard, earning a gasp from the Pornomancer. He stood there motionless, yielding control to her ministrations so that he might revel in her talents. She sucked and licked, nibbled and kissed. Her tongue flicked back and forth across the tip, dipping briefly into his meatus to scoop away precum like it was ice cream. Her hand moved in tandem as her head bobbed up and down, squeezing and fondling as his member convulsed in her grasp. He was the first uncircumcised male she had been with, and she came to love the feel of his foreskin rolling and unrolling across her tongue.

The Pornomancer’s grip tightened encouragingly as he looked down at her. There was always something fascinating about watching a girl give him head, as if he couldn’t quite believe it was happening. He could feel the muscles in his shaft flexing in time with her hand, even as he strained against the pressure that was rapidly building to the point of overload.

Her only warning was a long, drawn out, “Uuuh,” before he was filling her mouth with hot, semi-sweet, semi-salty cum. Her hand squeezed tight and her lips clamped down in a reflexive attempt at choking the flow down to something manageable, but there was no stopping the flood of semen that was pouring forth. She was quite surprised, then, to find that she could handle it all easily, even though she had never been one much for swallowing before. It was as if her gag reflex had decided to take a vacation, and she even gave him a few more quick pumps by hand to make sure she had teased out every last drop.

She sat back a moment later, her chest heaving as they both panted for breath. Her eyes were lit with a defiant satisfaction as she wiped a stray bit of cum from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand. “Didn’t think I could take it all, did you?”

“Oh, you haven’t taken it all, not yet, anyways.”

Her confidence wavered as she looked down and realized he was still hard and ready to go. “How?!”

“Because if you’re still lucid enough to as that, then you’re not entirely sated and neither am I,” the Pornomancer answered with a smile. “Now, stand up and turn around.”

The girl hesitated for just a moment, but it was a moment too long. The Pornomancer reached down and seized her by the wrist, yanked her to her feet, and spun her around with one fluid motion. The girl tensed as he stepped directly behind her, his cock pressing into the small of her back. She relaxed a little as his hands landed on her hips so that he could turn her in the direction of the stainless steel pole that ran from floor ceiling at the corner of the bench. His hands drifted over her naked skin with a feather-light touch, running up her sides to gently play across the bottom of her breasts before gliding along her arms to once again take her by the wrists. He lifted them up to the grab bar running a little over six feet up, and a silk ribbon appeared as if by magic in his hands, mostly because it was magic.

She never noticed. Their bodies were flush against one another, his skin so hot against hers that it almost felt feverish. His breath whispered against the nape of her neck, making her delirious with lust. She ground back against him, equal parts demanding and encouragement. He pushed back, his cock smearing wetness across the top of her ass as his fingers wove her hands to the metal bar. The bow at the top of the knot was just an unseen flourish.

It wasn’t until he began trailing a line of kisses down her spine that the girl finally realized she had become trapped, but by then she didn’t care. His thumbs hooked the waistband of her shorts and rolled them down her thighs, letting them sink, absolutely soaked, to the floor. He nudged her feet farther apart, spreading her legs to expose wet and swollen lips capped by plain, if neatly trimmed, blonde curls. The Pornomancer grabbed his cock with one hand as the other held on to her waist. He rubbed the tip of his penis up and down the length of her entrance, building up a good coating of her juices. Once he was good and lubed he made sure he was properly lined up, then proceeded to fill her with one sudden thrust.

“Oh, fuck!” the girl screamed as his cock slammed into her. She was more than wet enough, but that hadn’t prepared her for such an abrupt stretching of her inner walls. He was almost too big, but she could already feel her body trying to accommodate his girth.

“That’s the idea,” the Pornomancer grunted. One hand reached around to grab a swaying tit, clutching hard to the soft flesh, while the other remained at her waist. He held her in place as he began to pump into her. The height difference meant he had to crouch behind her, so that his cock was driving up and into her body, pushing her up on to the balls of her feet with repetition. The angle meant he was limited in how far he could pull back, limiting him to short little bunny fucks as he pounded away.

Another station seemed to flash by, then another. Crowds of strangers filled the platforms as the train roared past. The waves of delight rippling out from her cunt were almost enough to overwhelm the girl, but not quite enough to keep her noticing that particular detail. She wondered what, if anything, the crowd might have seen in those few seconds. The windows on the train were huge, broad rectangles that filled more than half of the wall. Were the stranger’s powers enough to keep them from being noticed? Or had they seen her, naked and exposed? Had they watched as her nipples bounced in and out of view in time with the rhythm of the train and her lover? Had they heard the echoing shouts as she begged him to go harder, faster? The thought of their bewilderment sent a tingle of excitement down her spine. She loved the thought of the businessmen and working stiffs who suddenly found themselves hard after their brief exposure to illicit carnality, the co-eds and office ladies who were creaming their panties with fantasies about being in her place.

“More,” she gasped as he continued to drill into her. She had no idea how long they had been fucking, but he never seemed to slow, never seemed to lose the pace. The pole she was tied too was pleasantly cool against her sweaty skin as it slid up and down between her breasts, the perfect contrast for the hot, outrageously large cock that was hammering into her cunt, bottoming out with each stroke. “So close ... So close...”

“Won’t ... last...” the Pornomancer gasped. “Wheredoyawant-?”

“In me!” she shrieked. “In me, in me!”

The Pornomancer only grunted in response. Her entire body seemed to be vibrating with sexual energy, passing it right along his cock and on to him. His knuckles turned white as he pulled her closer. His hips slapped against her ass one final time as he slid his cock in to the hilt, and his entire body shook as he squirted her full of semen. It took six good shots to drain his load, a bit of which dribbled out to add yet another stain to the train’s floor when he pulled out of her a moment later.

“Christ,” the girl sighed as she collapsed back into her seat a moment later. The ribbon that had kept her bound to the bar had vanished as mysteriously as it had appeared. She let out a small cry as her butt made contact with the cold plastic and leapt back into his arms. The Pornomancer struggled not to laugh as she hauled her shorts into place, but instead waited patiently for her to get them back into place before handing her t-shirt back to her. She dabbed the shirt against her face, wiping away some of her sweat before slipping it back on. She would just blame it on the weather if anyone noticed how damp it had become. Her bra was a total write off, so she quickly stuffed it back into her bag.

The train’s bell rang almost as soon as she had the backpack rezipped. A staticy announcer declared, “Now arriving ... Academy Station. This is ... Academy Station. Please make sure to take all your belongings with you when you exit the train.”

The Pornomancer continued to stand in front of her, shielding the blonde from the crush of the suddenly mobile commuters. A few glance their way, scowling or smiling at their flushed complexions, but not a single word was spoken about their raunchy adventure. When the crowd had thinned a bit he helped her back to her feet. She was predictably wobbly from the combination of his enthusiasm and the odd her position her body had been forced into. Her shoulders and the arches of her feet ached from being stretched, and she found herself still trying to adjust to a rocking motion that just wasn’t there any longer, almost as if she had spent too long at sea.

“Walk you to class?” the Pornomancer offered. It only seemed like the gentlemanly thing to do. It was likely they were going to run into each other in the future, and he didn’t want her to think he was the type to fuck-and-duck.

The girl looked momentarily panicked in response to the question, and hurriedly snatched out her cell phone to call up the time. Her panic quickly gave way to confusion. “But ... Wait. How long were we... ?”

The Pornomancer frowned, shrugged, and then started counting on his fingers. After a moment he said, “Forty five minutes? An hour?”

“That’s impossible!” the girl protested. “It is only a fifteen minute ride between downtown and Academy! You can’t squeeze an hour into fifteen minutes!”

‘ The Pornomancer only shook his head. “Like I said before, looooong explanation.”

The girl’s eyes narrowed as she glared up at him. She jabbed him in the chest with her finger as she declared, “I need coffee. Lots and lots of coffee, in the biggest cup I can find, because you are going to pay for it. And then while I sit there and drink it, you are going to explain it to me. Everything.”

“But of course,” the Pornomancer agreed, holding up his hands in surrender. “When you put it like that, how can I say no? I do, however, have a condition of my own.”

The girl eyed him warily. The sex had been decent ... ok, good ... fine, it had been mind blowing, but she wasn’t ready for another public romp. “What?”

“What the hell is your name?”

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