A Vampire Feeds
Chapter 1: Capturing Eleanor

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, Fiction, Horror, Vampires, DomSub, FemaleDom, Interracial, Black Female, White Female, Lactation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Capturing Eleanor - An female African vampire feeds from white women

Eleanor had been working in the university library for some time and realised that she was tired and hungry. She logged out of the computer and gathered up her books, looking at the time on the screen she had been surprised that it was so late; eight o’clock, she hadn’t eaten properly since dinner and that was seven hours ago. She looked around, only one other person lonely enough to be in here at this time on a Saturday evening, the small, slight tired-looking black woman who had been working on the table facing Eleanor since, well Eleanor wasn’t sure but the woman clearly didn’t fancy being the last one here alone as she was packing up too.

Eleanor studied the woman as she logged off and got up. She really did look drained, completely shattered.

Eleanor Ashby was a second year literature student, 20 years old, long light blonde hair, tall- five feet eleven inches; she thought herself reasonably attractive, she had pretty light blue eyes, and she was slightly overweight with nice, heavy breasts (36G) and a firm, well-rounded voluptuous bum. Although she was carrying some extra weight, she had a good hour glass figure, even if it was a slightly thicker, heavier glass than she might have liked.

The tired woman looked up at Eleanor and gave her a weary smile. Eleanor waited for her and they walked out of the library together.

Semira couldn’t have been more dissimilar physically to Eleanor. Her hair was cut very short, black brushed with white, and she was less than five feet tall and possibly no more than 90 pounds in weight, perhaps not much than half that of Eleanor. Eleanor wondered how old she was; anything between 50 and 70. It was hard to say, but the concerned blonde knew that the black woman didn’t look well.

Eleanor offered to carry the smaller woman’s bags. Walking to the lift and out of the building she learned that unlike herself the black woman lived some distance from campus. Eleanor had some pasta in her fridge and offered her some; the black woman protested that she couldn’t possibly eat her food. Eleanor was a good christian however, persuaded her and they were soon at her door.

The young blonde smiled at the older black woman’s formality; she stood at the door waiting for permission to enter, Eleanor took her by the hand and asking her to ‘come in, please’ she sat her down and began to prepare the food.

Semira looked at the christian cross on the wall and was pleased. She asked Eleanor to sit on the couch next to her. Eleanor did as she was asked and sat down, fleetingly wondering why she felt compelled to obey the tiny, feeble, older black woman.

The black woman studied the white girl, and then stroked her long, blonde hair, ‘you are a very attractive girl, I suspect that you have a very sexy body. Why do you hide it under all these clothes?’

Eleanor flushed intensely, yet she shyly welcomed the praise, unconsciously presenting her plump breasts for Semira’s inspection by pushing her chest out, she felt her stimulated rigid pale pink nipples pushing against her bra. Why did she love the touch of the older black woman’s fingers through her hair? She leaned back to encourage the woman to continue caressing her before pulling away mortified that she had acted so wantonly and got up.

Semira knew that she was successfully snaring the white girl. After the illness which had deprived her of her food, she hadn’t fed for 36 hours but now she had captured the lip-smacking fleshy pretty young blonde she had been stalking all day. She could smell her blood in the library, so sweet, so unsullied, so english; it had taken every ounce of her remaining strength and resolve not to jump on the white girl and eat there and then.

‘You should exhibit your breasts; you have big, beautiful tits, but you cover them in this baggy jumper. Take it off; let us see your great beauties, now, yes, now!’ Semira pulled Eleanor back down onto the settee next to her, the proximity of her meal enflaming the African.

Eleanor was dumbfounded; the old woman was actually pulling her jumper up over her head! The strangely deferential english girl did as she was told and raised her arms enabling the woman to remove it. Eleanor watched in astonishment as her jumper was thrown to the floor.

She looked at Semira, the teen wondering frantically if she planned to have sex and then looked at the floor almost in defeat, certainly in shame; she would tell nobody that an old black lesbian had forcibly popped her cherry.

Eleanor was now wearing just her white blouse and the three quarter cup white bra, with her knee length pleated blue skirt and her white knickers underneath.

‘Those bountiful breasts, you are so white, so perfect, so big, and so so heavy! Perhaps you should have babies, you will give so much milk, you have to feed your babies, you have to provide food, you are so blessed, so delicious, so tempting!’ Semira’s appetite was for a bodily fluid other than milk from Eleanor however, and was unable to resist much longer, hurriedly unfastening the buttons on the astonished christian girl’s blouse.

Eleanor desperately tried to stop her but somehow she couldn’t, there was a determination and resolve about the tiny old black woman that overpowered the young blonde.

Off came the blouse and Semira rudely removed her prey’s bra, to Eleanor’s intense humiliation. Her christian cross on her necklace lay between her breasts. Semira studied it triumphantly.

Bountiful, gorgeous, ample heavy white breasts with large bumpy pale pinkness encircling erect, rigid, pale-pink flagpole nipples; exhibited before this commanding yet diminutive old woman who appeared so gaunt but still possessed such will and resolve that she subdued the christian into bewildered obedience. Eleanor crossed her arms over her breasts, mortified and fearful at the lust in the old woman’s eyes.

But it was more than lust.

‘Face me, Eleanor!’ Semira commanded, and just as the whimpering teen with her hands and arms vainly protecting her breasts begged her to stop, the older woman bent over and, pulling away the teen’s defences, kissed her right nipple. She gently and lightly and tenderly tasted the erect, stiff, distended teat. Eleanor was so pink, so pretty and her areole, so bumpy that Semira was almost dizzy with hunger and longing, perhaps she had been slow to alter her diet; maybe she had dined on the same two christians for too long. Becoming lazy, she had forgotten the scrumptiousness in selections in food and the thrill of the hunt.

She had to feed! She had to eat this english girl!

Eleanor almost swooned when Semira’s lips touched her receptive teat.

Eleanor had resisted the guys who had prepositioned her after she had arrived at university. She had been taught at their church that she should be a virgin, pure for marriage but now, with this old, withered woman, she had weakly succumbed.

She had yearned to have her nipples sucked and kissed for so long; her christian resolve weakened and now was crushed; her breasts were submissively offered to Semira and the teen gasped with humiliation when she felt the black woman’s tongue on her throbbing pink tip and then with awakening longing as Semira closed her mouth on her teat and she began to softly suck.

The white girl smelled so scrumptious! The scent of an english girl’s blood; excitement, fear, arousal, disgrace all combined to prove Eleanor an irresistible feast.

Eleanor was unable to resist, she put her right hand on Semira’s head as she would do an infant and pulled her further onto her stiff pink peak, encouraging her to enjoy her heavy white breasts. Eleanor’s left hand squeezed and pulled on her as yet, neglected left pink teat. She knew it was wrong, she knew that she would regret not defending herself but Semira was too forceful and her mouth felt so overwhelmingly entrancing.

White christian girls never changed from one generation to the next, the black woman mused as she kissed, licked and sucked, they were always timid and prim but once (easily) secured they such willing sluts.

Semira then wrapped her arms around Eleanor. The virgin was hers now, helpless, unable to move.

Semira could taste, smell, hear the blood pumping quickly around anxious Eleanor’s body; she could see the blood in her breast and in her nipple. Small amounts compared to the thigh and neck-she would eat from there afterwards- but a treasured sensual place to feed for her, so many times she had helped herself to a pleasurable snack from an obedient, enslaved white woman’s tit.

Semira stopped sucking, much to Eleanor’s confusion; Semira moved so her mouth was three inches above Eleanor’s eager nipple to look at it, to enjoy the juicy pink beauty, Eleanor looked down, desperately trying to summon christian will to pull her breast away from her seducer’s mouth; she was however unable to move her own arms with the smaller woman’s hold on her far too strong; despite being younger, taller and heavier she had to admit defeat.

Semira felt Eleanor resistance evaporate, and pulled the white girl’s panties off (the christian slut actually assisting her by lifting her bum to allow the panties to be pulled down, them kicking them off) then she tightened her grip around the white girl’s waist.

Eleanor looking up at the ceiling and began to prey for forgiveness for this sin and then she shrieked; she felt a sharp nip on her nipple; Semira was back on her breast, her mouth wide open taking in the entire nipple and her areola. Her mouth was so wide that it shocked the poor teen, it couldn’t be right, so wide, so impossibly wide and her eyes so black; Eleanor’s nipple stung with sharp pain; it felt like a doctor had just injected her with two syringes; she had been bitten on her teat!!Then she felt the black woman’s tongue licking and flicking her throbbing pink tip; she was frightened, Semira had looked so scary and she was so incredibly strong. But now she needed Semira to suck, she felt that somehow the pain would subside if she did. Her mouth was so shockingly wide and why were her eyes so black? She heard and felt her conqueror produce an unspeakably low, deep, long rumble, and at long last, the sucking resumed.

Eleanor felt such shame; she was in forbidden ecstasy, the sucking did relieve the throbbing pain to a degree, but the stinging on her teat merely added to her unimaginable delight. She spread her legs wide and pushed her white shaven cunt onto Semira, whose body felt so hard, so strong and unyielding, and the white slut’s body tasted the ultimate pleasure for the first time in her life. She was a woman, overwhelmed by a woman.

Semira felt and inhaled the swelled wet cunt rubbing against her and her enjoyment of her food intensified.

Slow, long, nourishing sucking.

Semira maintained her grip on her meal and savoured the first sips of blood; this white girl tasted deliciously good, warm and luxuriously full of flavour, the whimpering that accompanied each draw on the nipped nipple delivering intense pleasure to the old African vampire, she thrived on english vulnerability and this timid virgin was defenceless, and furthermore she was now aching for Semira, which gave the blood she was unknowingly supplying to her an extra spice.

Slow, long, nourishing, reviving sucking; letting the delectable red nectar wash around her mouth, covering the yielding nipple, smothering the dominating tongue, spraying the grateful mouth before swallowing; gulping down warm, sustaining, essential blood, and this succulent pleasure was enriched by the white girl’s moans of pleasure and distressed whimpering.

Samira felt Eleanor pushing up her soaked pussy against her, the white slut was yelping in ecstasy. The christian whore needed to caress and squeeze her clit and pull on her vaginal lips; in her astonished, dazed state she felt the black woman sucking what felt like milk from her throbbing, stinging teat and it absolutely enchanted her. Quite how she was producing milk puzzled her but this was of no matter, it felt incredible, Eleanor wanted the African to suck harder, for her nipple to be squeezed in the back of her throat, to promote more milk.

Semira felt the white girl’s body quivering and shaking, and tasted Eleanor’s subjugated rapture in her blood, and savoured the stimulating succulence it gave it, and she felt the whimpering white slut grind her squirting blonde cunt against her; she hadn’t eaten a new girl for years, and Eleanor had enflamed passions and hunger in the black vampire that she hadn’t experienced for over a human generation. When a vampire feeds, it has to careful not to take too much blood as it will prove fatal for the human. Semira hadn’t killed a girl for over forty years and had no wish to kill Eleanor but feeding for a vampire is a mixture of nourishment and the sensual; discipline is essential. The first mouthfuls will always provoke sexual bliss but restraint must then follow.

The problem was that Semira didn’t just want to eat Eleanor, she now wanted to fuck, rape and molest her as well. The blonde was on heat and Semira’s instinct was to violate and consume. Many pretty girls have been found dead, drained of blood not because the vampire had intended to kill, but simply because the sexual attraction to the girl had been so strong that the feeding became too compulsive, the vampire couldn’t pull out.

Semira shifted swiftly from the beautiful white breast, not bothering to seal the wound, and moved to Eleanor’s neck, pushing her head to one side to give her good access to the nutrient-rich artery pumping blood around her body.

Eleanor lay helpless beneath the black attacker; her head held to one side, she was unable to see what the smaller, though far stronger woman was doing, her nipple stinging and throbbing, she had seen red drops dripping from the older woman’s lips, she knew now that it was her blood that Semira had taken, not milk and shuddered, knowing her neck was next to be bitten into.

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