Family Discipline
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Reluctant, Fiction, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story describes a household where spankings are still given by the mother while the father is away working, and canings are given when father returns. Both kids are teenagers, and increasingly the threat of spankings turns them both on, but they both still fear canings. This story relates how the sister bribes her brother to take a caning on her behalf.

“Oh god Mat, I’m in big trouble!” Mathew looked up at his sister and asked her what the problem was. “I’ve scratched dad’s car!”

“Oh shit, show me.”

Sally led him out of the house and into the garage, and showed him how, when putting the car in, she had gone just too far and nudged their dad’s work bench on the end wall. Mat crouched and looked at the scratch.

“Can you hide it, Mat?” his sister asked, pleadingly.

“It’s not just a scratch, Sal, it’s a dent. I could possibly paint over a scratch, even with metallic paint, but there’s nothing I can do about a dent!”

“Oh fuck, dad is going to be go ape.”

Mat’s cock jerked at this thought. He knew how their dad would respond, and the thought excited him! He loved listening to his sister being punished!

Sally and her younger brother Mathew had grown up in a household with strict standards, and with spankings given out freely for disobedience or slackness. As they grew up, spankings were administered by hand, over one or other parent’s knee, usually in their parent’s bedroom. Sometimes, if both were to be spanked and both parents were at home, the spanking would happen in the living room, usually with Sally going over her dad’s knee and their mother dealing with Mat.

On Sally’s 16th birthday, both children were advised that, from now on, Sally would get the strap for serious misdemeanours. She and Mat were shown a thick leather spanking strap with two tails, and Sally was given six of the best with it on the spot, apparently just because it amused her dad to do so. This happened in the living room, with Sally bent over the arm of the sofa, with Mat watching enthralled! Two years later, by which time Mat had also graduated to the strap, Sally was given a cane as her birthday present, and instructed to hang it up on her bedroom door! As she reluctantly turned to take it upstairs, her dad called out, “Take those jeans off and get on your bed, I want you both to learn how effective the cane is.”

Ten minutes later the entire family was gathered in Sally’s bedroom as her father drew her panties down to mid thigh. He asked Mat to take the cane from its new place behind the door, and Mat flushed as he handed it to his father then stepped back, praying he would be allowed to stay. He was! Her dad gave Sally just three strokes, but each one made her howl. Mat would always remember the sight of his sister, bare bottom striped and squirming, as she lay face down sobbing after mom and dad had left the room. In those days he was much too shy and inexperienced to offer to rub her bottom better! He just stood over her saying how sorry he was that she was in such pain. Sally was still too shy of being half naked in front of her brother to ask him to stoke her sore ass, or even to lick and kiss it, to make it better! It was only much later, after everyone had gone to bed, that Sally and Mat, in their separate bedrooms, masturbated as they heard their parents having noisy sex.

Their dad spent an increasing amount of time away on business, just coming home at weekends. So it was left to their mother to handle their upbringing during the week. This included spankings when required. Her routines were quite fixed, usually administering a hand spanking over her lap, but if she felt the need for more severe punishment she would put the culprit over the arm of the sofa and use the strap. She always recorded the punishments she gave in a diary that her husband inspected when he came home.

Sometimes he would decide that one or other of his children was getting out of hand and required additional correction. For this, he would impose what he called maintenance discipline, to be administered over the weekend at a time of his choosing. So his homecoming was always a tense time for Sally and Mathew.

For more serious offences, ones which their mother decided deserved her husband’s attention, she was inclined to give an on the spot spanking before telling the culprit that full punishment would be held over until dad came home. In those cases she would leave the cane out on the dining table awaiting dad’s arrival. The sight of the cane left exposed like that for the rest of the week was considered part of the punishment, adding humiliation to the fear of what was to come. The cane was not put away if visitors came, and whoever was to get it was expected to explain to any such visitors what the impending punishment was for. And dad always insisted that both siblings be present even if only one was to be caned. Mat loved the sight of his sister, skirt raised over her back, panties at her knees, waiting for it, then shuddering as each stroke was delivered. He always masturbated when alone in his bed later.

After examining the damaged car, Mat gave his sister a hug and expressed his sympathy, but Sally felt his hand go down over the seat of her jeans and she knew that he was contemplating the inevitable caning to come. By the time they got back indoors, Sally was crying and Mat was openly excited. He was still holding her, continuing to stroke her through her jeans, and she guessed his cock would already be rampantly erect as he looked forward to the weekend when dad came home. She suspected, correctly, that even if her brother could have hidden the dent, he wouldn’t have done so, because he wanted to watch Sally taking another caning.

In the living room, he took his sister in his arms, and in her fear and torment she put her arms around him and pressed herself against him, her chin on his shoulder, her cheek pressed against his. Mat was immediately aware of her firm breasts pushing into his chest, her crotch nudging against his erect penis. Would she be cross when she noticed his arousal? Mat was past caring! Again he slid one hand down her back to her bottom, relishing the feel of the firm flesh tightly packed into denim jeans. He buried his face in her long hair, loving the scent of her, and twisted his head so he could lightly kiss her trembling lips.

“Don’t worry darl, it’s only a small dent, it could have been much worse. But I think you have to tell mom as soon as she comes home, and she will surely phone dad right away, which will give him a few days to get his anger under control.”

“He will still cane me, we both know that.”

“I fear so, Sal, but it won’t be as bad as if you didn’t tell him about it, and he found it when he came home.”

There was a long pause, Sally continuing to press her body against him, crying openly now, and Mat enjoying the rare opportunity to run the palm of his hand over her magnificent bottom.

Suddenly Sally drew back slightly, and looked up into her brother’s face with pleading eyes.

“Mat, please, could you tell mom that you did it?”

“What do you mean? You know I’m not allowed to drive dad’s car!”

Sally was two years older than Mat, and old enough to drive unsupervised, while Mat had a provisional driving licence and could only drive with his mother or Sally supervising him.

“You could say I had left the car outside the garage, and you just went to put it away for me.”

“Why would I do that? Then Dad would cane me!”

Sally pressed her lower body against him, this time more openly rubbing her crotch against the front of his jeans. Across his erection! “I will be nice to you tonight. Have you ever had a hand job?”

“My god, Sally, are you serious?”

She leant forward and kissed him on the mouth, pushing her tongue inside his mouth, both her arms now crushing her body against his, and her crotch pressing tightly against his erection.

“I can tell that you want me. You know I hate the cane, and giving you a hand job would be a small price to pay for getting off the caning. What do you say?”

Mat had never kissed a girl the way Sally had just kissed him, and he had never had a hand job from any girl. But he spent a lot of time on his computer exploring porn on the internet, and he knew what girls could do for their men, and was stunned that it seemed he might finally get to receive one. Unexpectedly, it seemed the first girl to jerk him off was going to be his older sister!

Suddenly a caning from his dad seemed an acceptable price to pay to experience what she had just offered. But he realised that Sally was desperate, and decided not to let her off too easily.

“I want a blow job,” he whispered hoarsely.

Sally, her chin on his shoulder again, her cheek pressed to his, her firm breasts still pressing against his chest, now put her mouth close to his ear and replied softly, “Okay.”

“Each night until dad gets home.”

Sally gave a little giggle, rubbed her whole body against him again, and hissed, “Deal.”

“After my caning, I will want a blow job in return for each stroke he gives me with the cane.”

“He won’t stop at six, Mat.”

“I’m rather hoping I get a good dozen or more.”

“If they catch me doing this for you, we will both get the cane!”

“I don’t care. Anyway we just have to be careful, and make sure mom never catches us. We’ve got at least an hour now before she will come home. Let’s go upstairs before we do anything more, I want to get into your bed and spend some time with you naked before you suck my cock.”

Sally pulled back, looking up at him shyly. “I will keep my panties on.”

Mat put his hand behind her head and drew her mouth to his, whispering “Deal” before he started kissing her the way she had just taught him. As they kissed, she opened her mouth invitingly and he put his tongue in.

He followed her upstairs, his eyes glued to that lovely ass squeezed into those tight jeans. It seemed incredible that in a few minutes she was going to slip those jeans off and let him join her in bed!

At the top of the stairs, Sally turned to him, smiled, and asked, “Your room, or mine?”

He contemplated saying, “Dad’s”, but although the thought was exciting, he knew in his heart that neither of them would be able to relax in there - especially with their mother due home from work in an hour or so. So he said firmly, “Yours, Sal, darling.”

Normally he wasn’t allowed into his sister’s bedroom at all, but now she held the door open for him and watched nervously as he went inside. She shut the door and the two siblings stood looking at each other’s bodies, both shy, both knowing they were about to undress, both also thinking of Friday night or Saturday when Mat would remove his trousers and present himself to his father’s painful attentions.

As Mat stood, trying to summon the courage to start, Sally kicked her shoes off then brought her hands up and began unbuttoning her blouse. Mat was so tense he could hardly breathe as he watched his big sister slowly opening the blouse to display a lacy black bra. She shrugged her shoulders and let the blouse fall to the ground behind her. “Your turn,” she said, smiling innocently.

Mat obeyed, removing his shoes then his shirt. He had a good body, exercising with weights in the basement several times each week. Sally eyed his chest and his tight belly approvingly. He whispered, “Now the bra, Sally.”

Sally turned her back, and Mat assumed she didn’t want him to see her bare breasts. But instead of reaching up behind to undo the bra clip, she whispered, “You do it.”

Mat stepped close behind, desperately wanting to run his hands all over his sister’s body, down her back to her bottom in those tight jeans, and down inside the front of those jeans to feel inside her panties. But he knew she wanted to take it slowly, and he felt the same, despite the urgency of his need. He carefully didn’t touch her back any more than was necessary to release the bra clip. When he released it, Sally shrugged so the bra straps fell off her shoulders, and she let the bra drop to the floor on top of her blouse. “Before you see them, I want you to put your hands around me and just hold them while I get used to this.”

Mat was only too willing to take it slow, so he did as she asked, his hands cupping her firm breasts, his fingers playing with the hard nipples. Sally lent back against him, her bare back against his bare chest. She twisted her head, and sighed, “Kiss me again.”

Both of them were much tenser this time as they kissed, with Sally’s bare breasts now being caressed nicely by her brother’s nervous hands and with her bed so close, waiting for them to get in under the sheets and play. Sally encouraged him by bringing her hands up over his, pressing his hands against her bare flesh.

Mat hissed, “Turn around, darl, let me see you.”

Sally shuddered, but turned to face him, and stepped back, both to take her bare breasts out of his reach but also to let him see them, and as he stood with his eyes fixed on them, his mouth open in admiration, she said softly, “Let’s do this next bit together.” With that she unclipped the button on her jeans and started slowly drawing down the zip. Mat wanted to watch her undress completely, but knew if he delayed his own strip then he would have to take his trousers and pants off while she stood, or sat, or even laid down on the bed, naked, waiting and watching him! That thought was just too nerve-wracking! So he also started unzipping his pants, and pushed them down at the same time as Sally did.

She was wearing sexy full brief black panties. Mat was a bit ashamed of his boring jocks, but at least they were clean. They both stepped out of their jeans and stood facing each other in just their undies.

Suddenly he remembered that Sally had said she wouldn’t be taking her panties off. He wondered if she expected him to keep his jocks on during their play time, or should he remove them now? Sally answered the unspoken question by sitting down on the edge of the bed, and signing for Mat to stand close in front. Then she grinned up at him before looking down as she drew his jocks down, lifting the waist band over his erection. She bent forward to help him to step out of them, her face now so close to his wildly erect cock he feared that he might spunk without her even touching it.

For a breathless moment he thought she was going to jerk him off as he stood there, but no, as he watched, she turned from him and slipped into bed, in just her panties, lying on her back. “Come on, then, bro, you wanted to play a bit before I gave you your reward.” She held the sheets up invitingly, and for the first time in his life Mat slid into bed naked beside a nearly naked girl. Not daring to get too close, he laid on his right side facing her, awfully aware of her near nakedness and her proximity. He shyly put out his left hand and covered her breast. He asked her to lift her bottom so he could slide his other hand under, and caress her ass.

Feeling his hand on her bare bottom reminded her why she was allowing him to do this. “Thanks for taking the caning for me, darl,” she whispered, before twisting her head so they could kiss.

“I’m looking forward to that blow job, Sal”.

“Kiss me first, Mat, take your time,” she moaned, and he pressed his body against hers, put his mouth to hers, and let her put her tongue into his mouth After a few blissful minutes running his hand over her breasts and down her tummy to her panties, she broke off the kiss, and whispered, “Kiss my breasts, Mat. Suck my nipples. They are so sensitive, I think I could cum just from having you licking them.”

She put her hands on his head, holding him in place over each breast in turn as he suckled her nipples. He moved his left hand down over her panties, feeling the shape of her labia, and pressing down to where he thought her clitoris was. But he was desperately aware of his lack of knowledge of girl bits. “Please, Sal, let me put my hand inside your knickers. Teach me to pleasure you with my fingers.” Sally twisted slightly on the bed, and opened her legs, to give her brother access, while enabling her to reach for, and hold, his engorged cock. Mat cautioned her, “Be careful, darl, I want to cum in your mouth, not over your belly,” and his sister laughed and released her hold. “Don’t stop completely, just be careful. Take it very slow.”

Sally responded by telling him that he could now push her panties down a bit, exposing her crotch to his enquiring fingers. Her instructions were initially quite precise, guiding his touch carefully toward her tingling clitoris but warning him not to touch it yet. “Not yet, darl, soon, but please go slow.”

What followed was too enjoyable for both of them, such that they lost all idea of time. Each brought the other close to orgasm repeatedly, but each time when one was about to cum, he or she would sob, “Stop, that’s enough,” and they would switch roles, and the excited one would take over stimulating the other.

It was a wonderful time, that both would remember for the rest of their lives. But it was brought to a sudden halt when they heard the front door slam, and their mother called out, “Hi, everyone, where are you?”

Abandoning any hope of the promised blow job, both of them leapt out of bed and quickly dressed. “You go down first,” Sally hissed, knowing she needed time to adjust her makeup. Mathew walked down the stairs, trying to look casual, and found his mother in the kitchen in her smart black business suit. She walked over and kissed him on the cheek, and said, “Hello darling, what have you been doing? Where is Sally?”

Mathew claimed he had been in his room playing on the internet, and he thought that his sister was in her room but he wasn’t sure. His mother, Julie Wilson, offered to make him a cup of coffee, and he thanked her and said he thought Sally would be down soon and would like one too. Then he went back to the living room, and collapsed exhausted on the sofa, trying to look relaxed when his heart was still pounding. Sally arrived just as Julie brought in the coffee, and managed a sly grin at her brother before taking a seat beside him on the sofa. Julie sat on a lounge chair and asked how their day had been. The answers, as always, were non-committal, and Julie’s mind was on other things and she didn’t pick up on the tension remaining between the two kids. After a few minutes of silence, Julie stood up, said she would make some sandwiches, and went back to the kitchen. Sally hissed to Mat, “Tell her. Please, tell her.” For an awful moment Mat thought she meant that they should confess to having been in bed together! But of course Sally was much more concerned about the avoidance of her father’s cane. “Tell her about the car, about how you bent it! I promise I will give you that blow job later.”

“Okay, Sal, I will, right away.” With that commitment, Mat prepared to lie to his mother. When she came in and put the tray of sandwiches on the table between them, Mat sat forward and said slowly, “Mom, I dented dad’s car.”

Julie looked suitably surprised and shocked, because Mat was not allowed to drive the car without a supervisor! She relaxed slightly when Mat made it clear he had only been putting the car away in the garage after Sally had gone shopping with it. She duly insisted on being taken out to see the damage, and was reassured to find it was only a small dent. Even so, she knew what had to be done. “I will have to tell dad, Mathew. He is not going to be pleased.”

“I know mom, do you think he will cane me?”

“You know he will! But the sooner I tell him the more time he will have to get over his anger. And I will have to spank you before I tell him, and tell him I have done so, that way he knows you have already been partially punished.”

“Oh god!”

They had walked back into the house as they discussed this. When they reached the living room, Julie said, “Let’s get the spanking over with straight away, then I will phone your dad. Sally, place the chair, Mat get yourself ready, I’m going to get changed into something more comfortable.”

While Julie was upstairs, Sally placed a straight backed dining chair in the middle of the room facing the sofa. Mat was stepping out of his trousers and underpants. They didn’t need instructions, they both knew how their mother expected things to be prepared when spankings were to be given.

By the time she came back into the room, now wearing a short blue dress, Sally was sitting on the sofa, watching her brother, and Mat was standing by the chair in just a shirt, with his hands on his head, and obviously embarrassed by a massive erection sticking out from under the shirt.

His mother tugged her skirt up then sat in the chair, bare thigh now showing above her stocking welts. She turned her head and looked down, so her eyes were on his cock, then smiled up at her son. “Better get rid of that before you go over my lap,” she said softly. “Go stand in front of your sister. Sally, help your brother out. Don’t take too long about it.”

Mat was now standing in front of his sister, his back to his mother so she couldn’t see what Sally was doing. There was a mirror on the wall behind the sofa, and Mat was able to see their mother watching, with a smile on her face. To Mat’s amazement, Sally bent her head and took him in her mouth! He realised she was going to give him the promised blow job with her mother watching!

It didn’t take long. Mat moaned as he came in his sister’s mouth, then stood shaking as he recovered. Did his mother realise what Sally had done? When he stepped away, would mom notice the absence of cum on her daughter’s clothes or hands? He glanced again in the mirror, their mother was still smiling, and Mat suddenly suspected that she knew exactly what had just happened. He turned, and walked over to take his place beside the spanking chair, and looked down at his mother’s lovely legs sheathed in nylon and waiting for him to lie down over them. Shyly he bent forward and went over his mother’s lap.

Julie’s hand settled on his bare buttocks, ready to start spanking. Her next words made him gasp. “Sally, you know you shouldn’t have left the car out on the drive, it was your job to put it in the garage. I will spank you after I finish with your brother. So get yourself ready. If I tell your dad that I have spanked you, he may not feel the need to cane you.”

Mat twisted his head to watch as Sally stood up and shucked off her jeans. Again he saw the black panties, and wondered if his mother would notice how wet they were. At least while they were upstairs he hadn’t spunked over them, or even worse inside them! Anyway Sally didn’t take the chance of her mother noticing anything, and, without being told to, she shucked the panties down and off. Then she sat back down on the sofa, her legs wide enough apart to let Mat see her shaved pussy. He mother started spanking her brother, but throughout the lengthy spanking Mat kept his eyes on Sally’s exposed crotch.

At last Julie sat back and put her hands by her sides, and told Mat that he could stand up. He did, finally allowed to rub his stinging ass. He felt a surge of excitement as his mother said, “Okay Sally, your turn.” Too sore to sit down, he walked over and stood by the sofa and watched enthralled as his sister was given a long hard bare bottom spanking that left her squealing.

When she was allowed to stand, Sally walked over to stand beside her brother. She took Mat’s hand in hers and squeezed it as they waited while their mother made the fateful phone call to their dad. Of course he promised to cane Mat for damaging the car, but inevitably he pronounced that Sally would get caned for leaving the car out of the garage.

Finally feeling ready to sit down, Mat and Sally sat side by side, still bare bottomed, on the sofa while Julie sat in a comfortable armchair. The three of them watched a film on the television, everyone aware when Mat got another erection. Julie just said softly, “I will get dinner. Sally, deal with your brother, please”, and to Mat’s delight Sally leant over and took him in her mouth again!

They all went off to their beds without talking about their father’s unwelcome decision. None slept well, the recent spanking and the caning to come at the weekend giving them lots to think about, while Mat was left wondering whether Sally would continue with the promised blow jobs now she knew that she was also going to get caned. Surely a promise is a promise, he kept telling himself. He kept thinking of the cane already lying on the dining table ready for their weekend punishment. Although he had cum in his sister’s mouth only a few hours earlier, he was feeling desperately horny, and contemplated going to Sally’s bedroom to test how she was feeling. But he wasn’t sure his mother was asleep yet so didn’t dare risk it.

Just as well in fact, because as Mat was thinking about his sister’s mouth, he heard his mother’s phone ring.

Julie sat up in bed to answer the call. It was her husband, and she guessed immediately that he was feeling horny. He sounded as though he had been drinking, but that wasn’t unusual. Due to the time zone difference between where he worked and where his family lived, it was still evening there, and she was used to calls in the night when he wanted to talk dirty, living alone in a lonely hotel room must be awful for him, and no doubt he had been aroused by the earlier call and the prospect of a weekend coming up in which he could do what he most enjoyed doing.

Arthur asked her what she was wearing, and when she told him she was in a long cotton nightie he ordered her to take it off and put on the black baby doll jama he made her wear on special private occasions when the kids weren’t around. She imagined him lying in bed masturbating while she got changed. When she picked up the phone and told him that she was now wearing the skimpy garment, he ordered her to take a selfie and post it to him, and when she confirmed she had done so he hissed, “Tell me exactly how you spanked them.” She could hear from his breathing that he was masturbating as she related the afternoon’s events, but she didn’t mind. She felt sorry for him, all alone in a far off city. At least he was jerking off to a photo of her in the skimpy nightie, not some porn on the net, or being jerked off by some hired hooker!

Settling down on her bed, one hand inside the brief black panties, she described how she had prepared the two kids for it, making them both remove their jeans and their underwear. Arthur asked what panties Sally had been wearing.

She explained how Mat had been sporting an erection, and she made his sister get rid of it. Arthur suspected she was making this up, but didn’t mind, it was a deliciously erotic image. But he didn’t dare let his wife see how much the idea aroused him, so he didn’t press her for details. He asked how Julie was dressed for the spankings, and she explained how she had changed out of her work suit before starting the spankings. She described the blue dress she had put on, told him how she had pulled it well up so that any sperm from Mat wouldn’t stain it. And yes, she was wearing stockings, so Mat was lying over those shiny nylon clad thighs. Arthur closed his eyes, imagining it, and trying not to cum too soon.

Julie knew exactly how her words were exciting her husband, but she was happy with that. Perhaps if he climaxed well now he might be less aroused by the time he got home on Friday night. Eager to keep his attention, and needing to ensure he didn’t just ring off and go out to find some hooker, she explained in detail how she had spanked Mat first, after Sally had jerked him off. She was deliberately vague about that, wanting to leave Arthur with the thought that maybe Sally had taken Mat into her mouth, but not specifically airing her suspicion. Then she told him how she went on spanking Mat’s nice firm buttocks until he was sobbing. On the other end of the phone line, Arthur was close to climax as he imagined that. He had read on the internet that spankings are more painful for a boy if he ejaculates immediately before the spanking starts, and he was amused at the idea of Mat leaking cum onto his mother’s nyloned thighs. Arthur was thinking how, in just a few days, he would have Mathew trembling as he awaited the cane.

But Julie had moved on, and was now telling him about Sally’s spanking. He knew how Sally hated receiving hand spankings in front of her younger brother. It was so undignified being brought to tears just by her mom’s hand. She had no sense of shame about sobbing when her dad wielded the cane, any girl would cry from that, but somehow Sally felt she should be able to withstand a hand spanking from her mom without giving way to tears.

Arthur finally spunked as his wife described Sally’s sobs as she had stood beside her brother, holding his hand as they recovered.

Julie put down the phone and tried to get to sleep, expecting a restless night remembering what she had done earlier, and knowing she should be upset by her husband’s arousal over it all. But she didn’t care, she just hoped that she had satisfied her husband for the moment, she did not want him going out on the town looking for other women.

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