Dance Moms: Jojo and Mckenzie
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A series of hot lesbian action based on Dance Moms.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Sister   FemaleDom   Interracial   Black Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Fisting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Food   Water Sports   Scatology  

Hi, I’m Jojo from Dance Moms, and, I would like to tell you about the time when I found out about Maddie and Kendall. I also found out something very special about me and Kenzie. It all started when the four of us had a little private time away from the cameras and our moms at Maddie’s house to relax:

“Okay, is anyone up for truth or dare?” Maddie asked.

“I’m in.” Kendall said.

“Me too.” Kenzie said.

“Jo, uh, Jo. Hey, earth to Jo.” Maddie said.

“What?” I asked.

“Jojo, why are you staring at my sister?” Maddie asked.

“What, do I have something on my face, sis?” Kenzie asked.

“No, sis, you’re fine, but, I would like to know why Jojo was staring at you.” Maddie asked.

“Well, sis, I would like to know, too.” Kenzie said.”

“Okay, truth, we are still playing, right?” Kendall said.

“Yes. Kendall, okay, what is it?” Maddie asked.

“I would just like Jojo and your sister to know about us.” Kendall said.

“Oh, I already know.” Kenzie said.

“Gee, Kendall, thanks for taking the pressure off.” I said.

“Well, I’m sorry, Jo, but, I would like to tell you that Maddie and I are...”

I stopped Kendall in mid-sentence to say:

“Dating.” I said.

“Holy shit, you bitch!!” Maddie said.

“All I did was put two and two together, on the other hand, I do have a crush on.”

Maddie stopped me and said:

“Yeah, my sister.”

Surprised, Kenzie said:

“Me! Wow, Jojo, I didn’t know.”

“Well, you do now.” I said.

“Looks like someone needs a hug.” Kenzie said.

“No, don’t come near me.” I said.

“Okay, truth.” Kenzie said.

“This oughta be good.” Maddie said.

“Well, here it is, I kind of have a crush on you, too.” Kenzie said.

“Like I did not see that coming.” Kendall said.

“Hey, you were bolder, you kissed me after Kenzie won over me.” Maddie said.

“I thought that you needed consoling.” Kendall said.

“Screw you!” Maddie said.

“Now or later, honey, we have the time.” Kendall said.

“What? You two actually get intimate?” Kenzie said.”

“Don’t you remember, sis, I told you about the time when Kendall came back that I missed her so much that after class we went upstairs and well.” Maddie said.

“Oh, yeah. Boy, your cheeks were flushed after mom found you.” Kenzie said.

“I remember that time, too, also, that was when Kendall pulled a hammy and couldn’t walk straight.” I said.

‘Yeah, that was my fault, I should have been more careful.’ Maddie said.

“Actually, it was partially mine, I mean, I shouldn’t have came so hard that I actually pulled that muscle.” Kendall said.

“I do tend to make you cum ... really ... hard.” Maddie said.

“Sis, we all know that you do a mean ... Captain ... Kirk.” Kenzie said.

“Well, she’s my Lt. Uhura.” Maddie said.

“But remember in that movie, Mister Spock got her.” I said.

“No, shit, but, on the show that mom watched, they kissed.” Maddie said.

“Oh, yeah, mom wanted Sulu, but, settled for dad.” Kenzie said.

“Which Sulu?” Maddie asked.

“John Cho, she told me that she had a huge crush on him when Harold and Kumar came out.” Kenzie said.

“She even dragged us to see Into Darkness.” Maddie said.

“Well, she likes Asian.” Kenzie said.

“Pan fired, sauteed, or between the sheets.” Kendall said.

“Kendall, you bitch, I know where you’re headed with that one.” Maddie said.

“Maybe, but, I would love to know how this turns out, first.” Kendall said.

“Okay, dare, I’m going to kiss Jojo.” Kenzie said.

“Wow! That is bold, taking on your own dare, well, have at it.” Maddie said.

Without saying another word, Kenzie stood up first, then, she took me by the hands and helped me off the sofa, took me in her arms and gave me a small peck on the lips:

“That’s all, we could do better than that, Kendall, let’s show them.” Maddie said.

“You do not have to show us.” I said:

That was when I held Kenzie tightly, gave her taut butt a squeeze, took my other arm and held her neck, tilted her head back and went at her like an animal giving her a really passionate kiss, when we broke the kiss, Maddie was shocked:

“Oh, shit!! Wow, and you have never done this before.”

“No, I haven’t.” I said.

“Okay, dare, I dare you and Kenzie to have sex right here.” Kendall said.

“In front of you?” I asked.”

“But, of course, remember the time you caught us in the toilet, Kendall was between my legs, and I asked you if you wanted to join in, but, you refused, but, stayed anyway, and, you, sis, caught us in my room.” Maddie said.

“Oh, yeah, so, we do owe them.” Kenzie said.

“Well, consider this as ‘paid in full’.” I said. “Babe, help me move this table.” Maddie said.

“Okay.” Kendall said.

After the table was moved, and our captive audience sat back down, I resumed kissing Kenzie, giving her one passionate kiss after another, after another, after another. After the fifth kiss, Kenzie decided to take her shirt off, so, I helped her. Once her shirt was off, I started to plant candy kisses on her neck, nipples, and stomach, after that, I looked up at Kenzie, then, at my audience seeking approval:

“The next step would be the pants.” Maddie said.

“Uh, we’re not ready yet.” I said.

So, after that, I continued giving Kenzie candy kisses all over her lovely limber body, then, I gingerly licked her right nipple and did the same for her left when she cooed:

“Mmm, Jojo, ahh.”

With that, I continued licking, after a while Kenzie was begging me to do something else:

“Kiss me again, Jojo, I like the way you kiss me.”

I was more than happy to yield to her wants, so, I stopped licking her nipples and moved back up to her pretty face and kissed her hard, even used my tongue this time around, when we broke the kiss, Kenzie was impressed, and so was my audience:

“Wow!! Do it again!”

“Holy shit!! I would love to see that again!” Maddie said.

“Me too! You kiss me like that.” Kendall said.

“Yes, indeed, I do, but, even more so.” Maddie said.

After that, I continued to kiss Kenzie, but, with more fervor this time, while holding her tightly and leading her to the couch, once she sat down, I let go of her and then, I helped her take her shoes and socks off, once they were off, I started planting candy kisses on her feet and ankles, after a while of that, I kissed her again, then, I un-buttoned her skinny jeans, then un-zipped her fly while planting a candy kiss at the bottom of her stomach when she cooed again:

“Ahh, Jojo, I’m getting a tingly feeling down there, I also have a sudden need to go to the bathroom, sis, is this normal?”

“Yes, it is, sis, that tingly feeling means you want her, and that ‘bathroom urge’ means that your vagina is ready for sex.” Maddie said.

“Should I stop, Kenzie?” I asked. “No, keep going, Jojo.” Kenzie said.

After that, I kept going gripping the hem of her pants and pulled until they were completely off, in nothing but a pair of red Minne Mouse panties, for a brief second, I looked at Kenzie and stood in awe at the beautiful site for a brief moment, then, I grabbed the hem of her panties and slowly took them off of her legs, after that, I threw them at my audience and said:

“Here, have fun, I’m sure that I will.”

But, alas, I was wrong, staring at her naked, I just froze, having no clue on how to proceed next. Kenzie looking concerned said something:

“Jojo, what’s wrong, Jojo. Hey, Jojo! Sis! She froze, and, I cannot move!”

“Hold on, sis, I’m coming.” Maddie said.

The next thing I know is that Maddie got up from her seat, approached me, then, she firmly slapped me across my face to snap me out of it:

“Thank you, Maddie.” I said.

“Anytime, do you need help?” Maddie asked.

“Yes, please.” I asked.

“Okay, first thing, continue with those kisses, she likes that, then, gently caress her clit between your fingers while kissing her labia with the occasional lick, fingers are optional, good luck.” Maddie said.

As soon as Maddie sat down, I proceeded with planting candy kisses on her califs, knees, quads, and thighs. I was actually bold enough to plant kisses in a row all over her quads, until I met her inner thighs, there, I planted a kiss on each thigh when she cooed again:

“Ahh, ooh, ahh.”

Liking what I was doing, I kept doing it, then, I got bold and planted a kiss on her labia, as soon as that happened, she yelped:

“Ahhhh! Continue, Jojo, don’t stop, keep going.”

With that, I kept going, and proceeded with Maddie’s advice and started to pinch her little clitoris with my fingers while planting a lot of candy kisses on her labia, a short time later, I took my other hand and slowly opened up her labia, when I saw her hymen, I licked it, then, I slowly started licking underneath her clitoris while she was firmly gripping the couch cushion, breathing heavy and yelling:

“Ahh!! Jojo!! I don’t know what you’re doing to me, but, it’s having an effect!! Sis, what is this feeling!? I like it! Should I let go?!”

“Sis, let go, here let me help you. Take my hand if you like.” Maddie said.

“Thanks, I do appreciate it.” Kenzie said.

With that, she let go, and let go she did squirting a weird liquid into my face, which didn’t taste that bad, it actually tasted good, when I finally looked up, I saw that Kenzie had collapsed, and her sister was stroking her hair and kissed her sweaty forehead and said:

“There, there, that felt good, now, didn’t it? Rest, now, sis, just, rest now.”

“I guess that it’s now you’re turn.” Kendall said.

“Babe, let her rest, and Jojo, you rest, too.” Maddie said.

“You’re right, I am exhausted.”

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