Biker Chick in Training
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Gang Bang, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Violent, Prostitution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jesse was a hot number. Her mother Trixie was not pleased by that because she was her competition. The club was Jesse's home and she was beginning to warm up to all the attention she received from the club members when her mom was not around to stand in the way of her fun.

Roxie Sullivan’s attitude left a lot to be desired except to those guys that had no one else to turn to at two AM in the morning and in desperate need of feminine solace. If nothing else, she was smart enough to know when to turn off the sarcasm and bend over far enough for a guy to get his rocks off in a hurry using her heart-shaped soft bottom as a sounding board.

She had been married for a brief period to one of the motorcycle club’s founders. Not too many of the current members even remembered his name, because he went over a cliff on the Pacific Highway trying to evade the California Highway Patrol. It had seemed silly to her at the time because he was only trying to escape incarceration for minor drug peddling. Roxie was less than heartbroken, because she had to put up with his vile temper when things went wrong and that seemed to be happening a lot more often now that her blushing bride days were over. More than once, he had turned her over to one of the club members for a humiliating test-run to keep her in good running order. She was getting sick and tired of such cavalier behavior and was thinking of taking her young daughter Jesse with her and making it up the coast to Portland or Seattle to keep her spirit alive and dignity intact.

Her daughter Jesse was sixteen now and she acted like she was the parent and Roxie was the child. Roxie was a bit of a chain smoker from as far back as she could remember and she used that same M.O. in her hook-ups with the club members, after her spouse was dispatched to biker heaven before his time. She knew them all intimately and they didn’t mind waiting their turn because she was so agreeable and accommodating.

Jessie, her daughter, was a chip off the old block and the teenaged girl had a filthy mouth to match her skimpy attire in a pale imitation of her popular mother. Most of the guys kept their hands off her tempting body because her mother was not fully in control of her emotions when her daughter’s honor was in question.

In fact, Jessie was still a technical virgin despite her busy hands and her skills on her knees when her mother was not around to see her perform “freebies” in the dark corners or under the table. Some of the older hands liked to use her oral skills to get them in peak shape for slapping it to one of the real biker broads that followed orders without question from the initiated members. Jessie liked to watch them all in action and hoped that one day she might be in that special group that belonged to the club like “common property” to be shared by one and all. It didn’t bother her that her mom was in that category. In fact, she was rather proud of her for giving it her all when the biker chicks were in short supply.

Jessie was afraid of Tommy Hawk, the Indian member that carried a long heavy knife with him wherever he went. It was rumored he was a little bit crazy and had beaten a girl unconscious right on top of the pool table in the middle of the lobby. She knew it was a sickness that swept over him when he was drinking and that he was perfectly normal when he was sober. She knew he had a “thing” for her and she like the thought of him wanting to bend her over and give him what he needed just like a regular biker chick with an open door to happiness.

On a rainy three day holiday weekend, most of the club was holed up in the headquarters chipping away at the stock of beer and snacks and fornicating like wild animals right out in the open where everyone could see them at it. She was now eighteen and her female parts were itching to be part of the action but she knew her mother would frown on her giving up her cherry without her permission. Her mom could really lay it on heavy with the paddle she kept nearby to discipline her daughter for such depraved transgressions. She had already caught her on her knees a couple of times and turned her ass cheeks red. Jesse was unable to sit down comfortably for two days after those occasions. Actually, she didn’t mind that too bad. It was the washing out of her mouth with the bar of soap that bothered her the most and she knew all the others were laughing at her for her submissive surrender to her mother’s will.

The thing that got her started on that fateful weekend was the sight of Tommy Hawk pounding her mom’s naked rump right in front of everyone. He was poking and spanking her buttocks in a way that made her feel good and yet scared her at the same time. It was obvious that the drunken Indian was barely able to stand on his feet and the sight made most of the others laugh more at his unsteadiness rather than watching Roxie’s ass turning a nice shade of red.

In a way, Jessie wished it was her backside getting the attention from Tommy Hawk but she also knew he was dangerous when he was drinking and it was better she was not involved. The Indian club member went into his cycle of frenzied thrusting and he filled poor Roxie right up to the brim of her sweet slit from behind. Everyone knew that in his state, he would be looking for another happy bottom to fill because he never stopped until he fell into a coma of drunken stupor.

She went into the kitchen and started to make a peanut butter sandwich. She didn’t realize the Indian had followed her until she bent down to put the jar back on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator. Suddenly, her short skirt was lifted and her flimsy panties pushed to the side and she lost her cherry before she could even say,

“Who the fuck is that?”

Of course, it was the drunken Tommy Hawk and her gave her the remainder of his load like a “keep it in the family” present and a memory of lost innocence. She wasn’t certain if she was angry or just downright stretched to the limit from his oversized cock. Thankfully, her mother didn’t go to the kitchen until after she was able to readjust her undies and smooth down her skirt. She pretended that everything was back to normal despite the volcano of emotions exploding in her core.

After that, Tommy rode her at every opportunity because she had the tightest female channel in the entire club and he was the sort of guy that valued that sense of constraint at the magical moment when the power of release was the only thing that mattered above all else. She was familiar with his heavy tool now and showed him her willingness to bend into any position for his gratification. Tommy was sort of a prick in his general personality, but for some reason he treated her with respect unlike the other females in the club and she appreciated it more than anything else he could have said or done.

Roxie was tasked to go with several of the girls to a national club convention at the state capitol to service the traveling club members. Usually, they did not take their female members with them for the junkets to the national convention because it caused friction that sometimes led to violence. The local chapters sent a little harem of girls to take care of business for the visiting guys for the duration of the annual meet.

Jesse wanted to go real bad to meet new guys but she knew she was far too new to be selected and they wouldn’t want a mother/daughter match on such a duty. Her mom was young enough to pass for her older sister and she hated to be announced as Jessie’s mother in front of any of the club members. It was almost as if she held it against her daughter for the fact that she was eighteen years older than her daughter.

With Roxie gone, Tommy started to mount Jesse right out on top of the pool table with everyone watching in amazement. She enjoyed it so much that she didn’t hesitate to shout out her appreciation for Tommy’s hard strokes deep inside her feminine channel. One or two of the other male members wanted to take “sloppy seconds” but Tommy was not having any of that without his permission. Most of the guys were afraid of Tommy especially when he was drunk and they didn’t make any fuss about it because there were plenty of girls to go around and they weren’t very particular about where they got it from.

She was allowed to give her customary “on her knees” performances and it was more than enough to keep the edge off her need for constant copulation. In that respect, she was just like her mother ready to “do it” at the drop of a hat.

Tommy came to her late that Saturday night and told her,

“I need you to fix up a business associate of mine. He is here from out of town and needs a shot of something soft and sweet to help him get to sleep. Don’t tell your mama because she would skin me alive if she knew I was asking you to do it.”

Jessie was excited by the prospect of making a complete stranger happy at the orders of Tommy Hawk because she could gain leverage over him if his friend was truly satisfied. She followed him to the nearby motel and he pointed out room 201 on the second floor. She climbed the stairs knowing that he had his eyes on her swaying hips and her juicy buttocks. It was almost inspiring to know that the entire time she would be bouncing on the mattress he would be in the car knowing she was getting it hard and heavy.

The man that answered the door was in uniform.

He was a cop. She saw that he was a state level cop and had a bunch of medals and citations for his bravery. It was so exciting that she immediately fell to her knees without being asked and showed him her oral skills until he pulled her up and spun her around to be bent over the edge of the padded chair with her legs spread wide for his entry.

It was strictly “slam, bam, thank you, ma’am” after that and she was panting like a shameless hussy hoping he could hold off a little bit longer for her to reach her release point and get the tingle she needed to make her just as happy. He wasn’t able to do that but he stood behind her and used his entire hand in her trembling slit to take her into shuddering orgasm. She knew he had all four fingers inside her and was on the verge of folding his thumb over and pushing his entire fist up inside her.

Her common sense told her to tell the heavily muscled man in blue that she didn’t do that sort of thing because she wasn’t a certified biker chick yet. She was too ashamed to admit that she was sort of still in training and allowed him to have his way because she could see the steel in his eyes that told her he was determined to spread her wide open. He finally achieved his objective and she felt his wrist twisting and turning around between her sensitive folds. The thought of being on the spit of his fist was so overwhelming that she started to orgasm filling the room with the scent of her musky femininity. The atmosphere of sex swirled around them as he flipped her over and anointed her tight little pucker with her juices. She knew it was the time for her to lose her anal cherry and she closed her eyes and buried her face in the pillow not wanting the uniformed man to see her panic and fear at the prospect.

Apparently, he knew exactly what he was doing and within a matter of seconds she was panting like a little bitch taking it up her rear end like the girls on the pool table. She decided it wasn’t as bad as she imagined and relaxed enough to start enjoying the ride. Then, he started to spank her with his rough palms and she knew it was just the way she liked it.

Jesse stifled her cries of pleasure and pretended that she was mortified at her submissive taking.

The man gave her his card and she saw he was fairly high ranking in the department.

“Any time you get in trouble, give me a call and I will see what I can do.”

She tucked the card inside her shoe and ran down the stairs not concerned at all about the used feeling between her legs and in her backside from his follow-up pounding that made her feel like she was finally one of the regular biker chicks.

Tommy Hawk asked her, How did it go, honey?”

She beamed at him with happy eyes.

“He told me that it was the best he had for a long time, Tommy, and he wants you to set me up again after the next deal you guys have together.”

The usually somber Indian was so pleased he actually gave her a smile. Jesse could not help but think it was the first time she had seen him smile like he really meant it.

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