Granddaughters Game
Chapter 1

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My first game with my granddaughters

We live in a 2 story townhouse. My oldest daughter was going through a rough divorce and since we have 3 bedrooms both my daughter and granddaughter moved in to save some money. That was back when Kate my granddaughter was only 8. Both my wife and I are retired although my wife does like to do volunteer work on the weekends and my daughter works evenings and weekends which leaves me alone quite a bit with Kate.

It started innocently enough. I would “help” her walk up and down the stairs by walking behind her and wrapping my arms around her. This started way before she even started to get breasts. I always expected her to stop asking for my “help” when she started to develop.

Lucky me she is now 14 years old and wears a B cup bra and whenever we are alone she asks me to “help” her walk down the stairs. After the first couple of times she was wearing a bra and asked me to “help” her, I took a chance and put my hands under her bra and held them at the same height when she started to walk down the stairs and up came her bra under her shirt. Of course my hands were now over her shirt holding her nice firm breasts. I was expecting her to object, but almost came under my robe when she didn’t. Ever since she started to get bumps on her chest I started to only wear a robe when she came home from school. It became a routine that I would say she looked tired from using her brain all day and she would giggle. Then I would get up and say let me help you up the stairs.

Now as soon as she says ok I get behind her and pull her bra up under her shirt and then hold on to her boobs with her nipples between my index and middle fingers. I know she likes it cause by the time we get half way up to her room, her nips are as hard as my cock. I have been taking it slow so last week was the first time I actually rubbed my cock against her firm ass. I think she was waiting for me to make a move before she kicked it up a notch by bending over like she dropped something. At first I didn’t get it until I realized she only bent over from her waist. She didn’t bend her knees so she couldn’t help but feel my cock under my robe rubbing against her ass. She even pushed back.

She stopped and bent over again just outside her door, only this time I put my hand against her butt and made some comment about being glad she wasn’t wearing a skirt as I would really be in trouble. (then I laughed so she could take it either way, as a joke or as a wish). The next day she came home and I helped her up the stairs, bet she didn’t bend over and so I figured that I had gone too far and was still glad she would let me feel her tits when I “helped” her up to her room.

That weekend (about 2 days later) we were alone and she asked me to “help” her downstairs for breakfast and she was wearing her PJ tops (no bra) and her cheerleader skirt. Since I was only wearing my robe, she had to have noticed the immediate erection. The first time she bent over I took a chance and opened my robe enough to let out my cock out and pressed it against her ass under her skirt. She actually gasped when I rubbed it against her ass cheek with only a pair of panties between us. After a short while she stood up and we proceeded down to the kitchen.

She went in front of the dish cabinet and I gently raised her right breast and she raised her right arm to the knob. It took me a second cause I was really trying to keep my cum from squirting all over the inside of my robe, but I caught on and tweaked her nipple so she grabbed the handle and as I pulled her boob to the right she opened the cabinet door. Getting the plate, bowl, glass, eggs and milk out was really fun for both of us. Although it was still sexy as hell it had evolved back into a game too. Then she walked over to the lower cabinet and bent over to get for a fry pan. Still not bending her knees I couldn’t resist, so I pulled up her skirt and opened my robe exposing my cock and put it between her legs and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. I almost came right there. I couldn’t take it any longer so I asked if she really wanted breakfast or for me to “help” her back up to her room. She said yes and we managed to get to her doorway with my cock still against her panties which were wet from her and my precum. At the door I stopped her and bent down and pulled her panties off and then asked if I could come in the room. Once in the room she turned around and saw my cock sticking out of my robe and kind of gasped.

I told her I wanted her to be comfortable with this so I had her sit on the bed. I then took off her shirt and the first thing she say when I pulled her shirt over her head was my cock right in her face. I didn’t plan it, but just as I pulled it over her head my cock touched her nose and she got some precum on the tip of her nose. I got down on my knees and asked her if she was sure about this and she shook her head yes, so I kissed her nose and licked off my precum and joked about it being too salty. She kind of smiled so I told her she needs to relax. You can’t really enjoy this unless you feel at ease. I then gave her a raseberry (where you put your lips on bare skin and blow till it makes a farting sound) on her tummy (that made her giggle). Then I had her lay down and pulled up her skirt and started to kiss her thighs. I worked my way up and just before I took her clit in my mouth I did another raseberry on her inner thigh and immediately sucked in her clit and started to flick it with my tongue. After she came at least three time she pushed my head away.

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