Vampirella on a River Cruise
Chapter 1

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Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An eighteen year old female vampire with hundreds of years of undead experience behind her. My previous vampire-related stories were not popular at all. I think it is because they are an old-fashioned sense of the genre without werewolves and Kung Fu fighting human teenaged girls to drive a stake though them at every opportunity. It is more like the Nosferatu or Bram Stoker versions.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mind Control   Magic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Horror   Vampires   Father   Daughter   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Violent  

The ageless undead female known as Vampirella decided to take leave of her castle on the shores of the Danube and finally take the fantastic river cruise she had desired for a very long time. Of course, time was of little significance to the almost three hundred year old immortal. She was cursed with the strain of the impaler’s seed being born into the infamous family, still human, but brought to her fate by her own father’s fang.

She was just barely eighteen at that time in the spring of 1720 and she was a happy child in the dark, barren castle of her famous forebears totally unaware of the dangers around her. She was an only child or, at least, that was what she was told by her constant companion, Lady Lucinda. That mysterious woman served as her “nanny” and she tutored her in several languages and the new scientific schools of thought about the influences of genetics and environment on the make-up of humankind. Lady Lucinda was an outsider to the brood and fully human. She knew that one day, Vampirella’s thirsty father would eventually taste her essence and she would be truly be a part of the mystical family that ruled that area of the world with a firm hand and the power of overwhelming fear.

Her father took both Lady Lucinda and his own daughter the same full mooned night in a dual ceremony that filled him with a sense of guilt for several decades. The period was a chaotic one, but the castle and the realm of the undead impaler remained aloof from political and social upheaval of the time simply by their dreaded reputation.

He pulled Lady Lucinda down to the cushions and pinned her body with his powerful legs. He actually was only using a fraction of his strength because he did not want to damage her human shell. Her throat was pulsing under the pinch of his fang and he drank her blood with gusto tasting her femininity and her frantic need for copulation of a different kind. She sighed and surrendered in his arms. It was short and sweet and in an instant she was transformed into his dreaded species of predator. Now, she would need the resupply of human blood to keep her youth and beauty of human form for all eternity. Without that specialized liquid diet, she would surely wither and die like the animals of the forest without prey to serve their needs.

The totally confused teenage girl with the long dark hair and the budding breasts of a nubile human female watched her mysterious but beloved father drink the blood of her mother figure nanny and realized that it was her turn next. She was frightened and yet she was in a state of nervous anticipation. The stories of eternal life in a youthful form filled her with wonder because it was so unscientific and beyond the limits of logical thought. The sharp pain of her father’s fang brought her back to reality and she felt the rush of power flow through her veins like the creamy white seeds of human creation.

Their maker left them in that tower sanctuary huddled together in a new sense of existence. Their naked bodies were intertwined without the urges for merging that drove ordinary humans into a frenzy of depravity all for the sake of a simple tingle of pleasure that now seemed minute in comparison to the magical taking of blood from human prey. Their “turning” was their beginning in the scheme of things and the purpose of existence took on new meaning for both of them.

It was, of course, accidental that Vampirella was an innocent virgin at the time of her turning. She realized that she would never feel the sensation of human to human copulation and it distressed her because she instinctively knew it was her only chance at her dreams of romance and the goal of finding love that all young girls harbored in their hidden souls.

She played in the garden of her former nanny’s private parts drawing no objection from the older woman with a history of disastrous relationships with males of all natures and temperament of spirit. It was educational to her to discover the funny trigger point at the top of Lady Lucinda’s neatly trimmed slit. She worked it wickedly, finding that it made the sensitive woman thresh about with obscene gyrations and spit out poisonous words with frantic incoherence. When it came her turn, she lifted her backside high into the dark night air and wailed out her newly born pleasure in her forever eighteen body. The older woman warned her that her delicious teenaged body would be the honey trap for finding suitable prey in the hordes of humans searching for either love or lust in a chaotic world.

They worked as a team and shared their food daintily and with a sense of equity never achieved in their human form. Seldom did they pass that line of causing the victim to either expire in their clutches or become a “child” of their making. They instinctively knew that it would cause them unwanted attention and suspicion by the authorities in society and it was not wise to create competition without any motivation other than sheer laziness in seeking new sources of food supplies.

Their first quarry was a young field worker with his senses dulled by the potent wine of the region and an itch between his legs for female companionship.

Vampirella allowed him to remove her garments and mount her like a stallion in the stables. She had firm hold of his oversized shaft and stroked it relentlessly on top of her belly distracting him from the fact that Lady Lucinda was already at his neck draining her dinner with fastidious skill. The poor lad spilled his copious seeds on Vampirella’s flat eighteen year old belly and promptly fell asleep in her arms. She merely had to angle his neck for her replenishment and they left him to his own devices in the darkened corner. He was none the worse for wear and would remember nothing of their kinky draining.

They had endless streams of subjects to use in such a fashion never being forced to use the same one twice. There was a danger in that because they would be weakened to the point of succumbing to repetitive transfusions.

Besides Vampirella, Lady Lucinda and the old master, chief of the clan, there were only a half dozen “made” immortal creatures fated to live in perpetual need of transfusions via their needle like fangs. Most of them were female because of the old master’s need for nocturnal solace in addition to his daily supply of human blood. His created creatures, including Lady Lucinda and his own daughter, were on that short list of undead bed partners to allow him the variety he desired in such matters. Humans, no matter how pretty or seductive or eager to copulate were not suitable partners because the undead creatures were unable to couple with them and resist the finality of draining them dry as they mated in desperate loneliness. It would mean a string of corpses leaving a trail to follow for the seekers of justice and a hatred of any alien life form.

Fortunately, none of these dreaded “hunters” of the Vampire strain sought the clan of Vampirella and were hunting in regions far away from their evil castle. The fear in the hearts of the locals in speaking of the curse of the blood seekers helped keep their little group of undead blood drinkers safe from outsiders.

Vampirella convinced Lady Lucinda with her winsome smile and eighteen year old wisdom of the logic of finally making the “River Cruise” down the long winding river to find fresh stores of liquid refreshment in the fun-seeking crowds of tourists and other foreigners looking for adventure.

They made their preparations with a sense of caution because the old master was not in favor of their leaving the nest and exposing their existence to the outside world. Lady Lucinda found several new tasty snacks for the monster to quench his insatiable thirst for fresh human blood. He found time to test the female subject’s ability to withstand his hard demanding rod stretching their sensitive internal passageways in perverted exploration. He used his powers of control to transfix their mortal bodies in frozen submission as he plumbed their depths with fearsome skill.

The young female vampire in training still had vestiges of her human form and had not yet been robbed of her ability to move with caution in the periods of sunlight. It took a long time to develop those weaknesses and she was still a “daylight walker” and able to feel the pleasure of human copulation. Poor Lady Lucinda was just the opposite and she was prohibited from moving about freely during the daylight hours. They pretended that she had some sort of sleep disorder that made her sleep during the daylight hours to cover the strangeness of her reluctance to leave her cabin before the sun set in the evening.

It was a wise decision to not use any of the mostly male crew members for food supplies and it annoyed Vampirella no end because she had her eyes on a muscular deckhand with a huge bulge in his trousers that looked too tempting for her passionate nature to resist. They fell into the design of forming a card game each evening with a pair of partners to fill their thirsty undead shells. The younger one would dress seductively enticing the male partner with her easy ways and the older Lady Lucinda spun a web of deceit around the female partner using her magical touch and demanding lips under the table to seal the naïve lady’s fate. At some point after their feasting began, they would switch being careful to sip cautiously to avoid causing any permanent damage to the human subjects.

Sometimes, if the male was young and handsome, Vampirella would allow him to mount her still responsive exterior human body and deliver his creamy seeds to her alien internal parts interested more in his liquids flowing through his veins than in the stuff he pumped out through his long shaft of human creation. It would do no harm to her because she was beyond that sort of thing a full century ago. Still, the warmth of the flow entering forcefully in her center of “happy tingles” was pleasurable for some unexplained reason and she wrapped her strong legs around the male subjects with joyful possession.

Thus, the pair of them made the River Cruise with happy disregard for decent behavior and managed to blend into the background of hedonistic humans willing to do any decadent act to achieve the level of excitement they sought along the shores of the ancient waterway.

It was a couple of Italian joy-seekers that taught Vampirella a valuable lesson.

They were connected in some way to the Vatican City government but in their words “not religious-minded at all”. She doubted their veracity, but their human shells were absolutely delicious looking and she immediately formed an attachment for the male. She doted on him during the daytime hanging on his every word like some silly schoolgirl with a mortifying crush of sublime adoration.

At the midnight hour, she watched her constant companion, Lady Lucinda testing the waters of the attractive Italian female’s hindquarters with her superbly coiffed head bobbing with genteel rhythm between her splayed legs. Those same legs were jerking with uncontrollable passion in a disgraceful exhibition of perverted pleasure.

She had her own row to hoe as the handsome male flipped her over on her belly in a sudden, unexpected move. He started rub his hardness on her seldom approached flanks and she felt the huge bulb of his tip gain purchase in her maidenly backside. This was not her normal route of matters of this nature and she did her best to relax and accept the inevitable.

The opening of her rear door entryway was finalized at her leisure because she thoroughly enjoyed the pressure of the man’s perverted demands on her dignity. He punctuated his presumptuous assault with humiliating spanking of both cheeks with both hands at the same time. She was astonished on how good it felt to her because she could have snapped him like a twig anytime she wanted. The cunning girl pretended to be shy and mortified by her guilty shame. That seemed to spur the Italian man to further disgraceful indignities and Vampirella was smitten with his deviant behavior. She knew that Lady Lucinda and the Italian lady were both watching them with envy because the man’s huge cock was stretching her to her maximum limit right in front of them. The fact she was on public display sent waves of pleasure into her gut and for the first time in one hundred years, she fell into a human-like female orgasm that fully betrayed her vampire heritage.

It turned out the Italian pair of card-players were a couple of scamps willing to use their bodies to thieve and scam their fellow travelers at every opportunity. They had no memory of how they were being used by Vampirella and Lady Lucinda and that was fortunate because they probably would have tried to blackmail them to keep the secret.

The young, happy vampire smiled with a secret of her own. She sat on the lounge chair on the deck of the slow-moving vessel floating silently down the historic river. They were moving to the head of its liquid source in the far-distant mountains. It was a place where the snow melted reliably each spring according to some unknown infinite design.

Perhaps, someday she would go to the place where that unknown designer devised his mystical structures for known universe and ask why he had ever thought to introduce the vampire strain into the otherwise logical mix of existence.

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