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BDSM Sex Story: Introduction - This is a side-quel of the story Her New World by Leviticus. Over 20 years after the original launch of the sleeper ship, Mayflower, a new mission is set to launch to planet Freedom. The newly appointed captain has a unique set of 'special skills' that will aid upon their landing on the far away world. However, preparing for the mission will be a dangerous adventure as well. The cover letter does not contain spoilers; but explains my writing this story.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Space   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Slow   Military  

Dear Readers,

First and foremost, I want to stress that this story is not a sequel to Her New World. It does involve and mentions quite frequently references to Freedom, Elvira, the Mayflower, Alan Kent and especially Staci Mann; however, this will be a different take on the intended series. From what I understand, Leviticus (Peter) was working on his own sequel to Her New World and I had occasion to e-mail him once or twice and discuss it with him on the old newsboard. However, I’m told by Suzi that in all likelihood, the sequel will never be seen, since it was largely unfinished and in the early draft stages when Peter unfortunately passed away. Like many of you I’m sure, I grieved for him, for although I’d never met him in person, his imagination and passion in his writing truly showed what kind of imaginative and romantic person he was. As well, I was left wanting more from Her New World and to find out what happens to Staci Mann, Tommy Windwalker, Anna, Jake Torres, Alan Kent as well as the rest of the survivors on Freedom. So, with the wheels turning (and occasional voices speaking to me, lol) in my head, I decided to try my hand in this undertaking; not exactly picking up where Peter left off, but doing something in tribute, to honor his memory.

When I started reading Her New World, I was captivated by it from the start; especially with the plight of Staci Mann. Like in many of his stories, Peter made the main character very real, and made her question many things as she was introduced (more like throwing headfirst into the lion’s den) into the BDSM lifestyle, including her own perchance for submissiveness and exploration thereof. However, what interested me even more was because it was written in a classic science fiction genre (somewhat reminiscent of the classic Star Trek, a personal favorite), and incorporated so many aspects of science fiction: the unknown, gender roles, mysogynism, practicality vs. dogma, control vs. free will, destiny vs. self-determination. All of these themes are quite frequently used on TV shows like in Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Stargate SG-1, the reimagined Battlestar Galactia as well as in the movies such as The Matrix, the Star Trek series, and Star Wars (the overuse of the word ‘Master’ with the Jedi cracked me up). Her New World blended a multitude of these elements and as I read on it evoked several reactions in me. Mostly, at various points, it made me angry; which in retrospect was a good thing, because it then made me think. It also made me think about the roles of Masters and submissives and the paradigm of what they were all about, what they should be, and how they should act. These elements have, since the beginning of written fiction, make us, the readers, look at situations, groups, society and ourselves from a unique point of view.

A constant theme I kept following in HNW was the theme of power. On Freedom, the only commodity people really had and coveted was power. And just as it is with money, the thirst and desire for power corrupted the noble ideals the colony was built upon. Dick Janis’ attempted usurpation of Alan Kent’s leadership all but destroyed so many lives, as well as resulting in his own death. Then with Alan Kent’s Kurtz like breakdown, in killing Dr. Kelly and picking up where Janis had left off was the decent into madness that was an eventuality prominent in such novels as in Heart of Darkness and Lord of the Flies.

One other thing that irked me was that in a lifestyle that’s based on total honesty and trust, there was so much deception and moral corruption of the primary characters. Alan Kent and Dick Janis being the worst offenders, but on some level Bob McKinly and Dr. Kelly were as well; the latter ones not as bad as the aforementioned, but then again, not as forthcoming either. Those points could account for the colony’s downfall. Lies, deception and immorality blanketed their world as it did the world they left behind. Like the old sayings go, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” and that “A foundation built upon lies will eventually crumble” reads volumes in Her New World.

This story, which I’m doing my best as I’ve never written erotica this long before, will again touch on many of those issues, as well as explore many more I thought would be pertinent. Along with trust, exploration, and power, other facets I’ll be dealing with include individuality, gender roles, homosexual rights and evolution and progression of humankind as a whole. In the time the Mayflower left to when it arrived on Freedom, many things could’ve happened on Earth, which is why I’ve made a History Lesson with bullet points to bring you up to speed. I’ve taken a few liberties in basing this story upon Peter’s original, but I’ve tried to keep the spirit of what he wrote alive. As I’ve said, this is not technically a sequel; more accurately, it’s a story that runs parallel to Her New World. I’ve tried to fill in some of the gaps that were left open as I took those liberties, but there are a few still open. Still I’m hoping that some of you will like what I’ve written.

Lastly, I’d like to share what fascinated me most about Her New World. What captivated me most was Staci Mann. Even in the direst of what she had to endure at the colony or with the Yahshi, she never gave up hope, which made her the strongest person on Freedom. Although a woman and considered an automatic subordinate by the men of the colony and forced into submission, she stubbornly kept fighting. Her sheer force of will made her stronger than any Master she would’ve ever had. At the end when she conceded to Tommy, Staci said she many not fully understand or come to grips with her new life, but she understood the necessity she accepted under the conditions they were all in. The only thing she asked was for respect, not only as a woman, but as a submissive. It inspired me that through all the heartache and pain she’d been through, Staci was still strong emotionally as well as mentally to enter a new life she’d never chosen or expected to choose. That’s the most important element in sci-fi that is actually prominent in all fiction as well as real life; the human spirit can and will endure and persevere.

It will survive with hope.


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