The Making of a Young Woman
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story of a young woman's erotic progression from virgin to shared wife of a rich man.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Polygamy/Polyamory   White Couple  

Bridget called me one morning. “Uncle Tony, I have a favor to ask of you.”

She was my youngest sister’s youngest daughter. I’d attended her high school graduation where she was valedictorian. It was a small rural Arkansas school, granted, but she clearly had some brains. Perhaps the fact that she lacked the looks of her rather wilder older sister let her concentrate on school rather than sex and partying.

I replied, “Well, I’m listening.”

She continued, “I’ve earned enough money to pay my tuition at the community college where you live but I need a place to stay that won’t cost me anything. Could I stay with you? I’ll help take care of the house and I can cook too.”

That was the clincher. I’ve lived alone for far too long and having skilled domestic help would be priceless. After an extremely short pause I said, “You bet. Sounds like a win-win to me. When do you want to be here?”

I could hear her smile over the phone, “Oh, goody! School starts in three weeks. How about I be there in two?”

“You can come sooner if it works for you. I’ll clean out the spare bedroom.”

A week and half later her dad and I unloaded her belongings from his pickup. I was pleased that she didn’t appear to be burdened by excessive material possessions. We got her settled in and I set up an older notebook computer for her use. I got a big hug for that. Nice!

Bridget was as tall as I was. Probably weighed about the same since I’m not overweight and she had a few extra pounds. Her soft pillow tits felt nice when she hugged me wearing only a t-shirt and a sports bra. Jogging pants or sweats seemed to be her favorite wardrobe items. She wore no makeup and pulled her light brown hair back into a basic pony tail most of the time.

We had pizza and beer that first night. She was giddy even without the alcohol since this was her first time away from her family other than church camp. We talked long into the night until I sent her to bed.

I awoke to the smell of fresh coffee and breakfast cooking. Had to remind myself I’d better at least put a robe on. I sleep naked as God intended. She was wearing a large t-short and I got glimpses of white cotton panties when she bent over. Nice!

She planned to ride her bike to the college but I had decided to take advantage of the state’s gift of free tuition for seniors. I have an advanced degree from long ago and found something interesting that would help keep my brain sharp. We coordinated class schedules so she could ride with me part of the time.

That turned out to be a smart move on my part. Although often the professors were younger than my children, it was good for me to be challenged. The other students were somewhat resentful that I seemed to easily pull A’s.

Bridget was thrilled to be challenged also and not held back by the dumbest kid in the class. We often had discussions about things we learned or were puzzled by. The house was full of life.

Although brought up in a fairly conservative Christian denomination, she accompanied me to the Unitarian fellowship and began exploring aspects of spirituality she had never been exposed to before. Just like science, the more you learn, the more you realize how much you don’t know.

The church ladies teased me about my new “girlfriend”. I knew, and explained to Bridget, that they were terribly envious since I would never go beyond some social contact with any of them. They were either not attractive or were husband-hunting and that wasn’t where I wanted to go. In fairness, there had been one divorcee about 20 years younger than me that I’d bedded regularly for a year until she met Mr. Right. We’re still friends but it’s been quite a while since I’ve enjoyed a naked woman.

Bridget got a kick out of that role and played it up sometimes. When we went to events together I noticed that she wanted to act like we were a couple. I wasn’t sure she ever had a boyfriend until one Friday evening we were having pizza and beer again and she picked out a rather risqué movie about an older guy and a young woman. She drank more beer than usual and kept moving closer to me as the movie went on. I put my arm around her and she snuggled in real tight. Neither of us made any comment about the movie as the couple became sexually involved. That lack of comment was unusual for us.

Later in the night I heard her get up and take a big pee without closing the bathroom door. I have an older house so the two bedrooms share a bath. It’s right across from mine. She was obviously still tipsy and walked straight into my room and climbed in bed with me. As I said, I sleep naked and she had on only a big t-shirt.

When she realized her mistake she whispered, “Can I stay? Please?” I rolled over to face away from her and she spooned against my back. I got hard and kept waking up from the unusual, but far from unwelcome, sensations of a female bed companion.

I got up to pee just before dawn and snuggled back with her. She did likewise, putting her arm over me. Her tits were warm and wonderful against my back and I was sorely tempted to turn over to get them on my front.

I dozed some more and was suddenly awakened by a hand on my pecker. “What the hell!” I said groggily. The hand wasn’t removed. Bridget’s voice in the dark pleaded, “I’ve never felt one before. Please let me.”

Now what normal guy could refuse a request like that? I said, “Let me turn so you can do it right.” I got on my back and pulled the covers off. It was very pleasant feeling her curious exploratory touches and my organ responded appropriately. As the dawn light grew she looked at this mysterious male instrument and even bent over and gave it a kiss.

She snuggled back close to me and said, “I’m 18 years old and have hardly been kissed. My older sister has been having sex since she was 15 but that wasn’t right for me. She will do any old boyfriend and I want only someone special. Does that make sense?”

I hugged her, “Of course it does. We are all different with different needs and comfort zones. It took me quite a while to sort out sex and love. I was a slow starter too but it has worked out just fine. I’m so glad we can talk about anything and that you felt safe doing this. I am honored by that.”

“You are? I never thought of that. I was just being curious and selfish.”

“Anything more you’d like to know?”

“Hell yes! I know there is a lot more to sex and maybe I’m ready to learn some of it. Would you like to see me naked now that I’ve seen you?”

“Of course! I’m older but not dead!”

Laughing she sat up and pulled off her t-shirt. Her big boobs swayed nicely when she moved. “You can touch them. No guy ever has.”

I knew what to do with mammaries and surprised her when she orgasmed from my ministrations by hand and mouth. “Damn, I though only my clit would get me off. You are just full of surprises. Can I make you cum?”

She got a washcloth and some baby oil at my suggestion, and I showed her how to give me a hand job. She giggled when my white juice seeped out of the hole in the head. After mopping it up she kissed my cock again.

We had breakfast and I insisted she shower with me. We had things to do that day and an event to go after supper. I noticed she was even more “girlfriendish” than before.

That night she asked shyly if she could sleep with me again. “Of course my dear. I like it too.”

No t-shirt this time. Her hand strayed to my partially erect pecker when she couldn’t resist any longer. I said playfully, “Damn, how’s a guy supposed to get any sleep around here?” She pulled her hand away. I kissed her on the lips, another first, and said, “Just get yourself off and we’ll play in the morning.” I regretted that suggestion as I felt the bed shaking and heard her following my suggestion. As I tried to ignore my hard-on I said to myself that we shouldn’t go too fast.

One thing I learned about Bridget, when she makes up her mind, she is a determined woman. I was awakened by being rolled on my back and the head of my cock engulfed in a warm wet mouth. What a way to wake up! She experimented with different ways that a mouth can connect with an erection while her hand fondled my balls. She had remembered the signs that I was about to ejaculate so pulled off in time to watch it spurt out on my stomach. At my age is doesn’t shoot over the headboard like you see in porn movies. And there isn’t much so it’s pretty easy to deal with. She did dip a finger in the glob and taste it without making a face. God, I love curious girls.

I asked, “Have you peed?” Getting a nod, I pushed her on her back, spread her knees apart and acted as if I was going to mount her. She showed no fear even though my now flaccid organ posed no threat. I gently spread apart the fine brown hair framing her labia and commenced to eat the first pussy in years. It was sweet. She was surprised, but that quickly gave way to the sounds of a woman enjoying intense pleasure. She came in minutes and I had to slow for a bit, keeping her at a nice level for a while then going in for the big one again. Her strong legs clamped my head as she screeched and thrashed.

When she recovered control she pulled my head up to hers and gave me the longest and most thorough tongue kiss that I may have ever had. “OHHHH MYYYYY GODDDD! How the hell did you do that?”

I caught my breath and laughed, “Honey, YOU did that. I just pulled the trigger.”

We showered, ate, and went to church. I think she felt a bit more worldly wise from subtle changes in her bearing. She was growing up nicely.

I kept our intimacy at that level all week so she could explore and get comfortable with oral loving. Clothing was now optional around the house, something I’d enjoyed before her arrival. I worked on subtle inhibitions as well. I’d pee and shit right in front of her if she was in the bathroom. She found out she didn’t have to hide what everybody does. I even offered to let her hold my hose when I emptied it and she thought that was fun. I wiped my own ass though. A breakthrough was signaled when I started peeing in the shower with her and she grabbed my pecker and pointed it at her belly and said it tickled.

Friday nights seemed to be breakthrough times. We were going to watch a movie when she, with a ribbon tied around her waist, invited me to HER bedroom. I found candles and soft lighting and soft music playing. She put her arms around my waist and looked into my eyes very seriously, “It’s time for me to leave girlhood behind. Will you do the honors of making me a full-fledged woman? I can’t think of a nicer man to do it.”

Guiding me to the bed beside her, she raised up on one elbow and said, “It’s the safe time of my cycle so I want to feel your seed inside me.”

I Put a hand on one cheek and told her, “This is the greatest gift you could give me. I’ve never made love to a virgin so it will be special for me too. And I had a vasectomy many years ago so I can’t put seed in there, so your cycle won’t matter from now on.”

She was SO ready she pulled the head of my cock insistently towards her furry love hole and I slipped right in. A few strokes later I was fully embedded. No pesky hymen to interfere with the consummation. After some leisurely coupling as we kissed, I rolled her over on top of me and began stimulating her lovely hanging mammaries. I grasped her hips and moved them to show her how to make pleasure for both of us. She caught on right away and got herself off as I enjoyed the ride. She was tiring so we flipped over again and I slammed into her until I groaned my climax. She recognized that sound and told me, over and over, to cum in her.

We slept all entangled until I was awakened by some hot lips on my flaccid organ. She grinned at me in the candle light and exclaimed, “That was amazing. Now I understand why my older sister gets laid all the time. Can we do it again now?” I managed.

We’ve settled in to a happy routine of intercourse about every other night. She gets herself off without embarrassment when I’m just not ready. I guess we really are boyfriend/girlfriend now. She is fixing up her appearance and wardrobe, even losing some weight.

Being around a lot of peers at school every day I think it is only a matter of time before she comes to me with the question about dating a younger guy. While I have urges to be possessive of this treasure under my roof, it wouldn’t be fair to her to deny that.

I have to admit that I’m in love with this person in my life and can only hope that she can and will at least include me in whatever expanded love and sex life she develops. I’d much rather share her than lose her. Perhaps I can make her understand that when the time comes. I’m hopeful...

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