Magic Ink VII, the Fourth Reality
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Magic, Heterosexual, High Fantasy, Science Fiction, Were animal, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Big Breasts,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - On returning to the O'Connell Realm at the conclusion of Magic Ink VI, Margie K. has several things to do, but she shortly learns that the Eternal Flame has a new mission for the Clan that will require years if not decades to complete, and that she and Robert will be the ones in the forefront of the operations.

The following characters appear in the first few chapters:

Margaret Kathleen O’Connell, the Ninth,

Margie K, the last O’Connell remaining in the Reality of Less Magic, 5’-3’’ tall, 120 pounds, 36DD-24-36, 20 years old, long flaming red hair, sparkling green eyes, a sprinkling of freckles and very cute. She is the current Grand Senior Master of Clan O’Connell.

Mankato (Blue Earth) Two Wolves,

Called Robert, Lakota Sioux, Crendenor the Dragon, 6’-0’’ tall, 185 pounds, 26 years old, black hair with streaks of auburn, gray eyes, quite handsome


Margie’s apprentice, 5’-1’’ tall, 105 pounds, 34C-22-34, 16 years old, strawberry blonde hair, gray eyes. She is not an O’Connell but has a large, fine, partly trained Talent.

Franklin (Frank) Mahony,

Master Wizard, Celeste’s boyfriend and tutor, 5’-9’’ tall, 160 pounds, 22 years old, dark auburn hair, gray eyes

Aengus Brien O’Connell,

An O’Conaill (The O’Connell), Margie’s Great Uncle, 5’-9’’ tall, 180 pounds, 200 years old, gray eyes, white heir

Margaret Kathleen O’Connell, the Eighth,

Margie K’s Mother, 5’-2’’ tall, 124 pounds, 36D-25-36, 40 years old, long flaming red hair, sparkling green eyes, a sprinkling of freckles and very cute. She is the former Grand Senior Master of clan O’Connell.

On returning to the O’Connell Realm which was now located in the Fourth Reality, I was feeling depressed. While it HAD been necessary to remove the use of Magic from Earth’s Solar System in the Reality of Less Magic, it had been a hard decision to reach. It would now also be hard on all of those who depended on Magic for a living or for other reasons. There would now be many Doctors who had used Magic for a part or all of their practice who would now need to return to the conventional practice of medicine. This would be made more difficult by the fact that most of the research in the medical field had been directed at perfecting Medical spells to deal with various problems that patients had, while conventional medical and pharmaceutical research had fallen by the wayside for the past several hundred years.

The government, the Military and what was left of the various Wizard’s Councils would also be at a disadvantage now. I was sure that the political leaders in the various nations and districts would soon be busy writing new and tougher laws and regulations to control their populations.

The Military would now only have their conventional weapons to use, and they would need to redesign or replace equipment and / or personnel who depended on Magic to do their jobs. I was sure that their research departments would be busy developing things that would replace what had been reduced to uselessness by the lack of Magic.

The Wizards and their Councils were just out of luck and would have no actual power now since they had depended totally on the use of Magic for that power. Many minor Magic practitioners would be out of work as they could no longer perform whatever function they had been hired to do.

Still, the alternative of the destruction of all human, Lycanthrope or shape-shifters, and other life forms in that Reality would have been an even greater calamity. At least I had that thought to console me.

I appeared directly in the small parlor of my house, and was greeted by my lover and friends who were gathered there to await me.

“Are you all right, Margie?” Robert asked on seeing the expression on my face. The others there also looked disturbed by my expression.

“Yes, I’m all right, thank you, I’m just a little depressed that I couldn’t find a better solution to the problems in the Reality of Less Magic. Removing Magic from the Solar System in that reality was the Final Solution. They are on their own now with no one to help them, as no other humans in any of the Other Realities that we know about have ever been without at least some Magic.

“I wish them good luck. Perhaps this will bring their leaders to their senses, but I’m not counting on that. At least they won’t have Magic to help in their own destruction,” I finished and fell into Robert’s waiting arms to cry in sorrow. He held me for a long, long time until I felt better.

“Perhaps cooler heads will prevail. Surely not all of those in government and the Military are as blind or as desirous of power as their leaders were. Also the Wizard’s Councils will have no power now without Magic,” Frank said after a time.

“Yes, things could get better ... eventually,” Celeste also agreed.

“Let us hope so,” I agreed somewhat recovered.

“We prepared a meal while you were gone, come eat,” Robert told me. “Perhaps a nap after that will help you regain your spirits,” he added, as he led me into the kitchen and the small dining area there.

On seeing all that they had prepared, I had to wonder how long I had been gone. It had required quite some time to complete the shell now enclosing the Solar System, but I hadn’t thought it had been that long. Perhaps the Eternal Flame had changed my arrival time here when I escaped from what is now the Reality of No Magic.

The meal did make me feel better. Of course I was now eating for three even if two of us were rather small at present. Following the meal, Robert escorted me upstairs to our room while Frank and Celeste cleaned up.

Once in our room, I fell into Robert’s arms again to be held for a while. It was very comforting to be held by this large, strong man who loved me.

“Don’t leave me here alone, sleep with me at least for a while,” I begged him.

“All right,” he agreed with a kiss, as he helped me remove my clothes. I helped him with his before we crawled up on my big bed. Robert pulled a light blanket up over us and then he held me. I had snuggled up against him with my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes for just a minute enjoying his warmth.

I awoke some time later ... alone. Robert had tucked the blanket in around me when he had gotten up, and I was warm in addition to feeling better. It was dark out now, and I turned on the Magic Powered lamp with just a thought before getting out of bed to head for a good hot shower. I also needed to use the toilet ... perhaps those two were having an effect on me already, and that may also have been what awakened me.

The shower was glorious, and I stayed under the hot water for a long time until all of the kinks and knots in my muscles relaxed. I also washed my long hair. Robert must have heard the shower or sensed me being awake, just as I knew exactly when he entered the bath area. He could help me with my hair, I thought, but I also sensed his desire and thoughts of that long, thick, hard cock of his soon had me thinking of nothing else and being very excited.

He helped me dry my hair before I led him over to the bed where I pulled him down on me. He found my opening, and we made long, slow, passionate love for a long, long time before our needs exerted themselves, and we finished with a shattering orgasm each.

When we finally regained our senses, I cuddled up against him, and we kissed for a time as we cooled off, and the various fluids on us dried.

“Oh dear, we need to shower, but just a short one,” I told him on coming up for air for the final time.

“Yes,” he agreed, rising from the bed and helping me up. The shower was fairly short, but we did enjoy ourselves during it. Following drying off and dressing, we descended to the first floor to find Celeste collapsed on the sofa on top of Frank, and both of them smelled much of sex.

That was the point when I remembered that I hadn’t cast the Privacy Spell, so others wouldn’t feel our having sex.

“Oh dear,” I murmured and moved over to the slowly recovering pair.

“Celeste, dear, why don’t you and Frank go up and have a shower. You should recover a bit more also,” I suggested.

“Yes, we need to straighten up,” she agreed before both of them pulled their clothes together and rose to go up to their bedroom.

“We need to be more careful when we have sex,” I told Robert, as we moved to the kitchen after the two of them had gone upstairs.

“I forgot to set the Privacy Spell before we had sex. I wonder how many others felt our passion and joy, and when we will hear about it?” I continued.

We made a meal, but I wasn’t sure what to call it, since we had eaten a number of times today, but I hadn’t kept track of them. Anyway, it was evening, so we called it dinner. Celeste and Frank rejoined us when the food was ready, and we all ate together. Following the meal, there was O’Connell Ale before we all went back upstairs. No one felt like studying, and there wasn’t a lot else to do tonight, so we went to bed and slept ... eventually.

“At least some of my Relatives will be here, probably in the morning, to express their displeasure with me for failing to set the Privacy Spell. Therefore, I believe that I’ll just cast it now and leave it in place for as long as we are here. That way, we won’t need to worry when we feel the need for sex,” I told Robert, as we prepared for bed.

“Is that really necessary?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m absolutely sure that everyone here in the O’Connell Realm knows that we had sex earlier. The problem is that it caused most of them to want sex also, even the children, which is what most of them will be upset about,” I told him with a smile, before casting the Privacy Spell and the Noise Canceling spell in the walls, floor, and the ceiling of our bedroom, the bath, and the sitting room. They would remain there for as long as necessary, which would probably be many years. I would need to check on them periodically to insure that they were at full strength.

Following doing our teeth, and changing clothes, we were in bed for some hugging and kissing before going to sleep for the night. I was awakened by the clock in the sitting room striking seven o’clock the next morning. It was still dark out to my surprise when it should have been light out by 7:00 in the morning at the end of April. Something was obviously wrong, but I would need to speak to some of my Relatives to determine what it was.

We were finishing breakfast when my Uncle arrived just after 8:00 that morning. Celeste had answered the door when the bell rang.

“Really Margie, you must be more careful with your sexual adventures,” he said on entering the kitchen where we all were.

“Good morning, Uncle Aengus, have you had breakfast?” I replied.

“Good morning, and yes, I have had breakfast. Who are these others? I know Celeste of course,” he answered.

“This young man is Frank Mahony, who is Celeste’s friend and is helping her with her studies. This other gentleman is Mankato ‘Robert’ Two Wolves, who will be my Husband shortly. His name means Blue Earth in the Lakota language, and he is also a Major Dragon,” I told my Great Uncle Aengus who just stared at me in shock.

“Do you mean a Dragon like in the fairy tales, a flying reptile that breathes fire?” he asked on recovering somewhat.

“Yes, at his maximum size he has a wingspan of 120 feet or so,” I told him.

“And he’s going to be your Husband? Isn’t that a bit sudden? How long have you known this man?” he demanded having recovered.

“We met while I was determining the fate of Magic in the Reality of Less Magic, which is now the Reality of No Magic,” I told him to another look of shock.

“You mean that you removed the use of Magic in that entire Reality?” he finally managed to ask and appeared a bit pale.

“No, just from Earth’s Solar System. They are also contained in an unbreakable bubble with no chance of getting Magic back,” I told him. Uncle Aengus didn’t look at all well for several minutes, but he slowly recovered.

“You appear to have been very busy while you were away. Just how long were you and Celeste there alone?” he asked.

“It was late April of 2508 when I sealed the Solar System in its bubble,” I told him.

“Not all that long then,” he said, as he exhaled loudly.

“For your information, it was mid-March, actually Saint Patrick’s Day, Saturday the 17th of March when the Eternal Flame transferred us to this the Fourth Reality. It was a great surprise to all of us to recover the next day and discover that we were in the Fourth Reality. We are presently in sync with this Reality and it is now Wednesday the 19th of December 1906 there, and here in the O’Connell Realm it is Wednesday the 19th of December 2508,” Uncle Aengus told us to shocked looks from all of us.

“We’ve lost eight months!” Frank exclaimed in shock.

“That’s correct. I too was surprised when the Eternal Flame revealed that it was Sunday the 18th of March here the next day, but that it was the year 1906 in this Reality and not 2508 as in our previous Reality,” Uncle Aengus told us with a smile at our confusion.

“Now, about this marriage that you seem so suddenly interested in, is there some good reason why it can’t be delayed? There is a lot to be done now that you are back,” he told us.

“There is a reason that I consider good,” I told him with a smile. “It concerns the twin Daughters that I am presently carrying,” I finished. Uncle Aengus’s jaw just dropped in shock.

“Are you out of your mind? Have you canceled your Pregnancy Prevention Spell?” he stammered still in shock.

“No, I didn’t,” I told him. “We were in and out of many Magic Canceling spells while there, and there was a problem with Magic Stealing creatures, but I feel that the real reason that I’m pregnant is because the Eternal Flame canceled the spell,” I told him and the others there in the kitchen. This announcement was followed by many seconds of shocked silence, before the dam broke, and everyone tried to speak at the same time, mainly to protest my accusing the Eternal Flame for my being pregnant. I allowed them to babble for a minute or so before casting a silence spell. I was a little premature, as the Eternal Flame appeared in my kitchen a few seconds later.

“Yes,” the voice from the Flames acknowledged, “I am the one responsible for Margie K. being pregnant. It was necessary for future developments in this new Reality. They will not be apparent for many years yet, but I know the future and considered it necessary,” It finished before vanishing as quickly and as quietly as It had appeared. Robert and Frank were staring at where the Eternal Flame had been. Uncle Aengus exhaled heavily again, and Celeste and I just sat there for a time. It was one thing to speculate on something, but quite another to have it confirmed quite so bluntly.

“Well, that settles that,” Aengus said at last, but had something else to discuss.

“We’ll need to have a Clan meeting to hear what occurred in the Reality of No Magic, and you will need to determine when this wedding will take place. Additionally, there will be briefings on what we have determined needs to be done in this Reality to prevent a tragedy like the one in the Reality of No Magic. We, too, have been quite busy in the nine months since arriving here. There has been a lot of research and planning done in addition to raising the various crops that we need, and caring for the animals that we now have here for meat, eggs, and milk among other things. Oh yes, lest I forget, Christmas is less than a week away,” he finished with another heavy exhale. Robert and Frank both had questions now.

“Introduce us!” Robert requested, and Frank nodded in agreement.

“Gentlemen, this is my Great Uncle, Aengus Brien O’Connell. He is the current Head of the Clan, or An O’Conaill (The O’Connell),” I told them.

“We’re pleased to meet you, sir,” both men said as Uncle Aengus held out his hand to shake theirs and I gave him their names in turn.

“Is Celeste pregnant also?” Aengus asked following that with a frown.

“No, I have made sure that her Pregnancy Prevention Spell is in working order,” Frank told him.

“At least one of you has some sense then. I need to get back to the house. My wife dragged me into the bedroom last night because of you two, and she’s still fired up. She hasn’t done that in a lot of years.

“I’ll schedule a clan dinner for Friday night, the 21st. Tonight would be way too soon,” he told us before vanishing.

“Not to be impertinent, but just how old is your Uncle?” Robert asked.

“Actually he’s my Great Uncle, and he’s about 200 years old or so. He and Great Aunt Deirdre have been married for 180 plus years,” I told him.

“He doesn’t look that old,” Frank commented.

Some of my Cousins and younger Aunts also came by that day. They weren’t really interested in what Celeste and I had done while gone, they were more interested in the new men that we had brought back with us. They all eyed Frank which caused Celeste to become very defiant and protective, but Frank simply smiled at them and pulled Celeste closer to him.

They also looked at Robert and smiled, but I knew that it wouldn’t do them any good. There was no way that he would be interested in them with the mental connection that we shared. My Relatives were just being catty and didn’t really expect to achieve anything by their visits but to upset us. They certainly did upset Celeste, but Frank just ignored them.

My Mother came by on Thursday, but my Father wasn’t with her as he was at some important meeting.

“Well dear, Uncle Aengus told me that you were having twins,” she told me after we had exchanged hugs. I had felt her using her Mage Talent to check if I was in fact pregnant and with twins.

“We haven’t had twins in our Family in years ... actually in generations. Did the Eternal Flame actually appear and confirm that IT is the reason you are pregnant?” she inquired after we were seated for tea.

“Yes, he appeared in front of everyone here at the time, and told them all that He had canceled my Pregnancy Spell for his own reasons,” I told her, as we enjoyed our tea.

“And this young man who you brought back with you, is he the Father and is he really a Dragon?” she asked next. I mentally called Robert, and he appeared shortly.

“Mother, this is Mankato Two Wolves who will be my Husband shortly after New Year’s. While his name means Blue Earth in Lakota, he is usually called Robert, and is a Major Dragon. We also share a mental connection,” I told her to a look of shock from her, before turning to Robert.

“Robert, this is my Mother, Margaret Kathleen O’Connell, the Eighth,” I told him.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Ma’am. One could mistake you for Margie’s Sister the resemblance is so close,” he told Mother with a bow.

“A mental link? Like the ones some of the early O’Connell women shared?” she asked next, somewhat confused.

“No, it’s not like that. I think it was created by the Eternal Flame. We don’t really speak to each other over it, but we can tell where the other is, even over vast distances, as well as their state of mind or what they are doing. We can especially tell when the other is excited and in need of sex,” I finished with a blush.

“Yes, we all felt your passion and joy the other night. Your Father and I wore each other out before collapsing in exhaustion and didn’t wake up until very late the next morning. You two really need to take it easy and not forget to cast the Privacy spell,” she admonished me with a dark look.

“I’ve already cast a permanent Privacy spell around our bedroom, and Celeste’s friend has done the same for their bedroom,” I told her.

“Celeste has a friend ... a lover!” she asked in surprise. “Isn’t she a bit young for that?”

“Mother, she’s sixteen and has been having sex since she was fourteen, just like the rest of the women in our Clan. Anyway, Frank has had a calming influence on her, and she’s now doing very well with her studies,” I assured her.

“Yes, a partner can be a steadying influence in one’s life,” she admitted with a blush.

“Your Father will see you tomorrow at the dinner, right now he’s at one of his planning meetings. They have been going on since we arrived here. You would have thought that they would have finished by now,” she told me sounding a bit cross.

“I have a feeling that no matter what they have planned, the Eternal Flame will be the one directing what we do in this Reality,” I told her, and we just looked at each other for a time. There was no need for words, as we both knew the truth in what I had said.

“I need to be going, dear. There are always more things to do than there seems to be time in the day. I’ll see you at the dinner tomorrow night,” Mother told us, and disappeared after hugging me and shaking Robert’s hand. She was quite surprised by the level of his Talent that the contact revealed.

Friday was free of visitors, and we had gotten the house and our things straightened up, so today we went out to have a look at my garden. It was immediately obvious that someone had taken care of it while I was away, but the remaining dried stalks and other dead material needed to be cleared away. Celeste and I set about doing that, though Celeste was no gardener. Robert and Frank had followed us out of the house to see what we were going to do. They weren’t interested in herbs and teas, but watched us as we worked. I had them carry away what we had removed and put it in the compost bins behind the garden rather than making it disappear.

We had been out in the sun for several hours, as I have a large herb garden, when Robert had an observation.

“It’s obvious that you enjoy gardening from the large garden that you have, and I have observed that you and many of your Relatives have very fair skin. Aren’t you concerned about burning or skin cancer?” he asked in concern.

“Oh no, sweetie, when we work in the sun for any amount of time, we use the Sun Shade spell. It was developed by some of our ancestors in the Reality of Continuous Magic.

“They were twins and loved to sunbathe, but they burned very easily, and they sunbathed in the nude. They had tried all of the lotions, sprays, and creams that were available in our Reality, but didn’t care for them and the mess that they all made. They set their minds and considerable Talents to the problem and eventually developed the Sun Shade spell. It’s easily cast and protects one from all of the harmful ultraviolet and most of the infrared rays of the sun. It also covers you all over, which can be important if you sunbathe in the nude,” I told a somewhat surprised Robert.

Later that afternoon, we prepared for the Clan dinner which would start at 6:00 that evening. Following the dinner there would be the recounting of our adventures in the Reality of Now No Magic. I wore my most expensive evening dress, and called a fashionable suit to me from the stores building, where the community clothing for various occasions was kept. They were usually for business meetings outside of our Realm. A quick use of the Clothing Adjustment spell insured that it would fit Robert exactly. I would need to get dinner clothes for him later, although now they would need to come from the Third Reality, or even from here in the Fourth Reality.

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