How to Fill an Empty Nest
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story of a marriage in trouble and the unique way it gets fixed. Two families that have been friends for years and how their lives are forever changed by the events to follow.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Cuckold   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

Donna Calloway was lying in her bed on a Monday morning watching her husband Jack getting ready for work. As she lay there she found herself wondering what was next in their lives. Their only child and her gemstone had moved out months ago to start college. She had been gone since August and it was now April of the following year.

The gemstone she was thinking of was their daughter Katie, and she was missing her terribly. She had thought that once Katie had left that she and Jack would be able to enjoy a newfound freedom that would be felt in all aspects of their life. Instead nothing had changed and her life was the same as it was back then with the exception of their daughter not being around.

Donna herself had just turned 42 this past month and was feeling lost with no direction. Her life with her husband wasn’t unpleasant and he was a wonderful husband. He had provided for them all remarkably since she had met him twenty two years ago. Their lives were filled with comfort and money was no concern because he had excelled in his field of computer security. He was the head of his company and was responsible for contracts that he wasn’t even allowed to discuss at home. His job required high levels of security because certain branches of the government had become his clients through the years.

He was unlike other husbands in the business world in that he rarely traveled for work and when he did he always offered to bring her along. She had sometimes taken him up on the offer and sometimes it had even included Katie. Those trips were always the best Donna remembered because while Jack was in meetings she had someone to enjoy the sights with.

She knew that she and Katie were close and she was proud of the bond they forged while she was growing up. She knew of plenty of dysfunctional families in their own social circle and felt blessed by the great relationship she had with their daughter. It was part of why she was feeling so lost right now, she felt like she wasn’t just missing a daughter but a best friend too.

She had been Katie’s confidant about everything as she worked her way through her teen years. She knew things that other mother’s would cringe at knowing about their children. She had nurtured a bond with Katie that had led to her daughter feeling comfortable with sharing anything on her mind. Even including the whole drama revolving around a teenage girl losing her virginity.

Yes, she had been there at home the night Katie had come home after giving herself to her current boyfriend. She had known as her daughter was going out what was going to happen and she had been there with open arms to hold her and listen to her experience afterwards. It turned out for the best too because like so many first experiences Katie’s had turned out horrible and she loved that she could turn to her mom afterwards.

Donna had been the one to get her on the pill when sex had first entered their conversations. She had never tried to discourage her little girl from thoughts of experimentation or trying to discover her blossoming sexuality. She thought it was healthy for her to discover herself at an early age, something she had been denied when she was younger.

Donnas’ parents had been staunch Roman Catholics who believed that sex was not for enjoyment but was used only to have children. Because of that she came from a large family that included 4 sisters and 3 brothers. Strictness had been the operative word in her house and she had felt its oppressive thumb even in the first years of being married.

Even though she had met her husband Jack at twenty years old she was still a virgin and was sure she would be one till she was married. With her head full of Catholic guilt she was determined that she would not be like all the other sluts in the world who spread their legs at the slightest urging. She believed that sex was a necessary evil that a wife had to accept to be married. Like her parents she believed that it was only necessary to make children and should be avoided otherwise. She thought that giving in to carnal desires was a sign of weakness of the spirit and would lead to being damned.

Now twenty two years later she realized how naïve and wrong that mindset at had been. It was only through the wonderful patience of her husband that she was able to see the folly in that thinking. At first he had taken his time with her and taught her slowly that sex was the ultimate in physical expression of love. That to give one’s body to another was the complete sacrifice that demonstrated the giving of one’s heart to another.

She had been slow to understand but when she finally did it was like a light being shined into her life. Once she started to understand how wonderful the feelings were when she was filled with her husband’s essence she gave herself over 100%. As she started to become more comfortable with her sexual self she had started to read books and that had led into explorations between her and Jack that before she was married would have been looked at as disgusting perversions.

She still remembered the first time she took his cock in her mouth; the smell and the taste were imprinted in her memories. She had shocked him too by doing it but she was proud to do it on her own without his urging. In her reading she had learned how intimate and loving an act it was to do this for the person she loved and she did love Jack with every ounce of her being. She had gazed into his eyes seeing the look of pleasure on his face as she worked him into a frenzy. Then when he tried to remove her head because of his impending orgasm she had stopped him. As he ejaculated in her mouth for the first time they had locked eyes and she could swear that at that moment they not only shared his semen but their souls.

She knew then there was nothing she wouldn’t do to please this man, the love of her life. It went even as far as her giving him her final virginity on their tenth anniversary. She had arranged a romantic holiday in the Florida keys for just the two of them. She hated leaving Katie behind but she wanted the weekend just for her and Jack. Katie had stayed with two of their best friends Steve and Joanne who happened to be the parents of Katie’s best friend Trisha.

That weekend was nothing but fireworks and orgasms for the two of them. It felt like a real honeymoon unlike their first when she had been uptight and inhibited. In a way she felt she owed it to him because of that first honeymoon. They did everything to each other over and over again and barely made it out of the room. She had finished it off on their last night by surprisingly handing him a tube of flavored lube. When she did he looked confused momentarily and she saw the light go on in his eyes.

She had positioned herself on her hands and knees in the center of the bed and pulled herself open to offer her final virginity to him. He had been masterful and loving in taking her back there too, just like he had been in taking her original virginity on their first honeymoon. He took it slow and whenever he saw discomfort cross her face he had stopped and waited. Eventually he was fully inside her and she felt heavenly. She felt like she had now given everything to the man she loved. She thought momentarily on what her parents would say if they saw her now and at that thought she urged her husband on in the taking of her ass.

Ever since then that had always been her outlook on sex, if what you were doing brought pleasure to your partner than go ahead and do it. It was one of the reasons she had broached the subject of sex with Katie as she grew up. She wanted her daughter to have a healthy and uninhibited attitude towards sex. She didn’t want her to have to be pulled from her shell the way her mother did.

She had even discussed the idea of sex just for sex sake with her and had let her know that as long as nothing was forced between two people it could be wonderful. She had held her daughter in her arms the night she lost her virginity and wiped her tears away while listening to her cry. After the tears were gone she had asked her how it felt, not how she felt about the boy but how the act itself felt.

She was concerned that the boy might have physically hurt her but she was relieved to hear that Katie had though it felt good, if not really good. She didn’t have an orgasm because she knew what that was from masturbating but being filled by a boy felt good to her. She was upset because after getting what he wanted the same boy had told her that he wanted to see other girls too. In essence she was being dumped by him and she felt like she had been used and thrown away.

It was this time that Donna took the time to reemphasize to her daughter how special sex was and that it should only be shared with someone you absolutely trusted. She wanted her to understand how much more special it would always be with someone you love. She had been a bit surprised to hear her daughter ask her if she thought it was okay to do it with someone who you thought was really hot even if you didn’t love them.

She was at a loss for an answer to that because the only man she had ever had sex with was her husband. So she tried telling her daughter that as long as there was some respect between the two partners she didn’t see anything wrong with a sexual encounter. After all she didn’t want to inhibit her sense of adventure and exploration so she just went with what sounded modern. Little did she know the power those words would have with her daughter and eventually with her also.

“Honey are you going to get up anytime soon?” Jack asked her. He was concerned with his wife lately. She seemed so listless and uninspired.

“I don’t know I just don’t feel like getting up, I may just lay here for a few more hours.” She told him softly.

“Baby, what’s wrong, you haven’t been yourself for months and it just seems like its getting worse. I mean you’ve been nothing but distant and to yourself for a long time now.”

“It’s nothing Jack, I mean it think it’s just a phase. Please just be patient with me I’m sure it will pass soon.”

“Okay but if it doesn’t pass soon I want you to see a doctor, maybe there’s some kind of imbalance. You’ve never been like this and it’s affecting our whole lives. You know we haven’t seen any of our friends since the Christmas holidays, every time they want to get together you seem to have a reason not to.”

She didn’t know how to tell him that seeing their friends just made her feel even worse. It was her whole life right now, the whole package that just seemed so unsatisfying and boring. How could she even begin to explain to him that every time she looked in the mirror all she saw looking back at her was a fat old woman with the number 42 tattooed on her head? How could she tell him that the thought of having sex with him had grown as boring and unattractive as she felt their life now was?

She was trusting that it was what she told him, a phase and that she would soon come through it with flying colors. She knows he was frustrated with everything surrounding them right now and he didn’t deserve this. She knew how wonderful he was and how much he loved her but there were moments, very scary moments for her where she questioned if she still loved him.

It just felt like everything that had ever made her happy was now diluted and washed out, like an old time worn photograph.

Recently she had spent hours alone in the house after he would go to work doing nothing but crying and reminiscing about their earlier lives. The times of their life when things were new and exciting. The early days of their marriage after she had started to open up sexually when his very touch made her want to drop her pants and make love.

She remembered the early days when they were married, they had lived in Manhattan in the east village. What exciting times those were, they had so much energy and would spend most nights out at local clubs like CBGB’s and Gildersleeves listening to live bands and feeding off the energy of the crowds. She remembered the outdoor cafes and spending leisurely Sunday afternoon’s eating brunch after a long morning marathon of fucking up a storm.

Everything back then was so spur of the moment and there was so much to do right at their fingertips. Now 22 years later she felt used up and dried out, a mere shell of who she used to be. When she looked at Jack she felt nothing, she had to physically control herself from cringing sometimes when he would even touch her. So yes she knew something was wrong, a lot of something. She just didn’t know how or what exactly it was and because of that she had no idea how to change it.

“Baby, do you know it’s been three months since we last were intimate together. I mean if I were a less trusting man I would think...”

Out of the blue she exploded at that, “Think what Jack, think that I’m fucking another man! Is that what this is all about, all of this so called concern? It’s all because your dick isn’t getting wet enough for you, well let me tell you the only way that little cock of yours is ever going to get wet in the near future is in the shower! Right now you make me sick, why don’t you take your ‘concern’ and stick it up your ass!”

Jack her husband of twenty two years just stood there with his mouth hanging open, he had never seen her like this. He was at a complete loss for what to say or do right now because her actions were so out of character with who she was.

He also knew that continuing this conversation was pointless, so he decided discretion was the better part of valor. However he want going to leave her without something to think about.

“Donna, there’s something seriously wrong right now and I’m not going to assume anything. I will be home tonight and we will sit and have a civil conversation about what is bothering you and what we both can do to make it better. I don’t expect you to fix things on your own that’s why were together; I love you and just want my Donna back. The same Donna that I fell in love with and married all those years ago,” he said before turning to leave.

After he left she just collapsed in tears, her whole body was consumed by deep wracking sobs. She felt ashamed of herself and the way she had just treated her husband and was overwhelmed with shame. She couldn’t understand it nor could she seem to control it when the words started pouring out of her mouth. At the moment she wanted nothing more that to verbally hurt this man, the man who had given her everything in her life including Katie.

It was only at the thought of her daughter that she felt the clouds start to part. The darkness left her mind as she thought of Katie and what she might be doing right now. For a moment she thought she had a second of clarity, then as she thought on it more and more she realized that she might have discovered the root of her depressed feelings. She missed her daughter; the person who had been her best friend had been gone all this time.

She thought back to the Christmas holidays and how wonderful it had been to have her back home. She had been slightly sad from August on when Katie had first left home but she always knew that she would return for Thanksgiving and Christmas. However after Christmas she had felt horrible because there were no more major holidays that would include their daughter. Katie had already decided that she would be staying in the city for the summer so she didn’t even have summer vacation to look forward to.

Could that be the root of all her hurt and anger, a very severe case of empty nest syndrome and if that was the case how could she fix that. She had no desire to get a job and she didn’t have any real hobbies to keep her entertained. She thought briefly in her anger about actually going out and doing what Jack had started to accuse her of but she just couldn’t see herself having an affair. Not that the idea was particularly repulsive to her, more than a few of their mutual friends wives had confessed to her of doing just that. They had sworn it made them feel rejuvenated and was just the distraction they needed to keep their own sanity in their marriages.

No she couldn’t see herself doing that because she would never be able to look her husband in the face and lie. He could see right through her and always told her that she was the world’s worst liar. An affair wasn’t the answer although when she thought about it she did feel herself moistening between her legs. Maybe she could just fantasize about it and let that do some of the work for her.

The more she sat there thinking about it the more she realized that all of this stemmed back to Katie being on her own. She was slightly envious of her beautiful daughter because she was living a single girls dream right now. She was a first year film student at NYU and had serious aspirations of becoming a director someday. She was also living in a fully paid for apartment in the heart of the east village, her and Jack’s old stomping grounds. She was living there based solely on her mother’s influence. After hearing all the old war stories of how great her dad and mom had it all those years ago Katie had no desire to live anywhere else. Of course the east village was nothing like what it was when her and Jack were young. When the three of them had gone looking for an apartment for Katie she couldn’t believe the changes in the neighborhood.

There was no longer anything seedy or edgy about their old haunt, she was actually surprised to see that Trash and Vaudeville clothing store was still open on St Marks place. It stood out as an oasis of the past in the middle of everything new. Now the gentrification that had started when they lived there had been completed and it was now full of nothing but beautiful twenty somethings living what they considered the bohemian New York lifestyle. She had actually cried a little inside when she saw what had become of their beloved CBGB’s, it was now an upscale men’s clothing store.

Of course the biggest change evident was when Katie found an apartment she absolutely loved and they heard the rent. One of the agreements that Katie had made with her parents was that to be allowed to live in an apartment instead of in the NYU dorms she had to have a roommate. It was purely a security thing with both her and Jack believing in the old strength in numbers for when girls hung out. They didn’t want her falling prey to some psychopath from being on her own for the first time in her life.

The rent shocker was easily dealt with because while they weren’t sickeningly wealthy they were more than comfortable. Taking on their daughter’s rent would be their present to her new found independence. Still it was quite the present at 3500 dollars a month for a spacious two bedroom apartment. It even had the rarity in New York City apartments, a full kitchen.

The roommate finding had been a result of divine providence sticking its nose into their lives. Katie’s best friend Trish had been a late acceptance to NYU also and the two girls were ecstatic to be roommates. They had known each other almost their entire lives and had been bff’s long before the term was even invented.

So the more she thought about it the more she realized for the first time she could have an answer for Jack tonight when he wanted to talk. At the very same time she fantasized about how great it would be if she was living with the two girls enjoying everything the city had to offer just like when she was young. She knew that was a fantasy because she also knew she wasn’t young anymore.

The funny thing is that even though she saw a fat old woman in the mirror when she looked at her reflection, she was probably the only one who believed that. Yes she had a little belly but as was said in the movie Pulp Fiction, a belly like hers was sexy not fat. The rest of her was nothing but curve after curve. She had 34dd breasts that to this day only sagged slightly and an ass that probably would have been more at home on one of the sista’s in the hood. Her hair was pitch black and cut in a very sexy bob and when she walked down the street it was no surprise that men even younger than her daughter would turn their heads. She wasn’t tall only measuring in at 5’ 5” but every inch of her screamed sex. People who were into watching porn had more than once told Jack that she could be Ava Adams twin sister except with real boobs.

To describe Katie would be easy because she was just a younger version of her mom. The major differences were in hair color and style, Katie’s was a chestnut brown but it was luxuriously long reaching down into the middle of her back. In fact one of their favorite mother daughter bonding moments was the nightly brushing of her hair.

Every night since she was a little girl and even up until when she moved out in August Donna would take an hour out of her night. She would sit in her daughter’s bed with her and they would talk about anything and everything. While they were doing that Donna would be brushing her daughter’s beautiful hair. In fact when she had been home during the Christmas holidays Katie had made sure to have her mom do it every night. She told Donna how much she missed having her do that all the time and it was always at bed time that she missed her mother the most.

Of course neither one of them knew it at the time but that sense of intimate closeness that had been fostered between them would be the bond that would eventually change their lives and everyone around them.

As Jack Calloway drove into his office he was trying to get over the rattling confrontation with his wife just a short time ago. As she was raging at him he couldn’t see any sign of the woman he had fallen in love with twenty two years ago. It was as if someone else had taken possession of her and spit her aside.

He was terribly concerned about his wife’s state of mind especially since the last holiday season had passed. She just seemed like a shell of herself and had no motivation whatsoever. She wallowed around the house basically doing the bare bones minimum to keep the place clean. Even her dinners had turned into lackluster uninspired affairs. That was one of his biggest red flags because Donna had absolutely made the kitchen in their home her domain. She loved to cook and experiment with different foods.

Jack remembered how they had first met and it brought him back to much happier times. They had actually met at an elective cooking course while they both were attending St. Johns University. He had enrolled because the rumor was it was an easy way to meet women in an unintimidating place. He had always felt tongue tied around girls and it got even worse if he found them attractive.

He was paired with the then Donna Argento in the first team exercise in the kitchen and his tongue magically unwrapped itself. He didn’t know why but he felt like talking with her was the easiest thing he’d ever done. It was even more surprising to him because to him she was also the most beautiful woman he’d ever met. She seemed shy and withdrawn and when he asked her why she took the course her answer floored him. It was an answer straight out of the June Cleaver handbook; she said she wanted to be the best cook she could be for her future husband. She told him that the if the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach she wanted the best way to get there.

From anyone else this might have sounded naïve and simple but hearing it from her it seemed so sincere. He remembered how throughout the course they tried to make sure they were paired together as often as possible. It seemed they made a great team in the kitchen too because they almost always won any competitions with other teams.

Their love of food just naturally led to them going out to different restaurants to taste and experience different styles of cuisine. It was over those dinners that they both discovered that they had fallen in love. For him she was dream come true, a beautiful woman who made him feel confidant and admired. For her she found a guiding light, someone to lead her out of the sheltered life of her parent’s oppressive religious beliefs.

He was just a little dismayed at first by her attitudes towards physical intimacy and remembered back to her reaction the first time his hand caressed her breast. It was once again a throwback to the old 1950’s days of chastity and control. She shoved his hand violently off her breast and accused him of thinking she was some kind of whore. They had gotten to the point of openly making out but their hands had always been in control before that.

Well her reaction was so out of character with what he had come to know of her up to that point that he got scared and left. He knew she was a virgin and he even knew she intended to stay that way till she was married but all he was doing was trying to feel her breast. It had taken all of his self control to not try it on any earlier dates because she was such a knockout. He felt that he had met his muse and there wasn’t anything he couldn’t do if she was by his side. But her reaction left him nervous and confused.

After he left her at her dorm and went home Donna broke down crying, she was so deeply in love with Jack and didn’t want to lose him. She hadn’t really shared anything with him yet about her parents and their stunted attitudes towards expressions of physical love. She was scared to chase him away and so she never brought it up. She now knew that she couldn’t wait anymore and called him the next day.

They met up in their usual favorite boutique coffee shop, a new place called Starbucks. It seemed to make having a simple coffee a special experience and they had couches and chairs like a living room. So they took a corner couch and she spilled it all out to him, all the attitudes that had been hammered in her head through the years. How sex was a dirty thing that only beasts enjoyed. How men and women had to control the beast in themselves and should only have sex for making children.

She even went on to tell him how her own mother had caught her playing with herself one day and had ran her hands under scalding water to try and wash away the sin. She had never tried to masturbate since that day and had no idea of what an orgasm was or how it felt to have one. She told him how when he put his hand on her breast she just had a subconscious reaction because when he did it she could hear her own mother calling her a whore.

After she was finished Jack’s heart was breaking for her, for all the lies and pain she had been fed. It had all been told to her by the people that were supposed to love her the most. The one’s that were supposed to help prepare her for her future in the world. Instead she had been evilly betrayed and abused in a mostly psychological form of torture through her whole life.

He vowed to himself that his love for her would see them through this because she was the one for him and he knew it deep in his heart. He wasn’t naïve enough to think it would be an easy path either. He knew that the two of them would have to help her jump over some serious emotional hurdles but he had faith that their love would give them all the strength they needed.

It was six months after that outburst that he proposed to her and asked her to be his wife and his mate. He remembers her teary eyed joyous “Yes” to his asking. They had held each other tightly and whispered vows of undying love to each other that night. It was also the first night he got to see Donna naked. It was only done under the stipulation that no touching would go on but he wanted them both to see each other. Kind of an unveiling of the body after an unveiling of their heart through their engagement.

The expression on her face when he revealed himself still stays with him till today. He wasn’t a small man down below and when she saw his 9” cock she couldn’t take her eyes off of it. He could see how badly she wanted to touch him but she just couldn’t and wouldn’t cross that step yet. He could also see fear in her eyes but he knew he had the patience to get her past that.

Ironically it was her own religion that had helped her overcome her earlier twisted upbringing and allowed the two of them to start heading down a path of true intimacy. Jack had done some research and had found a Catholic church that offered couples premarital counseling to help them get past any issues that might interfere with their marriage. He had suggested it to her and after initially getting defensive and being scared at the idea she had agreed. It had been an eye opener because Donna was able to refute almost all of her parent’s puritanical beliefs through a respected man of their church.

The priest they met with was so patient and considerate with them that she finished the counseling sessions eagerly looking forward to her honeymoon night instead of fearing it. It was after they had finished that they touched each other for the first time. It was so sweet and tentative at first that it left her whole body blushing. He remembers her first tentative grasp on his penis and how she looked like she thought it would burn her. Then they had eventually moved to masturbating in front of each other which had been an adventure too. It took a lot for her to do that because the aftermath of her mother’s discovery earlier in her life was probably one of the biggest mental scars for her to get over.

By the time their wedding had arrived Jack with the help of the counseling had been able to get Donna somewhat comfortable with the idea of sex. They had gone as far as masturbating each other but had gotten no further. Her reaction to his cumming the first time she jerked him off was so priceless. She got all giddy and excited that she had been able to make him feel so good that she took her hands still covered with his cum and started clapping. The result was a sharing of his semen over both of their bodies. They had laughed so hard after that and had just fallen onto the bed holding each other. He felt like that was the final blockade to her becoming a more mature and confidant person in their intimacies.

That’s not to say that their wedding night was without problems but through his patience and her willingness to move forward they got past it. Then over the years Donna had become more and more comfortable with her sexuality and with the idea that sex wasn’t some filthy evil thing that only dirty people did. She herself started pushing their boundaries after reading about different positions and methods that couples could share. She took him in her mouth for the first time on their first anniversary and allowed him to do the same later that night.

The culmination of it all was their tenth anniversary and he remembered it vividly when she offered him her anal virginity. He had been shocked but ecstatic at the same time because he had never bothered to even ask her for that. He felt that the strides she had taken in their marriage up to that point had been amazing. So when she went that last final step he knew she had not only totally escaped her parent’s shadow but had eclipsed them by becoming a totally fulfilled woman sexually.

The years that followed after that had always seemed fulfilling to the both of them and he had no complaints. There of course had been some ebbs and flows during the twelve years after that but nothing as severe as what he was living through right now. Months without sex with a woman who up until last year had initiated their lovemaking just as frequently as he had. She had grown over twenty two years from being a woman who treated the idea of sex as a necessary plague to one who needed sex as much as he did.

That’s one of the reasons he had started to let slip his darkest fear this morning. He was so afraid that her needs were being met elsewhere that it made him shake when he thought about it. Donna was his life and his soul, the idea that someone else was enjoying what only he had ever tasted was as heartbreaking a thought as he could have. He of course wasn’t sure about this and if he examined it more closely he would realize this wasn’t the answer. She was just way too despondent all the time for someone who was having an affair.

The same way she had women friends who had experienced the forbidden fruit of sex outside their marriage, he had male friends that had strayed too. He knew the signs in them of when they were cheating and he saw none of the same signs in his wife. His friends had told him how they would make sure to give extra attention to their wives at times to keep them from being suspicious. Donna was far from doing that in fact she wasn’t giving anyone or anything any extra attention.

There had been no suspicious phone calls, no unanswered calls when he would try her. When he got her she always sounded the same, no out of breath answering of the phone. No the more he thought about it the more he doubted an affair was the answer, but he needed some answers.

He decided that he would reach out to Katie and see if her mom had mentioned anything to her that might be bothering her. If anyone would know it would be her. Donna and she had such an amazing relationship as Katie was growing up that he found himself slightly jealous at times. Some girls develop into daddy’s girls as they grow but Katie was definitely a mommy’s girl.

The two of them could easily be seen as best friends or sisters if you ran into them on the street. The only give away was Donnas’ slightly older appearance, although from a distance that appeared minimal. The two of them were always hugging and giggling together and he sometimes felt like they had their own inside jokes and secrets that he wasn’t privy too. He never mentioned his slight jealousy to Donna either because he was happy that she had someone close like that.

After her liberation from her parent’s teachings she had pretty much lost all of her family. They accused her of being a harlot and a whore. They could never accept Jack because he wasn’t Roman Catholic and felt like Donna had turned her back on them and Christ. It had all come to a head when Donna confronted her mother and father with their counselor’s conflicting opinions of their teachings. It didn’t matter to them that he was a priest; to them he was a devil in disguise trying to lead their daughter into a life of depravity.

Of her 4 sisters and 3 brothers she only had contact with one of her sisters. It wasn’t even close contact but it was something. Her sister Doreen felt torn between two worlds every time she saw Donna and had never been able to pull herself away from her parents. She was still living with the oppressive shadow they cast over most of their children’s lives. Periodically she missed Donna and would reach out to her but each time after she felt dirty.

So that left Donna with few outlets as far as friends go because the wives of their mutual friends almost all had jobs and weren’t available for daytime socializing. She was the only stay at home wife amongst any of them so during the day she really had no one to reach out to. So her bond with their daughter had grown stronger and stronger through the years.

Then of course there was their nightly ritual, he couldn’t exactly remember when it started. Every night without fail Donna would go to their daughter’s room and brush her hair for an hour. Most of the times it was done with the door closed and it bothered him slightly. He actually asked her about it once and she told him that it was girl talk time and Katie felt more comfortable that way. It was just another one of the things that led him to think about those inside secrets.

He knew that she was slightly upset when Katie left home for school in the fall but she seemed to bounce right back over the holidays when she returned home. Of course they hadn’t seen Katie for more than a few days since then because she was so taken up with her first year of college.

Maybe that was the answer, could it be that simple he wondered. Could the void of Katie being gone all the time just have left his wife in this state of mind? He needed to call his daughter and talk with her, he wanted to see if she was aware of her mom’s current condition or not. If it was the cause of it they would have to discuss ways to get past it. Donna needed to realize that their little girl was now a grown woman who was starting a life of her own. Donna needed to get out of the house and find something that she liked doing to occupy her time.

Katie Calloway was lying in her bed in the arms of the latest of her boy toys just waking up from too little sleep after fucking the night away. She looked over at him and smiled, this was their third time together and she knew it was almost time to pull the plug on him but boy could he fuck. She had lost count of the orgasms he gave her and by the time they were finished her pussy was purring like a well fed cat.

Since she had moved out of her house last fall she had entertained a number of men in her bedroom. She only had one rule when it came to sex; no one got more than four times in the saddle with her. She felt that four was the number where people started developing feelings for their partners and that was the last thing she wanted in her life.

She loved sex and loved the raw intensity that two grinding bodies created as they pushed towards an orgasm. To her there was nothing comparable to it in the world; she just didn’t want the emotional attachments that were the result of it sometimes. The emotions just got in the way of being able to let go of herself and not care how her partner looked at her. She could be as slutty as she felt like at the moment and not care about any lasting impressions.

Ever since the night she lost her virginity and got dumped by the same guy on that very night she had chased a life of casual sex. She had thought she was in love with that first guy and had given him her flower as a gift only to have it trampled on and her heart broken all in the same night.

It had been her mother who had gotten her through the hurt and depression afterwards. She remembered returning home in tears to find her mother waiting for her in the living room. She had been sitting on the couch with a glass of wine in her hand obviously waiting her arrival. Her mother had known beforehand that Katie was going out that night with the full intention of losing her virginity. They had discussed it extensively leading up to that night.

Her mother tried to give her as much advice as she could but it wasn’t very helpful because her mom had given her virginity to her dad after they were married. She couldn’t believe that people actually still did that wait till married thing in today’s world. She had been curious about sex since she was fourteen and wanted to start enjoying all the screaming orgasms her girlfriends claimed they were getting.

She was sixteen the night of that ill fated encounter; she didn’t know how special it was to have a mom who accepted what she wanted back then. Most mother’s would have locked her up in her room and thrown away the key till she was eighteen. Instead her mom was the complete opposite, she never encouraged her to do it but she let her know that if she decided to go ahead with it she would be there for her afterwards.

Donna had even insisted on taking her to the doctor and getting her on the pill because the last thing she wanted was for Katie’s life to get sidetracked by a teen pregnancy. They had gone to a doctor that didn’t know Jack and paid in cash too so he would never see the record. It was one of the special secrets she shared with her mom.

Another was her mom’s allowing her to join her in a bottle of wine on a fairly regular basis. So when Katie came into the house in tears that night Donna just poured her a glass and took her in her arms and held her. She waited until Katie was ready to talk before saying anything and then she just let it all pour out of her. After she was done she had asked her how it had felt, she wasn’t concerned with the boy she wanted to know how it had felt for her physically.

She had told her mother that she really enjoyed the feeling of being filled up and that the sex itself was a lot of fun. She hadn’t had an orgasm she told her to which Donna just told her she could do that herself later. They both laughed at that too because it was just another inside secret they shared.

Donna had been the one to show her how to masturbate, one year earlier. She never touched her of course because that wouldn’t be right. She just lay back in her daughter’s bed one night after they had finished off a bottle of wine and told her to pay attention. She had watched and been mesmerized by the sight of her mother’s hand working all over her own vagina. She paid close attention to the time she spent rubbing her clit before inserting one, then two, then finally three fingers inside herself. She watched as her mother’s body spasmed and shook with the power of an orgasm. It was then that she realized how beautiful her mother was, not only that but she found herself wanting to touch her the same way she was touching herself. She shook her head and shook off that thought because she knew things like that never happened.

Donna then had her lay back and do the same thing to herself that she had watched her do moments ago. She softly spoke to her guiding her towards the pursuit of her first orgasm. When her daughter finally came screaming into her pillow she looked down with pride at her beautiful young girl and pulled her into a hug. It never struck them as odd that they were holding each other with both their pussies on full display.

It wouldn’t have struck them as odd either because that’s the kind of relationship they had. Katie more often than not thought of Donna as the sister she never had and next to her friend Trish considered her to be her best friend. The very next night she found a surprise wrapped on her pillow, when she opened it she found a metallic looking egg with a controller. She beamed with love for her mother because she had obviously gotten this for her today. There was a card attached too and inside it read “To my beautiful darling daughter, the wonderful thing about grown up toys is they never break your heart. If you need more batteries come see me I have plenty.”

She closed her door immediately and put the egg to work on her clit working herself through three orgasms before falling asleep. It was only the urging that dinner was ready that roused her out of her sleep. She obviously had figured out how to use the vibrator but she wondered if she could convince her mother to show her how when she brushed her hair tonight. For some reason she couldn’t get the sight of her mother’s swollen mature pussy out of her head and whenever she thought of it her own pussy tingled.

When she brought it up that night her mom laughed off her request by telling her she heard the sounds coming from the bedroom this afternoon. She knew that Katie figured out how to play with her new toy. After the masturbation demonstration things went back to the way they had been, hair brushing and girl talk at night. They would often have some wine while they did it so that was one of the reasons for the door being closed to her father.

Katie had never considered sex with women as being something she’d ever be interested in but after watching her mother she had to reconsider. After that she watched her mom more closely around the house. Her attraction to her was probably the only thing that they never discussed with each other because she had no idea how to tell Donna.

It didn’t disturb her either that she might be sexually attracted to her mom because she knew it would be a fantasy. There was no way that kind of thing ever happened and even if it did her mom was definitely not the type of person to do it. It was hard for her to imagine that now she was walking around not only with a lesbian crush but a lesbian crush on her own mom.

Of course she had never managed to see her mother’s pussy again but her crush had never left her. She had even experimented with a couple of women, she didn’t want girls her own age she wanted women that reminded her of her mom. She was even now involved with a woman she had met in a local coffee shop as well as her boy toy.

She seriously missed the closeness she had shared with Donna right up until the time she left home. Her mother never knew it but there were many nights after she finished brushing her hair and left her room that Katie would rub herself raw wishing it were her mother’s fingers in her pussy. She was very careful to hide these feelings because she was afraid that if it ever came out that it would destroy their relationship.

As much as she missed her mother she found it liberating to be away from home and her constant crush. It had gotten so intense during her last year at home that some nights it took every ounce of will power to not just throw Donna on the bed and rip her clothes off. So because of that she felt like the distance had done her good. It still didn’t stop her heart from aching at the distance between them.

She was loving her life at NYU and was meeting so many interesting people but she felt like something was missing. If she was honest with herself she would admit that it was missing one of her best friends, her mother. She had thought that putting some distance between them would have helped temper the attraction she felt but it hadn’t really worked.

That was more than evident when she went home for the holidays and her mom had immediately rekindled their nightly ritual. Each night when she would finally say goodnight Katie found herself to be a quivering mass of nerve endings. There’s a sensuality to having your hair brushed by someone else and it probably should have stopped for them years ago. She couldn’t bring herself to tell her mom it needed to stop because she knew she’d have to admit why. She’d have tell her mother how much she would love to bury her face in her mature wet pussy. How she’d love to suck her cunt lips till she screamed for her to stop. She knew she would never be able to tell her so she just sat back and sucked up all the sensual feelings it brought on.

She had gotten into the prestigious filmmakers program at NYU because her ultimate goal was to make movies. Because of that she was always looking at everything through a virtual camera lens. She was always thinking how different locales would fit whatever ideas she had at the moment.

She felt more than blessed to be living where she was right now too because it was just so full of culture and ambiance. She had ideas constantly bombarding her about what to do for her first film project but she wanted to truly feel the right idea when it struck her. She wanted to do something edgy and arty at the same time, something uniquely New York in feel and style. She wanted to capture the emotions of the city in whatever actor or actress would be her lead.

She was a bit frustrated because she had the upcoming summer break to make her first film. It was due to be screened in the next fall session so it was essential that she finalize an idea. She was well aware that nothing was off limits at this point in her career; some of her colleagues were already talking about pushing the envelope into the borderline of eroticism in their films.

She herself also wanted her film to be erotically charged but she wanted something different, something that would make people gasp when they saw it. She was confident the right idea would come to mind she just had to be open and receptive to it when it did.

She was torn out of her reverie at the sound of her cell phone; it was her father’s ring tone. Odd she thought he’s never been known to call me during work hours. It was odd enough that she pulled her naked body out of the bed and picked it up. As she did she noticed her roommate Trish’s naked form in her room sprawled across her bed, god she had an exquisite body she thought to herself.

“Hey Daddy, to what do I owe this unusual reach out? Is there something wrong up Redding way?” she asked referring to the town in Connecticut where she had grown up.

“Hey sweetheart, actually there is and I was kind of at a loss for who to reach out to,” he said sadly into the phone.

She knew this was serious so she listened while headed to the kitchen to make some coffee. She loved her full kitchen and had inherited her mother’s love of cooking so it got used fairly frequently.

“Shoot dad you sound upset, what’s going on? Is mommy alright?”

“Actually darling she’s not and I thought you might have spoken to her and had some idea what’s going on with her.”

“No dad, the last time I spoke to mom was a couple days ago. I just called her cause I was missing her and wanted to say hi. She made it sound like everything is peachy back home; she just told me she missed me too.”

Jack was silent for a second reflecting on his daughter’s words. In the months since she left she had never once called him to tell him she missed him. It just underscored the special relationship she had with Donna.

“Baby I think her missing you is messing with her in a big way. She hasn’t been the same since after the holidays and she’s not getting better. We had a showdown this morning in which I almost accused her of having an affair. She totally lost it and it turned ugly at even the suggestion. Then on the way to work I was thinking it all out and it all seems to be traced to when you went back to school in January. I think your mommy misses her special girl and I was hoping you could help her out somehow.”

“Are you kidding dad, I’ll do anything to make mom feel better. Do you have any ideas what you want me to do? Should I come home this weekend maybe that will help her?”

“I knew you would be willing to help honey, the two of you have always been so close.”

When he said that Katie thought she felt her labia quiver at the thought of how close she wished they really were. Would her daddy be reaching out for her help if he knew that his own daughter lusted and coveted his own wife?

“Don’t make any plans for the weekend honey please. I’m going to go home tonight and talk to your mom. I’m going to see if maybe she agrees that you being gone is causing her to feel so bad. Whatever we come up with short term is going to have be supplemented with some change in her daily life but we’ll cross that bridge next. Why don’t you try and make sure we can get you around nine o clock tonight, we can have a family conference call okay?”

“No problem dad, should I call her after I get off with you?”

“No honey let me talk to her first. Then tonight let’s see what we can come up with. I’m thinking you coming up for the weekend wouldn’t be so effective. Maybe you could give up a little of your college freedom and have her come and stay with you for a weekend or two?”

Oh my god she thought to herself, why don’t you just throw raw meat at a lion for Christ’s sake. Having her mother all to herself in the heat of New York City, could she trust herself to not make a fool of herself.

At least if she were at home it would feel controlled but having her here, well it would be a challenge. Maybe it might be what she needed to actually tell her mom her feelings. Maybe she could come clean without making her feel weird or threatened and then she could feel comfortable around her once again.

“Okay dad, you know me and Trish would love to have her so whatever you feel is right. I’ll wait for your call tonight. Don’t worry either I know we can make her feel better together.”

“I hope so baby, I just want her to be happy, that’s all I’ve ever wanted for her and for you. I’ll call you later.”

Katie sat in the kitchen sipping her coffee lost in her thoughts about her mother and her illicit feelings for her when her roommate came strolling in. Trish Edwards had been friends with Katie since they were both six years old. Their families lived right next door to each other if you considered having the next nearest house a 5 minute drive away next door.

Trish’s parents Joanne and Steve had been ecstatic to learn of their daughter’s acceptance to NYU and that she would be living with Katie. Trish had applied for a number of west coast colleges such as USC and UCLA and had actually been accepted to all of them. Then she had second thoughts because she realized that even though she loved the idea of living in California she would miss her best friend too much.

The two girls had talked and Katie had laid out a five year plan for both of them that would have them in L.A. by its completion. Katie was enrolled in NYU’s film school and she already had decided that after she finished she would move to the west coast to look for work. So she had been able to convince Trish to apply to NYU even though it would be considered a late application.

Trish’s strengths lay in computer sciences and she had maintained a perfect 4.0 grade average all the way through high school. Her grades were by far good enough to get her accepted but the Computer Sciences curriculum at NYU was considered to be the second hardest of its kind to get into in the country. The completion was fierce and she didn’t hold out much hope of getting accepted mainly because it was a late application.

Initially she had been rejected but put on a waiting list, she would be the first selected if anyone dropped out. It seemed like she had to resolve herself with winding up at one of the other schools anyway. Then a phone call from the dean of admissions for the Computer Sciences school told her that one of the other students had to withdraw due to family emergencies. So there it was her door was open and she and her best friend would still be together for the next four years.

She could tell by the look on Katie’s face that something big was rattling around in her head. She always knew when her best friend was working out some issue or problem because she would acknowledge nothing around her. She sometimes wondered if God were to appear while she was in one of these fugues would she even notice.

Of course she was also sitting there in the kitchen nude as the day she came out of her mother’s womb. Katie had no problem with nudity and living with her had allowed Trish to overcome some of her inhibitions with her body. She still didn’t feel comfortable walking around without a stitch on, especially if Katie had one of her human dildoes over. She was however comfortable with just the light almost see through wrap that she was wearing.

She knew the perfect way to rouse her friend from whatever was occupying her mind; it was something they did to each other whenever they were feeling silly. A simple little titty twister, it always got either of their attention because the shared a similar trait of ultra sensitive nipples. Nothing sexual had ever happened between them to let them know this shared trait, it was just something they discovered through talking about sex.

Of course what Katie didn’t know was that it was definitely a sexual thing for her whenever she got her nipples pinched by her roommate. Her most guarded secret on earth was her attraction to Katie and she would never let it out to anyone. When she first found out that Katie wanted her to share an apartment with her she had been nervous. She had secretly lusted for her for years now and thought she might not be able to keep her secret if faced with a naked Katie all the time.

It was still quite hard to not just reach out and shove her fingers inside her pussy at times like this but she kept herself under control. On nights like last night when she would hear Katie screaming out in orgasm while getting fucked repeatedly she would finger herself in time with the fucking. She would imagine that Katie was screaming because of her. She would have the greatest orgasms when she did that.

Trish wasn’t a lesbian by any means and was quite certain she was bi-sexual. She had fooled around with a few girls but the majority of her experiences had been with boys. She had a different mindset than Katie when it came to dating also; she liked the closeness of being in a relationship. Unfortunately for her right now she was between guys so she was extra, extra horny all the time.

In fact she hadn’t been with a guy for two months now and had only been with another girl who was an occasional friend with benefits. So seeing her best friend naked in front of her right now was definitely getting her juices flowing. She loved looking at her too because she was so unlike herself in appearance.

Katie was voluptuous and curvy in a small package at only 5’ 5”. She was considered dusky in complexion because of her mother’s side of the family. In fact her mother’s genes must have seriously dominated her father’s because Katie was almost a twin of her mother just younger. The biggest difference between mother and daughter was in their hair, it was the only place that her mother’s genes appeared watered down. Katie had chestnut brown hair as opposed to the midnight black of her mother. Katie’s hair was amazing in its luxuriousness too, so full of body and shine. She had always worn it either to the middle of her back or even down to her waist at times. She had asked her how difficult it was to keep it so beautiful once and Katie had told her about her mom’s brushing routine every night.

She on the other hand was pretty tall at 5’ 10” tall and would never really be considered curvy even though her 34b chest seemed perfect for her. Her skin was almost an alabaster white and beaches were definitely not her best friend early in the summer. It had been a long running practice between the girls to make sure that Trish would burn in her backyard a couple times first to work on an early tan before they hit the beach on the summer. The most striking thing about Trish though was her hair color. There are redheads and there are serious redheads with hair that looked like living fire and Trish was one of those.

Side by side no one would ever take the two young women for sisters based in their appearance. If you got past the appearance differences you would find that their relationship was even closer than most sisters and woe be the person to wrong either one of them. They had each other’s backs all the time and even though fighting might not be considered by some to be ladylike more than one person had felt the sting of a serious slap or backhand if they insulted one of them. So even though they might not have the same blood running in their veins they might as well because each one of them considered the other her sister.

So as Trish approached her best friend and roommate she tried to do so stealthily. She started to reach over Katie’s naked shoulder and was about to reach down and grab a nipple. Instead she heard a whisper from in front of her.

“If you pinch my nipple right now I think I’ll have Chad tie you to the bed tonight so you can’t frig yourself while we fuck. Then I’ll send him in there to shove his cock up your still virgin ass!” Katie said with a low giggle.

The image of her current boy toy with his cock in her best friend’s asshole made her pussy spasm. She knew that Trish had the hots for her but she also knew that Trish didn’t want her to know. It was a shame too because all it would take would be a move on Trish’s part and the two of them could be much more than roommates.

Katie would never make the first move because she wanted to respect her friend’s secret. Besides it might just be a fantasy and if it became reality it could damage their lifelong friendship. She valued that much more than a roll in the hay with her even though Trish had a spectacular body.

“You’re such a spoil sport some time Katie, why is it you get to grab my tits whenever you want but if you catch me trying I get all sorts of sexual threats.” Trish teased sitting down at the table after pouring herself some coffee.

“Well sis, two reasons really, number one is the thing you actually just said. Keyword is caught, I never threaten you when you actually get there but I have to make it difficult otherwise who knows, maybe you would just feel free to walk around grabbing my titties whenever you wanted.”

“It would serve you right if I did, I mean you walk around here with them hanging out all day and night. It’s like their begging for attention, not that I want to give them that attention mind you. I’m just saying ... and what is this wonderful second reason?” she hesitated knowing full well that she was coming dangerously close to slipping.

“Well I keep hoping that one of these days I might threaten you like I just did and you’d have the balls to dare me to do it. Wouldn’t that put you in quite the bind, oh yes I guess it would tied up and Chad taking that anal cherry of yours. Maybe someone other than Chad, come on maybe you have a favorite. Christ girl you haven’t gotten laid in months so you must be going nuts!”

“Well if you know how horny I must be then maybe you shouldn’t be so goddamn bold and leave your door open so I can hear you getting hammered. I mean it almost feels like it’s an open invitation to walk in your room and fuck whoever you’re boy toy of the week is!”

“Maybe it is and maybe it would loosen you up just a tiny bit. Well if you prefer I could walk around with heavy sweaters all day then you’d never get to see em. Besides they’re pretty spectacular don’t you think?” Katie teased mercilessly while cupping and lifting them. She might not ever come right out and expose Trish’s desire to sleep with her but she liked to have fun with innocuous little comments like that. She liked seeing her friend get a little flustered every now and then.

She knew that Trish’s ideas on sex were completely different than hers. They respected each other’s differences and Trish never once made Katie feel like a slut for her endless parade of different lovers. Trish had once asked her if she wouldn’t be happier with just one lover, maybe someone that wouldn’t mind them playing with others. This way she could have the best of both worlds.

When Trish asked her that the night she lost her virginity came right back to mind. She wasn’t going to make herself vulnerable like that again anytime soon. She loved sex but only as long as there was no threat of heartache with it.

So she told her some lame answer about not needing the baggage weighing her down. Trish knew about her night when she had her heart broken but she didn’t feel like it was her place to tell Katie she needed to move on and get over it. She felt that once Katie met the right guy it would all heal for her. The problem was getting her to keep one guy around long enough, or even one girl since Katie was expressly bi-sexual.

The nights when Katie would bring home a girl were the hardest for her and also the most fulfilling sexually. She would put herself in the shoes of the other girl and would live vicariously through her while her secret crush was making the anonymous girl scream. Trish could tell that Katie knew what she was doing with both men and women because of the constant moans coming from her bedroom even through the door on the rare occasion she remembered to close it.

“Yes Katie we both know how spectacular your tits are, and no I don’t want you to wear heavy sweaters. Don’t read anything into this but I kind of enjoy seeing them bounce around the apartment all the time.”

Katie couldn’t let that slide so she mercilessly lit into her friend, “You love my titties!! Trishie loves my titties!!! Should I come over there and rub em in your face Trishie!!”

Trish turned beet red and ran away as Katie came over and got ready to smother her face in between her huge tits. She was giggling and laughing at Katie’s use of her little girl name but at the same time her pussy was juicing. God she wished she had the nerve to actually let her rub them on her face and then she could grab one and suck her nipple in. Then she could be the one moaning in the bed with her ... No she just couldn’t take that step.

“Listen you crazy nympho bitch keep your titties away from me and my face thank you! I was only going to grab one because I came in here and you were in one of your fugues, you know what I mean!”

“Oh yeah, I’m sorry it’s just well I was deep in thought on something and still haven’t worked it out in my head.” Katie told her.

“Well sometimes another brain helps, do you want to share?”

“It’s my parents, my dad called me today and you know how unusual that is. Well he called to tell me my mom is having serious issues at home.” She said softly.

“Oh no, is she sick, what’s wrong?” Trish asked suddenly concerned. She knew how close Katie had always been with her mother. In fact she would sometimes get jealous because she wanted the same closeness with her mother Joanne but it wasn’t to be. Not that she wasn’t close with her mom it just wasn’t that ‘we’re almost sisters’ closeness.

“Well my dad thinks the root of her problems involves me and my being gone from home. He thinks the fact that I’m not coming home anytime soon has sent her into a depression. I feel awful Trish, my mom is such a part of me and I feel awful that anything I’m doing is causing her pain.”

“Well Katie the answer is really simple, just go home more often. I could even hitch with you and visit my folks too. If you went home every few weekends it might help her adjust quicker.”

There was the rub in talking to Trish about this because it involved the one thing she felt she needed to keep even from her best friend. She wondered how Trish would look at her if she confessed to not wanting to go home because she couldn’t trust herself around her mom anymore. Since she had gotten so active sexually she just had a feeling that if she was alone with her mom her feelings would be exposed. Then she could only imagine the horror on her mom’s face if she knew that her daughter was hungry for her pussy.

“Trish that sounds so simple but it’s not; I have all these commitments around here that won’t allow me to get away. I mean we both know how much I love my mom but, well I just can’t be running home every few weeks to baby sit her.”

Trish just sat there with her jaw hanging, “Katie what the fuck ... I mean do you hear yourself and the bullshit that’s coming out of your mouth. I mean we’re talking about your mom; the woman who every night since either of us could remember would always give you an hour of her time. She would treat that hour like it was goddamned sacred time. I should know because how many times did I have to hang up the phone so the two of you could have your girl time.”

“Trish you don’t understand...”

Trish was angry with her now and they had never had any problem telling each other off. All she could see was her best friend being a selfish bitch that cared more about her weekend hook-ups then her own mother.

“No that’s not true I do understand. I’ve never judged you and your wild sexual adventures but if you can’t give up a couple of weeks of strange cock or pussy for your mom ... Well then it makes me question our friendship too and if there were ever a time I would need you. It seems pretty damned selfish and you should think about it.”

With that she left and went to her room to shower and get ready for the day. She was fuming and right now had no desire to be in the same room with Katie. She would give her the day and then tonight she would make sure she continued this talk with her.

Katie just sat in her chair in shock; Trish had just destroyed her in a few sentences. She had no idea why Katie was hesitant to go home but that’s what secrets do they keep the truth out. She could see how Trish would see it the way she was right now because on the surface it did appear to be nothing but selfish. She knew her excuse about all the commitments she had on the weekends was as thin as tissue paper but she had no other excuse except the truth.

Maybe it was time to let her friend in on her terrible secret, it might give her the strength to resist. Having someone else share her burden might lessen the feeling that she couldn’t control herself. She also wondered that if in sharing her secret with Trish that it might allow her best friend to come clean with her attraction to her. She wouldn’t try and pull that out of her in talking with her but she would see where it went.

It still didn’t address the real issue and that was her father leaning towards asking Katie to take her mother in for a few weekends. It was one thing to go home and have to resist her mother’s soft caresses with the hairbrush each night. It would be a completely different thing trying to resist them here in this apartment that is chock full of sexual memories for her already.

She got up then and went to Trish’s room and saw the door closed, that had never happened before. She knocked lightly and waited.

“Kate, go away I’m so pissed at you right now and don’t want to hear anymore of your crap.”

She knew Trish was pissed when she called her Kate, “Please Trish open the door, just for a second.”

The door opened and she saw her friends face peering at her and it looked like there were tears forming. My god she had been about to cry because of her perception of her friend being a selfish self centered bitch. Katie knew she had to level with her but she couldn’t do it right now with Chad still asleep in her bed.

“Trish please don’t be so upset, there is a reason I’m reluctant to go home but I can’t tell you right now. I didn’t want to share it with anyone but I guess I have to so why don’t we get a bottle of wine tonight and I’ll tell you the truth. I just hope after I do you don’t hate me or think I’m sick or disgusting. Please don’t be upset I promise I will tell you tonight.” Katie said softly.

Through her anger Trish could see that something was deeply troubling her best friend. She was clueless to what it was but it obviously concerned her being home. She had a horrible thought and tried to dismiss it right away. She was wondering why a stunning young woman would not want to be home alone with her parents and she felt herself getting sick. There was no way on earth that could be the reason but the more she thought about it she wondered if maybe Katie’s dad had ... no that was too horrible to think.

She pulled her best friend into her arms and hugged her tight, “Katie you can tell me anything you know that. I’m so glad you just came to me before I left; I have late afternoon class as you well know. I’ll bring the Indian food, you get the wine and we’ll work through this together tonight. Remember it’s important because it’s Donna we’re talking about okay?”

They hugged again and Trish left her friend behind for the day. Kate had no classes scheduled today and even after the last few minutes of drama was horny as all hell. She wondered if Trish calling her a nympho was so far off the mark. After spending the morning thinking of her mother and what she fantasized about with her and then playing with Trish’s unspoken attraction she just wanted to fuck. So she went back into her bedroom and woke her human dildo named Chad and fucked him and sucked him till she had burned out all her hornys. Of course as she lay in bed afterwards one image came clearly to her mind. Her mother’s unshaven pussy on display from years ago while showing her how to masturbate.

Jack sat in his office thinking on all the events from the morning that he couldn’t get out of his head. It was now mid afternoon and he knew that he needed to be heading home soon for his promised showdown with his wife. He was feeling something he had never felt in all his years with Donna, dread. After her almost insane reaction this morning to his aborted attempt to ask if she was possibly having an affair he had left for work.

There had been no time to try and get to the root of that reaction or to try and see if she calmed down. He had thought about calling home a few times this morning but decided against it. He loved her with every inch of himself and wondered what his reaction would be if she was in fact having an affair.

He knew it wouldn’t be an automatic decision to seek a divorce; he was still too much in love with her. He guessed it would depend on the involvement level of the affair, a one or two time fling could probably be worked around. Sure the trust in their relationship would be seriously damaged but the marriage would probably survive. It might take some outside counseling which right now he was loathe to consider. If Donna had reacted to his hint of her having an affair like she did this morning he couldn’t imagine her reaction to having to talk about it with a third party.

His wife’s upbringing would probably be causing such a guilt trip on her that she would be acting ... well kind of like she was now. If she were having an affair and it was an emotional and physical involvement once again he didn’t think that would be an automatic divorce for him. It would of course depend on whether or not she was willing to break it off. He might be willing to work through some infidelity but there was no way he was going to knowingly share his wife’s body with anyone.

Of course just the idea that she could be having an affair was so far out of reality for him to believe. In their marriage Donna had performed miracles in distancing herself from seriously distorted views about sex given to her by her parents. She had even become more adventurous with him over the years once she understood the special implications brought about by the sharing of two bodies. She had learned to understand that sex was a physical expression of the words I Love You and had not only been willing to try new things but even initiated some of them herself.

He could never forget their tenth anniversary trip where she had willingly given him her final virginity, her ass. It had been something he had brought up once or twice over the years but she had always refused, not out of revulsion but fear of the pain. So when he had emerged from his shower in the villa they were sharing on that night to find her poised on her hands and knees with a bottle of lube in her hands he almost did a little dance.

After her initial hesitancy she had even come to enjoy it that first time, to the point where it might not be considered an everyday thing at home but it happened fairly regularly. In fact they would share a secret laugh or smile any time an ad would come on TV or the radio for any product that was aimed at insuring regularity in bowel movements. The first time they heard it they laughed so hard that it became their inside joke, the regularity of their anal sex.

He was also concerned that even if there was no affair involved with his wife’s month long strange behavior they might still need counseling. She was adamant in her claim that nothing was wrong with her and that everything was fine. For anyone who had known them through the years it was fairly evident that everything was far from fine.

Even their friends were starting to ask him questions, joking with him about keeping Donna locked to a radiator in the house. The last four invitations to get together with any of their friends had always resulted in last minute cancelations. The excuses didn’t matter to him anymore he just wanted his loving wife back but was stumped on how to get her.

He thought that his theory he had come up with this morning might in actuality be the key to her depressed moods. Katie’s absence from their house with no long term visit in sight was probably messing with her more than she would admit. That’s why he had called their daughter and had asked her to call home tonight so they could have a family conference call. He had hinted at maybe Katie allowing Donna to come and spend a weekend or two with her in the city but almost felt like she had hesitated before agreeing.

He couldn’t understand that because Donnas’ relationship with their daughter had always been spectacular. There were more than a few moments of passing jealousy over how close they always appeared. He had always thought young girls gravitated to their daddies but not Katie; she was full blown mommy’s girl. In between his little jealous bouts he would always admire the way they interacted. He knew it was a cliché in saying that some mothers and daughters acted like sisters or best friends but in this case it was true.

Donna had fostered the closeness with her and nurtured her relationship with their daughter in almost obsessive fashion sometimes. He remembered one instance in particular when they had gone out to dinner for their anniversary and they had both been very horny and touchy feely in the car both going and coming from the restaurant. When they had walked into the house he expected them to make an immediate beeline for their bedroom but that didn’t happen. Instead Donna had apologetically let him know that she needed to give their daughter her hour long hair brushing/bullshitting session before she could be with him.

He had almost begged her to skip it just for one night but she had refused steadfastedly and told him that this hour each night was the foundation of her closeness with their daughter. She had even succeeded in making him feel guilty about putting his needs in front of the needs of their child. It had spoiled the evening for him with her actually staying an extra thirty minutes with Katie in what felt like a designed statement. It was a statement to him that he shouldn’t mess with mommy daughter time under any circumstances.

That was why he had fostered such high hopes when Katie had moved out and it was just him and Donna. No more excuses about her needing to be in their daughter’s bedroom for an hour each night. He thought that their once hot passionate love for each other might actually start smoldering again. In fact it was now the opposite because it had been months now since they were intimate with each other.

All sorts of excuses had been given but the one that had set this crisis on fire had been the other night. When he approached her once again she shut him down cold and made sure he understood that sex had lost its priority in her life. She told him that she had no desire to have him inside her and the idea actually made her slightly ill. It was then he knew something had to change because he is only 45 and he wasn’t going to live a sexless life. God, he wondered to himself, could all of her earlier beliefs have somehow come back to her. He doubted that because it was evident she was still masturbating; she just wasn’t doing it while he was home.

So even if Katie’s absence was at the root of her depression and he had finally discovered the cause it still didn’t begin to explain how they could get past that. Somehow she was going to have to wake up to the fact that their daughter was now a young woman who deserved the freedom that came with her age. Donna was going to have to find other things in their lives together to feel good about and use to motivate her. If not he had an overwhelmingly sad feeling that this could lead down the path to divorce even if there wasn’t an affair involved.

Donna had lain in her bed for hours after Jack left this morning, she just couldn’t bring herself to get up. Even though she had come to the same conclusion her husband had a t what could be causing this malaise within her it hadn’t motivated her to move. In fact after she had come up with Katie’s absence as the reason she was feeling like she did it just made her even sadder. She knew that if that were the reason there was nothing she could do to change it, her little girl was now a woman with her own life. A life that didn’t have time for nightly girls talk with her old mother and had no place for a silly ritual like hair brushing. She wondered if maybe Trish ad taken over her role as the keeper of Katie’s gorgeous locks. That thought caused an unexplainable wave of jealousy to wash over her and she sat there slack jawed.

There was no doubt in her mind how much she missed her little girl, it just felt so empty in the house without her. Her husband’s caring and compassionate presence did nothing but infuriate her because he couldn’t fix the problem. In fact every time the two of them were alone and he wasn’t looking she would glare at him and wonder how she had married such a pathetically weak man. She knew that was ridiculously wrong too because Jack had been her rock when they first got married.

He had been her liberator and her lover, the man who had helped her throw off the chains of mental slavery her parents had put on her. Unfortunately that was all in the distant past and those memories failed to assuage her feeling that he was supposed to fix the fact that Katie was now gone from their house. She had no idea how he was supposed to do that and knew it was an irrational belief but it still stuck in her head.

She wondered if maybe he had put a little more pressure on her to go to school locally that she might have caved in. She also knew how selfish that sounded because like any mother she wanted nothing more than for her daughter to achieve her dreams. It wasn’t Katie’s fault that she had held on to the same dream since she was little. She wanted to make movies, not act in them but make them. She had gone to the movies with her parents and had always seen the smiles on people faces as they left. She wanted to be the one to make them smile like that so that led her to her current place in life.

Unfortunately for Donna that meant going to a school that specialized in film and of course the most prestigious one on the east coast was NYU. She thought that it could have been worse, Katie could have wanted to go to a west coast school and that probably would have killed her. It was bad enough right now, the last time she had seen Katie was one weekend two months ago. That didn’t even really count though because she had come home with Trish so they could both visit their parents. She had only gotten one night with her daughter because even though they were home the two young women weren’t going to sit home on a Saturday night.

She remembered pouting like a little girl when she thought she was alone over the fact that Katie wanted to go out instead of staying home with her, never mind with her father. Katie had seen her alone in the kitchen and asked her what was wrong. Donna had been honest and tearfully told her how much she missed her and how she was disappointed that she was going out that night.

Katie had countered her by also telling her mom how much she missed her too. Then she had shocked Donna by actually telling her that she should come out with them for the night. It could be more like a girl’s night out then mother and daughter. Unknowingly to Katie her heart at leapt at the idea but she quickly squelched her own excitement by telling her daughter that her and Tricia wouldn’t want a mom around to cramp their style.

Katie had told her that she could just forget the mom part for the night and come out and have some fun with them. She had come up with another excuse about not believing she had anything to wear that didn’t scream soccer mom. Since they were the same size almost Katie had offered to loan her some clothes but in the end Donna had stayed at home.

Now as she sat on the edge of the bed she found herself wishing she had gone with them that night. She needed something to put some spark of youth back inside herself and her daughter had offered her the opportunity that night she had just chickened out. So in thinking more about her situation she started to realize it was actually a combination of things that might be responsible for her mood.

She missed her daughter more than most parents did; she also missed her youth and the excitement it always seemed to contain. She knew that in a way Katie represented that lost youth, especially since she looked so much like Donna did when she was eighteen. She should have gone with her and Trish that night and let herself bask in the atmosphere of excitement that always surrounds two eighteen year old women out for the night.

She wondered now if she could have done that and gone out with Katie as her friend and left her mom hat home. As she thought about it she wondered how she would have felt if Katie had as they said nowadays ‘hooked up’ with some young stud. She wondered if it would have been weird seeing her daughter actually making out with a man in a setting like a night club. She was still sitting on the edge of her bed as she wondered how it would feel to watch him paw her little girl’s tits while they made out. She wondered if Katie would feel funny about doing that in front of her.

Somehow she didn’t think Katie would hesitate mainly because of the closeness they shared. She was surprised to find that her current train of thought was making her moist between her legs. She hadn’t masturbated in almost a week and knew that she was long overdue. She could possibly have sex with Jack tonight and think about watching Katie and her imaginary man but decided against it because she just wasn’t attracted to her husband right now.

As she sat there and fantasized about her daughter being naughty in front of her she remembered the night Katie lost her virginity. She had come home and Donna had been waiting for her. It had been horrible emotionally for her daughter but she said she had enjoyed it physically. She remembered probing Katie for details and picturing her with her legs spread with a young boy inside of her. She had told her she was just making sure it had gone okay physically but inside she knew it had turned her on. The idea of her little daughter becoming a woman had turned her on. She never admitted that to her and then had suppressed her fantasy until right now when it came back to her.

Now that Katie was living with Trish she wondered just how active her little girl was in college. She knew from their still intimate talks when she was home at Christmas that she had no interest in a long term relationship. So Katie had told her that she had enjoyed a number of boys and then hesitantly and softly told her she had enjoyed a few women too.

Donna had tried not to appear shocked and thought she had done a good job of it too. There was something off by the way Katie had admitted to sexually experimenting with other women. So Donna had asked if she enjoyed being with another girl, Katie’s reply made it emphatically clear that they weren’t girls they were women. She told her mom sheepishly that her taste in women happened to run in a more mature direction. Donna of course had no idea then that her own daughter was feeling her out to see if she would take the bait.

Even now while sitting and thinking naughty thoughts about being a voyeur watching her daughter the statement about Katie liking mature women never clicked with her. She had no idea how close Katie had come to outwardly trying to seduce her own mother that night. She also had no idea that was the reason that Katie had been home so infrequently since returning to school in January.

She was however enjoying the little fantasy pictures in her head involving her daughter. She was enjoying it so much she found her hands gravitating towards her pussy. Before she knew it she was rubbing herself quite vigorously through her panties. Then she was inserting fingers into her now wet pussy, first one then two then finishing with three.

She was pushing them in and out while whispering her daughter’s name and giving her imaginary directions of what to do with the boy she was with. She was telling her to wrap her legs around him as he pushed inside her and giving her pointers on how to push back. She whispered to her imaginary Katie that she should take him in her mouth and suck him till he filled her mouth with his delicious juice. At the thought of that she exploded on her bed with an orgasm the intensity of which she hadn’t felt for years.

Afterwards she lay there and it washed over her that she had just masturbated using her daughter as her subject. She couldn’t even lie to herself and think it was the guy she was doing in her fantasy because in her mind she had been focused on Katie not the guy. Surprisingly she seemed to feel no guilt about using her daughter’s body as the tool to mentally get herself off. She also had no idea that she had just torn down a barrier in her own mind that would change her life forever.

At around 7 that night Trish came crashing through the door carrying two big bags of Indian delicacies from nearby Indian row, a one block collection of Indian restaurants that was part of the lower east side. Their favorite was a place they had nicknamed ‘Indian Disco” because of the multitude of lights strung around the restaurant. Thousands of Christmas lights and odd decorative lights covered every inch of the ceiling and walls. It was like the effect of being in a discotheque while eating.

It wasn’t the lights that kept them going back time and time again though, it was the food. It was the wonderful combination of delicious and affordable at the same time. Even though money had never been an issue in either her or Katie’s lives their parents had done a good job teaching them the value of a dollar.

Katie had inherited her love of food exploring from both her parents but especially her mom. Trish was grateful for that now because it was always Katie that was introducing her to new and exciting things to eat. In the few months they had lived together she would swear that they had probably toured the world in food. It was one of the wonderful benefits to living in Manhattan, there were offerings from almost every national cuisine in the world to be found if you looked hard enough.

In fact where they lived right now was easily within walking distance of Chinatown, Little Italy and the remaining Polish and Ukrainian restaurants that were leftovers from earlier days in the neighborhood. Add to that their favorite Indian place and there were four food cultures within a stone’s throw.

Trish was so happy to have Katie as a friend because they just seemed to fit together so well. The bonus of being her roommate in one of the hippest places in all of Manhattan to live was amazing. Unlike Katie’s parents who had enjoyed a bohemian youth living in the city, in this very neighborhood also, her parents were lifelong Connecticut people. TO them the city was a wonderful thin to be enjoyed but in small quantities. Living there had never attracted them or so Trish thought but when she would go home and tell them about life in the city her mom would seem to get a look in her eye. It was not an envious look but more like the look of someone who wished she was living in her daughter’s place.

It was always Joanne that would be pushing her for more details on how she and Katie spent their time. She wanted to hear about all the restaurants and nightclubs they frequented. She had been so interested a few times that Trish even started bringing home cd’s of up and coming bands that were always playing the small clubs. She wanted her mom to share her fun too so it was the least she could do for her.

As she was thinking about her mom her thoughts turned to Katie and her mom Donna. Her mind had been troubled all day after the uncharacteristic blowup between her and her roommate. When she heard from Katie that Donna is going through a rough patch at home it bothered her. Donna was like a second mom to her and so it bothered her like she thought it should bother Katie. Katie told her that her dad thought it might have to do with missing her daughter. It made sense to her because of how close the two of them were. So she had suggested going home for a couple of weekends to spend time with her. She was shocked to hear a string of what were bullshit excuses come out of her friend’s mouth.

She wasn’t a confrontational person by nature but she also wasn’t shy to call bullshit on someone if she felt she was being played. It was the first time ever in her friendship with Katie that she ever had to call bullshit. She left her friend and a few minutes later Katie had chased her down and hinted at something that kept her from going home to visit. Something mysterious and troublesome enough to make her lie to Trish about why she didn’t want to go home.

They had agreed to meet up tonight with some wine and Indian food and Katie was going to explain it to her. Katie made it even more strange and ominous when she told Trish that afterwards she hoped that she didn’t find her disgusting or hate her. She had drawn her own conclusions after that and they had been rattling around in her head all day. She was sure it was going to come down to something like her having been molested by Jack.

The thought was too terrible to contemplate because Jack had always seemed to be the perfect father. Of course she could be jumping to conclusions but something was keeping Katie from wanting to go home and comfort her mom. Well she knew she would find out very soon and she started laying out the food on the coffee table. She got plates and silverware and set things up with big spoons so they could share. Eating Indian food was similar to eating Chinese food to the two of them. No one ordered their own items it was all supposed to be shared.

So as she was opening the containers on the sweet smelling Basmati Rice and all the main courses she felt her stomach rumbling. There was creamy lamb korma, s mix of stewed lamb cubes in a mild creamy yogurt sauce, Chicken Saag, another mild dish that was chunks of chicken in a pureed spinach style base, and then there was the lamb vindaloo the fieriest of the three. Of course there was also the breads, three different kinds and the samosas to start with. They always bought more food then they could eat so they could enjoy it the next day.

She had just finished laying everything out and looked at her watch and wondered where on earth Katie was. She was supposed to be here by now and Trish was getting pissed mostly because she was dying to eat. Then the door opened and in walked her gorgeous roommate. She was carrying the wine in one hand but that wasn’t what Trish was focused on. It was the amazingly full nipples of her roommate that were pushing out the t-shirt she was wearing; she had obviously gone out braless once again.

Trish was always telling her that she was going to cause people to get hurt by doing that. Katie’s tits were amazing and if you had to narrow it down to one feature that was her best it would be them. They were 34dd and so perfectly shaped that they almost screamed out to people to grab them. It had been a challenge for Trish to keep her hands off them too. That’s why she would never make Katie quit playing their little game of titty twister because every time she was able to tweak with those nipples it made her wet.

“Jesus Christ Katie one of these days...” Trish started to say.

“Yeah, yeah yeah ... i know you’ve told me a million times. You know Trish if I didn’t know better I would think you have a thing for my tits? Is there something you’re not telling me?” Katie teased.

Trish as usual got flustered as Katie’s innuendoes and kicked herself once again for not having the courage to make a move on her best friend.

“Ok enough about those two lumps on your chest, we need to talk about your mom. Sit and eat with me I’m starving,” she said as she started making both of them a plate.

They just ate their food for a little bit and drank some wine, when they were full they both put their plates down and sat back. Katie knew it was now or never but she knew it was important that she share this with someone. The guilt she had been carrying around about her strange feelings for her mother was now affecting parts of her life. She knew that Trish was right this morning and that her first thoughts should be about going home to spend time with Donna but she was so nervous. She just didn’t feel like she could trust herself around her without exposing how she felt.

“Well Katie you’ve had me worried all day about what this big mystery is. I hope it isn’t what I’ve been thinking all day because it would be so terrible for you. I do want you to know though that I’ll always be here for you no matter what you tell me tonight.” Trish said while laying her hand on her best friends arm in support.

“Don’t be so quick to make a commitment like that till you hear what I have to say. I mean I’ve never told anyone what I’m going to tell you tonight because I’m so afraid of being seen as a monster.”

Trish was almost sure she had pegged it right after all what else could it be. Her father must have made some kind of move on her and she’s afraid to go back there now.

She pulled her friend in closer and whispered in her ear, “You don’t have to be afraid, none of what happened is your fault. You aren’t the monster he is, I understand. I mean he’s your dad and...”

Katie wrenched herself out of Trish’s arms and sat straight up, “What are you talking about Trish, my father, what about my father?”

“Katie I’m not going to judge you but we need to get you some...”

Katie burst out laughing loudly, “Oh my god do you ever have the wrong idea. You couldn’t be further from the truth then what you’re suggesting. Trish my dad is so into always doing the right thing how could you ever think he would ... touch me. Wow I don’t even know how to tell you what is really the problem,” Katie said as her laughter died down.

Trish was confused and slightly embarrassed to have assumed such a horrible thing about Katie’s dad. She was even more confused because she couldn’t think of a single thing else that would keep Trish away from home.

“I’m so sorry; it’s just that I haven’t stopped thinking about this morning. I mean why on earth would you lie to me with such crappy excuses to avoid going home to help your mom? It must be something terrible and I can’t guess so please tell me, let me help you.”

“Oh Trish I wish you could help me but you can’t I’m dealing with something I’ve known for quite awhile now. I’ve never shared this with anyone because I’ve tried to lie to myself too and bury it deep inside. I knew the last time I went home I couldn’t hide it anymore and rather than hurt someone I’ve chosen to go home as little as possible.”

Now Trish was really confused, Katie was saying she didn’t want to go home because SHE was afraid of hurting someone. What on earth could be eating away at her so badly to keep her from the home she grew up in?

“Tell me Katie, dammit we might as well be sisters as close as you and I are. Let me help you maybe between the two of us we can come up with an answer.”

Katie poured herself another glass of wine for courage and passed another one to Trish. Then she gripped her best friend’s shoulders in both hands and looked her right in the eyes and uttered the words that might destroy their friendship.

“It’s my mother Trish, I want to fuck my mother, I want to lay her on her bed and do everything another woman can do to her!”

Trish shook her head because she wasn’t sure she had heard her friend correctly. She thought she heard her say something about fucking her own mother.

“Wh ... wha ... what did you just say ... I mean...”

“I knew it, I’m a fucking monster but I said I want to fuck my mother Trish and it’s becoming an obsession when I’m around her. I want to eat her cunt and rim her ass, I want to put a strap-on around my waist and fuck her better than my father probably ever has! Do you understand how fucked up I am now, I can’t control it either. The last time I was home she was brushing my hair as usual and I almost turned around and threw her on the bed.”

Trish sat there in shock not knowing what to say to her best friend’s sordid confession. Boy did she have the problem wrong she thought to herself. She knew that Katie was wild sexually but this was over the top dirty and forbidden. It was incest the same forbidden act she was worried that Katie’s father had committed with her, except now her friend turns out to be the one who wants to do it to her own mother.

On the surface she could fully understand how Katie would want to fuck Donna because she was serious milf. She had overheard packs of boys in high school talking about mothers of classmates and Donna and her own mom Joanna were almost always the top two being discussed.

She could even on some level understand how Katie might allow herself a little forbidden fantasy every now and then involving Donna. Instead she wasn’t just enjoying a little dirty fantasy she was actively avoiding her own mother out of fear she would lose control. She understood now her fear too because she couldn’t imagine Donnas’ reaction if her own daughter were to try and seduce her.

Not that she thought Donna was any kind of prude because she had been known to appreciate a nice butt or some hard abs while they would all shop together. It was actually kind of fun when both mothers and both daughters would hit the mall together. It was more like a girlfriend’s day out and no topic was closed for discussion. The girls had come to see their mother’s as friends they could trust because of those outings.

Now because of her friend’s confession an image formed in her head and she unknowingly let a small moan escape her lips. She had briefly pictured a naked Katie in the arms of an equally naked Donna and instead of disgusting her it made her tingle.

“Wow ... wow ... wow ... I have to tell you that at first hearing what you just said I was numb. Sis, you aren’t a monster, you might have some seriously dirty thoughts running through your head but you are far from a monster.”

“But don’t you see when you thought my father might have touched me he was a monster in your eyes. Now I have those exact desires towards my mom so doesn’t that make me one too? I just don’t know what to do Trish, I mean my first instinct is to go home and spend time with my mom, but I swear to you I’m so afraid something might happen. If it did it could make my own mother think I’m disgusting and she would hate me. It’s all so fucked up and I just don’t know what to do!” she said as she started sobbing.

“First of all stop your crying, and then think about what you just said, you compared what you are feeling to a possible child molester it’s not even close. When I thought your dad might have done something to make you feel this way I thought of him as a monster because he’s an adult and you weren’t. Your mom is an adult and if you were to make any crazy kind of attempt to make your dirty urges come true it would be one adult to another. That being said, I don’t think Donna would freak out and hate you by any means. I don’t think you realize how much you mean to her, just look at what she’s going through right now. She’s messed up because you’re here and she’s there.”

“So you don’t think I’m a disgusting dirty pervert and that I should just stay away from my mom?” Katie asked. She was starting to feel better about telling Trish because her friend was not letting her down. She didn’t run out of the room telling Katie she was sick and to stay away from her, she was being a friend.

“Katie, you’re my sister and let me be the first to tell you that you already are a disgusting dirty pervert. Remember I’m the one who gets to hear everything that goes on in that bedroom of yours. Do I think you are even more disgusting because of what you want to do, honestly no? In fact after you just confessed to me it made me picture you and your mom naked together and it made me tingle. It’s so above and beyond dirty and filthy that it’s fucking hot!” Trish said with a grin on her face.

For the first time ever since she had started having these feelings Katie didn’t feel like scum. In fact she felt like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders just with Trish’s last words. As if a switch had gone off in her head at that moment she actually started allowing herself to openly wonder how her mother’s cunt would taste. She wondered briefly if she could seduce her slowly so that maybe it wouldn’t shock her into revulsion.

“Really Trish, you really think the idea of me and my mom fucking is hot? So what should I do should try and ... well you know?”

“Don’t ask me that question Katie because it’s something that you need to decide for yourself. At the very least you need to somehow sit down with Donna and tell her your feelings. There’s no way on earth she’s going to condemn you for this, not with how much she loves you. Promise me one thing though, if somehow you manage to get into her pants I want to watch. Maybe not the first time but I want to see the two of you together because you’ve burned the fucking image into my head now too!”

“Oh my god Trish you’re just as dirty as I am you closet perv! If I were lucky enough for anything to happen and I got to fuck my mom I promise you I’ll do my best to make it so you can watch us.”

“Oh god you better because now I’m going to walk around with this filthy image in my head!”

“Well I didn’t tell you the toughest part for me; my dad wants me to let my mom come visit us for a few weekends. He wants her to start this weekend so you know how nervous his request made me,” Katie

“Holy shit so have you been sitting here all day plotting how to fuck your mom this weekend?” Trish asked while she unconsciously let her hand drift down to her crotch.

“No you dirty perv; until I talked to you tonight I was sitting here trying to figure out how to avoid trying to fuck her. After talking with you though I’m not so sure I want to avoid it. I think I’d rather go for it and see what happens. It’s so risky though Trish, what if she rejects me?”

“Honey even if she did I bet you she would do it in a really cool way. She’d probably say she understands but she can’t allow it to happen or something like that. Of course I think you should definitely go for it.”

“You know I think I’ve seriously underestimated how dirty your mind is! I just bet you’re gonna want to be home this weekend too to see if anything does happen,” she teasingly asked.

“Well I did plan to go home for the weekend but it might help you to have a third party around. It might make the tension a little lighter and make it easier for you to ... well you know”

“Bullshit you just don’t want to miss seeing it happen, ok stay home. Just don’t push me into doing anything, if anything happens I want it to be natural and not forced.” Katie told her in a mock stern voice.

“Okay so now that we’ve settled the fact that you’re afraid to be around her because you’re scared you’ll rape your own mom and that we’re both pervs, can you tell me how this all came to be. I mean you didn’t just wake up one day and notice your mom’s amazing body, how did you start to want to jump her bones?”

So Katie told her the story of her mom showing her how to masturbate and how she had seen her mom’s pussy that night. How the sight of it had stuck with her all these years. How when she and her mother were close and alone she imagined seeing it again. She told her about her getting her first sex toys from Donna and asking her to demonstrate how to use them only to be laughed off as being silly.

By the time she was done Trish could see how the attraction had built in her friend. She could understand how the semi-intimate encounters she shared every night with Donna brushing her hair had fed the fires of her attraction. Katie had described to her how she would sit with her back pressed against her mother’s tits while Donna softly and slowly brushed her hair every night. After Katie was done explaining she understood completely and in thinking about it could see how normal Katie’s feelings were. The only thing that wasn’t normal was the relationship involved.

In hearing Katie’s confession Trish couldn’t help but sit there and feel like a complete coward. She was in the same exact position as Katie but her feelings were for her roommate and she didn’t have the courage to do what Katie wants to do with her mother. The two of them hugged and Trish reassured her like she had said at the beginning of their talk that she would always be there for her.

Katie’s cell phone rang then and she knew it must be the call she was expecting from home. So she left and went to her room and closed the door so it was only open a crack. She didn’t want Katie to hear her as she laid on the bed and furiously started frigging her own pussy. Her head was full of images, pictures of her and Katie, and pictures of Katie and Donna.

Then just as she was pushing her hips up with a huge orgasm another picture flashed across her brain, it was an image in her head of her looking down in between her legs and seeing her own mother’s deep blue eyes staring back up at her. She screamed out and knew Katie must have heard her, but didn’t care. She had just taken Katie’s dirty desires and transferred them to herself and it had made her cum harder than she ever had before.

When Jack walked into his house he wasn’t sure what to expect after the confrontation earlier in the morning. He was pleasantly shocked to see Donna up and about actively making dinner. It smelled wonderful too, which was even more of a surprise considering that one of the other things that his wife seemed to have abandoned was her love of cooking.

To say he was surprised would have been an understatement and when Donna came over to him with a glass of wine for him he almost fell down. He couldn’t remember her greeting him at the door like this in months. Then he noticed what she was wearing or should he say was barely wearing, it was her favorite sexy cooking lingerie. Something that hadn’t seen the light of day in many a year.

It brought him back to earlier days in their marriage before Katie had arrived; she used to love to cook in sexy underwear. Her thought was that both sex and eating were sensual experiences so why not try and combine them both. It was quite a leap of belief for her after her sheltered upbringing. There was more than one burnt meal in their house in those early days because of a forgotten stove.

“Honey, please let me offer you this glass of wine in apology for my outburst this morning. I felt terrible all day and I just want to say I’m sorry.” Donna said softly.

“Well I couldn’t think of a more wonderful way to come home tonight darling. Apology accepted and everything forgotten,” he said without commenting on her outfit.

She was standing in front of him wearing a black bustier with crimson highlights and matching scarlet panties. The tops of her breasts were fully exposed with only an inch or so standing in the way of her nipples being bared. Over the bustier she wore a filmy black kimono which was completely see through. The effect was stunning and Jack could immediately feel himself stirring in his pants.

“I’m making your favorite dinner baby, Coq Au Vin with fresh herbed rice. Later after dinner we can talk about whatever you want. That is if you feel like talking!” she said while she did a sexy little spin for him.

“Donna what happened today, don’t get me wrong because dinner smells amazing and you look even more amazing?” he said gently. He didn’t want to upset the apple cart so he was careful in asking her.

She looked sheepishly at the floor before answering, “Well after you left I thought all morning on what has been bothering me. I know I’ve told you that everything is fine but it’s not. I think I know why I’ve been in such a funk for months but can we eat and spend a little time with each other before we talk anymore.”

“Honey I think I would be your willing slave boy if you greeted me at the door like this every day. Your wish is my command so lead me to the table!” he said as he took her arm in his.

Donna felt just a little guilty about what had brought her out of her funk this afternoon and she would never tell him. Yes she would tell him that she was missing Katie terribly but she would never mention that picturing their daughter fucking a boy was what had awakened her dormant sex drive. She was dressed this way because she was truly horny except what Jack could never know was that he wasn’t the cause of her being that way.

Jack had a very hard time focusing in on the dinner in front of him while Donna was sitting next to him dressed as she was. The whole scenario reminded him of earlier days in his marriage when greetings like tonight had been common occurrences. He also felt about as horny as he had back then because Donna and he hadn’t had sex in months now. There was a lot of lust built up between his legs and the last thing he wanted to do was eat dinner.

As he sat there eating he started to notice some differences between how Donna greeted him now as opposed to all those years ago. Back then the whole dinner was spent with them touching each other and staring into each other’s eyes. They were the epitome of love struck young people. They truly only had eyes for each other and short of the house burning down around them they weren’t going to be distracted.

Today was different though, Donna was dressed as she used to be back then that was still the same. It was her actions that were different and he couldn’t put his finger on it. He knew she was horny and that she wasn’t faking that because Donna had certain tell tale physical signs other than the obvious aroused nipples.

Unlike people who get flushed after an orgasm Donna would get flush when she got horny. It got really bad sometimes when they were younger too because they could be out in the world and it would strike her, almost for no reason. As her inhibitions had started to crack and he had learned this sign of her horniness he had pushed their boundaries a little more each time he got the chance. He had eventually convinced Donna to have sex in public once with him and he remembered her having the greatest orgasm of her life.

That had led to other public adventures always in places where there was a distinct chance of getting caught. They tried everything, including once having sex in a row of books at the public library. That was an accomplishment he thought to himself because Donna was not quiet when she came, in fact people like her classified as screamers.

To keep her quiet he had made her take her panties off and give them to him. He had disappeared to the men’s room where he proceeded to jack off into them giving the crotch a great burst of semen. He then went back to Donna and took her to the row they had selected and showed her the cum on the panties. When she went to say something he shoved them in her mouth with the cum stained crotch right on her taste buds so she could savor his flavor as they fucked ... He then turned her around and took her from behind while hundreds of people did their quiet research assisted by all the staff on duty.

So he knew that his wife was horny and wasn’t faking that tonight, it just seemed like she wouldn’t look at him now that they were sitting. His mind turned dark briefly and he had to make a supreme effort to chase away the thoughts invading his mind.

The thought he was struggling with was fidelity once again and his questioning of Donnas’ status on the subject. He sat there wondering if in fact Donna was dressed like this for some guy who might have just left his house. He kept trying to get this subversive idea to just lie down and die but he couldn’t.

His wife had become such a mystery to him over the last few months and it had left his own personal beliefs shaken and in question. Just the fact that he was suspicious at all of her behavior tonight was something he never would have believed possible. It would have been so easy to just sit there and accept this rejuvenated Donna on face value but they still needed to talk.

It would be interesting to hear what Donna thought was the source of her being in a funk. The real work though would come when they tried to figure out what it would take to get her out of it and keep her out of it. He knew that there were going to have to be some changes in their lives and he was willing to work with her. Something had to take hold of her and give her back the interest in getting up each day. She needed something that would motivate her and drive her forward.

Donna sat at the table with Jack and couldn’t get the images out of her head. The images she herself had put there this afternoon. She knew that she was flush from being horny and that Jack could easily see how aroused she was but she was trying to control it. After she had masturbated this afternoon it seemed to break open a dam of sensual feelings. She had gone so long without an orgasm that right now it was taking every ounce of her willpower to not spread her legs right now and finger herself once again.

Once again unknowingly to him though she was dripping down below with images of their young daughter naked and riding a cock running behind her eyes. She thought once again that it was just a little odd that she didn’t feel guilty using her daughter as a masturbation fantasy. She justified it in her own mind by telling herself that Katie was a sensationally sexy young woman and that’s why she had the fantasies she was having.

It wasn’t that she was actually fantasizing about having sex with Katie herself but anyone else would know that it wouldn’t be a huge leap for that to come next. So as she sat there trying to focus on the dinner in front of her and her husband she wondered to herself if Katie would ever agree to let her watch. To actually let her watch while she had sex with someone else or would she think her mom was disgusting. She didn’t think Katie would really be too shocked because she had been successful in giving her daughter a much broader outlook on sex then she had grown up with. Of course she could never broach the subject with her so it would just remain a dirty fantasy in her head.

Even with all the concerns inside his head Jack was truly enjoying his meal, Donna was a superb cook when she made the effort. He reminded himself that food had been involved in how they met and had played an essential part of their early relationship. She had the gift of handling contrasting flavors and textures that even some school taught chefs never achieved.

Donna was finally able to start leveling out from her constant barrage of nasty thoughts and was enjoying her dinner too. She knew that when they were finished eating it would be time for the talk they each agreed on earlier. Then she was planning on taking Jack to bed and giving him some of the pussy he hadn’t been able to get for the last three months.

“Honey, I know I’ve told you this a million times but I would eat your cooking over any chef in the world! This is amazing, I only hope this is the beginning of you spending time in the kitchen again,” Jack told her in between taking enthusiastic bites of his fork tender chicken.

“Thank you Jack, I know life’s been difficult around here and it’s mostly my doing. I felt so bad about the way I attacked you this morning I wanted to do something special for you tonight!” she told him. She wasn’t lying either because she had felt bad, just maybe not as bad as she was telling him.

She could understand his line of questioning this morning because to the outside observer it might have screamed cheating wife. She had no idea why the idea of him thinking that had set her off the way it had. She had felt a blind rage at his insinuation that she might have someone else.

The only reason she could even think that might explain why she acted like she did was her own disappointment in him. When he started to take their discussion this morning down the road of infidelity she felt hurt and angry with him. She was angry because this was the man she had spent the last twenty two years with. She felt like he should understand what was bothering her and he should know it didn’t involve an affair.

She wasn’t taking any responsibility in her own mind for the fact that she had shut down almost all communication with him. There were no talks to give him a clue what was wrong she just expected him to know. After all it was his job as her husband to take care of her and in not understanding her he was failing in her eyes. She would never admit her next thoughts to anyone if asked but she even started to feel a shift in her respect for him. How could she respect a man who fails his wife and doesn’t understand her? Of course while she was justifying her actions in her own mind this afternoon she failed to give Jack any credit for the number of times he tried to hold her. Nor for the number of times he tried to sit her down and gently find out what was wrong with her. No, in her eyes he should know and he should have answers for how to fix it.

“Well mission accomplished my love because I haven’t had a meal here at home like this since...” he left the sentence unfinished to see her reaction. He also did it as a gentle opening to their upcoming talk.

“Go ahead Jack, finish what you were going to say, don’t be afraid to talk with me please,” she answered with just a hint of annoyance in her voice.

“I guess what I was going to say was we haven’t had a meal like this since the last time Katie was home. That’s been what almost two months and my taste buds sure missed it!”

Jack’s comments brought her once again back to that weekend when Katie had offered to let her go out with Trish and her. She still regretted staying home that night and wished she had the opportunity again.

“I’m sorry honey and I don’t mean this to sound as bad as it might but it’s hard for me to find the inspiration nowadays. I mean when Katie’s here it’s like I’m cooking for my family, my whole family. When she’s gone it’s just not the same and I can’t seem to get excited about cooking or anything else,” Donna said sadly.

Jack was trying not to feel hurt or insulted by the implications of his wife’s statement but wasn’t surprised by it. It was confirmation of what he believed was really bothering Donna and to hear it from her own lips was a relief somehow. Maybe it meant she really had been thinking today.

“Donna I’m kind of glad you just said what you did. I believe that what you just told me is the root of all of our issues. I think that you miss our daughter and it’s affecting you every day in a negative way. It almost feels like once she moved out with no plans to come back you felt like your whole reason for living was gone. I know that might be an exaggeration but not by much,” he told her softly while reaching for her hands.

At his touch Donna broke down and let herself go, huge wracking sobs were coming out of her. She was sobbing uncontrollably and Jack immediately led her into the living room and held her. He rocked her in his arms while whispering to her telling her how much he loved her.

When Donna calmed down she just looked up at him and asked him a question that was so absurd he had to keep from laughing.

“Jack do you think Katie hates me, why doesn’t she ever come home to visit us?”she said in between sniffles. She had never thought too deeply on why it was so long between visits for their daughter but now this thought had entered her head. Maybe she had done something to keep her away from them.

“Oh my god no, I’ve never known a mother and daughter who are closer than you and Katie. Honey she’s a young woman now and needs her space to establish who she is. It doesn’t mean she loves you any less and in fact you’ll hear it later when I call her.”

“Call her, what do you mean Jack?” Donna answered finally calming all the way down.

“Well as I hope you can understand I was shocked by you this morning. It bothered me so much I called Katie and we talked for a bit. I might have mentioned to her that her being away has been taking a toll on you.”

Donna didn’t know whether to feel grateful or seriously pissed off that Jack had shared that with their daughter. She knew it was only done out of his concern for her so she chose grateful.

“Thank you honey, I really do miss her and that’s what I came up with today too. I miss our little lady here at home, she’s kind of like my best friend too, besides you that is,” she said softly while remembering to include that last part.

“Listen I was going to suggest to her that she come up here this weekend but I have a better idea. How about you go visit her this weekend, spend a few days and a few dollars entertaining our daughter. You know she’s lives in our favorite part of the city maybe you can give her all the dirt n when we lived there.”

Almost as soon as the words left Jack’s mouth he could see a change in Donnas’ demeanor. Her eyes lit up like he hadn’t seen in months and he could see her physically puff up with energy. It was almost as if someone turned a switch inside her head.

“Oh my god Jack, do you mean it? You wouldn’t mind if it was just me and Katie doing girlie things together?” she gushed.

“No baby I wouldn’t mind at all, in fact I think it’d be really healthy for you to get out of this house for a few days. Its felt more like a prison for you over these few months and a few nights in New York City would do wonders for you.” Jack told her sincerely. He was happy that she liked his offer but knew it was a band aid. Eventually they would have to find something of interest for Donna to grab onto so she could let Katie move on.

“Let’s call her right now honey, let’s call Katie and see if it would be okay with her.” Donna said acting like a kid on a birthday.

So Jack picked up his cell phone and dialed it only took two rings for Katie to answer.

“Hi daddy, is mommy there?”

“Yes honey she is and is very excited too at the moment.”

“Oh really well that sounds better than this afternoon, put me on speaker so I can say hello.”

Jack pushed the button and told Katie the speaker was active.

“Mommy, daddy told me you’ve been feeling down, I wish you would call me and talk if you are sad.”

“Oh baby, I know but I didn’t want to bother you with school and everything.”

“Mom, you will never be a bother to me, please promise me you will call me if anything is bothering you. I miss our talks at night so much and I know you probably do too!” Katie told her feeling the wetness seep onto her thighs at the thought of their nighttime get togethers.

“I miss you more than I can ever tell you too baby and our night talks just as much as you. I mean your dad doesn’t have enough hair to brush so I’m lost here”

Jack was amazed at the difference in his wife just hearing Katie’s voice. She was even making jokes about him.

“Katie, I hope I didn’t overstep my authority here as dad in the family but I made a suggestion to your mom. She flipped for it and I hope you will be okay with it too,” Jack told their daughter.

“What is it daddy, you know I would do anything I can for both of you?” Katie answered. Of course she didn’t know how much he would appreciate knowing what was going through her head right now. She was playing with any number of seduction scenarios all of which wound up with her father’s wife giving her pussy to their daughter.

She could hear her mother giggling in the background and was suddenly feeling giggly for her too. She missed her mom all the time but at that moment she missed her even more because she really was like a best friend to her.

“Honey, he wants me to come visit you for the weekend! What do you think baby can you handle having your old mom cramp your style for a weekend? You can just throw my old bones on the couch and I’ll be happier than pie!”

“OH my god really, of course you can come here mom! As far as cramping my style don’t you give it one thought, remember I wanted to take you out last time I was up there! You won’t be sleeping on any couch either; we’ll work something out with Trish!” Katie told her mom excitedly.

As excited as she was she suddenly got a nervous fear inside her that was sending signals down her spine. She might have been able to avoid exposing her feelings about her mother at home but this weekend would be a completely different ballgame. She was going to have the object of her perverted lust here in her apartment alone for the weekend, well not including Trish.

She was quickly remembering her promise to Trish to let her watch if something ever happened between her and her mom. It was still a fantasy in Katie’s mind but she knew her ability to seduce both men and women was pretty strong. Well she might well put herself to the greatest test of that ability this weekend.

“Just one thing mommy dearest, you have to grant me one thing if you come visit me here!” Katie teased. With her next statement the game would begin and her decision to start the seduction of her mother would move forward.

Jack was a little taken back by the tone of Katie’s voice after what she had just said. To him it almost sounded like she was trying to be seductive and provocative.

“What is it honey, what do you need?” Donna asked nervously. Just like Jack she picked up on her daughter’s tone of voice. Unlike Jack though it fed right into her perverted thoughts from earlier today.

“You leave that mommy hat at home; if you come here you’re just one of the girls for the weekend. I will be your guide and you my loving mother will be my follower!” Katie said softly and seductively. She couldn’t believe she had the nerve to say what she just did to her mother while her father was listening too.

“Ooooo sounds like fun; I’m taking the mommy hat off right now. Just one little question though, what happens if I don’t follow you?” Donna asked feeding right into both of their fantasies for the moment.

“Well you remember what happens to naughty little girls don’t you Donna, they get spanked!” she said wickedly.

Donna felt her pussy gush at the image of being spanked by Katie, being punished for being a bad girl. She didn’t miss the fact that Katie called her Donna either and it felt perversely wrong the way it sounded.

Jack was starting to get uncomfortable the way this conversation was going on. How could his wife and daughter be openly flirting with each other? It was the only way he could think of it because if they weren’t related there would be no doubt about the intent of this line of conversation.

“Hey, hey, calm down here, Katie when did you start calling your mother by her given name.” Jack said stepping on their momentum.

“Only since she just told me she took off her mommy hat daddy. If she isn’t mommy then she’s Donna. Do you mind me calling you that Donna?” Katie said purposely using the name again over her father’s objections.

“No not at all Katie, like you said my mommy hat is off so I guess you could call me just about anything you wanted!” Donna said trying to continue the erotic direction her conversation had been going with her daughter.

“Ok enough, Katie me and your mother have some more things to talk about. Thank you for agreeing to her visit this weekend and I hope the two of you have fun together,” Jack said while emphasizing the word mother.

“Okay daddy, goodnight, goodnight to you too Donna. I promise to keep you well entertained this weekend as long as you follow me!”

“Goodnight Katie, I’m so excited right now. I’ll follow you all weekend but I have to say ... the idea of not following you sounds kind of fun too!” Donna said wickedly while staring right into Jacks face.

Katie hung up and her hand immediately drove down into her pussy, rubbing frantically over her clit. She couldn’t believe that phone call; her own mother was flirting right along with her all the way. Her last comment before hanging up was almost as blatant as asking her own daughter to spank her.

She sat there wondering if it was that easy to get her to take off her mommy hat how hard would it be to get her clothes off. She was having a sneaking hunch that it might not be that hard at all. When she thought that she slid three fingers inside her well used pussy and screamed out “Donna” over and over again as she came.

“Donna what the fuck was that there, that was our daughter you were ... you were ... flirting with!” Jack yelled.

“Oh calm down Jackie, it was only a little innocent flirting amongst girls, I bet it would have gotten hard if it wasn’t our little girl. Well let me fill you in on some useful information, our little girl isn’t a little girl anymore. So I choose to treat her like an adult and have an adult conversation with her.”

Jack wasn’t exactly calmed down by Donnas’ answers but he had to admit it was all pretty innocent. He knew how close Katie and Donna were and for the first time ever he wondered how open their talks were when they were alone each night.

He didn’t have long to dwell on it though because Donna grabbed him by the hand and dragged him to the bedroom. Over the next three hours she reminded him why she was the hottest woman on the planet for him. She did everything for him tonight.

She sucked him off to start the night then sat on his face; she almost suffocated him in her aggressiveness. When she sucked him off she swallowed eagerly but before she did she played with his cum.

When they were actively enjoying a sex life nothing was ever off limits and they both liked to get filthy sometime. Donna sat in front of Jack and would dribble his cum into her hand and lap it all up over and over till she finished by swallowing it.

After they had both enjoyed an oral orgasm Donna got up on her hands and knees. She then begged Jack to fuck both her holes. She wasn’t in the mood to be made love to, she wanted fucking raw and rough.

Well Jack had months of cum stored up in his balls and he wasn’t about to let her down. He hammered her ass first leaving a load in there. Then he switched to her pussy and did the same, watching both holes leak the remains of his cum.

Then it was Jacks turn to be nasty, he proceeded to do something that always made Donna crazy with lust. He sucked his cum out of both her ass and her pussy and passed it to his wife to swallow.

As they were taking a break he found himself questioning the night once again. He had always believed that when he and Donna were going to break their drought of sex it would be with a slow session of making love. They would do it that way to reaffirm their lover for each other. There was no love in this tonight, this was a filthy fuckfest and as exhilarating as it was it still left him feeling empty.

For her part Donna was ecstatic, her phone call with Katie was unexpectedly provocative. Her daughter had taken control of the call and had started flirting with her. For some reason she had gone right along with it and when Katie had suggested spanking she had moaned. It was low enough that neither Jack nor Katie could hear it but it was a moan.

Then when she got off the phone she was on fire, her pussy was burning so she grabbed Jack. She didn’t make love to him instead she treated him like a human dildo and acted like a complete slut with him. Acting like a slut had always turned her on ever since she had shed the negative idea of what society said a slut was.

She had fucked Jack while not once thinking that it was him she was fucking. It was her daughter and her boyfriend dujour that was doing the fucking. It got even filthier in her head too because when Jack cleaned his cum out of her pussy and ass for the first time ever she imagined it was Katie’s tongue lapping up her boyfriend’s juice.

Jack hadn’t noticed that her eyes were closed during almost their entire time together. If he had he might have asked why but there was no way Donna would tell him. She wouldn’t tell him that while he was cleaning her she had her eyes closed to picture the face of their daughter in her head.

Katie could not believe how the conversation had just gone with her mother. The two of them were obviously flirting with each other even though her father was right there listening in on everything they said. Just from the little innuendos that she had been throwing in her mother’s direction she could already pick up that Donna definitely had a submissive streak about her. That fact alone scared Katie because she knew that she had been developing a definite dominant streak with her partners especially the women she had slept with.

She actually trembled with a combination of lust and fear as to where her mind was going right now. She wondered if she had the courage to actually attempt to make her mother her lover. If she did she wondered how far it would go and what would it do to her family. Surprisingly she gave the least amount of thought to how it would affect her father. She actually had a resigned callous idea about what it could mean to him if she seduced her mother. She felt that if he wasn’t man enough to give her mother what she needed then maybe his daughter should take over for him.

She let her hand drift down to her pussy and felt how soaked she was, she knew she was going to have to rub herself off more than once tonight. She actually cursed Trish for not having the nerve to follow through on her attraction to her because she could use a hot tongue right now. She would love to feel her pussy being eaten while she imagined it was her mother. If only Trish would accept her feelings towards her and act on them.

She was sure that taking her mother on as her lover would be all the catalyst that Trish would need to cross the line. Especially since she had admitted that the idea of Donna having incestuous sex with her turned her on. Her request to watch if anything were to happen hopefully would lead to even wilder times for the three of them.

Katie knew without a doubt that if she were to make the first move towards her that Trish would spread her legs in a second. She wanted her best friend to make the move though because she wanted her to become more assertive and forward with her sexuality. She was in essence trying to do her a big favor because she felt that Trish’s sexual confidence was nowhere near where it should be.

Even though she wouldn’t make a move on her she would still tease her sometimes. So she went down the hall and looked in the room. Trish was lying on her bed obviously entrenched in some text book for one of her classes. As she looked in the door at her roommate in her bed she purposely took her hand rubbed the moisture from her pussy all over the inside of her thighs. She knew that the scent was inescapable and then she went into the room.

She plopped herself right down next to her lifelong best friend and casually opened her legs just enough to expose her shaved pussy.

Trish was at first startled at the abruptness of Katie’s entrance but was quickly distracted by the obvious scent of pussy.

“Oh my god how did your talk with your parents go?” Trish inquired. She was more relaxed after rubbing herself off earlier but the smell of Katie’s juices was making her horny again.

“Trish, were you serious about wanting to watch if something happens between me and my mom?” Katie teased.

“Fuck yeah, oh shit, are you really going to...” Trish asked feeling her pulse racing.

Katie had made her decision as she had left her room and she had decided that she had never backed away from a challenge in her life. This would be the biggest one she had ever taken on but the reward if she was successful would be the most erotic thing she could ever imagine. She sat there imagining the scent and sight of her mother’s fully aroused cunt.

“Yeah I really am, and I think that I have more than a good chance at succeeding,” she said as she related the conversation she had just had with Donna on the phone.

“Katie, I don’t know what to say but I can’t believe that what we were just talking about before might actually happen!”

“Well me either but it almost felt like my mom wants to be lead, and I think I’m going to be the one doing the leading. Leading her right in between these thighs!” she said softly as she obscenely spread her legs right in front of Trish.

Trish felt her mouth getting dry and her own pussy starting to soak over both the idea of Katie and her mom together and the sight of Katie’s gorgeous pussy right in front of her. She wished she had the nerve to just reach out and touch it. She was sure that Katie was teasing her but she was also sure that if she made a move she could have her too. She just couldn’t do it, not yet anyway.

“You know Trish sometimes when an opportunity presents itself you just have to be bold enough to reach out and take it. I’ve had this fantasy about my mom for a long time and it feels like fate is dropping a chance to make it reality in my lap. I could easily ignore all the signs like someone else I know does but I would always wonder later on,” Katie taunted. She so badly wanted to just grab Trish by the back of her neck and smother her with her pussy.

Instead she jumped off the bed and as she headed to her own room she turned back and winked at her roommate.

“Maybe seeing something as wild as me and my mom touching each other might inspire you to chase one of your own fantasies too! I’m gonna need your help making this happen so don’t make any plans next weekend and be ready. If this happens I promise you will be allowed to not only watch the first time but all the time after too!”

Trish was speechless because she knew that Katie had just come as close as she ever had to just outright giving herself to her. She knew that the comment about taking advantage of opportunities was for her benefit. She hoped that watching the possible incestuous coupling would do exactly as Katie had suggested. She hoped it would give her the courage to maybe do more than just watch the two of them.

After Katie left and went to her room moans of release could be clearly heard from both bedrooms in the apartment. Of course what Katie didn’t know was that inspired by her own confession of incestuous lust Trish’s fantasies once again morphed from Donna and Katie to a fantasy involving herself and her own mother Joanna.

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