Mischevious Morgan
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Teacher/Student, School, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Morgan Gilmore is invited to a friend's wild sweet sixteen party. So wild, she can't tell her evangelical, straight-laced parents. But with the support of her friends, and older sister, Grace, she goes anyway. What she finds is one of the best experiences any sixteen-year-old girl could ever want.

“Morgan! You got something in the mail!”, Mom says.

“Okay, Mom, I’m coming!”, I say.

I walk into the living room. Mom puts the mail on the kitchen counter. I pick up the one with my name on it.

“I see it’s from Sami Moore”, she says.

“Must be for a party or something.”

I pick up the envelope and open it.

‘You are cordially invited to a sweet sixteen sleepover party for Samantha Lynn Moore. April 23, 2016 at 7PM. Cake, ice cream, entertainment and fun. RSVP: Mrs. Moore at 713-555-7264 by April 21.’

“Oh my gosh, Mom! It’s to Sami’s sixteenth birthday party! I want to go! Please, please can I go, Mom?!”

“Well, if you promise to behave, you can go”, says Mom.

“Woohoo! Thanks, Mom!”

I call the number on the invite.

“This is Susan.”

“Hi, Ms. Moore! It’s Morgan!”

“Oh! Hi, Morgan! Great to hear from you!”

“Thanks, Ms. Moore. I called because my mom said I can come to Sami’s party”, I say.

“Awesome! Stephanie and I are planning a big party for Sami. Now, Morgan, I don’t want to freak you out. And what I’m about to tell you stays just between you and me. Okay?”, says Ms. Moore.

“Okay”, I reply

“Stephanie and I have a big surprise for Sami. I don’t want to say anything that will grab your parents’ attention. But I’ll have a stack of money waiting for you.”

“Okay”, I tell her, thoroughly confused.

“You’ll love it”, she says. “Trust me. We look forward to having you over on Friday.”

“Who else will be there?”, I ask.

“Me, and Steph, and Sami. Then you, and Emily Woods”, Ms. Moore explains.

“Emily’s going to be there?”, I ask, wanting her to repeat Emily’s name.

“Yeah! And Sami’s best friend, Taylor Mills. Plus Molly Snyder and Shelby Matthews are coming.”

“Awesome! I can’t wait! Thank you, Ms. Moore!”

“Thanks for calling, Morgan! See you Friday! Bye, sweetie!”

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I got invited to a big birthday party! I don’t get a lot of those because of my parents. They mean well, like when they gave me a big cross necklace that I wear every day. But they just don’t know how to handle me and my older sister, Grace. You see, my dad is a pastor’s kid. And Papa Gilmore is one of those hellfire and brimstone Baptist preachers. We’re not allowed to show our breasts, or peepees, or bottoms, or even our belly buttons in the house or in public. That makes it pretty darn uncomfortable if we’re in pool, since we have to wear a one piece swimsuit with shorts ... in the pool. And needless to say, there’s no such thing as sunbathing. Did I mention uncomfortable? Yeah? Sorry. Grace is away at college. She’s roommates with a friend of hers and her brother. Sounds crazy, I know. But she’s a great sister, and I know she’ll do just fine.

Anyway, Emily sits next to me in economics class. She has a cross necklace, only much smaller than mine.

“Hey, girlie!”, I greet my best friend.

“Hey, girlfriend! How are you?”, she replies.

“Awesome! I’m going to Sami’s party.”

“Yes!”, she exclaims. “Oh, Morgan, you’re gonna love it! I can’t wait!”

“Can I ask you about something?”

“Sure, Morgan. What is it?”

“Ms. Moore said that she would have a surprise for Sami, and that she would give me some money for it. Do you know what’s going on?”, I ask.

Emily hesitates, then says, “I do. But there’s a reason why she didn’t want to tell you. And she told me not to tell you. So, I guess it’ll be as big of a surprise to you as it is to Sami.”

Now my mind starts churning. Why would they keep this detail from me? I have Sami for my last class, biology, but she’s not going to know anything either. I don’t tell her anything, lest I say something that might ruin whatever surprise her mom and sister have for her.

After I get home, I call Grace.

“Hi, Sissy!”, she says.

“Hey, Gracie, what’s up?”, I ask.

“Oh, homework and biology lab”, she answers. “Always a pain in the butt. Anyways, what’s going on with you?”

“Well, I got invited to a sweet sixteen birthday party”, I explain.

“Oh, that’s awesome! Hopefully, it’ll make up for us not having our own”, says Grace.

“I hope so, too. But the party is for my friend, Sami. Her mom and sister are planning on a big surprise. Apparently, it involves some money at the party. Ms. Moore specifically told me that she would have a stack of money for me. Do you have any idea what she’s talking about?”, I ask Grace.

“Hmmm ... I think I have an idea. But if it’s the one I’m thinking of, then I understand why she didn’t tell you. Just go with that. Get Sami a gift card to somewhere she likes. Maybe combine with Emily. And then have fun at the party. You can call me afterwards and tell me all about it. Okay, Sis?”

“Okay, Gracie”, I say, somewhat exasperated by the whole thing. Maybe I should just quit worrying like Grace says. “Anyway, how are you, and Alyssa, and Peter doing?”

“Oh, we’re doing great! Peter’s been practicing for his music test, as well as studying. Alyssa and I have been studying for our classes, too. And, you know, it’s getting to the end of the year. And summer will be here soon”, Grace reminds me.

“Can’t wait for that! Hopefully, I can come visit”, I say.

“Would love to have you, Morgan. I know they would love to meet you. Anyway, we got to get back to studying. Big finals coming up. Love you, sis.”

“Love you, too, Gracie.”

“Call me after the party”, she says.

“I will. Bye, sis!”

I get cracking on my homework. I certainly don’t want to let down my parents with bad grades.

So, the party is still a big mystery, which may be a good thing. I don’t mention the party to Mom or Dad again until Thursday night.

“So, Sami’s party is tomorrow night?”, my father asks.

“Yeah, Dad.”

“Do you know who else is going?”

“Emily’s going!”, I exclaim with delight.

“That’s awesome, Morgan! At least there will be someone you know. Do you know when it’ll be over?”, Mom wants to know.

“It’s a sleepover party. So Saturday morning, I think”, I reply.

“Okay, just don’t forget your pajamas before you go. And remember, no funny stuff. You be on your best behavior, young lady”, Mom reminds me very sternly.

“Yes, Mom.”

Friday morning, Emily and I are excited about the party.

“Oh, my gosh! I can’t wait for the party tonight!”, I tell her.

“Me, either!”, she says.

“I told my parents about the party”, I tell her.

“Oh, God! Let me guess ... they told you to be on your best behavior”, Emily says.

“Yeah, they said I had to bring my pajamas to the party.”

“Good friggin’ grief!”, Emily says, looking somewhat disgusted. “Morgan, you’re sixteen years old. You’re not a little child anymore. I know they mean well, but your parents are overprotective. You asked me about the party. Well, let’s just say they wouldn’t approve of anything happening. This is going to be a lot different from a typical birthday party. Just trust me on this.”

That’s the Emily Woods I know and love. We’ve been friends since we met at Briarmeadow Elementary in third grade. We both attend Serenity Baptist Church. We’ve been to Christian summer camp a couple of times. She’s someone whom I lean on for support and advice. But I still wonder what she knows that I don’t.

I talk with Sami later.

“Hey, Morgan!”, she says as she gives me a big hug.

“Hi! So is your birthday today?”, I ask.

“It is!”, Sami affirms.

“Well, happy birthday, Sami!”

“Thank you! Can’t wait for the big party tonight!”

“Me neither!” I hold my tongue, lest I give a hint to what may happen tonight.

“Party starts at seven!”, she reminds me.

“I plan to be there early”, I say.

“No problem. Come on over! See ya tonight!”, she says before class starts.

I walk home after school and watch some TV before mom arrives.


“Yes, Mom!”

“Would you like pizza for dinner?”, she asks.

“That sounds good, Mom!”, I tell her.

“I’ll get it in the oven.”

Anytime I see “The Gilmore Girls” on TV, you know I gotta watch. I mean ... I am one, aren’t I? And while I’m not a mother, yet, I see some of the same things in my life that I do on the show. In other words, we’re a perfect match.

“Morgan, the pizza is ready!”, says Mom.

“Coming, Mom!”

I head to the kitchen table and grab a few slices of pepperoni. Dad comes in as I’m pouring my Pepsi.

“Hey, Morgan!”

“Hi, Dad!”

“Ready for your party?”, he asks.

“Yeah! Can’t wait! It’s going to be a great party”, I let my parents know.

I say grace for us and start chowing down on my pizza. Yeah, it’s yummy! I enjoy my pizza, then start getting ready for the party. I change into a teal button-down blouse and black slacks. I add a belt to look nice. Then I get my pajamas out of my dresser, along with a change of clothes for the morning, and put them into a bag. Then I pick up Sami’s birthday card and drop it in. I carry it back down to the kitchen.

“Morgan, you look very nice.”

“Thanks, Mom!”

“Have a great time at the party”, Mom says. “Make sure you have your phone with you. Behave yourself, young lady.”

“I will, Mom!”

I head out the back door to my car. It takes me about fifteen minutes to drive there. I park out in front of Sami’s house. I can see it’s got a high fenced in yard. Not sure what all is in back. And the house, on the outside looks really nice. I walk up to the door and ring the bell. Ms. Moore answers.

“Hey there, Morgan! Come on in!”

“Thank you, Ms. Moore.” She closes the door.

“Sami came home with Taylor after school. They’ve been hiding out in Sami’s room. Lemme get them out here.”

Ms. Moore heads down the hall to Sami’s room and pokes her head in. She comes back.

“They’ll be here in a minute”, she assures me.


A few minutes later, the bell rings again. Ms. Moore again answers.

“Hey, gals!”

It’s Emily! Yay!

“Hey, Susan!” Emily hugs Ms. Moore.

“Please come in, Emily. Morgan is here.”

“Awesome!”, she exclaims.

Ms. Moore continues talking with Mrs. Woods, while Emily joins me in the living room.

“Hey, girlie!”

“Hey, Emily!” We hug.

Sami and Taylor come in.

“Hey, girlies!”, says Sami. We hug each other.

“Oh my God, Morgan! I can’t believe you came!”, says Taylor.

“I’m here! And by gosh, I’m gonna have a great time.”

“Damn right!”, says Sami.

A young lady emerges from the hallway.

“Steph!”, exclaims Sami.

Stephanie is her sister, and, like my own sister, is in college. But she’s here to help Sami celebrate her big birthday.

The doorbell rings again. A blonde girl is at the door.

“Oh, hi, Molly! Come on in!”

“Thanks, Ms. Moore!”

That must be Molly Snyder. I’ve not met her before.

“Hi there! You must be Molly?”, I ask.

“Yep, Molly Snyder. Nice to meet you, Morgan.”

“Nice to meet you, too.”

The doorbell rings again. This must be Shelby Matthews. She’s the only one left. Indeed, there’s a young blue-eyed brunette at the door.

“Hey, Shelby!”, shouts Sami.

“Hey, Sami!”, Shelby replies. They hug.

Susan says, “Well, since everyone is here, how about we all gather around the kitchen table where the cake is.”

After gathering around the table and lighting the candles, Ms. Moore takes pictures of Sami’s cake on her phone. We sing “Happy Birthday” to Sami. Sami blows out the candles, and her mom cuts the cake. We enjoy the cake and ice cream. After Sami opens her presents, the doorbell rings again.

“That’s strange. I thought everyone was here”, I mention.

Ms. Moore opens the door. There’s two young guys, I’m guessing college-aged, with a big bag. I’m not sure what’s in the bag. Anyway, Ms. Moore lets them in.

“You can borrow my bedroom in the back”, she tells them.

“Thank you, ma’am”, they reply.

The guys head to the back while Ms. Moore rejoins us.

“Okay, girls, are you ready for the entertainment?”, she asks us.

“Entertainment?”, asks Sami.

“Yeah!”, her mom replies.

I see the other girls start digging into their pockets. I’ll bet the entertainment has something to do with that stack of money Sami’s mom told me about. She walks over to me.

“Remember when I said that I had som money for you?”, she asks.

“Yeah”, I reply. “Does that have something to do with those guys?”

“Yeah. They’re strippers”, Ms. Moore says.

“Strippers?!” I’m pretty shocked by this.

“Yeah”, she says.

“Oh my gosh! I don’t think my parents would approve of them”, I tell Ms. Moore.

“This is why I didn’t tell you, Morgan. Sami wants you here because she really loves your friendship. We didn’t tell her about the strippers either. Morgan, you’re sixteen now. In just a couple of years, you’ll be going to college like Stephanie and Grace. Your parents won’t be there to judge you. And, you know, they’re not here tonight. For this one night, would you just live it up and have some fun?”

“Emily says my parents are very overprotective”, I mention.

“In my opinion, they are”, she replies. “They do mean well. They want you to be an upstanding citizen. They want you to do well in school. They don’t want you to go around sleeping with everyone. But the manner in which they lay down the rules is totally ridiculous. Are you ready for the night which will change your life?”

After a lot of thought, I tell her, “Yes!” I hug Ms. Moore tightly. “Thank you.” I did everything to keep from crying. This is the release I needed.

“Oh, honey, it’s all gonna be okay. Here’s the money I promised you. Keep it close to you”, she tells me.

She gives me a big stack of ones.

Stephanie says, “Okay, girls, how about a picture with everybody. Sami in the middle.”

Emily and I line up next to Ms. Moore, who is next to Sami. Molly, Shelby, and Taylor are on the other side. Stephanie takes our picture.

Ms. Moore leaves for the back where the guys, the strippers, are. She returns with them. One of them has a boom box radio.

“Ladies, these hunky guys are Brandon and Ryan.”

We all cheered our approval. Yes, even me.

Ryan comes up to each one of us and kisses on the hand as we shake his. I must say I really enjoyed it. He steps out, leaving Brandon with us. Brandon also shakes and kisses our hands. Sami is the last one to get her hand kissed.

“Do you all have a chair for her?”, he asks.

Ms. Moore pulls out a bar chair for Sami. Brandon takes Sami over to the chair and has her sit down. He turns on the music and starts dancing in front of Sami. I see her smiling and squirming in her chair. Actually, I’m not sure if she’s squirming or dancing along in her chair.

As he dances, Brandon is slowly unbuttoning his shirt. Oh my God! The more buttons he undoes, the more skin I see, and the more excited I get. Finally, his shirt hangs open, and I see his sexy tummy. You know my parents say I can’t show my bellybutton, or see som Ieone else’s. Well ... my eyes spy a sexy bellybutton! Molly and Shelby decide to get up and dance.

Brandon gets his shirt completely off to our screaming approval. Then he turns around and shakes his bottom for Sami. She’s clearly enjoying the attention. She even reaches out and feel his slacks, right on his bottom. Brandon responds by shaking his bottom in Sami’s lap. She reaches around feels his chest and tummy. Holy crap! I wish I could that. Then Sami slips a hand in Brandon’s pants. Oh my God, she has her hands there? And he’s not batting an eye? Oh my God!

Sami finishes feeling wherever her hand was, then Brandon gets out of her lap and turns around. He slowly unfastens and unzips his slacks. He has tiny gray underwear underneath. Holy crap! And I can see part of his bare bottom! Not much covering his peepee either. There’s no way Mom or Dad would let me see this. I’m glad I’m here.

Brandon resumes dancing in front of Sami. She puts a couple of dollar bills in his underwear, then he starts opening Sami’s shorts?! Sami has some cute blue panties on. Oh my God! After Brandon unzips Sami’s shorts, she feels his underwear. Dang!

I see Taylor waving some money at Brandon. He goes to visit her. Sami gets up and lets her shorts slide off.

Ryan enters the room. He dances toward Sami, and lets her take his shirt off. But in the corner of my eye, Brandon is taking Taylor’s shorts off! What the heck? This is getting crazier! Sami’s dancing with Ryan. Taylor’s dancing with Brandon. They’re having a good time when Ryan takes off Sami’s shirt. Not only is Sami dancing in her bra and underwear, Ryan takes his pants off, and dances only in some kind of mesh underwear. As in I can actually see his peepee, even though he has underwear on. I do love that peepee, though.

In the meantime, Brandon takes off Taylor’s shirt, and she’s got a surprise. There’s no bra. We can see her bare breasts and nipples. She and Brandon dance in their underwear.

And as Ryan and Sami continue dancing, he pulls down her panties from behind, flashing her bottom. I then see Ms. Moore and Stephanie taking pictures of that on their phone.

“Have you two been taking pictures the whole time?”, I ask Ms. Moore.

“Hell yeah!”, she replies.

“Are you planning to take pictures of me?”, I wonder.

“Morgan, we’d love to. May we?”, says Stephanie.

“I don’t know. May get into trouble”, I tell them.

Sami and Ryan stop dancing, and Sami leaves her chair.

“C’mon, Morgan! Have a good time! You can’t be a goody two shoes all the damn time”, says Sami.

“Oh, I can’t.”

Ryan picks me up and takes me to the chair. I’d scream, but I’m so taken by his physique and that peepee that’s peeking through his underwear. I put a few bucks in the underwear. Then he let me touch and feel his body. Oh my God, that actually feels really good. I’ve never done this before. I put a few more dollars in and feel his peepee. Oh my God, it feels like heaven! And it’s nice and hard. Did I do that? Ryan lets me touch him for a few more seconds.

In the meantime, Brandon moves over to Molly, who lets him take her shirt off.

Ryan pushes me back on the chair and unbuckles my belt. Oh my God! Oh my God! Now, I’m really going to be in trouble. I’m scared out of my wits right now. Oh God, now he’s unfastening my slacks! Now, I’m really scared. He unzips my slacks, and now everyone can see my panties.

“Yeah, we got Morgan! Yay, Morgan!”, says Sami.

They like this? They like seeing my undies? Well, maybe I should reconsider. I do like the guys in their undies. And I enjoy feeling their peepees. What the heck! I’m just going to enjoy this. I relax and let Sami pull down my slacks. She helps me get out of them.

Ryan and I continue dancing together, then he feels my peepee over my underwear. Oh my God, that’s freaking awesome! I put more dollar bills in his undies. He holds my hands and take them to his undies. The dollar bills fall out as I pull off his underwear. His sexy and awesome peepee is now free for all to see and touch. Ryan’s wonderfully and fearfully made body is naked like Adam. Sorry, it’s the Baptist girl in me. I know ... I’m in my panties.

Sami and Taylor come and gang up on me, unbuttoning my blouse and getting it off quickly. So, now I’m in my bra and panties, and my bellybutton, which is not normally seen, is well in view.

“Morgan, come over here!”, shouts Emily.

I get out of the chair and walk over to Emily. The guys are now dancing with Ms. Moore and Stephanie.

“How are you liking the party?”, she asks.

“Oh, I’m loving the party. Thank you for being such a big help and a big supporter”, I reply.

“Oh, sweetie, you know I would do anything to help you”, Emily says.

I look around the room to see Ms. Moore with no pants and Stephanie with no shirt.

“How are you liking the party so far?”, she asks again. I guess she forgot she asked me that already. I shake it off. It is sort of loud with the music.

“Actually, I’m loving it so far”, I tell her.

“Yeah, I mean how often do you get to be around a naked guy?”, Emily declares

“Oh my gosh, Emily. He looked really hot!”, I tell her excitedly.

“Really damn hot?”, she asks.

“Really damn hot!”, I affirm.

“Good for you, girlie! You liked his dick?”, Emily asks.

“His dick?”, I ask back.

“His wood? His manhood? I hate to ask what you’ve been calling it.”

“I think I’ve been calling them peepees.”

I spy the room to see Ms. Moore and Stephanie in their bras and underwear. I must say Ms. Moore looks pretty good for her age, whatever it is.

“Oh my God, Morgan! You’re not six anymore”, says Emily.

“Should I call it a dick?”, I ask.

“For guys, yes. For girls, like you, it’s a pussy”, she says

“Actually, I like that word, pussy”, I remark. “And I loved Ryan’s dick. Heck, I loved his whole damn body.”

“And you’re standing around in a roomful of people in your bra and underwear.”


“How are you liking it?”, Emily asks me.

“I wasn’t sure how I would like after I got attacked by Sami and Ryan”, I reply. “But I see Sami, Taylor, Molly, and even Ms. Moore, like it’s nothing. Ms. Moore looks really damn good for however old she is.”

“She’s in her mid-forties. And, yes, you’re right. She does look damn good. And may I say you do, too? I do love that little button.”

And when Emily says little button, trust me it’s a little belly button. Anyway, Sami and Taylor team up to take Shelby’s shirt and pants off. I’m not sure why I started unbuttoning Emily’s shirt from the bottom. I guess I really am a bellybutton girl. Emily doesn’t seem to mind me doing it. After a few buttons, I see she has a decent sized bellybutton that resembles a crater.

“You like it, Morgan?”, she asks about her belly button.

“I do, Emily. I really do.”

“Keep going. Don’t let me stop you.”

I undo a few more buttons before I see Emily’s bra-covered breasts. They’re not bad at all. I get her shirt off, then eye the pants. I give her a knowing look. She smiles. I unfasten and unzip her pants. I pull them down with great delight. Emily steps out of them. Now we’re all in our bras and panties ... well, except Taylor, who had no bra to begin with. Ryan and Brandon leave after a great party.

“Okay, girls, line up for pictures!”, says Ms. Moore.

We line up in front of the couch in the same order as earlier. Stephanie takes the picture, then changes places with Ms. Moore. Ms. Moore takes another picture.

“Okay, everyone, who wants to go skinny dipping?!”, Ms. Moore asks.

“Meeeee!”, says most of the girls.

“Skinny dipping?!”, I ask.

“Oh, Morgan, you didn’t know we have a pool.”, Ms. Moore says. “Yeah, Sami and her friends like to go swimming in the pool naked.”

Sami, Taylor, Molly, and Shelby take their bras and undies and head out a back door. Stephanie and Emily hang with me and Ms. Moore.

“And on good nights, like tonight, they’ll sleep outside fully nude”, Ms. Moore explains.

“Morgan, it’s probably been awhile since you had a bath. Think of it like that, except the tub is much bigger and deeper”, says Stephanie.

“And out in public”, I complain.

“Well, in the backyard” Ms. Moore replies. “It is fenced in. Hopefully, you saw it when you came in.”

Ms. Moore reaches behind and unclasps her bra and brings it forward off of her.

“Like my titties?”

“I do.” They’re a little bigger, and the nipples look a lot bigger, too.

She slides her panties off, revealing a hairless pussy, as Emily might say.

“Ms. Moore, you look very good naked”, I compliment Sami’s mom.

“Thank you. Oh, Morgan, please call me Susan. I just feel funny when we’re standing here naked, and you’re being formal.”

“Then Susan it is.”

Emily reaches behind me and takes my bra off. I get hers off. She has some nice breasts. Before I have a chance to complain, Emily quickly gets my underwear off. There I am, completely without clothes, and wearing my cross necklace. That sounds so wrong. Oh, my parents would be so disappointed. And me? Oh my God, I love it. And I do like my naked body anyway. All five-foot-six of it.

“I like your little red bush, Morgan”, says Susan.

“Thank you. Although, I must admit I like your pussy with no hair, Susan. And I love your belly ring.”

“Thank you, Morgan. I love it, too.”

“I wish I could have one”, I say. “But my parents would notice.”

“True”, Susan affirms.

I pull Emily’s panties off. She’s got a pussy that’s not bushy, but not bare.

“Nice pussy, Emily.”

“Thank you.”

“What do you call the hair pattern?”, I ask.

“It’s a landing strip”, she replies.

Stephanie gets out of her underwear and bra. Her pussy is bare like Susan’s. Now all of us are naked.

“What do you say we all jump in the pool and have fun”, says Susan.

I reply, “I love that idea. Let’s go!”

We go outside through some doors. Sami and Taylor are splashing each other in the pool. Molly is swimming. I see her little bottom while she swims. Shelby is sitting at the edge of the pool. There’s chairs and lounges around the pool. They’ve got a nice covered area. It’s pretty well lit. Susan and Stephanie chill in chairs while Emily and I step in the pool.

The water is a little cool.

“A little cold on your feet?”, Emily asks.

“Just a touch”, I reply.

“You’ll be okay. Besides, you’ll be a lot more comfortable tonight.”

“True! No shorts ... and no swimsuit!”

We go to the next step. The water cones further up my legs. With another step, the water hits my bottom and pussy ... that’s bare bottom and pussy. Oh my God, it does feel really good!

“Oh my God, Emily, that actually does feel great on my bottom”, I say.

“Great! Except the word isn’t bottom. It’s your ass.”, Emily says, reminding me how childish my vocabulary is.

“The water feels great on my ass”, I say. “So, now you’re going to teach me some bad words, huh.”

“Well, I’m trying to bring your vocabulary up to date. It feels like it’s still stuck in the fifties”, says Emily.

“True. You’re right”, I say.

Finally, we’re fully in the pool. My breasts look like they’re floating on the water. Emily’s a little shorter, so her boobs are just under the water. We walk around a bit to get used to the temperature.

“How about we swim from one end to the other?”, Emily suggests.

“Sounds like a good idea”, I reply.

“Yeah, it’ll loosen you up. And everyone gets to see that nice ass of yours”, she says.

“Well, don’t you have a nice ass, too?”, I ask.

“Well, thanks”, Emily replies.

Emily and I swim across the pool. My butt pokes through the water. Check that, my ass pokes through the water. My cross necklace dangles while I swim. We reach the other side and stand up. You know, I’m beginning to warm up to this skinny dipping thing.

“That felt really good”, I say.

“It sure does, Morgan”, says Emily.

“Wanna race me over to the other side?”, she asks.


I beat her to the other side. Then I start a water fight with her. We’re just having fun when Sami and Taylor join us for a splashing war. After several minutes of fun, I get tired. Emily and I leave the pool. I sit down on a lounger. Emily pulls one next to mine. We lay down in our birthday suits.

“This air feels so great on my body”, I say.

“Yeah, I love it”, Emily agrees.

I want to tell Grace what’s going on.

“Emily, you wanna talk to Grace with me?”, I ask.

“Oh, I’d love to, Morgan. I’ll bet she wants to know about the party”, Emily replies.

“She does.”

I call Grace’s cell phone.

“Hey, Sissy!”, she says.

“Hey, Gracie! How are things these days?”

“Oh, pretty good.”

“Hi, Gracie!”, Emily chimes in.

“Hey, Emily, how are ya?”, my sis asks her.

“Oh, pretty darn good.”, Emily says.

“I know you two were supposed to be at a party tonight. What happened?”

“Grace, would you believe Susan and Stephanie hired some strippers?”

“Strippers! Oh my God! You mean you finally saw some major skin?!”, Grace asks.

“Oh did she ever, Gracie”, Emily replies. “Holy cow, you would have never thought she was a church girl.”

“Morgan, you know I’m very proud of you”, Grace tells me. “Tell me about what happened.”

“Well, we had cake and ice cream, and Sami opened her presents. Then two college guys show up at the house”, I explain.

“She thought a couple people might have been late for the party”, Emily says.

“Yeah, but anyway, Susan says that the entertainment has arrived. I then wondered if it had something to do with the stack of money I was told about”, I say.

“And, of course, the answer was yes. So, how far did they go?”, Grace asks.

“They stripped to their underwear at first”, I reply.

“At first?”, she asks, sounding surprised.

“Yeah. But then one guy started taking Sami’s clothes off”, I say.

“Holy shit!”

“But the kicker was that they got me, and got my shirt and pants off”, I tell Grace.

“Oh my God!”, she exclaims. “Morgan Hope Gilmore, you better not tell Mom and Dad!”

“I have no intention of telling them anything”, I say with a mischevious grin.

“Anyway, what else happened?”

“I actually felt some guy’s dick”, I tell her.

“What the hell? You touched a guy’s weiner?”, Grace asks.

“Yep, and I could tell she loved it”, Emily replies.

“Really? Damn! What else?”, Grace wants to know.

“Well, by the end of the party, all of us were in bra and panties”, I reply.

“Except Taylor. She had no bra”, Emily interjects. Grace laughs.

“And so they took some pictures of us in our undies”, I say.



“Oh, but Gracie, that’s not all”, says Emily.

“Uh oh”, says Grace.

“After the pictures, Susan asked if we wanted to go skinny dipping”, I say.

“WHAT?!” Grace sounds really shocked by that news.

“Yeah, they asked us if we wanted to skinny dip”, Emily replies.

“Are you freaking serious?”, Grace asks.

“Yes, we are!”, I say.

“Oh my God! So both of you are completely naked?”

“Yes we are!”, I reply.

“Completely and utterly naked”, says Emily.

“I am so proud of you, Morgan Hope Gilmore. I know it’s not a good thing to disobey your parents, but I’m proud you’re beginning to break their hold over you”, Grace tells me.

“Thank you, Sissy.”

“Morgan, can I be honest with you about something?”, Grace says.

“You’re not seeing a guy, aren’t you?”, I reply.

“Oh, it has nothing to do with men. Actually, it’s related to your party.”

“Strange. How’s that?”

“Well, you know that Peter and Alyssa are my roomnates. They also happen to be brother and sister”, Grace explains.

“Oh, really?”, I wonder.

“Yeah. Anyway, they’re nudists. They were brought up in a nudist family”, Grace says matter-of-factly.

“So, are they nudists at the apartment?”, I ask.

“Yeah. And guess who else is nude at the apartment?”, Grace says.

“You?!”, I ask.

“Yep, I am naked right now”, Grace replies.

“We’re you naked when I called you about the party?”

“Oh, hell yeah!”

“That is freaking awesome, Grace!”

“Damn straight! Wanna see some pictures?”, she asks

“Oh! Can we?! Can we?! Can we see pictures?!”, I plead with my sister.

“I’ll make a deal.”, she says. “I will send pictures of Alyssa, Peter, and me, if you send pictures of you and Emily.”

“You have a deal, Grace Marie Gilmore. I love you, Sissy”, I tell Grace.

“Love you, too, sweet Morgan. I want you to know how proud I am of you. Proud of Emily, too. Love you, girls! Can’t wait to see the pictures!”, she says.

“We can’t wait to see yours. Love you, Sissy!”, I reply.

“So what is the plan tonight?”, Grace asks.

“Well, we’re still out here by the pool. I think everyone is going to be sleeping out here in their birthday suits”, I mention.

“Damn, you make that sound so dreamy”, she says.

“I know. Even Sami’s mom and sister are out here without clothes”, I tell her.

“Wow! They may be nudists, too. Anyway, I wanna see some pictures”, she reminds me.

“We’ll send you some. You better send yours”, I remind her.

“I will. Have a great night, girls”, Grace says.

“Bye, Sissy.”

“Bye, sweetie!”

“Bye, Grace! Love you!”, says Emily.

I end the call.

“Okay, Emily. You heard her. She wants pictures”, I say.

“She wants to see you more than she wants to see me”, Emily replies.

“Okay.” I turn the camera app on. “Here you go!”

I stand by the lounger and make several playful frontal poses. Emily pushes the button on the phone several times.

“How about some ass pics?”, she asks.

“Hehehe! Ass pics! Okay, here comes my ass”, I tell her.

I turn around and show her my ass, and shake it a little.

“Yeah, nice ass, Morgan! Shake that ass!” Emily gets a few more pics. “How about laying on the lounger.”

I lay on the lounger.

“Spread your legs a bit”, she says.

“Spread my legs?”, I ask.

I open my legs. I then detect Emily wanted a full body shot with a good view of my pussy. After a few shots, I lay on my side facing Emily.

“Very nice, Morgan.”

I turn over and have Emily concentrate on my rear end again. After a few more, it’s my turn to photograph Emily.

“Alright, girlie, get over here.” Emily walks over to the lounger. I take my phone from her. “Time for that body to make its’ debut.”

Emily smiles as she poses for me. I take several different pictures of Emily, including closeups of her breasts, belly, and pussy, as she likes to say.

“Oh, you’re getting nice closeups of the good stuff?”, she asks.

“Heck yeah!”, I yell.

“Morgan, it’s ‘Hell yeah!’”

“Hell yeah! Now turn around! I wanna see that fabulous ass!”

Emily shakes that ass as she turns around. After a few full rear shots, I make sure to get a few of Emily’s ass.

“Okay, on the lounger.”

She lays facing me. I get a few frontal shots before she turns over for rear shots.

“Okay, Emily, lay down and spread your legs”, I command my best friend.

“Oh, close ups of my pussy aren’t enough?”, Emily asks.

“You did it to me. But I’ll do it anyway because I love ya!”, I reply.

Emily opens her legs up. I get a couple of full shots with her open pussy.

“Okay, that should be plenty of pictures”, I tell Emily.

Molly and Shelby are already asleep naked. Sami and Taylor are just now getting out of the pool. Susan and Stephanie are in the pool, relaxing.

“Okay, let’s pick our favorite pictures and get them sent”, I say.

I send several pictures to Grace, and fondly await her return pictures.

“Hey, girls, are you all ready for bed?”, asks Susan.

“Yeah”, I reply.

“I think so”, Emily says.

“Susan, I need to pee. Where’s the bathroom?”, I ask.

“Inside across from Sami’s bedroom. When you’re done, come back out here.”

“Can I go with you, Morgan?”, Emily asks me.

“Of course, sweetie! Let’s go”, I reply.

Emily and I go back inside and down the hall a bit to the bathroom.

“I gotta go first”, I tell Emily.

I sit down and push the pee out of my pussy. Emily smiles as she watches. Who would have thought two Baptist church girls would get completely naked in front of friends and each other? And to top it off, we’re peeing in front of each other?

I get up and let Emily on. She sits and goes pee. After wiping her pussy, she flushes and stands up. We wash our hands and go back outside.

Emily and I find our loungers and lay down. We face each other. I must admit to admiring Emily’s physique. I’m guessing, based on the pictures, she really likes mine. She reaches out and feels my tummy, then smiles while playing with my little belly button. I smile in return, then poke her belly button.

“Ever thought you’d sleep naked?”, Emily asks.

“Nope, but we’re gonna. Love you, sweetie. Goodnight”, I reply.

“Love you, Morgan. Sweet dreams.”

I admit it feels funny being enveloped by nice warm air instead of a blanket. It takes me a few minutes to adjust. But after that, I fall asleep and stay asleep on the lounger.

I wake up early the next morning. Except for Susan, the others aren’t up yet.

She’s in the kitchen getting breakfast for us when I come in.

“Good morning!”

“Good morning, Morgan. How are you?”, asks Susan.

“Great! You know, I never knew how good it is to sleep naked”, I tell her, happy with the experience.

“We do it every night. Even outside, like we did last night, on weekends”, she says.

“Susan, can I ask how you all are nudists.”

“Well, my sister and I have been nudists since college. And in the last couple of years, we introduced our kids to the wonders of nudity.”

“Oh, who’s your sister?”, I ask

“She’s actually a teacher at Princeton”, Susan replies.

“What? Are you freaking kidding me?”, I ask, kinda shocked if I knew this sister.

“No. Do you have Karen Richardson?”, she asks.

“Yes! She’s my computer sciences teacher!”, I reply, shocked that it’s one of my teachers.


“Yeah. She’s your sister?”

“Yeah, my older sister. You’d be surprised if you saw her”, she tells me.

“Oh boy! Pierced navel, too?”, I ask.

“And pierced nipples”, she says.

“Pierced nipples?”, I ask, surprised by this revelation.

“Yeah, that’s what I said. She had her nipples done about ten years ago. I swear I don’t get it. It’s just a bar that goes through the nipple. I’ve never understood it. Morgan, promise me you will never get nipple piercings.”

“Susan, I’m pretty damn sure I couldn’t get away with that while I’m living with my parents”, I tell her. “I’m also pretty damn sure I couldn’t get a belly piercing either. My belly button is kind of small.”

“True. Maybe a small ring on the top, and that’s it”, she says.

“And I’d have to be out of the house”, I remind her.


The door opens and Molly comes in.

“Good morning, ladies”, she says.

“Good morning, Miss Molly. I was telling Morgan about my sister, Mrs. Richardson”, Susan replies.

“Yes, I had her for computers last year”, says Molly.

“She’s my computer teacher this year!”, I tell her.

“I was telling her that my sister is a nudist like me”, Susan mentions.

“Really?”, Molly asks.

“Yeah”, says Susan.

So one of my teachers is also a nudist? Wow! I know Susan told me a little about Mrs. Richardson, and her piercings, but now she makes me wonder what my teacher looks like.

“I’m working on pancakes. Does that sound good?”, asks Susan.

“Very good!”, I say, excitedly.

“And bacon, sausage, and eggs”, Susan says, tempting us even more.

“That sounds delicious!”, I reply.

“Yummy!”, exclaims Molly.

Sami and Taylor come in the kitchen.

“Smells delicious, Mom”, says Sami.

“Good. Would you like to help, birthday girl?”, she asks, somewhat sarcastically.

“That was yesterday, Mom”, says Sami.

“Yeah, but the party is still on”, says Susan.


“Oh, Morgan, you remember you were the first girl to arrive after Taylor got here”, Susan says.

“Yeah”, I reply.

“Well, they were completely naked. And knowing your situation, I didn’t want to freak you out. So, they got dressed, and came out.”

I tell them, “Well, Susan and Sami, I’ve been fully naked for almost twelve hours straight. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I’m going to feel real funny after the party is over. I’ve seen more skin in the last twelve hours than in my entire life. And I love it. I love Susan’s naked body, Molly’s naked body, Emily’s naked body ... everyone’s naked body.”

That reminds me to check my phone. I run outside to the lounger and pick up my phone. There’s a response in messages! Ooh, did Grace send those pictures? I open the message app, and see it says Grace sent several messages. I tap on her name.

“Sweetest Morgan,

You’re the best little sister I could have asked for. We’ve always been there for each other. And even though I’m in college, and I’m probably not coming back home, I am always going to be there for you. I looked at the pictures you and Emily did. You ladies are beautiful and sexy. And, Morgan, I love every part of you.

So I’m sending you several pictures. Now, I know I’m not naked in the first one, but I thought you’d get a kick out of it. Remember when I told you I got a job at a sports bar? Well, this is my uniform.”

I’m giggling inside. Grace has long dark hair and green eyes, and is a little shorter than me. But that’s not why I’m giggling. Her uniform consists of a white shirt tied up just below her breasts, bow tie, and black pants with a belt. Grace does keep herself in shape, having a nice tummy, and a slightly bigger bellybutton than me. It even has a little ridge on top.

“I was thinking about getting a belly button ring. Should I get one?”

Well, let me think about that one.

“But you really want to see my naked pictures. Here they are!”

Oh my God, my beautiful sexy sister on full display. This first one looks like it’s from the apartment. My sister has medium sized boobs, I guess. Mine are smaller. Like I said, she’s got a smashingly fit tummy and awesome belly. But like Sami and Susan, her pussy is bare. I’m surprised it wasn’t a black bush. I look down at my red bush. She makes me think about shaving mine bare.

In the next one, Grace is turned around and sticking that fabulous ass toward the camera. Damn, I wish I could smack it!

In the next one, she’s outside on a trail somewhere, walking naked. I can tell she’s a lucky girl. She gets to be as naughty as she wants. I mean, unlike Sami’s party, she’s out in public somewhere not caring whether anyone sees her naked body. I’m freaking jealous. No, let me just say it. I’m fucking jealous.

Grace is in a field in the next one, waving at the photographer. Very nice one. She’s still in the field in the next picture, but has an oops look on her face. Is that pee? Holy shit! She is crazy! Grace is actually peeing in a field. And apparently a lot. It almost resembles a shower.

I guess after Grace does her impressive pee, she goes back the trail, with her fine ass showing the picture. I love those pictures.

Grace also has pictures of Alyssa and Peter. Wow! I see Alyssa and Grace are similar in looks, but Alyssa has brown eyes. And I can see why Grace is thinking about a belly ring. Alyssa has a piercing there, a small brass ball in her belly hole. And like Grace, she has a shaved pussy. I do also notice a heart tattoo in the pubic area. Alyssa looks pretty nice. I like it.

Peter looks really rad and pretty damn buff! I mean damn! Hot tummy, nice chest! And a clean pubic area and dick! I guess it’s okay to say fucking hot!

There’s one if them together with their asses to the camera. Love those butts!

I type this message...

“Dear Gracie,

I looooove the pictures. I really love your naked pictures, Sissy. I’m quite jealous that you can be naked a lot more than me. You are so fucking sexy without your clothes. I’m here at the party, and some of the girls have their pussies shaved. Then I see the three of you with your shaved pubes. You noticed Emily has a landing strip, as she called it. And I started wondering if I should shave my big red bush. You asked me about getting a belly ring. If I could, I would. I’d love to come visit when school’s out and meet your roommates. Thank you for being a sexy and supportive sister.”

Breakfast is ready. All of us are up and at the counter, still in our birthday suits. I show them Grace’s pictures.

“Oh, Morgan, I love the pictures”, says Sami.

“Me, too”, says Taylor.

“Oh my God, pissing in public?”, Shelby asks.

“Yeah”, I reply with giggles.

“Looks like she really had to go”, Shelby replies with a smile.

All of a sudden, I see a message from Grace.

“Grace just typed something.”

I read the message


Peter and Alyssa turned me on to a Facebook type website called Peepbook. I’ve been on the site for a couple of months, and have been taking lots of naked pictures. If it’s okay with you and Emily, I’d like to put your pictures on my page. Mom and Dad do not know about Peepbook. Can I post them?’”

“My parents don’t know either. I’d be okay with it”, says Emily.

“I’m not sure”, I tell her.

“Morgan, can I help?”

“Sure, Susan.”

Susan leaves and comes back with her tablet. She turns it on and taps into Peepbook.

The first thing I see up there is the picture of everyone naked. Underneath it says ‘43 likes’, plus there’s several comments.

“I read some of the comments last night. They actually like you, but they think you should shave back your pubic hair”, Susan tells me.

“Well, I’m thinking about shaving it completely off”, I mention.

“Okay. Can I show you some other pictures?”, Susan asks me.

“I’d love to see”, I reply.

“Here’s a TBT post I did Thursday. This is Karen and I when we were a lot younger. This was taken in 1991, when Karen was 25 or 26, and I was 21.”

“Wow! Very pretty girls”, I comment.

“Thank you”, says Susan.

“Never knew you were a brunette”, I say.

“Well, I started going gray just before forty. Karen is a little luckier, since her’s looks more salt and pepper”,

Karen ... uh, Mrs. Richardson has dark hair in the old picture.

“So where was this taken?”, I ask Susan.

“On a French beach”, she replies. “We got together with a few friends from Michigan during the summer. We went to the topless beach every day. I remember we both took our bikinis just in case. But we never needed our tops.”

“Bet you loved the sun on your titties.”

“Yep”, she says, giggling.

Both Susan and Karen are on this beach in their bikini bottoms. Both ladies have decent sized (to me) titties. And, damn, Mrs. Richardson, looks pretty good in that bathing suit ... er, bottom.

She shows me a few more with Sami and Stephanie. And then I see Taylor and Shelby in some recent pics. I figure that I’m sixteen now. I’ll be seventeen in October. And my awesome sister has my back. I write this message

“Absolutely, dear sister! Please show them to as many friends as you can.”

She quickly writes back.

“If you’re that eager, have you thought about getting your own account?”

Is she kidding? Mom and Dad would have a fit if they found out about it.

“I wish I could. You understand the dilemma. But may I send you pictures that you can post?”

After a pause, she writes this message.

“You most certainly can. And, as your biggest fan, I can’t wait to see them. I’d love for you to try more public places if you can handle them. I know they’re not for everybody.”

I quickly reply, “Not anytime soon. But I love you anyway. Going to get breakfast.”

Grace replies, “Enjoy the rest of the party, Sissy! Love you!”

Susan sets out the pancakes, sausage, bacon, and scrambled eggs. I get a plate, put some food on it, and back outside to enjoy breakfast and the nice air on my nude body. Emily joins me for the meal.

“I’m glad you’re letting Grace post the pictures”, she says.

“Me, too. And if people like them, I can start my own page in a few years”, I tell her.

“Yep! So what do you plan to tell your mom and dad about the party?”, Emily asks.

“That we watched movies, and had cake and ice cream”, I reply.

“Sounds very plausible to me.”

“You know it’s going to feel really strange to get dressed after breakfast. I am growing to love my nakedness”, I tell her.

“Well, you were lucky to enjoy it among friends. That made it easier. I’ve never been naked before, either. Although, I do wear my bikini to the pool and the beach. Just enjoy it as long as you can”, says Emily.

I finish breakfast, and get my clothes together. I really am dreading this, but I put my bra and panties on. I find my teal blouse and dark slacks, and put them on next. I button my blouse to below my tits (thanks, Susan!), and tie the tails.

“I like that look, Morgan. If only they allowed it in school”, Emily tells me.


Emily gets her clothes on, and also ties up her blouse. We go see Sami and Taylor.

“Sami, thanks for inviting us.”

“Oh, Morgan, thank you for coming. I’m so honored I was able to get you out of your clothes for once”, says Sami.

“It was the first time. And I loved it so much that it won’t be the last time.”

“Do you have to go now?”, asks Sami.

“I’m sorry, but I do”, I tell her.

“Is it okay if we kiss your bellies?”, she asks me.

“Kiss our belly buttons?”, I ask, taken aback by the request.

“Yeah”, says Taylor.

“Sure”, I say, although I’m wondering about it.

Sami kisses my belly button first. God, that actually feels great. I don’t have much time to ponder before Taylor kisses and tongues my belly.

“May we kiss back?”, I ask Sami and Taylor.

“Please do”, Sami says.

I lean into Sami’s belly first and give it a good smooch. After Emily kisses Taylor’s belly, I give it a nice kiss and tongue.

Emily calls her mom telling her we’re coming home. I get my bag and the two of us go to my car.

“So, are you going to do more of this?”, asks Emily.

“Yeah, especially visiting my sister in Austin”, I tell her.

“Awesome”, she says.

I take Emily to her house in the Westchase neighborhood and walk with her to the front door.

“Hi, girls! Morgan, do I see a belly button?”, asks Emily’s mom, Kelly.

“Yeah. Oh, and please don’t tell my parents”, I answer.

“Sweetie, I’m not going to tell them anything about you showing your belly button. That’s a ridiculous rule they have. If you want to show your belly here, you can. Emily does that a lot. And I do sometimes. It doesn’t offend me at all. Here!”

Kelly Woods pulls up her shirt to show her belly button. It looks exactly like Emily’s, decent size with a ridge. Kelly has a little more rounded tummy than Emily, but I don’t care.

“You like it?”, Kelly asks.

“I do, Kelly”, I reply. “Thank you. Anyway, I have to head home. Sadly, I have to cover up my belly button.”

Yeah, I really am a belly button girl. I’m not telling you I can explain it, though, because I can’t. I untie my shirt, button up the bottom, and tuck it in. Kelly pulls her shirt back down.

“Okay, Morgan. Thanks for bringing Emily home. Love you”, says Kelly as she hugs me.

“Love you, too, Kelly. Thank you”, I tell Emily’s mom.

“Love you, Morgan. See you tomorrow”, says Emily.

“See you tomorrow. Love you, sweetie.”

I head home and enter through the front door with my bag.

“Hey there! How was the party?”, Mom asks me.

“It was great! We watched Disney movies all night long. Then we finally went to bed around one”, I tell her.

“Staying up late, huh? Just don’t make that a habit. Do you understand, young lady”, she admonishes.

“Yes, Mom.”

“Love you, sweetie.”

I head back to my room to watch TV.

While watching a Disney show, my dad knocks on the door.

“Morgan”, my dad calls.

“Come in.”

Dad enters and sits on my bed.

“So how was the party?”, Dad queries.

“It was great, dad”, I answer. “We had cake and ice cream. Sami got some nice gifts like a camera. And then we watched a couple of Disney movies.”

“So it sounds like you had a lot of fun. Emily was there with you?”, he asks.

“Yeah, we stayed close to each other all night. She was great”, I tell him.

“That’s great. We love you, Morgan”, says Dad as he gives me a hug.

“I love you, too, Dad.”

Dad gets up and leaves, and I go back to watching TV. I know lying is in the Ten Commandments, but I couldn’t tell them. I want more.

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