Lady Charlotte
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Decadent rich and noble.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   MaleDom   Slow  

Lady Charlotte thought about happier times, the sudden death of her husband leaving her depressed and fearful of her future existence and that of her twin girls Anna and Jenna. It was twenty years almost to the day, married to Lord Henry Philbrook, one of the most successful men in the county. The only man more successful was his partner, Lord Michael Granville. She had married into the aristocracy, her impoverished past swept aside by her beauty. Lord Henry Philbrook was a mild-mannered man, not especially handsome but he succeeded in spite of his submissive manner, his partner Lord Michael Granville more than made up for Henry’s faults. Together they had succeeded where each would have failed alone.

The wedding of Lady Charlotte and Lord Henry Philbrook was a grand affair, the county turned out in record numbers to see the lovely girl that married such an eligible bachelor. That night, Lord Henry Philbrook claimed his prize, the coveted virginity of his bride, her youthful body under his as he took out his pent up lust on his new wife. Lady Charlotte endured his hurried rutting, her insides bathed with his hot sex juice before she felt even a hint of arousal. And their sex life never got better, the only pleasure Lady Charlotte received in life was induced with her own fingers. But she

loved her husband and vowed to honor him and their sacred covenant of marriage.

From the day of their wedding, Lord Michael looked at his partner’s wife with lust in his heart. Lord Michael considered himself quite the ladies man. His wealth and his dominant personality made many a maiden fawn over him, offering up their naked charms to his every perverse whim. He took his lust from them, but none ever entered his heart. Lady Charlotte was different, the first time he saw her, her beauty took his breath away. He could smell her innocence, his rigid member rising up as his mind conjured up ways to get her naked body into his bed. She was only nineteen at the time of the wedding, ten years his junior, but the voluptuous beauty inflamed his unbridled lust. At five feet six, her mane of long auburn hair hung sexily down her back, Lord Michael imagining her naked, her long tresses hiding her bare breasts, a peek of a nipple protruding unashamed from behind the silky hair. She was slim and supple, her thighs round and resilient, her buttocks tightly set and firm. But what enthralled him most to her body were the perfect pear shaped breasts that heaved beneath the tight fitting bodice of her wedding dress, pushed up and exposing a generous amount of naked cleavage to his wandering eyes. The gold cross hung between her cleavage as if beckoning all eyes to feast on her naked flesh. Her skin was alabaster, Lord Michael imagining the dark foliage between her legs highlighted against her pale skin.

Lady Charlotte smiled at Lord Michael, enduring his lustful gazes at her body. Her husband, Lord Henry had already

warned her of him, making sure that she knew of the delicate line the two men straddled, Lord Michael controlling the business, Lord Henry careful not to cross his partner and risk his financial success.

Lord Michael smiled lustily at the beautiful bride, wishing he lived in the days when the Lords had the right to bed the newly married brides before their honeymoon, indoctrinating them into the more perverse forms of sexual gratification as the Lords took their precious virginities. They would be sent home to their husbands, their mouths, their cunts and their anuses all thoroughly penetrated by the Lord’s rock hard erection, taught to service their Master’s prick until he spurted his seed into their orifices. He watched Lady Charlotte’s full lips curl back as she faked the smile for his benefit, his member thickening at the thought of forcing those lovely lips around his member. “My partner has married the most beautiful woman in the land.”

“Thank you Lord Michael. You make me blush with embarrassment.” He was looking at her strangely, his eyes dancing up and down her body as if he could see her naked body beneath the dress.

“May I have this dance?” His arms were already reaching out for her body, the scent of sweet flowers emanating from her body. He didn’t wait for an answer, his hand sliding easily around her slim waist, pulling her body next to him.

He took her before she could even accept, Lady Charlotte accepting his domination with dread and fear. His hand drew her body up against him as he glided with her to the music, amazingly adept at dancing. She felt her body being

maneuvered to the other side of the dance floor, into the darkness. His hand slid lower down over her hips, Lady Charlotte’s slim hand sliding over his, but failing to deter it as it slid back to cup her buttocks unashamedly. “Please Lord Michael,” she begged. “I’m a married woman,” she pleaded without success.

Hearing his name coming from her sweet lips only inflamed his lust for her, his hands gripping her firm buttocks, driving her loins against his throbbing member. As he swept her into the darkness of the far side of the dance floor, his hips began to move, his thick shaft rubbing sensuously against her silky mound. He nuzzled her neck, his lips tasting the sweet fragrance of her perfume as he planted tender wet kisses on her neck. He felt her struggle, interpreting her movements as her lust for him, not her fear, never believing that any girl would fail to succumb to his sexual power. He was ready to rip the clothes from her body, feeling her body surrender to his lust. He didn’t care about his partner, he only coveted his wife.

It shocked her the way he was taking advantage of her, Lord Michael’s hands grasping her buttocks lustily, feeling his thick member pushing against her virginal mound, his panting in her ear as he licked her neck beyond what a married woman should endure from a man that was not her husband. She pulled back from his grip, turning sideways, slapping his face with the flat of her hand. She saw the shocked look on his face before she turned and ran from him, never looking back.

Lord Henry saw his wife approaching, her breathing ragged as if she had been running. “Are you all right my precious wife?”

She tried to calm down, not wanting to damage the fragile relationship he had with his partner. “It is just you my husband. You take my breath away each time I see you.” She smiled shyly and whispered into his ear. “I quiver at the thought of you taking my innocence tonight. I can’t even imagine your proud member entering my maidenhood, making me forever yours.” She reached down and coyly touched his shaft, running her hand along it before she moved her hand away in feigned shock from its large size.

Lord Henry thought he would spend when she touched him, igniting a lust that only her naked body could extinguish. He wished all the guests would leave so he could take his wife to their bed chambers and he could sate his lust upon her. Their moment was broken by the voice of his partner, Lord Michael.

“Your wife is an excellent dancer,” staring at Lady Charlotte as if nothing had happened. He could see her flushed look on her face. Had she been aroused by his advances? Did she slap him only to protect her virtue? He vowed that from this day forward, he would do everything to make this lovely girl his. It was a sin to covet thy neighbor’s wife, but his lust overpowered all common sense. While he might partake of the pleasures of other women to satisfy his lust, he would always be thinking of Lady Charlotte.

“Thank you Lord Michael,” smiling demurely. “Please husband, I am thirsty from all the dancing. Take me to get

something to wet my lips.” She had to get away from Lord Michael, gazing down to see his member pushing out the front of his trousers, blushing as she did.

“Excuse me, my wife needs my attention.” Lord Henry whisked his wife away, glad that he was alone with her.

Lady Charlotte remembered the one time that she dishonored her husband. It occurred a year after they were married, Lady Charlotte settling into the life that he made for her. Lord Henry was not very attentive in bed, taking his lust from Lady Charlotte hastily in spite of all that she tried to do. He never tried to pleasure her, instead he shoved his manhood into her as soon as she spread her lithe legs for him.

He barely entered her before he came inside her, her tight quim grasping his stiff prick as he thrashed himself deep into her hot hole, pulling out once and then shoving deep into her womb.

Lord Henry could never contain his lust with his wife. It seemed that as soon as he entered her, her tight quim would milk the cum from him. His balls contracted and he was ready to dump his semen inside her body. His sphincter tightened as he shot out the cum from his aching cock, bathing her womb with his hot seed.

He rolled off of her leaving her unfulfilled, Lady Charlotte never questioning her husband. He would quickly fall asleep while Lady Charlotte lay in bed, her body aroused but unsatisfied.

Lord Henry decided that he would commission a painting of his lovely wife to adorn the entranceway of their grand

mansion for all to admire. He interviewed many artists, some coming from over fifty miles away. He finally settled on a young Parisian artist named Henri that came highly recommended by some of the other wives, settling on the price and the pose. She would be reclining on a chaise lounge, dressed in regal gown adorned with her jewels. Lord Michael would be traveling with Lord Henry for a week on business, the artist to have it completed by his return.

The servants let Henri into the house, helping him with his artist stand and box of paints. He was led into the sun room, a large room with a wide expanse of windows that shown out to the hidden garden in back of the house, a private sanctuary that Lady Charlotte often went to so she could escape from her reality. She was never disturbed when in this room, the servants, even Lord Henry knew that they would suffer her wrath if they bothered her.

Henri saw her enter, his eyes taking in her beauty. “Good morning Mademoiselle.” While so beautiful, he could see anguish in her eyes. She might look happy, but he could tell her life was unfulfilling. She had a shapely body, her dress clinging to every delightful curve. He would enjoy painting this one, not like some of the older women that had already passed the prime of their life. This woman was just entering womanhood, a glow about her that even her despair couldn’t tarnish.

“Henri,” she nodded. She walked over to the chaise lounge, reclining on it while she waited for Henri to pose her. He set up his easel and took out his paints and brushes. She held her breath as Henri came close to her, the first touch of

his hand on her skin shocked her. It had been a long time since a man had touched her besides her husband. And this was different, his hands never leaving her skin as he maneuvered her body. He touched her everywhere, not ashamed as he touched her breasts, fixing the top of her dress so that her naked bosom was exposed. She felt his hands on her legs, running down over her hips, sliding to grasp her buttock as he turned her sideways. By the time he was finished, she could feel the moisture seeping between her smooth, silky thighs.

Henri talked to her while he painted, his brushstrokes capturing all of her beauty, her face beginning to lighten up as she became comfortable with him. He spoke of her body as he painted, commenting on how full her breasts were, her supple legs, the flushed look on her face as he painted the excitement his voice brought out in her body. A girl that was aroused always made a better subject to paint, his brush able to capture the look of sexuality that was etched in her face. The girls he painted were always surprised by his sexual candor, but they gradually relaxed, for the first time someone saw things in them that even their husbands no longer saw.

By the second day, Henri was almost finished with the painting. He unveiled it to Lady Charlotte, the priceless look on her face almost payment enough for him.

Lady Charlotte looked at the portrait, the expression on her face almost scaring her. She looked so aroused, her body posed to accent every curve in her body, Lady Charlotte looking like she just succumbed to the biggest orgasm in her life. “It’s magnificent. I can’t tell you how pleased my husband will be with it.”

“I am glad you like it Mademoiselle. You are such a sexual creature.” He paused for a moment, gauging how far he could push this lovely girl. “I still have three days left. Would you like a portrait just for you?”

“For Me?” She was confused. She loved the picture in spite of it being for her husband.

“Yes. I see things in you Mademoiselle. I would like to paint another portrait that would be more revealing of your real self.”

“What do you mean?” She began to catch on to what Henri was saying. She had heard some of the other wives talking about boudoir portraits, some of them even saying that they would not even show them to their husbands.

“I would like to capture you in the nude. I noticed that this room is very private. No one has disturbed us for two days. I would like to catch your essence in the nude. Your nipples while they are hard. The pouting lips of your cunt between your supple thighs, the triangle of auburn silky tufts that hide the pink lips of your pussy. Even the dark fissure between the sumptuous and provocative bottom of yours.” Henri spoke boldly of her body, seeing her eyes searching.

No one had ever spoken to her in such a manner before, not even Lord Henry. She was taken back by his boldness, but she also felt the tremors rushing through her loins as she imagined him taking in all of the intimate details of her naked body and transferring them for posterity to the canvas. She would have it to treasure for her latter years when her body was no longer youthful and full. And the thought of openly exposing her body to a stranger thrilled her, sure that it would be in many of her masturbatory fantasies in the future.

Without thinking she answered him. “Yes, but tomorrow. I need time to gather up the courage for such a bold adventure.” She left him to put away his paints, going to her bedroom. She took off her clothes, lying naked on the bed. Her fingers played with the silky tendrils of her bush before slowly sliding down between the dark outer lips of her pussy to find the wet opening to her womanhood. Her fingers entered her, two of them twisting and turning as her other hand found the hard clitoris that pulsated as blood rushed through the swollen bud. It took only minutes before the floodgates burst and she bit her lips as she tried to smother her cries of ecstasy, her orgasm soaking her hands with her juices. That night she slept soundly in her lonesome bed, dreaming of tomorrow with Henri.

She was trembling when Henri entered the brightly lit room, Lady Charlotte clad in only a silky bathrobe that clung to the naked body beneath it. She sat on the couch, nervously waiting until Henri set up his easel and paints.

“Do not be ashamed Mademoiselle. You have a lovely body that men would die to possess. Stand up,” his voice demanding her obedience.

She stood up in front of the young French painter, his eyes devouring her body beneath the thin garment. She kept her hands at her sides, clenched in a fist as she felt Henri undoing the belt at her waist. She felt the cool air of the room blowing across her naked stomach, the silky robe sliding down her arms to fall at her feet. She stood naked before him, her magnificent pear shaped breasts stood out proudly, deep brown areolas surrounded the coral buds of her nipples that vibrated with every breath she took.

“Very lovely titties Lady Charlotte,” Henri now calling her by her first name, now that he was gazing at her body so intimately. He looked lower, her stomach drawn in taut as she stretched her naked body for him. His gaze quickly fell to the abundant patch of silky hair that shielded her pink quim from his eyes. “Turn around so I might see you better.” He was surprised that she acquiesced so quickly, her sleek back tapering down to her waist, the gentle swell of her buttocks, the full bottom cheeks, the deep groove tightly clenched as she tried to hide her most intimate secrets from his eyes. “Such a delicious posterior Lady Charlotte. It was made for spanking. The French enjoy the fine line between pain and pleasure.”

Spanking, she never considered such a thing before. To be tossed over the lap of a man, her backside slapped as if she were a naughty girl that was being chastised by her Father. She couldn’t say anything, modesty making her thighs clench tightly together. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. She was ready to change her mind and run from the room when she felt Henri touch her skin again, the tremors running through her body as he pushed her gently to the chaise lounge, turning her on her side to face him.

“Lean back. And relax, you are too tense for me to paint.” He pushed her head onto the back of the chaise lounge. “Take a deep breath and close your eyes.” He watched her breasts rising and falling rapidly as her lungs filled with air. Her eyes shut, her body relaxing. His hand slid down her shoulder, down her arm, his arm grazing over one pert nipple, Lady Charlotte’s eyes opened unexpectedly from the intimate touch. “Eyes closed,” he ordered her, looking down to see her one tip swell in size from just the lightest of touch. His hand smoothed slowly and sensuously down one leg, running his fingers over her rounded thighs, pushing with his fingers, forcing her tightly clenched legs to part.

His hands were so close to the soft lips of her sweet young pussy, Lady Charlotte unable to control the juices that slowly slid down her silky thighs. She had never felt such a light touch on her body that created such lust in her loins. She didn’t even protest when she felt Henri slowly push her thighs apart, feeling the cool air of the room rush between the petals of her furry slit.

“Such a lovely cunt,” he praised her, his fingers still resting on her inner thighs, Lady Charlotte holding her breath as she waited for Henri to move his hand. “I can see that it is glistening already Lady Charlotte. You seem to be a very amorous girl.” He stepped back from her naked body. “Open your eyes now. I am ready to paint you.”

His deep brown eyes stared intimately at her naked body, running from the top of her head down to her toes, his eyes finally resting on her parted thighs to gaze at her most intimate fissure. He moved to the canvas, never taking his eyes off of her as his hands picked up a paint brush and began to dab at the blank canvas.

Only the heavy breathing of Lady Charlotte filled the room as he painted her for an hour, no words spoken. He finally stopped, filled a small glass with wine from the bottle on the table. He moved towards her, offering her the glass.

“Are you thirsty?” He offered her the glass, watching as her full lips curled around the delicate rim of the glass, the dark red wine slowly sliding over her lips. She drank it all down, her lips glistening from the wine. “Leave your lips wet. They look as though you had just sucked an erect prick and swallowed his spunk.” He sat closer to her, his hands moving down to her thighs. “Spread your legs wider. Show the canvas all of your intimate charms.” His hands pushed on her thighs, finding her willingly to part them wider, her pouty lips pulled back to disclose the pink inner pussy. “Hold still,” he warned her. One finger brushed across her labia, moving back and forth until he felt her moisture returning. Her hips began to move, Henri looking at her face, her head thrown back in bliss.

He was touching her and he wasn’t her husband, Lady Charlotte feeling shame, remorse and excitement, all at the same time. His fingers moved her lips apart and inserted two fingers until he found her clit. She gasped loudly, putting her hand over her mouth as his fingers found her hard, throbbing clitoris. Lord Henry had never bothered to discover her pleasure button, Henri knowing instinctively what to do, his fingertips beginning to massage it.

Henri felt the button harden and thicken beneath his fingers. Lady Charlotte began to squeal in her covered mouth as he caught the morsel with two fingers, drawing his fingers from the base to the tip as if he was masturbating his own cock.

Lady Charlotte gasped in pleasure, barely able to breathe as Henri took such liberties with her body. His fingers searched between her lips until he found her dark hole nestled beneath them. Her buttocks rose up from the lounge as a finger wormed inside her.

Henri felt her tight, humid insides as his fingers slid inside her. She suddenly clamped her thighs together, trapping his finger inside her, Henri not sure if she was protesting his probing finger or trying to prolong the pleasure it brought to her. He felt her soft thighs around his hand. His finger moved inside her, pushing against the tight, wet walls of her womanhood until she surrendered, her legs opened. He pulled his finger from her, sticking it in his mouth to enjoy her fragrance. He stood up, Lady Charlotte opening her eyes in surprise.

Why did he stop? She surrendered to the finger that lavished such attention inside her tight hole. He was standing up, going back to his canvas.

“Now you are aroused, the look etched in your face, your loins parted and dripping with desire. Even your nipples poke out into points in spite of not even being touched. This is the woman I want to capture.” His hands raced to paint the look on her face and body.

She was aroused, but so unfulfilled. Wanting so much to have Henri impale her with his expert fingers but he was too engrossed in painting her naked body. She waited as patiently as she could, straining to keep her thighs apart, her fingers from returning to the secret place that Henri’s fingers had visited. She didn’t want to ruin the pose that Henri worked so hard to create, Lady Charlotte hoping that he would paint quickly and need to put her through her paces before he could finish portrait.

Twice more that day Henri returned to her secret place, his fingers peeling back her lips to plunge into her waiting cavern, finding her hot and tight, two fingers plunging into the depths of her womanhood as she kept her legs spread wide for his fondling. The last time his fingers found her nipples, his hands covering her proud mounds and squeezing them tightly as Lady Charlotte gasped in pleasure. No one had ever treated her sensitive breasts that way before, Lord Henry’s fingers lightly playing across them for only seconds before he took her with his stout weapon. Henri’s fingers drew up her nipples, pushing the blood to the pointed ends until Lady Charlotte thought they would burst with pleasure. Each time he left her breathless, Lady Charlotte panting in desire, her body covered in a sheen of sweat, her thighs slick with her juices. The day grew long, the sun ready to set, the light in the room dimming.

Henri stopped and put his paint brush down. He showed the painting to Lady Charlotte.

She couldn’t believe it, sure that if anyone would ever see it they would know that the painter had aroused her body to a fever pitch. She looked so wanton, her hair damp with perspiration, her nipples sticking out like points of a spear. And her parted legs revealed the pink inner lips and the dark forbidden hole nestled deep in between them, all of her sex glistening with her juices.

Henri returned to the couch. “I am finished for the day. Tomorrow we will begin with another pose. I want to capture you from behind. But first I do not want to leave you in such a delicate condition.” He watched as her legs parted wider, surrendering to the orgasm that she desperately wanted. Henri bent his head, capturing one of her breasts in his mouth. She wasn’t expecting it, his mouth kissed them, sucked them as she squirmed her chest beneath him. She sucked in her stomach as his lips left a trail of warm spit, his mouth moving lower to move past her sex and kiss her parted thighs. Her hips and legs moved under his lips as his fingers sought out the slick folds of her labia. He pulled her lips apart, his mouth moving tantalizing along her puffy lips.

She felt his hands under her buttocks, pulling her dripping sex closer to his mouth. She tightened her cheeks as she waited for the touch of his tongue on her quim, his head pushing her thighs wider apart. His tongue parted her slit, finding her sensitive inner sex, sliding so luxuriously up and down her gash.

Henri tasted the salty juices that lavished from her cunt, his tongue finding her clit grow bigger from the wet touch of his tongue more than with his finger. He caught the hardened bud with his lips and sucked it deep into his mouth, his hands clenching tightly on her buttocks, pulling them apart to expose her fissure to the cool air of the room.

She gasped loudly, not caring any longer, her thighs trapping his face between her legs. She had never felt such pleasure before, her body bouncing up and down as his tongue squirmed deep into her tight hole, going where only a cock had gone before. It felt strange, his wet tongue wagging back and forth inside her clenching hole, her hips squirming back and forth under the oral assault. She could no longer control her movements, her body erratic as his tongue and lips moved over her quim, lapping up her generous juices. He ignited a strange lust in her as his lips sucked her pleasure button, his fingers entering her dark wet hole as her body crashed from the ecstasy that drove from her unleashed body. She felt the heat rush into her body, her clit pressed tightly between Henri’s lips as her orgasm soared. She groaned in pleasure, her naked body jerked and bucked beneath Henri’s probing tongue and fingers as she enjoyed the pleasure that only a man could ignite in her body. She felt so helpless as the pleasure raced through her body, her nude body played by an expert. She finally collapsed in exhaustion, Henri sitting by her, his fingers stroking her nipples as she whimpered.

The next day Lady Charlotte was eager, taking off her robe, her naked body ready for the pleasure that Henri could bring her. She felt as if she was cheating on her husband, but the guilt did little to lessen her arousal. But not even Lady Charlotte could have fathomed what Henri would force her to do. He brought over the large upholstered chair, making Lady Charlotte kneel her naked body on it, her bare bottom cheeks pressed out.

Henri’s hands pressed between her naked thighs, pushing on them until Lady Charlotte parted them willingly. Lady Charlotte’s cheeks began to part, the tight crack opening up to expose the tender cleft of her virgin ass. Nestled just below, her dainty pink lipped orifice framed by her dense auburn bush lay exposed. “Push those delicious cheeks out farther.” Henri’s hands pushed beneath her abdomen until her buttocks were raised up submissively.

She felt the cool air blowing on her exposed anus, the twitching hole clenching in an uncontrollable passion. She looked in the mirror that Henri had set up so she could see the pose she was placed in, turning red in shame at the reflection. She saw the cheeks of her bottom split by the widening shadowy groove, clenching her cheeks together as she sought to hide her most intimate opening from Henri’s probing eyes. She felt a sharp slap on her ass, the sound ringing off the walls of the room, the burning in her cheek racing to her brain.

“Don’t tighten your cheeks.” Henri struck her buttock with the palm of his hand, his pain almost as much as hers. She surrendered, but not before he heard her whimper. The dark fissure spread open, her tiny wrinkled hole opened to the bright light of the room. “With your knees suitably parted, your most intimate regions are open and exposed.”

She jumped from the touch, Henri taking one of his paint brushes and running it over her up-thrust naked buttocks. She watched in the mirror as it neared the spread cleft of her cheeks, her hips doing a dance as it slid up and down her crack, teasing the tender groove of her wiggling bare bottom. She shivered in lust as it ran over the tender hole, making it clench in a series of spasms that Lady Charlotte fought. Henri slipped his forefinger between her labia searching out her clitoris. Her buttocks arched up when his two fingers pinched her pleasure button, moaning as she shook her hips from side to side. He felt her moisture cover his finger as it slid up and down the humid slit.

“You are ready. Look back this way so I may capture the look on your face.” He took to painting again, leaving Lady Charlotte wild with desire and humiliated as she bent over showing her bottom to him. She panted with desire, waiting for him to take a break, his fingers and maybe his mouth to bring her arousal to peak again.

Three times he fondled her body openly while she watched in the mirror. The last time, her body trembling, covered in a coat of sweat, her hair matted, her nipples protruding, her thighs drenched in her juices as he allowed her the orgasm that she prayed for all day. But first he played with the delicious little hole that lay nestled between her spread cheeks. His fingers caressed her tensed buttocks. His finger moved into the fissure, seeking out the treasure, he pressed against the wrinkled opening until he heard Lady Charlotte gasp, his finger swallowed into the hot depths of her nether region. He urged his finger into the snug hole, hearing Lady Charlotte gasp indignantly. His hand held her waist tightly as his finger relished the quivering walls of her rectal canal. He waited for a moment, letting her get used to having a finger in her most intimate hole before he began to saw it in and out as if it were his penis. A second finger joined the first, Henri watching as her anus stretched to adapt to his fingers, closing tightly around them to secure them in her velvety insides. She felt skewered on his finger, the burning of her anal ring as it stretched to accommodate the fingers that lay buried deep in her rectum. At last his other hand slid between her thighs to find her wet cavern, three fingers swallowed into the depths of her womanhood, Lady Charlotte bowing her legs out farther to accommodate all of the fingers that pierced her very soul. She bucked up and down as Henri’s fingers drove in and out of her holes, Lady Charlotte no longer able to distinguish which fingers were where, the whole region between her legs pierced by his probing fingers. She rocked back and forth on his fingers for long minutes as Henri dragged the orgasm from her ravaged body, Lady Charlotte surrendering her modesty as her buttocks rose up high in the air, her hips wiggling her delicious bottom back and forth as she came. She couldn’t believe it, but her clenching bottom clutched the fingers that lay deep within her rectum, her muscles uncontrollably grabbing the thick fingers. Her womanhood gripped his fingers that plunged in and out, his thumb rubbing her clit until she came in a series of spasms, her lovely body bathed in a coat a sweat, shivering as the orgasm raced to her brain. Henri’s fingers lay inside her, held still as she came down from the orgasm, her nude body slumped down on the chair. She groaned as Henri pulled his fingers from both of her holes, a gentle burning in her backside as her virgin bunghole tried to close.

Henri was gone by morning, leaving behind the paintings. One for her husband, the others, secured in a secret hiding place in the attic. For the first couple of years Lady Charlotte took them out often, blushing each time as she saw the lust in her nude body that his paintings had captured. But as her children grew older, it became more difficult to take them out, finally surrendering to the dust that covered them for years. It was the only time that Lady Charlotte was not true to her husband, but it always brought back fond memories to her as she lay in bed, masturbating to the visions of Henri’s fingers in all of her orifices.

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