The Knight and the Acolyte Book 5: the Vault's Treasure
Prologue: The Halfling Thief's Malaise

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Fantasy Sex Story: Prologue: The Halfling Thief's Malaise - Knight-Errant Angela and her naughty acolyte Sophia continue their quest. To get the next piece of the High King's sword they'll need a nubile thief's help.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Magic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Hermaphrodite   High Fantasy   Cheating   BDSM   FemaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Fisting   Sex Toys   Lactation   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   Public Sex   Violent  

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Minx – The Free City of Rartha

I padded through the bustling crowd in the market square, my small cutpurse dagger tucked into my palm. It was a ring dagger. Instead of a hilt there was a circle of metal I slipped my pointer finger through. With a flick, I could spin the blade around my finger, slice a purse open, gather the coins with my other hand as they fell out, and then flip my wrist and conceal the knife back in my palm.

Hidden in many pockets of my robe were the coins I had pilfered as I moved silently through the crowd. With my burlap robe on and a pile of cloth on my head that vaguely resembled a cap, I passed as a street urchin begging in the marketplace instead of a halfling thief.

I was good. Humans always underestimated my race. Just because we were half their height didn’t mean we couldn’t take advantage of them. The other six of my thieving crew worked the crowd with me. I caught a glimpse of Owl slicing a fat man’s purse while he browsed a stall selling oranges.

Though I was the best thief in the city, I hated it. There was no challenge in cutting purses and picking pockets. All the fun had gone out of thieving when my older sister, Fox, was hung by the city guards last year.

It had been my fault. We were working a side job, burgling a powerful merchant’s house. But I somehow alerted the guards and Fox was caught giving me a chance to escape. My big sister was always too protective of me.

She dreamed of that big score, robbing the richest of Rartha and then returning back to Baraconia on the Island of Birds to live as rich halflings. We would find a man to marry and force him to have only two wives while we lived as queens with our ill-gotten wealth.

At night, as we lay in our blankets talking after making love, my sister and I would stare at the Saltspray Palace and plot how to break into the Great Vault. We had memorized the palace, learned the guard schedules, even done a few scouts to learn the secrets. It was ambitious. It would get us away from Spray and her thieving gang.

Not that Spray was bad. She was just ... content to have her halfling wives thieve for her. Well, we weren’t officially her wives. That was just what she called us. None of us minded. Halfling females out-bred our men by seven to one. It was rare for a male halfling to have less than six or seven wives.

I padded up to a prospect, an ebony-skinned Halanian woman dressed in silks, her purse on her belt. My wrist flicked. My knife cut. Coins tumbled into my hand and vanished into my pockets in a heartbeat. I turned and melted into the crowd before the woman realized she had even been robbed.

Metal clinked. My ears perked. I cast about the courtyard. A pair of bronze-armored guards with catchpoles moved through the crowd, their eyes scanning. I cast my gaze about, a tinge of excitement beating through my veins. Another pair came from the north.

They had learned we were working the square.

I whistled loud, making the warbling call of the red-breasted thrusher. A whistle answered me and then a second and a third. The crowd swallowed up the sounds of any more whistles, but I am sure my fellow thieves had been alerted.

It was time to melt away and return back to the tower.

Being short was quite the advantage. The guards were all humans, the Rarathans would never believe a halfling thief-taker would be useful to stop us, and I weaved through the crowd on my escape route. I had enough money to satisfy Spray’s small ambition.

I dodged and ducked, sometimes racing between men’s legs as I scampered away from the guards. A smile crossed my lips. Fleeing the guards provided some amount of excitement over the drudgery of pickpocketing and cutpursing.

I dodged around a fat man and came face to face with a pair of guards. So, there were downsides to being short, too. I couldn’t see through the crowd. The guards glanced down at me and then cursed. One swung his catchpole, the end hooked around like a shepherds crook, and tried to snag my leg.

I leaped, my robe clinking with my stolen coins. Then I dived beneath the second guard’s legs, rolled, and came up in a spring. Their armor clinked behind me. I laughed as I spun around a gasping priestess of Slata then leaped at the support pole that held a canvas awning over a merchant’s stall.

In moments I had scaled the top and dashed across the awning. I was light enough not to bring it down.

“Cernere-damned thief,” a guard shouted at me.

I leaped from the awning to a stone wall of a house that bordered the market square. I scrambled up the mortar and made it onto the red-tiled roof. I turned and waved at the guards as they pushed through the crowd, then I dashed across the rooftops.

They couldn’t follow me.

I raced across the conjoined houses, then dashed nimbly about a clothes line strung over a street, my arms outstretched to hold my balance. I gained the next set of roofs and turned south, spotting the ruined tower by the south harbor.

Rartha was an immense city. Even on the rooftops, all I could see was a sea of red in almost every direction. Only the nearby docks broke it up, with the glinting Nimborgoth beyond. To the west, the Saltspray Palace loomed on the cliff of the harbor, staring down at the city. The Doge ruled from there, looking down on his city.

Without Fox, I didn’t have the courage to try and steal from him. I turned my back and raced across another rooftop before sliding down a drain spout and disappearing into the crowds flowing down the streets.

I spotted my pursuers. They didn’t see me in the crowd. I strolled past them as they gazed up at the rooftops, searching for me. I giggled and took my time walking back to the tower. I had thieved and survived another day.

Tomorrow, I would have to do it all over again. And again.

I tried not to think about that.

The salt of the sea tickled my nose when I reached the hideout. It was a ruined tannery with a tower built over it. No one knew why the tannery had a tower. It was decrepit, in the slums by the southern docks. I produced my poniard, hiding it in the sleeve of my robe, ready to stab any of the brutes that haunted this part of town.

None tried anything.

I reached the tower and scaled up it. I was the last to arrive. The others were already there, naked and giggling, showing Spray their hauls and grinning at her approval. The nixie who led our band lounged on a pile of pillows. She was naked, her cock half-hard on her stomach. Her skin was blue and she had foamy, sea-green hair that fell in a wet curtain about her face. Her hair was always wet and she had a constant sheen of moisture on her body.

“Minx,” she purred when she saw me. “Late again.”

I shrugged and produced my coins, dropping them in the pot. Then I pulled off my itching robe. Beneath I wore tight, leather britches that hung to my curvy hips and ass. I may have the stature of a human child, but I had a woman’s curve that matched my slight frame. A band of brown cloth were wrapped about my conical breasts.

Owl swallowed Spray’s cock, sucking it hard as I walked to the tower’s window. I climbed into it and gazed out at the sea. The Isle of Birds, where Baraconia lay, was out there. The city my sister and I fled seven years ago. I was twelve then.

If Fox hadn’t died, I wouldn’t be here. We would have plundered the wealth of the Great Vault and escaped Spray’s small ambition. I sighed. I wish I had the courage to try by myself. I didn’t want to stay in this town doing such mindless tasks.

“What are you thinking about?” Spray asked.

“Nothing,” I shrugged, not glancing at my leader.

She turned my head. Her cock was right before my lips. She guided my head to her dick, and I didn’t resist. I opened my mouth and sucked on the tip of her cock. The salt of her precum flooded my mouth. My cheeks hollowed as my tongue swirled.

“Mmm, Minx,” she purred. “Such a lovely mouth.”

Her hands stroked my metallic-red hair. My pussy grew wet between my thighs and my nipples hardened. Behind Spray, the other halflings were paring up, kissing and cuddling, making love to relax after a long day. It kept us close, intimate. A team.

“I knew what you were thinking about,” Spray sighed. “Your dreams will get us all hung. I loved your sister. Fox was one of my favorite wives. But, what did those dreams get her? Hung.”

I closed my eyes and concentrated on sucking her dick. She was right. Hung. My sister was the best, a smidgen better than me, and it hadn’t helped her. I would just get hung, too. Thieving with Spray was safer.

Even if it was boring.

“Mmm, yes, Minx,” Spray moaned. “That’s delicious. Swirl your tongue about my dick.”

Nixies were hermaphrodites. My hand slid up her thigh and found her wet pussy. I stroked the lips of her pussy, bringing more moans from her lips. My finger dipped into her hot folds as I sucked harder and harder on her cock.

Her fingers tightened in my hair as I probed her cunt. Her hips undulated, fucking her cock deeper into my mouth. I squirmed as she fucked my mouth. My tongue caressed her dick and I sucked, wanting to please Spray.

“Oh, yes, Minx, you have me so hard and excited. But where should I spend my seed? In your mouth.” Spray stared down at me with her dark eyes. Water dripped down her large breasts, beading at her dark-blue nipples. A drop fell and landed on my face. “Or should I cum in your cunt? I bet you would like that.”

I sucked harder and curled my finger inside her pussy, rubbing at the special spot that always gave a woman of any race such pleasure. She shuddered and groaned, then ripped her cock out of my mouth and stepped back.

“Ooh, you naughty minx, you almost had me cumming.” She licked her lips. “I want to spend in that tight cunt of yours.”

“My little, halfling cunt?” I purred at her, my fingers unlacing my tight britches. “Do you want to ram your thick dick in me?”

“So badly,” groaned Spray. She stroked her dick. Her excitement grew as more water beaded off her body, mixing with the fresh scent of her hot cunt. Her dick ached, the tip an angry blue and leaking a flood of precum.

I wiggled out of my leather pants and stretched out on the floor, my legs spread. I stroked my fingers down my bronze stomach to the metallic-red line of pubic hair leading to my shaved pussy. I reached my cunt and spread my labia open, revealing my pink depths.

“Then come fuck me,” I gasped. I liked fucking Spray. I could forget about how boring everything was while her dick speared into my pussy, stretching me out and making me cum so hard. “Hurry up and ram that thick cock in me. Stretch out my little halfling pussy.”

Full-sized races, as we halflings called everyone human-sized, always marveled at our tiny pussies stretching to fit their huge cocks. They did not realize just how hung our equally short, halfling males were.

“Fuck me,” I moaned.

Spray stretched out over me. Her breasts dangled right over my face as her cock pressed into my pussy. I sucked on a hard, dark-blue nipple as the nixie’s thick cock speared into my pussy. I groaned as my flesh stretched around her girth, the pleasure racing through me. I bucked and moaned, nibbling on her nipple.

“Ooh, yes, my tight Minx,” she panted. “Mmm, that’s so good to be in you. Oh, yes. You’re just so damned tight. I love it.”

“So do I,” I gasped as she pounded my pussy, my head turning to suck on her other nipple.

Her dick stabbed deep into my pussy. I groaned and wiggled my hips, bucking up into her thrusts as my lips and teeth worried on her nipple. Spray gasped and moaned as she rested on her elbows, her head dangling down to watch me suck her nipples.

My pussy clenched and relaxed on her thick dick. She stabbed so deep into me. I loved it. Every thrust sent ripples of heat racing out of my cunt. My hips bucked to meet her, rubbing my clit into her pubic bone. I drank in the sparking delight, my toes curling.

“Matar’s cock, you are a hot furnace tonight, Minx.” Spray shuddered. “Mmm, yes, you’re cooking my cock. I love it. Work those girlish hips. Oh, yes. Make me explode with that tight, little, halfling cunt. Milk my cock.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I groaned. “Pound me, Spray. I love your cock.”

I buried my face between her soft tits. My hands pressed them on my face. I loved how silky they felt as the pleasure raced through my body. I groaned and shuddered, clenching and relaxing my cunt on her hard shaft.

“Drill it into me. Make me cum on your big dick.”

“You halfling slut. Oh, yes. You love my cock. You want my foamy cum dripping out of my cunt.”

“So badly.” My body shuddered. My pussy tightened. The pressure swelled. “I’m so close, Spray.” I turned my head and sucked on her right tit. I bit and nibbled as my pleasure soared. Spray groaned atop me. Her thrusts grew harder, pounding my cunt. I savored the passion of her strokes. My pussy tightened on her cock.

My back arched as my orgasm exploded through me.

I moaned into her tit. I sucked hard, wanting to leave a dark-blue hickey on her breast. My thighs squeezed tight about her hips as my pussy writhed about her big dick. She moaned above me, savoring my cumming pussy.

The pleasure washed through my mind. I drifted on it, drinking it in. Her hammering cock prolonged it. I clung to the rapture, not wanting to give up that wonderful bliss for as long as I could while I thrashed beneath her.

“Gods, you are tight,” panted Spray. “Oh, gods, I love fucking your cunt, Minx. Oh, yes.”

Her cock buried into me. She let out a low moan as her cum burst into my pussy. I shuddered as a flood of cum poured out of her dick. There was so much. It squirted out around her cock, drenching the floor. My body shuddered as the spray splashed against my cervix.

Another orgasm rippled through me.

“Gods, yes,” I gasped as I drank in the next wave of pleasure. My pussy milked her cumming cock. She panted as the last blast of her cum squirted into me. I felt so full of her cock and seed. I brimmed with it as I drifted on my pleasure.

And then reality came crashing back. Spray rolled off of me, a big smile on her face. She leaned down and kissed me before leaving me lying in a puddle of her cum. I stared up at the ceiling, my thoughts drifting back down to reality.

Tomorrow, I would have to pickpocket again.

Incessae – Lesh-Ke Mountains, The Kingdom of Haz

“This is the spot,” I told my sister Erinyes, landing atop the cliff overlooking the highway that passed over Miliiath Pass, connecting the Magery of Thosi and the Kingdom of Haz through the Lesh-Ke Mountains. I hated working with my sister. We were both instruments of our mother’s, the goddess Slata’s, vengeance, but I much preferred to work alone. “Look at the stones. Perfect for an avalanche.”

“You do not even plan on engaging Angela with weapons?” Ultionae demanded, the diamonds piercing her pale cheeks flashing in the sunlight.

“Not if I can help it,” I answered. “It is too dangerous for us to engage her directly. We must be crafty. Once the avalanche has crashed into her party, then we can fly down and finish her off if she survives.”

“You hardly need me for this,” sneered my sister. “I knew it was a mistake to ally with you.”

“Look at the other cliff,” I asserted.

Ultionae turned her head. “I see. You plan on hitting her from both sides.”

“Angela is dangerous. Mother wants her dead, then we have to be more dangerous.”

“And how do you know she’ll pass this way?” Ultionae arched an eyebrow and flapped her black-feathered wings in agitation. “She could go the other way when she leaves Khan.”

“She is hunting for her ancestor’s sword. The next nearest piece is in Rartha. How will she get to the free city?”

“Fine,” Ultionae snapped. “We’ll do your plan, but it better work.”

“If it doesn’t, I’ll follow your lead.” I inclined my head to my sister.

“Is that sense coming from your mouth, Incessae?”

I ignored my sister’s scorn. “All that matters is delivering mother’s vengeance on Angela. I can swallow my pride to do it. Can you?”

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