I Will Take Care of You
Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A woman recruiter offers me a job that comes with starting my life over again. And my signing bonus is a woman who will serve me in every way. All she asks of me is to take care of her.

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September 1980

“Tell me again.” The pretty girl begged me, with needy trust.

“I will take care of you. I will never send you away.” I spoke with the most intensity and honesty that I could, willing the truth to penetrate her needs.

This was not the first time I had said those words. The first time was years ago in The Before Time. Back when I was older and life seemingly was without meaning or purpose.

The Before Time

July 2016 Uvalde, Texas. Population: 16,000

Sitting in the bar of a chain restaurant, I drank a beer waiting for my food. “This is about as good as life gets for me these days.“ I thought. Over 50 years old, living on VA Disability and my wife finally gave up on me and divorced me last year. I don’t blame her a bit. I am hard to live with ever since I came back from Iraq. I lock myself in my room. I do not really talk to people, including my family. The diagnosis is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with Depression. In vernacular: Life Sucks.

A pretty blonde lady, at least ten years younger than me, made eye contact. “Mind if I join you?” I noticed her attractive blue dress and black flats. As with all beautiful women, I enjoyed looking at her. She had nice blue eyes, emphasized by her light application of cosmetics.

Nodding my head politely I responded, “Sure. No problem.”

I scanned the bar area again, noting the escape routes, choke points and potential threats. Nothing to alarm me, I returned my attention to the lady. I revised my age estimate to mid-thirties.

“Hi. I’m Dana.”

“Hello, Dana, I am Derek. Are you meeting friends here for dinner?”

With a smirk she said, “Well I was looking for someone who looks like he could use some companionship. And that looks like you!”

Oh no. Not a prostitute. Hell, I did not think a small town like Uvalde, Texas even had prostitutes, let alone let them ply their trade in a family restaurant. I have never resorted to paying for sex. I was not starting now.

“Ma’am. Um, thanks but, I am not interested.”

“Not interested in what? Companionship? I think you are very interested.” She gave me a friendly smile that must have charmed a thousand souls.

“No, really. I don’t have any interest in your services. But, you have a nice day.”

A loud, boisterous laugh erupted from her mouth. “What? You think I am a whore?” More laughter. Tears began streaming from her eyes.

Okay. Maybe I misread this situation. And, if that was the case, I am not sure how to get out of this. Think. Think. Ah, tell the woman you are sorry. That always works. Beg, if needed.

“Ma’am, I’m so sorry, I can’t believe that I just called you a...”

Still laughing, Dana interrupted, “No. That’s okay. It was worth it to get a good laugh like that. Well worth it.

“Please, let me buy you a beer.”

“Only if you provide me with some companionship, um, I mean company. But don’t count on anything beyond that.” She wagged her finger at me and giggled.

We made small talk for a while; you know, the weather, the town, funny little stories. Really just nothing. She asked me if I was married. I told her about the ex-wives and how I missed my daughter. How I did not miss the cat. But then she got serious. “Tell me, Derek. What regrets do you have? Do you wish that you could have done things differently in your life?”

I do complain and fantasize about how I would live differently if given the chance, but now, the more I thought about it, I just did not want to think that way anymore.

“You know what, Dana? Everything I have gone through has made me who I am today. And, as much as I complain, I am just gonna accept who I have become and if not be content, well, at least be okay with who I am. I just don’t think I want to go down that road. True, I have two ex-wives, but I really did love them both. My daughter feels a little distant from me because of my anti-social attitude and lack of talking, but I am so proud of her and I can’t imagine a world without her in it. Even my deployment to Iraq, although it sucked big time and I became disillusioned, but I don’t think I want to just will myself back and remove those experiences. I am who I am because of those experiences, and well, it may not be much, but this is me.”

Dana paused a moment in thought, a little frown on her face. “Okay. Not exactly what I was expecting. I guess that is a good psychological attitude. But, I also suspect that much of your hesitancy is because you won’t wish a scenario in which your daughter was never born.”

“Yes, I love her.”

“Okay new game then, one that even stuffy you should be able to enjoy. The new game is you don’t relive your life. Your history still happened. You still have two ex-wives, an ex-cat, and a daughter. But you will become someone else. How about that? Any mental or emotional issues that will prevent you having fun with this game?

Laughing, I realized I really enjoyed her company. She was a lot of fun! “No, no problem with this one. So what year am I going back to?”

“Does it really matter? You will be the guy who already lived and you, that which makes you who you are, whether you call it your soul, or life-force or mind or whatever. That soul of who you are right now becomes someone new, in a child’s body, with new possibilities.” Her eyes glittered in excitement.

“And I will retain my memories and personality?”

She paused. “You will have access to your memories. And you will still have the same values, the things in life that are important to you, like loyalty, fidelity, truthfulness, fairness. You will still be you. But understand that behavior is also affected biologically. Hormones, health, and genes affect personality. And so, with a different body you may be more or less energetic; you may be more or less prone to anger. So I don’t want to mislead you.” She sounded so sincere. She must have an imagination that allows fantasy games to become almost real to her.

“Um, Dana. ‘Mislead me’ about the reality of your game? I don’t think you need to worry about being honest about some game that we both know is pure fantasy.”

Dana’s grinned at me with dancing eyes. Her blue eyes invited me to join her madness and silliness. And I began to like the idea of leaving my current life for one with more meaning. This fantasy appealed to me.

“Derek, in this game, I am going to give you a gift as a reward. What do you want most as a reward in this fantasy? What can I offer to tempt you to accept my offer and work for me and my associates?”

I really am not a bad man. Really. But I have read some naughty stories and well, you know, the guy gets a gorgeous girl to fulfill all his sexual fantasies and she has none of the real requirements (read baggage and maintenance) that real women in real relationships require. And, I was sitting next to an attractive and flirty woman. So of course my mind went naughty.

“A companion. A sexy woman to fulfill all my sexual desires. Are you volunteering?”

She chuckled. “I think we have been through this. I am not a prostitute. You are not screwing me tonight, and that is final! But ... I think I will agree to your request. As you recall I said I was looking for a man in need of companionship. And, did you notice the first word you called your sexual fantasy? You called her your “companion”. And that is what you will get. Great, it is agreed upon! You are to become this new person and I will grant you a woman to serve your every need and to grant you your every sexual wish. You will be her master!” Dana looked quite pleased with herself.

Wait. Did I just make a contract?

“What? What are you talking about? There is no agreement! We are playing a make-believe game. And I don’t want to be a master. Hey, we were enjoying ourselves, playing a fantasy game and now you’re making me nervous. Are you trying to sell me something? Listen, I am broke, whatever you are selling, or not selling, I am not interested.”

And of course she laughed her head off, mascara running down her face, slugging me in the shoulder like we were the best of buds. Finally, she got some control over herself after several attempts ending in giggles.

“Okay. The answer is yes and no. For now, I don’t care if you take this serious or as a game. Consider this ... a ‘recreational negotiation, ‘ she proposed with a wink. “I will offer you a ‘position’ in this game scenario. My associates and I will provide support and benefits and you will provide services. First, we have already agreed on your signing bonus. You get your girl slave who will provide for all your personal support and ‘needs’. She will take care of you, feed you, clean your house, wash, and iron your clothes and really anything else she can think of. And whenever you are feeling horny, she will gladly perform any sexual ‘services’ as well. She will be your submissive and you will be her master. Are we agreed as to the signing bonus?”

Smiling, I looked at her like she was the crazy person that she seemed to be. She may not be legally insane, but she was certainly loony. I supposed there was no harm in playing along, right? Let me think this through and, just to make this fun, let me honestly evaluate this.

“No. As much as this fantasy is nice as a fantasy, I really do not want to own anyone. And, I care too much about people to really get into this whole BDSM scene. A picture of a tied up slave may look sexy, but I have no desire to ignore any woman’s desires and needs so that I can get my rocks off. No. Sorry, but I am just not interested. I think you need to find someone else.”

She took a moment to look at me inspect my face as if I was an insect. She seemed to come to a decision and looked at me openly.

“I have a confession. I know more about you than I have let on. You were an army officer, Captain Derek White. You commanded a tank company, including half of your tour in Iraq. And as such you took care of your soldiers, didn’t you?”

This, I did not expect. She should not know this. While I was never involved in any covert operations, the army did not exactly publish its members service records.

“Who are you? What do you want?”

My eyes swept the room again, and looked out the to the main building entrance, through the front window, ensuring that my old Ford pick-up was in sight and appeared undamaged. I could not detect any obvious threats in or around the building. My hand rested on the bulge on my right hip, reassuring me that the Ruger LCP was accessible in my waistband holster.

She just looked at me, both amused and interested.

“Fine. I will play your game. Yes, as leaders we took care of our subordinates. That is, we ensured that they were fed, equipped, operating in as safe a manner as possible and basically looked out for them as much as we could. And yes, as a commander, I felt a special duty to provide for my men as much as I could, while protecting them as well. That was just good leadership. And, well, it was not just the right thing to do, it is the military culture. So damn right, I took care of my soldiers! But don’t you dare call a soldier a slave or submissive or anything! We each had our roles and our duties. While we were required to obey all lawful orders in our chain of command, we were not slaves to anyone, nor was anyone a frikkin’ master! Don’t go there.”

I was aware that I over-reacted. It happened when I thought about my men, the men I served with. We were family, damn-it. I may have been the “old man” at one time, but we were more than just different ranks, we were a family. And I would not let her sully my memory of them with some nasty sex slave analogy. There was no comparison at all!

With an effort she straightened her face. “I know that you are protective about the people you served with. I am sorry. I realize it seems that I am trying to skew the way you look at military submission as comparative to a sex slave signing bonus. But, I really am not. What I am trying to explain is that one aspect of your military attitude is relevant to how you should consider your relationship with the signing bonus.”

After a pause, I reluctantly signaled her to continue.

“You should know the basis of the relationship is one obligation on her part and two obligations on your part. She will require the two in exchange for the one.”

“This is where you tell me what you are selling? Really? Does this sales pitch ever work?”

“We will see.” Dana demonstrated that she was enjoying herself. “Would you prefer to hear her obligation to you first, or your obligations to her?”

I still didn’t trust her. And, why did she know my military record? But my instincts told me to remain alert and see where this conversation was going. Hell, I had not been around any people in over a week, and I did miss having friendly conversations. So, I laughed at this ridiculous sales pitch, and gestured for her to continue at her discretion.

“It is really quite simple. Her obligation is to serve you in whatever manner in which you deem best. And her demand for you is two-fold. You must take care of her. And, you must never send her away.”

I waited for her to continue or to give me the punchline. And I waited until she raised an eyebrow.

“So, I have to take care of her. What does that mean? And, I can’t send her away? Does that mean I have to get married? Because, marriage does not sound so much like a signing bonus as much as a ball and chain at this point in my life. Wait! You are not proposing to me, are you? You are going to, what did you say, “serve me in whatever manner I deem best’ if I marry you? No. Not interested!”

At this point I did not get the laugh, but, I have never seen anyone roll their eyes to that degree in my life. It was quite impressive.

“It is both simpler and more complex than you seem to be making this. And, you don’t have to think of this as a signing bonus; I am just trying to help you understand. Think about this with your ‘army’ mind. Your tasks will usually be tactical. And, no, I won’t go into specifics, because you don’t have any missions at this time, nor are you in the form you will need to be in, nor do you have the training. Really, the only description that I can say is ‘tactical.’ Understand so far?”

“Even in this fantasy universe thing we are talking about, I will not work against my government and I will not be a criminal. If you know anything about me, you should know that. My Officer’s Oath still has meaning to me. I will support and defend the Constitution against all enemies. Whatever my faults, don’t doubt my resolve to be faithful to my oath.”

“I know about your character. If I did not, we would not be having this conversation. I would only offer this woman to an honorable man. And I would not offer this opportunity to someone who was not devoted to his duty and his values. Your missions will often be government sponsored or endorsed. The other missions will be consistent with your values. For example, you may be assigned a hostage rescue mission. That would be consistent with your values, and, even if the government is not directly involved, you certainly will not be opposing the Constitution or anything so melodramatic.”

With my nod, she continued.

“Much like a military unit, you need support. Well, at least you will be much more effective if you have support. We have found that male/female teams are the most effective and that if the relationship is sexual, the team has higher morale, and the relationship is enduring. Which is why we include the girl. And, that is why we want her to “serve” you. Not so much as a slave, but, well, as a naughty, incestuous family member providing all your logistical support.”

Apparently she liked this characterization because she started laughing again. And, well, it struck me as a little funny too and I started chuckling.

“So apparently you made up the whole thing about ‘serving you in whatever manner’.”

Suddenly she looked at me with a deadly, serious look. “No. I am quite serious about that. We have already recruited your partner and she has specific emotional needs. She will need the emotional support that the agreement will provide. What she needs is to find a man who will become the center and ultimate purpose for her universe. Once you promise to care for her, she will devote her life to you and your happiness. No, I am not joking at all. And let’s dispense with the whole game facade. I am negotiating for your services. I have already secured her agreement.”

“Who are you negotiating for? You say I won’t always be working with the government’s knowledge, then who are you? Are you some kind of mercenary? Are you security contractors?”

She paused. “I recruit for a group of individuals who desire for you to be a tactical asset as part of their larger security organization. I cannot and will not tell you all of their goals and purposes. Frankly, I am not privy to all of their secrets. What I can tell you is this. What I do know of their goals and what I have seen with their actions, they are generally, a benevolent organization. They act to augment various levels of government for especially important or dangerous scenarios. And they do not need search warrants before they gather intelligence on known threats. They also have their own commerce, and seek to profit and grow like any other group. You won’t ever have much more information than what I have already told you. Our teams are decentralized and act as self-sufficient cells, with points of contact with the operations and oversight departments.”

I gave myself a moment to take all this in. After she set aside the game as a facade, my experience told me to not believe a word she said. The whole idea was more in tune with Hollywood than with the real world. The problem? For some reason, I wanted to believe her. I saw no reasonable compromise but to call her bluff.

“I want to meet this potential logistical partner, then.”

With a sigh she looked disappointed but not surprised. “I really do not recommend this. I am not saying ‘no’, but it would be much easier to avoid meeting her until you are onsite.”

“Oh I am sure it would be easier. Especially if this is a silly story. But if you want to continue your little game, then I am calling your bluff. Any woman who would agree to this plan must be doing so against her will. I would have to be sure that she is volunteering to any crazy team like you described.”

Leaving money on the table, she led me out of the bar.

The First Time

We entered her rental car and drove a couple of blocks to a national chain motel. It was nothing fancy just mid-grade. She explained that she brought Cindy to town with her, expecting to get my contract nailed down too. By this point, the story still sounded too strange to be true, but a part of my mind was taking this seriously. And, I did find the idea of a new life appealing. But, I really was concerned about the woman who supposedly agreed to be a sex slave or whatever the current description of her role. If nothing else, it sounded like servitude. I may not know this woman, but at least I could be sure that no one was coercing her.

“Derek, this is Cindy.”

Cindy looked around thirty and she was pale, as if it had been years since she saw sunshine. She was thin with drab brown hair and colorless gray eyes. She was wearing slutty clothing. Short black mini-skirt, red tank top, fishnet stockings. And she acted both jaded and scared. I immediately associated her look with prostitution. I could tell that life had not been kind to Cindy. She looked to me with indifference and asked, “You the one that is gonna fuck me?”

Consistent with my life since I had met Dana, I was shocked speechless, but managed some hand and arm signals to indicate that no, I was not here to fuck her.

Cindy’s head shot a look at Dana and with a glare she said, “What the fuck, Dana? You said you had someone. You told me I would get what I was promised! Looking at him, he doesn’t have a clue as to what you promised me. You promised me! You said I could TRUST you! But you are just gonna fuck me over like everyone ELSE! Aren’t you, DANA?”

“No, Cindy. Calm down. This is the man I was talking about. But he has not made a final decision yet. I think he is concerned we have kidnapped you or something. But I told him about the three-part agreement. You do realize, that for a person from his background, it sounds a little ... well, extreme, right?

By now Cindy began looking very sad and spiritless; her eyes filling with tears.

“But. You said you would find someone to agree. You promised me.”

By this point I decided that, confused or not, it was time for me to intercede.

“Cindy, will you tell me what you want? I am not judging you or anything, but, Dana made some sort of offer for me to take a ... job I guess, and that a woman would become my servant and well, do ‘personal things’ with me. And, frankly, I don’t think a woman exists who would voluntarily agree to do that. I mean who agrees to become a slave?”

A little hope, just little, entered her eyes. “So you do know about the three-part agreement, right?”

“Cindy, please. Tell me. What do you want? Forget agreements and forget Dana. Please, what does Cindy want?”

“I want... “ She shook her head. “I need someone who I can trust to promise, to really, really promise that he will take care of me.” Tears began streaming down her face. “And I need him to promise me - that he will never, ever send me away.” And with a faraway look she softly continued, “and I will serve him however I can for the rest of my life. I will clean his house; I will cook his food; he can fuck me any way, any time and any how he wants. I will do anything for him. If he will just care for me; and, never send me away.” Then she looked at me expectantly.

Dana looked at me, “Well, are you satisfied? Do you think she has been kidnapped?”

Looking at Cindy she asked, “Do you have any questions for our prospect? Do you want to talk to him about anything?

“Mister. Derek, do you lie? No, I mean, when you make a promise, do you break your word? Please don’t lie to me. If you will just be honest with me, you can still fuck me tonight. But just tell me the truth. I am so tired of the lies.”

“Do I lie? Well, I guess that everyone has lied before. But I try hard not to. I don’t always tell everything I know. I may not always correct someone’s misconception. But, I don’t want to be a liar. And, as to breaking my word ... I think I am known as an honorable man. When I offer an oath, or make a solemn vow or make an agreement like we have discussed, I do not lie. And, I do not go back on my word. I take that kind of thing very seriously.”

Cindy stared through my eyes to the back of my skull. And I opened my soul to her. She may have had a hard time, and she may have been treated badly by everyone she had ever trusted, but at least I would be one person who would never deceive or hold back the truth from her. So, I just opened my eyes and let her stare as long as she wanted. Then finally she blinked.

“Derek, do you promise to care for me?”

Oh shit. This was show up or run off time. But it was not the time for a rushed decision. And so as I returned her expectant look, I considered the offer. Okay, the key word is “care” and Dana explained it was like caring for my Soldiers. In that context, it really was not overwhelming at all. It is just a natural response of mutual trust of a team member. And caring for one person instead of hundreds was relatively easy. And it sounded like the logistics, the stuff needed for care, would actually be Cindy’s responsibility. So really all Cindy wanted was command-level care. All I had to do was to provide general guidance, ensure that she was cared for, and if the system failed her, then and only then, act to provide for her needs.

“I will care for you to the best of my abilities.”

Cindy again stared in my eyes looking for deception. There was none to be found.

“Do you promise to never send me away?”

Surprisingly, this part was actually harder for me to decide. Not that I planned to abandon her or anything. But, I really did not know this woman. What if all her promises were a deception or delusion? I needed some kind of ‘out’ if this did not work out due to her actions or inaction. But now was not the time to go into this with this emotionally fragile woman. Sometimes the best one can do is compromise.

“For as long as you honor your obligation to the agreement, I will never send you away.”

“I will serve you as I promised. I don’t lie!” she replied defensively.

“Then I will never send you away.”

Dana seeing my expression and Cindy’s despair renewing, jumped in. “Derek, you are hesitant to agree to the second part of the Agreement without a condition. Why is that? Do you think Cindy will not do as she agreed? Or, is it something else?”

I sighed in frustration. “Ladies, as I said, I consider obligations and duties as very serious matters. And so, I do not just blindly agree to them without considering the unlikely, but potentially bad scenarios. And I do not really know Cindy. What if she starts acting like a bitch, yelling and screaming or just basically becomes unbearable? It isn’t right to require me to bind myself to that kind of person. I would not expect anyone else to agree to that kind of one-sided agreement. I am not willing to sell my freedom, without some kind of ‘out’ for her potentially unreasonable future behavior. And, it seems to me, if she is serving me as she promised, then I will be able to live with her behavior. That would be fair.”

“So, you are not calling Cindy untrustworthy?

“No. I have no reason to doubt her.”

“Cindy do you understand that he is not calling you a liar? Do you see how serious he is about his agreement? Why he is unwilling to subject himself to an agreement in which he is obligated no matter how horrible you behave? Maybe like some people made you promise and then they behaved cruelly toward you.”

Cindy seemed to lose herself to her memories for a while. Then she nodded her head and looked into the back of my skull again.

“Derek, for as long as I serve you the best I can ... will you promise to never send me away?”

“I will never send you away.”

After staring at me for another 15 seconds in silence, she began to shudder, and then the tears started pouring from her eyes. Not the best at dealing with crying women, I glanced over to Dana who gestured to me to go to Cindy. So, awkwardly, I went to her to gently hold her. She was stronger than she looked and her arms encircled my waist in a breath-stealing hug, her face went to my chest and Cindy unloaded years’ worth of disappointment and pain. I figured that on her own, she never had the chance to really unload her emotional pain with someone else. And now that some older man merely promised to care for her and not cast her out, she felt safe enough to let that pain out.

I really did not know what to do or to say. Sure. I could pull out some platitude. But those are merely annoying and insincere. And even if my promise, our “Agreement,” was new, I still considered it binding. I would care for Cindy. So I pulled out my fatherhood technique, started stroking her hair, and gently told her over and over:

“I will care of you. I will never send you away.”

At first she just started crying harder, but I sensed that this was like lancing a boil. She was in emotional pain. But the sharp pain of the incision was as nothing compared to the day-to-day ache of hopelessness and isolation. So I kept to my mantra, “I will care for you. I will never send you away.” And now, I did not bother about the condition that she honors her part of the agreement. I knew. The last thing she would ever want is for ANY of the agreement to fail. Her obligation was also her reward. I didn’t understand her fully. I didn’t think I ever would. But somehow, I didn’t think I would ever have to worry about her becoming an unbearable thorn in my side.

Eventually she quieted. Then she started caressing my chest and then nuzzling her face in my neck. I did not respond; I had no intention of taking advantage of a woman in emotional distress. I felt empathy for her pain, but not lust. But then suddenly, she was kissing me. Full lip-lock, tongue-invading, hormone-releasing kissing. And I was completely defenseless. My senses collapsed except for the kiss. I felt like I was weightless and falling at the same time. And I surrendered to my servant, who I would care for and never leave. I surrendered to her kiss, and unexpectedly, I surrendered my heart to her. My love was not a love given to a girlfriend, regardless of the kiss. It was a love for an adorable, little sister and at the same time to a dear friend to whom I shared all the details of my life. And it was the love of a long-term and comfortable lover. Actually, it was elements of all these types of love, but not a sum of them. It was a unique love.

But, I had no time to really consider these things at the time. I was lost, without a will and with no desire for the kiss to ever end. But in the furthermost corner of my consciousness, I heard Dana yell, “Oh, Hell no!” And then as she tried to pry Cindy off me, I became aware of my surroundings. When Dana finally caught my attention she started her orders.

“You. Lover-boy. Leave the room now. You go outside and you WAIT for me. Do not come back here no matter how long I take.”

Confused, I looked at Cindy. “But she wants me to stay. I have to care for...”

At this point Cindy became more hysterical, trying to get to me and Dana became more insistent that I leave the room. After a moment, I decided that Dana was the expert in forming these teams, and I better obey the boss. I left the room and waited in the parking lot for almost a half hour.

When Dana finally met me in the parking lot she had no smirks or laughing eyes. She only had glares. “I told you it would be easier if you waited until you were onsite.” After a pause and a sigh, she continued.

“Do you at least understand now that she has special emotional needs? That she needs to serve you, not for you, but for her?”

Did I understand the need? No. Not really. But I knew that she had one. And, I knew that part of caring for her was to permit her to take her role in the manner she wanted. So, I did not care if she wanted to play slave girl, or maid or mistress. Whatever. I did not have to change how I perceived my role. And my obligation was simple enough for me to both understand and memorize all of its parts. I had to care for her. I could never send her away. And both of these I would do, not because of any agreement and not because I was obligated. I discovered that I loved her. And I was bound to her by some invisible chain, attaching her heart to mine.

Acknowledgments: My appreciation to BarneyR, bohica and RollingRomanticDaydreamer for their very helpful editorial assistance.

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