Chapter 1

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I'm blue, I will bleed, I will die, I'm in need of a guy.

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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who “dips his wick” or “rides the rod” without protection.

I’m blue, I will bleed, I will die I’m in need of a guy.

- Misheard lyrics for “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65

Alie’s mother rapped on the bathroom door. “Alison? You okay, honey?”

Alie was not okay. She was lying in the fetal position in the bathtub, shaking from the pain of her monthly visit from “Aunt Flo”. She was naked from the waist down, her jeggings removed to keep them from getting blood-soaked. That blood was seeping from her vagina and running down the drain in a continuous runnel ... drip, drip, drip. She doubled over as another wave of agony rolled over her. “Urgh...” she moaned.

“Oh sweetie,” she could hear her Mom say, “Your period again? I’m so sorry.” Her Mom tried the door, found it locked, and then a few moments later padded away.

Alie did not want anyone near her. Her mother knew how she felt, having dealt with the same bloody horror when she was a teenager. “It all changed once I had you,” she had told her daughter. “Perfectly normal period after that.”

They had tried birth control pills. After several months there was no difference, and Alie was now once again practically living in the tub for the better part of a week.

Once she had recovered enough from this latest bout Alie went online to search for suggestions. If her mother’s period had normalized after having a child then it seemed that some sort of change in hormones might be the solution.

She found other stories from women with terrible cramps and bloody discharge likewise experiencing an abrupt regulation in their period after giving birth, but was there a less extreme solution than becoming a mother herself at her age? She had just turned 14!

After some more searching she came across a recent study that indicated that hormones in semen, when injected into a female’s vagina, could affect her ovulation schedule. It didn’t even have to happen during the female’s fertile period.

Her period’s arrival was never predictable ... putting her ovulation on a schedule might have the effect she was looking for. But how to get a hold of some semen?

She remembered the gut-wrenching agony of the last few days and shuddered. She had to find a way!

Rob opened his front door to find his niece Alie there, holding her school bag. “Hi Unca Rob,” she said as she skipped past him into the house.

“Hi Alie,” he said, watching the teenage girl’s ass move so nicely in her tight gym shorts as she headed toward the living room. Alie stayed with her aunt and uncle after school until her parents came home from work, and her last class had been P.E.

He followed her into the living room, also getting a nice gander at his niece’s shapely legs and slim waist. She had filled out in the last year or so, and his wife, Alie’s mother’s sister, had not given him any attention for weeks. She also wasn’t there at the moment, having taken to going out with her co-workers most evenings. He was being quite lecherous, ogling the teen cutie, but he was also aware that he had to keep his glances quick so as not to make the girl uncomfortable.

Alie slipped her Keds off and lay down on her front on the couch to watch the TV, her lower legs bouncing up and down on the cushions, barely able to keep still due to her youthful energy.

Rob watched intently from behind as Alie’s cute feet went up and down, and he angled himself to get a good look between her legs. He had always thought that the slim brown-haired girl was adorable, but now she was a real Lolita.

“Um...” Rob hadn’t noticed when Alie had turned to look back at him. He had forgotten to be discreet! She had an odd look on her face, and then he realized that she wasn’t looking at his face, but lower ... at his crotch!

Embarrassed, Rob turned away to hide his hard-on, which had tented out his jeans. He quickly vacated the room.

Alie was stunned. Had Uncle Rob been checking her out, and getting turned on? By her?

‘Maybe I have an opportunity here, ‘ she thought as she got up and followed her uncle. Had he gone upstairs?

Sure enough, she heard him making soft grunting noises in his bedroom. He hadn’t closed the door all the way, so she silently pushed it open enough to see in.

Uncle Rob’s pants and boxers were down around his ankles and he was stroking his hard cock, his eyes closed. Was he thinking about her?

Emboldened, she pushed the door open all the way, bumping it against the dresser. Rob’s eyes flew open and he looked at his niece in horror. She had caught him jacking off!

He had stopped moving his hand but Alie dropped to her knees in front of him and pushed his hand away. Taking only a moment to steel herself, she inhaled and then took that hard dick into her mouth.

“Oh Jesus,” Rob said as Alie’s warm mouth enveloped his cock. He had feared that his next destination would be prison; he would never have thought that this would ever really happen!

Alie used the techniques that porn star Jemma Janison had mentioned in her online video on giving blowjobs, but there was learning and then there was doing! Her uncle’s cock wasn’t bigger than the guy’s in the video but she was no porn star. The skin of his penis felt weird and tasted salty in her mouth but she gradually got used to it.

Long suck ... jack off his cock near the base with her hand ... lick the head like a lollypop ... deep throat ... that last one was difficult, as the head of his cock made her gag a little when it hit the back of her throat. She found she was getting more happy noises from him by jacking him off while the tip was in her mouth, so she did that more.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum...” he whispered hoarsely.

One of the most erotic experiences a man can have is when he lets his partner know he’s going to cum and instead of pulling away they go even faster in response. Alie did so right then.

“Awwww yeeesss...” Rob hissed, pushing his cock further into his niece’s mouth as he let his pent-up sperm blast into it.

Alie was half-surprised at the sheer volume of semen shooting into her mouth. Jemma Janison had said that there would be a lot, but wow! She did her best to keep it all in her mouth, not swallowing.

Finally she pulled her mouth off of her uncle’s cock and he fell back onto his bed with a sigh. Alie quickly left the room and ran into the bathroom. Once there she locked the door, quickly slipped off her shorts and panties, and sat on the edge of the bathtub with her feet in the tub.

She pushed one finger into her mouth and extracted a glob of semen. Looking at it, she considered the danger of what she was doing for only a moment. Her period had just finished so there was almost no chance she could get pregnant at that time, and she was on the pill besides. She brought that cum covered digit down to the entrance to her pussy and smeared the warm substance around her dry vaginal lips.

She extracted another dollop of cum from her mouth. This time, now that she had lubricated the entrance, she was able to push up to the first knuckle of her sperm-covered finger inside her vagina. It felt strange, invasive. She had never masturbated, preferring to stay as far away from the source of her monthly agony as she could, so she was tight down there.

She took more and more of her uncle’s cum and pushed it up inside her. She was able to push the last finger of it all the way in.

Finally she extracted her finger from her vagina and looked at it. It was wet but no longer covered in semen. It was all inside her now! She felt butterflies in her stomach at that thought. There were babymaking sperm inside her, searching for her egg!

She shook her head to clear it. She couldn’t get pregnant, and she needed the hormones in her uncle’s semen to normalize her period. This was all according to plan, though she hadn’t expected to find a willing donor so soon.

She pulled her panties and shorts back on and washed her hands. As she left the bathroom she could feel a little of her uncle’s cum start to slip out of her and be absorbed into her panties. What a strange feeling!

She found her uncle sitting on his bed, re-dressed and looking nervous.

“Um, Alie, about what we did...”

She cut him off. “Don’t worry, Unca Rob ... I won’t tell anyone, and I hope you won’t either.”

He was taken aback by this. “Uh ... of course not! This is ... our little secret?”

He seemed lost, so Alie nodded, giving him a beaming smile. Then she skipped out of the room.

Alie sucked her uncle off and pushed his cum inside her for the next two afternoons in order to be sure that she had gotten enough hormones from him. Even on the pill she didn’t want to risk even a small chance of getting pregnant by doing it for too many days. After that she told her uncle that they had made a mistake and that they should never speak of it again. Rob was downtrodden but agreed.

Two weeks later Alie was at school when her uterus rebelled against her and “released the hounds.” She dropped to her knees on the hallway tiles as her midsection spasmed again and again, and she could feel blood start to pool in her panties. ‘No! It didn’t work!’ she cried in her head.

When her period stopped after almost a week of Hell she once again approached Uncle Rob to renew their strange relationship. He was kind enough to not push to get anything more than blowjobs. This time Alie pushed his sperm inside herself for the rest of the month.

Then her next period came. It still hadn’t worked! Alie lay there in the bathtub, her mind warped by the constant, unforgiving pain. ‘No more!’ she promised herself.

Alie sat her uncle down. “Unca Rob, I need you to do me a big favor.”

“Anything!” he replied, his eagerness the result of affection, or possibly fear, or both.

“I may be pregnant and my parents would never understand. If I ask you, will you take me to the abortion clinic? It has to be a family member.”

Rob felt a pang of jealousy. “You’ve been having sex with someone else?”

Alie took his hand. “You’re still married, remember? We’re not, um, exclusive.”

“Right...” Rob considered for a moment, and then said, “Okay, yes, I’ll help you.”

“Good!” Alie said, dropping to her knees and unbuckling her uncle’s belt. “Then let’s get started.”

Alie hadn’t taken any birth control pills since her last period started. Now when she slipped her uncle’s sperm inside her she knew that she was unprotected. This was the new plan.

She continued this for two weeks, and when she pushed the first fingerfull of sperm inside her the next day she noticed that her vagina was already somewhat lubricated. Mucus! She was ovulating! She felt a forbidden thrill as she pushed all of her uncle’s babymaking seed inside her fertile pussy.

Even after the signs of her fertility faded a few days later she continued to push her uncle’s cum inside her, right up until the day her next period started, and once again it hit her hard. It still hadn’t worked!

For the last month Rob had dropped hints to Alie that if she was already pregnant, then they could have sex without worrying about him knocking her up. ‘If he only knew... ‘ she thought.

Now, with the memory of another extremely painful period fresh in her mind, she was ready to take him up on that. She kept giving her uncle blowjobs in the afternoons but at night she used the handle of a hairbrush to carefully stretch her unused vagina in preparation. Finally, almost two weeks later, she felt the telltale signs of her fertility and she used the lubrication of her cervical mucus to help with shoving the hair brush in HARD and angling it, breaking her cherry. Because she had been tapping away at it for a couple of weeks with the brush it wasn’t as painful as she had thought. The amount of blood was laughable.

Now she was ready.

By this point Alie had been pushing potent sperm inside her teenage reproductive system for months. The hormones from her uncle’s cum hadn’t fixed her period but it, along with the passing of time, had contributed to an effect on other womanly parts of her body. Her breasts had gotten bigger and her hips had widened. She was becoming a very sexy young lady.

Rob had been ready for another wonderful blowjob but then Alie removed her top, showing off one of her new bras and hourglass figure. His cock gave a lurch at the sight, and then another as she slipped off her jeggings. Rob’s sexy niece was clad in only her bra and panties as she climbed onto his bed. Rob quickly removed all his clothes and joined her.

Alie seemed nervous so Rob kissed her. Despite months of oral sex they had never actually kissed! Alie was surprisingly clumsy at it, Rob determined, but after a few minutes of French kissing her breathing rate increased and she relaxed.

Rob moved down her body, kissing her midriff and then pulling her panties down in order to access her vagina. Alie tensed up again because no man had ever seen that part of her before, but then she gasped as Rob’s tongue parted her pussy lips.

After months of giving Rob oral pleasure he now had the chance to return the favor. After several minutes of that he moved back up her body to kiss her again.

Alie hadn’t cum but it had felt wonderful. She felt the head of Rob’s cock nestle itself between her pussy lips. “Do it,” she urged, and he pushed his hips forward. His cock easily slipped into Alie’s pussy, which had been well lubricated by Rob’s pussy licking.

“Shit...” Alie said, feeling incredibly full down there. It hadn’t hurt though ... her preparations had paid off!

“You okay?” Rob looked down at her, concerned.

“Yeah ... just go slow, okay?”

He did just that, but after a few minutes he realized that he was going to cum soon. He had wanted to fuck this sexy girl for months and now he was doing it and it was just too much. “I’m ... I’m gonna...”

“Yessss...” Alie said, wrapping her legs around her uncle and rolling her hips up at him.

“Unhh ... uaahhh!” Rob shoved his cock as deep as he could as he came inside the sexy teenager.

Alie felt Rob’s penis somehow grow even bigger deep inside her, and then it throbbed. She felt a liquidy warmth spreading out from there. “Oh!” she gasped, surprised at the strange new sensation of a man cumming inside her most private of places for the first time, despite having pushed sperm inside herself for months.

Rob collapsed onto her and she had trouble breathing. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, “I just couldn’t control myself ... you’re just so sexy.”

Alie thrilled at hearing this. Her body made him lose control! “Off,” she wheezed. He quickly realized her predicament and got off of her. His softening cock slipped out and she experienced a sudden odd sensation of loss from her vagina.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

She thought about it for a moment. “Yes ... yes I am,” she replied, smiling. ‘No more horrible periods soon, ‘ she told herself. It was worth it.

Rob got up, dressed, and left to make them a snack. Alie lay there looking at her distended pussy lips. They had never looked like that before, but then she had never had sex before either!

She still felt the warm wetness of Rob’s sperm inside her, deeper than she had been able to make it go herself. Her uncle’s seed was in there, swimming about trying to make her pregnant! She shuddered a little with pleasure at the thought and pushed a pillow under her butt in order to angle her hips up and give those little fishies the best chance of success.

That had been a Friday. Now the weekend was here and she had no excuse to see her uncle so that he could impregnate her! By Monday she was pretty sure that her fertile time had passed, one way or another, and so she asked Rob to back off again.

On Tuesday when she woke up she felt different, healthy ... not that she hadn’t been healthy before, but now she felt full of energy. She remained fully awake at school and nothing seemed to bother her. Could it be--?

She knew that it took at least a couple of weeks for a pregnancy test to work reliably, so she waited impatiently. Finally she realized that this month’s period was late, even accounting for her unpredictable cycle, and she was over the moon! A quick trip to the store for a test and a little later she was in the bathroom holding a stick with a big “+” in its indicator. She was pregnant!

No period ... this was the first month in two years that she didn’t have to be tortured because she had the bad luck to be born female! She went around town without having to carry a bunch of heavy duty pads in her purse. She didn’t have to worry that her favorite clothes would get ruined. This was fantastic!

One night she woke up in a cold sweat. She heard a baby crying, or had that been a dream? She looked down at her flat tummy in the dim light. There was a baby in there! It was small, probably the size of a pea, but it was growing. Did she have the right to kill it?

But she couldn’t have a baby at her age! Even with the 9 month wait she would be a mother at only 15. It was a terrible thing, but she just needed the hormones this pregnancy would give her before she “took care of it.”

She lay her head back down and wiped away the tears she hadn’t realized had been forming in the corners of her eyes.

The baby -- no, the fetus; she couldn’t bring herself to think of it as a baby -- had been growing for about a month now. She could feel that her body had changed a little in that time, though she hadn’t gained weight and her stomach was still flat ... should she wait longer?

No, she had to get it out of her. She had more of those strange dreams that really unnerved her.

She took Uncle Rob aside. “You need to take me to the abortion clinic.”

“Oh ... right,” he whispered back. “It’s been weeks since you asked so I thought that maybe you had taken care of it yourself.”

“No. Make the appointment soon, okay?”

Alie and Rob lived in one of those States were abortion was relatively accessible. She would never have considered doing what she had done if they were in one of those backward areas that had protestors outside the clinics, or had laws that required that the doctors shove an ultrasound wand up her cooch. Ech.

The doctor gave her 2 pills and she took one right away. The second she was supposed to take in a couple of days. They also told her that the effect of that second pill would be like a bad period. Shit!

In the end the “bad period” lasted for a week and there was some cramping but it was actually not so bad compared to any of her regular ones. She had hope!

Rob was a gentleman and did not press her for sex while she was recovering from the abortion. Unfortunately, on the next month her regular period resumed with a vengeance. She cried in the tub with the worst attack yet, shaking in agony.

Two weeks later she arrived at her aunt and uncle’s place after school in a short skirt and tight sweater. Rob’s eyes bugged out when he saw her.

Alie moved forward and cupped her uncle’s crotch. “I need you,” she whispered to him.

They rushed upstairs and ripped each others’ clothes off, though Alie kept her bra on again. Rob pushed Alie onto her hands and knees on the bed as he prepared to mount her from behind.

As he lined up his cock he paused. “Um ... should I put on a condom?”

She looked back at him with a cute smirk. “Nope.”

Rob wasted no time in poking his hard dick at the sexy teenager’s pussy. She had to reach down and open her vaginal lips for him but once she did that he was able to get an inch or so inside her.

“Ergh ... yes...” she murmured. Rob pulled back a bit and on his next thrust got a couple more inches inside her.

Once Rob managed to get all of his cock inside the fertile girl he started to thrust. Alie realized that she had missed the sensation of being so incredibly full of Rob’s cock, even though they had only done it once before.

Her uncle pounded her for several minutes before he asked, “So are you on the pill now?”

She decided that Rob had probably reached the point where nothing would stop him from cumming, so she decided to give him the full truth. “Unhh ... okay ... mm ... so you may not know, but I have terrible periods ... like, ‘Saw’ level.”

Rob didn’t like the mental image he got of the “torture porn” movie so he undid Alie’s bra. She was surprised as it unclasped and fell to the bed but then Rob reached under her and grabbed a handful of each boob.

“Ohh...” she purred. She had never had anyone’s hands on her bare breasts before. It felt wonderful.

He tweaked her nipples. “And... ?”

The moment of truth! Alie started to push her ass back at her uncle. “Uhm ... so Mom told me that she had ... mm ... terrible periods too and they stopped being so bad after she got ... mmm ... preg--uhh--pregnant.”

She felt Rob’s cock twitch when she said that, but then he paused his thrusting.

“Keep going!” she yelled back, sliding her butt back on his cock and then forward again, continuing the fucking herself.

Rob seemed to be having trouble thinking. “So ... unhh ... when you got pregnant a couple months ago ... ohh ... did that help?”

“No!” she cried. “That’s why I need ... I need...” She was thrusting back at him harder now, faster. His hands were still on her breasts and she could feel her nipples tingling.

“Wait...” he said.

She continued, reaching one arm under her, questing for a spot between her legs that was tingling insistently, even more than her nipples. “I need you ... uhh ... to make me...”

She found it: her clitoris. It was engorged and easily accessible. She skipped her fingers over it while she finished her sentence: “ ... uahh ... pregnant! Aaahhh!!”

Alie had never orgasmed before. She had always thought of her reproductive system as an enemy that she wanted nothing to do with. Now, with “the perfect storm” of Rob’s hard cock deep inside her, his warm hands on her boobs, her body right in the middle of her fertile period and ready to be impregnated, plus the direct stimulation she was giving her inexperienced clit, her overheated body finally went over the top.

“Auuuaaahhh Goddddd... !” Alie jammed her ass back at Rob.

Her uncle, unsure if he should pull out of his niece’s pussy due to her surprising revelation, suddenly felt her insides clamp down on his cock, HARD. “Oh shiiittt... !” he cried out, and instinctively thrust his cock as deep as he could into the fertile teenager as she pushed back at him.

Alie felt Rob’s cock throb deep inside her and then she lost all strength in her arms and fell forward. His cock almost slipped out as her butt angled upward. “Ffff...” she gasped as her body shook from the overwhelming pleasure.

Rob grabbed Alie’s hips and thrust himself back in. There was no way he was stopping now! Her pussy felt like a mouth, sucking the cum out of his throbbing member. A second blast shot deep inside Alie’s welcoming depths, and then a third.

Alie’s cervix spasmed open again and again. “ ... fuuuuuccckk...” she moaned. Her vaginal walls undulated in time with her stomach muscles as they flexed and relaxed, urging Rob’s cock to release more seed. The next blast of cum splashed directly onto her unprotected cervix as it spasmed open, letting thousands of sperm through and giving them the best chance at succeeding in their life-giving mission.

Rob collapsed onto Alie’s back, once again making it difficult for her to breathe as the rest of her body was pressed into the mattress. “Uhh ... uhh...” She continued to experience aftershocks from her first orgasm, urging the last few drops of potent sperm from her uncle’s babymaker.

Alie couldn’t move. She hadn’t known that it could ever feel like that! Why hadn’t she been fucking Rob the whole time?

“Oh God, oh God...” Rob pulled out, splashing excess cum onto the bed and leaving Alie feeling empty again. She moaned.

“Please tell me you’re kidding, and you’re actually on the pill. We can’t make a baby! Oh shit oh shit!” Rob was freaking out.

Alie flipped over, just about kicking him in the face as she did so. Rob sat back on his heels. “You already did,” she said matter-of-factly, staring into his eyes as she settled her legs on either side of him.


“You already got me pregnant. That was your baby that we aborted.”

Realization dawned on Rob’s face. He just sat there as Alie scooted her hips closer to his crotch.

“No, no...” Rob whimpered.

Alie encircled Rob with her legs and locked them behind Rob’s back, pulling him down a little. His cock had softened a bit but it was now pointing at her recently filled pussy.

“You shot your cum into my fertile young body and put your baby right here,” Alie said, pointing to her flat tummy. “I could feel it growing. It felt so good...” She moved one hand up to massage one of her breasts.

Despite his fear, Rob’s cock started to harden as he looked at Alie’s sexy form beneath him. The head of his cock touched her pussy lips. She reached down and stroked his dick, causing it to lengthen, and then she angled the head into her opening.

“I ... can’t...” Rob said, though he didn’t try to pull away.

“I think you have another load of hot cum for me,” Alie said, scooting her butt closer as she fed her uncle’s cock, once again hard, into her very wet pussy.

Rob hesitated, but once Alie started to roll her hips and play with her clit and boobs he was lost. Within 15 minutes he filled her up with another load of dangerous sperm, urged as deep inside her reproductive system as possible by the second orgasm of her young life.

They fucked every weekday, sometimes multiple times. One time they had barely gotten their clothes back on when her parents had arrived to pick her up. During the car ride home she had rubbed her legs together under her skirt in the back seat until she came again, as quietly as she could. Her parents had the music up so they never noticed.

She missed her next period, of course. The amount of cum her uncle had shot into her body during its fertile time pretty much guaranteed impregnation. She knew what it felt like from the first time so she didn’t even have to purchase a pregnancy test.

She lay there, caressing her tummy and humming to herself. She would let it grow for longer this time ... maybe three months? Missing three periods would be glorious! Would her stomach show by then? Or would the hormones she needed require more time to percolate within her?

She didn’t want to keep it too long. At some point the doctors wouldn’t allow an abortion, and then where would she be?

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