Mom's Video
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, Daughter, Voyeurism, Double Penetration,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Recently, I watched a video clip of a beautiful woman being paraded naked through city streets and being gang-fucked in a bar. It reminded me of Sylvia Krystel's son being interviewed as a teenager and being asked what he thought about his mom appearing in the Emmanuelle movies. What would you do if you ran across a video like this of your mom?


Yes, Dear?

Remember that video that you hoped no one would ever see?

Which one, Dear?

You know, the one with those guys in a bar.

You found it?



On the net.

What are you going to do?

Tell you I found it.

You aren’t going to tell anyone else about it?


What did you think about it?

I thought you were beautiful and sexy.

Did it bother you to see me naked?

It made me horny.

Were you ashamed of me?


Do you have questions?

Sure. Lots of them.

You understand that your father would be very upset to learn about it, don’t you?


Will you tell him?


Ok, then let’s get comfortable and I will try to answer your questions. I’ll get us something to drink. You go ahead into the den.

Now, what would you like to know?

Why did you do it?

What? Fuck all those guys in public or let them make the video?


At that time in my life, I was so horny I would do anything to get off. Letting some guys fuck me in a bar and parade me through town naked, wearing chains and a slave collar were the most exciting things I have ever done in my life. I can still almost orgasm from remembering how it made me feel.

Did you ever do it again?

No. I realized how dangerous it was in many ways and then I met your father not long afterward. He gave me all the love I needed. Later, you came along and my life was complete.

Does it bother you that I found it?

Only if it bothers you. How many times have you watched it?

I don’t know. Maybe a hundred. Over and over every night until I go to sleep.

Do you cum?


You’re only fourteen. Do you really cum in buckets?’

Sure. Wanta see?

Why not? Seems only fair.

Will you get naked?

Do you want me to?

It would make my life complete.

At fourteen?

Yep. Here comes the first one. Want to catch it?

Wow! You do cum in buckets.

Did it choke you?

No, but thanks for asking.

Did you like it?



Because it was sexy and forbidden and it tasted sweet and you are my son.

Is that all?


What else?

I shouldn’t tell you.

Tell me.

It made me want to fuck you.

Why don’t you?

It isn’t a very good idea for several reasons.

I want to fuck you so much, my balls ache all the time.

All the time?

Yes. See how hard you make me?

Did it never go down from the last time?


How many times do you cum before it goes down, normally?

So far, five is the most.

Five times?


You can cum five times before you go soft?

Yeah, but the last time doesn’t make much juice.

How many times do you cum at night while you watch me being fucked?



Six or seven.

You cum six or seven times in one evening while watching your mother take on a bunch of guys in public?


Doesn’t it make you feel bad, somehow?

No. It just makes me want to be one of those guys.

If I let you fuck me, can you keep it totally to yourself?

Oh, shit! Here it comes again, Mom!


Gee, thanks, Mom. That would have made a mess if you hadn’t caught it in time. Sorry, I didn’t know it was going to shoot until it was starting. You swallow real fast.

Well, unlike many people, I don’t see any real difference between letting you cum in my mouth and letting you fuck me, so how do you want it?

Could we do it like in the video?

Which way? There were many ways we did it in the video.

All of them.

All of them?

Yeah. I want you doggy style, missionary, in the ass, in the mouth and in the ear and I want it over and over. I want to fuck you on the side of the road while cars whizz by. I want to lead you down the street naked, wearing chains and a slave collar.

Won’t you look funny wearing chains and a slave collar?

Ha, ha. Funny one, Mom.

Now you’ve got me so horny just thinking about it, I’m ready to pull a train and I love your father too much to let that happen. It would crush him.

What can we do, then?

I don’t know. Why don’t you let me sit on that randy little prick while I think about it?

Thought you would never ask.


Yes, dear?

Remember those discussions we’ve had about the idea of a threesome?

How could I forget, especially when you ripple those Kegels like that?

Well, remember how we sort of agreed that it was a good idea, in theory, but we couldn’t think of anyone suitable, male or female, who could meet all the conditions we felt were necessary?

You mean like, discrete, attractive, sexy, discrete and approachable? Did I mention discrete?

You may have, and yes, we can’t take a chance on some blabbermouth spreading rumors, now can we?

Why do you ask? Have you thought of someone that might be acceptable?


Is it a friend of yours?


Is it Susan?

Would you like it to be? Judging from the way something just jumped inside me, you don’t need to answer. Should I be worried about her?

No. the only way I would ever consider touching her would be if you were involved.

You wouldn’t run off with her if she gave you better sex?

Better sex? Better sex than with you? Huh? The only way sex could be better than what we have is if we both decided to expand our envelope a bit. I’m not running off with anyone.

What about Becky?




Sweet little Becky, our daughter who is fifteen going on thirty and just starting to blossom into a woman?

Yes, that Becky. The Becky who just then made you blast off in me with no more stimulation than my mentioning her name and letting you fantasize.

Well, it would be pointless to tell you the thought doesn’t excite me, would it? That is why we have laws against it. Most men have fantasies about nailing their daughters, even if they have been brainwashed into rejecting the thought.

What if you could cuddle up behind her and cup her sweet little, firm tit in your hand while she guides your magnificent cock into her steaming hot honeypot?

Oh, Honey. You are killing me here. I’m about to blow my nuts again.

Blow away, big boy. See if I care.

You know we could never include Becky, don’t you?


What do you mean, maybe. She might be ruined for life and it would kill me to think that we had harmed her, just for increasing our sexual pleasure.

So you think it would increase our sexual pleasure?

Does this look like I think that?

Why don’t I nurse on it while I think?

What is there to think about? Regardless of the potential of increasing our pleasure, I’m not comfortable with even discussing the possibility of something that has even a small chance of harming Becky.

Ok. I’ll drop it. Let me think some more.

Just keep nursing while you think.

Ok. I think I’ve got it.

It can’t include Becky.

It doesn’t.

Then who?



You know, the red-headed kid who lives with us.


Kind of freckle-faced? Looks a bit like you?


Want me to go get him?


Wait here.


Hi Dad.


Darren, your father and I have been discussing some lifestyle options and we have something we may want to run by you. Your father is having a bit of a problem dealing with the idea, but you may be the answer to a question we have had for some time.


Your father and I have a very active sex life as you may be aware.

Well, duh! Hard to miss the sound effects.


We are also very broad minded and open to non-traditional experiences.

Oh, like swinging?

No, we haven’t really considered that, primarily because of the possible impact on the lives of our children.


Then what?

We had discussed the possibility of a threesome with an agreeable partner. Your father has very likely assumed that the third person would be a hot-bodied minx of some sort, such as Susan or Becky, but he has strongly ruled out Becky as a partner and I doubt that Susan is available.

Then who?


Yes, dear. Darren. Take your clothes off, Darren. Show your father how much you have grown.

Wait. Let me think a minute.

Why, dear?

It just doesn’t seem right to include Darren. I mean, he is your son.

Yes, he is our son, but Becky is our daughter and the simple suggestion that she might be included in our lovemaking made you flood my pussy while you were still recovering from the last shot.

But your son? Also, I wouldn’t feel right.

Did you just assume that threesomes always meant girl, girl, boy? Didn’t you allow for the possibility that I might enjoy another hard cock?

Ohhh, this is too much to think about.

You don’t think an experience like this will ruin his life like you imagine it might ruin Becky’s life, do you.

No. I don’t see that as a problem.

You don’t think it will ruin my life do you?


You aren’t afraid that I will run off with him, are you.


You aren’t afraid that he will blab all over town?


You’re not concerned that he might have an STD?

Ok, ok, ok. But doesn’t it bother you that he will see you naked?

I’m already naked and he has seen me. Look, Darren, I’m naked with my legs spread as widely as I can make them. Is your life ruined?


Then come fuck me while your father comes to terms with the fact that you aren’t Becky.


Yes, Dear. Darren is fucking me. Did you want to be involved? Here’s your chance to help me with that DP fantasy of mine. Roll me over, Darren, and see if your father wants to join in.


Ahh! That’s great, Darling. Making love with my two favorite men is everything I hoped it would be.

Hi Mom!

Hi Becky. How was school?

Oh, same old stuff. All the horny young guys trying to see up my skirt and all the horny old guys trying to see up my skirt.

It’s a tough life.

It sure is. Why can’t they simply leave me alone?

When you get ready for school, do you try to dress to attract just one guy or just certain guys?

Well, yeah. I wouldn’t mind if the right guys tried to see up my skirt, but they are all hooked up with the older girls, with bigger tits.

Did you know that it is not possible to dress to only attract certain people? I’m sure the guys you want to attract appreciate the view, but aren’t free to do anything about it. All guys are drawn to pretty girls who are trying to be noticed, even if she doesn’t like them.


Did you ever see a flower with only one bee drinking its nectar.

Huh? I don’t know.

Well, no problem. Plants and animals make themselves as attractive as possible to help continue their species. People are no different. What that means is that all men are attracted to pretty girls who are doing everything possible to be noticed.

Well, what about Dad and Darren?

Sweetheart. If it weren’t for the taboos our culture attaches to sex within the family, you wouldn’t be able to fight off your brother and father. They would have been all over you ever since you started coming of age.




Yeah, wow. Isn’t it great?

What do you mean, great?

What if no one wanted you, ever?

That would suck.

Well, all men are basically the same. If you look attractive to one, then you will very likely attract the rest.



You aren’t kidding about Dad and Darren?


How do you know?

Want to find out?

Sure. How?

Go take off your underwear and pay close attention to their responses.

Go commando?


That’s ok?

Why not? Nobody here is going to hurt you. It will let you experiment with no danger of things going badly for you.

Sure it’s ok?


Wow, Mom! You really called it. Every time I moved, both Dad and Darren locked their eyes on me. It was hard not to laugh and did you see the size of their boners?

What did I tell you?

Does that mean they want to fuck me?

What do you think?

It sure looks like it.

If there were no rules against it, would you let them?

I don’t know. It seems so wrong and there are lots of rules against it, but it did make my pussy tingle to see how much they wanted me.

Did you like the feeling?

Are you kidding?

What if one of them had touched you?

Cut it out, Mom. I nearly had a big O, there.

Do you like having big Os?

Don’t you?

Want to have more?

Sure, but how?

I suggested to your father that you might join us in a threesome.

Oh, shit, Mom. Oh shit, oh Shit, oh shit. I’m dripping.

Why? Did that excite you?

Are you kidding? What did he say?

He didn’t say anything at first. He was too busy blasting off again, just minutes after the previous one.

What did you do to make him do that?

I simply asked him about including you. It made him go off like a rocket.



Hmmmmh. Really?


What if I wanted to?

He might never recover.



He wants to fuck me that badly?

What do you think?

Should I let him?

You are sitting on a gold mine, Darling. Why not play it for full effect?

Like how?

Tonight was a good start. If we play our cards right, we can all have winning hands. Have you ever kissed another girl?

Mom! Why do you ask?

Well, have you?

Uh, sort of.

Sort of?

Yeah, sort of. Mindy and I practiced just a little.

Show me.

Show you?

Yes. Show me what you practiced. Let me see what you know.

I can’t kiss you. You’re my mom.


Ok, what?

Ok. If you don’t want to learn, you don’t have to.

I want to learn, I just didn’t know it was ok to kiss your mom.

I’m not going to kiss my mom.

No, I meant for me to kiss my mom.

Who do you think taught me to kiss?





Oh. Well, ok. What do I do?

Hey Dad.


You’ve got to come watch this.

Watch what?

Believe me, you’ll be glad you did.

Holeee sheeeit!

Looks like Mom’s tongue is all the way down Becky’s throat and she is playing with her pussy, too.

Holeee sheeeit!

Uh, Dad?


Is it ok if I beat off?


If I beat off. Mom and Becky are tearing me up.

Oh, ok. We might as well. Hand me some tissues.

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