The Transgender Intern Finds Love
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, TransGender, Fiction, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Body Modification,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Decisions, decisions, Linda, formerly, Lawrence, is on her way to an entirely different way of life.

Linda was uncertain when she realized she was not cut out to be a boy. It wasn’t something that simply flashed into her brain and changed her forever like some sign from God. In fact, she was reasonably satisfied that God had nothing to do with her predicament.

It was the simple little things like wanting to watch those sorts of films that most boys hated the most. It was the sense of being a little uncomfortable in the boy’s bathroom and finding no humor in playing with dicks that were meant to be peeing into the ugly urinal and not being played with like some toy in front of others. She hated the fact that her dick was bigger than most and that she had to protect her balls from injury by wearing a “cup” when playing sports. In fact, it bothered her no end to even admit she had a dick and was destined to be a boy until the day she died.

She wished her name was really Linda instead of Lawrence. Linda really liked the handsome blond-haired, blue-eyed Lawrence of Arabia in the film about the mysterious Middle East. Linda identified with that Lawrence and his struggle to be a man in a man’s world, despite his need to be more like a simpering female in search of her one true love. Now that she was eighteen, Lawrence was beginning to feel the pressure of his parents and even his two sisters to be more of a “man” and to be firm and masculine. Unfortunately, all she wanted to do was to attract the attentions of one of the muscular football players and let him have his way with her the way the other silly girls did under the seats next to the playing field. Of course, Linda/Lawrence knew the chances of that were slim to none, because she was a boy on the outside, and a girl only on the inside, where it really counted.

Eventually, she evolved into a tennis-playing young lad during the day, and on the weekends, she changed into her sister’s finery and passed herself off as a young lady. She pretended to be a bit shy and only allowed the boys to kiss her and fondle her backside. Linda discovered that the boys were quite happy to fool around with her shapely bottom, because most of the girls were more inclined in the direction of above the waist petting, for reasons of maintaining a reputation of being a perfect “lady”.

Her newest beau was a sturdy young man called Bruce.

Bruce was not a virgin.

He had dipped his wick in half the female freshman class long before the Christmas break and now, he had his eye set on the slender Linda with her interesting bottom. It tempted him like an irresistible piece of candy just waiting to be devoured by his impatient cock.

They had been dancing to the new music.

It was a dance that had young Linda pushing her delicious backside into poor Bruce’s groin repeatedly to the beat of the jungle rhythm. The more they danced, the more Linda wanted Bruce to bend her over in some secluded corner, and slip his stiffened prick up her rear door, like she had seen on the dirty stag films in the college dorm. Linda knew her backside was just like a girl’s sweet sugar and that her other hated equipment was well hidden in a nest of shielding linen.

It was a night that made Linda blossom like a beautiful flower in the garden of paradise.

Fortunately, the youthful Bruce was a bit drunk, since he was celebrating his coming graduation and acceptance of a position in the stock exchange downtown. It was a job that promised wealth and his choice of young ladies to plunder with his hard-pounding tool, whenever he desired. Tonight, he was targeted on Linda’s pretty behind, and he managed to get her undies down in record time in the tiny alcove, with his fumbling hands and happy cock.

The sight of the naked cheeks made him a raging bull, and he took poor Linda before she even had a chance to say,

“Please be gentle with me, darling.”

From Bruce’s point of view, the evening was a huge success.

He had taken his first piece of ass, quite literally, and he felt like he was the king of the hill and the master of the universe. The shy Linda was appropriately content with his performance and he allowed her to use her tongue, like the girls he kept in reserve down at the factory. His father ran the squalid place to produce cheap imitation suits for the common masses. Those low-income girls were more submissive mouth-loving material, than high class pussy, but he didn’t complain at all. He liked their submissive attitudes, but just like the high class young debutantes, they didn’t like getting his prick up their backsides when he was feeling ass hungry. Of course, he was unable to argue it was acceptable in well-behaved civilized society. Bruce had been attracted to kinky anal antics ever since his cousin Ralph had taken his rear door cherry. It had happened when they were camping in the back yard of the family estate in order to earn their camping merit badge for the local troop of young scouts. He remembered the uncomfortable feeling of being stretched roughly and his tears of guilty pleasure as Cousin Ralph had his way with him. They were both sworn to secrecy and after that incident his cousin was unable to meet his eye at family gatherings. It bothered Ralph for a long time, but he put it out of his mind and dedicated his social interaction to the plundering of young females in their pretty mouths and their tight little pussies. It was a good solution, but he discovered that each one was just like the other, no matter how often he repeated his efforts.

The first time he actually felt a tingle of unique satisfaction was whilst he was exploring the shy Linda’s heart-shaped bottom, behind the drapes, in the tiny alcove, on a quiet Saturday night.

Linda’s conscience didn’t bother her about her deception with Bruce.

Things were moving so rapidly in the direction of functioning as a real live girl, that she decided to consult an expert in the field of gender assignment. The world-renowned doctor of fostering alternative gender identity was Doctor Brenda Nightingale. Doctor Nightingale was a doctor twice over because she was both a medical doctor and a holder of two PHDs in biology and psychology. She was formerly known as William Nightingale and had even been married to a young debutante with a nymphomaniac disorder. After that unhappy marriage fell apart, William had taken the plunge and assumed the gender, that he knew was right for him, ever since he could remember.

It was a matter of chaotic fate that Linda had picked Doctor Brenda from the phone book and had not relied on the dubious advice from her best friend Amanda. Amanda was the only one of her friends that knew Lawrence was truly a girl, just like her, inside where it really counted. The fact of the matter was that Doctor Brenda was satisfied with every aspect of her personal re-assignment project except for the fact she was too hasty in completely eliminating her male equipment as obsolete and no longer necessary for a happy life.

Brenda fully enjoyed her status as a female, but she regretted the fact that her previous male organ was discarded, instead of merely tucked away for occasional reversions to masculine perversions. Several of her subjects had made that secondary decision to retain their previous equipment. They seemed to handle the complications with little difficulty. That was something she had never foreseen as likely in her search for feminine identity. After extensive studies in the area, she had come to the conclusion that it was more feasible in the case of male to female gender change, but not as successful in the female to male scenario. She had changed her advisory process to recommend “retention” of the male organ in such cases and that was the advice she gave to Linda.

The “tucking away” of his prick and the creation of an imitation female vaginal entry was successful in Linda’s case. She found that the route taken by her constant companion Bruce was more to her liking to get that “tingle” she needed to reduce her frustration.

Doctor Brenda did arrange for facial surgery to make her features more feminine than they already were. Linda always did look sort of androgynous, but the new look made her definitely a female in the “hot” category. The lack of boobs was easily solved with cosmetic surgery and they matched so perfectly, that it was difficult to tell they weren’t the real thing.

A few months later, Linda stood in front of the full length mirror and looked at her gorgeous face, her long blond hair, and the boobs, that were both perky and petite. She used her newly-found fashion sense to wear the most appealing undergarments and shortened pencil skirts with high heels to accentuate her heart-shaped buttocks in almost every situation. She spent an inordinate amount of time in front of the same mirror, bending over at different angles, to discover which one was most tempting for the male libido.

Doctor Brenda gave Linda her final exam by strapping on a fourteen inch black leather dildo and testing her natural rear door’s ability to stretch wide enough to allow her intimate entry. She returned the favor, by bending over for her new protégée, with her panties down to her ankles, and firmly grasping her ankles. Linda pounded the highly-respected professional woman from behind, without any vestige of mercy. She was in no hurry to finish with her, and added to her humiliation, by spanking both cheeks repeatedly, whilst she heaped insults on her, like heavy weights, dragging her down into the mud of depraved kinkiness.

The alteration of Linda’s first name on her diploma was easy to accomplish.

The new job was in a county courthouse. She was an intern for the county clerk of court and would be required to do the most menial of duties for the first year of employment. It was a bit demeaning, but the job seemed interesting, and she was willing to tackle it as the pretty new blond intern in an entry level position.

It was so different for her now.

Instead of the respect she had as a male white collar worker, she now had to contend with the glass ceiling for low-level female interns and she had to depend on the good will of her male boss to achieve high marks on her quarterly performance review. Linda learned quickly that her performance review relied more on her submission to the supervisor’s physical whims, than to her skills in operating the office machinery. Her first “on your knees” experience was a bit frightening, but she adapted to it, and was soon getting high marks on every line on her quarterly report including the all-important “willingness to learn”.

She discovered that the new female interns were shuffled around like a deck of playing cards, and that she was often dealt out to a different boss, like some perk for a favor performed.

Amanda, her sexually frustrated best friend, complained about the lack of young lads to adequately scratch her itch with proper attention. Linda explained to her that her male equipment was still in stand-by mode and they decided to test it out with Amanda down on all fours and taking up her best submissive attitude possible. At first, they both had to laugh at their fumbling but after some embarrassing moves, Linda got her best friend hard from behind, and the silly girl stopped giggling and started to moan, with that familiar sound of a well-satisfied female getting exactly what she needed for a good night’s sleep.

None of her bosses at work knew Linda’s secret dual gender identity, and both Linda and Doctor Brenda were happy that they had decided to retain both identities, until she decided the other was no longer essential for a happy future lifestyle.

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