Teenage Bull
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A teenager cuckolds an older man.

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I was lucky; I got the best characteristics of both my mothers and my father’s families. From my mom’s side I got my height and natural muscle tone. At 17 I was already 6’ and sported a wide chest, and a six-pack. I already had hair on my chest and light trail that ran down the middle of my stomach to my crotch. From my father I received rugged good looks with dark hair and eyes. Wolfish my mother called it. I also received from him an impressive weapon between my legs. It was 8 inches and thick as my wrist when hard, and I was hard a lot.

Girls were never a problem. I lost my virginity to an older neighbor girl when I was 13. I’d managed to get into the pants of a couple of others since then. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about sex already. That summer would show me a whole new world.

It starts out, as so many of these stories do, with an unwelcome chore. A friend of my mother’s from one of her clubs wanted to do some fancy yard work. Rock terraces, a little pond, that kind of thing. Her husband didn’t want anything to do with it and my mother thought it would be a good way for me to get out and make some money to start the summer off with. She only lived a few blocks away so I could even ride my bike every day.

So here I was standing at Joy’s front door at 9am on the first Monday after school had let out. I rang the bell and waited for her to answer. When she opened the door I was a tiny bit surprised to find myself looking down on Tinkerbell. That was the description that immediately popped into my head. She couldn’t have been more than 5 foot and maybe 90 lbs. soaking wet. She had white blonde hair in a pixie cut with large deep blue eyes. I could make out some perky B-cup breasts in tight pink halter-top.

“Well, well.” She said in a bubbly, exuberant voice. “It isn’t every day a tall handsome man shows up at my door.” She said arching a pale eyebrow. “You must be Jake. Your mother said you’re going to be a lady-killer. She’s obviously underestimating your current appeal.”

The only response I could give was an embarrassed smile and shrug. Despite my “experience” I wasn’t used to a girl, or woman in this case, being so carefree. Especially one I literally just met.

“Ah, the strong, silent type huh?” She said nodding sagely. “It’s a good combination. My husband is just the opposite, wimpy and chatty; like a woman.”

“Uhhh ... I have no idea what to say to that.” I kind of mumbled.

“Don’t worry. You just lift heavy objects and I’ll do the talking. Follow me and we’ll get started.” As she turned around I got a view of an absolutely amazing, tight, firm ass encased in her white shorts. I don’t know what exercises she did to craft that ass, but they should be mandatory for all women.

I followed her through the house listening to her ramble on about what needed to be done while staring at her luscious rear the entire way. Being 17, it took about two steps before I was rock-hard. I did notice a few pictures on the wall at one point. They all contained Joy and a mad of average height, carrying a few extra pounds and short dark hair. He looked to be prematurely balding. I wonder what she saw in him.

We walked out into a rather boring back yard. There were piles of rocks and bags of dirt stacked off to one side. There were also a large number of trees and bushes in their buckets waiting to be placed in the ground.

We started immediately and began to make some good headway. Joy talked constantly about whatever popped into her head. Her favorite topic was ragging on her husband. Joy left to pick up some needed supplies around eleven or so. I enjoyed some quiet time without her around. It was unseasonably hot for mid-June and by noon I was sweating like hell. I stripped my shirt off and got back to work.

Sometime later I was digging up some ground around the back porch when I heard a soft “Oh”. Joy had returned. She stood in the back door with a bag from the garden shop in one hand and lunch from a local fast food place in the other. She stood there staring at me for several moments before shaking herself and turning away. Her face was red as she turned away and started talking.

“I picked up lunch for us, I hope hamburgers are ok.” She rattled off in a rush.

“Heck yeah.” I replied quickly. “Let me get cleaned up and I’ll be right back.” I went into the bathroom downstairs washed up and went to the bathroom. I may be 17, but I wasn’t stupid. She obviously liked what she saw and I figured why not give her a little more of a show. I didn’t really think anything would happen, but why not try to push her along a bit. I stroked my already hardening cock a few times and adjusted it so that it lay along my thigh.

I stepped back onto the back deck just as Joy was finishing laying out the food. She looked up at me with a smile. A smile that faded a bit as she again paused to gaze at my young, chiseled body. I could see her eyes travel down my body until they came to a rest on my groin. Her eyes widened and her smile disappeared with a sharp intake of breath.

Joy continued to stare at the outline of my hard cock through my jeans for several moments. Knowing that she was looking at me with undisguised lust sent another flood of blood to my manhood and caused it to throb and twitch. Joy licked her lips and her breathing got heavier.

“That looks great, I’m starving and I need to get something in my mouth, how about you?” I said with a smile. She looked away blushing and mumbled something. Despite my youth I was started to get the feeling that I was in control of this situation, and I found that I really liked it.

We sat side by side at the table looking out at the yard. At first the conversation revolved around the yard and her plans for it. Eventually it turned to more personal topics. I found out that Joy was 31 and had been married for 5 years. I got the impressions that she didn’t have much respect for her husband, Jared was his name, and they married because she felt he would be a good provider for her and their children. Not that they had any yet, but soon she was sure. She was also a bit of a fitness nut and she obviously had the tight, fit body to prove it.

Throughout the conversation I would catch her out of the corner of my eye glancing at my body or my crotch. In fact, I purposely leaned back in my chair to give her a better view. The fact that this hot older woman was intent on eye-fucking me had me at a constant state of excitement and the lump in my pants proved that.

Finally, after a lunch that lasted much longer than it needed to we went back to work. I sported a perpetual hard on all afternoon. I caught her watching me several times and I, for my part stole as many lusty views of her body as I could. I’m certain she must have noticed, but she never gave any indication of noticing.

“Well I think that’s enough for today.” Joy announced late in the afternoon. “We should get cleaned up and get you out of here before my husband gets home. “ She said smirking. “If he saw what a hot young stud I had here all day he would demand I find someone else to help me; and that would be a shame.”

“Well I can understand that.” I said grinning. Time to work in what I hoped was some charm. “If I had a wife as hot as you I would paranoid of men hanging around her all of the time too.”

“Hot huh?” She said blushing. “Now you’re just being nice. I’m twice your age. I’m sure there are dozens of pretty young girls with big boobs and tight asses you could be chasing instead of stuck here with me.”

“Sure there are, but I like being here.” I hoped I wasn’t going too far with my next comment. “And I mean it when I called you hot. You might be older than the girls I usually hang out with, but hot is still hot regardless of your age.” Joy blushed and looked away with a slight smile.

“Well let’s get cleaned up and get you home.” She said with a slight quiver in her voice.

After putting away the tools and washing up she showed me to the door.

“Will you be here tomorrow?” She asked hopefully.

“Yes, ma’am, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” I replied.

“I’ll make you a good breakfast and then we’ll get started. How’s that sound?”

“That sounds wonderful. See you in the morning.”

She watched from the door as I got on my bike and rode off. I looked back a couple of houses down and she was still watching. When she saw me looking she waved. I began to hope that something might happen with her. When I got home mom was in the kitchen making dinner.

“How did it go with Joy?” She asked.

“Good. She’s very nice and we got a lot done, but she has a lot more she wants to do.” I answered.

“Yes, she has a whole list of items she wants to get done this summer. With her husband being useless for any type of physical work having you there will be a big help.” She said looking thoughtful. “You know; you can probably make some good money helping her out all summer.”

“That might be a good idea mom.” I said while thinking about all of the time I would get to spend in close quarters with Joy. This caused the blood to rush back to my dick. I excused myself and took the stairs two at a time as I raced to my bedroom. I closed and locked the door. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and lay down on the bed. I started to furiously stroke my hard cock while thinking about Joy. It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes before I shot an enormous load all over my chest and stomach. It was a needed release and I just lay in the afterglow for several minutes. Eventually I got up, cleaned myself off and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. In the shower I stroked another load out. I would end up jacking off twice more before the night was over.

The next morning, I got up early to pick out what I wanted to wear. It was going to be hot again today so I wore a plain t-shirt that I would probably take off right away anyway. I also chose a pair of cut-off shorts from the previous summer. They were a little tight but showed off my ass and my cock extremely well.

I scooted out the door before my mother could see my outfit and headed over to Joys. At the door I rang the bell and waited. After a minute or two the door opened.

“You don’t have to ring the bell. You can come right...” she trailed off as she saw me. Her intake of breath told me she must have liked what she saw. I know I did. She was wearing a halter top again, but instead of her plain white shorts from yesterday she was wearing volleyball shorts. They hugged her like a second skin and the effect on me was instantaneous. The blood flooded into my cock so fast I swear I got light headed. We stood there staring at each other for what felt like an eternity. Finally, she came too and stepped back.

“Uh ... come on in. Breakfast is just finishing up.” She said quietly trying to look everywhere but at me. I, for my part, didn’t even try. I wanted her to know that I liked what I saw.

Breakfast was sausage, eggs and toast. It was good and I ate a healthy portion. We shared some small talk and when it was over we started on our work. I was shirtless within the first hour and made certain to show off my muscles whenever possible. Watching her working in the volleyball shorts kept me hard all morning. We were a lot more comfortable with each other today and we flirted all morning. She made some suggestive comments and I returned the favor. She made sandwiches for lunch. We engaged in some more flirting, with the result being a bit of awkwardness when I stood up at the end of the meal.

“Careful you might put my eye out with that monster.” Joy joked

“The eyes are a little above where I’d like to put it.” I grinned. Her pale skin immediately turned red.

“Oh ... uh ... well ... I ... uh. We should probably get back to it.” She quickly stammered. Shit I might have gone too far.

“Sure thing. How about we clean out that area back by the trees so we can start on that section.” I suggested trying to cover my mistake.

She nodded “Yes, let’s do that.”

So we started back to work. I quickly learned that I may have made another mistake. The area we were now working in had a number of trees and bushes. This made for some very, very close quarters. We were constantly bumping into or rubbing each other continually. This did nothing to ease the condition of my cock. Then a miracle occurred. While pulling some plants up by the roots, Joy fell and caught herself by grabbing my thigh or more accurately my rock hard cock. For what felt like an eternity she held my manhood in her hand, separated by a single layer of denim. I swear that I even felt her squeeze it softly. Finally, after felt like long glorious hours, Joy snatched her hand back and jumped back.

“I ... we ... you ... that ... we ... not...” She started a rapid fire stammering without any coherence. She started looking around her frantically trying to find something to distract her and me from what just happened. Finally, she was able to form a rational thought. “I ... uh. I think we’ve gotten a lot done today. We should probably call it and get cleaned up. We can hit it hard tomorrow.”

Joy then marched off to the house and disappeared within. After a few moments I closed my mouth and followed her into the house. She was nowhere to be seen. I cleaned up in the bathroom and when I came out she was still not around. I made my way to the front door. As I left I called out.

“Goodbye Joy. I’ll see you in the morning.” No response.

It was another long night of stroking my meat for me. I was at once thrilled at what happened and dreading what the next day would bring. My mother never received a phone call telling me not to come tomorrow so I decided that it would probably be ok, maybe a bit awkward but nothing more.

The next morning, I showed up at Joy’s house and went right in. She did tell me to do that yesterday, after all. Joy was in the kitchen with her back to me when I came in. She was busy prepping for breakfast.

“Good morning.” I said lightly. At the sound of my voice she stiffened slightly, took a deep breath and turned around.

“Listen, we need to talk about yeste...” She began. I don’t know what came over me. Maybe it was the lighting, maybe it was some sixth sense or it could have just been my overacting sex drive. She never finished her statement. I crossed the room in two steps, put my right hand behind her head and snaked my left hand around her waist. “wha...” was all she got out before I pulled her into the most passionate kiss I’d had in my young life.

She resisted for all of a second and then she melted into me. Her tongue found mine and she moaned in raw lust. We kissed like that for hours or minutes, I couldn’t tell. Finally, we broke apart. Her eyes were closed and her chest was heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

“I want you.” I gasped. “I want to take you right here and make you mine.”

She nodded wordlessly. I grasped the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her small tits were completely exposed to me. I took a couple of seconds to admire them. Joy had flawless milky white skin and tiny light pink nipples capped her beautiful breasts. Finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I took one into my mouth. Joy mewed in pleasure and she grabbed me by the back of the head, holding me in place. She needn’t have worried; I had no intention of going anywhere. I devoured her breast like a starving beast. They were delicious and heavenly. There was nowhere else in the world I would rather be than right there, right then. When I had my fill of her right breast I moved to her left. Joy was moaning in mindless pleasure. It went on like that for some time moving back and forth between her breasts.

As much as I loved her tits, there were other places I wanted to visit on her body. I kissed my way down her belly until I reached the waistband of her shorts. I unbuttoned them and looked up at Joy. She had her head thrown back and her breasts heaved with the deep breaths caused by her lust. I slowly unzipped her shorts and slipped my hands into the tops. My hands slid down her skin until they rested beneath her panties. I then quickly pushed her shorts and panties down her slim hips until they pooled on the floor around her ankles. There in all of its wonderful glory was her pussy. Her tight, puffy lips just starting to open in anticipation. A light beading of moisture had started to form on them. A white-gold tuft of hair crowned her mouthwatering slit. I could detect the spicy aroma of her arousal and it drew me in like a moth to a flame.

I pushed her back until her but rested on the edge of the kitchen table. I placed my hands under her legs and lifted until she was laying back on the table and her legs where spread apart and resting on my shoulders. I dove into her tight wet box. My lips and tongue were everywhere, trying to taste every inch of her cunt. I didn’t have a lot of practice eating pussy, but I traded enthusiasm for technique. Judging by the moans, groans and sighs I must have been doing an adequate job.

Her legs closed around my head and pulled me in tight. My tongue spread her lips and penetrated deep inside her. I tongue fucked her box until I started to lose feeling. Then I sent my lips travelling up to her small hard clit. The first light brush of my lips against it sent her into a shuddering orgasm. She exploded with a throaty growl. A fresh gush of nectar escaped from her honeypot. She twitched and shuddered through first one, then a second orgasm.

I stood and gazed down at her. Joy lay on her back on the kitchen table completely limp, gasping for breath. I moved my hand to my shorts and swiftly undid the fly, letting them drop to the floor. She weakly raised her head to see my hard throbbing cock for the first time. It was so hard it pointed to the sky, like some divine totem built for worship. Her eyes widened in shock and she started to shake her head.

“You can’t put that thing inside me. You’re twice as long and easily three times as thick. You’ll split me in two.” She said uncertainly.

“Oh, I’m going to do more than put it inside of you. “I grinned, my youthful cockiness taking over. “I’m going to fuck you harder and longer than you’ve ever been fucked before. I’m going to take you and make you mine. Your husband will never be able to make you feel like I’m about to make you feel. You will remember my cock for the rest of your life.”

With that I stepped forward and placed the tip against the wet, swollen lips of her cunt. I grabbed her by the hips and in one powerful motion I thrust forward. She was so tight that I got less than half of myself inside her. Still the effect on her was amazing. Joy gasped and arched her back, her hands shot above her head to grab onto the far edge of the table.

“Nnnngggghhhh ... oh god, oh god, oh god.” She groaned. “Oh my fucking god!”

I pulled back slightly, and then I thrust again, burying another couple of inches in her. She howled and writhed on the end of my dick. Her muscles strained as she clutched at the table. The walls of her pussy squeezed my cock like a vise. Another hard push and I was buried to the hilt in her. I could feel her walls ripple as she came again. The noises she made were inhuman. Her reactions inflamed me passion and I fucked her like a man possessed. A primal need filled me. I wanted, no needed to take her. I would be the cock that all others would be judged against, and I was determined to make certain that all others would fall short.

“Oh my god,” Joy gasped “That’s so fucking amazing. You’re amazing. I’ve never been fucked like this before.” She started to thrust back at me and giggled. “I’m never going to be happy with Jared’s needle dick after I’ve had your monster inside me.”

“I would fuck you every minute of every day if I could” I grunted while plowing my dick in her. She was starting to loosen up. “Besides, I doubt you’ll be able to feel your husband’s dick after I’m done with you.”

“Fuck I could barely feel it before.” She laughed. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. You’re 17 years old and I’m letting you fuck me like some kind of animal. You’re 17 and you’re ten times the man my husband has ever been and you make me feel like more of a woman then he could ever dream of.”

Hearing her say that pushed me over the edge. I let out a series of short grunts and exploded inside her. I must have pumped more cum into her pussy than I’ve ever shot before. I collapsed over her for several seconds as I recovered from my orgasm. I was still hard as a rock however and buried balls deep in her twat. I looked into her eyes, gave a bit of a grin and swept her up in my arms. I carried her impaled on my shaft and sat down in one of the kitchen chairs.

“It’s time you showed me what that tight little body can do. Ride me like the hot piece of ass you are until I fill you with my spunk again.” I ordered her.

Joy focused her blue eyes on mine and she began to ride my pole. She bit her bottom lip as her thighs flexed in exertion. A look of pure lust came over her as she bucked and twisted on my cock. She would lift herself almost completely off of my rock-hard shaft before impaling herself fully. Each downward stroke was accompanied by a whorish moan. Her body took control of the action. Desperately riding my man-hood, her cunt tried to pull it completely into its depths. I knew then, and I could see on her face she did too, that she was completely enslaved to my cock. She would do anything to have it inside her again.

Her pace quickened as she approached another orgasm. Faster and faster until she slammed down on my groin, completely bottoming out and clasped her hands on either side of my head. She rubbed her clit against my pelvis as she thrust her hips back and forth. Her head briefly dipped forward until our foreheads touched, and with an ear splitting howl she arched her back in a mind-shattering orgasm. For several seconds she remained like that, her body as taut as a drawn bow, and then she went limp.

I had to catch her before she fell to the floor. I quickly swept her up in my arms and carried her upstairs. I laid her on the bed she shared with her husband. She was beginning to stir so I rolled her onto her stomach, straddled her hips and kissed the nape of her neck.

“Mmmmmm...” She murmured as she started to come around. “This is so wonderful I half thought I would wake up and it would have all been a dream.”

“Oh, it’s not near over yet.” I laughed as I kissed my way down her spine. Her milky white skin was flawless. Her back was surprisingly toned; I could tell that she liked to work out. When I reached her firm backside I covered it in kisses and light nips. It, like the rest of her body, was magnificent and I could spend a lifetime relishing it.

I was still hard and adoring Joy’s body just made the situation worse. I needed to be inside her. I needed to mount her and force my way inside. So that is what I did. I straddled her thighs and rubbed the tip of my cock against her wet lips. She cooed in appreciation. Then I slowly, ever so slowly, pushed my way into her pussy. She groaned as my rod split her in two, stretching the walls of her cunt and filling her completely. After an agonizing period of time, I was once again buried completely inside of her, my pelvis pressing against her beautiful ass.

I paused with my cock buried to the hilt inside her. I wanted to savor this feeling. After a moment Joy began to rock her pelvis against me. She obviously needed a fucking and I was going to give it to her. I withdrew until just the head remained inside, then I thrust into her fully with one swift motion.

“Unnnggghhh...” She moaned. I slowly pulled my manhood out, paused and thrust again. I repeated this pattern again and again, each thrust accompanied by her whorish moan. I gradually picked up the pace until I was plowing her like a man possessed.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She screamed like a mantra as I used her cunt to satiate my passion.

Finally, after several minutes of pure animal fucking I felt her walls spasm and a she howled through a powerful, mind-shattering orgasm. That pushed me over the edge and I unloaded my balls into her hot wet box.

I collapsed on top of her, gathered her into my arms and gently nuzzled the back of her neck and behind her ear. After several minutes of this we rolled on our sides and she extricated herself from my embrace. She moved down to my crotch and proceeded to take me into her mouth. Joy cleaned our combined juices off of my cock and moved down to repeat the cleansing on my balls.

Joy’s mouth and tongue gradually brought life back to me and I looked into her brilliant blue eyes as she took as much of my rod into her mouth as she could fit. Her eyes held a look that I could only describe as adoration. I might be half her age, but she was addicted to my cock. She would do anything to have me inside her as often as possible and I was determined to take full advantage of that.

Finally, I had enough. I pulled her head off of me, rolled her over and mounted her again. She was my fuck toy now and I would spend the rest of the day reinforcing that status.

We fucked for the rest of the day. After that it became a common theme that we would either fuck all morning and work all afternoon or work in the morning and fuck in the afternoon. This went on for weeks. It may have taken longer than we originally planned for, but eventually her yard came together and looked fantastic. After that she came up with other projects to keep me working for her. Her husband paid me $150 dollars a week to handle projects at the house and, unknown to him, fill his wife’s pussy with my cock.

Finally, half way through the summer, the inevitable would happen. Her husband came home early from work and walked into his bedroom to find his wife naked, on her stomach and moaning as my cock plowed into her hot cunt. That’s the day he would become my bitch, just like his wife.

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