The Foreign Officer's Wives Club
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Wimp Husband, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, Public Sex, Workplace, Politics,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sometimes an isolated posting in a backward country can be so boring. Young Patricia is volunteered for duties in the Foreign Officer's Wives Club to help create better relations with the high-ranking officials of the host country. Up until then, she had always considered herself a well-behaved lady. Now, she was not all that certain.

Godfrey Hawkins was reluctantly married to Patricia Johnson only one short month after his appointment as a junior officer in the diplomatic ranks of new recruits. The fresh crop of university-trained representatives dispatched to second and third world countries were scattered in isolated embassies around the globe. These golden young men were considered incomplete units without a spouse to anchor them to mother earth like a personal albatross in female human form. The thought was that the steadying influence of certain female traits would temper any inclination to rash action on their part, if left alone to their own devices.

Young Godfrey was not particularly suited to Miss Patricia because he lacked the firm resolve she needed to keep her pretty nose to the grindstone of wifely duties. It would have been better if he were the type of fellow that wielded his belt with vigor behind a locked bedroom door. Unfortunately, his wife was able to manipulate him to her liking with only the promise of oral gratification when the lights were turned off. She was supposedly dreadfully shy and fearful of some photographer catching her with a male cock between her lips in a graphic Technicolor close-up.

His university days had fostered in him a liking for the fine art of buggery and he attempted to introduce his new spouse to the joys of anal sex in the carnival atmosphere of their honeymoon vacation. She was aghast at his perverted demands on her virgin flanks and told him in no uncertain terms,

“Get that thing out of my arse, you dirty bugger!”

Godfrey was suitably shamed and transitioned his stiff rod to the proper entrance pretending it was just a poorly aimed insertion from behind with no harm intended. He was reasonably adequate in this more acceptable form of cleaving, leaving her with a sense of proper behavior.

He promptly spread his secretary’s cheeks entering her with the aid of generous gobs of fresh butter from the mid-day repast. Godfrey watched the disappearing act of his long thick rod gliding in an out of his secretary’s pleasing bottom with great satisfaction. She had an impressively tight rear door and he knew he was fortunate to have selected her for her typing abilities from the pool of available female staff. There was no doubt in his mind that she would be selected to accompany him to his new assignment to furnish him anal joy along with the expertise of her well-honed secretarial skills of first-rate quality.

The young bride insisted that her new husband use a well-lubricated condom at all times because she had no desire to become pregnant in a foreign country with untested medical facilities. Patricia felt there was time enough for such duties when they were safely at home in the bosom of their families.

They were sent to some Godforsaken country that ended in the ever-popular “Stan” that never failed to conclude the jumble in front of that last syllable. She generally referred to it as their “host country”, rather than attempt any pronunciation of the word in public.

The last Ambassador to the host country was recalled due to some accounting practices that caused the bulk of the Embassy travel expense fund to disappear, never to be found again. Godfrey did his best to smooth out the hurt feelings about the discrepancy, but it was a losing battle and he merely shifted his budget around to compensate for the shortage. Everybody was happy with his solution and he was promoted to fourth officer at the embassy.

He was called into the “interim” Ambassador’s office to be told that as the fourth ranking officer he would be required to donate his wife to the Embassy Wives Club for liaison duties in the monthly meeting with the host country’s Ministry of the Interior. Godfrey didn’t like the sound of the word “donate” and when he tried to pin it down, the smiling “interim” appointee explained that Godfrey’s wife and three other younger wives with physical attractiveness would be required to perform sexual gratification tributes to the government rulers during a four hour orgy that demanded their total obedience.

In all honesty, he was not in the least bit offended by the suggestion that he “pimp out” his spouse to the host government’s hierarchy to use in their kinky games. Godfrey had heard rumors of the orgy parties, but attributed the stories to somebody’s over-active imagination. He was surprised that the other three females in the quartet of soon to be humiliated Embassy womanhood were all ultra-attractive wives of high standing in the social circles of the Embassy staff. In fact, the wife of the second-in command was a member and she had always impressed him as being above reproach in matters of sexual conduct. He had often had fantasies of her naked from the waist down and bent over for his pleasure whilst drinking tea with her pinky stuck out in a show of restrained upper-class superiority.

At first, when he broached the subject of joining the Foreign Officer’s Wives Club (F.O.W.C) with Patricia, she looked at him in total amazement. Later, after discovering the identities of the other three females in the quartet, she showed she was more interested in the proposal. In fact, she asked him pointblank,

“What do I get out of this?”

He promised her that he would split his increased compensation with her on equal shares and allow her to deposit her funds to her private Swiss account. That was the clincher because he was not privy to her code-words and she was comfortable with the added assets in her name only. Godfrey suspected she was aware of his fascination with his secretary’s hindquarters, but he was in no position to query her knowledge for fear she might demand a divorce for his devious infidelity. This whole orgy business was a win-win from his point of view because it would teach her the need for obedience to perform objectionable duties just because a superior male gave her specific orders and it would give him a nice record of her degradation in case she decided to call it quits.

Patricia met with the other members, Alice, Fay and Hope, in the Embassy chapel and they discussed the scope of their sexual requirements, despite the fact they were sitting on sacred ground and sitting under the Icons of religious grace. It was decided that Patricia would do most of the degrading oral ministrations, because she was comfortable with service on her knees. It bothered her that it would be a group of older strange men being serviced, but a deal was a deal.

She was more than willing to do her part.

Apparently, Alice was the anal bitch in the group. She seemed overly proud of her ability to take any cock “all the way up the arse”. The other two women were basically old-fashioned leg spreaders with shaved pussies. They had well-practiced skills in urging males to shoot their loads long before they wanted. Even in this Godforsaken country, such skills were highly desired simply for the reason of prolonging their enjoyment.

Hope asked her with direct hints of conspiracy,

“Do you like a bit of rough, dearie?”

Although she was not exactly sure what the other woman meant, Patricia nodded her head in the affirmative because it sounded definitely exciting. The mischievous young Hope whispered in her ear. She was so close that her generous bosom was rubbing naughtily on her shoulder.

“Just roll over on your tummy for any of them and they will get the message real quick. You can expect a lot of spanking and maybe a little tit twisting but they are a bunch of low-key guys and not inclined to push the envelope too far.”

For some strange reason, Patricia found that to be so stimulating that she was wetting her knickers with disgraceful anticipation. It was so bad, that she was leaking out onto the fluffy carpet. The normally, well-behaved young woman hoped it was not visible to the others, because she didn’t want to be thought to be a dirty girl with absolutely no moral up-bringing. She had always thought of herself as a decently behaved girl, even if she did do a lot of oral sex, when asked properly by a gentleman with decent manners.

The entertainment slope was actually outside under a billowing tent-like cover of multi-colors. The cushioned seats were arranged in semi-circular fashion for conversational interactions and ease of transition for the participants and the common persons servicing their needs.

It was mostly young females that brought them the clothing changes, the fresh cleansing water, and the other things necessary for an orgy lasting a full four hours.

Patricia had never been in an orgy before.

Well, not if you didn’t count the graduation party when she lost count of the gentlemen she had serviced on her knees. Her intake of funny handmade fag smoke was so copious that she had passed out with blessed fortune shortly after midnight. When she woke up, the first thing she noticed was the dull pain deep in her posterior region. It was not difficult to put two and two together and come up with the reason for her reddened rear door and her sense of shameful antics under the influence of an altered state of mind. It was for that very reason; she felt no degree of guilt for her actions, other than regret for being so naïve in being trapped so easily.

She watched Alice down on all fours taking it in her bum from some overweight older man with a beard and a little riding crop that he constantly flicked across her arse cheeks like a tyrant of the worst sort. Strangely, she found it more exciting than the rather thick cock tickling the back of her throat with demanding rapidity and grunts of male satisfaction difficult to duplicate in decent company. The look on the reserved Alice’s classically beautiful face was truly precious. She was in a blissful state of maximum stretching and her humiliation was in full view of dozens of simpering local females of much lower class and status. One of them, a pretty young thing with an impetuous nature, leaned down and sucked on her swinging breasts like an infant searching for her mother’s bountiful nipple.

The other pair of Embassy-donated females was servicing lines of jaded males with stiffened resolve. They were reclining on the colorful cushions on their backs with their modest eyes averted from the reality of the demanding pricks requiring solace of a submissive nature. It was really so filthy, that Patricia felt her juices rising to the surface. She reluctantly rolled her flanks up high hoping for some down-low action to match her overworked mouth.

Her craving for degradation was met by a rude spanking delivered by a pair of older males with greying hair and facial features that led her to believe they were brothers or identical twins. The four punishing palms led her to finish off her oral duties with a speed that left her drooling sticky lines of white spunk like a common street girl making an illegal living in some dirty alley of infinite disgrace.

It was really far too much for her somewhat sheltered life of well-mannered existence in a restrictive society. Still, she did not object when one of the men grabbed her cheeks and spread her open for the other one to press home his advantage in the very way that she feared with righteous indignation. The only reason why she permitted the indignity was her promise to be obedient to all demands by the contingent of government officials tasting the perks of a modern progressive society under the billowing covering rainbow of bright color and soft cushions.

She was truly frightened by the pressure on her delicate sphincter and closed her eyes as if to ward off the eventual weakening of her defenses against the inevitability of surrender. It came swiftly and that was a blessing because she was stuffed so quickly, her only reaction was to squeak like some church-mouse being chased by an altar boy with mean-spirited determination.

Those in close proximity stared at her humiliation with amused smiles of their hateful faces. She had no alternative but to grunt like some perverted animal each time the older man bottomed out up deep inside her gut. The other one twisted and pulled her swinging breasts like a schoolboy playing with a new toy. At some point, she realized almost everybody else had stopped their activities and were watching her take it up the arse like a common streetwalker.

Patricia knew it was her verbal outburst that had made her the center of attraction but she was beginning to feel quite detached from the immediate surroundings. The thick rod buried deep inside her most private channel demanded full obedience and she was more than willing to do her part to submit to his perverted demands. It was at that point that she understood her husband’s need for anal action and she vowed she would never be so reluctant in the future when he proposed a union of unnatural coupling in complete privacy.

The first fellow flooded her and was quickly replaced by his eager brother like a tag-team of buggering imps determined to fill her right up to the brim.

As the orgy was coming to an exhausting conclusion, she was transitioned to the central semi-circle of cushions and she serviced a fresh line of spunk donors. They were all vigorous to a fault, but they seemed to reach their point of take-off with disturbing quickness, leaving her feeling somewhat cheated at each new cycle.

She realized that was in the nature of mindless, anonymous sex devoid of any courtesy or sensitivity to the partner’s feelings.

It was not her cup of tea, but it was sufficiently exciting that she would not want to give up her membership in the Foreign Officer’s Wives Club for all the tea in China.

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