Open Minded Families
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Long story. Great sex scenes, just not every other paragraph. 16 year old boy becomes a guru at sex Part 1 of 5

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Shemale   Incest   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex  

This is not my typical type story. I take a lot of time building characters, and scenarios. This isn’t a beat off at every other paragraph type story. There are, I think, some awesome scenes to take care of those needs to though! And, by-the-way, all of you keep your hands off Susan, She’s mine!


The Halls

Me - Sean - 16

Sister - Dani - 17

Mom - Gwen - 37

Dad - Brad - 41

Susan - Y tour guide - late 20’s, fucking gorgeous

My birthday was next week, I’d be 16, and I was hitting mom and dad up for swimming lessons for a present. We had a pool, but the water tended to be a little chilly in March. Dad was all for it, but then he worked all day so it would be up to mom. Mom was a little reluctant, but finally gave in.

Mom said she’d call the Y tomorrow and see when classes were available.

They had a class starting next week, but with two stipulations. A parent must attend the first two classes. And the child and a parent were required to attend a 1 hour indoctrination prior to classes starting.

Mom and I went to the Y the next day for indoctrination. We were introduced to Susan who would be taking us through all the steps to get this going. She was really cute, wearing a red one piece bathing suit with yellow bicycle shorts over it.

We were filling out all the paperwork, and were informed that lessons were 8 weeks and that the price included unlimited use of all facilities during that 8 weeks. Parents were encouraged to accompany the kids whenever possible, but, the first two classes were mandatory.

Boys were encouraged to wear Speedo’s for safety reasons. Loose swim wear had a tendency of getting caught in drains, filters and ladders. Girls were only allowed to wear 1 piece suits, no bikinis. Parents could wear whatever modest swim wear, they chose.

The pool opens everyday at 6:00am and closed at 9:00pm. This next set of classes, starting on Monday, would begin at 10:00 and end at 12:00, and then the next 7 Mondays after that at the same time. A lifeguard is always on duty and kids were not required to have a parent or guardian present when using the pool. We are not a Day Care Center but, kids over the age of 12 could stay as long as they wanted unattended. Parents could purchase meal tickets from the cafeteria.

Only YMCA supplied pool toys, and floaties were permitted.

Susan took us on a tour of the facility. We stopped at the admin office to have ID’s made. We were shown upstairs but also told that kids had no reason to be up there. It was only living quarters for employees and men renting apartment units. A guy came out of his room and turned towards the showers, he was naked. Susan apologized but said they were a Y-’M’-C-A and nudity was not uncommon. Neither mom nor I reacted and Susan continued. We passed the entrance to the showers and could see right in to the showers. We didn’t stop or slow down, but I did notice moms head stay turned towards the door till we passed.

We went down the back set of stairs and were right next to a TV area. This place looked cool. Bench seats were along the side walls and a set of bleacher like seats were on the back wall. The floor was covered in bean bag chairs and there was a huge flat screen TV on the wall. Susan said movies were available at the front desk and other than that you just had to hope you could find the remote!. Two guys, wearing shorts were watching some game show. Susan said there were several places that swim wear was not allowed. We would be assigned lockers in a few minutes and that keeping a pair of shorts in there was a good idea. She also added that the TV room was one of the places swim wear was not allowed. We passed a little cafeteria area with a dozen or so tables scattered around. Susan said a price list was in the information pack and meal tickets could be purchased in advance. We got to a locker room that was labeled ‘Men’.

Susan added that everything was referred to as either Men or Woman, the terms Boy or Girl was not used. She asked mom to wait there and took me inside. She grabbed a clipboard and then a key and took me back to a locker. There were half a dozen guys, all naked, and neither them nor Susan reacted. She pointed out my locker and gave me a key that was on an elastic strap that fit around my wrist. She told me to test the key to make sure it worked. We went back out and Susan took mom to the Women’s side and went through the same routine. When they came out Susan said one more short talk and we’re done. We went back to the table we started at and sat down.

Susan started talking about the attitudes and atmosphere in the Y. She said we don’t encourage nudity but we also don’t frown on it, so aptly demonstrated by our shower taker! We try to encourage an atmosphere of ‘openness and freedom’, do what your comfortable with. There are short periods of time that the pool is posted as Men Only or Women Only. There are other times that signs are posted saying clothing optional. There are only two entrances to the pool and that each door was always posted as to what was and was not allowed at that time.

Lastly, NO sexual contact is allowed at any time!

Mom asked Susan about towels and Susan said they were available in the locker rooms and a rack by the pool. Mom also asked if overnight accommodations were available. If her and her husband were called out of town, was there a place for Sean to stay. Susan said they had ‘a couple’ of rooms that were $40 a night and one bunk house type room that slept 12 was available for $20 a night. Availability was on a first come first served basis and reservations were not accepted.

We thanked Susan and mom said we’d better go do some shopping. We went to the mall and mom started first. She found several bathing suits she liked, picked three or four out and went back to a changing room. She had one on and stuck her head out the drape and told me to come in. What do you think! Mom did a pirouette and said well. I said nice, but it kinda makes you look like an old woman. She told me to turn around. She took it off and threw it on my shoulder and tried on another. Well? Better I said, Turn. She turned and said I liked the style but not the color. She had me go get her a couple others. When I got back she was holding up the suit to her front and said turn. She tried on another and I said perfect! It was cut high on her hips and showed a little bit of cleavage. She started taking it off to try the last one on and hit me in the back of the head - You little pervert! She was looking at me in the mirror I was using to watch her! She kept going though and tried on the last suit. I quickly said no. I told her she should get more than one and she agreed. But, I’m not getting dressed just to go grab a couple more suits, go get me a couple more. I walked back in and she was naked but grabbed a suit quickly held it in front of her. She dropped the cover up suit and took one out of my hand (she didn’t even tell me to turn!). I really liked this one. A lot of cleavage and a whole lot more ass. She agreed and took it off and pushed me out. She got dressed and gave the attendant the ones to return and kept two for herself.

We headed over to the boys/mens area and found the Speedos. I picked out a couple and she picked out four or five. We went back to the changing room and I stripped to my under-ware and told her to turn. She handed one suit over her shoulder and I put it on. Mom turned and spun me around. She stuck her fingers under the hem in back and slid her hands around my butt. She spun me around again and did the same thing in front. She asked if they were too tight and I said I don’t know, I don’t think so. Mom said stay there and don’t change. Mom left and came back with a salesman. Sean this is Ron he’s going to check the fit on you. He looked at me and said this may be a little embarrassing, don’t let it bug you! He did the same thing mom did and said they were probably a little tight. I should try the next size up. Mom checked the labels of the suits she had and handed me one and said try this. I steadied myself on Ron’s shoulder and pulled off the Speedo and grabbed the one mom had.

I pulled it up, Ron had me turn around and ran his fingers under the hem and said better, turn around. I was facing him and he did the same thing in front. When his finger slid over my dick I shuttered a little and he said sorry.

He turned to mom and said You know that when boys ‘get excited’, the Speedos, tend to show all and sometimes don’t keep everything private. When you get home you should test it and see. Mom said, I see what you mean that’s a pretty noticeable bulge already. Mom reached over and brushed the enlarging lump in front and said I don’t know, that’s kinda obvious. I said mom it’s not like the Y is a sex thing, it’s really unlikely I’ll be getting excited there. She shook her head ok and thanked the salesman. We bought two of the same suits, just different colors, one in red and one in yellow. I got dressed, mom went out to pay for everything, then we hit the food court for lunch.

At home mom told me to make sure my dick didn’t pop out when I got excited. Dad had come home and mom told him what was going on and that I was having to wear a Speedo for the first time, he came up to my room. Our family wasn’t big on privacy and he just walked in. I was sitting at my computer wearing the Speedo and watching a porn flick. I hit the screen saver quick and said what’s up! He told me to stand up. He looked down at my bulge and said, Yea, they don’t hide much do they? Is it at least staying in the suit though? Yea, but I haven’t gotten real hard yet. Dad moved my mouse and pressed play on the media player. He said watch your flick and stood behind me. His hands came around and started rubbing my bulge and I could feel it getting bigger. He spun me around and could just see the head peaking out. He rubbed it with a finger and said, Guess you better not be staring at all them girls at the pool. You might get real embarrassed real quick if you’re not careful! Think you’ll be ok though. Yea dad, it’s not really a sexual place so I don’t think I’ll have a problem. Dad said You should know by now that a fucking dumpster can be a sexual place. We laughed and he went downstairs. I figure this would be a good time to finish what dad had started. I was just getting going when Dani (my sister) walked in and was saying that mom said I got a Speedo and could she see ... she stopped mid sentence when she saw what I was doing and said sorry while she was backing out. After she was out, I continued, but she opened the door a crack and didn’t look in, but said she wanted to see the Speedo when I was done. Then she closed the door again and left. I finished up and was heading to the shower. Mom AND Dani both came in after I was in the shower (the shower door was frosted glass, so they couldn’t see anything) and asked how I liked the Speedo. I said it was gonna be fine. Dani asked me to put it on after my shower and let her see. Mom said she wanted to see it again too. I finished up my shower, dried off, and went back to my room to put on the Speedo. I walked downstairs and mom and Dani both let out a wolf whistle. I turned to head back upstairs and mom said, Ohh nice, that’s even a better view! I took the stairs three at a time, put on some shorts and went back downstairs. They were all smiles, and mom said Just teasing honey!

Mom and I got to the Y early on Monday, we wanted to explore a little. I wanted to check the TV room first. We went in and followed one of the side bench seats to the back. We just stood in the corner for a minute. A guy was curled up on a bean bag naked and watching a war movie. A couple other guys with real skimpy bike shorts were in the bleachers. This was cool, speakers surrounded the whole room so, when a bomb went off in the movie it felt like it was right next to us. I hope they have some Star War movies. We went out and walked up the stairs. When Susan took us on tour, we only went down one aisle in the living quarters. Mom and I explored some of the side aisles. Some guys had their doors open and they were naked. We turned down another aisle and saw Susan coming out of a room. She was naked and reaching down to lock the door. When she turned and saw us, she just smiled and said, Everyone gets curious on the first day. I asked if that was her room and she said yes, she lived here. She said she was going to take a shower, and started walking down the hall. She turned in to the showers. There were three guys there naked and everyone said Hey to Susan. She said Hey back and got in one of the showers. She looked at mom and asked if I knew how to get back to the TV room, then looked at mom and said Wanna join me? I shouldn’t and mom and I headed for the door. Mom said she’d meet me in a bit in the TV room, so I took off. Mom just stood in the door looking back at Susan. Susan just smiled and held out her hands. When I saw mom disappear into the shower room, I went back to the door to see what she was doing. Mom was taking off her clothes and getting in the shower with Susan. Two of the guys went over to watch and were getting very obvious hardons. The third guy came over to me and asked if that was my mom. I said yea and he said she was a really beautiful woman. He asked if I wanted to take a shower too. I said ok and followed him to a shower stall. He helped me get undressed and we got in the shower together. His hands were all over me and I wasn’t complaining. He was hard as a rock and kept bumping his dick up against mine. I reached down to play with his dick and he was playing with my balls and ass. This is about as far as my friends at school and I had ever gone. I was in new territory now! He got down on his knees and sucked my dick all the way into his mouth. I know I’m not real big, but when my dick went into his mouth and I was only a little hard, I could feel it getting bigger and decided that was one of the best feelings in the world. Feeling your dick getting hard in someone’s mouth. I couldn’t believe how good this felt. I had watched a few porn flicks with friends, I beat-off almost every day, I’ve seen other guys cum and seen my own cum. I never played with or tasted any cum, even my own. As I was playing with this guys dick he came all over my hand and hip. It felt good, warm, smooth and creamy. I rubbed it in for a second then felt myself cumming. He swallowed it all and I couldn’t help but put my hand up to my nose, then licked just a little. He stood up and turned me so the water was on me and rinsed me off.

I forgot mom was in there too, and stuck my head around the corner. Mom was laying on her back with Susan’s head buried in moms pussy. Mom was moaning and starting to buck her hips up and down then I saw mom biting her own hand. Mom’s head collapsed onto the bench and I wanted to leave before she saw me. I found my clothes and carried them down the stairs. I figured I’d go straight to my locker and get ready for class. It would have been a lot easier finding my locker if I wasn’t in the Women’s Locker Room! I apologized and ran for the door. They laughed and said Anytime Hun! I went into the men’s locker room, still naked and carrying my stuff. A guy asked what locker I had and I said I forgot. He asked my name and I said Sean Hall, he looked at the clipboard and said Come on. I followed him to my locker. He took the key off my wrist and opened it up for me. He asked if I needed anything else and was I there for the swim lessons. I said No I got it and Yea I was there for swim lessons. He said Great, that he was one of the instructors.

I put on my Speedo, grabbed a towel and headed for the pool. Just as I stepped out of the locker room mom came down the stairs, naked but carrying her stuff and said she’d be a few minutes and meet me at the pool. I watched her go in the locker room and was almost hypnotized by her ass, damn she really is a beautiful woman.

Once the instructor decided everyone was there. He explained how this was going to work. There are 20 students and 10 instructors. Each instructor had two students and the students that got paired up and their instructor would stay the same throughout the 8 weeks. Here’s the pairings, stand by your partner when your name is called. I heard my name called and was paired with Stephanie (Steph). We stood next to each other and Susan fell in behind us - HOLY CRAP, was Susan my instructor? I was all of a sudden worried about my Speedo! Susan asked each parent to stand behind their kid. Steph’s dad, who was also wearing a Speedo, was behind Steph, and my mom got behind me. Susan asked some basic questions, can you swim, can you float, are you afraid of water etc, etc.

Susan said ok, get in. We were in the shallow end and could stand. She said first we’d learn how to hold each other in a floating position. She asked my mom to lay on her stomach on Susan’s hands. Susan put one hand on moms pubic bone and the other on her breasts. She looked at all of us and said, remember, we are all adults here and this is not meant to be at all sexual. She held mom up moved her around like she was swimming. OK parents, try it with your kids. Mom held me and Steph’s dad had her. We were floating and moving around and not drowning! That’s a good thing. OK Sean you do it with Steph so when your parents aren’t here you’ll know what to do. Steph had large tits for a 16 year old. And they felt all squishy. This fucking Speedo was gonna be a problem! I moved her around a little and set her back on her feet. OK, Steph. She did the same thing to me and I could feel her hand a half inch from my dick. Fucking Speedo, her hand was now only a quarter inch away, if she didn’t put me down quick I was gonna poke a hole in her hand!

She set me down and whispered in my ear Nice! I smiled and mom gave me a dirty look!

The rest of this lesson was moving arms over our heads into the water, and kicking.

Susan said Great lesson, you guys are quick learners. You can stay in the pool if your parents stay with you today. It won’t always be like that but we want to know your comfortable in the water. Steph and I leaned against the edge and talked for about 15 minutes, Mom and Steph’s dad were talking too. Mom came over and asked if I wanted to stay a while. I said Yea! We got out of the pool and were going to the TV Room and realized we didn’t bring shorts, and swim ware wasn’t allowed. Mom found Susan and asked if they had shorts they could buy. Susan said yea, we have some bicycle shorts with the ‘Y’ logo at the front desk.

Mom and I went to the front desk and asked for some shorts. The gal asked what size and I said small and mom said medium. The clerk said we should try them on first that she thought we would both need larger sizes. Come on back here, it’s mostly private. Mom and I went back together and stripped off our swim suits and dried off a little then took the shorts the clerk handed us. Small was real small and I said maybe medium? The clerk handed me a pair of mediums and I put them on saying Much better. Mom tried the Mediums and said they’d be fine. Mom said Oh crap, I didn’t even think about a top, do you have t-shirts. The clerks said she was mostly out but had a couple of extra large tank tops and that was about it. Mom took one, but wasn’t real comfortable with it. The sides of her tits were showing a lot. I could even see her nipples when she bent forward. Its all they had though so mom took it.

We went back to the locker rooms to put our suits away then went into the TV Room. We plopped down in bean bags, no one else was there so I told mom I was going to get a movie put on. I came back a few minutes later and said she was going to put Star Wars on. The movie started and it was just what you’d expect, the flight deck of a space ship, with a woman in a skin-tight uniform and a man in the same uniform sitting at control chair. The woman got up and pulled her zipper all the way down and stepped out of her uniform. Then knelt in front of the man and pulled his zipper down and pulled out a very hard cock!

Mom said this isn’t right and half ran to the front desk and told the clerk what was happening. The clerk said no, she put on Star Wars and reached for the box and said Oh My Gawd I’m so sorry and showed mom the cover Star Whores! The clerk stopped the tape and said Please don’t report this, I’ll loose my job. Mom laughed and said it was ok, kinda funny and understandable. Mom came back to the TV Room and the real Star Wars was just starting. Mom plopped down in the bean bag and reached over to pull my shorts down. She said These are really skimpy shorts, we’re going to have to be careful how we sit. Mom was trying to cover my semi-hard dick and not having much luck. I looked at moms crotch, and said Yea, we do need to be careful, and I nodded down to her shorts. She looked and said Oh shit. Pussy hair was sticking out on both sides and even the edge of her pussy on one side. As she was adjusting her shorts her tits fell out of her top and I just laughed and said I was glad the Y wasn’t a sexual place! Mom was trying to cover her tits and cover her pussy at the same time, and not accomplishing either. Unfortunately it had an adverse effect on my dick and it was sticking out even farther.

Two guys came in naked, saw our predicament and said it would draw a lot less attention if you just took them off! They laughed and went up to the bleachers to watch the movie. Step and her dad came in, both naked saying they forgot to bring shorts. Steph’s dad (Gerald) said you two may as well have left yours home too! Steph plopped down next to me and Gerald next to mom. Steph laid her head down on my thigh and we both were actually watching the movie. Gerald and mom couldn’t even have told you if a movie was playing. Gerald was rubbing moms pussy through her shorts and mom was watching Gerald’s dick get hard! Mom told us to stay there that she and Gerald would be back in a little bit. Gerald told Steph to behave and they left. They weren’t 10 feet out the door before Steph turned her head and had my dick in her mouth! She asked if I had ever eaten pussy? I just smiled and swiveled around to her pussy. The two guys in the bleachers moved down a little bit for a better view but didn’t get too close.

There’s something about a pussy that is all fresh and clean and in this case smelled a little like chlorine that was a real turn on. I was counting sheep in my head (it was way too soon to cum!) and going hell bent for leather on her pussy. She started bucking her hips, stopped sucking my dick (thank gawd) and grabbed my ears and tried stuffing my head into her pussy. She damn near succeeded before I got a hold of her clitoris and had her almost frothing at the mouth. She was settling down a little and shoved my cock back into her mouth.

Fuck those sheep - I came as hard as she did and she didn’t miss a drop. We spooned and she said That was better than when dad and I do it. I just looked at her and she said yea, we are a real open family, you should see my mom and brother going at it!

We actually got to see the last 10 minutes of the movie before mom and Gerald came in, both naked and mom said she gave up trying to modestly wear those shorts and shirt. She asked if I was ready to go. She said we were going to the mall again then we’d head home.

I kissed Steph good-bye and her father looked at both of us but gave Steph a real questioning look! Mom just smiled and said let’s go. She kissed Gerald on the cheek and told Steph bye, and we left.

At the mall, mom asked if I wanted new shorts. I said No these were kinda fun, and with as much nudity as there is there, it’s not a big deal. I’ll keep the ones I have. Mom said, That was kinda fun wasn’t it. I said Mom, about half the time we were there, you were naked anyway, what’s wrong with those shorts and shirt? Ok, is there anything you want while we’re here? I’m hungry! Oh you, you’re always hungry! We ate and went home.

Dani came in and asked how the lessons went. I told her about me and Steph. Dani was flabbergasted, you ate her pussy in a public room?!! Yea, it was actually kinda fun, there were even a couple of naked guys watching us. She asked what mom said about all this and I said she sat in the cafeteria most of the time and didn’t know what was happening. Dani wanted to go but didn’t think she could handle it. I asked Handle what. She said all the nudity. I told her to stand up and take off her clothes. She looked at me and said No way! Then, under her breath she asked, Will you? I said yea, come on! We stood up and I pulled off my shirt. She pulled off hers. I pulled down my shorts. So did she. She had bra and panties left, I just had my boxers. I nodded at her bra and she let it fall. I said On 3. 1 - 2 - 3 and dropped my boxers, she was hesitant with the panties but eventually they came off too. So, Dani and I stood there, both naked just staring at each other. She said Can I touch? I said Can I? I reached for tits, she reached for dick. She was rubbing it all over and obviously I was getting hard. Just as I was reaching for her pussy Mom came in. Dani tried covering up I just explained that I was telling Dani about the Y and she just got curious. Mom came in and sat on the bed and put her arms around Dani’s shoulder. That’s ok hun, there’s nothing wrong with a little curiosity. Did Sean tell you about the movie? I said mom, I told her you spent the whole time in the cafeteria.

Mom told her about the movie and after we finished laughing she said Mom, you were naked in front of Sean? Mom said Yea, so. You’re naked in front of him, why is it any different for me. Mom continued I like nudity! I haven’t seen your breasts in a while, they’re filling out nice. They’re almost as big as mine. Dani looked at moms chest for a quick second. Mom said here, and undid her blouse. See! Dani looked again then looked at her own. They are almost as big aren’t they. Mom said Sean, who’s are bigger. I put my hand on one of mom’s tits then on one of Dani’s. I said I don’t know it’s pretty close, but I think I like Dani’s better. Mom picked up a pillow and threw it at me, You Shit! Mom told Dani to stand up, let me see your pussy. You shave! When did you start that? You’re missing quite a bit though, next time call me I’ll help. Dani said, you don’t shave? Mom said no but I do keep it trimmed, wanna see? Dani said, In front of Sean? Yea, he’s seen it already. Mom stood up and stripped completely. Mom was rubbing Dani’s pussy and Dani was rubbing mom’s pussy. I was left to rubbing my own! Mom stood up and said you guys go ahead and play, but no fucking, I REPEAT, NO FUCKING!, I have to get dinner ready.

Dani and I just sat there talking for about an hour till mom hollered up that dinner was ready. We got dressed and headed downstairs. At my door, Dani stopped and kissed my cheek saying Thanks! Dad was at the dining table already and asked if we’d seen mom this afternoon? We kinda looked at each other and wondered what he meant when mom walked out of the kitchen naked. Dad says, she wants to try something different. You two ok with her doing this. I said Yea, it’s great, can we do it too? Dad said you want to walk around the house naked too! I said yes and dad looked at Dani. You? Yea, I think I’d be ok with it. Dad looked at mom and said You really started some shit now! Dad stood up, took off his clothes and set them on the couch. Dani and I looked at dad’s dick then at each other and stood up and stripped. We all sat down and mom went around the table kissing each of us very lovingly. Dad piped in and said Ok, anything new with you guys. We all laughed and finished our meal just carrying on our normal conversations.

After dinner Dani and I cleared the table and did the dishes. Mom and dad were watching TV. Dani and I went up to her room and she wanted to know more about the Y.

About an hour later, dad called up for us to come down. Dani and I sat cross-legged on the floor looking up at mom and dad on the couch. Ok, guys, if we’re going to try this, and I emphasize ‘try’, there’s gonna be a couple of rules. Keep robes by the front and back door. Never answer the door naked, wear a robe. This stays between us, absolutely nobody is to know. If any of us have guests over, we all get dressed. None of us ever bring anyone home without first letting those at home know. Things sexually will get a little dicey around here. You two may NOT have sex together, blowjobs, handjobs, all the touching you want, but no actual fucking! OK? We both said yes.

I said But, if Dani and I want to play around some, without fucking, that’s ok?

Dad looked at mom and then back to us and said yea, that’s ok. Lastly, mom’s going to layout a bunch of towels everywhere. Use towels to sit on, it’s a hygiene thing - ok? Oh, one more thing. If a bedroom or bathroom door is shut, you knock before entering. If the door is open anyone is free to come and go. Every Monday night at dinner we will discuss nudity! If at anytime, anyone gets uncomfortable with it, it stops!

Sean, stand up and turn around slowly. Dani, now you. Mom. Me. Alright, we’ve all seen all there is to see. Anyone have any questions? Dani got up smiling and kissed mom on the cheek, then dad. I did the same. Never kissed a guy on the cheek and looked at dad and said If you ever want me to do that again, you’ll need to shave!

Mom and dad curled up on the couch and Dani and I went back upstairs.

In the morning I hit the shower and left the bathroom door open. Dani came in and brushed her teeth. Mom came in and used the toilet. Mom asked me if I wanted to hit the Y today. I asked if she was going, and she said yea, she could spend a few hours there, we could practice your swimming. Dani was looking all pensive and I finally just asked, Why don’t you come with us? Dani looked at mom. Mom slapped her on the thigh, Oh come on, it’ll be good for you. Dani said ok, but one of you have to always stay with me, and I mean always!

Mom got her too small shorts and her too big shirt and my too small shorts and put them in a bag. Mom was going through her drawers looking for something for Dani. I went into Dani’s room and asked her to show me the skimpiest shorts she had. She pulled out a pair and I said no, do you have anything that’s a couple years old. She snapped her fingers and grabbed a box off the top shelf of her closet. She pulled out a very thin pair of ‘boy shorts’ that were perfect. I had her put them on and ran my hand over her pussy. Perfect, just a little bit of a camel toe. Dani asked what a ‘camel-toe’ was and I said I’d show her when we got home. Ok, a shirt? I said mom wears a tank top that’s way too big, you have anything like that? She didn’t and I suggested we just buy her one like moms. Dani said ok and we went to find mom. Mom looked at the shorts and said perfect then ran her hands over Dani’s pussy too. Perfect!

I said we were just going to buy her a shirt like yours and mom said that sounds good. You guys ready. We all got dressed in regular street clothes and met up at the car.

When we got to the Y, we had to check Dani in as a guest. We stayed in our street clothes and took her on a short tour. In the residents area we ran into Susan, who was naked just coming out of the showers. We introduced Dani and mom asked me to take Dani down and show her the TV Room. Susan and mom stayed in the hall talking till we rounded the corner. I stuck my head back around the corner and saw Mom and Susan were kissing passionately. Mom had her hands all over Susan’s ass. I just smiled and grabbed Dani. I asked Dani if there was any particular movie she wanted to see or if she wanted to go swimming. She said let’s go swimming. I told her she’d have to wait outside the locker room while I changed, but that I’d be as quick as I could. She said ok, but I could tell she was still scared. I ran in, threw everything in my locker and threw on my Speedo and ran back out. She grasped my arm like a vice grip and said she forgot to bring a bathing suit. I told her no biggie we’d just buy you a new one.

We went to the front desk and I asked if they had any girls bathing suits. I said, Sorry, but I didn’t get your name yesterday. She smiled and said Carla. She said how sorry she was about the movie yesterday and told me to thank my mom for not reporting her. I introduced her to Dani and said she needed a swim suit. She asked Dani what her chest measurements were and Dani said she wasn’t sure. She said to come on back, we’ll figure it out. Carla got a couple suits of different sizes and handed one to Dani. She said You ok just trying them on here. Dani looked at me and I just shook my head yes. Dani stripped down and grabbed one of the suits. It was too big. She got another one. The next one was close, and Carla had Dani swivel around then put her fingers under the edge of the suit by her breasts. Carla stuck her fingers way under and said, maybe a little smaller. She helped Dani off with the suit and climbed on a step stool to get another suit. She held the legs open for Dani to step into and pulled it up her legs. Carla looked at her and said much better, is the crotch too tight? and ran her hands inside the leg holes to see for herself. She smiled and said I kinda like it tight, are you ok with it. Dani said yea, it feels good. Carla said Turn, and ran her hands inside the leg openings in back.

Dani was actually smiling for the first time since we got here and said this would be fine. Carla hugged her and said you guys have fun now, Have your mom stop to sign the bill before you leave. If I get a break I’ll come out and shoot the shit with you later. Dani said thanks Carla and we headed out to the pool.

Dani had a very tight grip on my arm as we walked out to the pool. We slid in at the shallow end and Dani said, I think she was feeling me up. I smiled and said She probably was, I’m kinda just figuring it out too, but it seems like most of the women here are lesbian, and most of the older men are gay. And, most of the guys and girls our age just want to get their rocks off and they don’t care how! I asked Dani if she had ever been with a girl. She said her and a girlfriend at school played around with kissing and feeling each other up once, but that was about it. I asked if she wanted to go farther. She kinda smiled and grabbed a hold of the waist band of my Speedo and pulled me to her.

Yea, kinda, does that bother you. I said no, I thought it was great and think this just might be the place to do some experimenting. She said If something happens here, I kinda hope it’s with Carla, she’s sweet! We splashed around for a few minutes and I told her how to hold me up so I could practice kicking and arm movements. She had one hand under my chest and put the other one right on my dick and lifted me up level. She started squeezing my dick and I was hard in seconds. She bounced me up a little and stuck her hand inside my Speedo. I was as hard as a rock, and Dani said, this is kinda fun. I looked back at her and said wait till it’s my turn. When she put her hand in the front of my Speedo, it dragged down the butt a lot and most of my ass crack was showing above the water. Dani was getting a lot more comfortable and said Nice view! and bent down and kissed my butt! She kept me floating on top and I had just enough balance to run my hand over her pussy. She let out an Oh! and said I kinda like this being closer with you, I wish we would have started this earlier. She bent down and kissed the back of my neck and said Thanks Sean.

I said Yea, this is great but we have a small problem, well maybe not so small!. We’re gonna have to stay in the water for a few minutes before we can go walking around. She laughed and just then Carla crouched down by the edge of the pool. Hey you two, having fun!? I slid off Dani’s hands and stood next to her trying to rearrange my Speedo. I looked up at Carla and with the way she was crouched, you could clearly see her pussy lips. Dani slid over to the edge of the pool and was looking right up at Carla’s pussy. She asked Carla if she was coming in. Carla said she couldn’t just yet, she only had an hour, but she put on a movie for us, if we wanted to go in the TV room. She stood up and held out her hand to pull Dani up, then me. I said I’d have to go get Dani’s shorts and Carla said Don’t bother, naked is ok too. Dani looked at me and I said Yea, that’d be great. At the door to the TV Room I dropped my Speedo and was still a little bit hard.

Carla reached for the straps of Dani’s suit and pulled them down slowly. When her tits were exposed Carla figured it was ok and dragged her suit to the floor and had her step out of it. There was a table just inside the door (now I knew why) and Carla set our suits on it. Dani was looking all around and said this place was great. She totally forgot she was naked. We plopped down on the bean bags and looked up at the screen, I don’t remember the name of the movie, Wild something but it was Neve Cambell and Denise Richards making out in a pool. Carla asked Dani if she’d ever been with another girl. No, not really. Do you want to be? Kinda, maybe, yes, I think so, I don’t know! Carla reached over and caressed Dani’s tits and Dani shuddered and moaned instantly. Carla trailed her hand slowly down to Dani’s pussy and just rubbed her fingers lightly around and teased her all over.

When Carla bent over Dani’s pussy and just blew on Dani’s clit. Dani came! She was bucking her hips up and down and moaning very loudly. And when Carla bent in just a little more and sucked on Dani’s clit she screamed, and I mean screamed. Carla’s face was covered in cum and Dani’s breathing was scary fast. I looked up, mom and Susan were standing in the door smiling and lightly rubbing each others pussies. Mom came over and knelt down next to Carla and Dani and smiled and kissed Carla’s cheek. Dani felt the movement, opened her eyes and panicked reaching for something to cover up with. She anxiously said Sorry mom I didn’t mean ... Mom stopped her and smiled and said Sorry my ass, honey, that was absolutely beautiful! Mom leaned down and kissed Dani on the lips and said Honey that was the most perfect lovemaking I have ever seen. You just need a little practice to make it last longer. Classes will begin tonight in your bedroom! Mom was smiling and Dani sat up and hugged her and wouldn’t let go.

Tears were rolling down both of their cheeks. Mom reached her arm out and dragged Carla into the hug too. Susan came over and squatted down next to the girls and looked at Carla and said, How come I never knew about you?!!! Susan had her arms around all three girls and everyone was crying. What is it with girls and crying!???

Now this was all fine and dandy and well and good, but, what about me. I’ve got a hardon that was about to punch a hole in the roof any minute and these four girls are still hugging. Susan noticed and duck walked over to me and had my dick in her mouth in seconds. She looked up at me and asked Fuck or Suck?

I couldn’t have smiled bigger, Fuck please. Susan crouched down over my dick and let it slide right in. I reached for her tits, amazing fucking tits! And Susan started rocking front to back. All the porn I’ve watched had the girls always going up and down! Susan was back and forth and I wasn’t going to last long. Dani and mom were spooning and rolled over on their sides and were watching like there was gonna be a test later! Susan slowed down a minute and bent over to give me a very wet, lotta tongue, kiss, then whispered in my ear, I wish I’d have had a brother like you when I was growing up. Then sat back up reached behind her and fondled my balls while she started slowly rocking again.

I thought Dani screamed loud! I didn’t know I could cum that hard. Finally my dick couldn’t take it anymore and I sat up and put my arms around Susan and pulled her down on top of me. She kissed my neck and finally lifted off of me.

A small crowd had gathered at the door and they were all applauding. Susan stood up and curtsied. Mom, Dani and I tried to hide under the bean bags.

The five of us headed for the locker rooms to shower. I turned towards the men’s and Susan grabbed my arm and shook her head no and dragged me into the ladies locker room. We all got under the showers. My and Dani’s legs were still a little weak. And, mom, Susan and Carla came over and started washing us off. Hands were everywhere. I was actually afraid it was starting again. I couldn’t take another bout like that, at least not yet! Someone finally killed the water and four naked women I’d never seen before came over and started drying us all off. We all just stood there and one of the women said to Susan, What is it about you bitch? Why do you get all the good ones first! Susan just smiled and said I get the good ones first because you taught me so well mom!

Mom, Dani and I walked naked back to the TV Room to get my and Dani’s suits. I told mom she had to sign for Dani’s before we left. Mom took Dani to the ladies locker room and got their shorts and shirts on. They realized they didn’t get a shirt for Dani, so they went back to the front desk and Carla smiled and said Back for more? Dani smiled and said Not yet, but soon! Mom said they needed the biggest shirt she had for Dani. Carla smiled and got one down and said May I help you try it on ma’am! Dani smiled and said Yes please.

Mom said, alright you two, later, Sean’s waiting for us. Dani put on the shirt, leaned over and kissed Carla on the cheek, looked at mom and said What’s the point? Both of my tits are still hanging out!

I had gone to my locker and changed then was waiting for mom and Dani in the cafeteria. Mom ordered us all burgers, fries and shakes. And we talked happily for the next hour. Mom looked at me and said You knew about me and Susan, didn’t you? I smiled and told her that the first day when she got in the shower with Susan, I was three stalls away getting a blowjob from some old fart! And, when I saw you on that bench with Susan eating your pussy it took every bit of strength I could muster not to join you! Mom said, You little shit, I know if I ever want to share a secret with someone it’ll be safe with you! Dani looked at me surprised and said you let a guy give you a blowjob? I just looked at her and questioningly and said Really? She just looked down and said Yea, Ok.

Dani said she wanted to go say good-bye to Carla before we left, mom and I wanted to say good-bye to Susan. We said we’d meet at the front desk in half an hour, dressed and ready to go. Dani half ran to see Carla and mom and I just looked at each other. I said, You know, 5 hours ago, she wouldn’t even let go of my arm! Mom laughed and we went looking for Susan. We all actually said our good-byes and met on time at the front desk. On the way home Dani said Mom I know the rule about bringing guests home but, what about someone who know what’s going on, I’d really like to have Carla spend the night some night soon! Mom said she’d bring it up with dad but didn’t think it would be a problem.

At home Dani and I went to our own rooms and took naps. Mom was working on dinner. And when dad got home he and mom talked a lot! Dad came up and got Dani and I up and said to come down for dinner. Dad looked at Dani and said It sounds like you had a good day?! Dani looked at mom and almost yelled at her MOM! Mom said, Honey I was just so damned proud of you today, I was practically gushing. And it kinda slipped out.

Dani butted in saying because I let some girl give me the most frightening and powerful orgasm of my life, in front of a bunch of strangers - you’re proud of me???

Mom said, I wouldn’t have worded it like that, but yea, that is really the gist of it. You opened up, you allowed yourself to feel, which is something we have never seen in you. Yes honey, I’m proud of you for what happened today!

Dad interrupted and said Hey kiddo, if half of what your mother described is true, I am proud of you too. Mom and I were actually getting a little worried about you. You don’t seem to have a lot of friends, at least none you invite home. The parent/teacher meetings we’ve had, all say the same thing, Amazing student, hard worker, but, a bit of a wallflower! And I can see it in you just after these few minutes at the table, one day at the Y and you’ve opened up and seem to have a smile in your heart we’ve never seen. And, by-the-way, Yes you can invite Carla over any time!

Dani looked at Dad then, staring down at her lap she kinda whispered, It really was fucking great! We all laughed, finally. (I was getting worried).

Dad tapped a fork on his glass and said he had made a decision today and this seemed like the perfect time to announce it. I spent half the day on the phone arranging contractors, but starting tomorrow you’re all gonna have to stay dressed for a while. Mom, Dani and I started to complain until he said Let me finish. Contractors will be here starting tomorrow, to work on several projects. A changing cabana will be built at the back of the patio, a hot tub that flows into the pool will be installed at the shallow end, the pool will be heated, a rather large patio awning will be added off the roof of the house and, a big rock BBQ will also be added on the patio. He said he was paying extra to have it all done quickly and they should have everything in place within a week.

Now everyone was smiling and talking all at once. All three of us got up and swarmed dad actually knocking him and his chair over. Dani and I were kissing his cheeks but mom had other ideas. When dad started getting hard, I motioned for Dani and I to go upstairs, but mom stopped us and said after today kids I think it’s ok for you to watch the old timers make love, feel free to play amongst your selves!

Dani was the biggest shocker, she reached down to dad’s dick and was stroking it while mom was blowing him. I slid over behind mom and started licking her butt and what little bit of pussy I could get to. Mom and dad were both moaning and mom got up and squatted down over dads dick. Dani helped guide it in then let go. I slid over to Dani and asked Dani if she’d ever given anyone a blowjob (mom’s ears noticeably perked up) but Dani said no. I asked if she wanted to learn. She hugged me and said yea, that would be fun! Mom piped in and said, let me show you a few things first. She told me to stand up next to her and told Dani to straddle dad so she could see moms mouth and my dick better. Mom lifted my dick and balls up and started licking. Then lowered just my balls and actually put both of then in her mouth. Mom was still going up and down on dads cock, but slowly. I was gonna have to ask dad how he kept from cumming. Then, keeping my dick pointed straight up mom licked the underside all over and slowly bent my dick down and started sliding it in and out. Dani was taking it all in and kept playing with her tits. Then I saw her move around a bit and she had maneuvered her pussy right over dad’s mouth and he was lapping it up. Mom said My gawd I think we’re all ready to cum but, sorry kids, I want your dad! Dani and I slid off to the side and Dani picked up right where mom left off. Mom had sped up a lot and they were both cumming at the same time. I asked Dani if she wanted me to cum in her mouth or on her tits. She said tits please! I put my dick between her tits, reached back to finger her pussy and she and I were both cumming at the same time! Dani touched some of my cum and rubbed a little into her tit and put her fingers to her nose, then licked her finger. Mom was laying on top of dad, neither were moving very much. And, I collapsed on top of Dani. About 10 minutes later dad said Wait till dinner tomorrow and when you hear what else I’m gonna have done, I’ll expect a little more appreciation! We all groaned as we got up. Fortunately we have several bathrooms in the house, and a really good water heater. Mom and dad headed to their room and Dani and I went up to share our shower.

Mom yelled out “Night kids”.

Dani yelled back “Goodnight ma, goodnight pa, goodnight granma, goodnight granpa, goodnight Mary Ellen, Goodnight John boy, Thank you Sean!

We all fell asleep laughing!

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