BSC05 the Girls of BSC
Chapter 1: Thirteen Stiff Cocks

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Gay, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Teacher/Student, School, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Thirteen Stiff Cocks - A male student at Blanke Schande College is asked to be a Penis Pal to two young female students. He is ably assisted along the way by three prospective female students just visiting for the day.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, and counting me, that makes it thirteen. Thirteen stiff cocks all in a row” mused Stephen Bartell to himself. Stephen Bartell was looking down along the line of men all staring through the glass walls of Miss Yung Wei’s Presenting Class, and each one of those men, including himself, had a large bulge in their pants just below the belt. Each one of those bulges was the result of a very stiff penis. Each one of those stiff penises was the result of the visual stimuli the brain above that penis was receiving from viewing twenty naked, and very lovely, girls doing incredible things at the behest of their nude instructor at the front of the room.

It had been silent along this line of men for fifteen minutes now as the girls went through their routines and exercises to enhance their Presenting Skills. These routines and exercises were done to drill into the girls the concept that they must be proud of their naked bodies and must keep them in top physical condition to promote the physical, mental and spiritual well being of each girl.

The men watching through the glass would probably have agreed with all of this but mostly they were just thinking how gorgeous the nude girls of Blanke Schande College really were. It was just such a wonderful treat to be able to enjoy all that naked female flesh in one room. The breasts, the butts, the legs, the trim waistlines, the amazing vagina displays – it was all just so good – and these guys could enjoy the ‘scenery’ as much as they liked without any fear of societal recriminations. Here at BSC it was all OK!

“Right! That does it! My cock needs to breathe.” One of the guys watching this beautiful class in progress had decided that his swollen penis had suffered enough from being all squashed up in his trousers and it need to get out – so he let it out. He unzipped his pants and out poked his erection. It wasn’t overly big and didn’t stick out much past the folds of trouser cloth surrounding it but it was still, none the less, out there!

Quite a few months back Stephen Bartell’s girlfriend, the lovely Miss Katrina Jones from Aurora Hills, had forced BSC into allowing men the freedom of ‘releasing’ their cocks when they had a hard-on. For a while every male was doing it then the idea fell out of fashion for some reason and those stiff cocks sort of got put back in the closet, so to speak. It was still OK to let your hard-on out to ‘breathe’ when necessary but it just stopped being the done thing ... until now.

The guy who had flopped his pecker out had been at BSC when the rules had changed all those months ago. He had now thus decided that he was going to take advantage of this still open window of opportunity – regardless of what anyone else thought and whether or not it was ‘The Done Thing’ anymore. All along the row the males had stopped looking through the glass walls and were now looking across at this erection Presenting itself to them and to the girls in the room.

“Oh, hell! If it’s good enough for Barry here then it’s good enough for me!” said the guy standing next to the guy doing the Free Willie Presentation, who was obviously called Barry. Now there were two stiff cocks waving in the breeze outside Miss Yung Wei’s Presenting Class and it didn’t stop there. Stephen was at the end of the line of men and the last one to relent and release his erection from captivity. He didn’t really mind at all. It was quite a relief and Stephen appreciated someone being brave enough to start the trend again. It might just be a momentary regress to a former Status Quo but Stephen welcomed it none the less.

There it was. Thirteen men with thirteen erect penises of all shapes and sizes (Stephen’s was by far the biggest) now Presenting themselves to the vaginas and tits of the naked girls being Presented back to them through the glass walls. As if on cue, but completely spontaneously, all thirteen men stepped forward and pressed their engorged knobs against the glass wall separating them from the nude girls. A mischievous grin then spread across the face of each man as all the girls turned and observed the thirteen penis knobs pushed up against the glass wall as if trying to break through. The men with the mischievous grins then waved at the watching girls completely disrupting whatever Miss Wei was trying to do.

For the class it really was a wonderful display of appreciation for the girls of BSC. The girls in that class all knew the effect their naked bodies had on the males of BSC. Now they were seeing that effect in ‘the flesh’ again and it really did make all their class efforts suddenly seem so much more worthwhile.

When Miss Wei saw what was happening here eyes went big and round and here hand went up to her mouth to stifle the involuntary “Oh, my god!” coming from it ... but it wasn’t for long...

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