Bsc06 the Jennifer Effect
Chapter 1: Let the Nude Times Roll

Copyright© 2016 by Murray Wilson

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Let the Nude Times Roll - How one young girl's attendance at Blanke Schande College transforms a local community into a Totally Nudity Friendly population.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Gay   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Exhibitionism   School   Nudism  

The blonde girl in the pretty, pink skirt and blouse stood alone in the carpark of Blanke Schande College and slowly looked around taking in the stillness of the morning. It was only 6:30am and the air was still fresh and clean with the smell of a new day still hanging in the softness of the morning mist.

The blonde girl in the pretty, pink skirt and blouse was Jennifer Jane Belmont. She had enrolled in a one semester Art Paper that was specializing in the Human Form and this was the first day and the first session. Her original intention had been to study full time at BSC but life had dealt this lovely young girl a few cruel blows lately - loss of job, loss of apartment, loss of boyfriend and loss of money - causing her to whittle her study choices down to just one paper for one semester and see how things progressed from there.

This of course meant that she had only enrolled as a part-time student and not a full-time one. However, Jennifer Jane Belmont knew that the rules for girls studying at BSC were exactly the same for part-time ones as they were for full-time ones ... i.e. Total Nudity at ALL times while on campus. This fact did not concern Jennifer at all. In fact she was quite looking forward to the experience even though several times now she had resisted the urge to go naked in her own apartment just to get used to the idea.

Jennifer had moved in with a solo mother and her fifteen year old daughter a few months back. Both mother and daughter were totally OK with what and where Jennifer would be studying. They had even tried themselves to encourage Jennifer to move about the apartment in the nude if she wanted to.

However, Jennifer had decided that she wanted her first day at Blanke Schande College to also be the first time she fully experienced total public nudity. That was why she had arrived at BSC so early. She wanted to give herself plenty of time to undress and to slowly embrace her first moments of real nakedness and all the sensations it might bring. The only problem being that Jennifer had absolutely no concept of just how powerful some of those sensations would prove to be!

As Jennifer stood by the open door of her car contemplating what article of clothing to take off first her mind was thrown back to a time eighteen months previous. She had been waitressing in a small cafeteria in Cedarcrest when two students from Blanke Schande had come in looking for something to eat and drink. The two girls were very pretty and also totally naked. They seemed to be full of such confidence as a result. Jennifer had already decided she wanted to attend BSC and meeting those two girls had greatly enhanced her resolve. That resolve went unchallenged until life threw at Jennifer some of those curve balls it is so good at dispensing from time to time.

Losing her job, then her apartment, then her boyfriend running off with all her money put Jennifer’s life into a nose dive. She became almost suicidal until Sophie Anderson, a family friend, took her under her wing. Jennifer was allowed to move into the three bedroom apartment with Sophie and Sophie’s daughter Rhea. She was charged a minimal rent and Sophie even helped Jennifer find full time work at the large bookshop were Rhea worked after school for two nights a week.

Mrs Maxwell, the store owner, was very impressed with Jennifer’s work efforts and had quite happily agreed to give her one morning off a week to pursue her study interests. Mrs Maxwell also knew all about Blanke Schande College and its impressive track record. She also knew that studying in such a place could only enhance a girl’s prospects as she made her way through life. Mrs Maxwell was also very sympathetic to the concept of Total Female Nudity and was following with close interest events that had taken place recently in a small town called Aurora Hills just out of Bakersfield, California.

Aurora Hills had become the first town in the United States to embrace Total Female Nudity within its boundaries and seemed to be prospering and forging ahead in leaps and bounds as a result. Mrs Maxwell wondered if the same thing could happen in Cedarcrest.

Unlike some other places close to Blanke Schande College this county was very welcoming to all nude female students from BSC. However, Mrs Maxwell was thinking to herself - wouldn’t it be just great if Cedarcrest could make that leap of faith and go ALL NUDE ... FOR EVERYONE ... not just all females but all males as well. It would become a town that lived, breathed, worked and slept TOTALLY NAKED!

Mrs Maxwell had openly shared these thoughts with Jennifer when Jennifer had first approached her to discuss time off for her studies. Jennifer thought it was very forward thinking of her new boss but didn’t think for one moment that the city leaders would buy into it no matter how sympathetic they were towards BSC and its nude female population.

It was now 6:45am and Jennifer was still standing by the open door of her car processing all these thoughts about Mrs Maxwell, Sophie, Rhea and everything else. The early morning light still filtered gently down through the trees onto the BSC carpark as Jennifer stood and thought. She was also staring down at her pink slip-on shoes trying to decide just which one to take off first. Eventually Jennifer snapped out of her daydreaming and randomly choose the left foot and said as she pulled the shoe off, “Well, here goes. Let the Nude Times Roll!”

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