BSC04 Educating Katrina
Chapter 1: In Just Six Months

Copyright© 2016 by Murray Wilson

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: In Just Six Months - One girl's challenge at trying to change some of the culture at Blanke Schande College to allow for male nudity as well as female nudity.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Mother   Daughter   Cousins   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   School   Nudism  

It only took a few months at Blanke Schande College for Katrina Jones to know that, without a shadow of a doubt, she had made the right decision. She just loved everything about this wonderful institution. Not that there ever had been any doubt but as each day and each week rolled by of those first few months the more thrilled she was and the more in love with the place she became.

However, being nude twenty four seven wasn’t new to Katrina. She had lived that way for many months already before coming to BSC. Katrina Jones had grown up in a medium sized town called Aurora Hills which was roughly 100 miles west of Bakersfield in California. The mayor of Aurora Hills – Angela Jones, Katrina’s mother – had passed a new NUDE FEMALE bylaw allowing all females within the town’s boundary lines to go around totally naked without fear of prosecution.

This new policy had been in response to a visit by two other BSC students coming home to Aurora Hills for a visit. These two girls, Janet Rivers and Rebecca Bartell, and good friends of Katrina’s, had been in the process of becoming Absolutes – girls that would be totally nude on Campus and off Campus. They had come back to Aurora Hills to see how their friends and family would handle this commitment to a life of total nudity.

The mayor of Aurora Hills was a very forward thinking and progressive leader. She wanted her daughter to attend Blanke Schande College and she also wanted to see if her town could handle the BSC nudity concept as well. As a result Angela Jones used Janet and Rebecca’s visit as an opportunity to introduce the radically new NUDE FEMALE policy.

The town took to the idea like a duck to water. After a four day trial period the new NUDE FEMALE concept was passed into law unanimously by the town leaders. Since that moment girls of all ages were able to wander the streets, parks and buildings of Aurora Hills in the nude, totally safe and totally unimpeded. Everyone loved the idea and the town had never looked back.

Mothers could go shopping in the nude. Grandmothers could walk their Grandchildren to the park in the nude. Little girls could sleep in the nude then go straight to school just as naked and they could stay in the nude all evening when they got home as well. The young pubescent girls felt very proud at being able to display their developing breasts without the need for restricting and clumsy training bras. Displaying their developing pubic hair also gave these girls a real added edge on their personal confidence. The young ladies with the more fully developed breasts, vaginas and female curves also loved having it all on display and none of the admiring boys minded for a second. The office girls also totally loved the freedom of working nude – especially in the summer.

It was also just such a great relief to all the men not to feel like a pervert anymore for admiring a nice pair of tits. The days of a quick glance down a girl’s blouse at the water cooler were gone. Now the men could openly admire the beautiful breasts that the office girls were now openly displaying. The men also found it a wonderful treat when girls sat with their legs apart on the office chairs giving glorious views of their Mons Pubis – shaved and unshaved alike. Seeing a pair of spreading pussy lips every now and then added a whole new level of inspiration to the male work ethic – dropping absentee-ism by at least half.

The other major spin-off from the town’s Nude Female policy was the almost sudden drop-off in crime – particularly sex related crimes. The reasons for this had not yet been fully explored but the statistics coming out of the Police Department still told a very compelling story. These stats showed that this drop-off had begun within two weeks of the new Nude Female policy being passed and, whatever the reason, no one was prepared to reverse this new town ordinance for fear of upsetting this new and very welcoming trend.

Thus it was that with every passing week and month the Nude Female policy became more and more solidly entrenched with other towns across the USA taking a very close interest. That was just on a year ago now and the Nude Female policy of Aurora Hills was pretty well set in stone – it had been that successful.

As a result Katrina Jones had already been living totally nude twenty-four-seven for months before coming to Blanke Schande College and she just loved every minute of it. She had never felt healthier in her life since the Nude Female bylaw had come into effect in her home town and coming to BSC was just an extension of that.

However, despite all this and despite the amazing first six months she had just had, Katrina had developed some serious concerns about BSC that she thought she could only properly discuss with BSC’s President – Eleanor Grimes Ferguson. That is why she was now sitting in the Administration Wing of the College waiting for the receptionist to summon her into Ms. Grimes’ office.

The meeting was set for 10:30am. It was now 10:35am and nothing had happened so Katrina continued to flick through the magazine she had picked up. She wasn’t really reading it just scanning the pictures and captions. The only real thought in her mind as she did this was just how much easier and nicer everything would be if all the girls in the photos were like her ... totally naked. One of the magazines was a Nudist Magazine which showed both women AND men in the nude. What a contrast of lifestyles it presented compared to all the other ‘textiled’ people in the other publications.

Total Nudity was just such a wonderful thing Katrina thought. It broke down so many barriers and social stigmas that it amazed her sometimes at just how slow the world was in recognizing this. In fact this was at the heart of why she was meeting with the President of BSC this morning.

Katrina Jones, in just six months, had come to the firm conclusion that Total Nudity at Blanke Schande should be freely available to EVERYBODY. The men of BSC should be able to enjoy the same freedoms – or at least some of those freedoms - that the women of BSC enjoyed. Nudity on campus should not be a privilege shared only by the females.

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