BSC02 the Adventures of Janet and Becky
Chapter 1: The First Day

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, School, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: The First Day - A story about two girls attending Blanke Schande College and how they decide to become Absolutes - girls that go nude not only on campus but everywhere off campus as well.

Before the alarm had sounded its final bleep Janet Rivers was awake – wide awake. Not only was she wide awake but her heart was pounding strongly below her young, naked breasts. She sat up immediately on her bed in the female dormitory of Blanke Schande College. She sat their quietly in the early morning light for fifteen minutes. Other girls in the dormitory were beginning to stir and make their way to the showers before beginning their day. Others slept on - not having the need to get to early lectures or other appointments.

Janet sat there - silent - as the morning light gained strength from the rays of the rising Sun. Some of those rays hit her back through the door-less entranceway and she too began to gain strength. Eventually she took a deep breath and stood up. She was going to make it. Her confidence level was rising in step with the rising sun. Her beating heart was slowing to its normal rhythm. It was going to be OK. Today was going to be the first day of something wonderful for Janet. An adventure! A whole new way of living! This was her first day as an Absolute!

In another dormitory Becky Bartell had woken up at the same time. She was also experiencing exactly the same apprehension. She was up immediately and got under the shower allowing herself the pleasure of all that warm water washing over her naked body. She felt her confidence lift as her body warmed up under the stream. She turned the water off then breathed in deeply several times as she stepped out of the shower cubicle. She always loved the feeling of not having to get dressed ... this was Blanke Schande! No female – student or staff – had to put on anything after a shower and they could stay that way ALL day – totally and wonderfully NUDE! But today Becky Bartell was going to go one step further. She was going to stay nude OFF campus as well. Today she was going to begin the life of an Absolute!

Neither Janet nor Becky ever tired of that feeling of being able to step out into their day totally naked all day and every day ... twenty four seven. It was ALWAYS just so wonderful. Every other female on campus felt the same. All female students and staff of BSC cherished their life of total female nudity on campus. They valued it very highly and what it did for their personalities and character building was nothing short of amazing not to mention the academic achievements it produced as well.

For Janet and Becky today was going to be different. Neither of them were going to put on a stitch of clothing anywhere, anytime, on or OFF campus. This was their first day as Absolutes and they were very nervous but also very excited. They were going to support each other totally in this venture and they had the total support of Danny and Peter – their BSC boyfriends.

Both girls made their way towards the same cafeteria from different directions for breakfast. The early morning sun gave their naked bodies a beautiful golden glow. Droplets of water still glistened in the light on their hair and skin. Both girls loved the feeling of the ‘air towel’ that caressed and dried them as they moved and reminded them each just how much they loved being at Blanke Schande College. Being nude all the time on campus had given them both so much more confidence in themselves and now they were going to take that to the next level by being totally unclothed OFF campus as well!

By the time both girls had reached the cafeteria they were completely dry and looked gorgeous. Janet was by far the more stunning of the two but Becky was still very attractive and the two male students they were meeting never failed to appreciate just how lovely these two naked female students were.

Janet Rivers had beautiful black hair that was always immaculately combed. It swished and swayed ever so gently down her back and was neatly trimmed off a good twelve inches below her shoulders. That wonderful head of hair was complemented by a protruding crop of equally dark pubic bristle that sat proudly between her legs as they strode along. In amongst that dark sexy bristle could be seen the cutest tongue of pink pussy lip bobbing in and out of view with each stride. Those legs also set in motion the glorious swing of Janet’s hips and her very feminine ass. Not only did those hips swing beautifully along but so did Janet’s breasts. They were just fantastic. They were still very young and tight with a nice conical shape topped off with two very puffy nipples that bounced along gloriously with the motion of her body. Janet’s naked body was swarthy skinned and crowned with the most beautiful of faces that had succulent lips to die for and piercing, emerald green eyes that flashed in all directions as she strode confidently towards her rendezvous.

Becky Bartell might not have been as good looking overall as Janet Rivers was but she was still a very pretty girl all the same. Her complexion was much fairer than Janet’s with sandy colored hair adorning her head and pubic region. That pubic region of fair hair had been manicured into a lovely heart shape that her boyfriend Peter just loved getting his nose into. Becky also had much bigger and rounder tits than Janet with two perfectly placed pink nipples right in the middle of each. Those two breasts also bounced wonderfully along in time with Becky’s gait as her own hips and ass swung in time with the intoxicating locomotion of her own very shapely legs. Along with all this was Becky’s cute little face which always had a most disarming smile across her lips. That smile was still there as Becky’s naked body moved along the footpath despite her own inner feelings of apprehension of what the day was about to bring.

The naked Janet Rivers and the naked Becky Bartell converged on their meeting point at the same time. They both sat down next to Danny and Peter who had their breakfast food all ready and waiting. The two boys wanted to give these lovely girls the best start possible to what everyone recognized as a very brave thing to do. Danny and Peter looked at each girl in turn then said in unison, “Well ... are you ready?”

Janet and Becky paused for a second while they studied the faces of these two wonderful men who had been so supportive in this whole process then said, also in unison...

“YES! We are Absolutely Ready. From today on no article of clothing shall conceal our bodies from your view or the view of anyone else either on or OFF the Campus. From today onwards we are ABSOLUTES!”

They all sat still just staring at each other. Peter was in love with Becky. Becky was in love with Peter. Danny was madly in love with Janet and Janet was madly in love with Danny. Each couple then leaned across the small café table and kissed.

“I love you very much” said Peter

“I love you very much, too” said Becky.

Janet and Danny didn’t say anything. They just held their kiss a bit longer. Janet’s breasts gave a big satisfied heave in sympathy with her sigh as the two sets of lips parted.

All four then ate their breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt and cereal. The new day was about to begin and they needed to be out there and in it.

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