Florida Is for Lovers
Chapter 1

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Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A very,very old man discovers how wonderful sex can be.

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory  

Iimja slowly became aware of his surroundings. He was lying on his back on the ground. It was warm, which was good because he was naked, but not as hot as home. The sound of waves breaking came from not far away. As he slowly opened his eyes he saw palm trees against a blue sky with puffy white clouds.

“So far, so good,” he thought. “Seems right.”

This body would take some acclimation, so he proceeded slowly. He moved and flexed each limb. They were definitely bigger than he was used to. He turned his head from side to side. “So this was Florida.” There were old pictures but no one had been there for centuries.

Carefully sitting up, and then standing, he took cautious steps. The bulk of this body would take some care for a while. He felt something unusual at his crotch. A long flaccid penis and big hanging testicles slapped against his thighs. “Now THAT’S different!” he thought, “What would it feel like when erect?” Well, that’s what he was here to find out.

This man was from about 800 years in the future. His specialty was early human sexuality and this was a brand new research project. Other scientists and engineers had developed a form of time travel and his trip was one of the first applications. Although unable to send matter itself back through time, they could send information to create a kind of avatar using local matter in whatever shape they desired, and then link it with his consciousness for animation while his actual body lay in a special container in his real time. He would feel as if he was in the other time and his experiences and memories would be transferred to his physical mind automatically.

With global climate change came significant changes in human society. The short version was that much landmass was now underwater, including most of Florida. Food sources changed dramatically, supporting only one fifth the number of people. Reproduction rates dropped dramatically so most births were clinical, not natural. Genitals atrophied and bodies got smaller for greater heat shedding efficiency and lower nutritional demands.

People now lived much longer since a “personality” could be transferred to a newly cloned host body as needed by age or illness. Iimja (pronounced “Eye-m-ja”) was over three hundred years old but his current body was about 50.

Most people enjoyed a bit of sex whenever their host body was in adolescence but it was considered more of a diversion and form of play than a serious activity. Iimja had discovered some ancient disks in a library collection more than a hundred years earlier and figured out how to decode and view them. He was fascinated to discover that they were something called “pornography”. Understanding American English from the 1970s was a challenge, but he liked challenges, and developed an ear for it. They showed big hairy people with amazing breasts and genitals making a “big fucking deal” out of sex. They were after each other all the time in these documentaries. Watching how seriously they took copulation stirred some ancient desires in him and he avidly searched for more.

As he pored over his research material, Iimja noticed that his thin four- inch penis became erect quite often. That hadn’t happened since his last adolescence. “Hmmm, am I tapping into some primitive programming?” he thought.

He developed a list of sexual practices questions. Why was there so much oral-genital contact? How did anal sex fit into reproduction? Why did men ejaculate on women’s faces, breasts, or pubic hair instead of in the vagina? What was the purpose of same-sex activity? Why did people urinate on each other? And more.

Finally getting permission to use the new time travel tool, he decided to visit something called a “hippie commune” where sex was, according to the historical records, indulged in frequently with a variety of partners. That should allow gathering a lot of data in a short time. Working with the engineers, he modeled his remote body after a male figure in many of the disks named “John Holmes”. The face was changed to a unique but handsome one.

As he approached the motley collection of buildings that was the commune, he was relieved to see that some people were nude, like himself, and some were dressed, and everything in between. Colorful garments were popular, like in the videos. As he wandered into the central area, an older woman with large sagging bare breasts approached him with a smile. “Hello stranger. You looking for us? What’s your name and where are you from?” Iimja smiled back and tried to talk the dialect. He nodded a response to the first question and awkwardly, with his new mouth, said, “Name Eye-m-ja. Far away.” She couldn’t place the accent.

The woman reached out and gave him a big hug, pressing breasts like he’d never felt before against his bare chest. His big schlong started to fill, pressing against the belly of the woman. She stepped back and laughed, “Well welcome. I’m Mother May and I guess you like me too. That’s a pretty impressive tool. You will be popular here. Are you hungry?”

Iimja nodded so she took his hand and led him to the kitchen. That distraction let him take control of his new pecker and deflate it. Unlike regular humans, he had a high degree of control over all his bodily functions and could override the autonomic processes as needed. That would be very useful later.

The vegetable soup was much better than any he had ever tasted before. May explained that they were vegetarians but also using dairy and eggs. They raised as much of their own food as possible which explained the extensive gardens he had walked through and real chickens running about. They were being tended by folks of all ages. May kept glancing at his crotch where the 15cm flesh tube lay flaccid. He filled it enough to lengthen by 5cm and get thicker and saw May’s nipples harden and project. He hoped that was a sign of arousal and that she would have sex with him later.

After the meal May took him to meet other residents. Iimja had a photographic memory and later amazed people with his recall. He was taken to the garden and when he shook his head when asked about agricultural experience, he was left with Rebecca, May’s oldest daughter. She was a lithe redhead with ample breasts and a furry red bush at her crotch. She was working naked like many others in the warm climate. He observed quite a range of ages and body types that afternoon. He was surprised how satisfying manual labor could be.

When he had to urinate he held his cock and asked Rebecca, “Where?” She took him to a small grove of trees and pointed his penis in the right direction with her hand. She then squatted down and emptied her own bladder, not the least bit shy about a basic bodily function.

When the worktime was done, all the folks went to the community shower and helped each other get clean. Iimja noticed that his penis got washed by women many more times than other men. It felt good but he kept it flaccid. It was nice to rub soap suds on Rebecca’s body. Her nipples got hard too.

He was introduced at dinner to the rest of the commune “family”. The vegetable lasagna was a new experience and very satisfying. Rebecca took him for a tour of the commune after dinner. An older barn served as the common area with kitchen, dining facilities, large group shower, and unisex toilets. Mother May lived in a simple one room cabin which boasted a toilet and sink behind a colorful cloth screen. The rest of the residents slept in a motley and haphazard collection of homemade shacks, tents, and old campers of various sorts. The mild climate didn’t require much for shelter. He was amazed at how well they functioned with almost no technology.

Then they took a walk to the beach. He had never seen the ocean before and was fascinated even wading in the surf. He couldn’t swim so that was enough.

Rebecca sat him on a log and knelt down between his legs. “You are sleeping with my mother tonight but I want to give you a welcoming present right now.” Her hands went to his penis, or “cock” as it was often referred to in the videos, and began stroking it. That felt good and it began growing on its own reflexes. He just enjoyed the sensations. When it reached its full glory of 33cm for the first time, Rebecca was in awe. She’d known many cocks, but nothing like this. She leaned over and began kissing and sucking it the best she could. The sensations Iimja felt were the most sexually intense of his life. The adolescent copulations in his past were nothing like this. Remembering the videos of similar situations, he groaned appreciatively at her efforts and, after a reasonable length of time, ejaculated. It hit Rebecca in the face before she clamped her lips over the head to capture the rest.

“OH MY GOD!” she exclaimed after swallowing a mouthful, “You must not have cum for a long time!” He nodded. It was a first for this body and the pleasure in his groin was memorable too. She washed her face in the ocean and took him back to the compound.

Of course he would spend the first night with Mother May and her consort Reverent Bill. They always welcomed new arrivals in an intimate way. She led Iimja to the big mat in the sleeping area of their cabin. Sized for groups, the three of them fit on it easily. He now saw May naked and she too had a mass of curly hair in her crotch. Fleshy lips protruded and opened like gates of welcome when she lay on her back and spread her legs. His erection was at full size with the thoughts of what was about to happen. She looked at Iimja and said, “I’ve birthed three children but I’m not sure I can handle that right away. I want Bill to fuck me first to loosen me up for you.”

That was fine with Iimja. He’d never seen live sex and would memorize what he was supposed to do. Bill’s erection was about half the size of his own and slipped into May easily after their foreplay. He could see and smell May’s arousal from this and now understood better why it was done.

Before long Bill’s buttocks tightened and he groaned as he ejaculated. When he pulled out Iimja could see that May’s pussy was swollen and wet. He moved closer and she reached for the head to guide him in. “Go slow. I’ll pull you in as I get opened up.” She put her hands on his hips and made him move in and out, ever deeper until he was three-quarters buried inside. He’d hit bottom. It was an absolutely exquisite feeling to have the warm, wet, silky sheath holding even that much of him. Bill was lying beside them, fondling her breasts.

May was moaning continuously as he moved gently in and out, occasionally shuddering with a climax. Finally, she begged, “Shoot inside me. Give me your seed!”

Iimja had a quick thought that there were not seed, or sperm, because he didn’t want to disrupt history, but made no comment. He just released his prostate and flooded her vagina and womb with semen. She shrieked and shuddered with a huge orgasm when feeling the strong surge of hot cream fill her. He was amazed at the intense pleasure that he felt as his cock pulsed.

They lay quietly together. May said, “I’ve had a lot of men shoot in me but I never felt it like that. You are amazing.” Iimja just nodded and noticed that Bill was licking his cock clean now that it had softened and fallen out of May.

May rode his cock in the morning before they left the cabin. He liked that position because he could play with the bouncing boobs so unlike the women of his time.

Iimja never got a place of his own because there was always a waiting list of women who wanted to offer bed and more. With just over twenty mature females in the family, there was some grumbling about the wait to host him. Mother May pulled rank and would have at least one afternoon session with him each week.

The second night he spent with Rebecca who shared a shack with her younger sister. The sister was already noisily coupling with a man as Iimja began sex with his hostess. Rebecca guided him to eat her pussy to get it open and wet for his big tool. She started on top and was able to take a little more than half, which was plenty “fulfilling”. Discovering that he didn’t know how to kiss, she moved slowly on the big rod as she taught him that oral skill too. He really liked her. She was pretty and related to him quite well. After multiple climaxes, Rebecca began to tire. Her sister had finished with, and dismissed, her man, and was lying beside them watching. “Rebecca, can I have a turn?”, she pleaded.

“Only if you save his cum for me.”

Iimja spoke up, “I have plenty for both of you. Just tell me when you want it.” The sisters looked at each other is amazement. Guys usually had little control over their ejaculations, often to the girl’s disappointment.

Miriam carefully climbed on, aided by a semen lubricated pussy. She took a little more of the length than Rebecca, but that didn’t matter a bit. She rode for a while as her lover got acquainted with her bouncing breasts. Testing his claim, she asked, “OK, shoot in me now.” He did and she came big time.

Rebecca got back on the still fully hard cock and rode to her own cum load and climax. Iimja slept with a woman on each side, a hand from each on the tubular treasure they had found.

Rebecca was still his garden supervisor so, after the experience that night, she would find excuses to walk him to a secluded location and enjoy his cock, and knew she wasn’t detracting from his partner that night. She found that she was gradually able to take all of his length, although that did lessen the pleasure from her other partners a bit.

His mastery of ancient English grew rapidly. During the copulations with women of many ages, sizes, and shapes, he would question them about their experiences, feelings, and thoughts about sex. At this time in history, conventional culture promoted a covenant called marriage where a man and a woman pledged to be lifelong and exclusive partners. This was supposed to encourage sexual monogamy, known paternity, and support of offspring. This was widely ignored, and especially so in the commune, as he discovered in his research. Married women in this group averaged more regular and occasional male sex partners than the single ones. There were two pregnant women, one married and one not. Neither could say for certain that they knew whose sperm had fertilized them and they didn’t really care. They enjoyed his penetrations just as much as any other woman had.

A major discovery was the wide range of emotions he experienced with different partners. Coupling with May and Rebecca, for example, was full of loving caring and tenderness. With some other women he perceived neediness and selfish taking. Of course everything in between as well. Little of this had been conveyed by the old words and videos, but he considered it very important.

He also sat on the beach or around a campfire with the men, drinking homebrew beer and wine, initiating discussions about how they felt about sex. At first envious of his endowment, they discovered that he was modest about it and their women were happy. The married men tended to have sex more with single women, perhaps subconsciously not wanting to intrude on another man’s “territory” even though all espoused the belief that your genitals were “yours” to use as you wished. Privately, quite a few said that they felt they had to “reclaim” their spouse after she was inseminated by another. Probably some sperm competition just in case she was fertile. Unlike women, their capacity for intercourse wasn’t unlimited. Some of the wives could keep their husbands so well drained with their carnal activities that they wouldn’t have the energy to screw another woman.

After he had coupled with all the interested women in the commune, he asked to stay with Rebecca. Miriam was thrilled, hoping to get some of his attention from the proximity. May finally agreed but on the condition that once a month he make himself available on her big mat to whoever wanted him. He was delighted.

He was pleased to see Rebecca coupling with other partners, often when he was nearby with the ever ready Miriam. He carefully observed Rebecca’s reactions to the things they did to her and watched what she did to them. When they finished he liked to replay the session from his detailed memory with his body in place of the previous man. He also loved the feeling of a pussy freshly inseminated, a very erotic kind of lubricant.

With his bodily control, you can imagine what an event the monthly “fuck-in” was. The men would stop by to watch, simply amazed that any man, let alone a huge cocked one, could stay hard for hours, pounding and cumming in one woman after another. Of course the spectators were welcome to screw any interested woman who was waiting her turn with the star attraction. Many women preferred being loosened up at bit before taking that big shaft.

As the time drew near for the termination of the research visit, Iimja got depressed. He loved this rather primitive life. The vigorous exercise from garden and sex had him more toned than ever in his 300 years. He was having unbelievable pleasure with lots of loving people. He was falling in love with Rebecca. He didn’t want to go back.

But he must. So one day he announced that he had to take a journey from which he might never return. There were many tears and lots of loving goodbyes. He walked naked into the woods to the place he had arrived, lay on his back looking at the sky, and felt his consciousness flowing away to the future. When it had gone, his temporary body began disintegrating into the molecules it had formed from.

The scientists were ecstatic at how well their device had worked. Iimja spent the next 50 years recording and analyzing his experiences. Another sex researcher, a woman, read some of his early reports and journeyed to meet him. She stayed a long time, fascinated by his stories and asking for demonstrations. She was 80 calendar years older than him and had lots of adolescent sex but nothing like he was describing. His own, modern body could do little of what he had experienced. He became angry. She was frustrated.

Together they created a project. His pilot research suggested some obvious follow up studies, so soon enough Iimja felt himself waking up looking at the Florida sky only a week, local time, after he left. Next to him was forming the porn star inspired body of Yssup, his fellow researcher.

They had a thirty-year mission planned and he could hardly wait to show her what these bodies were capable of.

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