Exam Essay
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by JohnnyMax

Hi I’m Josh, a senior in High School, still a virgin. Likely to stay that way as I just get so tongue-tied around girls that I’m never likely to get a date.

I started writing stories around three years ago and last year I found a stories website and started writing stories that included a little romance and have had four published so far. The writers guides on the website gave me heaps of good advice and the editors are really helpful as well.

Last week was Final Exams and I had English on friday. Our exam had a bit of the usual grammar, what did you think of this etc but the main task was a composition “Write a love letter to the girl/boy of your dreams, 2-3 pages”. The girl of my dreams sat two in front of me, I’d sat behind her all year, looking at that fiery red-head and wishing my tongue could at least talk to her. Vague ideas of other things to do with my tongue from some of the erotic stories I’d read, but knowing how unlikely that was.

I worked through the secondary tasks and then got on to the love letter. The words just flowed and flowed and when the teacher told us 5 to go I was able to finish with a flourish and hand my papers in with some confidence.

I walked home thinking about that letter and suddenly stopped with a gasp. “Oh my god, did I ... Oh no,” I used some of the erotic phrasing I had tried in my last published story. What would the teacher think.

I spent the weekend on tenderhooks half expecting my teacher to make contact but she didn’t.

Monday I had English last period and, even though we weren’t expecting the papers to be marked until friday, I was still expecting the axe to fall. My worst fears were realised when she looked up at the bell and “Josh, would you please stay behind”.

Even though I was half expecting it, I still sat stunned in my seat. The class filed out and disappeared down the hall and I was left waiting, my stomach churning.

“Come up here Josh, we need to talk about your exam composition”

Now Mrs Marks is a really cool teacher MOST of the time, but when you’re in trouble she doesn’t hesitate to let you know, but this time she smiled at me, I didn’t know what to think. I walked up to the front and sat where she indicated.

“Josh, your ‘Love Letter’ was a most interesting read, with some, how shall we put it, ah yes, some interesting phrasing. I would like to know your inspiration?”

I decided to be totally honest as anything less she would see through in an instant so explained that I had started writing erotic stories and had even had some published. She looked very thoughful,

“I might have to make this website required reading if it is going to inspire this level of creativity. However, regarding YOUR exam composition, it was rather obvious who the girl of your dreams is, the redhead who has sat two seats in front all year can only be Melissa, am I correct?”

“Yes Mrs Marks” a moment of inspiration, “It’s your fault, you did the class seating plan”

“Hah, I wonder what you would have written if she had been one in front of you. Anyway I took the unusual step of discussing your composition with the target in order to gauge the effectiveness of the written language”

“You what ... Oh ... No ... But ... But...” My heart went through my boots realising I’d never be able face Melissa after the things I’d said”

“I felt I had to after I’d read her composition,”


“She’s waiting for you outside, Get out of my classroom now and I will permit you both to write notes to each other all day until you can talk to each other...”

I slowly stood up with a stunned look on my face, I walked to the door and I could see that fiery red head through the frosted glass. I got outside to face Melissa who sat there chewing her bottom lip nervously.

“Um, er...” I stammered uncoherently.

“Yeah...” she answered with a little more dignity

“Ok...” I gasped

“Um Josh, your ... your mum is a pretty cool teacher”

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