Simple Friends
Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Coming of Age story, the first of my attempts. If you like and I get good reviews I will attempt more. This story is one of intrigue and friendship as two friends find their friendship again with a few extra benefits.

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WOOHOO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ... The singing went on as Geoff smiled and jumped for joy. He watched his candles smoking still after he had just blown them out, there were 14 on his cake, there were a lot in his eyes. He was mesmerised by the number as his friends and family sang in the background. He suddenly snapped to and looked up to see everyone had stopped singing and were waiting for him to say something, his mom spurring him on silently as she just mouthed the words, “say something”. Geoff took a breath and could count all his friends around him, Susan, Dale, Timothy, Francis, Becky, Angelique, Greg, Neil and Bill. His Parents invited Dale and Angelique’s parents and his Aunty Pam and Uncle Sam were there too. He didn’t have many friends but this was enough. His first birthday party in 6 years, his parents couldn’t always afford these things, mom was out of a job and dad was working as a manager at a Supermarket after his previous boss went bankrupt, at least he knew what that meant.

The Party was lots of fun, Angelique, he called Angie, convinced her parents to hire in an extra long water slide with foam and some music. Everyone of his friends were in their swimsuits as the parents Barbequed on the veranda outside the house. All his friends were his age already, all but Angie were in his school, she had home schooling, but stayed right next door. Geoff had his eye on Susan since the beginning of the year, she was a dream, and today he saw her in a two piece bikini, he hadn’t noticed that she had breasts! He stared in amazement as her small buds pushed out her bikini top a bit, he wondered in bra terms what size it was, he knew nothing about this stuff. Angie had however noticed Geoff had taken Susan to interest most of the year and kept a close eye on him at the party, she had been friends with him since preschool, they lived only next door to each other and her parents were doing pretty well for themselves. Angie tried to hide her jealousy, she knew if Geoff started chasing Susan that she would have less time with her friend.

Time flew way too quickly, they had so much fun but by 3pm it was time for everyone to go home, everyone had gone except Dale, Susan and Angie, they continued to slide straight into the pool. Geoff watched in anticipation as Susan’s bikini bottom rid up what seemed to him like the most beautiful bum cheeks, she ran for the slide and took it full force straight over the edge and into the pool, for a moment he thought he saw her top slip up with the movement as she volted into the air to land in the pool, had he just glanced a speed look at Susan’s breast and maybe what he thought was nipple? Still in his raging imagination watching her get out the pool, they heard a hoot at the front gate, it was time for Susan to leave. Her mom called for Dale too as his parents were out he was going there for the afternoon until they got back, Geoff was jealous, but knew that Dale was his friend and they had talked about getting Susan for Geoff.

It was getting late, dad had deflated the slide and left it to dry off, Geoff and Angie were still running around in swim suits as their parents sat inside chatting business. Angie’s parents had started a business venture together and grew to the point of not being able to manage the business alone. Her dad knew that Geoff’s dad had the right qualifications for the job and took the decision to offer him work at a reasonable salary for now until they were big enough to increase it. It was more than his dad was earning now, so the conversations were exciting and took long, so long they stayed in for dinner.

Angie decided it’s now or never, she had noticed Geoff eyeing out Susan, she had a crush on Geoff for years, it’s her friend. They could speak about anything and they shared everything, even baths up until a few years ago when she started showing her first hair, she started young but the process was slow, she knew her buds were the same size as Susan’s, her body in her eyes was good, she wondered if Geoff ever looked at her that way. It was still light out and she had a plan, she reached behind her back and tugged on her bikini top strings ever so slightly to loosen it just enough, she challenged Geoff to a water bomb exercise and who could make the biggest splash, he went first, sure that his sent waves to the other end of the pool, he stood back in anticipation for his win as Angie made a run and jumped going under her splash did well. It took time but Angie hadn’t come up so quickly, suddenly he noticed her bikini top float to the top of the water without her in it. He didn’t think twice, thinking she was in trouble, he dove under and grabbed her, pulling her out. The plan had not quite gone as she thought, her top was meant to slip up slightly to show shape, not come off completely!!! She stayed under to hide herself, but her hero dove to save her, he held her close to his chest as he asked if she was ok, her mind was out of it, her top was off and they were locked in an embrace, her breasts squeezed against his chest, he felt it but hadn’t clicked and she was lost in admiration. She smiled at him going red, he lifted her out the pool just to make sure not realising his friend was exposed, he stood staring at her as he noticed that his friend he had once bathed with and still climbs trees with showed budding breasts that seemed to him the same size as what he saw on Susan. How had he not noticed this. His eyes fixed on her chest, she suddenly realised what happened and stammered to cover herself up as she stuttered to ask him for her top. She started in slight tears, this isn’t what she imagined, she didn’t think she loosened the strap that much. Geoff, still dazed jumped out the pool with her top to console her, passing it on to her he had been too distracted to notice the bulge that started in his pants, Angie’s head plonked on his shoulder as he sat next to her, their feet in the water. She was still holding her breasts closed as she opened her tear filled eyes only to be looking straight down at his pants, had she just done that, she giggled, and giggled some more, Geoff started laughing with her not realising she had seen the bulge, but how this situation between friends had turned out, she looked at him and teased that she made his penis go hard, seems she has some hold on him. He blushed and tried to quickly hide his lap.

Angie looked up at him and commented without thinking... “Geoff, how could you, you saw my boobs!”

Geoff was taken back as he stuttered without thinking “But, but ... We have seen each other naked before.” He grabbed her by the hand and yanked her to the large climbing tree at the end of the yard, she didn’t have time to put on her top yet, she was still trying to cover herself as he picked her up and lifted her to reach of their tree fort platform his dad built them years ago. She lifted herself up as he stammered up after her. She was just trying to put her twisted top back on when he got there faster than she anticipated.

“Don’t worry about it Angie,” he said almost dismissively, “I have a way to save us both the embarrassment that I saw your boobs.”

She stared at him in slight confusion, how could he fix this one.

“We have known each other for years, our whole lives almost and you had to stop bathing with me ages ago already. So I’m goanna embarrass myself in front of you so we both have done something”. Was he going crazy? He wasn’t thinking! Maybe it was from seeing her breasts and all the blood left his brain to fill his penis.

Before she could respond, Geoff dropped his swim shorts as Angie gasped in shock. He stood before her erect. She had seen it before, but this was different, it was bigger than before, she had hit puberty and by the looks of it, so had he, she stared without blinking at it, the small wisp of hair starting to grow at the base just above the penis, some still blonde, others darkened. It hadn’t quite sunk in, Geoff stood there as if they were both 8 and didn’t notice each other when naked in the yard. Angie stood up and smiled with a slight nod, she felt better that they shared this now, she didn’t have to feel so bad about what she had done. She took a deep breath and dropped her bottoms, this is the moment it hit Geoff, he realised that he wasn’t thinking but it was not too late, he just stared at her standing open and expose, her breasts stood firm smaller than a handful, she had hair around her pussy as he heard boys calling it at school. It wasn’t much, mostly blonde wisps with dark strands between but noticeable all the same, it didn’t stand out like the bush his mom had, he saw her from small and his mom insisted on being comfortable around the house with the kids.

Maybe I should mention that Geoff has an older sister, 16 years old, who was at a friend, she wasn’t comfortable around the 14year old boys, Geoff’s friends, that stared at her in her bikini. She was comfortable around the house with mom and the family, but drew the line at the party. She had way more hair than Angie, Geoff was still amazed and suddenly felt a throbbing in his penis. He sat down fast as Angie joined him sitting in front of him. She leaned over quickly to give him a kiss on the cheek in appreciation for what he did for her. Geoff was still taking it all in when he heard his mom shouting for them to come in for dinner, the two went quiet as he fumbled for his shorts and they both got dressed and ran inside.

A week had gone by, Geoff had time for everything to sink in. This was his best friend; they were ok together, he tried convincing himself. His brain distracted the entire week not even noticing the passes he got from Susan, who had a chat with Dale, who tried convincing her to make a move on Geoff. She hadn’t known he liked her, but by this time his thoughts were on something else, he formulated so many questions, and being a busy last week of school before the summer holidays, he hadn’t seen Angie at all in the week. His heart pounded with nerves as his parents told them that Angie and her parents were coming over for supper on Friday and Angie was staying the weekend as they took his dad on a business trip to see if he was going to be able to do the work they wanted.

Friday night came and they sat for dinner, Angie had dumped her bags in Geoff’s room as he had the only spare bed in the house. Lizzy sat watching the two chat and giggle at the table like pre-schoolers, joking with each other, they were both little siblings to her that irritated her being the oldest, she loved them both but you know how it goes. She did however notice something was different this time but she couldn’t place her finger on it. Dinner was over and it was time to head off to the airport with his dad. Once they left, mom turned to the two friends and asked the most random of questions, “When last did you guys spend a night in the fort?”

Dad had threatened to take the thing down, but mom knew what it meant to the two. Angie’s heart stopped, the fort had a whole new meaning after last weekend.

“I checked, it’s goanna be quite a warm weekend and no rain is predicted until Tuesday, so why not get your mattresses outside?”

The two had set up everything in the tree fort for the night including their snacks snuck in by mom, they went back to the house to brush their teeth for the night when they passed the pool, Lizzy had gotten undressed to take a swim before bed to cool off. It was warm, Angie knew they were comfortable around the house but not until last weekend had she noticed it all this way, Lizzy was beautiful, she wished she looked that way now, maybe Geoff would give her more attention. She compared herself to Lizzy in her mind as she noticed that Lizzy’s blonde bush stood proud around her genitals and her breasts seemed firm, maybe a full B or C she thought, as the cool wind brushed across them, her nipples hardened by the wind, Geoff not giving his big sister a second look didn’t notice that Angie stopped to assess this. Lizzy had tied her hair up to prevent it getting wet, but when loose it sat below her firm bum cheeks, she was an athlete and kept herself fit, Angie made a note to talk to Lizzy about getting into that. Lizzy aspired to be a long distance runner in school and had recently changed her ballet to jazz dancing. Lizzy just smiled at her and teased Angie a bit that if she brushed her teeth quickly the two of them could join her in the pool. Angie already in her PJs wondered if a swim was a great idea right now.

It didn’t take them long and the two were headed to the fort when Geoff almost tripped over the extra towels mom had put outside in case the two decided on that swim. He thought this was a great idea as his sister dared him to show off his double somersault into the pool, she was always one to encourage her little brother to get into sport and do stuff to be more than just a geek. He couldn’t resist the challenge, he dropped his pj shorts and made a run for the pool. Angie was stunned, they hadn’t done stuff like this together in 6 years before they had puberty to worry about.

SPLASH!!! The water was everywhere and the backsplash had almost drenched her in her pjs in the process as she let out a screech from the cold shock of the water on her. Lizzy laughed as she saw this spectacle.

Geoff had now come up and called Angie into the pool, “Water not too cold.” he shouted as Lizzy second that.

“Let me get my suit.” she stumbled over her words not knowing how to do this.

“Nonsense Angie, you have always swum around here.” Lizzy commented.

Nervously she clambered from her pjs and hung them up to dry over the pool chair. Geoff suddenly got struck with the fact it wasn’t 6 years ago. Lizzy stood at the edge of the pool ready to make her dive when the light behind her seemed to cause a glow around her, before he could blink she was in with a bomb splash that had wet everyone, including Lizzy in the opposite corner and her hair. Lizzy had tried to keep her hair dry but it’s too late.

That was fun, she had in mind, it didn’t take Lizzy long to get out of the pool, she needed to dry off for bed. It was a good hour of splashing and dive competitions before Geoff thought it was a good time for a snack. And headed out to dry off. Angie on his heels as they got dry and hung their towels up. Neither knew who should put on clothes first without offending the other. So Geoff crumpled up his shorts in his hand and headed to the fort. Angie, realising her clothes were still damp had to do the same. Getting to the top she carefully hung her stuff over the rail of the fort, they were too damp to put back on now, so Geoff hung his shorts up next to hers just to be polite. They sat butt naked on the deck munching on chips and sweets chatting about plans for the holiday. They were not going away at all, so Geoff suggested she spend as much time at his house as possible, it was time the fort got an upgrade and he couldn’t do it without her.

The more they talked, the more Geoff started realising that he and Angie were naked, his eyes wondered up and down her body wondering through the questions he had all week. He knew they could talk about anything, but puberty and stuff was never on the table for chat. He suddenly stopped and holding his breath pointed to her body and asked “Is that why you had to stop bathing with me and saw me less?” he stuttered.

Angie went blood red “Well, yeah, my mom thought it wasn’t appropriate. So she told me that boys and girls don’t see each other naked at our age.”

Geoff laughed off the comment, and continued “So you weren’t even 10 when you started getting hair?”

“Yup.” she answered a bit bolder now realising this is her friend. “Was only one hair but my mom wanted me to hide it.” She paused “When did you start getting hair” She blurted while pointing at his penis.

“Last year, but my sister tells me that girls always start before boys though. Do you think they suit me” he suddenly continued without thinking.

“Yup, looking good cowboy” she giggled as she joked with him to lighten the mood.

Her breasts seemed to bounce a slight bit as she giggled, drawing his attention to it. “I never noticed your boobs under your baggy clothes Angie” he blushed.

“Oh why thank you” she peacocked, “Do you like them?” she added trying to push out her buds by expanding her chest and pushing them up from the underside with her hands.

He suddenly noticed her tiny nipples perking hard and her breasts did look bigger like this. His penis sprang to attention at this and she laughed “Obviously you like them a lot.” She commented under her laugh staring at his now hard penis.

He was quick to shift to try make it less noticeable.

“Does it get bigger than that?” she asked, “My mom won’t talk to me about boys, I was hoping to talk to Lizzy this holiday about stuff.”

He just blushed as he said, “My sister always teases me saying it will get bigger as I get older. My dad’s is way bigger than mine, but I think I am slightly bigger than most of the boys in my grade.”

“Really?” she interrupted, “how big is it?” She hadn’t thought this through as she saw his puzzled face, he was harder now.

“Well I measured 5 inches, most boys in my grade measured between 4 and 5 inches.”

He hadn’t finished his sentence when he saw Angie with her head down staring intently at the erect organ between his legs. She was now intrigued; he didn’t know why he did it but he parted his legs to give her a better look. She surprised him by taking a poke at the soft balls hanging below and then rubbing the tip of her finger along his smooth shaft to feel how hard it is. He readjusted himself at this motion, he had never had anyone touch it before and he had never tried playing with it like the other boys in the class had explained, and he felt a jolt of electricity going through his body when she did that. She noticed him jump and quickly pulled back. “Did I hurt you?” she asked in panic.

He laughed at her reaction, “No silly, that felt good, I just didn’t expect that.”

She giggled as she quickly stroked the tip of her finger up the shaft again. “Like that?” she giggled as she watched his body twitch again thinking she just had a ticklish spot.

Geoff could feel his penis throbbing for more of that, he wondered if he shouldn’t just try play with himself to relieve that pressure he felt. He hadn’t a thought through before she asked in excitement “can I feel how hard it is?” She had no idea what she was asking of him or what it would do.

The inexperience bubbled through them both as he answered without a hesitation. “Of course”. She was rough as she grabbed out and squeezed him hard to test how stiff he was.

He squirmed in slight pain and pleasure at once. “Ok softer than that please!” he blurted making her jump.

She apologised as she carefully reached out and squeezed with only a few fingers this time. It felt big in her hand. Not knowing what it was doing to him, she rubbed her fingers up the shaft to test if it was hard all the way and getting to the top pulled the skin back to inspect. She was intrigued. Geoff felt this shudder surge through his body as she did.

“What was that?” she paused and asked.

His eyes closed in the pleasure just whispered, “Do that again ... I have never felt that before.”

Shrugging her shoulders, Angie did it a second time, all the way down and up again. She pulled back the skin after the fourth time, wondering very puzzled what just happened to her friend as he took a deep breath and leaned back. She looked closer to see what was happening when suddenly, without either of them realising what was happening at the time, he shot a load of cum straight in the air, landing back onto his chest, the second one shot out and splattered some on her left breast causing her to let go, it has seeped all over her hand.

“What happened? Are you ok?” She asked panicked.

Geoff just lay back in the moment, whatever just happened felt good. He was dazed and non responsive. She asked him if she should call his mom, not knowing what happened. He snapped out of it at that thought and snapped out “No, no don’t do that”. He then told her that he thinks he just had an orgasm.

He heard about it in school, if he knew it felt that good, he would have done it a lot sooner. One of the boys said he got it when his girlfriend put it in her mouth and tasted his sperm. Angie looked puzzled, then shrugged it off to a boy telling stories again. She was intrigued though over the story as to why she would taste it. She rubbed her fingers together feeling the gizz, it was slimy and wet, very warm. She smelt it but wasn’t getting anything from it, and without really thinking it through she stuck out her tongue and tasted it on the tip. It tasted salty, but she liked the taste. She paused as she was taking a second lick and asked the now mesmerised Geoff, watching her do that, as her senses came back, “Can I get pregnant from doing this?” He shook his head in disbelief no, he liked what he saw but heard someone say they did it with their girlfriend coz she won’t get pregnant.

She continued to taste it once more on her fingers. She really likes the taste. “Well I’m intrigued now, thank you for showing me your thing Geoff, I’m glad we’re comfortable with each other enough to be like this. Best friends.” she exclaimed. “Want to see what mine looks like?” she said shyly as she watched him wipe himself off with his sleeping shorts, thanks to the lack of anything else to use. Geoff hadn’t thought of this. His eyes lit up, now he would know, he nodded in delight as he sat upright and said “best friends”. Angie leaned back onto her elbows and opened her legs.

He did the same to her as she had, he poked at it and prodded, he noticed there’s a slit and he decided to run his fingers between the soft flesh of her labia. He noticed she hadn’t any hair on the lips, it didn’t look like the pictures he saw once, hers started growing only at top of the slit up towards her belly. She was smooth, he ran his finger up and down feeling the wet soft tissue inside, a bump at the top that seemed to make her giggle as it seemed to tickle Angie. He used the other hand to pull apart the lips to take a closer look and noticed a hole.

“What is that for?” He asked as he poked at the hole.

“Well I pee from there,” she exclaimed “But so do you from your thing so I dunno. It feels nice when you press there though, more than other places, but not as much as on the bump that makes me giggle.” This intrigued him as he quickly pressed on the bump, noticing it swell suddenly and making her squirm from the touch.

He had seen a video on a friend’s phone when a guy licked at the woman, but avoided those things again after that. He thought for a second, then drew closer to smell, it was a sweet smell, like candy at the time. This intrigued him more, he thought of the video and drew out his tongue to lick over the clit as if he were licking his favourite ice-cream. Angie jolted at this feeling as he pondered on the taste, different to the smell, but was still nice. Something he never tasted before.

Angie was surged with a moment of pleasure as she sighed and blurted out, “Do that again.”

Geoff drew back to see her lying flat on her back her breasts rising and falling with her breath as she held on to her knees. He wondered if this did to her what he just felt and what would come out of her if she reached that point he did. He cautiously licked her again this time softer as he looked up she arched her back and dropped again. He had inspected well, was he now obliged to bring her the same release he felt?.

His mind raced as he licked again getting bolder each time, slightly harder. Angie breathed hard, her hand found its way onto the back of his head almost pushing him to stay there, he remembered that poking the hole made her feel good too, what if he did both. He poked at the entrance to the hole, not able to go further than the fingertip inside as he licked. Angie held her breath for what felt like an eternity as she pushed up into his mouth and felt this surge of electricity overcome her and she lost complete control, it hurt but was so pleasurable at the same time, her body shook as her pussy released a slow amount of wet juices that seemed to taste sweet to Geoff. She couldn’t take it anymore as she pushed him away. This was a new feeling to her, it was intense but so good, she was however sore now.

Geoff sat up to see if she was ok, noticing that her breasts looked even bigger now and her nipples stood straight up he couldn’t stop himself cupping his hand over to measure how big they were. Angie still breathing deep and getting over her daze welcomed the touch, his hand swallowed her breast as he cupped the left one with his other hand and squeezed to feel the pressure. This felt good. He loved the feeling and not knowing she did too.

It was late, the two didn’t notice Geoff’s sister had come back out to catch the two with Geoff between Angie’s legs. She hid in the dark though and realised the difference she saw at the table. Angie asked Geoff if they could sleep now, she was tired. He nodded as she hugged him for what seemed an eternity and fell asleep almost immediately with him right behind her.

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