My Adventures With Emily
Chapter 1: The Facebook Picture

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Facebook Picture - Emily is a young, beautiful girl burdened with extremely large breasts. She also happens to be my little sister. But after she caught me jerking off to pictures of her on Facebook, things were never the same.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Tit-Fucking   Size   Foot Fetish   Big Breasts   Public Sex  

It was late when I got home from my shelf stacking job at the local supermarket. Taking off my coat, I put it on the hanger by the front door and began climbing the stairs to my room. It was eerily quiet. Normally my parents would be up at this hour, laughing endlessly to late night reruns of British sitcoms in the living room, but it was harvesting season at the family vineyard, and they had gone to the country for the weekend, leaving myself and my younger sister Emily to fend for ourselves.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, I noticed light pouring out from beneath the door of my sister’s room. Seeing that she was still awake, I decided to say hello before I hit the sack for the night.

“Hey, Em,” I said, knocking on her door. “Just letting you know that I’m home.”

Edging the door open, I pushed my head through the gap to see my sister in bed with a girl’s magazine while Pink Floyd played softly in the background

Emily lowered her magazine and gave me a small wave. “Hey, how was work?” she asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Same shit, different day.”

“Ah, I know the feeling.” Emily said, grinning. “There’s some leftover pizza still in the fridge if you’re hungry.”

I rolled my eyes at her. “Let me guess: Hawaiian again?” I knew that it was all she ever ordered.

Emily stuck her tongue out at me. “Why don’t you just pick out the pineapple if you hate it so much.”

“Maybe I will,” I chuckled. “I’ll see you tomorrow in the morning before school. And thanks for the pizza.”

Closing her door, I went back downstairs to the kitchen and took the box of pizza from the fridge. Emily had left two slices for me. Deciding to eat it cold, I took the box to my room and placed it on my desk before quickly browsing through my email and Facebook feed on my laptop. Finding nothing of interest, I kicked off my shoes and flopped onto my bed. It was then that I noticed the two foreign objects laying on my pillow. Feeling slightly perplexed, I rolled over on my bed to take a closer look.

The first object was a photo printed onto A4 paper and recognized it right away. It had been taken at the annual get-together that I’d had at the park with my cousins the other week. The photo was supposed to be a wide shot of my entire family, but the image had been digitally cropped in a way so that the only person in fame was my sister, Emily.

On that day, Emily had been wearing a short black skirt and a tight but revealing violet camisole. She was smiling at the camera while bending over at the waist, her hands tucked between her legs. Her pose had the inadvertent effect of creating a scandalous amount of cleavage, and I felt myself getting aroused by it all.

Emily, being as well-endowed as she was, had a lot to show off, and it wasn’t often that I got to see her exposed like this. The way she stared into the camera, the incredible view of her breasts, the small but knowing smile pursed on her lips—I wondered if was all supposed to be directed at me. I had, after all, been the person behind the camera.

It’s a strange thing to admit that I am attracted to my own sister. Normally siblings have some kind if blissful ignorance towards the attractiveness of each other, but for me this was simply not the case. Emily was quickly growing up to become the most beautiful woman I had ever known, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I liked her more than just a friend or sister.

If I were to describe Emily in greater detail, she was seventeen, just one year younger than me. She was a slender brunette with long wavy hair, big brown eyes, and a beautifully innocent face that looked just as perfect with make-up as it did when she woke up first thing in the morning. Emily had always been renowned for her extremely curvy figure, but it was only in the last six months that she had truly started to fill out, the growth of her chest surprising everyone in my family just as much as herself when she began achieving cup sizes well beyond anything that was considered normal.

To say that Emily’s boobs were anything short of enormous would have been an understatement, as each one was now larger than her own head, and surprisingly full despite their immense proportions. Our mother—being the loving and overprotective creature that she is—had become so worried about the extreme size of them that she was now reminding Emily on what seemed like a daily basis that she would have always have her family’s full love and support if she ever decided on getting a reduction. Thankfully, Emily was always insistent that she would never go under the knife because her body was sacred to her, and that she was more than comfortable with the way that God had created her.

After collecting my thoughts, I put the photo of my sister down and drew my attention to the thing that had been beside it. It was a letter, and I felt a lump form in my throat when I recognized the handwriting. It was Emily’s.

It read:


It’s a little embarrassing for me to reveal this, but last week I was walking past your room and I saw through the crack in your door that you were jerking off to this picture on Facebook. At first I was angry, but after some time I found that it started to turn me on. I actually think you’re pretty sexy and I’m flattered that you think the same thing about me. I’ve always noticed the funny way you sometimes look at my huge tits, but I just thought it was a normal thing because they’re so big and every guy seems to do it. But now I know it’s because you really like them, so I guess that changes things.

Anyway, here’s a copy of that picture with our family cropped out if you’d rather just jerk off to it. But if you want the real thing, I’m waiting in my room.


Your busty little sis

I think I read the note four or five times over trying to figure out if this was some elaborate prank. Was this real life? Was this actually happening? There was a lot of truth in the letter, though. I had been jerking off to this picture last week. But had Emily really been watching me while I did it?

I felt butterflies dancing in my stomach as my eyes glazed over the last few lines of the letter: If you want the real thing, I’m waiting in my room. Half of me was terrified by the prospect, the other half giddy with excitement. If there was any chance at all that Emily was going to let me be intimate with her in some way, then I was going to take it. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I could not afford to miss.

I left for her room almost immediately as I was worried that any kind of delay could cause her to have a change of heart. The trip down the hall took what felt like an eternity. I was so nervous that my hands were shaking the whole time. Eventually I reached her door, and I stood staring at it for about a minute before I found the courage to reach up and knock.


After a brief moment the door opened and my younger sister stood before me in the doorway. The sight of her took my breath away. She was in the same short skirt and tight violet camisole that she’d been wearing at my family reunion the other week.

“Hey, you,” she said, her mellow voice pure and graceful like the whisper of an angel’s wings. I stared deep into her eyes. They were every bit as big and beautiful as the moon in full.

I struggled to form words in my mouth. “Emily, I...”

She cut me off by taking a strong, sudden step towards me. Then, with her breasts pressing firmly against my chest, she took hold of my shoulders, lifted herself up on her toes, and dazzled me with a sweet kiss on the cheek.

“Follow me,” she said softly, leading me by the hand into her room.

I could hear Pink Floyd still playing in the background as I closed the door behind us, and we sat down together on the edge of her bed, knees parallel and facing towards each other. While looking into my eyes, she absently toyed with the fingers of my hand, interlocking hers with mine in an intimate embrace.

“I take it that you got my little note,” she said.

“About that...” I said hesitantly. “I just need to say that I’m sorry that I...”

“Sshh,” she said, hushing me with a finger to my lips. “It’s fine, Sam. Really. Don’t worry about it.”

I looked about the room nervously, then down at her hands which were still holding mine. They were small, soft and pretty.

“Is what you wrote in that letter true?” I asked her. “Do you actually—you know—fancy me?”

“I do,” she said, blushing slightly. “I’m actually surprised that you never noticed it earlier.” She paused briefly to give me a warm smile. “Do you fancy me too?”

I felt that the only right thing to say was the truth. “Emily, I think you’re the prettiest girl that I know.”

My sister blushed further at my words. “So neither of us are at a disadvantage then. That’s good to know.”

Part of my thoughts were still lingering on the last few lines of her letter. “That other thing you wrote,” I said, choosing my next words carefully. “Did you really mean it?”

Emily gave me a knowing smile. “You mean the part about letting you experience the real thing?”

I nodded.

“Every word,” she said, leaning forward as though to deliberately accentuate the deep line of cleavage in her V-shaped neckline. “That is why you’re here, isn’t it?”

I looked down at the huge breasts filling out my sister’s top, enamoured by the sheer size of them, and the way that they swelled like the ocean with every breath she took. When I brought my gaze back to hers I found that she was looking at me in a strange way.

“What?” I said, confused.

Emily pointed down, directing my eyes to the large bulge that was clearly evident in my pants. She laughed a sweet laugh. “You really are cute; you know that?” Straightening her back, she tossed back her hair, and angled her chest towards me.

My eyes rested briefly on her breasts again. “I think I have a problem,” I admitted.

“Well, I have two very big problems,” Emily said with a cheeky grin. “Perhaps we can help each other out. Come here.” She shuffled closer so that our knees were touching. Spreading apart my fingers, she lifted up my hand and pulled it towards her chest.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked. I was so nervous that I could barely get the words out.

“They’re just boobs,” Emily said while casually pressing the bulk of her left breast into the palm of my hand. “Every girl has them.”

My heart did cartwheels in my chest as my brain came to the sudden realisation that I was actually touching one of Emily’s giant tits—the holiest of holy grails in my own book of legends. Jesus tittyfucking Christ. It was so big. I drew in a sharp intake of breath at the softness of it, the way it overflowed my hand, and the incredible weight that came with such tremendous volume.

“What do you think?” she asked me quietly. I could see fire burning in her gorgeous eyes. There was no doubt that my sister knew that she had by far the largest and most incredible looking rack I had ever seen, and she was challenging me to say otherwise.

“They’re nice,” I blurted without thinking.

“Nice?” Emily frowned. “I think someone needs a little lesson on how to compliment a girl.”

My actions spoke louder than my words, thankfully. I reached for her other breast and hefted the two of them together in my hands, gently squeezing them through the fabric of her shirt. Emily seemed to approve and leaned slightly back, giving me better ease of access. Within moments I could see and feel her nipples hardening through the front of her bra and top. I heard her sigh deeply.

“This actually feels pretty good,” she said. “Have you done this kind of thing before? You know—fondled girls with really big boobs?”

I shook my head.

“Well keep going. You’re making me hot.”

I played with her breasts for another minute, moving my hands around their circumference while trying to figure out how many handfuls each one was. Two? Three? Four? Fuck. There was just so much flesh that I couldn’t tell.

Suddenly, Emily’s boobs slipped from my grasp and she was standing up before me, her hands planted firmly on her hips. She motioned towards my shirt and I took it off without much thought. Then, taking hold of the hem of own top, Emily lifted it up over her head to reveal a startlingly white and startlingly massive bra built with thick shoulder straps that seemed to be lifting her breasts in the same way that cranes lift heavy objects.

Holy fuck, was all that I could think. How big was that thing? Before I had the chance to ask, Emily had pushed me onto my back and was on top of me, smothering my chest with the heavy mass of her abundant flesh.

Emily was only seventeen and not terribly experienced, but she was attacking me with the passion and energy of a true veteran. She kissed hungrily at my neck, her breath hot and heavy. Her pelvis ground against hard against mine. I could feel the heat radiating from her body as our limbs tangled in an elegant dance, her kisses like wildfire against my lips.

After a few minutes, Emily reared back for a breath of fresh air, and while awkwardly staring down between the cleft of her full breasts, she fumbled blindly at the front of my jeans until she had me unbuttoned and unzipped. With surprising care, she slowly slid my jeans and boxers down to my ankles, and my cock, now at full mast, sprang free and angled up towards her.

Emily grinned wickedly as she reached behind her back and undid the hooks of her bra. Her gigantic breasts seemed to surge forward as the full weight of them came to rest on my thighs. Her thick, fat nipples stared proudly at me as she gathered up as much of her boobs as she could, and proceeded to squash it all firmly around my dick.

The sight and feeling of it was unbelievable. I had never been so aroused in my life. Blood was rushing endlessly to my penis, filling me with confidence as I witnessed the tip begin to push through the top of her cleavage. Emily used her hands to gently massage her enormous breasts around me, all the while purring with encouragement. I bucked my hips against her. I was so ridiculously turned on that the flow of blood to my dick was like a gushing river that would never end.

My cock felt unbelievably hard, thick, and long, and the head of my penis looked like it was ready to burst. Honestly, I didn’t know that I could get this big. All this blood flow had swelled my cock to the point that I looked one inch longer than I ever had been. I was setting a record for myself, and I felt proud knowing that I could show it off for my sister to see.

“Why, hello there,” I heard Emily say in her sexiest of sexy voices. She was smiling down at the huge, engorged tip of my cock that was poking out from between her breasts. Lowering her head, she welcomed her visitor with a sensual kiss from her lips.

“Jesus fuck, Em,” I gasped. “Where did you learn to do shit like this?”

“You think you’re the only one in our household that watches porn?” Emily giggled before filling her mouth with half the length of my cock—a feat which had required her to bury her face deep within the valley of her own huge breasts. I groaned, feeling pressure build up quickly within me as she slurped hungrily at the head of my cock.

“Em...” I panted. “I think I’m about to cum.”

Emily’s lips popped off my dick with a loud smack. “Hold that thought.”

She stood up and spun around like a runaway model so that her back was facing me. Then, with a sultry smile from over her shoulder, she wiggled her hips side to side while slowly easing her skirt down her legs. I watched with fascination as she teasingly revealed her delicious creamy thighs and the frilly red underwear that hugged the incredible curve of her ass.

Stepping out of the skirt, she kicked it into a corner and twirled about once more to give me a front-on profile of her incredible figure. She bent over at the waist, causing her bare breasts to dangle at her knees, then eased down the underwear that had been obstructing me from my final conquest. Completely naked, Emily approached me, the light bush of hair between her thighs glistening in the dim light of the room.

It was then that I discovered that Emily was clearly a girl of no nonsense. Without warning, she took hold of my cock and mounted me, her mouth opening wide with a loud moan as I plunged deep into her warm depths.

I had not expected this. In the beginning I had assumed that Emily was only going to show me her boobs and perhaps let me have a little bit of a feel. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that having sex with my sister was actually a possibility.

“Sam...” she said, leaning forward to whisper the word into my ear. “This is for you.” Her eyes fluttered like butterfly wings as she lifted her body up and down in a glorious ritual that caused euphoric friction between our sexes. She clutched me tightly in her arms, my face becoming lost in her cleavage as she squashed her soft, mountainous breasts inspiringly against my cheeks.

After recovering from the initial shock of it all, I began jerking my hips to match her thrusts. Emily cried out in blissful agony and hefted one of her huge boobs in her hands, forcing the nipple into my mouth. I sucked on it greedily while watching pleasure course throughout her entire body. Her facial features became an ecstatic mess as I fucked her as hard as I could. I fucked her like there was no tomorrow and that there was never going to be a chance like this again.

“More,” Emily choked, using every ounce of her being to squeeze the walls of her vagina around the girth of my cock.

I switched our position into doggy-style and continued to fuck her that way, enjoying the view of her ass slapping against my thighs. Then, gripping her shoulders tightly, I rolled her onto her back and spread her legs wider than before. I pumped myself mercilessly into her and she started screaming. Her gigantic breasts shook wildly on her tiny ribcage, the huge masses slapping against each other to create music like nothing I had ever heard.

I felt Emily’s slender body begin to shudder violently beneath me, her vagina clamping so hard around my cock that I couldn’t do anything but explode. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as my cock emptied my soul into her, my body jerking erratically with every pulse. It was as that precise moment that I felt pleasure unalike anything I had ever experienced in my life. My mind exploded with a wash of colour. It was pure, unadulterated bliss. It was divine.

Completely exhausted, I collapsed on top of my sister, our sweating bodies becoming a messy tangle of hair, limbs, and oversized breasts. Once I regained my strength, I rolled over and we both lay on our backs panting heavily like worn out dogs. Taking our time to relax, we both waited until we had finally caught our breaths.

“Well, that was fun,” Emily said at last. “Same time next week, then?”

Turning my head, I stared at her incredulously. “Really?”

She grinned. “Sure. Why not? I could get used to this. We just have to make sure mom and dad don’t catch us at it. Can you imagine how much trouble we’d be in?”

I briefly entertained myself with thoughts of how my parents might respond to coming home after a long weekend at the vineyard and being welcomed by the wonderful image of their son fucking the brains out of their huge-breasted daughter on the couch.

“I’d also like you to bring some measuring tape to our next session,” Emily added. “My boobs have grown a lot recently and it’s been a while since I’ve had them sized.”

I lightly traced my finger around the circle of one of her areola, stimulating the nipple to hardness. “How big do you think they are now?” I said. “I’ve actually been meaning to ask.”

Emily leaned over and kissed me passionately on the lips. “Big enough to have a boob fiend like you on your knees and begging for mercy, I think.”

I laughed out loud at that. “Ok, Em. You’re on. Same time next week. You bring the boobs and I’ll bring the tape.”

“Deal,” Emily said, her eager eyes glowing with anticipation. “Now let’s get some rest. We both have school tomorrow morning.”

I ended up spending the night with Emily that evening. We showered together just before bed, and I was treated to the pleasure of lathering soap all over her massive young breasts while we both enjoyed another quick fuck under the steamy spray of the shower head.

Afterwards, with the lights out, we both lay in bed together while staring up at the ceiling, feeling more content than we ever had been in our lives. A big, silly grin spread wide across my face as Emily rolled over and snuggled lovingly against me.

Slowly, but surely, we both drifted off to sleep.

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