THE Harem Tales 2: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, TransGender, Science Fiction, Group Sex, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, First, Pregnancy, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - The Sa'arm have landed. Michael and his ladies were extracted to form a unique team partnered with a US marshal and the Confederacy's Office of Targeted Extraction. Dubbed THE Harem, the ladies kick ass. I suppose this could be a stand alone story, but it is a sequel to The Times They Are A Changing and would be a lot more fun if you've read more stories in Thinking Horndog's Swarm Cycle. Notes: This is not a sex manual, but there is explicit sex. Rape and sexual violence take place off camera.

Thanks to an offhand comment by US Marshal Randy Pope, those who knew about Michael’s family had taken to calling it THE Harem. It should be noted, that because of the extreme competence of the women of the Harem, Michael’s had quickly dropped from the designation. Marshal Pope and Sam Matthews, the team’s two supervisors, became family friends and were referred to as Randy and Sam. Sam’s co-sponsors, the Ninja Twins, became even closer, and the family frequently used their fond ‘Papa Sam’ adapted from the Japanese Papa San.

Questions about the family sponsors’ CAP scores and ranks, if ever a factor, evaporated as the teammates combined and split as mission roles dictated. As the Sa’arm advanced, missions for the family’s team came with more frequency and danger, and with less prep time.

The mixture of sleet and steady rain made the night miserable. Hannah was mission leader, supported by Rachel and Michael in combat roles and Cathleen and Sunny as medical support. Patricia, Carole, and Billie and Birdie -- the two Nerds -- were in standby reserve, briefed, armed, and ready to transport on a second’s notice. The remainder of the family was either on home support or -- the more recent additions, not yet up to speed -- were in training.

Cynthia Forrester was a physicist with PhDs in both electrical engineering and plasma physics, and was high on the Office of Targeted Extraction’s priority list. Shortly after coming to the attention of the requisitioning research colony, she and her children had disappeared.

Today’s mission was to rescue Cynthia and her three young children. For a change, this wasn’t about a bunch of Earth Firsters. Four brothers had somehow learned that she was a high CAP woman and could bring along four concubines when she was extracted. They intended to be the four.

The Nerds and the family’s AI, Dora, put their research skills together, and learned that Cynthia used an Appalachian mountain cabin as her retreat when she needed to ‘get away.’ Typically, she took along Lucy, her thirteen-year-old cousin, to help with the children. The cabin wasn’t known to her employers, and the owner of record was the trust for her mother’s brother.

The drone sent to her cabin reported the presence of the four extras, and the fact that she was a prisoner. The four men had not yet harmed Cynthia or her family, but they were threatening. None of them were particularly bright, not having figured how to keep controlling her during a pick up. The extraction team was designated, equipped, and dispatched within the hour.

Michael took a prone position where he had the door in the sights of his M-14. He was dressed warmer than his two ladies, as they needed lighter, dripping wet clothing as part of their act. If he needed to fire, he didn’t want a shiver to make him miss.

Under their coats, both Hannah and Rachel carried a pistol, and each had stingers in their left hands. Hannah had also secreted a pair of her throwing knives.

They walked up the drive, and Hannah knocked, calling, “Aunt Cindy! Its Hannah and Rachel. Our car broke down and we had to walk. Hurry, we’re wet and freezing!”

The two were standing to either side of the door, shivering and dripping, when a tall blond man opened the door and demanded, “Who the hell are you, and what are you doing here?”

Hannah spoke in a rush, “I’m Hannah and she’s Rachel and we came to deliver Aunt Cindy’s groceries but the car broke down. Let us in. We’re freezing. Who are you?” and she pushed her way past the started man, Rachel following.

In the front room, Lucy in front of a roaring fireplace was playing Monopoly with the three children. There was no sign of the other three men or Cynthia. Lucy’s eyes widened as she saw the two strangers, but Rachel, out of sight of the man, was able to put her finger to her lips. Hannah, loosening her coat, spoke quickly, “Hi Lucy, where’s Aunt Cindy?”

Lucy’s eyes flicked to a door that research indicated led to the largest bedroom, and she said, “I think she is sleeping.”

As the unnamed man turned to follow Hannah’s movement, Rachel stung him, and he collapsed silently onto the sofa. Rachel again put her finger to her lips, and Lucy nodded. Hannah quickly crossed to the young woman and whispered, “Are the other three in there with Cynthia?”

Lucy shook her head and whispered back, “Two are, the other one is sleeping in the kids’ room over there. They take turns keeping her awake while one watches me and one sleeps. I heard them talking. They think they can brainwash her by keeping her from sleeping. I don’t think they hurt her yet, but they are getting awful angry.”

“Okay,” Hannah responded, “we’ve got it now. Keep the kids on the floor with the sofa between them and the bedrooms.”

With Rachel providing cover, Hannah crossed silently to the indicated door, stinger in her left hand and her Browning Buckmark .22 -- “Bucky” -- in her right. She squatted, then reached up and eased the door open. She fired her stinger at the sleeping figure on the bed.

While Rachel watched the other bedroom door, Hannah pulled out her roll of duct tape and secured the hands and feet of both stunned men, then taped over their mouths.

<Dora, tell Michael we have two down and two are with Cynthia in her bedroom. No damage so far. He can come on in with Cathleen and Sunny, just quietly, > Rachel sub-vocalized to the AI.

In Cynthia’s bedroom, things were getting more unpleasant. She did not know how long she had been kept awake and things felt fuzzy. The two men with her began arguing, impatient that keeping her awake and badgering her had not done much to influence her as they intended. It hadn’t occurred to either of them that they had no experience with the technique that they were using.

The youngest man was trying to convince his brother that they should step up their efforts physically. He enumerated several options, water boarding to rape. In an effort to up the ante with Cynthia, he stripped, and was waving his cock at her.

Cynthia was tied hands and feet to the bedposts. Periodically, the men untied her from the bed so that, though hobbled, she could use the toilet and then feed herself. Her bladder told her the time must be near.

Cynthia wasn’t a high 7 CAP based just on intelligence, she had other attributes and skills. She knew that if she were going to do anything to help herself, she needed to act soon -- before she lost the ability to think coherently. She seized the initiative, saying, “I need to pee, bad,” and she let loose a small spurt of urine.

The naked man loosed her feet, then her hands, and began to hobble her feet together.

“No time,” she yelled as she swung her feet over, then raised both legs and kicked him solidly under his chin, snapping his neck and propelling him into his brother. Cynthia was on the astonished older man in a flash, her nails reaching for his eyes, her knee solidly in his crotch.

Unable to defend either his eyes or his balls, he screamed, and the door burst open. Cynthia spun, ready to take on the next brother, and froze. Standing in the door was a short blonde with braided hair, a pistol in her right hand and a weird object like brass knuckles in the left.

“So, would you like a little help, or are you not done roughing them up?” Hannah asked with a giggle as she walked over and stung the bleeding, retching man. For good measure, she stung the corpse -- just in case.

She turned, saying, “Cynthia Forrester, I’m Hannah Masters. My team is from the Confederacy’s Office of Targeted Extractions, and this is a pickup.”

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