Island Sex
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, First, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, Nudism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The lusty tale of a South Sea island girl's life and loves as told by her and others. Chapter 1 - Moira

My name is Moira. I came to university two years ago when I was 18 from a South Pacific island that I will not name. It wasn’t until I got here that I learned that long established customs on our island were not the way the rest of the world looked at sex.

When I was young I was quite aware that older children and adults would often enjoy each other’s bodies. It was not hidden since that would be difficult in the open style of our houses which offered little privacy. Although couples who had bonded (our type of marriage) would usually only have sex with each other, unbonded adults and older children would frequently change partners. And also interesting was that visitors who stayed with our family would be included in the “fucking”, as I learned to call it in English.

Sex among immediate family members was discouraged, but since several generations often lived together there was no shortage of possible sex partners among the other relatives. I now think that this sexual freedom was to encourage cooperation in the village and promote pregnancies to build the population. A few outside visitors from time to time were also good for the gene pool.

When a young person had grown enough to be seriously curious about sex, their mother, with the help of an experienced young adult of the opposite sex from another family, would give them a sex education class just like her mother had done. Of course, we were always sure of our mother but often not our biological father, not that it mattered very much. In earlier generations, women had to learn their cycle to avoid pregnancy, but now the National Health Service made birth control readily available to us so that made things easier. I developed fairly early and had my introduction to fucking at age thirteen.

Although I had a special feeling for the young man who was my first time, he was far from the only one welcomed into my vagina. As an attractive girl, I easily found many boys and men eager to contribute what they could to my sex experience. I played and learned with a wide range of partners ranging from teens, who had quantity over quality, to men my grandfather’s age who shared the many ways of pleasure without being in a hurry. I rarely masturbated since a willing partner was easy to find and I got laid at least once a day ... often more. My sexual exploration even extended to my mother’s current partner a few times to “help out” when she was away. I did not fuck my older brother but cousins were fair game.

As I became more experienced, I narrowed down my list of regular cocks to the best dozen or so. A girl has to be practical, after all. Since I knew that I would be the first female to go away to university I was not ready to bond with one man. The variety was much better than a steady diet so I made it a practice to never fuck the same partner twice in a row. Multiple times in the same session was ok though! By the way, I have brown skin with somewhat Asian features, long dark hair, average breasts, and yes, I often wore only a lower sarong when in my home village.

When visitors came to our village, and the others on our island, they were quartered with families since there was no paid lodging. Often they were relatives, who would of course stay in our house, and unrelated guests were invited by whoever had room. Hospitality required that the guest(s) be made to feel completely at home, including a bed partner of their sexual preference. This was usually an unbonded member of the household. There were usually more male guests so the duties of hostess in our family were shared by grandmother, a widowed aunt, and myself. When necessary, my mother could also provide for the visitor’s sexual comfort. Being young, enthusiastic, and horny, I would even volunteer ... especially when it was someone who I had previously had a good fuck with. A few times I was the only available female for several guests so I would go from bed to bed, sometimes twice a day.

I once fucked a visiting white man and a black man to see if there was any real difference. They actually weren’t as good for my pleasure as the local men who had improved their skills by lots of practice so they could compete for the more attractive women in bonding. By the way, I usually fucked bareback because STDs were rare on our island. Off-islanders had to use condoms if they wanted to enjoy me even though it doesn’t seem like real sex if no semen was shared somewhere. At the time I didn’t completely realize how blessed I was to have such variety and quantity of sex.

At university I was in culture shock at first. My classes were very different than at home so I had to study a lot. I soon met up with the two boys that I knew were there from my island and, since we were all used to an active sex life, we became what you would call “sex buddies” or “fuck buddies”.

There was also one English boy named Robert that I met in a class. He offered to tutor me and, since I was struggling, I accepted. As I got to know him we became friends. He kept asking me to go with him to school activities. I finally relented and had a good time but resisted any romantic possibilities because I didn’t want to be disappointed like I had been with previous “foreigners” I had fucked. I would return from our outings and call one of my sex buddies to take care of my physical needs. As my schoolwork improved and I got to know Robert better, I began to get more affectionate with him. It was difficult for me to hold back since at home I would usually have sex with boys or men that I liked that much. It was expected in our culture.

I learned that Robert had almost no sex experience so decided to take the role of teacher. He was not aware how well prepared I was to do that. Perhaps he even thought I was a virgin like himself! I gently allowed him to progress through kissing and touching. He had a nice circumcised cock, which I had not had before. We stayed at the oral sex level without full nudity for quite a while. That helped me keep control. Since I usually was not fully satisfied during these sessions my sex buddies got plenty of hot pussy from me afterwards.

Finally, on Robert’s birthday, we went out to dinner and I invited him back to my room having told my roommate to stay gone until I called. I came out of the bathroom in one of my native sarongs, walked over to him and removed it, showing him my body fully naked for the first time. I took his hand and led him to my bed. He stripped and laid down beside me. After some warmup oral sex, I rolled on my back, spread my legs and guided his cock into his first pussy. As I expected, he soon gushed cum into me. I hugged him close and said, “Happy birthday!” After a few minutes I rolled us over, cleaned his cock with my tongue, which got it hard again, and jumped on top. This time he lasted long enough to get me off. I was enjoying my “practice teaching”. It was really special that for the first time ever I had a man whose cock had been ONLY in my pussy. To keep control I told him that this could happen just once a week. Of course I still kept taking care of my fuck buddies in between times with Robert. Wow, three men who looked to me for their sex lives. What a great feeling!

During an anthropology class that we shared I began slowly explaining to Robert how other cultures could be different than what he was used to but that didn’t make them “bad”. I gave him some reading assignments about sex practices around the world. Being a bright guy, he began asking me questions about my island culture. Afraid that I would shock him or scare him off, I didn’t answer very directly at first. Obviously intrigued, Robert finally asked, when pumping my pussy with a cock as hard as could be, “When did you start having sex?”

When I replied, “In my early teens”, he blasted his cum into me and collapsed on top. I, not too reluctantly, agreed to increase our get-togethers to twice a week and then to three, cutting back on my sex buddies. As he learned more and more about my experiences and their basis in my background, he became more and more fascinated. He thought that the fucking of visitors was pretty cool.

I finally felt that it was time for Robert to meet the male students from my island. We all had pizza and beer together and Robert took me back to his room. When we were naked in bed, Robert, not yet hard, looked at me very intently. I knew what he was thinking. After a while he put his arms around me and asked, “Since they are from your island, have you had sex with them?”

Holding his face between my hands and giving him a gentle kiss I said, “Yes, ever since I came to university. We frequently take care of each other’s sex needs as friends. I care for you very much but please never forget that it is my pussy and I get to choose who I share it with.” I knew this was a big turning point for Robert so I reached for his cock and began stroking it to life. Without a word I mounted him and then asked softly, “Does it feel any different now that you have met the guys who have recently been in there? It doesn’t wear out, you know.” We came and slept.

We got together during the next week but Robert was quieter than usual and we didn’t talk about sex, just enjoyed it. On the weekend Robert opened up to me, “Knowing you has been a huge change from how I was brought up thinking about sex. I’m not regretting opening my eyes but adjusting isn’t easy. You are a very special woman and I want to keep exploring life with you.”

With tears in my eyes I kissed him long and deeply, “You have come a long way in a short time. The journey is far from done for both of us.”

Robert said, “It’s kind of difficult learning to share a woman that I am falling in love with. When we are making love I can’t help but think of the other men that have been in there too. That is both exciting and scary.” He then asked, “Do you think of other men when we are having sex?”

“I can usually give my full attention to the man I am with,” I replied.

Robert continued, “You are often very wet when I enter you ... have you had another soon before me?” I saw his cock begin to fill.

“And what if I had? Not right before, but a few times earlier in the day. Is there anything I can do to help you get used to this situation?”

Robert sat me on top of his now hard cock and held my breasts as he looked into my eyes. “I have been on the Internet to learn more about sex practices. I’ve read about men who like to watch their wife or girlfriend have sex with other men. Not the humiliating stuff called cuckolding but just to enjoy their enhanced sexuality. It seems that many of the women are reluctant at first, unlike you, but really enjoy it when they are getting the extra sex ... that is like you. I don’t need any extra stimulation to enjoy sex with you, but since my only choice is to share you or lose you, maybe this is a way for me to benefit as well.”

Smiling at him I said, “It’s not hard to realize that women have a much greater capacity for sex than men do. The men on our island recognize and enjoy that basic fact. I could probably fuck all three of my men in a row and be ready for seconds when you were. I can enjoy a man inside me even if I am not highly aroused, like right now. So far in my life, I’ve never had ‘too much sex’.” I felt his cock pulse, filling my pussy full of cum, and knew I had gotten to him. Rolling off, I guided his face to my crotch and said firmly, “Now it’s my turn.” I had taught him well.

I began a gentle and progressive desensitizing program. Each time we joined in bed I made it a point to tell him which of my sex buddies I had been with since we last made love and briefly described what we had done. When the sudden ejaculations lessened I began relating some of the more memorable sexploits back on my island. I told him, with predictable results, about the time I fucked a visitor in the early afternoon and then a neighbor boy a short while later. The boy noticed how silky my pussy felt and added his juice to the visitor’s deposit when I confirmed his suspicions. I felt so sexy that I went on to enjoy an older cousin a little later that same day.

Robert looked very thoughtful and finally said, “I’ve read that a pussy feels special when it has fresh cum in it. I have been imagining that feeling when we have sex lately.”

I replied, “Are you ready to find out for yourself?”, and smiled as I thought how well my program was working.

“Yes”, he answered.

“Ok, tomorrow I will be with one of my buddies right after dinner. Even though it isn’t one of ‘your’ days I’ll come over immediately afterwards and you can have me freshly filled to know for sure how it feels.” Robert was, of course, hard again and gave me an inspired fuck.

The next day flew by quickly for me though it must have seemed like forever to Robert. Soon enough I was having a short but inspired coupling with my buddy. I told him that I only had time for a quickie, pulled down my panties, raised my skirt, and bent over the desk. My eager pussy soon milked the cum out of his familiar brown cock and I pulled up my panties without even wiping myself off.

Robert’s room was in the next building. The door was unlocked and I quickly joined him in bed. As I lay back and spread an extra wet and not yet satisfied pussy before him, Robert pushed all the way in with one stroke. Two slippery strokes later I felt him blast his seed to mix with my buddy’s. “I think you like shared pussy”, I murmured, breathing heavily with my own excitement. Robert answered by raising up and vigorously pumping me again with his unsoftened cock. He lasted much longer this time as we both enjoyed this especially erotic coupling.

We progressed as a couple to a few three and four-somes with my fuck buddies. Robert was very aroused by watching me and my friends getting it on and wore himself out keeping up with them. Of course I loved all the attention and pleasure that several horny guys can provide. We would talk about it in bed at other times and the memories added to our lovemaking.

Robert had really become “one of the boys” in every sense and I couldn’t have been happier. He seemed to be realizing, as I had always known, that sex with friends was “fun and sexy” while sex with a special person was more “intimate and loving”. On one occasion, a countrywoman came to visit me and, according to our custom, I offered Robert to her. She was only his second woman and she later told me that he was quite pleasurable and thanked me for training him so well. He told me that he felt “sexier” afterwards. I showed him that he was, enjoying his description of their coupling while our genitals were joined, as we had often done when I told my stories.

School let out for holiday and I arranged to take Robert home with me. He had never been to the outer islands where I came from. It was unspoken what might happen sexually while we were there. I was confident that he would adapt just fine. When we arrived at the village Robert was an object of interest. I had emailed my mother about him so my family was ready but the other villagers were very curious ... especially the women. I was quickly being asked about him and could they offer “visitor hospitality”? I hadn’t thought about this and now found “the shoe on the other foot” as the saying goes.

I took Robert aside, “We are going to be here a week and many of the village women are wanting sex with you as a visitor. Most have never had a light skinned man, or a circumcised one, and are intrigued. Also there are many men that I have not fucked since I was here last time. I will enjoy being with them again and I can select the best of the women for you. I still expect that we will share a bed at night even if you are too worn out to fuck me.” Kind of stunned, Robert agreed. What guy could turn down lots of good pussy?

I arranged, with the help of my mother, for us to have a variety of partners each day in between all the holiday activities. There were a dozen or so men ranging from teens to 70s that I looked forward to reconnecting with. I had previously enjoyed the variety in their bodies, abilities, and personalities. Some of them I’d had sex with for many years. With my female capacity for coitus, I was sometimes able to add some spontaneous unplanned partners, or second rounds with ones I especially liked, into the activities. It was holiday, right?

It was actually a bit odd, and yet stimulating, to see Robert walking with another woman towards the location where they would screw. This feeling (jealousy?) inspired me to see that he got some of my pussy that night even though I was well fucked out myself. He wasn’t always able to do much since his partners were pretty skilled at draining him, so we just loved each other any way we could.

The night before we left Mom claimed a “parental right” to check out her daughter’s lover. This was bullshit but Robert didn’t object since Mom is quite attractive. I “consoled” myself with her partner who I had thoroughly enjoyed on several occasions in the past. We both returned to school pretty well fucked out but with big grins on our faces. Robert was now fully “part of the family”.

Not too much later I began having symptoms of pregnancy. I was using the birth control ring so never gave it much thought. But no system is perfect, I guess. Of the huge numbers of sperms that had been pumped deep inside me by friends and relatives over the almost two week visit, one had reached its target. When it was confirmed, Robert and I were married in a civil ceremony in spite of the uncertainty of who might be the father. He had become a man of the village in this way as well. The village “bonding ceremony” would happen on our next visit. We found a small off-campus flat and settled in to our new life. I was so pleased that Robert insisted that I continue to provide for my fuck buddies per village custom. I got VERY horny during my pregnancy! How I love that man.

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