They're Everywhere - the Truck Driver
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - a quick story this time hope you like it.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Revenge  

As I approached our development I couldn’t help but notice a big 18-wheel semi tractor and trailer parked along the road. When you drive past our area on the east there’s a road that runs along that one side. Then there’s a hill that separates the houses from the road and keeps the noise down. Cars and trucks use this road as they drive towards the West Industrial Park.

The hill keeps out almost all of the sounds of the cars and trucks from the homes. There’s maybe 30 yards from the main road, up the hill to the backyards of these homes. We live on the first road after the hill and the row of the homes that backyards face the hill. We live across the street from them.

Since they are coming and going all day and night long, it’s not unusual to see big rigs on this road. In fact, near the plant, it’s not unusual to see them parked along this road waiting for the plant to open each morning.

However, this big truck was parked along the road next to the hill by my development with no one in it. I was thinking it was a strange place to park a big truck. But then I gave it no more time or attention.

It was around 3 PM when I drove into the entrance of my development and down the road and into the driveway! Getting out of the car, I stood up and stretched long and hard. It had been a long week of visiting clients and late hours eating and drinking with them.

As I opened the front door of my home there was complete silence. Then I heard a sort of grunting. Then a moan came from the back room. And finally I heard my wife’s cries of passion. I would recognize that sound anywhere. When Sara is in the throws of orgasm she cries out with what can only be defined as an animalistic lust sound. But it had been a long time since she had cried out like she had only seconds ago when we made love.

There it was again! “Oh Jesus Duke your cock is so big! Oh God it’s filling me like nothing has ever done. Oh Yes! Oh Fuck yes baby! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Ahhhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddddd Yessssssssssss!! Duuuuuke!”

As stood there in the living room listening to my wife of 8 years screaming out another man’s name and having what I knew was one of her best orgasm I didn’t know what to do for a second. She hadn’t screamed for me like that for a few years now. On our honeymoon I was afraid we would be thrown out of our hotel for the noise she made. We had fucked like rabbits all week and I had made her cry out a few times back then and a few more since. But not like she was doing now. Again I heard her moan loudly, “Yes, Yes, Yes! Harder baby fuck me harder! Oh Jesus! OH GOD DUKE!! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YESSSSSSSSSS!!”

It seemed to sound like each time “Duke” thrust into her he would grunt and she would cry out, “Yes!”

I was sick in my stomach. I felt like I would vomit. My heart and head pounded hard as I walked back towards the bedrooms in the house listening to the sexual sounds coming from the master bedroom. The same bedroom where we conceived our first child was now being use by my wife to cheat on me. The bedroom we made love and told each other of our dedication and need for each other was now a place she opened her legs to another man’s cock.

Now with each step I took, all sorts of things went in and out of my brain. Who, what, why? I’ll kill the... ! My heart is broken! Why ... Oh God ... why? Why ... is ... she ... doing ... this? Oh Jesus my head!!

As I slowly walked down the hallway of our rancher towards the bedroom at the back of the house I wondered what I would find. My stomach felt like I had been hit in it a dozen times. Then I stepped into the doorway and saw a big man with his jeans down and his underwear down over them. He hadn’t even taken all his clothes off. Even his shoes were still on!

I looked down and I saw her. My wife’s head was hanging off the bed, her eyes were closed and her mouth was opened as Duke was hammering in between her legs fucking her pussy. As he pumped his cock in and out of her she had her legs wrapped around him holding him tightly and they were actually bouncing up and down on the bed. Locked together in their sexual embrace she moaned, “Oh God Duke, give it to me!”

“I screamed in my head saying, “OH GOD! She really is fucking! She really is fucking another ... fucking someone else. Oh God! Oh God!”

My head screamed in pain! My heart hurts so badly I felt like I was going to die from the pain. Instead my stomach couldn’t hold back and I dumped my fast food lunch all over the hallway and doorway to the our bedroom.

As I started to puke, neither Duke nor my wife heard the sound! Duke had begun to cum in my wife’s pussy grunting like a fucking pig and she was crying out with her own climax.

As I watched between my food hurls of fries and burger on the floor, she had lifted them both up off the bed now as she was humping and humping and humping her pussy onto his cock as he made downward thrusts! With his moans and grunts and the sounds and her lustful orgasm cries they seemed to merge with my gagging and vomiting to form some sick song. But they didn’t notice me there.

As I stood there in the shadows of the hallway I didn’t know if I should kill them both or just yell or walk away. I decided to let them know, but she in particular, that I was there. Then I would just walk away.

My wife was completely nude legs wide open now and up in the air as he lifted her legs further and now her feet were over the big man’s shoulders. He was pumping his lower body into my wife hard and cum was squirting out from his thrusts! He wasn’t going soft even after cumming. I could see his big hard red cock moving in and out of her vagina now with little to no resistance. He was still hard and still going wild on her pussy. She was thrilled at how he was fucking her. She urged him on telling him how good he was and how big he was and how she loved fucking him every time he made his truck run!

His big cock was wet and there was no rubber on it. She was fucking him bare back! He was moaning and telling her that before he left he was going to fuck her ass this time too. She moaned and they rolled over. Now with her on top, she lifted her ass and hips up and down as she met his thrusts up into her. He was wet from perspiration and he held Sharon under her breasts with his hands wrapped around her rib cage helping her rise up each time. It went on and on with him hammering her pussy harder and harder and her riding him like some crazed female animal.

As I watched, I could see my wife’s eyes roll back in her head and her mouth open in an “O” shape as she climaxed once again. When she was done she smiled down at the man fucking her. She moaned with pleasure with each trust of his cock up into her wet stretched cunt hole.

I went into the spare bedroom and opened the closet door. Pulling the gun down from the top shelf, I had to look for the key to the lock on the trigger. Finding it, I undid the lock and checked the magazine. It was full! I got out my cell photo from my pocket and walked back to the bedroom where my wife was still riding Duke’s big cock.

First, I pointed the phone at them and took a group of very nice photos of my whore wife fucking her lover. Believe it or not, they never noticed me as I moved around snapping photos of their faces and their fucking each other. My wife had her eyes closed and her lover boy was staring at her cunt watching his cock move in and out of her. Cum was till dripping down her thighs and covered his balls.

Once I was sure I had enough sots of them, I pointed gun at them both. I pressed the gun to the side of the man’s head. I was going to kill them both as they lay in my bed fucking. Why I didn’t, I still to this day don’t know. I simply said, “HEY!!”

She opened her eyes immediately and held her hand to her mouth! Duke looked to his right and started to sit up.

I said, “Don’t you fucking move asshole.”

He didn’t.

Then I looked at my wife and said: “Well I’m sure glad I came home early so I could witness this wonder welcome home.”

I told Duke, that was his name, to sit up now. He rolled my wife off of his cock, which had shrunk sufficiently as he saw the automatic in my hand pointing directly at him. He said, “Wait! Wa ... wa ... wait a minute mister! Hold on now!! Don’t do anything crazy!”

I said, “Shut the fuck up! And get the fuck off my bed!” He did! His cock was completely deflated and covered with thier join wetness.

My wife was crying and saying, “Oh God please!! Please don’t kill us! It’s my fault! Not Duke’s? Please ... please ... please.”

She couldn’t get the words out! I didn’t shoot either of them as I realized she was asking for her lover’s life. I also realized that he was more important to her than I was. So I didn’t do anything crazy. I turned and left leaving them along to finish fucking or whatever they were going to do! I heard my wife say, “Don’t go! Please I want; I need to talk with you! Pleas Ray, don’t go!”

But I did I left and drove to my lawyer’s house, he was also my brother. He filed the papers for me the next day and in a few months it was over. She got nearly nothing, it was a 80/20 split wither getting the house. Her father had helped us get t so it was really hers. The photos were enough for the judge. She had to paid child support and I gave her liberal visitation rights. Yes, I got my baby girl since my ‘loving’ wife was fucking her lover while the kid was in her bedroom. He had a record and that too didn’t sit well with the judge.

A few years later I was driving past the street where I had seen the big truck parked. I pulled up and parked on my old street a few house down from my home. I walked into the back yard and over the hill towards the street. It was dark when I reached his truck. I began to think of ways to destroy it. I did the obvious things like puncturing his oil pan, put dirt in his fuel tank. I released the air out of all his tires on the passenger’s side. Checking the door of his cabin I found it open. So I cut his seats and broke all the glass around the truck. Then I walked back to my car and dove to my now home with my new wife and kids.

I checked with my old neighbors a few weeks later and found out that my ex wife was now riding with Duke around the country in the big rig. But, the neighborhood wouldn’t allow him to park his truck on the street. She was hardly every home.

So about a few weeks later I drove past the house and saw that no one was home. I checked and found she had not changed the locks on the back door. I entered my old house and wondered how I could fuck it up. Going upstairs to the bedroom I looked into the master bathroom. I opened the trap to the hot water closet and with the same ice pick I used on the truck I put two little holes in the hot water tank. Then I left. She was gone for over a week. I found out that she hadn’t paid the homeowner’s insurance and the bill was over $10,300. She never even guessed I was involved.

I smiled now as I watch my two kids play in the yard and my lovely younger wife standing on the deck watching them. Life is good.

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