A Stone for Danny
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Romance and Incest and Tradegy : all in the mix in this tearjerker tale.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control   Incest   Sister   FemaleDom  

The peak wasn’t known worldwide; not an Everest or a Snowdon.

It was on Dartmoor, close to Hay Tor; but didn’t have a name we knew of.

But we did know it was a spot that Danny had discovered for himself.

As we reached the small peak our hands briefly clasped together in achievement.

And having caught our breath and drunk in the mysterious moorland beauty, acknowledged the view was a fitting tribute to Danny.

Shaz pointed to a small pile of stones individuals had left over time; as a memento.

Stooping, I took a small stone, rolled it in my hand; kissed it. I knelt and placed it atop the pile... “ A stone for Danny” I said looking at her.

Danny Loverock and I were best of mates through school and there were few things we didn’t share.

We’d done that bonding ritual of cutting our fingers and mixing the blood as brothers.

We progressed through grades at high school and hung out at the local diner’s.

He reckoned that he was the beef and I the brains of our duo; and times were good for us.

Even my disdainful sister Shirley said I had a good friend in Danny.

Shirley or Shaz as she insisted, was my older sister by two years and she had style.

Her natural bronze hair was enhanced by her sparkling hazel eyes.

She was the kind girl who had a sexy face; because sex occupied her mind. Shaz and me had always tussled around indoors together, wrestle over things and stuff.

Shaz matured early; her rear-end was pure poetry and she was not shy about sex either. This is when I found she was either teasing me or pleasing me; like when she’d called me into her bedroom,

“Hey James, help me with new bra hook will you?”

She was facing her mirror wearing a new black bra which still had the label on it.

My fingers fumbled with the tiny hooks in the small of her back but then she slowly swivelled round to face me.

“Do you think it fits me OK”

Staring at the enticing mounds I coloured up as I swam in her perfume, “Yea, fits you good.” I mumbled.

Looking into my eyes she whispered, “ You can handle them if you like.” While my hands trembled over them, her hand felt over my hardened cock,

“Mmm ... not bad.” she said appreciatively. Then she slipped the bra off.

Her tits were brand new; bright pink nipples provocatively pointing out. “Do you want to suck them James?”

Shaz sure had me on a string.

I was around thirteen when Shaz first jerked me off in the shower.

As she did it she talked dirty; to excite me; it was very effective.

Thereafter you’d say she groomed me; or that I got lucky early.

She would try out various acts on me to see what “ kinks” I had.

It turn out I had several I never knew existed!

But naturally the sex between us was always kept a secret.

I had wait some while before she fucked me good.

It was on Mum and Dad’s bed when they were out.

Shaz got on top; talked dirty and rode me all the way;

I remember her shout when I shot my load,

“Aarh, you ... wicked little ... fucker James!”

Yea, I was fifteen; she was seventeen; it was my first time. I was in secret love-lust with my sister.

Before long though Shaz was in love too – because she had really fallen for Danny!

Well, Danny was a pretty hunky guy by then.

Although I was glad it was him Shaz was taking up with, I felt sexual jealousy even so.

But then Shaz soon found she was pregnant; and defied all advise offered for abortion.

Danny being a decent guy, did the decent thing and Shaz was still seventeen when Danny married her. The baby girl was born four months later.

Those few wonderful years of our youth were at an end.

All three of us had reached the crossroad in our lives.

Upon finishing college, I was taken on by a merchant bank as a trainee. My working apartment was in the city close to the trading market. Before long I became a commodity futures trader.

The work and lifestyle were brash and hectic; I was doing well and making serious money. I got myself a very comfortable retreat to call home.

Only on occasions did I get back to visit Danny and Shaz.

They always looked great and I could only admire their home-life with their daughter Malissa.

Time rolled by and I became fairly wealthy; but something was missing.

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