Fanny Foreplagh and the Fickle Finger of Fate
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Adventures of Fanny in a magical kingdom.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual  

It had come to pass that in a far-away mystical kingdom of orgasmic pleasure, a young female of the species was born to average parents of average merit and average looks in an average mid-sized village. The name of the village is not important to this story and besides it is far too insignificant to even mention.

Fannie’s average father copulated with Fannie’s average mother the average amount of three times each passing of the moon through a recorded full cycle. Her average mother was neither overjoyed by the frequency, nor was she disappointed, in her predictable average way.

In true accordance with the genetic traits of the populace, Fannie’s mother wailed out her orgasmic joy each time her husband managed to pull her trigger of total pleasure.

Unfortunately, young Fannie was not a “chip off the old block” and she seldom thought about matters pertaining to cocks and orgasms because it interfered with her prayers and meditation inspired by the good Father from the big city. The youngish priest was not really cut out for a life of prayer and devotion with vows of celibacy that made him shudder with frustration each night before sleep.

Father X was in line for promotion to Monsignor having caught the eye of the jaded Bishop with his secret hidden agenda.

The good father had transferred from the other parish because of a misunderstanding in his enforcement of penance on a silly young girl with reputed loose behavior in matters of the heart. He felt that his strictness was warranted to save the nubile youngster’s soul in danger of falling head over bum into the fires of Hell.

When Father X first saw Fannie Foreplagh falling to her knees in front of his fully frocked figure, he fought the fearful feeling of finding her feminine folds with his friendly finger fraught with familiar desire for fulfillment. Failing in his fight for forbearance, Father X fell into frenzied fumbling with her feminine flesh filled with frustration at his fateful failure.

Fannie lowered her forehead and felt the fearsome fingers flicking and forcing their way into her flawless flanks with fateful finality. The tears flowed down her facial features as Fannie faced up to her familiar female fate and fought her fragility in the flustered forefront of the frontal assault on her feminine dignity.

The fun-seeking fingers fought fearlessly into Fannie’s flanks and she finally faced the fact that she would find her final solution with insertion of the fingers into her feminine folds.

Eventually the fantasy of fun filled her female body with that long-sought feeling of final freedom and she fluttered and flitted, still kneeling in front of the frenzied priest with frantic fingers feeling her fully freed flanks. She remembered her mother’s silly shouts of fun and frolic from the upstairs bedroom and her father’s smile of satisfaction at the dinner table.

The fickle finger was finally there at her fateful point and she filled the air with her fearsome fantasies of female fashion. She found only the fulfillment of fast-flowing floods falling frantically onto the finished flooring. Felled from the forest far, far away but not forgotten by the folk in the fold.

They repaired to the inner sanctum and the devious man of the cloth fixed her over the well-smoothed bench with her flanks both bare and raised. His training session was of a simple variety that soon relieved the girl of her unwanted flower and filled her with the passion of the average female person of the magical kingdom. Now, she was as one with the others only without the benefit of spouse and that was a dire circumstance in that time and that place.

Father X was a man of great composure and intricate ability to find solutions to matters at hand.

He quickly went through a roster of eligible bachelors and found a man of some degree of good fortune and with a home to shelter the girl with frolicking flanks. The new husband was eternally grateful and generous to the church in matters of giving ten percent of his income to the poor of the parish. The young girl Fannie was soon heavy with child and the good priest wondered if he was the reason because he had continued to tutor the girl in matters of righteous thought and generous dispensing of her female favors.

She had not one, but two, female offspring and they were named Jackie and Jill. When they were old enough to do the chores, they were often sent up the hill to fetch pails of water for the household. They were like two peas in a pod and the only way you could tell the difference was that Jackie usually kept her hair short because she hated to brush it and comb it several times each day like her sister with the hair that came down to her waist.

When they were older, Jackie began to wear mostly trousers and a loose vest. It made her look more like a “Jack” instead of a “Jackie” and the rumors spread that she was really a boy but with the face and figure of a woman. At first, that bothered Jackie, because she was still interested in finding a husband. After some time, Jackie noticed that some of the young girls were quick to give her a hug and a kiss and she realized that perhaps the mistake was not totally wrong.

Her twin sister Jill was not the shy type and she often would steal back behind the barn to show the local lads her “business” providing they returned the favor. In this way, she was able to determine which of the boys was best suited to her taste because she was most attuned to gentlemen with appendages of above average size. She was quite happy with an average man, with an average house and an average attitude about almost everything. Her only desire was that he have an above average shaft to delight her in her nocturnal demands and hit her trigger of excitement more often than not.

Jill’s methods of selection were a huge success and she married a young man with a rod more like a stallion in the barn than a human involved in civilized behavior.

Jackie had seen his business several times because she was still in the household not having a man of her own. It did not fill her with any desire to have such a thing whipping about her person and in fact it scared her a little bit because of its terrible size.

The new husband whose name was Andy made no secret of his attraction to Jackie’s heart-shaped bum that was decidedly more attractive than his spouse’s larger posterior due to the advanced pregnancy. Eventually, Andy worked up the courage to corner Jackie and propose that she take him inside her bum just to “help him out” with his wife incapacitated with her baby production processes.

Jackie was astonished at the man’s effrontery but after thinking about it, she decided to give him a go because he was above all both polite and a gentleman as well.

Jill was not overly enthusiastic about the entire affair but she saw the common sense in it to keep their business inside the family. However, she insisted on watching the entire process just to make certain her sister was not injured and that her spouse did not enjoy himself too much.

Their mother Fannie was uncertain about such tomfoolery but she agreed it was worth a try because Andy was certainly hot to get the sex-deprived Jackie with her bum up high and ready for his entrance.

All four of them were in the large bed ready for the experiment but only Andy and Jackie were naked and ready for action. Both Fannie and Jill were modestly attired in their nightwear and had promised not to interfere with the process. The only one of them that was a bit nervous was Jackie because she was not at all certain if it was a good idea because of the size of Andy’s tool selected to stretch her untested rear door. In a way, she was happy there was no chance of having to take him in the normal entry way because of her sister’s jealous feelings and the reticence of her mother to allow her daughter to copulate with a brother-in-law and risk the chance of inbreeding an offspring. Of course, it wouldn’t be actual inbreeding because they were totally unrelated by blood, only by marriage but the church had a funny way of looking at such things and there was no reason to push their luck.

Both her mother Fannie and her sister Jill took turns in spanking poor Jackie’s naked bottom right in front of the aroused Andy. All Jackie knew was that she felt really hot back there and she could hear the comment and laughter from her family about how red her backside looked in the light of the candles.

She looked over her shoulder and was surprised to see her mother slathering Andy’s prime tool with what looked like bacon grease from the kitchen. Since the scent of the bacon was in the still air, she figured that is exactly what it was.

Jackie realized soon enough that the grease was important to the whole operation because Andy’s huge cock was quick to slide inside her untested pucker without much difficulty. Once inside, everything was a piece of cake after that and she soon had his huge tool buried deep inside her core feeling stretched to the maximum and still trying to decide if she liked it or was disgusted by the entire affair.

Her sister Jill was a bit envious and she buried her fingers into her husband’s hard working bottom forcing him to pound her sister’s backside even harder. Even her mother reached between Andy’s legs to fondle his balls as they slapped into Jackie’s feminine slit from behind. The devious Fannie was pushing the soft balls into Jackie’s slit opening it up and allowing her juices to add to the lubrication that made it all a success.

Suddenly, Jackie was struck with a sensation of tingling down there in her female parts and it surprised her because her brother-in-law’s huge cock was deeply buried in her rectum and not anywhere near her vagina. Of course, her mother was rubbing her slit with Andy’s wet balls but that wasn’t the reason for her fast approaching orgasm. It was the stretching of her nether regions by the male tool that set her off and she knew right then and there that she might be attracted to women but still needed that male tool to make her feel complete. She knew that the females she liked to dally with had some imitation cocks they could strap on and pretend to be boys but it was not quite the same thing with a living shaft of flesh and blood stretching and filling her passageways of pleasure.

She realized that getting Andy to give it to her in the front was not possible with her mother and her sister watching them both so closely but it would be a simple matter to make her body available to one of the farm hands with time on their hands and willing cocks to do the dirty work.

Right now, she could only concentrate on breathing properly because she was panting and sucking in air like some back-alley street girl bending over for a stranger with a few coins in his pocket and a nice long shaft with an inquisitive nature.

When Andy was finished and finally pulled out, she wanted to shout out,

“No, leave it in, it feels so good.”

But she as far too shy to even think about saying such a thing in front of her sister or her mother and decided to pretend that she had a totally average experience.

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