Just a Sec
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Rape, Light Bond, Swinging, Gang Bang, Orgy, Polygamy/Polyamory, White Female, Hispanic Male, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Slow, Violent, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - J.A.M. Aluminum is a successful company with a unique, yet naughty, incentive program for its executives. But, the administrative support staff for these executives seem to have gotten together and linked all the clues that lead to their discovery of this incentive system referred to furtively in whispers as 'The Program,' involving sex on demand. But who would take serious any rumor that is passed along by someone who is 'just a secretary?'

Just so that you know: The Middlebury universe of characters and events originated in the mind of the Great Vulgus, in his classic erotic fiction story, ‘A Chance to Advance.’ In that story line, he introduced the idea of an unusual business incentive practice at a fictional corporation, J.A.M. Aluminum, located in Middlebury, Vermont, called Executive Pussy on Demand (EPOD).

That great original story made this author anxious to enjoy the many other writings of Vulgus, and reading his stories inspired me to begin writing erotic fiction in the first place. With the permission of Vulgus, I used his characters and their life situations as the basis for expanding the Middlebury set of characters to include filling in a gap in his story line with my own short story, ‘Convergence,’ introducing some new characters who join a unique society while attending Middlebury College in my ‘Campus Life’ series, and establishing the set of stories in that grouping under the heading of ‘The Middlebury Chronicles,’ all of which are posted and available at Storiesonline.

The story that follows this introduction views the events that transpired in almost all of the stories in my ‘Middlebury Chronicles’ collection, along with two other stories that Vulgus had staged in the town of Middlebury; but as seen through the viewpoints and experiences of some of the secondary characters, most of whom had already been introduced. If you desire to catch up on those stories so that you do not miss the connections in the story that follows, they are ‘Insomnia,’ ‘Brooke Can’t Drink,’ and ‘My New House and the People Who Came With It.’ Whether you decide to read those background stories or not, I hope that my story below offers sufficient insight into the characters and events to allow the story to be meaningful in and of itself without causing any continuity gaps. With all that said, I truly hope that you enjoy reading ‘Just A Sec.’

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“Mo-o-om!” Haley Crandall said in a chastising tone, “Language, puh-lease!”

Jennifer Crandall, Haley’s mother, breathed deeply, trying to calm herself from the effects of two situations that were crowding her consciousness right then.

First, she needed to try to get her heart out of her throat, figuratively, having just slammed on the brakes as she turned the car slightly to avoid being T-boned by an incoming ambulance. The emergency vehicle had barely missed her car as she was leaving the hospital’s patient and family parking area.

Second, Jennifer was still trying to calm down from her combined anger and anxiety at her daughter and son for causing her to be here in the first place.

“Young Lady,” Jennifer replied to her fifteen-year-old daughter, “you have no right to get all righteous on me right now; especially after...”

Jennifer just shook her head in disgust. She glanced in both directions and then straight ahead, gauging any oncoming traffic from the hospital staff lot on the opposite side of the parking area. Then she turned right, and then right again, to merge with the highway traffic.

Haley, already a junior in high school, despite her young age, wisely kept her mouth shut now and looked at her hands in her lap as they drove. She knew what her mother had been on the verge of saying.

If Haley had not been leading on the super-attractive eighteen-year-old All-State senior football defensive back – the one who had already signed his commitment letter two months ago to play outside linebacker for Boston College next fall – with the heavy indications of Haley’s possible availability for an afternoon sexual interlude ... sigh ... so that she could finally get rid of the stigma of being one of the last virgins in her high school class...

But, at the last minute, Haley had gotten cold feet.

At that point, the senior defensive back had gotten angry and aggressive ... at which time, the super-attractive football player had suddenly lost quite a lot of his previous attraction.

Enter Haley’s brother, Connor, a measly – in her mind – high school freshman, who had heroically, and surprisingly, tried to defend his sister; despite all the shitty things she had said to him over the past couple of years. Not to mention all the ways that she had belittled and marginalized her brother in the recent past.

Connor, for his efforts on behalf of his older sister, had gotten the ever-loving shit beaten out of him by said senior defensive back, aided by one of his teammates, who had been standing nearby when it all started to go down.

According to Connor and Haley, when they were questioned by the staff and the one uniformed policeman at the ER, the enraged defensive back had threatened that ‘Haley, the Little White Bitch,’ was going to be gangbanged by him and some his other eighteen-year-old friends when she had tried to back down from her teasing.

Of course, conveniently, none of the other students within hearing distance of the incident could recall anything about what was said or what had happened ... typical for high school ... and none could corroborate the siblings’ story later when the Vice Principal had inquired. Therefore, a case that could have easily turned into sexual assault and statutory rape never materialized, and neither did the case of aggravated battery – all due to the situation involving no credible witnesses.

For a while there, Haley had been terrified out of her mind. She had been thinking that, not only was her brother being beaten to a pulp, she was going to be the gangbang bitch of at least two horny football players ... maybe more, if they got on their cell phones and began to put out the word to their friends on the team.

And then the ‘School Resource Officer’ – another term for the cop loaned to the school by the local police department – and the Vice Principal had gotten involved relatively quickly to stop the one-sided beating that Connor was enduring – or ‘break up the fight,’ as they both amended their stories when they realized that one or more of the school’s star football players was involved.

Thankfully, someone had the presence of mind to call the EMTs because Connor was barely conscious by now and bleeding from a cut on his lip. No one thought to call for the school nurse, who was right there on campus, too busy dispensing condoms and permission slips for obtaining birth control pills, and handing out daily doses of Ritalin to keep the unruly boys settled down to make discipline easier for the teachers.

One of the faculty members had called Haley and Connor’s mother at work to come to the school to pick up Haley, also letting her know which hospital was the intended location for the ambulance carrying her son, Connor.

And then ... and then ... and then ... sigh ... it was just a mess. And Haley just KNEW that Sally Fortson was going to spread the gossip about Haley’s teasing Deshandre Wilkins, and all about just what a slut Haley was – accompanied by cell phone pictures and commentary; probably already posted on Facebook. After all, what else would you expect from ‘Haley’s kind of people’? Blah ... blah ... blah.

And, sooner or later this afternoon or evening, Haley knew that she would find herself being forced to endure another one of ‘those talks’ from her mother ... the same mother who had given birth to Haley about the time of her turning fifteen herself; so she’d best not sermonize to Haley all night ... sigh ... breathe.

Deep down, Haley realized that her mother had worked hard for years to overcome the bad decisions she had made in her own youth and was really trying hard to raise Haley and Connor right; and she was trying to instill in them some form of appropriately-tuned moral compass.

It was just that, with no dad around – Haley had refused to call Rex ‘Dad’ when he was still with them – her mom was always too busy trying to make a living to deal with the fact that Haley was growing into a beautiful woman and needed a mature woman’s guidance.

But life had been hard, with all of them having to scratch for a living most of their lives, especially when Rex had simply said, “Sayonara,” and left them without any resources. Thankfully, Haley’s mom had landed a job of sorts working part time for the Woodchuck Hard Cider Company here in town before moving to her current job at J.A.M. Aluminum.

Haley and Connor had found themselves having to look out for each other while their mom was working hard to provide for them. Gran had helped a little, but she had passed away a few years earlier. So, Haley and Connor had had to learn to fend for themselves during the already painful middle school and early high school years.

Only now, there was the added pain of the situation they found themselves in, with Connor in the hospital. And with Haley and her actions today being the proximate cause for his being there in the first place.

Jennifer was driving Haley and herself away from the hospital, trying to concentrate on traffic while she continued to think about her shitty life, her daughter’s need of a good spanking, and how long it would take for Connor to recover from his injuries. The boy had a possible minor concussion from a kick above his left ear, along with swelling and pain in his groin area, as well as bruised ribs. The X-rays taken following his initial treatment in the ER had not shown any indications that Connor had sustained any broken bones.

The doctor had recommended that Connor remain in the hospital at least overnight due to the head trauma. That stay could quite possibly extend into the next three days as well, if the effects of the blow proved to be a concussion – or anything more severe than just a head bump.

Haley had no way of knowing the details of what was to follow, but Jennifer, at that moment, was just certain that she was going to have to go all the way up the ladder of the education mafia to the school board in order to deal with the school and the district. After all, they had all demonstrated several times over the past few years their somewhat selective ‘zero tolerance’ rule on violence.

There was no doubt that Connor would be suspended automatically for at least two weeks – and quite possibly for the whole rest of the spring semester – for being the one who had swung first. It did not matter that Connor was standing up to a larger boy who was threatening sexual violence against his sister; Connor was going to be out of school for a while.

Of course, Deshandre Wilkins, the football hero, was facing some discipline as well; but his suspension would probably be only for a week at most; probably in-school suspension at that. And he would be on the receiving end of a ground-swell of sympathy from all the football fans, based on the emotions stirred by the boy’s mother.

At least, in the minds of the student body, it was a relief that it was after football season, so that Deshandre would not be forced to miss playing in any games – after all, football is serious business; and near and dear to the hearts – and wallets and pocketbooks – of many prominent boosters within the local community.

Deshandre’s mother, Kanesha McRae, was the same mother who had a total of six children by four different fathers – and was still single and currently shacked up with another loser. She was evidently envisioning the football success of her bully of a son as her ticket out of poverty. And all the other ills that come about by allowing your mindset to develop over your entire teenage and adult life on the basis of what amounted to the economic and psychological slavery of living continually on the figurative ‘plantation’ of government assistance.

Jennifer was attempting both to drive and to deal with all of these issues warring for preeminence in her mind at the moment. Then there was the encroaching feeling of mild panic over the physical damage her son had sustained and might continue to sustain for the rest of his life. Add to that all the school work that he would be forced to make up and the classes he would miss.

Then, there was concern over whether the company health insurance offered by her employer, J.A.M. Aluminum, was sufficient to cover the coming hospital expenses. But, she had a little better feeling about that than she did about other things right now.

And, finally, there was Jennifer’s frustration and absolute fury at her daughter, Haley, for being at the center of all of this.

Thinking once again about her job at J.A.M. Aluminum, Jennifer could only offer a quick, silent thanks to the powers above for allowing her to get employment at J.A.M. She was grateful as well to be selected for the specific job she had right now, working as the secretary for the former Division Chief of the Fabrication Management Division, and now one of the company Junior Vice Presidents, Mr. Brad Pittman.

And what about Matt? Jennifer wanted to continue with her developing relationship with the man she who was currently seeing. But, would he see all of this mess involving her two teens as just too much drama? Would he bail on her, just as Rex had?

One year earlier.

‘Man,’ thought Brad Pittman, ‘has it been two years already?’

Brad was looking at the simple calendar that lay flat atop the desk in his new office. Yes, as of Thursday last week, he had been working for J.A.M. Aluminum for just two years, and this was already ‘his’ office.

Brad remembered promising his wife, Janice, that he would be able to find a good job AND be close to her while she finished college at nearby Middlebury College. And he had been true to his promise by landing a very fulfilling and well-compensated job with a great company.

Brad and Jan had recently reached the three-quarter-way-there point on paying off the house in town that they both had fallen in love with as a ‘starter’ home two years earlier. It had been a brief battle with the Housing Office at Middlebury College to convince the school officials that Jan should be able to live off-campus for her last two years at the school – with her husband, for goodness sake!

Surprisingly, Brad and Jan had been able to enjoy sufficient marital bliss there while not interfering with Jan’s need to study hard and graduate.

With money from their college fund accounts, that had actually not really been needed for college expenses because of scholarships they had both earned, Brad and Jan had been able to commit a rather large down payment and then mortgage only a small portion of the value of the house; but, a portion, nevertheless, that allowed them to build a basis for a good credit record.

With Jan’s having graduated now, they could finally really begin to experience the American Dream of being together in their own first home, enjoying married life together without the distractions of school. Despite graduating recently from such a prestigious school as Middlebury College, Jan was happy being a stay-at-home wife to her first love, the man with whom she had been in love since they had been young teens.

It also did not hurt that the man in question, Brad Pittman, had proven himself to be quite the young business powerhouse that his company needed at the time he had joined the team at J.A.M. Aluminum. And his compensation had surged considerably in the past two years. They had recently even been able to purchase a three-year-old Buick Lacrosse for Jan to use.

Brad smiled and snorted softly as he remembered the dire warnings of his and Jan’s parents back in Ohio when the two of them had said that they could not wait to graduate, and had married while Jan still had two years of high school remaining and Brad was heading off to Notre Dame. The two lovers had been close ever since they both were young teens, having grown up as next-door neighbors.

The two of them had gotten even closer romantically while Brad was a junior in high school and Jan was a freshman. This attachment had started right after that first night when Brad had turned off his bedroom light and had observed the bedtime preparations of the pretty redhead next door, across the relatively short distance between their two homes.

When Jan had taken off her clothes to put on her night clothing, standing naked in her bedroom, and had done so with the light on while standing in front of her window, Brad had begun pounding away at his erect cock. He was excited and surprised to see that the beanpole of a girl who had lived next door to him for years was now displaying a woman’s body – and a very sexy one at that.

And when Jan did it again the next night, while looking out her window into the night, knowing for sure that Brad MUST be able to see her beautiful naked body, and that rapidly developing red bush ... Wow!...

They had played childhood games together in their pre-teen years; and had spoken, argued, and interacted often as neighbors do. But, after the nightly exhibitionist episodes began, Brad had immediately begun to think about starting a more serious relationship with the now-rapidly-developing and suddenly-very-spicy redhead next door.

It did not take long at all after the initial nightly sexually tantalizing displays for the two of them to begin dating. And it was not long after this began that they were bouncing around in the back seat of Brad’s car, giving each other their virginities, and teaching each other what pleased them sexually.

And the nightly peep shows continued as well, to the delight of both.

Brad and Jan’s announcement of marriage plans while they both were still in high school had surprised not only their parents, who had tried vainly to talk them out of it, but their friends in school as well. There was no doubt in the minds of everyone that this was a teenage marriage doomed to failure. Some just thought that Brad had probably knocked her up.

All the naysayers and skeptics had been SO wrong! Even with Brad off at college in South Bend, and later with Jan attending prestigious Middlebury College in Vermont, the couple had taken every opportunity to stay in touch by snail mail, email, Skype, and telephone. They had worked hard to schedule things so that they could get together to tear up the bed sheets during holidays and over many long holiday weekends as well.

“You have been the new Division Chief for five whole days, Sweetie,” Jan told him as she looked around Brad’s new office in the late Monday afternoon sunlight that shone through his office window. She noticed with dismay that the place was barren of anything that clearly stated that this office was HIS now.

“It’s about time that you staked your claim here as the man in charge, Mr. Division Chief,” Jan said with a look that Brad had come to know only too well. She was horny, and she had something up her sleeve – besides her arm. “And I brought some things here to add a personal touch to the place.”

With that, Jan swung the cloth shopping bag she had been holding behind her back around in front of her so that Brad could see it.

“I brought some pictures of us so that folks can not only see that this is your office, but also realize that you are happily married,” Jan said with emphasis, “and when I say ‘folks,’ I especially mean any of the very attractive female employees that I have seen around the plant recently.” With that final phrase, she had eased up to within inches of her handsome husband, getting into his personal space.

It had only been a week since the announcement that Brad had been promoted; and only five calendar days since he had formally taken over his new office.

“Hon,” Brad said with his brows furrowed as if he were being serious, “you know that my heart belongs only to you.” Jan’s face broke out into a beaming smile.

“And, anyway,” Brad continued, as his expression took on more of a humorous aspect, “If I WERE to get involved with someone of the female gender here at work, it would just be sex. After all, you are the only one in the world who could claim my true and deepest love for all of eternity. You know that.”

Pretending to be shocked for a couple of seconds, until Brad began to show that he was concerned that he may have gone too far and hurt his beloved, Jan suddenly laughed out loud and jumped into his arms, kissing him all over the face.

Brad, relieved, began to laugh along with his exuberant twenty-two-year-old wife. He said, between kisses, “Hon, please; decorum. I am a manager now, and the door is wide open behind you. What will my employees think?”

“They will probably think that you married a hot little redhead who can’t keep her hands off her man; and she wants to reestablish her claim to him daily,” Jan replied with a sultry tone in her voice. Saying that, she removed her arms from around Brad’s neck, dropped her feet to the floor, and turned toward the open doorway. Moving toward it, she looked back over her shoulder at him with one of her sexiest smiles.

Brad could not help but stare and gulp as Jan swished her gorgeous ass as she walked away from him.

Jan closed and locked the door and then said, as she turned back to her husband and began to remove her blouse, “But we should probably be a bit more discreet while we really christen this office in the proper manner.”

They were both naked and in each other’s arms within a matter of seconds as they proceeded to initiate activities on the now-barren surface of Brad’s desk. As he was still so new in the job, the desktop was so empty that it did not even have a name plate or even Jan’s picture on it at the time he had moved in.

Over the next hour, the couple put every horizontal surface in the office to use in some manner while they fucked like animals.

After they finished, with both having experienced mind-blowing orgasms – several on Jan’s part – she said, “Sweetie, I love you so much and I want you to know that I am so proud of you for what you have accomplished in just two short years.” She kissed Brad and tried to probe his mouth with her tongue; as if her wiggly little appendage could read Braille lettering on the inside of his cheeks.

Breaking off the kiss and the sexy embrace, Brad reluctantly pushed himself back, allowing his semi-hard, spent cock to slip out of Jan’s pussy. Both sets of sex organs glistened with their combined juices.

“That was ... intense, I gotta say,” Brad said to his wife and lover as Jan rose up from the couch where they had finished their romp.

“Yeah,” Jan agreed, as she cupped her hand under her pussy as she rose. “You don’t happen to have ... ah,” and then she saw the box of tissues on the credenza behind Brad’s desk and reached over to pull out a handful. She wiped Brad’s cum that was beginning to leak out of her pussy with the first few tissues, and actually shoved a couple of more of them up between her pink pussy lips before walking over and retrieving her skirt and blouse from the clothing pile to which they had both contributed earlier in their haste.

“I hope what we just did reminds you just a teeny bit of what it is you have at home,” Jan said with a grin as she dressed. “Or anywhere else you want to do me, Lover. I don’t ever want to have to worry about you being attracted to any other women here at work when you have me at home.”

Brad had already zipped up his pants and had just pulled his undershirt back over his head. He stood up, dropping the shoe he had been about to put on, and took his bride in his arms.

“Sweetie, I am a guy, after all. You know that there might be other women who are attractive to me.” He kissed his wife before she could reply, and continued, “But NONE could ever take me away from you. You have owned my heart ... uh,” he gasped lightly as Jan’s hand lightly cupped his balls while he continued to speak in a very loud whisper, “and my cock and balls...” and they both smiled at each other as he completed his thought, “since we were both in high school.”

Letting go of his package, Jan put both arms lightly across his shoulders and looked sincerely into his eyes. “I know, My Darling.” Kissing him softly, Jan said, “It just feels like an eternity each day between the time when you leave for work and when you get home in the evenings. And I guess that leaves me with a lot of time on my hands to worry about you and what you might be doing here at the office.” Then she got that impish look on her face and said, “Or WHO you might be doing.”

They both chuckled at Jan’s ribald sense of humor. But Brad realized that simply discussing the idea of sex with others was not something that was entirely off limits for the two of them.

Remembering their two ‘special’ sexual escapades during their college years, involving threesomes with another man on both occasions, Brad knew that any sexual dalliances outside the bounds of marriage would need to include the both of them with the new third party – or other parties, for that matter.

In any other case, any sexual activities involving others would require clear, unambiguous permission from the other partner – and a lot of reassuring discussions – beforehand, if one or both of them wanted to experiment – something they had discussed briefly and obliquely on more than one occasion when they had both had a little too much wine.

But neither of them had actually taken any first steps toward beginning to get involved with that type of situation in reality – yet.

“And as for any female WHOs,” Jan went on with her sexy smile, “I want to make sure they see, from these pictures that I brought for your office, that you actually DO have a wife, and are ... Very. Happily. Married.” As she emphasized each of the last three words, Jan had reached into the bag she had brought along, and placed an object on Brad’s desk.

When he looked over that the three objects, Brad could see that they were actually very nicely and professionally framed photographs. One showed Jan and Brad during the honeymoon in Montreal that they had delayed until Jan had graduated from High School. Another frame held a glamor shot of Jan with bare shoulders shot from a spot just above her breasts extending to just above her head, with a smoky screen background This made it appear as if she had been nude when the shot was made (actually, she had been, but the picture itself only tweaked the imagination and made the viewer guess).

On the wall behind Brad’s desk, Jan now hung the third picture; the one that she referred to as their ‘inside joke’ shot. In it, she was holding the white lattice framework that she and Brad had hammered together and painted so that it simulated a window frame of sorts. She had dressed in one of her sexy but not too revealing nightgowns, and Brad had taken the photo of her smiling – actually leering – through the framework with her own distinct and special sexy teasing facial expression.

Thus, they would always be reminded of Jan’s naughty nocturnal shows to Brad across the short gap between the upstairs windows of their houses next door to each other back when they had been teenage neighbors.

“Have you picked a secretary yet?” asked Jan as she put her shoes on, having now completed her dressing, with the exception of the thong that she had left dead center on Brad’s desk. He smirked and pretended to ignore it, but they both knew that, before they left the office today, he would have to conceal the evidence of their sexual tryst in one of the desk drawers, or else in his briefcase.

“Not yet,” Brad responded, “but I’ll begin working on selecting one whenever HR sends over the list of applicants.” He sniffed the office air as he glanced at the box of tissues that Jan had just put to use wiping up the residue of their frenzied coupling from her pussy. He would have to remember to empty his small office trash can into the dumpster out back at the end of the day so that the used tissues that smelled so much like sex would not continue to provide an embarrassing ‘potpourri’ there in his office; or alert the cleaning crew.

“Be sure to pick an ugly one,” Jan teased. Before Brad could respond, his wife continued, “Oh, I know there are really no ugly ones around here...”

“Uh...” Brad interrupted, and then, assuming a lecturing voice and raising one index finger, he said, “This is Vermont, after all. We do NOT have what you so disparagingly called ‘ugly’ people; just those who are ‘photographically challenged.’ You do realize this, of course?”

They both chuckled at their often-shared views on some of the absurdities and extremes to which some folks carried their political correctness, despite the mild Democrat political leanings of both of them. Jan smirked as she continued where she had left off.

“I just don’t want you to be distracted by a sexy secretary to the point that you can’t get any work done around here. After all,” Jan said as her smile grew, “you DO want to move up someday to be President of this place; right?”

Brad chuckled and said, “Let’s just shoot for my doing a good enough job to remain in place as a Division Chief without getting fired first. Then we can worry about any other advancements.

“Anyway,” Brad continued, “first, I would have to move through the ranks, just like all the others; and I have to work hard to earn each promotion as well. I mean, Mr. Morris is not even going to let me be the janitor here, much less a Junior Vice President eventually, if I fall on my ass in my first real management job.

“And part of doing that well involves hiring a competent secretary to manage my time, travel, and paperwork for me. That way, I can spend time looking ... well ... managerial,” Brad said, holding his head at an angle and pointing to the ceiling with his right index finger, in a pose reminiscent of the Tin Man in ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ This elicited another delightful chuckle from Jan, to which Brad responded with one of his own.

“Oh,” Jan said, now with a serious look, “I wouldn’t worry about your falling on your ass in this job, Honey. I just know that you are going to WOW them with your continued efforts here.”

Jan arched one eyebrow and continued, “Then, in a couple of years, we may be able to earn enough to afford some other luxuries, I mean in addition to my own recently-acquired set of wheels.”

Brad winced at Jan’s little barb. Having had only one car between them for a while, a two-year-old Subaru – the unofficial ‘State Car of Vermont’ – that Brad now drove to work, had not really caused any problems early on. It had just taken some regular preliminary planning for their daily activities.

So far, Jan was usually content to remain around the house during the day, reading, doing the light housework that their home needed, and learning to cook more and different types of foods – she had gotten on a real healthy diet kick lately and had discovered some really tasty and healthy paleo dishes at some of the websites she frequented when she was surfing the web.

And Jan and Brad went out often enough that she did not feel too tied to the hearth and home. Also, she had become sufficiently adept at online shopping that, with the cooperation of her local grocery store – one that participated in the program – Jan could order the groceries that they needed and wanted from the grocery store online, and the items would be bagged and waiting for either Jan to retrieve or for Brad to pick up on the way home, with the bill paid by credit card online. They would simply drop off a set of their environmentally-friendly reusable cloth grocery bags and pick up the filled ones.

“Honey,” Brad assured his bride, “I am glad that we were able to solve the problem of your having a car of your own. As for affording other luxuries, we will just have to see.” With that, he kissed Jan quickly on the lips and then placed the telltale thong in his briefcase and snapped it shut. He then retrieved his keys from the credenza. “Now, let’s get out of here and get to our dinner reservations.”

As they gathered their things – Jan’s purse and Brad’s briefcase – Brad stepped back to pick up the bag liner for the small trash can so that he could dump the smelly evidence of their sexual activities this afternoon in the outside trash receptacle on their way out to their cars. They would drop his Subaru off at home and continue on to dinner in her roomier Buick.

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