Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Fantasy turns to reality. One must take advantage of opportunity.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Romantic   NonConsensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Light Bond   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Enema   Nudism  

I wonder sometimes about people. Why is it that some seem to choose a life not quite solitary but not full of life either? I think of one of these folks, a young women, often.

R, I’ll call her, is in her early thirties. Not exactly beautiful. A nose a bit out of place for her face, perhaps an extra ten pounds or so on her frame, I think of her as ripe rather than overweight, curves in good places.

She’s very well educated, wonderfully conversational, interesting, and I’m pretty sure totally inexperienced sexually, at least with men. I say this not knowing if she’s gay, but having known her since she was a young woman, I’ve never known her to have a relationship more than just friendly with a man, and never picked up any messages that she’s gay.

R always dresses conservatively, but just on the verge. Her breasts are a bit large, almost pillowy but not quite. She never wears low-cut tops, but those that barely hint at what might be. You know what I mean – a quick movement and they shake a bit at the top. Sometimes, though rarely, there’s the shadow of a nipple. Never pronounced, but enough to make me wonder what color they are, how large they are, whether they’re sensitive or not. She doesn’t wear tight skirts or pants, but not loose either. Very nice buttocks and thighs – there would be a beautiful thigh-gap if she lost those ten pounds. And I wonder if she’s ever had an orgasm.

Speculation – fantasy if you like – is one matter, reality is another. Fun but unsatisfying at best. One of my dreams was if I could one day test my idea that there is passion beneath her surface? What began as musings grew into my fantasy to test my theory. R is an only child, close to her parents but always seeming to chafe under the control they wanted over her life. “Why don’t you date?” “You should have a better job!” But she never really rebelled, just lived a life that she wanted to. Oh. Did I mention that her parents are neighbors of mine?

I knew it would never happen but I had so much fun thinking about it, planning, considering various scenarios. I didn’t know how I would do it – capture her to test my theory about her, but I knew that if I could ever ensnare her she could never know it was me. So to begin with I purchased a supple leather hood which covered eyes and ears completely. There were built-in speakers at each ear. Since hers would be a short captivity I wasn’t concerned about a locked room or a cell. Since I lived alone in a large enough home I would simply set up a very comfortable massage table on which R could be restrained. Soft leather wrist and ankle cuffs would enable me to hold her securely yet give me the flexibility to move her easily. A wide leather belt would be around her waist. Metal rings on the belt would enable me to secure her arms. A short, fine chain between her ankle cuffs would prevent any kicking or quick movement. A few toys also would make my test more interesting. Nipple clamps, a couple of vibrators and an assortment of fine massage oils completed my tool kit.

All of this had been fun up to a point. But jerking off to a fantasy eventually gets boring. I wasn’t ever planning to do anything. Until one Saturday evening. I walk my dog every night. He’s a small – about twenty-five pound – a cute as hell mutt. R’s parents were out of town so I was keeping an eye on their house. There was a car in their driveway. It was R’s. There she was, passed out & smelling like margueritas, behind the steering wheel. Shock soon gave way to a plan - and a quickly swelling cock. I opened the passenger door and moved her over. I drove her car a few doors down to my house and drove her car into my garage. She was breathing regularly but I felt I had to move quickly. Carrying her into the house was no small chore – she wasn’t petite!

After setting up the massage table I first placed the cuffs on her wrists & put the wide belt around her waist. I secured her wrists to the rings on either side of the belt and her ankles to the table, and secured the hood. Since only her eyes and ears were covered I wasn’t concerned with her breathing. A sharp knife made quick work of cutting away her clothing. It was tormenting to not stop to touch, but I had to secure her to the table quickly since she was beginning to stir. I sat and waited stroking my cock through my pants. She stirred more now and suddenly tried to sit up but was stopped by her restraints. She began to scream. I don’t think she noticed yet that she was naked. I turned on the microphone and was wearing that altered my voice and fed directly in to the speakers in her hood. I spoke quietly. I asked her repeatedly if she was comfortable, yet she understandably kept screaming. I finally got up and placed my hand over her mouth to quiet her. I explained that if she kept screaming I would have to gag her and explained how uncomfortable this could be. I had a ball gag with a strap available – one that had a large hole through the gag for her to breath, but also for her to be able to suck. She quieted.

“Are you warm enough?”

“Yes. What have you done? Why am I here? Please let me go! Please don’t hurt me!”

I explained to R that her kidnapping was purely opportunistic, that I had no intention of hurting her and that I only had the intention of, if I could, bringing her intense pleasure and enjoying her body for myself in the process. I told her that she would be released in forty eight hours or less, unhurt. I assured her (I know she did not believe me) that I would not cause her any physical pain except in the name of pleasure, and hopefully any emotional pain would be outweighed by the pleasure I was hoping to give her.

I’ve read enough on-line porn to know how captured women amazingly turned into orgasm machines writhing in pleasure within minutes of being stimulated. I knew this was bure bull. So I planned to work very slowly. R was quietly sobbing, so very frightened. I was surprised that I found this a slight turn-on. I told her I was going to touch her. I reached for some massage oil, not warmed intentionally. I wanted the slight coolness to be a jolt to her.

I began with her hands. After working each of her fingers individually and then her hand, I told her I would release one of her arms if she promised to behave. Telling her that I would punish her quieted her. I released her arm and started massaging it first using long strokes then a bit harder, deep massage through her tenseness. After about 10 minutes I refastened her left arm and worked on her right. She was quiet, crying. I fastened her arm to the table and moved to the end of the table close to her feet. Immediately she went from calm to hysterical, screaming and sobbing. I let her go on. After a time she seemed to calm, sobbing quietly.

Her legs were secured to the table just below her knees so I had easy access to her feet and calves. This time I warmed the massage oils a bit and began working on her feet, using pressure points I knew from having my own massages. She began talking, so softly I couldn’t make it out. A tiny bit louder and I heard:

“You’re going to rape me.”

Over and over. I stopped, stood up and put my hands on her face – one gently on either side. I came close and said that I was not going to do any such thing. I was just going to give her pleasure she may never have had before. She again became subdued.

I continued my massage on the other leg and she seemed to fall asleep. I whispered to her that I would like to loosen one of her legs, and reminded her that she would be punished if she tried to kick me. As soon as her leg was loose she, as expected, lashed out with it. I was well out of range. She immediately began screaming, knowing a punishment was coming. I didn’t say anything. The room was slightly cool. She was naked, spread open.

So vulnerable. She had amazing nipples. The areola were just poker chip sized, but the nipple itself in its half engorged state were at least ½ inch long. I didn’t touch her, but picked up an ordinary alligator clip – the kind many of us use as a roach clip. Without warning I opened it and carefully clamped it on to her left nipple. Response was immediate, even though I’m sure it wasn’t too painful.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry” the crooning went on and on.

She sobbed. Not totally because of the discomfort, but because the helplessness had finally dawned on her. She was out of control, utterly without hope. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the pain. I had tried it on my own nipple. It was a surprise at first – the initial pinch was a shock – but then it was more annoying than anything. But she had never, I thought, even pinched a nipple. Everything, every part of her body, was unexplored even by herself.

After she settled into gentle, quiet crying I shocked her again by placing the other slightly tighter clip on her right nipple. Shock again. More discomfort, even a bit of pain. I let her lie there in silence for about 20 minutes. I took the clip off of the left nipple. It stood up beautifully, red, swollen, ripe. I’ve read about the pain in nipples after being clamped. I always thought it was exaggerated. Apparently not. It’s not so much the intense pain, I think, as the irresistible need to rub the breast, an itch, though that she couldn’t scratch. After ten minutes the other clip came off. Same frustrated reaction.

But she calmed and began talking. Asking questions. Wondering out loud, again, when she was going to be raped. I told her that I could have raped her several times over during the past few hours but hadn’t. I pointed out that I had not touched her sexually at all. My flesh had not touched her nipples. I told her that whether she believed it or not, I only want to bring her pleasure.

“Don’t worry”, I said, “about emotions. This is about your physicality, your body’s reaction to the stimulation I’m giving you. You may not realize it, but you’re already reacting as I thought. You hate the word, but your pussy betrays the beginnings of your arousal. No need for guilt, it’s not your fault.”

She whispered something else, barely audible.

“I have to pee.” I had considered this, how she would react to this humiliation.

“I’ll help you.”

I got a bedpan – the Plexiglas type that I could actually fit over her pussy, with little chance of any spills.

“Relax.” She raised her voice. “No, I can’t”.

I placed my hand as gently as I could on her tummy – just below her navel - and began to gently massage her, just with four fingers, pressing into this ripe flesh. Did I mention that she was quite hairy? But where I was feeling, the fuzz was tantalizingly fine, just enough to give a sensual texture to my fingers. She writhed, again crying loudly but with no words. I continued silently and watched her pussy through the clear container. First a drip, then a stream, then a torrent I could feel and hear. She reacted in a surprising way, almost as she had just experienced an orgasm. You know that feeling. You had to pee so badly that when you finally do the relief is palpable, your eyes roll a bit, you enjoy the intense feeling. “Thank you.” She whispered.

“Are you thirsty. Hungry?”

She nodded. I placed a bottle of cold water to her lips.

“Are you hungry?”


“Are you still worried about being so exposed to me?”


“Are you at all aroused?”

“No!” she almost shouted.

“Then why are your pussy lips starting to swell?”

I moved close enough to her cunt that she could feel my breath on it.

“I can smell you. Your scent is exciting.”

She sobbed. I went to her free leg again and without words again started to massage her. She jerked when I touched her – her calf and the back of her knee. As I gently held her leg I reached for some massage oil I had in a warmer. I knew she was cold. Her nipples looked painfully gorged. She had goosebumps over her body. I dripped the warm oil over her knee and calf. Rubbing so softly I watched her face. Her eyes were closed. After only a couple of minutes I could see a change in her. Not happy, by any means. But her brow had eased and she actually looked relaxed. About 10 minutes later I gently put her leg down, refastened her restraint and began on the other leg. She didn’t move. I began talking.

“I don’t think you’re asleep. You seem more relaxed. That’s good. In the coming hours I hope you experience pleasure. It gives me joy to see you spread and vulnerable, your pussy flowering, your juices flowing. You’re going to find this enjoyable, physically. I’m not interested in capturing your mind. Just exploring your erotic, even carnal side. So let yourself go. Put aside your humiliation. Enjoy yourself.

I began with the warm lavender scented oil again, this time beginning above her knee, working the oil into her muscles, coming close to but never touching the junction, working to relax and sooth. Ten or so minutes on her left side, then her right. As I moved closer to her pussy she moved her hips. It was almost imperceptible, but she raised them. I told her I was going to let her turn over. This would involve giving her enough slack to turn over, but allowing me control. She turned over without argument. I uncrossed her restraints one at a time and left some slack. She could move her arms and legs some, but not enough to strike out at me.

“You have a beautiful rear. That spot where your thigh meets your butt – that crease – is almost irresistible. I’ll be kissing that later.”

She clenched her cheeks and pushed her hips into the table. I don’t think she even knew she did it.

“I saw what you just did, squeezing your ass muscles and trying for more contact to the table. Good.”

This time I started on her shoulders, giving my version of a deep massage. I soon moved to where every stroke was caressing the sides of her breasts.

I moved down. Her butt cheeks. I poured the oil into her crack and began touching her as intimately as I yet had done. In the junction of labia and leg, then into her crack, spreading her open so her rosebud was feeling the cool air. She clenched. “NO!” she growled.


“Please ... NO! Not there!”

I massaged her ass, each time moving a finger across her rosebud, reveling in her ripeness & discomfort. I could clearly smell her aroma. She was aroused. I hadn’t touched her pussy. My next pass over her hole I paused, pushed so carefully, my finger opening her just a bit.



I just left my finger where it was, barely in her, my other hand deeply massaging her glistening ass. Her hips were moving – just a bit, but moving nevertheless.

“Please. Take your finger out!”


“It’s dirty. Shouldn’t be there. The way you’re making me feel is evil. I can’t stand it.”


“I feel...”

“Horny? The overwhelming need to come? Ready to explode but I won’t let you?”

She started to cry again. Her hips pumped, looking for contact then stopped. She screamed.


I pulled my finger out of her ass and spanked her ass. Hard. Again. Hard. And she came. She convulsed and screamed. I let her lay briefly. She was alternately gasping and moaning, twitching her hips. I had an erection so powerful that I couldn’t touch it for fear I’d spurt immediately. I stripped my clothes off then continued a two handed massage of her ass. As she quieted I began talking to her.

“Thank you so much for showing me how powerfully you can cum. Have you ever had an orgasm like that? Did you enjoy it? Did you enjoy it despite being, as you say, raped? You came without me touching your clit. Can you imagine what your next one will be like? Or when I’m eating your pussy?”

She jerked – hard - and pressed her hips into the table. She began whispering.

“I’m losing my mind. You’re raping me in the worst possible way. You’re forcing my body to betray everything I stand for. Your raping my mind, my inner core. My head says that my life is over. My body craves another orgasm like that. It was as though I’d die if I didn’t get it and I’d die when I did. Please let me go. Please make it happen again. Please don’t tease. Please tease me.”

“Do you feel this?”

I pushed my cock against her hip. She tried to jerk away.

“I can’t stand the teasing either. I’m going to jerk off and cum on your face. I’ll be the first man to do that to you. That excites me even more. You’ll feel it, smell it, maybe even taste it. That will be up to you.”

I moved up to her head and began stroking, trying to control the urge to cum. She shook her head from side to side trying to avoid the inevitable.

She pleaded. I wanted to feel her lips on my cock. I was surprised that I didn’t have to force her head around to face my cock. Gentle pressure did that. It was a delicious feeling, her pursing her lips so tightly trying to keep it out of her mouth. When my first spurt shot out I grabbed her hair so she couldn’t move away from it. Five overwhelming spurts covered her lips, then chin to forehead. I slumped. I let her go & she immediately turned her head away. I had coated her face, and especially her lips with my cum. She jerked her head up and held it, and her breath, but inevitably gave in to gravity and put her cheek down into a still warm puddle of cum.

“This is wrong.”

“Here. For you.” I swiped my finger across her cheek, then placed the tip on her lips. She tried to keep it out of her mouth, but I wiped her teeth with it. I could tell that she wanted to bite me. I warned her about a punishment. She slowly opened her lips, then her mouth, then began sucking, then began pumping her hips, then gently, almost playfully began nipping at my finger. I slowly pulled it out. She whispered.

“Are you going to punish me? I bit your finger. I’ll do it again.”

“Yes. I’ll punish you again. But first I’m going to clean you. Are you thirsty?”

She nodded yes and took a long drink from the bottle as I held her head up. I began changing her restraints, attaching each wrist cuff to the rings on her belt. The short chain holding her ankles would keep her from kicking or running. I helped her up. She was a bit unsteady having been lying there for a few hours and having had a giant cum recently. I walked her into the master bathroom where I had an oversized shower with several heads including the overhead “rain” shower and a hand-held wand.

“Do you know I’m still naked? Seeing you like this, exposed, your chest flushed, cum on your face, do you have any idea how erotic you are?”

She reddened even more. I thought I noticed her squeezing her thighs together. I had her sit on a shower seat.

“What should your punishment be for biting?” Silence. I turned on the shower. She yelped when the cold water hit her, but sat, head down, thighs open a bit. I only did this for a few seconds – my heart isn’t in to punishment. I adjusted the water to the way I liked it – just short of too hot. She raised her face to the stream. I thought I heard something akin to a purr.

“Stand up.”

I pushed the stool back and got in behind her. I pulled her gently so her backside was up against me and my cock was pressing into her ass crack. I reached around and just started rubbing. Never touching her breasts, I ran my hands down to her abdomen and massaged. I pressed and rubbed. It was a perfect feeling – softness, firmness, slight texture. She kept her head bowed. She asked me to stop – she had to pee. Badly.

“Please spread your feet as far as you can.” She did.

“Squat enough to pee.”

“Please ... NO. I can’t”

“Yes, you can and you must. You can’t hold it much longer.”

For the first time my hand touched her pussy, but I only was cupping it. My other was pressing on her bladder. She shuddered and I felt a little rivulet down there, followed by a torrent. I cupped my hand tighter and made her pee run down her legs. She pushed almost violently into my hand, craving the pressure that would let her cum.

“Why are you sobbing?”

I held her, comforted her, shushed her crying as I would a baby’s.

“You’ve been here for 4 hours with me. I hope by now you know that I won’t hurt you. I know this is rape. I know that you’re feeling infinitely violated. But you’re also feeling pleasure – intense craving. That’s good. What’s bad is your denial. But it’s also OK.”

I washed her with a washcloth, avoiding her pussy but rasping it across her sensitive nipples. I spend time making sure her ass was spotless – inside to a knuckle, and out. She was whimpering. Her whole body had become hypersensitive to my touch. I had her sit again and turned on the water wand and placed it between her legs, pointing it at her pussy. The jet was enough to stimulate and clean, but I didn’t think it would be enough to make her cum. I washed her hair, massaging her scalp. The pulsating water wand was really charging her up, at first gradually, but her fuse got shorter & shorter. I moved the wand & she screamed, her loudest & most primal yet.

“NOOOOOO! PLEASE!!!! I just kept rubbing her scalp & neck waiting for her to quiet. I rinsed her hair and turned off the water I used a large bath sheet to dry her, again gently scrubbing her nipples with the soft cloth. She started to cry again.

“Why are you crying?”

“Because I feel so good, so alive, and what your doing - & you - are wrong. You’re a monster. Why do I feel this way? Why am I desperate to cum, craving your touches. Hating myself for feeling the way I do.”

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

“See – you are truly a monster. You want my permission to rape me. I won’t say it. You’ll do it anyway.”

“Do what?”

“I’ll never say it.”

“Come. It’s time to eat. I have something light for you. You have a busy time ahead.” I sat her at a table and fed her. I ate with her. She sucked my fingers clean. Reluctantly at first, but then willingly. I reminded her of her nudity – pinching a nipple, lifting and caressing her breasts. She leaned into every stroke.

“I know this is very indelicate, but after we eat you’re going to have to take a shit. I really don’t want any accidents on the table and neither do you.”

She turned bright red – totally humiliated

“You can’t watch. I won’t do it in front of you.”

“OK, how about an enema then. That would be fun.”

She tried to jump up. I stopped her, held her down.

“I’m begging you not to do this. Fuck me. OK I said it. Fuck me. But don’t take that last shred of dignity. Please.”

“Let’s go to the bathroom.”

She sat on the commode until I thought her legs would go numb, and finally, with a sigh, emptied herself. Her discomfort as I cleaned her made the unpleasantness more than bearable. I walked her back to the table with a hand on her ass, finger in her crease. I strapped her down on the table without comment, removed the chain from her ankle cuffs, and pulled her legs up, knees bent and refastened the ankle cuffs so that she was completely exposed, Her engorged pussy had leaked over her inner thighs. I prepared her enema, but didn’t say anything. The water was gently warm. Before I inserted the nozzle I took a turkey baster to which I had attached a tube. I squeezed the bulb on the baster & sucked up a half ounce of vodka I had warmed to about body temperature. I didn’t want her drunk, just more relaxed, looser. inserted the narrow tube in her ass & squeezed it into her bowels. I waited, enjoying the feeling of my cock rubbing on the outside of her thigh. I hefted her breasts & continually stretched her nipples away from her body.

“What am I feeling? You drugged me. Whywhywhywhy. Did you poison me? Please don’t kill me. I don’t want to die!”

I didn’t drug you. I squirted a bit of vodka up your butt. Alcohol in your ass acts almost instantly – that’s what you’re feeling. Just enjoy the buzz.”

After lubing the enema nozzle I slowly pushed it past her ring. She cried out.

“NO! You promised. Please!!”

“I never promised anything but to give you pleasure. You’re going to enjoy this.”

There was about two quarts of water in the bag. As the nozzle entered her I massaged her abdomen and ass. She began to groan, then hold her breath and expel, then push her rosebud against the nozzle. Her tummy began to show the load it was holding. I warned her to hold it while I pulled the nozzle out and quickly inserted a larger, pre-lubed butt plug. She screamed.

“What is that? Take it out. It hurts. Please.”

“Do you think my cock will hurt as much?”

The plug stayed in for about another five minutes. I walked her to the toilet, had her squat and removed the plug. As she expelled, she moaned – sensually – as if it felt almost orgasmic. I cleaned her once again and took her back to the table.

“I might eat your ass today. Put my tongue in your hole. Lick you. Then give you the deepest kiss. Would you like that? I’m going to shove my prick into your ass – come in your bowels while I flick your clit.”

My cock felt like steel. I felt her breasts, hefting their weight, pressing my palms into them. I held her nipples and rolled them until they felt like rough pebbles. I grabbed them and pulled, distending her tits.

“MMMMFFF. Please.”

“Please what?”

“Please. Don’t. Please. Hurts. Please ... make me cum,” she screamed.

“Yes, my darling. I will. You will be satisfied. I promise.”

I moved up to her head and gently kissed her – no tongue, just little pecks repeated. I moved again and pressed her head toward me. I pressed my cock into her cheek.

“Do you know what that is?” She nodded.

“Would you like to put it in your mouth?” She nodded again.

I pressed gently against her lips. They opened ... grudgingly, then I felt her tongue gently lapping at my pee hole. Then she nursed on my prick, first quietly, then with a passion. It was so intense I had to pull out.

“I don’t want to cum in your mouth ... yet. Are you a virgin?”


“How many times?”

She hesitated, almost embarrassed. “Twice.”

I was amazed. “Twice only?” I asked.

She blushed & nodded. “First when I was 18. I got drunk and fucked by someone I thought I really liked. Turns out I didn’t like him at all. The other time was a few years ago. In L.A. for business. I had too much to drink. Again. Picked up a guy in the hotel bar. We went up to his room. With his girlfriend. He fucked me. I was so wet and horny but couldn’t cum. She wanted me to eat her. I couldn’t, but she ate me, sucked me, bit my clit and I came. Hard. But nothing like you did to me.”

“Do you masturbate?”

“Not any more. Can’t get myself off.”

“I think you’re one of the most sensuous, lush people beings I’ve ever known.”

“Thank you ... Ray.”

I became almost faint. My heart raced, I began sweating.

“Why do you say that?” If my voice wasn’t masked she would have heard it shaking.

“I know it’s you. You’re too nice. I knew it was you when you got in the shower and cleaned me. You’re just so big – not your cock, but your whole body. The way you talk, your inflection. I just knew.”

I had to sit. I was shaken. I thought I would be able to ride out this fantasy, release her in a safe way and get on with my life. Hurting her never occurred to me, but a life in prison did.

“I know it’s you. Please tell me so.”

I had to think. I was angry – with myself, thinking my life was over. Thinking with my cock ... how stupid. After a few minutes I had decided.

“What I’ve done to you can’t be forgiven and I’m so sorry. This was my fantasy. I never intended to live it, but just jerk off to the thought. You were never a target. I never had a target. But my ideal was someone just like you. I always thought your body was luxuriant, ripe, incredibly sensual. When I saw you drunk last night I acted – I didn’t think. I thought I took every precaution to keep you from recognizing me. I’m going to let you go now. Please tell the police that my door will be open and that I won’t resist.”

Silence. Dread. She lay on the table still restrained. I went to her & began freeing her arms.

“Please. Don’t let me go. I want this. I’m feeling things I thought were lost to me. I’ve never had hunger like this. You’ve used me. I want to be used. You’ve hurt me. But it has been the most delicious pain. You’ve teased me, almost made me lose my mind. I need to cum again. Now.”

I made another decision and approached her.

“Close your eyes.”

I removed the hood and ear pieces and replaced them with a simple blindfold. I reached for 2 clothes pins with strong springs. With one hand I rolled her left nipple until it hardened, then pulled up and attached a clothes pin, this time to the bottom of her nipple, then did the same with her right one. I put my mouth next to her ear and blew into it. She startled. I whispered to her “You’ve been very bad. I have to punish you. Do you want to be punished?”

“Please. Yes. Yes. Please”

“Spread your legs. Put them over the sides of the table. I want to see your pussy open.”

She moved as I asked and started humping the air. I left her. Only her arms were still restrained. Her legs were free. She could have gotten up at any time but she stayed. Spread. On lewd display.

I left her alone for perhaps 10 minutes. When I returned she hadn’t moved. She was mewling, jerking her hips up, a sheen of perspiration highlighting her curves. I jerked the clips off, both at once. She screamed. I lovingly massaged her breasts. They were red, inflamed, so sensitive that my touch was agonizing.

“Please ... please ... please ... my pussy. Now. Please...”.

“I’ll take care of your pussy soon. Let’s go into the bathroom.”

I held her close as I guided her into the shower.

“Squat and pee for me.” Thus time there was no hesitation. She spread her feet, bent her knees slightly and let loose her stream. It sprayed all over her legs but she didn’t care. The only sound was a throaty growl of satisfaction. I washed her with the shower wand.

“I’m going to shave you now.”

She let out a loud noise, sort of a cross between groan & scream. Her chest & breasts were flushed.

“Does that excite you?”

“Yes,” she said in almost a little girl voice.

I sat her down in the shower stall and had her lean back against the wall. I couldn’t resist and leaned in to suckle first one, then the other hypersensitive nipple. She moaned. Her hands, shackled to her sides, clenched and unclenched. Her toes curled. She needed to cum. Desperately. I used a scented body wash to lather her pussy as softly as possible. She writhed. I warned her that if she couldn’t be still I would have to strap her down. I warned her that I didn’t want to cut her. I began shaving her – at the top of her groin. She had an amazing “head” of hair down there.

“Have you ever shaved?” She blushed immediately – more so than before.

“Why do you blush? Why does this embarrass you?”

“I can’t explain. I’m humiliated and this makes me so horny. I know you and you’ve seen me, felt me, known me in ways I’ve never allowed or dreamed of. You’re shaving me. I would never even do that myself. All I can think of is your prick sinking as hard as possible into my pussy. I gave up masturbating because I never came. Now I crave it. If I don’t cum soon I’ll go insane. I love being powerless.”

As I moved the razor carefully over her mons she continued to moan, struggling to keep her hips in control. I had to gently push her skin in different ways to keep it taut and let the razor work. As my fingers got closer to her outer lips she began holding her breath, then expelling her breath.

“Please stop – just for a minute – Please. Mffffffffffffg! Oh nooooo. I’m sorrysorrysorrysorry.”

I thought at first that she had cummed and squirted, but realized that her bladder had let go. She had fainted. I was able to get her cunt baby smooth while she lay there. I offered her some water, then stood her up, turned on the warm water and washed her and me, this time reaching every point of her body. For the first time I rubbed her clit, just feeling her lubrication and giving her a hint of things to come. I lathered up her ass and my middle finger and slowly pushed into her rear. Her mouth protested. Her body pushed back against my hand. As a final gesture I sat her down again and shampooed her hair and massaged her scalp lovingly. She purred.

“Do you want me to release you?”

“I so want to touch you. But no. Having my arms pinned to my sides like this makes me feel so vulnerable. I love it. Being forced to accept whatever you do is such a sexy feeling.”

I dried both of us then walked her past the table.

“Where are we going?”

“To my bed.”

“No. First the table. I want you to torture me more. What else is there?”

“Can I remove the blindfold?”


I unclipped her wrists from the belt and stretched them above her head. I loved the way this made her heavy tits lie on her chest. They weren’t overly large, but just big enough to fall to either side just a bit. Her nipples were the color of maraschinos and hard as rubies.

Her legs had been unrestrained. I clipped her ankles to the table base so that her ass and pussy were at the edge of the table. The result was that she was stretched, but not too tightly and she was completely open. I placed my hand on her breast, palm cantered on her nipple, and I pressed and rotated my hand. I took the other nipple into my mouth and worked my tongue into it as hard as I could. This didn’t hurt, but the pressure put her on edge. I stopped, then moved to the head of the table. I gently kissed her on the lips. She gasped. I pecked my lips around her face – tip of nose, eyelid, chin. She held her breath and began moving her hips quietly. I moved my mouth to her armpit where there was just a bit of stubble. I opened my mouth as wide as possible and sucked it in to my mouth, then bit it. She almost came off of the table.

“Oh my god – what did you just do to me? When your face touched my pit it was as intense as when you had a finger in my ass.”

I filed this bit of information away for later. I was getting totally horny myself. I knelt down silently between her legs and finally licked her pussy – almost from rosebud up to and past her clit. Her scream was almost primal.

“Please! Have pity! Don’t tease. I’ll die if I don’t come.”

I placed my lips over her clit and began gently nursing it. Suck. Release, Lick, Suck, Over and over. She went off. I struggled to hold her hips down and keep my tongue in contact with her pussy and button. I slowed for a moment, just keeping my lips in contact but not moving. Then I began again and she began begging me to stop. I did. Keeping my face where she could feel my breath on her pussy I gently stroked her hips, ass and flanks. I thought she had passed out. Moving to her head I lovingly kissed her on the lips. Her tongue came out as did mine. She whispered.

“Just come close. I want to taste me. I want to clean your face. This was the most erotic sensation. She kept her tongue outstretched and I moved my face and lips over it. She was having almost continual mini-orgasms, spasming almost constantly. I loosened her arms, then her legs, then removed the wide belt from her waist. She didn’t protest.

“Let me help you. Come to my bed.”

She could hardly walk, completely spent from the intensity of her experience. Oddly, she kept her arms at her side as if they were still shackled to her waist. I had to help her into the bed ... kissing each nipple in tribute to her sensuality. Finally I removed her blindfold. She kept her eyes closed for a minute. When she opened them she looked at me in the subdued light and immediately covered her tits and pussy.

“Why do you do that?”

“Seeing you makes me feel so exposed, vulnerable. Now that I can see, it feels as though you’re going to devour me with your eyes. I see your cock for the first time and it scares me how much I want you to fuck me so hard with it.”

She was talking very fast now, almost overwhelmed with these new feelings. I kissed her gently on the lips and on each nipple, shushed her and told her I wanted her to nap. She immediately relaxed, her hands no longer futile in their attempt to cover her nakedness. She closed her eyes, and with a small smile turned on her side and immediately fell asleep.

I stood looking at her for a minute, slowly jerking off, but I opted not to cum. I slipped on a t-shirt and shorts and went to my computer to get some work done.

About 2 hours later I heard her stirring, heard the toilet flush and then watched her walk into my office, naked, glowing, as feminine as a woman could possibly be. She knelt between my legs and pulled down my shorts. My almost steely cock sprang out. She looked up at me.

“I dreamt of you. I dreamt of shaving you, sucking you until you exploded in my mouth and then fucking you until morning.”

She took my hand and walked me into the shower.

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