Sharing Cousin Nancy's Tent
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A pair of young people working as camp counselors are thrown together in a way that leaves them no option but to explore each other's sexuality.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Cousins   FemaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   Orgy   Black Male   White Female   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Water Sports   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Spitting   Voyeurism   Analingus   Size  

Now looking back at that memory of my teenaged years, I remember with much fondness, my cousin Nancy, more than any other young friend or relative.

It was not that Nancy was particularly pretty or even possessed of a graceful figure in strictly acceptable norms for the highest grades of feminine allure and sexy mystique. If the honest truth be told, my Nancy still wore her metallic mouth filled with ugly braces and unsmiling despair. She tended to retain her baby fat far beyond the age, when it was considered meaningless in youthful society.

At the early age of sixteen, I was not a prize in terms of female adoration with several unfortunate shortcomings of my own. My annoying shortness of stature was enough to fill my soul with excesses of self-pity although I pretended it was of no consequence at all. Where Nancy was hefty, I was so slender, that some of my bones were visible in places that bones should be present, but not seen by the naked eye.

Nancy was a full two years my senior.

We both were assigned duties as camp counselors in the young people’s youth group at our neighborhood church summer camp and were roughly equal in status, regardless of the superiority of my gender. I know that sounds terribly misogynistic, but at my age and with lack of experience, it was just an expression of the ways things stood in male-female relations at that time.

Nancy and I got along fairly well despite the difference in our ages and, of course, the fact she was a female and not a person I could “buddy with” in comfortable and thoughtless camaraderie on any level of friendship. Added to this, was the fact she was my cousin and could easily cause me grief with countless relatives who would, no doubt, take her word over mine in any “he said, she said” situation.

It irritated me that she was constantly giving me orders, like she was my boss, but I kept my mouth shut, because I was a year younger than the age the camp leaders wanted for their staff. I was made an exception, because I was willing to do some of the “dirty” jobs like cleaning the outhouses of snakes and other varmints that made the female campers scream with heartfelt panic. Sometimes the silly young ones ran half naked in the woods just to avoid confrontation.

My cousin Nancy was not that type of female and I really respected her “no-nonsense” approach to nature that showed no fear of any animal. She considered shyness and modesty a curse visited on womankind to punish them for not being the first human constructed by our beloved creator.

We had a total of six counselors at the camp.

There were three men and three women. Besides my cousin and I, there were four adult counselors that had been working for endless summers and were “old hands” in the running of the camp. Those four knew every trick in the book that the campers used to get into trouble and create problems for the staff.

The campers numbered exactly one hundred and there were twenty-five of them in each of four cabins assigned an Indian tribal name with long, unpronounceable syllables. Two of the cabins were for females, with each one having one of the senior lady counselors in charge. The other two were, of course, for the males and they had the two adult male counselors in charge.

That left my cousin Nancy and I sort of out of cabin space, but we were told, we could use the nice large tent with the platform floor made out of pallets and spare wood. It seemed a little strange to me, that they would allow us to occupy the tent, despite the fact we were of different genders, but I found out later that one of the male counselors had spread the rumor that I was sort of ambivalent in my gender identification and it would pose no problem at all in matters of a sexual nature.

The sex-deprived Nancy was equally as disturbed over our sleeping arrangements, because she had not been included in the rumor of my supposed sexual preference. I had slept over at her house, but it was a case of me being by myself and not included in the little group of Nancy, her sister, Judy and my terrible little itch of a sister, Veronica. I remembered we had played one fascinating card game in which I had lost and had to drop my trousers in front of all three of them like I was some naked statue to be giggled at and poked fun at through no fault of my own. They told me I was “too big” down there and that my pecker was slanted to the left in a weird way. It was altogether humiliating, but I noticed that they all were a lot more excited than they should have been, if they all that experienced in such matters.

Thankfully, my cousin Nancy didn’t bring that subject up in our present situation and we divvied up the space inside the tent to her satisfaction. I didn’t mind going along with her preferences in almost anything because, after all, she was two years older than me and girls were supposed to have things easier, just because of the fact they were girls.

I was a bit upset when she told me, I was assigned to the clothes washing detail for our tent and she would take care of the sweeping and dusting. I changed my mind after that, because now I was in charge of her dirty undies and I fell into a fetish of sorts, just sniffing the interesting girl scent that never failed to make me hard as a rock.

One embarrassing evening, she caught me sniffing her panties right out in the open.

The look on her face made me feel guilty as hell and I stammered that I was “just checking to make sure they weren’t clean”. I could tell from the fire in her eyes that she was reading my mind loud and clear and she was going to punish me for my disgraceful behavior.

“William Malloy, get your clothes off and stand up on top of that foot locker!”

I was mortified, because I knew as soon as she saw my pecker standing out like a signal of distress, she would really give it to me good.

Physically, I could have handled my cousin without any effort, but I wanted to see what she had in mind to punish me for my depraved behavior.

My cousin Nancy picked out all her dirty panties and started to drape them over my stiff rod like she was hanging them out to dry on a clothesline. Her fingers and hands seemed to be roaming all over my equipment and it only served to make me more agitated and caused my pre-cum to start dripping like a faucet with a leaking handle. She pretended to be disgusted with my terrible horny attitude and hit my naked backside with one of the long dowels I had been turning into arrows for an archery class. The flash of pain was substantial and I was forced to cry out like a little girl getting whacked on her open palms for unladylike behavior.

Nancy’s eyes betrayed her satisfaction at my discomfort. I knew right then and there that this was something she liked to do to “get off” without the need to engage in actual copulation. In a way, I was enjoying it also, because the feel of Nancy’s dirty undies on my rod and her hands rubbing me down there was all I needed to start shooting long creamy spurts of boy-juice over to her side of the tent.

I think she felt sorry for me then and she took her undies off my dick and even wiped me off with a clean washcloth from the linen basket. I got changed into my pajamas and she got into her nightshirt for the first time without turning out the lantern. The sight of her bare white skin got me going again. I saw the smile on my Cousin Nancy’s face, when she reached out to turn the lantern off.

We usually didn’t talk to each other, when we were going to bed. I generally waited until she was sound asleep, before I started to whack off, because I didn’t want her to get a bad impression of me as being a total jerk-off.

I was flat on my back on top of the bed with my cock sticking up to the roof of the tent like some flag pole with no flag to fly. I think it must have been visible to her on the other side of the tent because she kept staring at my legs like I was some alien from another planet. I wanted so badly to get up and get on top of her to poke her good and hard, even if she was two years older than me, and my cousin to boot.

After some amount of time, I started to doze off; but I was still conscious of the fact that my erection had not gone down.

The next thing I knew, Nancy was straddling my hips with her nightshirt up to the bottom of her swaying breasts. She sure was a curvy girl with a huge thatch of black hair between her legs that all of us boys called a “pussy”. This particular pussy started to gobble up my erection like it was pink glove, trying me on for size, and stretching courageously to take me all the way up inside her mysterious channel. After that, she dropped her weight down on top of me and rode me like I was a horse assigned to her for personal training and she was determined to make me follow her exact lead like a good little boy.

I didn’t find it too outrageous because my gun started shooting off creamy bullets up inside her feminine core like we were an old married couple. I started to worry about being a father at a very early age. My hands gravitated to her flanks making her even more agitated. I accidently pushed my middle finger into her rear opening in that interesting place all priests tell young boys should not be explored because God doesn’t like it.

It seemed to me that my cousin Nancy certainly liked it, because she started bucking and humping, like she was some kind of wild animal, not yet tamed. I had to slap her bottom a few times to get her to calm down, because we certainly didn’t want someone coming into the tent to see what all the ruckus was about.

Nancy took a pair of her dirty undies and pressed it down on my nostrils and told me,

“Lick my dirty panties, you terrible nasty boy”

It seemed a bit over the top because, after all, we were related and she had no right talking to me like that. In retrospect, I had to admit it was particularly inspiring, because it made me hard real quickly. I turned her over on her tummy, to see if my thick shaft would be able to open up her rear door, without much difficulty. It was only an experiment, but I was glad I decided to do it, because her reaction was much more, than I had ever anticipated. I discovered that my cousin Nancy was a real ass humping freak. She begged me to do her back there, almost every night after our first time, in the dark tent in the middle of the night.

I don’t think I can ever forget the sound of my meat slamming into her plump bottom with a rhythm that promised a release for us both a lot quicker than either of us wanted. She begged me to “leave it in” in a way that caused me to lay on top of her until we both fell asleep with me still buried inside. The next morning, when I woke up, I simply started up again and she groaned joyfully still half asleep taking it all the way up and loving every second of it.

I think if we weren’t cousins and all, we could have been happy together, because we were so compatible.

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