They're Everywhere- the Mailman
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by vastie smith

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Wife submits to the Mailman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Size  

OK! OK! Look I’m not paranoid. I don’t carry a gun; I have one but I don’t carry it. No, I don’t think there are big headed little green predator men who take us up into the sky and experiment on us for weeks before bring us home again. I also don’t think there are villains behind every door who are predators out there waiting to get me. My wife I’m not so sure about that.

You see, I do believe there are many men, and maybe women too, that are all around us and who are exact predators in the real sense of the word. For this series I will focus mainly on these men, who are very much hunters. They are Alpha individuals who seek out and find certain types of women to seduce and have sex with them. They take their money, and gifts and sometimes their very soles leaving them with nothing.

These men enjoy the hunt! It’s the key essential part of their evil lives. It’s what they live for! These men take pride in turning an honest loving wife and maybe mother into a fallen whore for their sexuality. These males absolutely love the game and play it all the time. It’s like second nature to them.

It starts with the teasing, or an off somewhat color remarks, a little flirting and some light touching of the hand, arm, cheek or maybe the knee that drives them to want more and do more with these women. These men seem to be very friendly, exceptionally kind, nice, even somewhat boy-like at first. While all the time they know what sin and lust is slowly building up inside then and the woman they have scented. Yes, scented! It’s like they can smell the right ones. These are the ones ripe for the taking! They can single them out of the herd and this woman for some reason become prime bodies for the taking at that moment in her life.

It’s like a wolf that just nip at the heel of their prey so to draw just a little spot of blood. From then on he runs his subject down until he has conquered her. It’s this “blood” scent that drives him into a feeding frenzy or should I say fucking frenzy. It’s almost like they somehow place a trance over these women who have been singled out. She becomes a willing participant knowing exactly what he wants and what is in store for her if she goes with him. Yet, she has little or no defense or wants any. Once nipped, the women seem not to be able to help herself, and surrenders. The draw is so strong she is willing to risk everything for a full taste of the wolf.

Meanwhile, these men completely disrespect the laws of marriage and society and care only for that first time when they can plug into her body fully and cum filling her where only her husband should be. It’s the pleasure of the chase yes, but it’s the taking of the vagina for that first time that drives these men on and on and on. It’s like a drug, a sexual drug that makes these men almost scream with victory! And, while they destroy the woman, these men have little to no use for the husband. While they are seducing the woman they could be friends with the husband until it’s over. Most of the time the husband doesn’t even realize it has happened. In fact these men think the husbands are dumb and useless little men who can’t keep the woman at home and are so dumb they can’t see their women being seduced.

These men love to slowly pull the loving wife away from her husband and family. They don’t care if they destroy the marriage or the lives of the two people involved or the lives of their families. They have a lust inside that drives them on and on until they are victorious! These men fully enjoy the lustfulness of their deeds. In fact, the dirtier the sex act they can make these women perform, the better they enjoyed it. Seeing or hearing the almost pitiful begging for more of it from these women drives these men on to do more and even evil and nasty things with the wife.

They use these innocent women and love bringing them down to the level of a cum slut, or street whore. In some cases the women are almost like a slave, allowing sexual acts to be performed on them they would have never believed they were ever capable of doing. All this so these men can receive pleasure and satisfaction for their own personal needs.

They enjoy the chase and the conquest almost as much if not more than the actual deed. The only thing better the chase and conquering and that first time he takes her virtue and sinks his cock into her fully is the achievement of the best orgasms of the quick and short relationship. From then on it’s simply another fuck, another female whore being used to satisfy his needs. After that first time, these men like to see how low and degrading they can make these women fall too.

The only thing better than that first time he fucks her is the last time when he leaves her alone. If he plants his seed and gives her a child it’s just another notched on his bed board. But, seeing and knowing it’s his child and knowing the wife realizes it’s his is something that stimulates him even further. He knows the wife can’t tell her husband it’s not his for fear of loosing the husband too. Yet he wonders how many husbands know or suspect the child isn’t his. These men could almost cum without so much as touching their cock as they laugh at the wife’s husband who has to begin to support it. This makes these men feel even more manly, more of a stud, more of an Alpha male as he moves on to the next female conquest.

This begins a set of stories about these types of males. And as I said they’re everywhere so husbands and boyfriends, be on guard.

You know, there must be 1000 jokes out there about the mail man fucking wives while the husband is at work. While we laugh and kid about them; I wonder what we would do if it ever happened to one of us?

Gloria was a beautiful 27years old woman. She and Bud had married when she was twenty years old. He was her first man taking her cherry. They now been married seven years and had two kids, 6 and 7. But Gloria’s body was almost as solid as when Bud first met her back in high school when she was 17 years old. They dated in high school and then after he came back from the Navy they were marred.

The wedding and honeymoon was like a story book romance. They had sex in every conceivable place they could think of during the first 6 months to a year. Then when she had conceived her first child they began to slow down as she got bigger and bigger.

Then the following year Billy came along and now with two kids their lives settled into a routine like most marriages. Bud had been fixed to ensure they would have no more children. One of each was enough.

As with most marriages once they had kids, things started to slowly regress a little more each year. It was now very complacent with not much going on between them. In fact, she would hardly say a word to Bud as they lay in bed. Most nights she would kiss him good night and just roll over to go to sleep. It seemed he too was always tired during the week for sex too.

The weekends were better but not always since they had two kids running around the house. They had to plan their sex rather than make it an adventure like before. They just couldn’t be as spontaneous as both of them use to be. Oh they still loved each but it just wasn’t the same. The quote “spark” wasn’t there like it had been the first two or three years they were married. But whose marriage was? Both felt like this was how things were with all couples. Not exactly boredom but certainly not the fantastic sexual adventure they had talked about all during high school and in their letters to each other while Bud was in the service. They use to have great sex and he would always make her his priority in the act. Now it was sort of wam bam thank you mam. Or, when they did take their time it was just as good as before if not better since Bud knew all her whistles and bells to touch and ring!

They spent a great deal of time with the kids playing sports and short vacations, etc. They needed a break but Bud had a good job, which paid well but kept him working long hours during the week. He didn’t travel very much. Maybe a week here and there, taking classes to keep current but nothing else and this travel happened about three times each years.

Their sex life was down to once or maybe twice a week mostly on Friday and/or Saturday nights. If they got a chance to leave the kids at one of their parents, they did it. Then Bud would usually bring home flowers and wine or take her out to dinner. But they would spend most of the free time they had together in bed making love. Gloria had to admit that she still loved the way Bud made her feel as he pleased her body. Then they would fuck like wild monkeys in the jungle. But something was missing. Maybe she was getting old and didn’t want to become like her mother. Maybe Bud was getting older too and just couldn’t reach the sexual drive he once had. Either way, Gloria seemed like she was in need of a change but what that change was she didn’t know. Many weeks and months passed and things stayed the same between them. Oh, they had talked about it until they both were blue in the face. Things would pick up for a while and then slowly slipped back into the same old thing.

Then things changed.

The first time Bud noticed any change was about a month ago. He was coming home from work to surprise his wife for lunch. This was something he had almost never done before. He was out on a call acting as a back up to a guy on vacation. He liked it when he was on the street rather than behind the desk. Since his promotion he seemed to be at that desk more often. But this week he was having fun.

Bud felt he could just swing by and have lunch with Gloria rather than grab a quick fast food meal, which he would tell you he didn’t need. When he turned the corner he saw his wife talking to the mailman. They were laughing and she hit him on the arm. That sort of thing. As soon as she saw the car pull up into the driveway, she stopped talking and laughing and told the mailman, “Well thank you very much for delivering the package Frank. I’ll see you later my husband just pulled up.”

He turned and saw the car and Bud get out of the driver’s side. He said, “Hello Mr. Johnson how are you today?”

Bud said, “Hi.”

As he walked pass Bud, Bud could have sworn he smelled Gloria’s expensive perfume. Bud figured it was coming from Gloria who was walking down the driveway about two steps behind Frank. She looked a little flustered and had on a pair of shorts that were what she called her cleaning shorts. She never wore them outside because they were so short and tight the outline of both her pussy and ass crack showed completely. If you looked closely her entire pussy was showing under those tight shorts. Hell Bud said, “What the fuck was she doing out in the sun with those shorts on talking to the fucking mailman. He shook his head. Then he noticed Gloria’s blouse. It was super thin too and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts and nipples were showing completely under the material leaving no question of how her breasts looked. But it was then that Bud noticed it was buttoned funny. It was like she buttoned it very quickly like she was in a hurry. It was one button higher than the actually button hold. Bud said, “Your blouse is buttoned funny babe! And the way you’re dress are you hitting on the mailman?”

He laughed but Gloria blushed and he noticed Frank turn a little towards him. He just laughed it off but that look in on her face and the way Frank had turned so quickly gave him cause for concern. Then he shook it off and said to himself, “Na! You’re out of your fucking mind Bud. Gloria wouldn’t cheat on you. She loves you and the kids too much. She wouldn’t risk all of that for a quick roll in the sack with the fucking mailman.” But he did remember the look on her face when he said it.

That night was Wednesday and as Bud put the kids to bed, Gloria showered and came into the family room dressed in a robe and under it was a beautiful see through nightie. Bud had never seen it before. Before he could ask her where she got it, she opened the robe and let it drop off her shoulders. He loved to watch her full round beautiful breasts bounce up and down as she came down the steps and over to him. He held her on his lap and made love to her tits just like when they were 18, and seniors’ back in high school. Sucking and licking Gloria’s large breasts always turned her on and Bud hard. As they touched and played with each other Bud asked, “So what did the mailman want today?”

She said, “Oh Frank? He was dropping off a package for next door. The Reids are on vacation and I told them I would take the mail. Why? Jealous baby?”

Bud smiled and said, “Well you did blush a lot when I kidded and asked if you were having an affair with the mailman. And Frank, is that his name? Frank did turn around very quickly like I hit a sort spot.”

She sat up and looked Bud in the eye and said, “Bud Johnson! You should be ashamed of yourself. Why would I want a guy like Frank or anyone else when I have you and the kids? I don’t need or want any man but you. I just wish we would try and do it a little more often. But I’m betting that tonight you’ll want it from me Buddy. Mum your hands and lips feel so nice on my nipples Bud. You like my little outfit for bed don’t you baby?”

Bud moaned and said, “Yes I do baby? And I want your body tonight so I can keep you away from that mailman.”

She laughed as she stroked Bud’s hard cock and teased him with her hands, body and words ... He said, “Gloria, it’s not funny. If I ever caught you with another man I don’t know what I would do. I love you so much baby! And I know we both don’t have sex like we use too but we have kids baby and it’s hard to just do it whenever we want. The kids are getting older now and would wonder why daddy’s putting his peepee into mommy! You know that would be all over the school yard the next day.”

That broke Gloria up and she laughed until she cried. But she was still wondering if Bud was really suspicious as he had acted in the driveway before? Finally hard as a rock, Bud said, “Jesus Gloria if you don’t stop it I’m going to cum all over the sofa and our hands. That feels so good baby! Come on! Let’s go upstairs and lock the room. I want to sample some of your special assets and then make love to you long and slow tonight.”

He almost pulled her up the stairs as the got into bed and he slowly opened the ties that held her top closed. It was see through but when he opened it he smiled as he saw her breasts now pointing up at him and heard her say, “Would you like to had your cock fucked between my assets Bud?”

He smiled down at her and kissed her hard and long as she held him tightly. She knew Bud loved to tit fuck her but it didn’t do much for her. But, tonight she decided to give him as much pleasure, as he could stand so he would or at least might forget about this afternoon and Frank, besides her pussy was still stretched a little from the mailman. She wanted Bud to be so sexually excited he wouldn’t notice or care. So as Bud straddle her tits she squeezed them around his big hard on and let him pump away. Bud always reached back and stroked her pussy as he tit fucked her. She enjoyed his fingers making love to her vagina as she watched the fat cock head grow harder and coming closer and closer to her lips. She knew Bud was just a little to short to get the head into her mouth. But she licked the head when he pushed up into her. With her beautiful round full breasts squeezed tightly around Bud’s cock he didn’t last very long. He moaned and she knew he was about to cum. She release her breasts and his cock popped out. She took it and began to suck on it hard and long. Bud moaned and them said, OH Jesus baby! Oh Jesus I love this Oh God I’m cumming!”

She smiled up at him as he looked down into her beautiful face and she held his hard cock in her mouth as she stroked the shaft with her hands feeling him cum. She milked Bud’s cum completely until there was just a small drop hanging from the hold in the cock head. She took it all and swallowed it as usual as she cleaned his cock completely.

That was one of the things Bud absolutely adored about his wife now. He loved how she sucked him dry and then cleaned him as she swallowed all of his cum after all these years! She never used to clean his cock before but somewhere, somehow she had learned to do it and he fucking loved it. The way her tongue and lips were licking and sucking his shaft and even his set of balls was a great turn-on for him now.

He said to himself, “ Gloria is right we didn’t do this enough. I will have to try more.” He smiled as his brain said, “Don’t want the mailman in her doing what I should be doing right. Right!”

As she continued to suck and clean Bud’s cock, it hardened again. It actually never did go completely soft.

It was his turn now to use his mouth. He moved down her body and made love to her pussy licking and tonguing it over and over again driving her higher and higher towards an orgasm! Around the pink insides Bud pleased his wife with a dedication to her needs. He knew what made her feel the best and he teased and stimulated her body over and over again. His tongue was like a snake it touched and pushed and entered her body as her pussy opened up to him like a flower. While he didn’t know or realize it her body had been fucked royally this afternoon only a few minutes before he saw her standing in the doorway of their house with the mailman. She was very lucky today.

Bud continued on fucking her hole now with his tongue and two fingers. Tonight Gloria’s pussy felt more opened to him that he could remember in a long time. He knew she had several orgasms already from his tongue and he wondered if she had been excited but his tit fucking. She had told him before she liked it even if he received most of the pleasure from that part of their lovemaking. He moved his mouth up her slit and covered her hard thick red clit! She arched immediately feeling it stimulated directly now. Bud’s hot breath and loving tongue drove her wild with desire. She had to have a cock and she had to have it now. As she pulled on his head she moaned, “Oh God Bud! Oh God fuck me baby! I want your hard cock in me! Oh come on Bud. Oh God hurry! Hurry Bud! Fuck me!”

Bud quickly moved up and placed his cock between her legs, She used her hand to guide it to her open and wet pussy lips. As Bud pushed her lips opened further accepting his hard thick cock, he pushed again and she arched taking all of him deep into her body!

Again and again Bud pumped into her and again and again she arched up fucking him hard. It was good that he had cum once already because it helped to keep him from cumming again to soon. He wanted to fill her body with his cum but only after he had made her climax with his cock. Again and again he rammed into her now. They were fucking like monkeys in the jungle. She had her legs wrapped around him and screaming so loud that he had to cover her mouth so she wouldn’t wake the kids. She ass and hips lifted them both up off the bed as she rammed her body into his. And then he felt her begin to hump and hump and hump faster and faster and Bud knew she was climaxing! She held him as tight as she could, digging her heels into his ass trying to push him even deeper. Then she moaned loud and he knew she had peaked. He was buried as deep as he could go and she was holding him so tight with her arms and legs he couldn’t pump if he wanted too. He moaned as she tighten her pussy walls and squeezed his shaft. She worked hard to keep her muscles tight and she worked his cock squeezing and releasing. Squeezing and releasing his shaft buried balls deep until Bud just couldn’t hold off any longer.

She knew he was close as his cock got harder, thicker and hotter as the blood pumped into the veins of he shaft. She whispered in his ear, “Do it Bud. Cum in me. Fill me baby! Fill me with your seed.”

Bud cried out with his lust and passion. He couldn’t hold off any longer! He strained as he told her that he loved her and then he cried out again and his cock thumped and thumped and thumped inside her body as his balls released his sperm. “Oh Yes!’ Gloria yelled out with the first shot of warm wet sticky cum.

Over and over again Bud pumped his cum into his wife’s vagina tunnel filling her cave completely and then overflowing. She just held on to him and watched his face as he climaxed in her. It was one of her favorite things to do during sex. To see the man cumming and that look of pure lust and then the start of his release on his face as she held him deep inside her gave her such a sexual and evil animalistic thrill! She climaxed again on his hard cock as she felt it pumping his sperm and emptying his balls into her pussy. Slap, slap, slap, slap his balls pounded against her ass as Bud arched his back and buried his shaft as hard and deep into his wife’s body as he was humanly possible to do. She kissed him and held him as she started panting from the sheer sexual pleasure Bud was giving her.

It turned out to be the best night of sex they had in many months and Bud did everything she wanted without her asking. Her orgasms were many and drove her wild with her own need and desire. Yet it didn’t compare at all to the sex she had with her mailman lover hours before. She felt sick and sad inside as she knew Bud had done everything right and had pleased her more tonight than in a very long time. He was a good lover! And yet, there was no comparison to what she had received this afternoon from Frank.

It wasn’t that Frank was so much bigger or better, he wasn’t. Yes, a little maybe but there was something about the thrill of having him in her house, fucking her savagely, while her kids were over a friends house and her husband was working that drove Gloria wild with a evil lust! Frank was a very good lover. So was Bud. Frank didn’t give a shit about her satisfaction but she had orgasm like she never knew existed before with him. He drove her wild with a lust she had never known.

She realized she wasn’t about to leave her husband she did love him more than anything else in her life, except maybe fucking Frank on the side. She couldn’t help it Frank did things to her brain not just her body. She needed that stimulation now too. She didn’t know why except Frank simply was an animal and she was his meat. He told her it wasn’t going to last forever and that he had other women. She didn’t care. She needed him and wanted him almost daily. Each time she saw him her pussy got wet and her thighs hurt with an ache from wanting him. He made her scream by touching her. Bud made her scream too but he had to fuck her and make her orgasm. Frank simply hard to kiss her or lick her nipples and she was gone. She would risk everything for Frank to fuck her again.

It had started today! She had finally given in to him and he had taken her like no man had ever done before. Frank and Gloria fucked for three hours. It was the start of their affair and the slow ending of her marriage. She had finally given in to his smile his touch his words of lust and sex. He attitude was so much different that her husband. She had never met a man like Frank before. She hungered for him more each day he talked to him. She would masturbate each day after he left her. Sometimes he talked to her for a few minutes. Other times he had ice tea with her in her kitchen. But today she had let him take her in his arms and kiss her. When she felt his tongue move into her mouth and his hand cup her full breast, she surrendered completely.

She remembered him lifting her and carrying her to her bed. The bed she shared with her husband for seven years she was now sharing with the mailman. She had let Frank take her and as he smiled down into her eyes she simply told him in a whisper, “Fuck me Frank! Fuck me like I know you want to baby!”

He drove his hard hot cock deep inside her with one thrust. She was as wet as if she had three oral orgasms. Frank hadn’t licked her or fingered her. They had simply undressed and she opened her legs and he moved in-between them holding his hard cock at the door of her pussy. She guided his cock head into her pushing her pussy lips apart.

As she arched her back, she made an animal sound and that started it. They fucked like the world was coming to an end, hard and fast that first time. He had filled her three times in less than three hours but he give her orgasms like none she had ever had before in her life. She released herself completely to her lover not holding back anything. Not trying to be a lady or a decent woman like she had with her husband. No! She was a fucking slut for Frank and she let her lover take her in ways that she would never allow her husband to do. She lost her asshole cherry today to Frank. She took his wet cum covered cock and sucked him back to life twice. She had never done that with Bud. She had even swallowed Frank’s cum that last time after they had dressed.

When she came outside with Frank it was only a matter of five minutes or so before her husband showed up surprising both of them. It was close and she was scared to death. But when he left for work that afternoon she had stripped the bed and washed everything. Then she showered and douched.

As they lay on what was clean sheets, now covered with her and her husband’s cum, she closed her eyes and wondered what was ahead for her. She felt guilt but she also had that ache in her loins again and she knew tomorrow if Frank came to her door she would let him in. Finally she kissed her husband and got up. She walked towards the bathroom holding her hand over her vagina that was filled with her husband’s cum now.

Yes, Frank was the predator mailman and he had taken a taste of her. She knew he would be back and she would submit to him again, and again and again. She had no choice she was his now. She went into the bathroom and started to cry as she cleaned her pussy. She was risking everything and she knew it. What would she do?

You know when you get that funny feeling in your head and heart that something isn’t right. Well I have been having it now for sometime. I sat there thinking back at when it started. And I came to the conclusion that it actually started the day I came home for the lunch with my wife and found her standing there in our driveway talking to the mailman. I remember what she had on and how her blouse wasn’t buttoned correctly. Then it was little things subtle things that standing alone didn’t mean much, but together gave me a feeling like when you get embarrassed. You know what I mean. It starts with the back of your neck as you feel it get warm and maybe even burning. Then you feel it moving up and around your ears. Finally your face gets red and your brain tells you this isn’t correct or isn’t right. At least that’s how it worked for me.

I had been on the road around the city, not spending any nights away from home just filling in for the guy who usually calls on our local customers. But he had been on vacation and had broken his foot diving. Now for the foreseeable future I had my job and his to do now. Well since I had trained the guy and it use to be my old job, the boss told me to start training someone else. He told me that as soon as I did I could get back into the office. So for three weeks now I had been do just that. But today, I made Jim stay in the office to see if he could do the paperwork by himself. If so he would be fully trained. “Thank God!” I said to myself. Jim was Ok but I didn’t enjoy acting like a nurse mate to him day in and day out.

Today I was to take Alex Boomer to lunch but he had called my cell phone and told me he had an emergency and couldn’t make it. I told him we could reschedule and if I could help. He told me no so I told him to call me when he could. I did enjoy being out of the office and away from the boss, my new trainee and the phones.

So since Alex’s office was close to my side of town, I decide to go home and try and have lunch with my wife. We had been having more fights about small things and the fact that she never answered the phone during the day and when she did it was like on the 6th or 7th ring. She always seemed out of breath and in a hurry to get rid of me. She told me I should stay home and try to pick up after two small kids and a messy husband, and clean the house, cook dinner, etc., etc., etc. But that was just it. The house wasn’t as clean as it used to be and our dinners were now not much more than a lick and a promise. Pizza or breakfast food, hotdogs and hamburgers were the main courses three or four days a week. No, dinners were not the dinners she used to make. They made the kids happy but I continued to wonder what Gloria did with her time.

As I turned the corner to our street, I saw her pull out and drive away. I was in the company car so when I honked the horn Gloria didn’t recognize my car or me. She kept on driving.

I decided to follow her and maybe try and catch her at a stoplight or wait and meet her where she was going. As I followed her I couldn’t understand what she was doing or where she was going. She seemed to be going up one street and down the other. From one street in our neighborhood to another she drove as if she was looking for something or someone. She drove up and down each of the side streets in our development. I just followed her. I wondered what she was doing and decided to just stay behind her and see.

She finally turned out of our development and drove down the street and into the neighborhood across the street. She did the same thing, driving up and down the streets in and out of this neighborhood too. I said to myself, “What the fuck are you doing babe?”

Finally, Gloria must have seen what she was looking for and she pulled over. She parked her van across the street and up about two cars from a mail truck. I stopped the car at the top of the hill and watched as the mailman got out of his truck. It was Frank! “Son-of-a- bitch”, I said loudly!

He walked up to her car and I saw him bend into the driver side of her van. It looked like he kissed her long and hard. Then they talked a few minutes and then he got back into his truck and pulled away slowly. I sat there and said again, “What the Fuck are you doing Gloria?”

I watched as she started the van and turned into the next driveway. Then she backed up and turned in the same direction as the mail truck. I didn’t even duck down as the truck and her van went past my company car and down the road. I waited a few seconds and then made a U-turn. I followed at a distance watching my wife following the mail truck. Again I asked to myself, “What the Fuck is going on Bud? Jesus she is having an affair with the mailman. Wait don’t jump to any conclusions watch an see.”

I continued to follow both vehicles about two miles into a new development. Then the truck stopped and so did Gloria. The Frank the mailman got out and walked towards her van. I sat at the top of the hill and watched as my wife got out and they walked into the house next to a wooded lot. She had met the mailman and went into a house at the end of a street which had a heavy tree covered new home that sat next to a wooded lot. It was very isolated.

I saw them both go up to the house and watched as the door opened and another man come to the door. He looked as if he was welcoming both of them. The new man put his arm around Gloria and the three of them walked into the house and closed the door.

I didn’t know who lived there. I also didn’t know what my wife was doing going into a house with two men. Was she cheating? It sure looked that way. There were no sighs of it as far as I could tell. Sure we were on a down side these last two months but all couples go up and down over the course of their marriage. But then I wasn’t really looking for signs. If she was cheating I never realized it. If she was having an affair there were no major signs, none at all.

I attempted to sneak up to the house and look into the window but the drapes were closed. There was music playing but it was some sort of tone I knew I had heard before but I just could put my finger on where. It was music with a steady rhythm beat and a pounding and a steady beat over and over again. Then I heard cries and moans and muffled words I could understand. The music just drowned out all the other sounds.

Finally frustrated, I couldn’t see or hear anything else I went back to my car. I started to leave and then said, “No damn it. She’s in there and I want and have a right to know why and what’s going on.”

I got out of my car and wrapped on the door to the house. A big black man answered and I told him who I was and that I saw my wife come in there. He stood in my way and told me, “Look man, you’re all wrong. No woman has come in here. There are only four guys playing cards for big bucks. No one is allowed in. Now leave.”

When I insisted the black guy got mad and told him he was going to throw my ass off the pouch. Then he was going to call the police. I started to leave and decided not to get caught as a peeping or cause a problem with the cops. Besides, if my wife was there she sure wasn’t coming to the door when she heard my voice. So I told him I was leaving.

About twenty minutes later I saw the black man come out and look up and down the street. He then waved and Gloria come out with the mailman. They both drove away in different directions as I sat there. I knew she would tell the black guy what car I rove and since he didn’t see any car like that he felt I had left.

I watched as Gloria drove quickly out of the neighborhood and directly home. I waited and finished what I had to do for work. Then I arrived home early. I had questions but didn’t know if I should ask what I was thinking. Maybe I could find out from the way she acted. After dinner while the kids and I played, she sat there reading and watching us.

She looked worried. All afternoon, I couldn’t for the life of me come up with a reason for my wife to be in a new house with our mailman and at least two other men, one of them black. I was stumped about her trip but decide to see if I could find out anything by talking to her after the kids were in bed.

I put the kids to bed about 45 minutes later and then came back into the family room. I sat down next to her on the sofa and she said she was going to take a shower. I asked her to wait and then I asked her calmly and slowly. “So Gloria, how was your day do anything interesting?”

She told me I do what I do everyday, clean, cook and take care of the kids while we wait for you to come home Bud. But today I was invited to visit a new home. It’s Frank our mailman new house. He has asked me to help pick out the drapes and furniture! It was fun and I was very happy to do it. It was great to break up my boring day.”

Gloria seemed the same as she talked to me. There was nothing that I could see different about her. She was in a semi-bad mood again tonight. Other than that there were no clues that I could see.

I said, “You know I was there.”

She said, ‘Where?”

I said, ‘Stop it. I saw you meet and drive to that house. I saw you meet the mailman and then go into that house. I saw the other guy greet you and him at the door. And when I went up to the door I met the big black man. What’s going on Gloria?”

She said, “Oh yes, Luke. He’s one of the guys helping to build the house mostly the inside. Rufus was the black guy and he’s one of the laborers. Nice guys. Why didn’t you come in?”

I said, “I tried believe me. I wanted to see what my wife was up too. But Rufuse wouldn’t let me in and he told me no woman was there. Only four guys playing cards for big bucks. That was before he threatened me and I left. What the fuck is going on Gloria. What were you doing in there?”

She looked at me and said, “I told you Bud. I am helping Frank decorate.”

I said, “Give me a fucking break. First you go into a house arm in arm with two men. Then when I come to the door a big black guy stops me. I heard nothing but so fucking steady music pounding in the house. Then I saw the way Frank looked at you and how you looked at him when you left. You better tell me what you have been doing.”

I raised my voice and said, “I HAVE SOME REAL CONCERNS HERE.”

She sighed and said, “Nothing is going on Bud. I told you. Rufuse was told not to let anyone ion the house so nothing would get taken. All the appliances are in now waiting to be hooked up. I guess I was either up stairs or downstairs and we didn’t hear you. Then when we came out you were gone. We looked for your car but didn’t see it. Why all the questions here. I was helping a friend. Yes, Bud Frank is a nice guy and a friend. I want to help him out that’s all.”

Finally I realized we were at a junction here. She wouldn’t tell me anything and I had no proof she had done anything wrong. She said, “ If you want we can go and visit tomorrow so you can see there was nothing going on.”

I said, “How about now?” She said, “Who will watch the kids? They’re in bed Bud.”

I was so fucking frustrated. I said, “First thing in the morning then.”

As we got ready for bed I noticed a new piece of jewelry on Gloria’s ankle. It was a bracelet with a design I didn’t know or understand. I knew I didn’t give it to her so I asked about it saying, “Where did you get the bracelet?”

She looked down at it and smiled as she said, “Oh from one of the floor merchants at the mall. Pretty isn’t it?”

I said, “What’s the design, what does it mean?”

She said, “I don’t know it’s just for fun like a toe ring Bud. No big deal.”

As I was going to take a closer look at it she stopped me by getting up and telling me, “I’m going up and take a shower I’ll check on the kids.”

I asked her as she stopped when she got top the foot of the stairs. I asked her if she went anywhere else today and she told me, “Yes, I just told you I was at the mall Bud.

I said, “Well I came home and was going to either take you to lunch or have lunch with you but you pulled out as I came down the street. That’s all, which is why I asked. Just the mall?”

I waited to see what she would tell me. I knew now why she had a reason for being with the mailman and that other guy. She said, “I went out for an hour Bud. No place special, to the mall to a few stores to look for a new outfit. I’ll show you when I’m done.”

I got so upset with her I had to walk out of the room and I asked her if I could get her anything? She told me, “No”, she was going to take a shower. It was her third today but I didn’t know that at the time. As she turned I took her hand and made her turn towards me again. I smiled at her and said, “Are we all right babe? I mean are we really OK?”

She just looked at me and then said, “What? What do you mean by that Bud?”

I tried to smile and said, “I just want to know if we’re doing OK! Is there anything you think we need to talk about? Is there anything wrong with our relationship?”

She told me no. The I asked, “What do you say if I join you in the shower and wash your back?”

She said, “Oh Bud that would be nice but I’m so tired. Let’s wait until Saturday when my mother has the kids.”

I said, “Oh come on let’s surprise ourselves and have some fun on a week night. I’ll make it worth your wild.”

She said, “No Bud. I’m just too tired tonight. I just want a shower and then I want to sleep.”

I was upset and decided I would go into the bathroom anyway after I was sure she was in the shower. It had been almost two weeks since we had been together physically and I wanted her bad tonight for two reasons. One to se if I could tell if anyone else was inside her body or on her body. Secondly I needed sex, love and affection from my wife. Plus I felt it might help me decide what I should do about what I saw this afternoon.

So once Gloria was in the shower washing her hair I came into the bathroom and opened the shower door but in doing so I surprised her more than I wanted too. She jumped and got soap in her eyes. She yelled at me to get out that she didn’t want anything from me tonight.

I said, “Why not?”

She said, “I told you Bud! I’m tired! I’m very tired”

It was then that I saw her shaved pussy for the first time. I just looked at it and then looked up at her face. She was still wiping her eyes when she realized I saw her hairless vagina. She said, “OH Great Bud! Now you have wrecked the surprise I was going to give you this weekend.”

I said, When ... when did you ... start shaving your ... vagina?”

She said, “Yesterday Bud! Damn it! I was going to surprise you Friday night when the kids left with mom. But, now you know. Please get out and let me finish washing!”

I said, “Yea. OK. I’ll be in the bedroom.

I was going to ask her more about her trip to the house when she came to bed but decide to wait. She came out and started telling me, “You should be ashamed of yourself thinking I would do something like what you are thinking Bud. I was simply working and helping Frank with his new house remodeling it. And I’m happy he has asked me. It gives me a good brake and I’m happy to offer him my help. That’s it! That was all there was. That’s why I was there.”

I didn’t know if I believed her or not. It was simple and gave him an answer. But I still wasn’t sure about it. For weeks now things just weren’t the same between us and now new house thing had happened. I was thinking only bad things and tried to clear my brain of everything but the facts. Fact I had no proof. Fact I had seen nothing really wrong. Fact she had invited me to see the house and meet Frank. I would take her up on it tomorrow and later on when she told me she was done. I wanted to see the before and after results.

The next day, I asked for a couple of days off giving a medical reason and the need to have some tests done. I told them I would still do the emergency calls when needed but that the person I had trained could handle most of the things involved with the day to day tasked of the job. Plus I was always available by cell phone.

They told me OK and since I was on call I could continued to drive the company car that was given to me for the weeks I did this job. I planned to follow my wife everywhere.

The next day I parked on the side street and watched as she pulled out and went to another place. She parked in front of the mail truck this time and they went into another house, a different one. She spent the day there and as I around the side of the house I tried to see in the window. They must have been upstairs or down stairs because there was no one in the front room but the big black guy watching TV. Then after a while I heard the same type of music playing again. For the life of me I couldn’t place it but I knew I had heard this type of music before.

I waited and about 5 hours later she came out by herself. I watched as she got into her van and went home. She walked OK and looked OK and when I pulled in tem minutes later she was in the kitchen making a real dinner! She greeted me like nothing was wrong and asked why I was home early. I said, “To make love to you. Let’s go intro he bedroom and have some fun before the kids get home.”

She told me there wasn’t time.”

I almost demand that she come with me to the bedroom. She finally told me, “If you’re that horny go take a shower and call me when you’re done.”

I did what she asked and then called her. She came in and took the towel off of my body and knelt between my legs and started to jerk me off and suck on my cock. She had me hard in a minute. She had a very nice and somewhat new technique in sucking now. I wondered where she had learned it maybe from Frank. I said, “NO! No Baby! I don’t want to cum in your mouth I want to cum in your body. Come on Gloria! Stop it! Stop it! Damn it Gloria! Stop sucking my cock.”

I never believed I would ever tell her that in my life. I grabbed her as she frantically tried to make me cum! I pulled her down and we fought for a few minutes until she finally gave in. I moved between her legs and saw she had no panties on. I stopped dead in my tracks. Kneeling between her legs, her skirt up around the top of her thighs, I looked down at her shaved pussy and said, “When did you stop wearing underwear?”

She said, “I took them off so I could shower before you came home I was going to surprise you tonight after the kids went to bed. You wrecked my surprise again Bud.”

I said, “Well I guess I’ll have to pay you back. I moved further up between her legs and she spread them for me. She pulled a pillow from the side of the bed and put it under her ass. She had never done that before. I moved my cock to her pussy slit and could see her already opened. I aid, “You’re either hot as I am or you have been playing with yourself.”

She smiled and said, “Busted baby! I guess you caught me. That’s really why I didn’t have any panties on. I don’t have a bra on either. See!”

She opened her blouse showing me her full round breasts with her nipples sticking up an inch or more. I moaned as I saw her body and placed my cock in her open vagina lips. She arched and pulled me deep into her tunnel as she held my ass. She moaned like she was in total heat, “Fuck me hard Bud. I need you bad baby!”

That always did it for me. A husky voice spoken in a whisper telling me to fuck her made me want to cum almost immediately! It was so sexy! Plus I wanted to fuck her hard. I wasn’t thinking about her as I slammed my hard cock into her fully. She was very wet and somewhat loose but not as bad as I was thinking. If she had been fucking all afternoon she would have been much more open, I was think. I still had no proof.

I fucked her as hard as I ever did. I don’t think about her at all. All I could think about was fucking her better than Frank. I was sure she was cheating but still could prove it!

She looked at me and said, “I fuck me Gloria. Fuck me like you fuck Frank.”

She stopped moving and looked at me. She said, :Get off. Get the fuck off of me your SOB! Get off! Now! Get the fuck off. I didn’t stop I pumped and pumped as she beat on me and then I slammed into her one last time and pumped my cum deep into her body She screamed for me to stop that she didn’t want me. She yelled and cried rape and hit me as I finished and rolled off of her and sat up!

She ran into the bathroom and I threw up on the floor. I knew what I did but I didn’t mean it. I was so mad so hurt and so pissed off. The heat of the moment might have just cost me my marriage. I sat there with my hands on my head bent over facing the floor looking at the mess I had made. I just sat on the edge of the bed while I heard her showering again. I said, “This time she washing my cum out of her body.

She finally came out and went downstairs not saying or looking at me. We ate in silence and then she went into the spare bedroom and slept. This went on for three days. I would leave and wait for her. She would come out about an hour later and meet Frank. They drove in her van now and over the course of the three days they went into three different houses.

There was no sex between us and even a conversation. We lived in the same house but didn’t talk or sleep together. Then one day I told her we had to resolve this between us. I had one more day off and then I wouldn’t be able to follow her any more. So I came clean with exactly what I was thinking, she was fucking Frank and God knows whom else.

She told me it was all my imagination. She hadn’t changed at all except now she was tired from working around the house and helping to decorate Frank’s house. She told me he had made arrangements with other people for them to see the houses to get some ideas. She worked hard all day and was trying to be a good wife and taking care of the kids and help a friend. She didn’t even get to the gym any more she was so busy. The she asked me, “Why do you think I’m cheating? Do you have proof? If you don’t stop this crazy fear Bud you’re going to destroy us, not me, you!”

I sat there and told her.” OK! I am going to tell you what I feel.”

I did. I told her everything I had on my mind and heart. I told her that I had check up on her for the past four days and followed her everywhere she and Frank had gone. But I also knew before that what she was doing. I really didn’t but told her that anyway. I told her I saw her go with her mailman to different house and saw them together as well as with other men and sometimes women. I told her I tried to see inn the houses what was going on but always saw only the black man or no one., I knew she was upstairs fucking Frank and God knows who else. I told her she had promised to take me to see Frank’s house but never did it. I told her if she didn’t have anything to hide why didn’t she take me to see it today, now? I told her I wanted to see it. I told her I felt that there was almost no love any more between us. I told her that she didn’t want me any more. She only had sex with me to keep me from finding out about her cheating affairs. I could tell by the changes in her lovemaking and the way she used her body that she was doing different things. I asked her how she learned about these new methods. I told her she was a sucker and was going to get caught sooner or later and I would leave her. I told her that Frank wasn’t in love with her he just wanted to fuck her and use her.

She cried but didn’t deny what I said or even try to rebut anything I said. Instead she got up and walked out of the room.

Then one day I got a call and went to an emergency site to fix a major problem. When it was done I swung by the house. The mail truck was parked across the street. I said, “Son-of-a- bitch, he’s in my house!”

I stopped the car and waited a few minutes and then went into the house. I immediately heard the music again. Then I heard someone talking giving her instructions. I heard him talking. He was telling her how he loved the way she moved her body on him as she fucked him. I stood there a few seconds listening. Then I realized they were in the act right now. They were fucking in my bed! He was fucking her in my bed in my house! I was out of my mind!

I moved up the steps slowly. I heard her moan and then I heard her cry out as he moved his cock in her and she rocked back and forth on him. I stood in the doorway and saw her sitting on him and telling him how she especially loved the way he worked on her now. She took his hands and placed them on her larger breast. He was moving her from one level to another to another building her up towards what I knew was going to be a super orgasm.

Having two kids had enhanced her already 36C bust line and Frank looked like he loved playing with them as much or more than I did. Then I saw another man standing there filming all of it. He said, “Your husband will never guess we are doing it today in your own house. He’s most likely running around different neighborhoods looking for your car and the truck. Heheheheheh!! He’ll never know we were here Gloria! Now start bouncing up and down slowly at first then faster and faster until you cum. Yea that’s it Oh shit you are so hot baby!” Frank held her hips now and assisted her as she fucked him like she was out of her mind. The guy filming then was instructing then both. Then I realized what the music was, porno music. I was sick. I yelled, “What the fuck are you doing! Get the fuck out of here or I’ll fucking kill you!”

Out of no where the big black guy grabbed me and threw me across the room. The guy filming, stopped and said, “Oh shit! Rufuse stop him from hurt anyone. But don’t hurt him unless you have too!” I rolled over and stood up. Rufuse was nude and his big cock was hanging like a third leg. I realized he must have just finished fucking Gloria and was in the bathroom when I came in. He moved towards me saying, “Now be cool Bud. Your old lady loves this shit man and you don’t give her enough! She a real whore and you’ll get to see it all today. Just don’t do anything crazy I don’t want to hurt you!” He stood in front of me looking into my eyes and wonder if I would stay where I was. Frank had pushed Gloria off of him and was dressing. He was putting the fucking mailman’s uniform back on. The guy with the camera was picking up the filming equipment and Gloria was huddled in the corner with fear on her face crying like some three-year-old.

I looked at Rufus and said, “Well I want to hurt you motherfucker.” And with that I quickly kicked out surprising him almost completely and hit him square in the nuts. He went down like the fucking Titanic. Rolling on the floor holding his hands between his legs I did a spin turn and nailed him in the face with my other foot. His head snapped and it broke his nose, maybe his jaw.

I moved quickly and grabbed Frank from behind. The window was just there and then Frank was going through it! The glass shattered and behind Frank went the camera equipment. Then I turned and saw the guy who was filming this entire thing running down the hallway and down the stairs. I heard the front door open and the storm door slam as he bolted.

I turned to Gloria and said, “GET UP! NOW!”

Then I became human again and said, “Get your clothes on and start packing. You got 5 minutes. No more!”

I left and went outside and picked up the camera. I was sure in had all the proof I needed to make Gloria get nothing, not even visiting right with the kids. Frank was laying on my grass bleed from three different places. I smiled and kicked him in his nuts too. He just moaned. Then he looked like he passed out.

I took the tripod that the camera was sitting on and went back into the house ready for the big black guy. He was still on the floor holding his nuts and face. I hit him three or four times on the head busting it opened.

Then I picked up the phone and called the police. They were there in a just a few minutes as I sat on the bed watching the black motherfucker. I told the cops what happened when I came home and that the black guy attacked me. There were three to one but I had some training in marshal arts and took care of him. The police arrested the black man still holding his nuts. The ambulance came and too him and Frank away.

I went back up stairs as saw Gloria sitting on the bed crying with two suitcases on the floor next to her. I said. “Get on your knees bitch! Do you want to stay here?”

She said, “Oh God yes Bud! Oh please I’m so sorry he seduced me and I fell for it! I’ll do anything! Anything to stay! PLEASE BUD!”

I laughed to myself as she did exactly what I said and got on her knees! I took my cock out and said, “Get me hard! Blow me!”

I took my time and enjoyed her sucking and licking that she was giving me. I said,. “More! Suck me more Gloria I want to cum!”

I always loved watching her tits as the nipples would grow hard and very long as she sucked me. I also loved the way my wife would hold his head and keep her mouth on the swollen cock head biting and teasing it! Sucking my cock always made her horny and her nipples hard and long. I saw them now and they were just like I know they would be. After all the fucking she had today, she was still horny.

She moved her head up and down sucking my cock like she never done before. She had learned very well and was showing me her new talents. The talents of a whore porno queen, not a wife.

Many a night after I had licked her pussy for an hour giving her God knows how many orgasms, she would lay back and let me fuck her tits as she squeezed them together tightly for me. I always shot a huge load of cum all over her tits before she took me into her mouth and sucked me hard again so I can fuck her. But not today, today I just wanted to cum.

When it was over and I had cum all over here face. I picked her up and took her down stairs. She asked if she could stay and as I opened the door and threw her outside I told her no. Then I threw her bags out too. I said, “Don’t even think about coming back in this house ever again.”

I called the daycare center and told them if they released the children to my wife I would sue them for everything they had. I locked the door and said to my wife that she had better not be here when I got back. I took the camera with me and stopped at the first lawyer’s office I saw. I presented the facts and show them the film. I was told there would be no problems and I should get everything.

I knew a predator had destroyed my life and my marriage. All I had was my kids. I would fight like hell to keep them away from the whore my wife had become.

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