Paradise in a Name
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - David Solomon is an ordinary American college student who suddenly finds himself the beneficiary of a millennium old debt. He just has to remember the world's oldest advice: "Be careful what you wish for."

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Magic   Heterosexual   Fiction   High Fantasy   Paranormal   Genie   Group Sex   Orgy   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Tit-Fucking   Big Breasts   Public Sex   School   Nudism  

“Come on, come on, you need to dodge!” David Ayubbid Solomon screamed into his microphone. At twenty-two years of age he had reached his full height of nearly six and a half feet and built like a tank, the blonde haired young man was a study in contradictions. His copper skin had come from his mother’s side of the family, while his enormous build and brightly colored hair was a testament to his father’s Scandinavian heritage. His father had been working as a body guard in Iran in the early seventies when he had fallen in love with his boss’s sixteen year old daughter. Back in the United States, the difference in their ages would have made it an enormous scandal, but in Iran, the only question was whether her father would have approved. Fortunately, David’s mother was the third daughter of the Sheikh Lahijani’s fourth wife, and therefore wasn’t as socially valuable. That, and it gave David’s parents a good reason to evacuate his grandfather, his wives, and roughly fifty or so of David’s cousins back to the US when the Shah fell.

Forty year old political disputes weren’t of much interest to David, however. What did have his attention was the three headed, six armed, fireball-hurling demon that was about to destroy his guildmates.

“I said dodge!” David screamed again as his digital avatar threw up a glittering blue shield. Orange pixels exploded across his screen as the demon’s attack slammed into his defenses. Even then the little green bars that marked how well his party was continued to slowly dwindle. The demon’s own health was hovering at fifty percent, recovering at a rate just about equal to the damage they were doing.

“We are dodging!”

David heard the words twice, once in the headphones wrapped around his skull and once from the far side of the studio apartment where his best friend and heterolifemate Samuel was equally as glued to a computer. The two boys had been working with their guild to tackle the longest dungeon in their favorite MMORPG, Dragon War Finalis. They had been at it for more than eight hours, though that was counting the two hour long breaks the entire guild had taken for food and bathrooms.

“Well, try not dodging into the fire dumbass!”

David laughed at the sound of feminine outrage. Christine Roberts was their guild leader, and it had been her idea to tackle the dungeon in the first place. The pixiesh redhead was both funny and intelligent, and David would have asked her out a long time ago, if only it weren’t for the fact that she lived in New Mexico rather than his native Ohio.

There was a chorus of laughter from the rest of their guildmates, even as the demon began charging up a new attack. All six arms were raised skywards as the largest ball of fire yet began to swell above the demon’s head.

“DPS, now, now, now!” Christine shouted as her elvish archer popped out from behind the pillar she had been using for cover and began pumping as many arrows into the demon’s face as she could manage.

“We only have ten seconds!” Sam wailed as his mage popped up as well. He started hurling low level ice bolts at the creature’s shins, unable to rely on the higher level fire spells he normally used. The shards of ice flashed over the heads of two armored clad figures hacking at the demon’s ankles.

“Six ... five ... four...” David counted, his figure hovering over the button for his shield spell. “Three ... two ... go!”

Sam and Christine both rolled to a stop at his feet as he slammed the trigger for the shield spell. Demonic laughter echoed in his ears as the demon threw the screen-filling ball of fire directly at its feet. The two knights tried to get out of the way, but there wasn’t enough time. Agonized screams were cut short as the two knights were turned to black ash, their avatars temporarily deleted from his screen. The blue sphere snapped tight around mage, cleric, and archer, but even its protective magics weren’t enough to keep them unscathed. David watched with frustration as their health slowly drained away, leaving behind flashing red warnings.

“Fall back!” Christine ordered as the flames died away. She, David, and Sam scrambled back to the edge of the temple, where a flashing red circle marked the edge of the encounter. The demon laughed again as they crossed the line, then turned around and started to stomp back into the darkness, its health bar slowly refilling.

“Crap, we almost had it!” There was a dull thump in David’s headphones as hundreds of miles away she slammed her fist into her desk.

“We’ll get him next time, Christine,” David said soothingly as he tilted his head back and closed his eyes. His body ached from sitting in one place for so long. “Hell, we’re not supposed to have even gotten this far!”

“He’s right, you know,” Angela Anotiz said as her knight re-manifested next to the others. Her husband George played the other knight, who was still missing. “We’re still ten levels shy and half a guild short. The fact that we got him down to even half his health bar is impressive!”

“I know, I know!” Christine answered. David could tell that she was pouting. Finally, Christine sighed and asked, “Do you all want to try one more time, or should we just call it here for the day?”

Angela’s knight shook his head. “I love you girl, but I’m beat. And we need to pick up Lisa from George’s sister in thirty minutes. So we’re going to call it here.”

“Ah, the perils of parenthood,” Sam moaned. “Let it not be said that there is no greater killjoy than having kids!”

“And you just want until you have some yourself!” Angela scolded him.

“You know I kid, Angela,” Sam answered with a grin. “Say hi to the rugrat for us.”

“You got it! Night, guys!” There was a click as Angela signed out of their chat and a moment later the knight vanished.

“I think I’m going to bug out as well,” Sam added as his avatar vanished. “Scary as this sounds, I think I need some fresh air. I’m going to go head to the park and watch the joggers bounce by, maybe scope out a yoga class or something.”

“Perv!” Christine laughed.

“Hey, a man has needs!” Sam protested. “In my case, I need to go look at fine looking women until I’m stupid enough to say something that will get me slapped!”

“Go have a fun, man,” David called out as Sam got up behind him and headed for the door. It slammed shut behind him loud enough that David’s mic picked up the noise.

“Hmmm, so I guess that just leaves the two of us,” Christine said huskily.

“Looks like it,” David answered. He had to fight to keep his voice level, as he had an idea where Christine was headed with things. His cock was already beginning to swell.

“I don’t suppose there might be a camera attached to that microphone?” Christine asked, even as David’s computer started flashing with the pop up for an incoming video chat.

“There is at that,” David answered as he clicked on the pop up. He was immediately rewarded with a shot of Christine leaning back in her own chair. The redhead was dressed in a faded t-shirt and a pair of baggy gray sweatpants, a perfectly relaxed outfit for a day in gaming.

“Mmm, so I’ve been thinking about our little gaming arrangements,” Christine purred.

“Oh?” David was deliberately trying to feign feigning interest. “And what about them?”

“Well, you’ve always been just such team player,” Christine answered breathily. She lifted her shirt up over her chest so that her bare tits were on display. They were modestly plump, topped by dark red nipples the color of ripe cherries. She leaned in closer to her camera so that he could watch her roll them between her fingers until they were good and heard.

“Well, it does help that I play the healer,” David said as he unzipped his jeans and lifted his hips to slide them down his legs.

“Well, I was thinking, good teamwork deserves some sort of reward,” Christine continued. Her eyes were half lidded as she slid one of her hands past the waistband of her sweatpants. “So, what I’d like to do is sort of ... help you prepare for our next raid.”

“Mmm, and just how were you planning on doing that?”

Christine smiled naughtily. “Well, I was thinking that while the others were gearing up, selecting their spells, that sort of thing, that I might crawl between your legs and just sort of ... you know.”

“Actually, I’m not sure I do,” David shrugged innocently.

Christine pulled her hand back out of her pants and held it up to the camera to show him how wet they were before going back to fingering herself. “Well, obviously I’d have to start by taking off your pants. Once that was done, I figured I’d work on getting you nice and hard. I’d start by running my fingers up and down the inside of your thighs as I kiss my way down your stomach. Once I reached your waist I’d wrap my hand around your long, stiff cock and slowly start to stroke it up and down until it was nice and big. And then...”

“And then?” David grunted. He tilted his camera down towards his lap, so that she could watch him jerk himself off.

“Why, I suppose by then you might have a bit of precum leaking out the tip,” Christine answered. Her eyes had grown wide as she watched him fondle his penis. “We wouldn’t want to make too much of a mess, so the only fair thing for me to do would be to lick you clean. Of course, if you kept leaking after that then I’d have to take some more drastic steps. I’d wrap my lips around that huge, thick dick of yours and suck it deep into my mouth. Then I’d just have to suck and suck until I could feel you getting ready to burst. And then do you know what I would do?”

“What would you do?” David demanded hoarsely. The thought of her hot little mouth wrapped around his cock had fueled more than one of his dreams. She’d shown him once just how deep she could take a man by fellating a Popsicle. He had absolutely no doubt that she’d be able to take him to the root.

“Why, I’d stop of course!” Christine grinned at him. “I mean, we don’t want to make a mess, after all. I can only imagine how much cum a dick as big as yours could store up. I bet if I sucked just a little too long, then you’d flood my mouth with your hot cum. It would just come spilling out over my lips, until it was dripping down my chin. There’d be no way to swallow it all!”

“What. Would. You. Do.” David grunted.

Christine’s hand ground against her clit as she panted, “There’s only one thing I could do. I’d have to climb out from under your desk and onto your lap. I’d take your fat dick in my hand and shove it into my tight little cunt, slowly sliding down your cock as you stretched me open. I’d start to bounce up and down, feeling you bottom out each time. My nails would drag down your back as your cock pushed me closer and closer to orgasm. The others would want to know what was going on, want to know what that panting sound was coming over the mics, but we’d be too lost in each other to tell them. My cunt would clench around your cock, eager for you to come deep inside of my pussy. I’d moan, begging you to fill me with your hot spunk. Go ahead! Show me how much cum you would pump into me! I want to see it shooting out of your cock!”

“Fuck yes!” David shouted. His hand was a blur as he jack his cock. He could feel the pressure beginning to build at the base of his cock, and he knew it was going to be a big one.

“Come on baby,” Christine moaned. “Cum for me!”

“I’m ... I’m-”


“Shit!” David groaned. He was almost there, just a few more moments!


“You should probably go get that.” Christine moaned with disappointment.

“Fuck!” David quickly hiked his pants back up as he hopped over to the door, where someone was still frantically hammering his doorbell. He paused just long enough that his hard on wasn’t that obvious, then yanked the door open and snarled, “What?!”

If the delivery driver on the other side of the door noticed that he was about two minutes from death, he didn’t seem to care or even show any emotion at all. Instead he just popped his chewing gum and thrust a package into David’s arms. “You gotta package. Sign here.”

“I didn’t order anything,” David protested as he looked down at the packing slip. The package had apparently started in Iraq. Who the hell did he know in Iraq?

“Don’t care, this is the address on the package, you opened the door. Sign here.” The driver thrust an electronic signature at David, forcing the blonde to tuck the package under his arm as he scribbled a line of gibberish across the pad. The delivery driver didn’t even bother to say thanks or check the signature line before turning around and heading back down the hall.

David was still frowning at the box as the door closed behind him. He placed it on the desk in front of his computer as he slipped back into his chair. On camera he could see that Christine had lowered her shirt back down over her tits and had started to straighten her hair by using the camera as an impromptu mirror. She looked puzzled when her main view turned a fuzzy brown. “What’s that?”

“Not sure,” David answered as he took another look at the packing slip. Now that he had time to read it line by line, he saw that it had a couple of military custom stamps on it. That made even less sense. Who did he know that was both in the military and in Iraq? There was only one way to find out. David grabbed a nearby pocket knife and started slicing through the heavy brown packing tape.

The answer lay in the plain white envelope that sat on the top of a thick layer of Styrofoam peanuts. The signature on the front of it was easily recognizable. “It’s from my cousin, Sahar!”

“The one who wanted to be an archaeologist?”

“Yeah...” David’s voice turned soft as he remembered his spunky younger cousin. Sahar had always been a bit of a pain in her parents’ sides. They were both much more traditional than David’s own parents, which wasn’t all that surprising since Sahar’s father had been born of Sheikh Lahijani’s first wife, and therefore his grandfather’s primary heir. While the Sheikh had been surprisingly progressive for a man of his position, at least as far as his children marrying foreigners went, his first wife had been anything but, and her attitudes had been very firmly beaten into her son when he was younger. Neither had taken to America very easily, and preferred to live on one of the Sheikh’s more secluded estates in New York, the same where David had been born and raised. Sahar’s mother had basically been sold into bondage by her own family, who had been more impressed by the Sheikh’s wealth and status, even if he had effectively been exiled from the home country, than they had been concerned for their daughter’s well being. Completely beholden to her husband, she had offered her daughter little comfort, and so Sahar had spent as much of her time as she could with David and his parents.

As a result, Sahar was as American as she could possibly manage. When her father and grandmother had been planning an arranged marriage, she had fled to college under a secret fund arranged by her grandfather, who wanted his children and grandchildren to enjoy their new lives. But while Sahar had wanted to leave the trappings of her traditionalist family behind, the myths and lore of ancient Persia never ceased to fascinate her. In the end, she ended up devoting her studies to the past, earning a Master’s in Archaeology, with a focus on Middle Eastern history. But the last David had heard she was pursuing a Doctorate in California, so what the hell was she doing sending him a package from Iraq?

Dearest David,

I hope this letter finds you well. I imagine that receiving this package will come as a bit of a surprise to you, but I did not dare tell you or your parents about my plans to travel to Iraq until after I had left the country, for I knew your father would keep me from going. My father and grandmother always tried to force me into obedience, but their heavy handed discipline simply drove me away. Uncle David is a much kinder man that, and also a much smarter one. I know that he is fully aware of what the actual conditions are like in the Middle East right now, and if he had learned of my intentions he would never have attempted to discipline me; instead, he would simply have kidnapped me from the airport and locked me in the basement until I was old and gray!

Several months ago several recruiters from the army came around to the campus, looking for volunteers. No, cousin, I have not shaved my head and run off to play G.I. Jane. They were looking for archaeology students who would be willing to travel overseas and work several digs in what very closely resemble active combat areas and to help them combat the smugglers who are trying to sell off the country’s heritage. It was an offer too tempting to refuse! Going on a dig under any other condition would have involved ingratiating myself with this or that professor, and then wheedling the money out of the university to pay for our trip and equipment. Instead the government has paid for everything, and while the sleeping bags are not the most comfortable and the food is somewhat bland, the tools are more than adequate and we only have to deal with the occasional mortar attack.

Oh, but I wish I could see the look on your face as you read that last sentence! In truth, the dig they have me working on is very close to the Kurdish held territories. The only guns I have heard fired have been those of men hunting or celebrating weddings and other such things, and even then they are often at some distance away. Our camp is technically still inside the Iraqi border, and is under the control of the U.S. I cannot write where, exactly, for I am told that if I did they would simply censor the letter. Simply believe me when I say that I am quite safe from Daesh and its butchers.

The work has been hard, and though we have not had any major breakthroughs, extremely satisfying. There is nothing quite so incredible as slowly unveiling some ancient piece of history and once more returning it to the light of day. Much of what we handle has been dated back to the years of the Crusades, and early results indicate that some of it may even been associated with Saladin’s early rise to power. I greatly hope so! I remember many of Grandfather Lajihani’s stories about the great conqueror who once rid our homeland of western invaders and would love to take some the pieces home with me for my own personal collection, even as I recognize that this makes simply one of the newest invaders to wage war in our ancestral lands.

Oh, but I also have a gift for you! I had volunteered to assist the army with some of their translation work as well, as it gave me the chance to personally question some of the locals about the history of the area. I was speaking with one of the local clan leaders, and when I mentioned that Grandfather was Sheikh Lajihani, the clan leader became very excited. He asked me many questions about where we came from and who our family was. Thank god for that family tree I did back in high school, or I wouldn’t have been able to answer even a third of his questions! He said that he had a gift that belonged to our family, one that had been in the keeping of his family for generations. He told that it ought to be given to our family’s heir. When I asked him what it was, he only said that it was a great debt that belonged to our lord. I suppose this means that I should properly have sent it to my father, blood as he is of the blood of our grandfather, but I loathe the man and all that he stands for. Instead I thought of you, for while you are perhaps the most distant of Grandfather’s line, you are the most like him in terms of deed and thought.

I hope this letter finds you and your parents well. Please send them my love at the earliest opportunity, but please! Make sure that your father does not get it into his head to come and “rescue” me. There is already a quite lovely lieutenant here who plans on taking care of that. ;)

Hugs and Kisses


“So? What is it?” Christine demanded as David finished reading aloud.

“Hold on a moment, let me fish it out.” David shoved his hand into the packing peanuts and started to fish around, not wanting to deal with the mess that would come from simply dumping the box upside down. His fingers closed around warm metal and when he pulled his hand free of the box he realized he was holding a large golden necklace. He let the chain spill from his fingers so that the amulet at the end spun slowly in the light for Christine.

“Ooh, that’s lovely...” she murmured. “What’s the design?”

“It looks like a lion, only the mane seems to be made out of sun rays,” David answered as he traced the lines of the face with the pad of his thumb. “It’s got these two wide wings coming out of the side, though they’re flat, rather than curved. Sort of like an airplane, you know?”

“Is there anything written on it?”

David turned the amulet over then shook his head. “No, not that I can see. It just repeats the same image on this side.”

“Huh.” Christine shrugged, then looked down at the time in the corner of her screen and frowned. “Damn, so much for picking up where we left off. I’m sorry, but I’ve got to get dressed for work. On the other hand...”

She got up out of her chair and stepped back, so that her camera had her entire body in view. She turned around and stood with her legs slightly spread, then bent over and pulled her pants down, exposing her naked ass and bare cunt. She held the pose for just a moment, then quickly stood up and turned around. Her shirt came off next and she held it stretched behind her neck, arching her spine to thrust her breasts towards him. Then she whipped the shirt at her webcam, throwing her room into darkness.

“I hope you enjoyed the show! Talk to you soon!”

“Talk to you soon,” David replied. He reached for his own camera and flipped the switch to turn it off. Then he leaned back in his chair and flicked the corner of the amulet, watching the light play across the golden surface as it spun. It was only a couple of inches across, but incredibly heavy. It had to have been almost pure gold, probably several thousand dollars worth judging from the weight, but David had no intention of selling it. How had Sahar described it? A great debt.

‘What does that even mean?’ David wondered as he started to rub the amulet again. He felt a sharp pricking as his thumb was stabbed by the longest of the sun rays. When he pulled his hand back there was a smear of blood across the lion’s face. He started to shake his hand up and down, temporarily looking away from the amulet. “Mother-! Ow! Damn, I thought gold was supposed to be soft!”


“What the...” When David turned back to the amulet, he was surprised to discover that it had started to glow. The air around it was shimmering like the road on a hot summer’s day, and there was a low, incredibly relaxing humming noise coming from the amulet, as if the lion at its center had begun to purr. As David leaned closer to examine the amulet, he realized the lion was purring, or at least its lips were trembling. All of a sudden its golden eyes snapped open, exposing two perfectly blue sapphires. Feline jaws parted as the amulet let out a window rattling roar so unexpected that David tumbled from his seat. His head cracked against the floor, and for several seconds the world turned completely dark.

“Are you all right, Master?”

“Gave my head a bit of a whack,” he answered with a groan. It had been enough of a whack that it took him several seconds to remember that there wasn’t supposed to be anyone else in the apartment. His eyes flew open, and much to David’s surprise he found there was a young woman kneeling over him so closely that they were a mere hairsbreadth from kissing.

The girl had a heart shaped face, with skin the color of desert sand. Her eyes were like warm pools of liquid jet, and her full lips were the same inviting pink of cherry blossoms in full bloom. David could feel the weight of her body pressing down on him, but not so heavy that he found her uncomfortable.

“Wh-who are you?” David stammered. “And how did you get in here?”

“Oh, I am sorry!” The girl immediately sat up, inadvertently grinding her crotch against his. She was dressed in a long skirt of flowing golden silk and a matching top that was too complicated to be part of a bikini, but which exposed far too much cleavage to be a proper halter. Tiny rubies had been stitched along the edges using silver wire, while more silver had been used to weave the braids that hung from the bottom of her breasts and which seemed to sway back and forth with every breath she took. David felt his cock began to react, swelling up against the inside of his jeans as she clapped her hands together beneath her chin. “I am Parisa al-Marid, bound by blood and deed to be your wife and slave.”

David blinked, unsure which word was causing him more confusion. “Uh. What?”

Parisa frowned and relaxed her hands so that they were resting, palm up, on her thighs. She began to flex her jaw and stuck out her tongue and waved it in circles. “Am I using this right? The words of this language are new to me, so I beg a thousand pardons if I am speaking improperly.”

David looked puzzled, then shook his head. He propped himself up on his arms so that it was easier to look her in the eye. “No, what? No, your English is fine. Go back to the whole slave/wife thing, though. That is where you lost me.”

“Of course,” Parisa answered with a nod. “Eight hundred years ago, the forefather of your father’s forefather fought in a great battle alongside one of my father’s many sons. Xerxes is a kind soul and a loving brother, so I hesitate to speak ill of him, but ... Well, let us just say that he makes up for his skill with a sword with his gentle manner. But like many young boys of a certain age, he got it into his head that he was truly a great warrior, and so he flocked to the war banners like so many others. Fortunately for Xerxes, there was a truly great warrior on the field of his first battle, and when so many others were being cut down by the devil-bred horsemen, the pale warrior stood tall.

He was Varangian, and had been sent as an emissary to the Shah’s palace, and though he was supposed to be there under a flag of peace, the warrior blood that pumped through his veins made it impossible for him to avoid the siren’s call of war. Xerxes claims that the Varangian’s shield held more than a hundred arrows by noon, and that by the time the red sun forced an end to the battle not a single foe dared step within reach of the white death’s gore soaked ax. He saved Xerxes more than a dozen times that day, until finally darkness allowed him and my brother to retreat back to the camps of their allies. His blood lust sated, the Varangian urged my brother to forfeit his dreams of glory and to return to our father, just as the Varangian intended to return to his own lands and warn them of the threat that was riding out of the east. Xerxes had become soul-sick from watching the slaughter unfold around him, and did as the Varangian had bid him. Upon returning to our homeland, he told my father the story, and so my father declared that there was a blood debt between our families. He had the amulet you now hold forged and sent out into the world, so that once the blood of the Varangian was touched to the lion’s lips the debt could be paid, a life for a life, to bring for more life where once there was only death.”

David brow furrowed as he considered her story. Some of it, at least, made sense. He knew the Varangian Guard had been a group of Viking types who had wandered way off course and ended up somewhere around Turkey, where they ended up becoming the muscle for the local emperors. It was why his grandfather had ended up hiring his father in the first place; the Sheikh had become amused by the idea of having his own Varangian Guard and had enough money and political connections to make it happen. And roughly eight hundred years ago would have put them in the mid thirteenth century, or roughly when the Mongols were getting around to take their turn at rampaging through the Middle East, so that at least explained the devil horsemen. But...

“You sound like you know Xerxes personally,” David said in complete and utter disbelief.

Parisa frowned in confusion. “Of course I know Xerxes. How could one not know their own brother?”

“But you said that was over eight hundred years ago...”

Parisa nodded enthusiastically. “Of course! We are Marid, of the djinn. Our lives do not end unless by our choice or by the hand of another.”

David gaped. “Are you telling me that you are some sort of thousand year old genie?”

“What?” Parisa laughed. “Don’t be silly!”

“Oh, thank-

“I’m only eighteen, not a thousand.”

“But if the amulet has been around since-”

Parisa waved a hand dismissively. “If there is one thing my father does not lack for, it is children, and what man would want a wife so many centuries older than he? My father simply designated a daughter from each generation to stand ready to pay forth the debt until she reached a certain age, at which point she was released from the duty and allowed to marry as she chose or need dictated.”

“This can’t be happening,” David moaned as he fell back against the floor. He closed his eyes tight, and began to rub them with the heel of his hands. “I’m dreaming. I fell and I knocked myself out and-”

Soft lips silenced his next words. David opened his eyes to discover Parisa bent over him, her hands cupping his face as she kissed him. She tugged at his lower lip, leaving behind a faint taste of cinnamon as she slowly moved lower, tracing the line of his jaw with her mouth. Her hips pressed against his as her body flattened out above him, and David found himself unconsciously grabbing onto her ass to hold her steady. He gave her fleshy buttocks a tight squeeze, causing Parisa to gasp in surprise.

“What are you doing?” David asked hoarsely as she sat up, dragging her fingers down his chest at the same time. Her long nails dug into his skin even through his t-shirt, sending a shiver down his spine.

“Can’t you tell?” Parisa purred as she deftly unbuttoned his jeans. “You do not believe I am real, so I am going to prove it to you.”

She rose up on the balls of her feet as her fingers hooked into the waist of his pants. David made no effort to resist as Parisa yanked his pants down, even going so far as to lift his hips to make life easier for her. His cock sprang free, all eight inches standing proudly erect in hopes of attracting the sort of relief that it had been so far denied. Parisa once more got down on all fours and edged backwards. Her long, fiery red hair hung loose around her face, so that the auburn tips tickled David’s naked thighs. Somewhere in the shadows slender fingers curled softly around his shaft and a trembling thumb traced the thick ridge running the length of his cock.

“Oh god,” David gasped. He could could see only the barest hint of movement through the shroud of her hair, but he could feel the heat of her breath moving over his skin as her mouth neared his penis. And involuntary shudder passed through him, and her fingers tightened in response, refusing to give him any say in what was the come.

Parisa’s breath caught in her throat beheld David’s cock. Once she had been chosen as her generations offering, her mother and sisters had spared no efforts in teaching her the arts of pleasing a man. Yet despite all their knowledge and information, this was the first time Parisa had ever seen the real thing. She loved how warm it felt against the palm of her hand, how soft skin was, even as the muscle below it was hard and unyielding. She could feel his pulse quickening through the thick veins that snaked along the sides of the shaft, and her own heart raced to match his beat. She licked her dry lips as she considered what she was about to do, only to smile a moment later at her own fright. ‘There is nothing to be afraid of here, only pleasure to be had!’

Her mind made up, Parisa bent her head and took his cock into her mouth. Her lips pressed together behind the swollen glans and her tongue darted forward, taking quick, tentative licks as she tasted the man who would be her husband for the very first time. The taste was hard to describe; a little salty, yes, but there was a stronger taste behind that, something more earthy, yet delicious. The fires rising in her belly burned hotter, craving more of that wonderful taste, and as her confidence built she sucked him further into her mouth. His cock trembled against her cheeks as her tongue wiped across his head, licking away a hot and sticky fluid that had come oozing out of his tip. The taste of salt was stronger now, with a mix of bitter and sweet thrown in as well. Her hand began to move in concert with her mouth, stroking and squeezing so that he would give her more of that tantalizing liquid.

David’s fist clenched and unclenched as his breath turned to ragged gasps. It was hands down one of the best blow jobs he had ever received, all coming from a strange girl he had met only moments before. A fresh stab of pleasure ripped through him as her teeth oh-so-carefully grazed his skin, releasing him just before it became too much to bear. Her mouth was so incredibly hot and wet, growing tighter and tighter as she worked her way down his length. No one had ever managed to deep throat him before, with most girls giving up before they had even reached the halfway mark. But Parisa seemed intent on making it, and David felt her soft lips pressing against his hips, he lost all sense of self control. He pushed her hair out of the way as his hands closed around the back of her head, holding her steady as he began to pump his hips, forcing his cock into her eager throat.

Parisa moaned as her husband-to-be’s strong hands forced her down at the same time he shoved his cock forward. Her hands dropped to the floor so that she could hold herself steady while David fucked her mouth. Her stomach twisted into a knot of pleasure, and her entire body felt loose and full of energy. All of a sudden David froze, just as he had reached the deepest point of her throat, and for a brief moment Parisa thought something had gone wrong and she started to pull back. Then she felt his cock swell to its fullest a moment before it erupted in her mouth, flooding her cheeks with hot, thick cum. It was at that same moment that the knot in her belly unraveled, sending shocks of pure joy racing through her body as she greedily swallowed his load.

David collapsed against the floor, arms spread wide as his chest heaved in an attempt to fill his lungs with desperately needed air. “Christ, that was amazing.”

“There’s more yet to come,” Parisa murmured as she lay down next to him, one leg casually tossed over his. She propped herself up on one hand as the other continued to toy with his cock. It had started to soften and shrink, even though it was still wet with her saliva. “There is still much more of my body for you to explore.”

David let out a tired laugh. “Heh, I really wish I could, but-”

Parisa’s eyes twinkled. “Your wish is my command!”

David gasped as a powerful surge of energy poured through his body. A tingling sensation built at the base of his cock, flowing upwards as his cock grew just as hard as it had been moments before. It was as if he had just woken up from a good night’s sleep, complete with morning wood. Every minor ache and pain that had been bothering him just a moment before had completely vanished.

“How?” His voice was thick with wonder as he stared at his cock.

“I told you, I am djinn!” Parisa laughed as she rolled her body on top of his. There was a deep emptiness between her legs that was begging to be filled, and she knew just how to satisfy it. Her skirt vanished with a thought, leaving her slender legs to press against his hips as she straddled his waist. Rough denim scraped along the inside of her bare thighs, sending a small shiver down her spine. They didn’t have jeans in the Outer Realms, at least not in her father’s harem where she had been born. It had all been silks and airy linens and other soft things.

Parisa was done with soft things. She wanted hard things, and one hard thing in particular.

She pressed his cock against her wet slit, grinding it between her legs to coat him with her juices. David moaned at the intense heat sliding against his shift. He could feel how wet she was and wanted nothing more than to be fully inside of her. “Parisa...”

“You’ve used my name, husband,” Parisa said huskily. “I suppose that deserves some reward!”

Parisa inhaled as she finally - finally! - guided his cock into her cunt. There was no virginal barrier to impeded his progress, as her sisters had opened her on the same day she had been chosen. But David’s girth was far larger than the slender little rod she had practiced with, and it surprised her how far he stretched her inner walls. Her entire body began to tremble as he slowly slid deeper inside of her. She unthinkingly clenched her muscles, squeezing his cock as he bottomed out within her.

“Oh, fuck!” David gasped.

“Yes! Fuck me!” Parisa demanded as she started move her hips. The feel of him sliding along inside of her was absolutely delicious. Her entire world seemed to narrow down until all that existed was the glorious sensation of him filling her.

“As you wish,” David laughed. Parisa squealed in surprise as his arms wrapped around her waist and twisted. The world spun as he reversed their positions, so that he was now above her. In the process his cock had slipped free and it slapped against her belly as he pushed her legs up over his shoulders.

“Please...” Parisa begged. She felt so empty without him inside of her.

“Hmmm?” David asked innocently as angled his hips lower, so that his cock was sliding up and down her clit.

“Please, Master!”

David felt an intense jolt of lust as she cried out for him. The thought of being called Master was an intense turn on. One arm pinned her legs in place as he guided his cock back into place. His knees scraped against the bare wood of the floor as he made sure the angle was just right before plunging back into her slick folds. This time there was no going slow. This time he took her with one solid thrust, only stopping once he was buried to the hilt. Being inside of her was so absolutely incredible. She was hot and wet, slick enough to move in but tight enough that he could feel her body clutching at every inch of him.

“Oooh,” Parisa moaned as he took her hard and fast. His body slammed against hers, dominating her, driving her into the unyielding floor. She offered no resistance. Instead, her fingers tightened around her thighs, holding her legs spread so that she was completely open to him has he hammered against her core. She crossed her legs behind his back and her nailed carved deep scratches into his back. Heat blossomed deep inside of her as he came, spilling directly into her womb. Her world collapsed into a single point of heavenly delight as she followed him into orgasm.

“Shit,” David mumbled as pulled out of her. He could only stare in disbelief at the beautiful woman who lay on the floor in front of him. The hard peaks of her breast rose and fell as she panted for breath, and her body almost seemed to be glowing as a thick stream of white cum oozed out from between the pink lips of her pussy.

“That was wonderful!” Parisa rose up on her elbows and grinned at him. “And I can see you are still ready to go, my husband.”

David looked down and was surprised to see that she was entirely correct. His cock was just as hard as it had been when he had been inside her, and it showed absolutely no hints of flagging. He looked back up at her and grinned. “I do, don’t it?”

Parisa’s eyes were full of lust as she motioned for him to stand up. As David got back to his feet, Parisa twisted round with feline grace so that she was kneeling in front of him. Her hand closed around his shaft, slowly pumping him as she said, “Husband, I have known your taste and felt you plant your seed inside of me. Now all that remains is for you to mark me with your essence, claiming me as yours forever more!”

She then proceeded to slide his cock between her breasts, squeezing it between warm, soft skin on both sides. His shaft was still slick with the juices from her cunt, making it easy for him to move through the tunnel formed by her flesh. Parisa started out slowly, until David swatted her hands away and grabbed control of her breasts. Her nipples were crushed against the palms of his hands as his hips moved to a familiar rhythm. The setting sun was painting her golden skin a vibrant red, a sharp contrast to his own pale features as he thrust towards her parted lips.

“Christ, you are so beautiful,” David murmured as his thrusts slowed.

“All for you, husband,” Parisa answered as she caressed the back of his thighs. “All for you.”

“And what do you want?” David rasped. He had only just come minutes before, but he could already feel a fresh load of semen gathering at the base of his cock. Was it the same spell that kept him hard that made ready to blow again so quickly? Or was it that Parisa just aroused him so?

“I want you to come for me, husband,” Parisa begged. “I want to feel your hot, sticky cum splash across my breasts. I want to feel it soak into my skin, so that when we go out in public other women will scent you on me and know that you have mastered me, and for other men to know that they can never have me, even as I flaunt my body before them.”

“You think I will let you put yourself on display so brazenly?” David grunted.

“Ooh, I hope so,” Parisa moaned. She closed her eyes and licked her lips. “I will dress myself in only the shortest of skirts, so that they may stare at my legs as I move and so that they will drool when I bend over, hoping to catch even the quickest glimpse of what only you may have. I shall fashion my shirts of the sheerest silk, cut tightly against my breasts so that it will they seem they might spill out at any moment ... but the only eyes that will ever see them truly bare shall be yours.”

“You get off on being watched?”

Parisa’s eyes grew wide at the thought. “Ooooh, yes. I would get them so hard, they would be panting like dogs in heat as they follow me around, begging to be touched, begging for even the merest glance. Their eyes will follow me as I walk into your embrace, then kneel at your feet and demonstrate the proper way a woman services her master, and then they shall weep, for they will know that their own woman would never act in such a way, afraid to give into her own desires to please.”

“Fuck!” David gasped as the pressure mounting in his cock finally became too much. His hips pressed against her breasts as cum erupted from his cock in long, thick white spurts that slapped wetly across her skin. The last shot was just as powerful as the first, splattering against her throat and chin. Parisa waited just a few seconds to ensure that nothing more was forthcoming, than greedily sealed her mouth around his cock, making sure that he was completely clean before she stopped licking and sucking.

David sat down heavily in his chair. Parisa picked herself up off the floor and draped herself across his lap, hooking her arm around his shoulder. A shiver ran down her spine as his cum began to cool on her skin, slowly oozing its way down her chest to drip off the still-hard peaks of her nipples. She could fill him finally beginning to soften against her thigh, and while a part of her wanted to keep him hard, to keep their afternoon going long into the night, her own body was starting to ache. Instead she leaned down and gave him a lazy kiss, teasing his lips with the tip of her tongue.

David sighed as they finally parted. “We should get cleaned up before someone walks in on us.”

Parisa smiled and kissed him again. “I would not worry about that, my love. When you first summoned me I sealed your dwelling to make sure that we would not be disturbed. As Master of the House, only someone with your permission would be able to disturb us.”

“But-” David’s protest was cut off as she kissed him again.

“Do you doubt my words?”

“No, but-”

Parisa pressed her body against his, dragging her breasts along his chest. “Do you need me to prove my powers to you once more?”

“No, it’s just-”

“What the fuck?!”

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