A Woman Waiting to Happen Part Two
Chapter 1: Sarah

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Sarah - The Sequel!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa  


I hatedChapter 1: Sarah


I hated it, God, how I hated it, but Carlos insisted we go back to our campsite. Carrie, dressed in her ‘boy clothes’, drove us back. It was almost lunch time, and clouds were starting to roll up on the horizon. Mike had checked the weather, and there was a huge front coming in, predicting strong thunderstorms, with high winds, torrential rain, and a possibility of hail.

Mike did his best to get us to stay with them in case it got really bad, but Carlos wouldn’t think of it. I think the fact that Mike was out of beer had a lot to do with it. Plus, I think deep down, Carlos was intimidated by Mike. He didn’t want me around him too much, because in a side by side comparison, he’d lose big time. Mike was young, hung, handsome, and rich, and came from a world of affluence. Carrie hugged me when I got out, whispering if it really got bad to ignore Carlos and come to them.

Carlos found five beers still in the cooler, and started drinking immediately. He was on his third when he finally noticed my hair. He was not pleased.

I lied, telling him a woman I had talked to a few times a few sites down turned out to be a hairdresser, and cut it for free. I thought he would like it, make a nice change. It was a safe lie, the woman had gone home the day before.

“Bitch, I tell you to cut your fucking hair? Ought to whip your ass, shave your head. THAT would be a change, teach you a lesson. I own your ass, you don’t do shit without I tell you. Maybe you need a reminder.”

Before I could react, he punched me in the stomach, hard. The air whoosed out of me and I collapsed, trying desperately to get my breath back. He laughed and started slapping me. It might have been a lot worse, but one of his drinking buddies came by, calling out to him.

“Carlos, man, where you been? We gonna go on a beer run, get enough to last us, then we gonna play. I want a chance to win my money back. Why don’t you bring your bitch? She can serve us drinks. Maybe be a topless waitress, she sure got the rack for it on her.”

The only thing that saved me was how jealous Carlos was. “Fuck that. The bitch is too dumb to remember who would get what. Gimme a minute.”

He reached down, pulling me up by my shortened hair. “Don’t you fucking move! You make sure your ass is here when I get back, or get the whipping of your life. Understand?” I nodded, crying, as he left.

I lay there, hearing the wind moan, the tent sway, and the rain start. It got harder, with higher winds. I crawled into a corner, shaking in fear while tears rolled down my cheeks. It felt like the next gust would bring the tent down, it was already tearing, leaking in a dozen places. I was about to give up hope, when the tent flap flew open. Mike looked in, saw me, and in one motion took me into his arms, carrying me to his truck. He lay me in the back seat, and Carrie jumped in with me, hugging me while I cried.

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