A Woman Waiting to Happen
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - As usual, I'm not going to tell you what it's about. Just read it.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa  

Mike Gray listened to the almost hypnotic thrum of the powerful diesel engine in the F350 Ford truck. He would have never purchased such a vehicle for himself. It had belonged to his father, as did the camper and boat that he was going to inspect. They had set empty and idle at the campground his parents had loved for almost two years, since The Incident, as Mike called it in his mind. He hadn’t made up his mind, but he was probably going to sell them.

He had a job that he loved, as a trade negotiator for a Fortune 100 company, on the fast track to better things, until it happened.

The engineer had the train going seventy miles an hour in a thirty mile an hour zone. He had a blood alcohol level just under the legal limit of intoxication, with traces of marijuana and cocaine in his blood. He died with his cell phone in his hand, texting his girlfriend, trying to talk her into coming back to him. The train jumped the tracks in a hard curve, the cars tumbling over those waiting at the crossing. They were in his brothers’ minivan, six cars back, and they found it in reverse, so he had just enough time to try to get away, but the fully loaded coal car smashed everything in its’ path. His mother, father, younger brother, his wife, and their four year old daughter, killed instantly.

He took a leave of abscence, then had to turn in his resignation. It fell to him to arrange five funerals, handle all attendant paperwork, and keep the company his father founded running. He could have just walked away, but one hundred eighty-six people depended on the plant for their livelyhood. Many were friends of his family. They had babysat he and his brother, taught them how to play in various sports, and he owed them. If nothing else he owed it to his parents.

So he dug in, working horrific hours to get the company back on an even keel, sixty and eighty hour weeks for months, but it was finally done. Not only was it back to the point where it was before the death of his father, he’d used his connections he had made in his old line of work to bring in new business.

During the time the railroad made him an offer, a million dollars for his whole family. He was outraged they wanted to pay him off and avoid responsibility. He turned to his friend and old partner Myra for advice.

“Let me handle it. Not me personally, but I’ll head the team. And I don’t want a dime, understand? This is personal for me. I liked your parents. They not only killed your family, they took my friend and the best partner I ever had away from me.”

She was brutal, and in the end they settled for eleven million and a full apology to all the victims, placed in a full page ad in a prominent paper. They also handled all the claims for the other relatives and survivors. Myra said they made a bundle.

His father and mother both had insurance policies of a million each, double for accidental death. His brother and wife had policies for half a million, also doubling for accidental death.

So when everything was settled he had a little over sixteen million in cash, not counting the houses and the factory he’d inherited. He would rathered have had his family back.

He had successfully stabilized the company, even increasing business. Deciding to finally ease back, he had hired a man with an excellent resume to run it for him, working side by side with him for the last six months. It was time.

He was going to take two or three weeks of, a kind of test for the new manager. If things went well, Mike had a plan. He had worked with his lawyers, and was going to sell part of the company to the employees, even had the financing set up. His reasoning was that if they actually owned part of the company, they would work hard to keep it solvent, and he could return to his old life. He packed the big four wheell drive dually his father had used to pull the boat, and headed South.

Mike was careful, stopping for a few minutes every hour or so, to strech his legs and recharge. He was three hours into his trip when his phone rang. Glancing down, he knew this would be a long conversation, so he pulled into the parking lot of a fast food restaurant.

“Kim.” He said it with a flat emotionless voice, and it surprised her.

“Baby, where are you?”

“You know damn well where I am, Kim. I’m where you’re supposed to be, except you didn’t show up when it was time to leave. I waited two hours.”

She expected him to be angry, his calm voice and flat tone made her nervous. “Now baby, I’m sorry, I got detained. Come on back, and we’ll jump on a plane, go somewhere with a lot of sun and very little in the way of clothing. I’ll make it a very enjoyable trip for you, honey.”

He laughed, which stunned her. “By detained, do you mean shacked up with the golf pro? Or Jimmy? Maybe it was Brandon, maybe it’s all three, if the pictures I have are accurate. Doesn’t matter anymore. It’s my fault for getting you the country club membership. Golf lessons, swimming lessons, tennis, horseback riding, sex lessons, you’ve become a well rounded girl.”

She started spluttering, wondering how much he knew. This could be very bad. He started talking again before she could recover.

“Now’s where you say it’s my fault, for neglecting you. Well, you know, if you had come to work with me, put that degree to use, I would have spent more time with you. Doesn’t matter, when I was off you were always busy.”

“Please honey, it was a mistake. I may have been drugged, or had too much to drink. It’s not my...”

Mike cut her off. “Really? The defense by stupidity ploy? Drop it, Kim, even though we weren’t married, we had a responsibility to be honest if we wanted out. We are done, through, no chance, are you hearing me? Tell your slut buddy Janice she needs to be careful, if you sleep with everyone your partner slept with, she’s up to about seventeen just that I know about. And since you were fucking the same guys she was, you might want to get tested.”

He stopped for a breath, holding the phone away until she wound down. “SHUT UP! Kim, here’s what will happen. You have a new address, it’s the condo right beside Janice. Look at the time you’ll save commuting to your orgies. It’s prepayed for three months, after that, you better have a job. I also opened an account for you, and deposited ten thousand in it, for the times you were a good girlfriend. That’s all you’ll ever get from me. When you get ready to take your things out of my house, call Jerry, and someone from his firm will meet you. They have a list, and if you try to take something that isn’t on it, you’ll fail. Goodbye, Kim.”

He hung he phone up to her crying and begging. She immediately called back, and he let it go to voicemail. He grinned, knowing at midnight his new number would activate. Unless she was willing to drive eight hours, she wouldn’t get a chance to talk to him again. Plus, he hadn’t told her exactly where they were going, and anyone that knew had strict instructions to not tell her.

He drove on, the monotony mind numbing. He was tired. Bone tired and soul tired, and he desperately needed this time off.

Things got even more irritating when he finally arrived, the code they had given him wouldn’t open the gate. He had to call the campground office, and they were surprised he was there, their records said he wasn’t due to arrive for another two days. They apologised and gave him a code, and he drove slowly through the grounds, every curve triggering a memory, esspecially as he got closer to the RV section.

He’d gotten his very first kiss from a girl behind that oak tree, on a hot July night. He was fourteen, she was fifteen, and knew a lot more about kissing than he did, and was glad to instruct him. He’d always be grateful to her.

His smile grew bittersweet as he approached what was unofficially dubbed ‘Retirement Village’, because so many there had opted to sell everything and retire to their RV. Each lot was large, with a goodsized yard space. Storage buildings were allowed, as long as they were tasteful. Some had even installed prefab garages.

He pulled into the site his dad had selected, prepaying a twenty year lease. There was seventeen years left on it. His heart gave a little twinge as he read the sign out front. “Gray’s Retreat,” and underneath “welcome friends”.

He was shocked, his parents had told him they’d bought a new camper when he last talked to them. Even though it was technically an RV, they always called them campers. This thing was huge, a house on wheels, built on a bus frame. His mood didn’t improve when he unlocked it and found the lights didn’t work. Frustrated, he called the office, and they apologized, saying it would be eight a.m. before they could get him hooked up.

Sighing, he decided to look at the boat. His parents had told him it had sleeping quarters, so maybe he could rough it for the night. Driving to the marina, he looked for the slip munber. What he saw shocked him. It wasn’t a boat, it was a house with the ability to float. Fifty feet, at least. He found out the next day it was only forty-six. It had a full size bedroom, a large lounge, and a decent galley. Plus, there was a decent sized shower in the bathroom. He couldn’t use it though, because the pipes weren’t hooked up. The air conditioner was very effective, however, and he soaked in the coolness.

Even though it was late, and he was tired, he knew he wouldn’t sleep until he had a shower. Gathering his toiletries, he drove over to one of the public bathhouses the campground provided. Little did he know how much his life was about to change.

He was surprised to see there was someone else there this late at night, looked down at the clothes laid out neatly on the bench, and grinned. There was a tee shirt, basketball shorts, a large Ace bandage, and a pair of baby blue full cut panties. Apparently a woman had wandered in to the wrong bathhouse.

Grinning, he took off his clothes and wrapped himself in a towel. He walked silently to the stall, determined to get a free show if it was a woman, or back out quietly if it was someone younger. She was singing, in Spanish.

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