Mandy Has No Choice
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Bill Smith

Blackmail Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mandy is a happily married mother in a new neighbourhood and to fit in agrees to go on a girlie night with a nearby neighbour Gail. Gail is being blackmailed by an unknown source and is tasked with giving Mandy alcohol and drugs, so the blackmailers can put Mandy in a position to be blackmailed too. This is the story of the humiliating and totally wrong things Mandy is blackmailed into doing to try and keep the events of that girlie night a secret. NB - The story codes relate to the whole story

Caution: This Blackmail Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Food   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Voyeurism  

Mandy Smith, had just turned 40 years old, but she had the figure of someone much younger. The dark haired beauty wasn’t skinny, but certainly not fat either. It was obvious to anyone looking at her that she’d looked after herself. She stood at 5ft 4”’ and had a real sexy figure. Her breasts were a 36C, but today Mandy sat crying in her kitchen and wondered what the hell had she done to deserve this? It was so unfair. She was trapped between a rock and a hard place. It all started the night she got drunk on a girlie night out with a neighbour. It turns out the neighbour, Gail, whom Mandy thought was a friend, was blackmailed into getting Mandy out for the night. Gail was also tasked with getting Mandy drunk and drugged. Basically, her job was to have Mandy ready to be gang banged, not out of it completely, but pliable enough to carry out sex acts, which would be photographed so they could start blackmailing Mandy too.

So, who was they? That’s was the frustrating thing, it appeared that neither Gail, or herself had a clue who were now controlling their lives.

Since the girls night out, Mandy had only seen Gail once and that was purely so Gail could explain to Mandy how her life was going to be from now on. Sure, Gail had apologised and seemed genuinely sorry for her part in luring Mandy into the trap, but like she’d explained, she had no option. She didn’t actually tell Mandy what they had on herself, but she told her it was enough to have her put in prison.

Mandy thought back to how happy she was the day she, her husband and their two teenaged children were when they moved into this exclusive little neighbourhood 3 months ago. They’d had it tough over the years, but since her husband Bill had been promoted, things had never been better. They finally seemed to be back on their feet for the first time since starting a family.

Bill, was a proud family man who was coming up to 46 years of age. He was a strong man at 6ft tall, not fat, but solid, with big shoulders and a big chest. He counted himself one of the luckiest men alive. He adored his wife Mandy and of course, he thought the world of his two children, Katie, who’d just turned 16 and Daniel who was a couple of years younger.

Katie took after her mother, she was 5ft tall, had shoulder length dark hair, a slim figure and a 34B pair of breasts. Whereas Daniel took after his dad. He was already 5ft 10” with an impressive developing physique.

Bill and Mandy had always been faithful to each other, well up until Mandy’s night out of course, but to be fair to Mandy, the events of that night were not her fault. Not that her husband would see it that way, or indeed their children, respective families, friends and last but not least, the church community they belonged to.

Yes, Mandy was in turmoil and wondered when her first instructions would arrive. It was driving her mad; the waiting, the not knowing who was behind it all, the not knowing what sordid instructions she’d be given and worse still, could she really trust them to keep quiet about the events of that fateful girlie night if she did do their bidding?

A week had passed since Gail had shown Mandy the incriminating photos of her having sex with not just one man, but three. The photo’s showed Mandy knelt naked in front of them to start with and then with each of their cocks, one after another, in her mouth. The photo’s showed close ups of her sucking their cocks. Her eyes were bright and to Mandy’s horror, she looked like she was enjoying it.

Then there were photos of her being fucked. There were some of her sat on a cock riding with wanton lust, another of her being fucked from behind while she sucked the cock of another and then one of her laid on her back, a man fucking her while she held the cocks of the other two in her hands.

There were photos of her smiling with cum all over her face too. Good god, she was in deep shit, but despite seeing the photos, Mandy had no recollection of the events whatsoever. Whatever they gave her drug wise seemed to have done the trick for them, as she didn’t appear to have been forced into any of it and actually looked very happy to be in that gang bang situation.

Mandy thought back to the photos and wracked her brain to think if she’d ever seen any of the men before, but she hadn’t, she didn’t get any comfort from that knowledge in the slightest, in fact it made her feel dirty and cheap.

Gail had told her to expect an email with instructions and unless she wanted the photos to be distributed to all and sundry, she’d better carry out the instructions without hesitation. Gail assured her that she knew the men were clean and that they didn’t cum inside her, so there was no risk of pregnancy. It was like Gail was reading from a script and had to remember things to tell her.

Mandy had stared at the photos and she’d kept asking why she’d been set up like this, but Gail didn’t have any answers for her. She told Mandy that she didn’t know why they chose herself either, it was as if it was because they just could.

Gail had been very matter of fact and Mandy could tell she really didn’t want to be there. Gail had been there because she’d been ordered to be. She didn’t offer Mandy much advice, other than to do as she was told. It was clear to Mandy that Gail had her own problems to deal with.

After about 30 minutes Gail had scooped the photos up and explained to Mandy that unless they instructed it, she wouldn’t be allowed to meet up with her again. She gave her a hug and with tears in her eyes she said she was so sorry once again before leaving.

All this had played on Mandy’s mind for the last week; Mandy, back to the present, wiped her eyes and for the first time hoped that, whoever the blackmailer was, had decided not to follow through with anything. Bill had gone to work and the children were at school, so she made herself a cup of tea and sat down knowing she had to check her phone for possible emails.

Mandy’s heart missed a beat as she saw there was an email in her inbox. She knew it was from ‘them’, her blackmailers. It read:

Hello Mandy,

We trust you are well and enjoyed the photos that we asked Gail to kindly show you and we also hope you enjoyed reliving the fun you had at our little get together last week. Alas, none of the men in the photos were me, but I have to say, your lovers for the night were very complimentary of how you performed for them. They said you were one of the best fucks they’d had for many months, which makes me think your husband Bill is a very lucky man indeed.

We believe Gail explained we’d be in touch and we do hope you see sense in helping us out with our little whims and desires, of course anything we ask of you is only a request and you can always say no.

We are nothing, if not considerate to how you must be feeling right now, therefore today’s request is a nice easy one. Shortly you will be receiving a delivery from a mail order company that we have taken the liberty of ordering you some toys to play with from.

All we ask is that you sign for the package, open it in your bedroom, familiarise yourself with each of the toys, take a series of selfie photos sucking on each one and email them back to us at this email address. We want to see your eyes looking directly into the camera while you do so. If you do this for us, we will not ask anything else from you today.

Finally, remember to hide the toys carefully from your husband, we’d hate him to think of you as a dirty slut owning such toys.

Enjoy your afternoon and we look forward to seeing your email later.

Mr & Mrs C.

Mandy stared at her phone in disbelief, she re-read the email in shock. It was so conversational and what did they mean she had a choice? As she re-read it again and again, she looked for any clues she could gain from the words, but there was nothing. She thought how clever the wording was, making it sound like a game and very non threatening; however, she was under no illusion that the message contained an underlying threat. Why else would someone go to the trouble of drugging her and take photos of her like they had?

Then she thought of the request and had so many unanswered questions in her head; she wondered what toys they had ordered, she wasn’t so stupid to think they were kids toys, oh no, she new they’d be sex toys, but having never even seen one, never mind played with one, she didn’t know what to expect.

The doorbell rang, which made Mandy jump out of her skin. Her heart was beating faster than normal when she saw the outline of a delivery man through the frosted glass of her front door.

“Good afternoon Ma’am, I have a delivery for you from, looks like you’re going to be having some fun this afternoon lady” said the man as he handed her the rectangular box with plastered all over the box.

Mandy went bright red, but daren’t come back with a comment. Instead, she stammered her thanks as she signed for the package.

The man smiled and winked at her before leaving which made her feel so dirty and that was before she’d seen the contents.

Mandy knew what she had to do. She didn’t want to, but knew she she didn’t have a choice. She went into the lounge first, poured herself a large glass of brandy and gulped it down in one. The burn she got from the liquor made her feel calmer and less in a dream state.

She found a pair of scissors to open the box and went upstairs to the master bedroom.

Mandy was shaking as she started to slit the tape securing the box from There seemed a lot of packaging, but eventually started to reveal the contents. The first she thing she pulled out was in a small package, she read the name on the package ‘Pocket Rocket’. It was a small torpedo shaped vibrator of about 3” long and about 3/4” in diameter, it was silver in colour and pointed on the end. Mandy cut the plastic moulded outer package and pushed it out and as she did, a battery fell out with some instructions of how to open the pocket rocket and insert the battery. Mandy was shocked, but intrigued, so proceeded to pop the battery in and as she did the toy burst into life. Mandy shrieked and dropped it on the carpet. Mandy was breathing heavily and was shaking from head to toe. She asked herself what the hell she was doing entertaining this request, but remembered the photos. If only she could remember the night they were taken, but she couldn’t.

The buzzing on the carpet brought Mandy back to the present again and she picked it up wondering what the hell she’d been sent these things for. She turned it off and put it to her mouth. She frowned as she slipped it into her mouth. She looked in the mirror and tried to look directly at herself, but felt embarrassed. Instinct took over and she practised her look with the toy in her mouth. Once satisfied that she’d got it right, she lifted her phone and snapped a selfie while sucking on the pocket rocket. She thought she looked silly in the photo, but she’d done it and to be honest with herself, this request was no where near as bad as she’d feared.

Mandy cleared the packaging away, putting it in a plastic carrier bag and then put the pocket rocket in the little cloth bag provided with it.

She reached for the next items and laid them out, still in their packaging, on the bed. There was an 8” pink vibrator, three butt plugs in differing sizes, the biggest looking huge and a cock shaped dildo which was about 10” long, sporting a pair of plastic testicles at the base and finally a tube of KY Jelly.

Mandy was shocked and disgusted with what was laid out on her bed. She wondered where on earth she was going keep this stuff so Bill wouldn’t find them.

The time was getting on and she knew she only had about two hours before Katie and Daniel came home from school, so she ripped off all the packaging and as quickly as possible, popped each one in her mouth and took the requested selfies. She just did it without thinking as she knew she didn’t want these disgusting things out when her children got back from school.

The vibrator was just like a bigger version of the pocket rocket, so didn’t feel like anything. She didn’t know what the butt plugs were really for, so didn’t really worry about these either until it came to the big one, she couldn’t fit it in her mouth, so just sucked the end and snapped the selfie to get it over and done with. The cock shaped dildo was another matter as it looked too much like a cock, it was brown too, which made her feel even worse. Not that she was racist at all, but it just felt so wrong. Nevertheless she held it by the balls and put her lips around the cock end. It reminded her of how she looked in the photos. Mandy felt her stomach heave at this point and had all on keeping herself from puking all over her bedroom floor.

Somehow she got herself together, held her phone at arms length while holding the plastic cock and balls in her mouth and took the selfie.

Mandy breathed in heavily and sighed in relief, she’d done the first part of the request, well the selfies anyway. She knew she had to familiarise herself with the toys, but thought she’d do that tomorrow as soon as the kids and her hubby were out of the way.

Next, Mandy cleared all the empty packaging away thoroughly, making sure there wasn’t any tell tale signs of anything on the floor, or the bed. She found a small overnight bag, which was quite colourful and something Bill would never think of opening, it was just the thing to keep her toys in. That annoyed her, thinking of them as her toys. They were not her toys, how could they be? After all she hadn’t chosen them, they were the toys of her blackmailers! That’s when it hit her; “Mr and Mrs C” She thought to herself. It dawned on her that it was a husband and wife who were blackmailing her. She shook her head, too angry to cry. She asked herself how another woman could do this to her. She understood why a prevented bastard, could do this to her and Gail, but surely not another woman. Her mind raced. Maybe Mrs C had been blackmailed into marrying him Mr C.

“Stop it, stop it” she told herself. Mandy knew it wouldn’t take much to send her over the edge at the moment, but her instinct told her she had to act as normal as possible in front of Bill and the children if she was going to get through this. Surely the blackmailers would get bored and move onto someone else. Mandy consoled herself with that thought.

She took the rubbish, wrapped in several tied bin bags, out to the bin. Then once back in the house, Mandy poured another Brandy before she sat down to email the selfies she’d taken as per her instructions.

She wondered for a while if she should write anything and then decided she should. She wrote the following:

Dear Mr & Mrs C,

I have done as requested and trust the photos you have will be destroyed and never shared with anyone. Please see the attached.


Mandy hit send and once again sat staring at her phone for ages. The next thing she knew, Daniel and Katie had burst through the front door, laughing and joking and generally teasing each other, just like they normally do when they come home together.

Mandy snapped to her senses, her motherly instinct took over, she brushed herself down, straightened her hair, had a quick last check around her bedroom and checked her special hiding place for the toys was tucked in the corner of her wardrobe. Satisfied all was in place, she went downstairs, greeted Katie and Daniel with her usual hugs and kisses and asked about their days.

About an hour and a half later, bill came home and got the same treatment. Dinner was prepared and served up at the family table as normal and Mandy surprised herself at how normal things seemed. Well, that was until she noticed she’d had another email come in on her phone. It was the discreet ping that notified her that she’d got mail. No one else heard it, but she knew who it was from without even looking.

The mail was all she could think about as she cleared up after dinner. For once she was thankful that she always got left to clear up on her own while Bill spent time chatting and watching crappy television programmes with Katie and Daniel.

Mandy sneaked upstairs and opened the mail which read:

Hello Mandy,

Thank you for the sexy photos of you with your new toys in your mouth. They are very nice indeed, but we are disappointed you didn’t carry out your instructions completely. We know you didn’t familiarise yourself fully with each toy.

This is, of course, why we have contacted you again tonight; if you’d have done as instructed you would not have heard from us until tomorrow. Please learn from this.

As you can imagine, we are unable to let this go without some form of punishment and as usual in situations like this, I think of a punishment and Mrs C thinks of a punishment.

Firstly, Mrs C’s as she tends to be the most kinky out of the two of us.

Mrs C wants you to use the pocket bullet on yourself right now. She wants you to turn it on so it vibrates at mid level, she thinks this will stimulate you to orgasm quickly as its your first use with it. Then once you have orgasmed, your pussy will be nice and wet. This is where she gets kinky. Mrs C wants you to get each of your families toothbrushes and insert them into your pussy one at a time. Start with your husbands, then your sons and finally your daughters, push them in as far as they’ll go handle first, push them deep in your cunt, then with your other hand, you must spread your cunt juice all over their bristles. Coat them good. Of course we need more than photos for this act, we want a short video clip so we can watch how you’ve carried out this punishment, you must also ensure there’s at least 5 seconds of the clip showing your face and don’t even think about rinsing the toothbrushes after you’ve coated them. This is a punishment remember and its your fault that your family is being subject to this!

Once you’ve carried out Mrs C’s order, you’ll be relieved to know my punishment isn’t as bad. All I want you to do is lubricate your sexy ass with the KY jelly and insert the smallest butt plug into your ass hole. You must keep it there until you turn in for bed tonight. You must have it in your ass while you are downstairs with your family, while you walk around the house and while you kiss Katie and Daniel goodnight, finally removing it while you are laid next to your husband in bed. What you do with it then is your decision. We suggest you slide it under your pillow until he’s gone to work in the morning.

We don’t need a video of this, a simple photo of it inserted in your sexy ass will suffice, oh and remember, we’ll know if you do not carry out this punishment as deserved.

Mr & Mrs C

Mandy was absolutely horrified with this latest instruction and felt sick. She wondered why on earth someone would want her to use her families toothbrushes in that way, what had they done in all of this? why should they, albeit unknowingly, be subject to such an unhygienic act? It was disgusting. She contemplated not doing it, but then the realisation kicked in as to why she was having to do it; how did they know she’d not fully familiarised herself with the toys? They must be spying on her. She looked around her bedroom. Surely they didn’t have cameras set up, or had they? All these thoughts went through Mandy’s head in the space of seconds.

Then of course, there was the butt plug issue. How the hell would it stay in her ass, what a sick couple they were. However, Mandy, knowing she didn’t have much time alone decided, as disgusting an act as it was, to get the toothbrush task done and out of the way first.

Mandy decided this could be easier if she wore her silk dressing gown, so she removed her day clothes and slipped it on. It was a sexy short pink one. She went to the wardrobe, lifted out the overnight bag, found the pouch which contained the pocket rocket and studied it. Mandy turned the dial to switch it on. This time she was ready for the buzz and lowered it down to her pussy. To start with it tingled too much, so held it against her pussy lips a little firmer which worked. Despite the predicament, it actually felt good and she could feel herself getting wet. She moved it towards her clit and braced herself for the electric buzz on her sensitive bud. Her breathing increased as the sensations took over, she started to pant, she’d never felt sensations like it. She felt her orgasm building and then it got her. For a couple of seconds she thought her legs were going to buckle, but they stayed firm enough to keep her stood. After all, she had a job to do. She was dripping, just like Mrs C had said she would be. Mandy actually tutted for acknowledging her blackmailer with a name as she headed towards her ensuite bathroom, she closed her eyes for a moment, breathed deeply and reached for her husbands toothbrush. She slipped it into her pussy so the bristles were the only thing visible. With one hand she massaged her pussy lips, slipped a finger in to her folds holding the toothbrush and proceeded to coat the bristles with her pussy juices; with her other hand she filmed the act on her phone for a few seconds, before raising the camera lens to her face, just enough to prove it was her doing it.

Mandy, paused the recording, pulled out the toothbrush, which was glistening with her pussy juice, she wondered if her pussy odour would be noticeable on it, so had a smell. Oh god, it was, but then she reassured herself by thinking the smell would fade and after all, Bill wouldn’t imagine for one second that it was her pussy juice generating the smell, even if he did detect something out of the ordinary.

This was such a gross thing to do, so why was her pussy still dripping, she couldn’t understand it.

There was no time to dwell, surely the family downstairs would be wondering where she was if she was much longer upstairs, so Mandy swiftly went to the main bathroom. She saw Daniel’s blue and Katie’s pink toothbrushes in their holders on the wall and grabbed Daniels first. Mandy closed her eyes and pushed her sons toothbrush deep into her pussy, redoing exactly what she’d done with her husbands. She filmed it as she rubbed pussy juice over the bristles and then lifted the lens to film her face. She then shocked herself and she really didn’t know why she did this, but before she removed her sons toothbrush, she pushed it in and out of her pussy several times. That thought would haunt her later for sure, but it was too late, it had happened.

Next then, it was Katie’s toothbrush in need of being coated with her mothers pussy juice. The same procedure, the insertion, the coating with her fingers and finally the filming of the act and her face. This time though, it was simply slipped out and put back in the holder, but before she left their bathroom, Mandy glanced at the brushes, both shining with her pussy juice. She wasn’t proud of what she’d just done, but she’d had no choice, she couldn’t run the risk of not doing what she’d been instructed to do.

Mandy’s heart skipped a beat when she got back to her bedroom, but luckily no one had come upstairs, if they had and had walked into the bedroom, they’d have seen her overnight bag, open on her bed, displaying all the sex toys. She shook her head and made a note to be more careful in future.

Mandy got the tube of KY jelly, smeared some on her first two fingers and proceeded to lubricate her ass hole. She didn’t know how much to use, she knew she needed some to stand a chance of inserting the plug, but thought if she used too much, the butt plug might slip out. Of course she didn’t need to worry as her ass was a virgin ass and quite capable of holding the smallest butt plug in place all night.

She reached for the red butt plug, the smallest and rubbed her still lubed fingers around it. She bent forward and pushed it against her ass. It wouldn’t go in, it was too big she thought, but Mandy knew it had to go in, so she attempted it again. It hurt her, she felt it was splitting her. Of course it wasn’t, but not being used to anything going in that direction there it felt like it was, it was so uncomfortable. Finally it went in, with the last bit of it slipping in easily. She had a little tug to see if it would slip out, but it seemed secure. It actually felt like she’d got a baseball bat stuck up inside her. She stood and started to walk. It wasn’t pleasant, but it seemed to be getting more comfortable.

Mandy lowered the camera between her legs and took an ass selfie. She really hoped the video and the photo had come out as she had no time to go through all that again tonight. She decided to dress back into her day clothes and after tidying everything away, send her blackmailers an email, attaching the proof that she’d done everything demanded of her. It was as if she’d gone into autopilot while she did it, but then again, what possible choice did she have?

Mandy had another quick check around and went downstairs, gingerly of course. She took several deep breaths and walked into the lounge expecting several questions as to where she’d been and what she’d been doing, but there was nothing other than “Hi Mum” from both Katie and Daniel.

Bill asked Mandy if she fancied a glass of something to which she said she’d love a brandy and could he make it a large one! He smiled and got her what she’d asked for.

As Mandy sat down, she felt the butt plug drive deeper into her ass, it actually gave her a tingle which annoyed her, she didn’t want this situation to be pleasurable. She should be enduring it, not being turned on by it.

The night slipped by and the family watched a comedy on TV together. Everything seemed so normal and Mandy vowed she’d do everything in her power to keep it that way, even if it meant her humiliating and degrading herself, at least until she could find out who was behind this horrendous situation anyway.

Daniel was the first to go up to bed. He gave his mum a kiss and said goodnight. She heard him go upstairs and into the bathroom. She was cringing inside as she knew he’d now be brushing his teeth with a toothbrush, that less than two hours ago, she’d slipped deep into her cunt. He’d have his mothers pussy juice on his hands and in his mouth. At least, she thought, it’ll be getting a rinse and a clean from the toothpaste and water.

Bill noticed she looked troubled and asked if she was ok.

She told him she was and that she was just thinking about her friend Gail as she’d not heard from her for a while, it was all she could think of to say.

Bill seemed to accept it, but then the moment was gone as Katie jumped up, went over to her dad first, said goodnight to him and gave him a hug and a kiss. She so loved her daddy. She did the same with her mum and went up to bed.

Of course the same thoughts went through Mandy’s mind as earlier, as she heard her daughter go into the bathroom, knowing her precious daughter was tasting her mothers pussy juice right now. Thankfully it was unknowingly, Mandy consoled herself.

Bill and Mandy were finally alone and Mandy was dreading Bill trying it on with her tonight, especially as it had been known for him to come onto her as soon as the children were in bed. She imagined his shock if he felt her ass and copped a handful of butt plug. That thought wasn’t even funny, but for some reason she found it so. It was probably hysteria.

They chatted for a while and finally went up to bed. Mandy told Bill she was shattered and wanted to go straight to sleep. Hoping above hope that Bill wanted to go to sleep too. Luckily he did and as soon as she heard him snoring, she felt behind her for the but plug and eased it out of herself. She daren’t look at it to see what kind of state it was in, she just wanted to conceal it just in case Bill woke up. She slid it under her pillow and then reached down between her legs, she was shocked when she felt her ass as it was gaping. Mandy continued to feel around her ass and pussy, she was sodden.

She thought of the pocket rocket and how she wished she could use it on herself right now. She knew she could wake Bill up, who’d be glad of some sex, but she couldn’t do it, you see it had always been Bill instigating sex and she didn’t know what to do. The moment passed and Mandy fell to sleep while stroking and fingering her moist pussy and thinking about the day’s events. She was disgusted with what she’d done, but also strangely turned on.

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