Housewife Gossip
Chapter 1

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True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Gossip caught on cellphone out & about in London!

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including True Story  

I met Mrs Armstrong in the supermarket yesterday and she was gossiping away when I suddenly realised she was talking about her daughter Jennifer who was my daughter's best friend.

"Oh yes we get on so well together since I got those pills for her. We shower together; then snuggle up on the sofa in our bathrobes.

Last week I showed Jez how to give a French kiss. It was turning us both on. When my fingers felt inside her cunt I found the little bitch was as sticky as me!

I suddenly had a completely new urge and whispered into her ear. Jez whispered a question in return and I nodded in reply. She lay back with her thighs apart and I showed how I wanted her to hold her cunt open for me. She complied, revealing a bright red little clit glistening in its own juice. I shook with excitement as I lowered my mouth onto it and applied a long slow French kiss. She was unable to prevent her legs jerking but I held them firmly apart and in spite of her hips working her clitoris against my teeth I managed to work my tongue deeply into her. She responded with a lengthy orgasmic cry! Well I was so pleased!

Because now I was confident, that Jezie would be up to handling the modelling work I had for her!

Over our hot chocolate I ask Jezie if she would be interested in earning some money; twenty pounds in fact. Her eyes light up and she asks what she has to do?

She listens intrigued as I explain how Lorraine is willing to take her on as a student model. I show her some semi-nude titillating poses done by other girls; one was holding her pussy open to the camera. Jez seems a bit unsure and needs a little reassuring. But Lorraine will teach her the trade see? It would be a golden opportunity of becoming a top fashion model."

Mrs Armstrong paused for breath and I felt obliged to comment, " Well it's very brave of Jennifer. They do say there is good money to made in modelling; but you need to have a trustworthy agent I believe."

Mrs Armstrong waved dismissively, "With the first photo-session completed, Lorraine payed Jez her dues.

Jez is pleased with herself and ready to do more. But she has to wait for Max's response to her work when she presents it to him with this Loraine. Oh, so much excitement honestly."

I smiled dutifully, Yes I can imagine Mrs Armstrong."

"Sharon, my name Sharon, anyway, this Lorraine invites me round the following day to see the photos. First she hands me a brown envelope containing cash for Jezie's services saying there would be more to follow, but the important thing was to keep Jezie happy. Then she asked if I wanted to see the shots. I don't know quite what I was expecting but I was shocked just the same!

The first set started with her dressed to ride a pony and progressed till all she had on was the hat. She held her hands on her hips but a riding crop protruded from her crotch."

My eyes widened and I could see Sharon was pleased she had made some headway.

"Yes I know; dreadful but the series consisted of themes, Girl Guide in tent, Tom-Girl on bike, and a very Naughty Majorette.

'What do you think?' Lorraine asked me with a searching look!

Well; I could feel my face hot with embarrassment and awkwardly said, 'their artistic, really and very sexy.

Lorraine visibly relaxed and taking a swig of her whisky, took out another batch. Refilling my glass she said enthusiastically, 'We can do well if we use our heads Sharon and put our trust in each other.' Then, looking into my face, she almost whispered, 'you do trust me don't Sharon?' I lent over and kissed her as a statement of that trust.

These other shots were varied and more explicit with Jezie displaying an aggressive stance to the camera.

The final set saw her in an erotic bondage outfit and a dildo hung from her groin.

Now I was shocked at myself; at the lust these photos generated in me. Well, my own daughter! Honestly!"

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